ANSI Standard Device Numbers

Device No. 12 21G 21P 24 25 27P 27TN 27X 32 32L 32R 37 38 40 46 47 49 49RTD 50BF 50DD 50G 50N 50P 50_2 51 51G 51N 51P 51V
ANSI Device Numbers

Description Overspeed Protection Ground Distance Phase Distance V/Hz or Overfluxing Synchrocheck Phase Undervoltage Third Hamornic Neutral Undervoltage Auxiliary Undervoltage Directional Power Low Forward Power Reverse Power Undercurrent Bearing RTD Loss of Excitation Stator Current Unbalance Phase Reversal Thermal Overload Thermal Overload Breaker Failure Current Disturbance Detector Ground Instantaneous Overcurrent Neutral Instantaneous Overcurrent Phase Instantaneous Overcurrent Negative Sequence Instantanous Overcurrent Overload Ground Time Overcurrent Neutral Time Overcurrent Phase Time Overcurrent Voltage Restrained Time Overcurrent Locked/Stalled Rotor Negative Sequence Time Overcurrent Bank Phase Overvoltage

Device No. 59N 59NU 59P 59X 59_2 60N 60P 60SP 67G 67N 67P 67_2 68 78 78V 79 81O 81R 81U 87B 87G 87L 87M 87O 87PC 87RGF 87T 87V 50/74 27/50 27TN/59N VTFF

Description Neutral Overvolage Neutral Voltage Unbalance Phase Overvoltage Auxiliary Overvoltage Negative Sequence Overvoltage Neutral Current Unbalance Phase Current Unbalance Split phase Ground Directional Overcurrent Neutral Directional Overcurrent Phase Directional Overcurrent Negative Sequence Directional Overcurrent Power Swing Blocking Out-of-Step Tripping Loss of Mains Auto Reclose Over Frequency Rate-of-Change Frequency Under Frequency Buss Differential Generator Differential Segregated Line Current Differential Motor Differential Overall Differential Phase Comparison Restricted Ground Fault Transformer Differential Voltage Differenial CT Supervision Accidental Generator Energization 100% Stator Earth Fault VT Fuse Fail

51R 51_2 59B



Digital Energy Multilin