Planning & Deployment of GPON Technology

May 19th, 2010
Alta Telecom, Inc. - Confidential & Proprietary 1

Inc.GPON Overview Approach Planning for Triple Play Services PON History Accomplishments & capabilities (GPON) Operation challenges & network capability requirements Capital requirement in various cable types & build models Overview of build & operation process Site selection criteria End-to-end process & KPIs Operation metrics (current and projected) for GPON network Alta Telecom.Confidential & Proprietary 2 . .

and choice of Layer 2 protocol (ATM. GPON was developed as a triple-play access technology from the ground up Standards cover physical layer. It also created a standard management interface. 10G-EPON). 802.Confidential & Proprietary 3 .4Gbit/s] ITU-T G.3av. between the OLT and ONU/ONT.3ah GPON [2. enhanced security.984 ITU-T G.3 standard. BPON (Broadband PON) is a standard based on APON. GEM.3ah is now part of the IEEE 802. It supports higher rates.983 APON (ATM Passive Optical Network). and survivability. This was the first Passive optical network standard. management. 802. and was based on ATM.History of PON: ITU-T G. It adds support for WDM. There are currently over 25 million installed EPON subscribers. enabling mixed-vendor networks. GbE-PON [1Gbit/s] IEEE. called OMCI. . It was used primarily for business applications. and more.3ah EPON or GEPON (Ethernet PON) is an IEEE/EFM standard for using Ethernet for packet data. Ethernet). IEEE 802. dynamic and higher upstream bandwidth allocation. discovery. Commercial upgrade capability to 10G EPON will become available in 2010 (see IEEE 802.984 GPON (Gigabit PON) is an evolution of the BPON standard. Alta Telecom. Inc.

Inc. Alta Telecom. Schedule design review and integration activities to ensure efficient use of time prior to field system deployment. Deliver GPON networks that demonstrate system capability requirements. .Operational Objectives Demonstrate Network Architecture performance objectives are met prior to the integration deployment process.Confidential & Proprietary 4 .

Inc.Confidential & Proprietary 5 . Video)  FTTP solution shall be identical for homes and businesses  Triple play access design must be standards based approach  The network shall have EMS management tools to allow control from NOC  Selected technology partners recognized as having solid industry track record in requisite standards Alta Telecom. . Voice.Technology Objectives Network Technology selection:  Product offering shall support triple play services (Data.

.Confidential & Proprietary 6 . Inc.Planning and Implementation OSP planning and design build services are required to support FTTX builds from feasibility study through deployment: • • • • • • • • • Desk top planning of service area boundaries Field walk-through & Fiber planning CAD Engineering services As-built drawings & fiber records Place Aerial and Underground Drops Install ONTs and Power Supplies Install in-home wiring and switches Commission set top boxes Customer training and education Alta Telecom.

Installation and Integration. Alta Telecom. Build of Feeder and Distribution fiber networks and PON Cabinet Customer Premise (CPE): Integration. Delivery System (OSP): Design.Confidential & Proprietary 7 .FTTX Services Supported: Technology Center: Design. test & turn-up in Customer’s Data Center Facilities. supporting Triple Play Access Networks. . installation & Test of CPE solutions. Inc.

Professional Services Alta Telecom. .Technologies Supported: • • • • Fiber Optic Equipment Technical Services & Support Broadband GPON System design and implementation DC Power and Infrastructure IPTV. Inc.Confidential & Proprietary 8 . Voice and Data Switching Senior technology leadership at ALTA has several years of combined experience in embedded fiber optics topologies including several triple play PON systems through-out the world.

Mr. Todd brings several years of knowledge in technical sales and development of advanced telecommunication networks. Todd served as Sr. . Director for Hitachi Telecom and was selected to help Hitachi develop and deploy the first GPON access platform in the United States. GA 30096-9409 (direct) 770 325-7256 (mobile) 678 350-3106 Email: TRichard@altatelecom. Mr.Background: Corporate Bio: Todd Richard As Director of Business Development with Alta Telecom. He has over 17 years of experience in engineering design and deployment roles while holding key executive management positions. Mr. Richard has served as VP & Chief Technology Officer. Richard attended Milwaukee School of Engineering. 4830 River Green Pkwy. studying Electrical Engineering Technology (BSEET). Suite 100 Duluth. Business Development ALTA TELECOM Inc. Richard has recently participated in Rural Broadband stimulus programs addressing the RUS and NTIA NOFA funding opportunities. Todd Richard Director. and helped launch five communities in Oregon that were commissioned to support FTTH and IPTV. Todd has participated with IEEE as a member of the Communications Society and is a current member of the Society of Cable Telecommunications Engineers (SCTE). Prior to joining Alta Telecom. Richard was responsible for Application Engineering and helped provide a product platform that was short listed under consideration by Verizon and AT&T during the RBOC RFP exercise in Alta Telecom.Confidential & Proprietary 9 . Mr. Inc.

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