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Stolle Ragsdale Bodymakers

One in three D&I cans produced worldwide is made on a Stolle Ragsdale bodymaker. Available in four stroke lengths with production speeds from 250 to 400 cans per minute*, the Stolle Ragsdale bodymaker produces aluminum and steel beverage or food can bodies with superior accuracy and productivity. Built with a solid side frame for reduced machine vibration, the bodymaker is well known for its design simplicity and low maintenance requirements. Several ground-breaking design innovations increase production speeds and reduce maintenance with fewer mechanical parts and lubrication points. These improved components are also available as retrofits for existing APM/Ragsdale bodymakers.
New Tool Pack Cradle allows for quick tooling changes to run multiple can lengths and diameters. It can accomodate the proven Pride tool pack technology or the customers preferred tooling and coolant ring system. Improved Fluid Bearing Ram has an easily interchangeable barrel for fast can diameter changeovers. It uses the toolpack coolant for ram temperature control, which eliminates a separate high pressure pump and its related costs, as well as the possibility of coolant cross-contamination. Diamond Linkage provides perfectly straight ram travel which increases tooling life, improves can quality, and significantly reduces machine vibration, lubrication points and bodymaker maintenance. Servo Drive Cup Feed allows bodymaker speed increase while virtually eliminating cup misfeeds and improving the feeding of out-of-round cups. It eliminates all mechanical drive shafts and gearboxes and their resulting backlash in the bodymaker drive train. EM2 Electro-Mechanical / Electro-Magnetic Redraw System provides adjustable control of hold-down force and provides servo-driven actuation. This optional system eliminates the push rod, idler arm, rocker arm, crank-mounted cams, leader pins and redraw carriage, which greatly reduces maintenance, reciprocating weight and vibration.
* Production speeds are determined by stroke length, can diameter and bodymaker mechanical configuration - see specfications on next page Optional EM2 redraw system provides adjustable control of hold-down force Improved Fluid Bearing Ram allows faster diameter changeovers Diamond Linkage mechanism increases tooling life

Tool Pack Cradle allows quick tooling changes

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Ragsdale Bodymaker Specifications

Length Width Height Weight Special Foundation Required Electrical Power Air Requirements Cooling Water Requirements D&I Coolant Requirements Toolpack Fluid Bearing Ram Can Size Can Diameter Can Height Can Size / Stroke / Speed Ragsdale Model Stroke Speed (max) Tool Pack Length** Can Clearance (max) Can Length (max) Aluminum Steel** Infeed Clearance Cup Height (based on 3.500 Cup ID) 5.36 5.06 3.813 1.30 5.70 5.40 3.724 1.30 6.04 5.74 4.618 1.50 7.42 7.12 4.618 1.63 8.53 N/A 4.618 4.25 ID X 1.63 Tall CR-18.5 18.5 in. 375 SPM 7.180* 5.59 CR-21 21 in. 360 SPM 9.294* 6.00 CR-24 24 in. 325 SPM 10.421 6.34 CR-26.5 26.5 in. 260 SPM 11.547 7.72 CR-28 28 in. 225 SPM 11.985 8.83 15 ft. 10 in. (96 in.) (2.4384 meters) 6 ft. (76 in.) (1.9304 meters) 9 ft. 4 in. (157 in.) (3.9878 meters) 20,000 lbs. (9072 kg) Yes 460/380 VAC 50/60 Hz, 350 Amps 55 CFM @ 80 PSI (meter3/min. @ 5.5 bar) 3 gallons per minute (11.356 liters per minute) 10 gallons per minute (37.854 liters per minute) 2 gallons per minute (7.570 liters per minute) 202 to 300 (52mm to 72mm) Up to 610 (172mm)

** Maximum can length for a steel container is less than that for aluminum if a burnishing die is required - this results in a longer tool pack. * Third ironing die is recessed in the bolster plate. NOTE: Maximum can length and cup height indicated should only be used as a guide. Can progression lengths, dome depths, stripper assembly thicknesses, along with other variables will affect these dimensions.

Stolle Machinery Company 6949 South Potomac Street, Centennial, CO 80112 USA 303.708.9044 ~ Fax 303.708.9045 ~