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The Career Services Center Profile of Participating Firms University of Balamand Alumni Association Abudawood Group Air Liquid Albina Alkifah / CEMICS Allianz SNA Al Wassim Recruitment Agency Al Wazifa AMSI Azadea Group Bank Audi Banque Libano Francaise BCTS BlOM Bank Business Lobby Business Services Office BUTEC Byblos Bank Cimenterie Nationale S.A.L Consolidated Contrators Company Cyberia Debbas Group Edde Sands Elixer Group Eniprom Gas and Oilfield Equipment and Services Expeditors International Fairmont Hotel & Resorts Fidelity Assurance & Reinsurance First Step Together Association Haykel Hospital Head Hunter Holcim Liban 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36


HTD Consulting Indevco Group Intaj The Production House ITG Kettaneh Construction Koudourat Association Labora Malia Group Man Enterprise Middle East Airlines Airliban Milestones Morgan International Lebanon Movenpick Hotel and Resort Beirut Management Plus Nasco Karadulan National Employment Office Netways Nini Hospital Petrofac International Pro-recruit Resource Group Holding SABIS Educational Services Saint George Hospital University Medical Center Sakr Power Group Sanofi - aventis Liban SETS Site Technology Societe Nouvelle de la Banque de Syrie et du Liban Sodamco-Weber Soft Solutions Spinneys Teach for Lebanon The Agency VTR Beirut Zakhem Group Notes Career Floor Plan Participating Companies by Industries Particpating Companies by Booth Numbers

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2. Career Fair 2011

The Career Services Center
The Career Services Center aims to: • offer students a wide range of out-of-class experiences that prepare them for a competitive job market. • help students to acquire new job search knowledge and skills to lead them to a successful future. • build partnerships with the industry community. The Career Services Center provides student with guidance and support as they develop and pursue their career plans. Career services include: • Workshops • Career Seminars • Internship placements • Annual Career Fair • Career Counseling • Updating students with current job postings and offers • Recruitment presentations • Contacting the alumni for cooperation and assistance

Career Services Center University of Balamand Zakhem, Room 209 P.O. Box: 100 Tripoli, Lebanon Telephone: +961-6-930250 ext. 3939 Fax: +961-6-930247 Website: Email:


University of Balamand Alumni Association
Services/Products/Industry: A non-profit organization, which aims to stimulate interest in and support for the University Contact Person(s): Mr. Ali Ahmad, President Ms. Randa Al-Chidiac, Secretary

Address: University of Balamand, P.O. Box 33, Amioun, Al-Kourah, Lebanon Telephone: +961-6-930250 Ext. 4077 Fax: +961-6-930278 Att: Alumni Association E-mail: Website: Accepting CVs? No Interviewing students? Informal chat Jobs available: based on the requests that the Association receives from the market and other UOB Alumni.

Profile Founded in 1998, the Association is a volunteer, non-profit organization. Its mission and objectives are: 1. To promote the interests and support the needs of the University of Balamand alumni. 2. To establish and strengthen bonds between alumni and the University of Balamand. 3. To promote and support the University of Balamand as a center of academic excellence with an international perspective. 4. Career Fair 2011

com Accepting CVs? Yes Interviewing students? No Jobs Available: Sales Section Manager Majors Needed: Business Company Profile The Abudawood Group is a diversified international conglomerate incorporating investments in the Middle Address: Ismail Ali Abudawood Trading Company.Abudawood Group. Financial Investments and Education & Training. We professionally manage different industries including Sales & Distribution. Post Box: 227. Mohamed Akbar.iatcom. Saudi Arabia Fax: +966-2-6432609 Website: www. Ammariya. Europe and USA. Recruitment Manager Telephone: +966-551282220 Mr. Jeddah – 21411. Real Estate. Trading. Secretary +966-540431802 Email: mohammedpadinharakam@abudawood. Khaled Alshadwi. Saudi Arabia Services/Products/Industry: FMGC (Sales and Logistics Services) Contact Person(s): Mr. 5 .

com Accepting CVs? Yes Interviewing students? No Jobs Available: Technical and Commercial Positions Majors Needed: Mechanical and Electrical Engineering and Business Company Profile Air Liquide is the world leader in gases for Ms.Air Liquide Services/Products/Industry: Produces and distributes industrial & medical gases. Khaled Seoud. Homecare services are managed by VitalAire team. 6. Contact Person(s): Mr. 1902 creation in France. Cécile Perraud.Box 175523-11042050 Beirut Lebanon Telephone: +961-1-692380/5 Fax: +961-1-692386 Website: www. El Midane street P. Provides gas application services to its industrial customers as well as the sales of applications and welding equipment. Actually in 75 countries. Secures a total presence next to patients at the hospital and at home.000 individual shareholders. Medical gases supply is supported by an expertise in the installation of fluids in the hospital. 410.airliquide. The Group offers innovative solutions based on constantly enhanced technologies. 1 million customers across various industries and activities. health and the environment.O. respiratory assistance and medical hygiene. It distributes also rare gases imported from Air Liquide group subsidiaries.000 employees. 43. Lebanon General Manager Address: Dekwaneh. as well as gas mixtures. Career Fair 2011 . Local Campus Manager E-mail: khaled.seoud@airliquide.

ghossoub@albinagroup.Albina Services/Products/Industry: Construction Contact Person(s): Ms. Automation and Home Electrical Ms. Nadine Ghossoub. Human Resources Manager E-mail: n. Chantal Abou Accepting CVs? Yes Interviewing students? Yes Jobs Available: Sales.albinagroup. 7 . Marketing Coordinator Address: Clemenceau. Albina’s leading position in the Lebanese and Qatari markets is due to its broad knowledge of industry and the use of development marketing and managerial tools. Electrical. Rome Street. 2nd floor Telephone: +961-1-374287/8/9 Fax: + 961-1-371864 Website: www. Accounting. Electro-Mechanical. Logistics and Delivery Majors Needed: All Majors Company Profile Albina is specialized in the promotion and distribution of Plumbing. AXA bldg. Finance. Address: Alhassa –Dahran Street . Research Center. Career Fair 2011 . Research Center Director E-mail: ghassan.. Rami Adra . Accounting.afiouni@alkifah.Alkifah/ CEMICS sarl Services/Products/Industry: Engineering and contracting Contact Person(s): Mr. Concrete Heavy Equipment Co. Batching Plant Factory. Product Development. Sales Majors Needed: All majors Company Profile Building Materials CO.Marketing Manager E-mail: rami. Alkhubar – Dahran Valley Fax: +96635318444 Website: www.. Marketing. Ghassan Afiouni Mr. Engineering Design 8. Accepting CVs? Yes Interviewing students? Yes Jobs Available: Engineering.

Allianz SNA Services/Products/Industry: Insurance and Financial Planning Services Contact Person(s): Mr. Allianz SNA Address: Accepting CVs? Yes Interviewing students? Yes Jobs Available: Financial Sales consultants and Sales Unit managers Majors Needed: All Majors Company Profile Allianz SNA member of worldwide Allianz Group present in 80 countries consisting of 180. 9 . Manuel Mattar. Business Development Manager Mr.000 employees and 80 millions clients. Elie Hajj. Our specialization is in the fields of Insurance and Finance. Telephone: +961-6-441149 Fax: +961-6-441149 Website: www. Business Development Manager E-mail: m. Jisr El Basha road.allianzsna.mattar@allianzsna.

10. Ghida Hneineh. Recruitment Coordinator Address: Saida. Lebanon E-mail: cv@alwassim. Career Fair 2011 .com Website: www. General Manager Fax: +961-7-754549 Accepting CVs? Yes Interviewing students? Yes Jobs Available: All Types Majors Needed: All Majors Company Profile Al Wassim is a leading Lebanon-based recruitment agency specialized in the provision of staffing services across an array of industries throughout Lebanon and the Gulf region and aiming at developing quality.Al Wassim Recruitment Agency Services/Products/Industry: Recruiting and Headhunting Services Contact Person(s): Ms.alwassim. lasting relationships with clients – both employers and job seekers – by continually providing the best possible service. Amani Binni.

net Website: www.Wafi Issa.Amer Ghanem. Managing Partner Address: Tripoli-Lebanon - Awkaf bld.- 8th floor Fax: +961-6-437266 E-mail: info@alwazifa. Training. 11 .Al Wazifa Services/Products/Industry: Accepting CVs? Yes Interviewing students? Yes Jobs Available: All Sectors Majors Needed: All Majors Company Profile Al Wazifa Company is a consulting firm specialized in providing human resources solution to organizations seeking excellence.alwazifa. Managing Partner Mr. and Consultancy Contact Person(s): Mr.

com Accepting CVs? Yes Interviewing students? No Jobs Available: Early Childhood Education (KG). 12. two campuses. The International School- AL Koura ( IS-Koura ) in Lebanon and The Lebanese School-Qatar ( LSQ) and soon in Syria. French. Chemistry. Physics. Mathematics.AMSI (Academia Management Solution International) Services/Products/Industry: Educational Contact Person(s): Mrs.apaveliban. The international School of Arts and Sciences ( ISAS ) in Dubai – UAE. Music. Pre- d engineering and Business/Economics Majors Needed: All Above Majors Company Profile AMSI currently owns & manages a portfolio of five schools in the middle East region: Al Mawakeb School ( AMS ). Computer Science. History/ d Geography. Career Fair 2011 . English. Haifa El Yafi. Arabic. Fine Arts. Human Capital Consultant Ms. Dana Sheikh Saeed Address: Telephone: United Arab Emirates +971-50-645235 Fax: +971-4-3478077 Website: www. c Biology. in Dubai- UAE.

Virgin and Sunglass Hut. Jnah Telephone: +961-1-835111 Fax: +961-1-824664 Website: www. Majors Needed: Business Company Profile Azadea group is one of the world’s fastest growing retail groups. Pull & Bershka. We carry a strong franchise portfolio of over 50 diverse brands that features some of the industry’s most identifiable names. 13 . Stradivarius. Oshyo. Columbus Café. Massimo Dutti.Azadea Group Services/Products/Industry: Retail Industry Contact Person(s): Ms. Email: Cynthia. Pimkie. including Zara. Senior Recruitment Specialist. Mango. Butcher Shop & Grill and Paul. Salsa Jeans. Cynthia Address: Beirut. Accepting CVs? Yes Interviewing students? Yes Jobs Available: Jobs in Business and Hotel Management.

Banking & Ms. Economics.Bank Audi .240 billion). As at and for the year ended December 31.francis@banqueaudi. Head of Recruitment & Selection Telephone: +961-1-977484 Address: Bank Audi Plaza – Bab Idriss P. Rababa Nohra.769 billion). Bank Audi also has 3 subsidiaries in Lebanon. Chantale Francis. private banking and investment banking products and services. Career Fair 2011 .com Accepting CVs? Yes Interviewing students? Yes Jobs Available: Banking Majors Needed: Business. Audi Saudi Arabia and Bank Audi LLC (Qatar). Beirut 1107 2808 Lebanon Fax: +961-1-985620 Website: www.O. 2008. Box 11-2560 Riad El-Solh. Bank Audi has the largest branch network in Lebanon.964 billion). retail banking. 2 in Europe and 5 in the MENA region outside Lebanon (including 2 subsidiaries. launched in 2007).9 billion). in addition to insurance activities through its subsidiary LIA Insurance sal. 14. offering a full range of commercial and corporate banking. 2008. as well as a network of 8 branches in Jordan and a representative office in the United Arab Emirates (Abu Dhabi). Bank Audi ranked first among Lebanese banks in terms of total assets (LBP 30. Junior Recruitment & Selection c officer Telephone: +961-1-964906 E-mail: Chantale. and second in terms of profit (LBP 358. with 78 branches as at December 31.Audi Saradar Group Services/Products/Industry: Banking Contact Person(s): Ms.banqueaudi. Finance and s c Marketing Company Profile Bank Audi is a universal bank operating principally in Lebanon and the MENA region. shareholders’ equity (LBP 2. customers’ deposits (LBP 25.974 billion) and loans and advances (LBP 9.

private and correspondent banking.eblf. 15 . investment.dadour@eblf. Zeina Chemaly. 1269 E-mail: nathalie. During the past Fax: +961-1-791332 ext. Liberty Tower – 4th floor Website: www. Switzerland (LF Finance Suisse). 1447 Address: Hamra.Banque Libano Francaise Sal Services/Products/Industry: Banking Contact Person(s) Ms. Roma Street. in addition to a Representative Office in the United Arab Emirates. Head Training Department Telephone: +961-1-791332 ext. Nathalie Dadour. Banque Libano-Française’s growing international network includes subsidiaries in France and Cyprus (Banque SBA). retail.7 billion in total assets as at December 2010. with this now standing at 40 branches across Lebanon. Domestically. Acting Director. Human Resources Telephone: +961-1-791332 ext.1 Company Profile Banque Libano-Française is a leading universal bank in Lebanon with close to USD 750 million in consolidated shareholders’ equity and more than USD 8. Banque Libano-Française has gradually been increasing its branch network. 1444 Accepting CVs? Yes Interviewing students? Yes Jobs Available: Banking Majors Needed: Business . and Syria (Bank AlSharq). Banque Libano-Française has diversified its activities and currently provides services in five core areas: Ms.

Bayt. and for job seekers to find top is the #1 job site in the Middle Address: Down Town. Bayt. Unit Manager Email: rl@bayt. Lebanon Website: www. Ramy Labaky. and offers the fastest. most effective and costefficient methods for employers to find quality is fully functional in English. Ronda Mustafa . easiest. offering a complete range of end-toend employment solutions and career planning Services/Products/Industry: Recruitment Contact Person(s) Ms. Arabic and French.bayt. SME- Enterprise Email: Fax: +961-1-973203 Accepting CVs? Yes Interviewing students? No Jobs Available: Sales / all kind of jobs in all the industries Majors Needed: All Majors Company Profile Bayt. in the Middle East and North Africa 16. Marfaa 1136. Beirut. Career Fair 2011 .

finance and e conomics. UK.fayad@bcts-lb. Administrative. We are a skilled team of consultants and professional trainers in the business field. human resources. Organization & Program Development Manager E-mail: rita. sales and customer services. Administrative Professional. marketing. with a wide range of experience in Europe. finance and marketing in consulting along with training programs in the following topics: General Telephone: +961-1-382402 Address: Scania Center near St Lourdes Hosp – Fun El Chebbak – Beirut Website: www. due to the globalization which is shaping the world markets. Managing Director Mrs. Services/Products/Industry: Consultancy and Training Programs Contact Person(s): Dr. BCTS provides dynamics solutions to Fax: +961-1-382402 Accepting CVs? Yes Interviewing students? Yes Jobs Available: Sales. and USA as well as in the arab world. Rita fayad. Wafa Hallassou. human resources.bcts-lb. 17 . communication.BCTS – Business Consultancy and Training Services. Hospitality and Technical Maintenance Majors Needed: All Majors Company Profile BCTS was established to help companies face the new market challenges arising from local and foreign competition.

Global Finance nominated BLOM BANK the Best Bank for Foreign Exchange operations and the Best Bank for Trade Finance in Lebanon for 2009.42 billion at the end of June 2009.2425 Customer Service Officer. the Banker Middle East selected BLOM Bank as the Best Bank in the Middle East. Career Fair 2011 .com Accepting CVs? Yes Interviewing students? No Jobs Available: Teller.2405 Address: Verdun. In 2009 BLOM won a variety of awards. and is constantly developing and improving these services. BLOM BANK group provides universal banking services that meet all the needs of clients. 18. Senior Recruitment Officer Telephone: +961-1-743300 Ext. Moreover.blombank. Senior Recruitment Officer Telephone: +961-1-743300 Ext. BLOM Bank Strategy is based on the expansion in the region and the diversification of its services to become a leading regional bank while continuing to ensure Peace of Mind to its customers and stakeholders. Rashid Karame St. Credit Majors Needed: All Business Related Majors Company Profile Established in 1951 in Lebanon. BLOM BANK SAL is a leading bank in Lebanon with Total Assets of USD 19. BLOM Bank Bldg Fax: +961-1-755362 E-mail: Website: www. Joelle Hobeica. Indji Dagher. For the first time in Lebanon.BLOM Bank Services/Products/Industry: Banking Contact Person(s): Ms.

Beyond Ms. General Manager E-mail: tina@businesslobby. 19 .net Accepting CVs? Yes Interviewing students? Yes Jobs Available: All types Majors Needed: All Majors Company Profile We dedicate all our expertise and resources to keep on being the best at identifying. Africa and the GCC countries.businesslobby. our commitment to quality and talent management paved the way towards our monthly based workshops dedicated to high performance in experiential learning consultancy and sustained development. Senior Recruitment Coordinator E-mail: Address: Nahr el Mot-Dedeyan.4th Floor Telephone: +961-1-881088 Fax: +961-1-881088 Ext.Tina Kfoury. Sarah Arraj. executive search.Business Lobby Services/Products/Industry: Recruitment and Talent Management. qualifying and delivering top talent for our client companies through professional recruitment.106 Website: www. Contact Person(s): Mrs. head hunting and e-recruitment in Lebanon.

Retail. and the number of candidates we place. We emphasize job Telephone: +961-1-488040 Fax: +961-1-487775 Website: www.Business Services Office Services/Products/Industry: Recruitment Contact Person: Mr. expertise and adequate reward. 20.S. both in Accepting CVs? Yes Interviewing students? Yes Jobs Available: IT. Multidiscipline Majors Needed: All Majors Company Profile B. General Manager Address: Freeway Center – Dekweneh – 6th Floor Beirut lebanon E-mail: bso@bso.bso. We are making continuous contacts in Lebanon and aboard with leading companies to serve the interest of both the candidate and the company by providing them Lebanese manpower. Our objective is to find the right person for the right position at the right time. candidates who are well matched to the needs and culture of their organization. Nabil Sebaaly. Engineering. We are now one of the middle east’s leading recruitment companies. Our carefully studied selection procedures are designed to offer Career Fair 2011 .O the recruitment agency is a highly professional recruitment company offering recruitment services to interested employers based on the most advanced job analysis and personal profiling diagnostic instruments available.BSO .com. Website: www. Mkalles Square P. Recruitment Specialist Address: Butec Tower.O Box: 55326 Sin El Fil- Lebanon Fax: +961-1-512444 E-mail: HR@butec. Syria and Jordan.L is a private partnership corporation. Abu Dhabi. Business and Accounting Company Profile BUTEC S.butec. 21 . Algeria. Qatar. operating in Lebanon.BUTEC Services/Products/Industry: General Contracting Contact Person(s): Mr. Gabriel Accepting CVs? Yes Interviewing students? Yes Jobs Available: No specific job Majors Needed: Engineering. established in 1964 in Lebanon as a General Contracting Company.

Paul Planning and Recruitment Supervisor Telephone: +961-1-335200 Accepting CVs? Yes Interviewing students? No Majors Needed: Business Company Profile Local and International. Carla Bou Chaaya.Byblos Bank Services/Products/Industry: Banking Sector Contact Person(s): 0734 Address: Achrafieh Telephone: +961-1-335200 Fax: +961-1-339442 Website: www.byblosbank. Career Fair 2011 .lb Mr. Corporate and Retail Bank 22. Talent Acquisition Officer Telephone: +961-1-335200 Ext: 0733 Email: cbouchaaya@byblosbank.

2 million tons.A.Cimenterie Nationale S. Services/Products/Industry: Cement and Clinker Production Contact Person(s): Mr. Sami Haddad. These certifications have been awarded by the “German Research Institute of the Cement Industry (VDZ)”.cimnat. Plant Administration Manager E-mail: roger. Roger Al Haddad. research and development in the European cement 23 .lb Cimenterie Nationale is cerfied for ISO 9001:2000 (Quality Management System).L. the leader in certification. ISO 14001:2005 (Environment Management System) and OHSAS 18001 (Health and Safety Management System). a local market share around 35% and large exports to the levant and Mediterranean Accepting CVs? Yes Interviewing students? Yes Jobs Available: Engineers Majors Needed: Engineering Company Profile Cimenterie Nationale is the largest cement producer in Lebanon with yearly total sales exceeding 2. Sr. HR Generalist Address: Plant- Chekka main road / Head Office – Yarze Baabda / Sales Office: Antelias Fax: +961-6-540288 Website: www.

Career Fair 2011 .lb Address: Bir employees composed of more than 80 nationalities. Electrical. Mechanical. Personnel Senior Administrator E-mail: znasser@ccc. Beirut Lebanon Telephone: +961-1-847777 Fax: +961-1-856857 Website: Accepting CVs? Yes Interviewing students? Yes Jobs Available: Engineers Majors Needed: Engineers (Civil . Sabbagh & Khoury Business Company Profile A multinational leading construction company with its main office in Athens Greece - CCC is one of the leading companies in the construction field with 112.Consolidated Contractors Company – CCC Services/Products/Industry: Contractors Contact Person(s): Ms.ccc. Nicolas Sursok Street. Junior Administrator Email: jjaber@ccc. 24. CCE).lb Ms. Jana Jaber . Zeina Nasser.

Human Resources Manager Address: Hamra Square Center. We also help enterprises establish their online presence through hosting and Website: www. Computer Science. Shogher Koundakjian.cyberia. Lebanon. Customer Care. Beirut. Telephone: +961-1-744 101 Fax: +961-1-744 102 E-mail: Mr. Accountant. 25 . and Support Engineer Majors Needed: Business Services/Products/Industry: Internet Services Provider (ISP) Contact Person(s): Computer and Communication Engineering Company Profile Cyberia is a leading regional Internet Services Provider with operations in Lebanon. Hamra Street. Broadband Unit Manager E-mail: karim@cyberia. Our products and services range from simple dialup to wired and wireless broadband and dedicated links. Cyberia offers Internet connectivity solutions to individuals as well as companies. Saudi Arabia and Jordan. Karim Accepting CVs? Yes Interviewing students? Yes Jobs Needed: Sales Representative.

26. Talal El Houssami. Career Fair 2011 . Human Resources Manager Today. like their early beginnings. “Le Grand Magasin d’Electricite” has operated in the lighting business.O. It specialized in the wholesale and retail of electrical.Debbas Group Services/Products/Industry: Electro-Mechanical Contracting/Distribution of Electronics and home appliances (Trading) Building Management Systems (Trading)/ Electrical Distribution Panel Boards Manufacturing)/Solar Energy (Trading). efficiency and Accepting CVs? Yes Interviewing students? No Jobs Available: N/A Majors Needed: All majors Company Profile Since its founding in1910. Cesar Debbas was joined by his sons in 1954. Cleaning Equipment (Trading). and the company was rebranded as Cesar Debbas & Fils.debbas.Box 11-0125 Telephone: +961-1-585000 Fax: +961-1-445388 Website: www. manufacturing and contracting in the electrical and lighting Company Address: Debbas Building – Cornish El-Nahr – Beirut P. in Souk el Jamil Beirut. The Company’s main activities were trading. gas and petrol lamps. Human Resources Coordinator E-mail: thoussami@debbas. Nelly El- Khazen. Debbas have maintained a tradition of excellence by offering unchanging quality. Suspended Ceilings (Manufacturing) Contact Person(s): Mrs. The founder.

Jbeil. Outlet Managers. Front Office Majors Needed: All majors especially Hospitality Management Company Profile Eddé Sands aims to chart for itself and for Lebanon an upward path of continuous achievement in tourism and hospitality not only regionally but in the world-wide market. Through its sharp pioneering spirit. Thérésa Rakweh. Kitchen. Human Resources Executive E-mail: r.hawa@eddesamds. Eddé Sands puts particular emphasis on providing first and foremost personalized Accepting CVs? Yes Interviewing students? Yes Jobs Available: Address: Byblos. Administrative.rakweh@eddesands. Sea Road Telephone: +961-9-546666 Fax: +961-9-545955 Website: www.Eddé Sands Services/Products/Industry: Hospitality Contact Person(s): Ms. Hostesses.eddesands. Rana Zghondy Hawa. Cashiers. and a high quality food and beverage output. a comfortable and healthy environment. its well tested innovative approach and unique product. Executive Assistant to the CEO E-mail: t. 27 .com Ms.

Carol Hanna. level of need. Specializing in the development of software applications related to business needs.142 Address: St. Junieh- Lebanon Fax: +961-9-219317 Website: www. Elixir delivers the latest in technological solutions thanks to its team members who are characterized by inspired Mr. perfect judgment and superb timing 28. clarity of vision.102 E-mail: Accepting CVs? Yes Interviewing students? Yes Jobs Available: Analysis/Design. and the overall objectives of companies wishing to implement effective business strategies Our commitment is to provide the highest quality and be recognized as a leader in the industry. Telephone: +961-9-219314 Ext. Development.Elixir Group Services/Products/Industry: Telecom application development- Consulting Contact Person(s): Ms. Company Profile Elixir was formed in to help business capitalize on the growth and potential of the world wide web.Elie Building. 1st floor. Testing Majors Needed: Computer science/Engineering /Telecom. Career Fair 2011 . Our service offerings are designed to meet the spectrum of affordability. George Salloum. Managing Partner Telephone: +961-9-219314 Ext.Office Manager. Zouk Mkael Highway.elixir-group.

United arab Emirates. Import. LLC Services/Products/Industry: Oil and gas Contact Person(s): Website: www. Telephone: +971 050641 9791 Accepting CVs? Yes Interviewing students? Yes Jobs Available: Sales Engineering Majors Needed: Engineer Company Profile On-shore & offshore Oil and Gas Fields Services. Managing Director.Eniprom Gas and Oilfield Equipment and Services. Export. Trading of Oil And Natural Gas Fields Equipment and Machine Specialized piping & related Fittings Installation. Louis Ghaleb. Hrant Wartanian. Assistant Manager (Finance & Admin) Telephone: +971 055 684 1224 Address: Abu Dhabi. 29 . Fax: +971-2-6679040 Email: info@eniprom.eniprom.

customs clearance. marine insurance. vendor consolidations. Regional Training Manager & Recruitment Mr.Expeditors International Services/Products/Industry: Global Logistics Provider Contact Person(s): Ms. Website: www. Claude Sader.1st floor. Beirut Lebanon Telephone: +961-1-612 999 Fax: +961-1-616 216 Email: resumes-bey@expeditors. Services include air and ocean freight forwarding. The company employs trained professionals in 182 full-service Accepting CVs? Yes Interviewing students? No Jobs Available: All Jobs Majors Needed: All Majors Company Profile Expeditors is a global logistics company headquartered in Seattle.expeditors. Sales & Marketing Director Address: Sodeco Square Bloc A. distribution and other value added logistics services. Washington. Damascus Road. Career Fair 2011 . Raymond Helayel. 69 satellite locations and 4 international service centers located on six continents linked into a seamless worldwide network through an integrated information management system.

fairmont. Other entry level positions in both the front and heart of house areas. all of our hotels offer a superior guest experience that is uniquely ‘’ Fairmont’’.com Address: The Fairmont Bab el Bahr.Fairmont Hotel & Resorts. United Arab Emirates ( The Fairmont Dubai & the Fairmont Abu Dhabi) Services/Products/Industry: Hotel Industry and Hospitality Contact Person(s): Ms. Majors Needed: Hospitality Company Profile Fairmont is a leader in the global hospitality industry. human resources Telephone: +971 4 332 4555 Ms. 31 . Human Resources Telephone: +971 332 4555 E-mail: Josephine. Josephine Raikuna. Accepting CVs? Yes Interviewing students? Yes Jobs Available: Leadership Development Participants for both Rooms Division and Food & Beverage Division for those graduating from the school of hospitality. 3 rotations in various departments. elegant resorts and modern city center properties. our diverse portfolio includes historic icons. Jane Yrenaya. with a distinctive collection and worldwide reputation for excellence.raikuna@fairmont. From the beaches of Hawai and Bermuda to the hear of New York City and United Arab Emirates . Director. between the Bridges Abu Dhabi United Arab Emirates PO BOX 97555 Fax: +971-2-6543322 Website: www.

Career Fair 2011 .L Co Services/Products/Industry: Insurance Contact Person(s): Ms. Tripoli. Administrative trained & coached to provide the service to the customers. 32. Our team gathers the finest professionals in field & our insurance consultants are carefully recruited.Health .sleiman@fidelity. Nabatiyeh & Zahle . Assurance & Reinsurance S. Underwriting and Claims Solving Majors Needed: No specific Majors Company Profile: Fidelity was established in 1968 & currently operates from Hamra . Vice President & HR Administration Address: Jel El Dib highway- Midtown center-2nd floor Telephone: +961-4-719300 Fax: +961-4-719 306 Email: resumes-bey@expeditors.safieddine@fidelity. Motor Liabilities. Website: www. Lara Sleiman Accepting CVs? Yes Interviewing students? No Jobs Available: MIS. etc. Karim Safieddine. Jal El-Dib . Insurance Senior Manager-Sales Development/ Life & PA karim. Marine .Fidelity offers coverage in the most important classes of Insurance including life.

Katia Farah. 33 . Chaza Ghandour. Psychologists. educational material Artisanat Contact Person(s): Mrs.First Step Together Association Fista -North Lebanon Services/Products/ Industry Services for students with special needs. Project Development Manager Telephone: +961-6-410152 Address: Boulevard street facing Makyeh Gaz Station-Tripoli E-mail: fistatripoli@yahoo. Social worker Telephone: +961-6-433636/ +961-6-428282 Ms.fista. Company Profile Providing special education services for students with special Fax: +961-6-410152 Accepting Yes Interviewing Student No Jobs available: Website: www. Speech and psychomotor therapists Major Needed: Education. psychology.

Administrative and HR Majors Needed: Nursing. Business Administration and HR Company Profile Provides Hospitalization Services 34.hopital Haykel E-mail: info@hopitalhaykel. Fax: +961-6-411112 Accepting CVs? Yes Interviewing Students? Jobs Available: Yes Nursing. Human Resources Manager Ms. Rola Ghanem. Maria Website: www.Haykel Hospital Services/Products Industry: Services Contact Person(s): Mrs. Career Fair 2011 . Human Resources Assistant Address: El-Koura. Rue Haykalieh. imm.

4th floor Telephone: +961-4-713337 E-mail: headhunter@headhunter-me. Services/Products Industry: Recruitment and Consulting Services Contact Person(s): Website: www.headhunter-me. JR Center (Candy). Eli Mourad.r.Headhunter Accepting CVs? Yes Interviewing Students? Jobs Available: Yes All Fields Majors Needed: All majors Company Profile Founded in 1993. Headhunter s. Managing Director Ms.l. Our Executive Search consists of sourcing elite performers from all around the world in order to meet the particular needs of our Clients.l. 35 .a. HR Consultant Address: Jal El Dib Hwy.r. provides Executive Search services to clients from multiple industry sectors in the MENA region. Hoda Hallak.a.

one of the world leaders in construction materials.holcim.Holcim liban S. for grey and white cement as well as ready mix concrete in the Lebanese. 36. Box11-396 Beirut – Lebanon Website: www. Career Fair 2011 . Holcim Liban combines the production and marketing activities.L Services/Products/ Industry: Cement manufacturing and ready mix concrete production Contact Person(s): Ms. Syrian and Cypriot markets. Human Resources Director +961 6 546301 Address Chekka – Main road Fax: +961-6-546310 Accepting CVs? Yes Interviewing Students? No Majors Needed: All majors Company Profile Holcim Liban is the Lebanese subsidiary company of Holcim Ms. Recruitment & Internal Communication Manager Telephone: +961 6 546351 E-mail: christiane. Société Libanaise des Ciments Blancs and Bogaz Endustrive Madencilik. Marlene ElKhazen. through its cement plant in Chekka and its subsidiaries Holcim Béton. Christiane Daaboul.

Jimmy Haddad. Administrative Assistant E-mail: sarah. recommending appropriate solutions and developing a comprehensive plan of action. Managing Director Ms. We work with organizations in assessing their needs. Our diverse service offerings center on training and development. Training and Development. HR Administration. Roufael Abou Jaoude street. E-Learning training Contact Person(s) : Mr. 37 . Sarah Kmeid.kmeid@htdconsulting. Zalka Lebanon Telephone: +961-1-888474 Website: Fax: +961-1-888 474 Accepting CVs? Interviewing Students? Jobs Available: Yes No All Jobs Majors Needed: All Majors Company Profile As Performance Consultant Professionals we are committed to the continuous improvement of human performance.htdconsulting. We develop and deliver a blended learning opportunity that combines workshop/classroom training and eLearning/Computer Based Training (CBT). 5th Address: Gardenia center.HTD consulting Services/Products/ Industry : HR consulting.

HR Associate Address Tellet El Assafir. Sweden. Egypt. Ukraine. Website www. Marketing. MBA. Agriculture Engineering. Nutrition.indevcogroup. Cyprus. INDEVCO Building-Ajaltoun-Lebanon Telephone: +961-9-230130 E-mail Fax +961-9-235572 Accepting CVs? Interviewing Students? Jobs Available: Yes No Business. Greece. England. Interior Design Company Profile INDEVCO is an international group of companies that manufacture paper and plastic packaging. Career Fair 2011 . We employ over 7500 people in Brazil. Interior Design Majors Needed: Accounting. and personal care hygiene disposables and household and institutional tissue products. and the United States 38. Graphic Design. Saudi Arabia. Mechanical/Electrical Engineering.Indevco Group SAL Services/Products/ Industry Manufacturing Contact Person(s): Mr. Engineer. Elie El Mir. France. Graphic Design. Lebanon. Sudan. corrugated containers.

Intaj the production house Services/Products/ Industry: Production House Contact Person(s): Ms. Lebanon +961-1-206602 www. Beirut.zgheib@vtrbeirut. Marketing Executive E-mail: raja.vtrbeirut. Based in Beirut but with the capacity to shoot throughout the Middle East and worldwide. St. And in the end. our tight knit team caters to the leading local and overseas agencies. HR Executive Address: Telephone: Website: Fax: Quantum Tower. Nicolas 2071-4713. still-photo Ms. Maya Zouki. a full service film and video production house that specializes in producing the highest quality television commercials. Charles Malek Avenue. the projects we produce together engage. they inspire. they empower. We are known for approaching each client’s film project as a unique creative +961-1-207702 Yes Yes Production Assistant No specific majors Accepting CVs? Interviewing Students? Jobs Available: Majors Needed: Company Profile Welcome to INTAJ. short and feature films. 39 . Raja Zgheib. music videos and documentaries.

Human Resources Manager +961 1 582 000 ext: 429 E-mail h. Accounting. office equipment and the related professional services. Majors Needed: All majors Company Profile ITG is a holding company handling a portfolio of autonomous businesses dedicated to the provision of Information and Communication Technology Fax +961-1-581843 Accepting CVs? Interviewing Students? Jobs Available: Yes Yes Sales. (Holding) “Information Technology Group” Services/Products/ Industry: Provision of Information and Communication Technology products. Contact Person(s) Mrs. Hala Morcos. Distribution.morcos@itg.l. Career Fair 2011 . Beirut.itgholding. office equipment and the related professional services.ITG s. Cynthia Nasser. Ms.a. Human Resources Officer +961 1 582 000 ext: 123 Address 460 Corniche Al Nahr. Lebanon Website www.

Mansour Abdel Website www.kettanehconstruction. Qatar and Emirates. Since 1950’s Kettaneh Construction has executed several major industrial construction projects in various Middle East countries. Kettaneh Building Telephone: +961-5-458358 E-mail cv@kettanehconstruction. Senior Recruitment Officer Address Baabda Presidential Palace Fax +961-5-458058 Accepting CVs? Interviewing Students? Yes Yes Jobs Available: Site Engineers & Office Engineers Majors Needed: Cvil. Area Safety manager Ms. Electrical engineering Company Profile Kettaneh Construction is a leading Lebanese construction company with international presence in Saudi Arabia.Kettaneh Construction Services/Products/ Industry Construction Contact Person(s) Mr. Corporate Human Resources manager. Mechanical. Gihane Saade Akiki. 41 .

org Website www. by matching job seekers with employers . specialized in fighting unemployment in Lebanon by providing trainings .koudourat. Secretary Address 6th floor – Labban Center – Sami El Solh Avenue – Beirut E-mail info@koudourat. Dal Hitti. President Ms.KOUDOURAT is a Lebanese NGO. by advising students to choose the right specialization Fax +961-1-396061 Accepting CVs? Interviewing Students? Jobs available: Majors needed: Yes Yes All types All majors Company Profile Established in 2005 .Koudourat Association Services/Products/ Industry Anti Unemployment Association Contact Person(s) Mr. by encouraging investments. Career Fair 2011 . Mirna Geara.

Training Coordinator Ms. Etienne Website www.Labora Services/Products/ Industry Recruiting Contact Person(s) Accepting CVs? Yes Interviewing students Yes Jobs Available: All Types Majors needed: All Majors Company profile Recruiting and training 43 . Lara Maghariki. Member Address Telephone: Antelias +961-4-413352 E-mail info@laboraonline.laboraonline.

Malia is also involved in Website www. Amale Amin. fragrances. consumer goods. Promotion and Sales of pharmaceuticals. Marketing.maliagroup. Electro-mechanical Contracting. Sales. Services and IT sector. food & consumer products. HR Intern Telephone : +961-1-888306 Ext. engineering.Box 90201 Jdeidet-el-Metn – Lebanon E-mail HR@maliagroup. cosmetics. Hotel Management. Manal El Cheikh Ibrahim. contracting. Fax +961-1-900100 Accepting CVs? Interviewing Students? Yes Yes Jobs Available Industries. personal-and professional-care products and fashion retail. Contact Person(s): Ms. HR Coordinator Telephone: +961-1-888 306 – Ext: 469 Ms. Tobacco Trade. Career Fair 2011 . Retail Garment. Purchasing. IT and Internships Majors Needed: All Majors Company Profile Malia Group is a Lebanon-based multifaceted organization dealing in the production. real estate development.MALIA GROUP Services/Products/ Industry Production. System Integration. sales and distribution of pharmaceuticals. In addition to real estate development. Sarraf Building P. marketing.470 Address Nahr El Mott - Amaret Chalhoub. system integration and IT 44. Tourist Resorts. Finance.O.

man enterprise has undertaken the successful execution of an extensive range of mega construction projects.Man Entreprise Services/products/industry Contracting Contact Person(s): Ms. HR Representative Telephone: +961 121 5111 ext 209 Mr. and UAE. 6th floor E-mail hhrr@manentreprise. Our operation has expanded to Qatar. 45 .manentreprise. providing turnkey construction projects to a broad customer website www. mechanical and architectural engineering. Dona Barakat. Jordan Libya. Since our inception in 1970. Charles Malek Fax +961-1-219500 Accepting CVs? Yes Interviewing students? No Jobs Available: Full time jobs and interships Majors Needed: Civil. Jad Chemaly. Sole center. Accounting and finance Company profile Man enterprise is a leading company in the construction industry of Lebanon. KSA. Head of HR Telephone: +961 121 5111 ext 206 Address: Ashrafieh. Business administration Computer science. electrical. both in the public and privates sectors.

Khaldeh. P.Middle East Airlines Airliban S. Ghida Osman. MEA| added new Director(Recruitment & Formalities) Telephone: +961-1-622331 E-mail: ghorayerba@mea. then Saudi Arabia.Box Ms. Supervisor (Recruitment) Telephone: +961-1-623615 E-mail: Address MEA Headoffice. Beirut Boulevard Website www. Services/Products/ Industry Aviation (Airline) Contact Person(s) Ms. Career Fair 2011 .A. Egypt. Kuwait and other destinations in the Gulf.mea. In 1963. after the merger with Airliban. Aida Ghorayeb. Middle Eastern and West African destinations to its worldwide network 46.O. Airport Fax +961-1-623555 Accepting CVs? Interviewing Students? Yes Yes Jobs Available: No Specific Jobs Majors Needed: No specific majors(depending on available vacancies) Company Profile In 1945. MEA was established and launched its first service from Beirut to the neighboring cities of

6th Floor Website www. ISO 22000. CPA. ISO 22716…) and Management Training Courses Contact Person(s) : Mr. remarkable. Rita Kouyoumjian. Director – Operations and Administration E-mail: alain@milestones-mena. Alain Azar.A.MILESTONES Services/Products/ Industry Preparatory courses (CMA. with over 500 major clients with over 20 years of experience.L. Operation Manager Address Antelias. PHR/ SPHR. CFA.“ 47 . CM) Management Consultants (ISO Fax +961-4402570 ext:10 Accepting CVs? Interviewing Students? Yes No Jobs Available: Sales executive. CIA. memorable. Our mission statement: “We are dedicated and committed to provide a Ms. St Nicolas Centre. is a management training and consultancy company based in Beirut with affiliations in UK and USA. Consultants Majors Needed: All Majors Company Profile Milestones S.milestones-mena.R. Our services cover the Middle East region and North Africa. and significant point in management development in today’s world that will contribute to form and define anticipation in advancement and to reach a position of excellence.

visit www. CIA. servicing thousands of candidates per year in the following programs: CPA. Finance.morganintl. First established in Beirut in 1995.morganintl. CSCP. Business Manager Telephone: +961-1-999201 ext 200 48. Leila Sleiman. CMA. 7th Flr. PHR/SPHR. stretching from India to Poland and Canada. Administrator Majors Needed: All majors Company Profile Morgan International represents leading international institutions and covers a wide range of programs for designations in Fax: +961-1-999204 Accepting CVs? Yes Yes Interviewing Students? Jobs Available: Marketing Specialist. Lazarieh Bldg. CTP. Rana Kfoury. Program Specialist Telephone: +961-1-999201 ext 202 E-mail info. IFRS. Website www. Career Fair 2011 . Morgan extended its presence to 31 major cities in just over a decade. Bloc 01. Logistics and Human Resources. For more information. Contact Person(s) Ms. and Essential Skills.Professional Diploma in Marketing.beirut@morganintl.Morgan International Lebanon Services/Products/ Industry Education & Training Services Address Beirut Central District.

Receptionists.Box 2038 6908 Raouche – Beirut-Lebanon Website www. Hostesses.O.moevenpick-beirut.hayek@moevenpick. Kitchen Commis No specific majors Company Profile Five star business hotel with resort facilities. Madona Hayek. Hemingway’s Bar & Cigar Lounge and Bourj Al Hamam. Assistant HR Manager Telephone: +961-1-799501 ext: 8310 Address: P. 49 . Lifeguard. one indoor pool and the Essential Spa & Health Club. with 292 rooms and Fax +961-1-799501. Méditerrané Mrs. three outdoor pools. Director of HR & L&D Telephone: +961-1-799501 ext: 8311 E-mail: madona.Mövenpick Hotel & Resort Beirut Services/Products/ Industry Hospitality & Business Management Contact Person(s) Mrs. Waitresses. Guest Services Agents. ext: 8313 Accepting CVs? Interviewing Students? Jobs Available: Majors Needed: Yes Yes Waiters. Eliane Germanos. three restaurants.

HR consultancy.haj@mgtplus. Sourcing. headhunting & HR consulting company catering to companies in Lebanon and the MENA region. 50. Our candidates range from junior to senior levels and across fields. Our clients vary between Mrs. regional and multinational companies. sourcing. Management Consultancy Contact Person(s) Ms. Recruiting Officer Address Badaro – Sami Solh street – Rahhal bldg – 3rd floor – Beirut Telephone +961-1-396309/10/11 Fax +961-1-382713 Website www. Tala Haj.mgtplus.Management Plus Services/Products/Industry Accepting CVs? Yes Interviewing students? No Jobs Available: Across fields & from Junior to Senior levels Majors Needed: All Majors Company Profile Established in 1993. Management Plus Recruiters is a recruiting. Diana El-Korok. Career Fair 2011 . Administration and Development Manager Email tala.

Labib Address: P. PA ADMIN Telephone: +971 56 650 6310 E-mail: Fax +971 4 352 0544 Accepting CVs? Yes Interviewing students? Yes Jobs Available: Sales Executives Majors Needed: Business.O. SR ADMIN Telephone: +971 50 113 9534 E-mail: labib.nascodubai. PSDA. box 7108- dubai- united arab emirates Website www.Nasco Karadulan Services/products/industry Insurance Contact Person(s) Mr. Economics Company profile A leading successful insurance group with diversified products & services. 51 .com Ms.nasr@nascodubai. Nita Rao.

National Employment Office NEO

Services/Products/Industry Placement, Labor market studies, Training Contact Person(s) : Ms. Dolly Feghali, Head of the employment department E-mail: Mr. Raymond Mouawad, Head of the employment office at Tripoli E-mail: Address Museum Blvd, Melhem Khalaf Street, Beirut Serail, Tripoli, North Lebanon Serail, Saida, South Lebanon Telephone: +961-6-447440

Fax +961-1-616337 Accepting CVs? Interviewing Students? Jobs Available: Majors Needed: Yes Yes All Jobs All Majors

Company Profile Public Institution under the tutorship of the Ministry of Labor

52. Career Fair 2011

Netways sarl
Services/Products/ Industry Software Development Company Contact Person(s) Ms. Daline Jabbour, HR Administrative Assistant Ms. Marie-Therese Chidiac, Senior HR Specialist Address: Al Mathaf Center, Ashrafieh, Beirut, Lebanon Telephone: +961-1-611110

E-mail Website Fax +961-1-611407 Accepting CVs? Interviewing Students? Yes Yes

Jobs Available Senior Project Manager, Senior Account Manager , Senior Business, Analyst, Senior CRM Consultant, Senior SharePoint Consultant Majors Needed: Computer Science and CCE

Company Profile Netways is a prominent multinational Information-Worker and Business Solutions provider. By aligning the latest software technology with the business strategy, Netways enables enterprises of all sizes to connect people, information, and business processes together. Hence our motto: “Netways Brings IT All Together”. Backed up with over than 2000 projects in its portfolio and 450 certified professionals at work, Netways currently offers a unique blend of professional services ranging from strategic consulting and business analysis, through project management, technical implementation, software development, training, operation, and support. Through its strategic gold certified partnership with Microsoft across the globe, Netways implements turn-key software solutions based on the latest Microsoft products and platforms like Office SharePoint Server, Dynamics CRM, Dynamics Axapta, Dynamics GP, BizTalk Server, Project Server, and Performance Point Services, all based on the universal .NET framework.


Nini Hospital s.a.l
Services/Products/Industry Health Care Contact Person(s) Mr. Rabih Turkieh, HR Manager Ms. Marie Abi Karam, Personnel Manager +961-6- 431400 Ext 1072 Address Tripoli, Maarad St. next King Fahed Garden Fax +961-6-448442 E-mail Website Under Construction Accepting CVs? Yes Interviewing students? Yes Jobs Available: Nursing and Administrative Majors Needed: No specific majors

Company Profile The oldest Hospital in the north, since 1928. 109 beds, 400 employees and more than 200 physicians between full timer and part timer. Nini Hospital has the most recent equipment for Cath Lab Dept, INNOVA IQ 3100

54. Career Fair 2011

Petrofac International LTD
Services/Products/ Industry Engineering & Construction / Oil & Gas Industries Contact name Ms. Sandra Kharrat, Graduate Coordinator +971-6-5176848 Address Petrofac Engineering & Construction Petrofac House, Al Khan Road PO Box 23467, Sharjah, UAE Website Fax +971-6-5740099 Accepting CVs? nterviewing Students? Yes No

Jobs Available: Fresh Graduate Engineers from the Mechanical, Electrical, Civil and Process disciplines Majors Needed: Mechanical, Electrical, Civil and Process disciplines

Company Profile Petrofac Limited (Petrofac, the group or the company) is a leading international provider of facilities solutions to the oil & gas production and processing industry, providing project development, engineering, construction and facilities operation, maintenance and training services to many of the world’s leading integrated, independent and national oil & gas companies through it is three major divisions, Petrofac Resources, Petrofac Engineering & Construction, and Petrofac Operations Services. With a strategic focus on the UK Continental shelf (UKCS), Middle East, Africa, Middle East and former Soviet Union, Petrofac has 20 offices Worldwide and employs approximately 10,000 people.


Joseph St. and water projects 3. etc. Mr.prorecruit-lb. 3rd Floor. Hotel Management. Dora Gate Bldg. Career Fair 2011 . Mechanical Office Engineer (1-2 yrs) for support and procurement division for KSA Engineering. Construction Majors Needed: Company Profile Recruitment/Consultant Advisor Co. thus recruiting also recruits staff who specialize in other fields. Architecture. Mary Ghanem Chahine. – Qatar focused on infrastructure.L. to several of its clients in Lebanon.C Services/Products/ Industry Recruitment Agency Contact Person(s) Mrs. Advisor Address Dora-St. architects. accountants. Junior Accountant (3-5 yrs) for Nigeria 4.Pro-recruit L. Managing Director E-mail: mghanem@prorecruit-lb. Box 90-1439 Beirut-Lebanon Telephone: +961-1-257599/8 Website Fax +961-1-257599/8 Accepting CVs? Yes Interviewing Students? Yes Jobs Available: 1. etc 56. primarily focuses on the construction industry. Civil site/project engineers for contracting Co. P. land surveyors. Gulf Region. and North Africa. roads.L.technico-commercial sales civil engineer for KSA with 1-2 years experience 2. Nicolas Ghanem.. Pro-Recruit L.O. as in sales and marketing..

1802 E-mail: Fax +961-1-370886 Accepting CVs? Interviewing Students? Yes No Jobs Available: No Specific Jobs Majors Needed: Engineering - Business & Management Company Profile Resource Group Holding (RGH) is a dynamic investment group with a broad portfolio of businesses that capitalizes on synergy to create added-value to stakeholders and to sustain long-term growth.1902 E-mail: rhmaidani@inkript. mobile Value Added Address: Farra Bldg.O. identification Ms. smartcard technologies. Lebanon. telecom infrastructure & managed services. P. and entertainment. 1st floor. Ras Beirut. RGH operates regionally across the sectors of security printing. architecture. Rodaina Hmaidani. real estate development. Senior Recruitment Officer Telephone: +961-1-370888 ext.Resource Group Holding SAL Services/Products/Industry: Investment Contact Person(s) Ms.Box 113/5855 Website www. Eliane Zoghbi Gemayel. 57 . Bliss street. Events & Exhibitions Officer Telephone: +961-1-370888 ext.resourceholding.

SABIS® Educational Services provides schools under its management with support and services. Career Fair 2011 . a dynamic educational system with roots in the 19th century and a vision for the 21st century. Services/Products/ Industry Educational Management Contact Person(s): Ms. Adma- Accepting CVs? Interviewing Students? Jobs Available: Majors Needed: Yes No All Jobs All Majors Company Profile SABIS® Educational Services. With the exclusive rights to the SABIS® Educational System.SABIS® Educational Services s. s.sabiscareers. Zone orange. Lebanon Website: www.a.a. is the managing arm of the SABIS® School Network and is entrusted with the responsibility of overseeing and developing its network of schools in Africa and the Middle East. Carmen Inati. HR Administrator Telephone: +961-9-851951 ext 462 E-mail: cinati@sabis.sabis. 58. enabling them to offer their students a highquality education for a changing Address: PO Box www.

org Accepting CVs? Yes Interviewing students? Yes Jobs Available: Purchasing Agent. Roula Saliba. Programmer Developer Majors Needed BA Business Administration. Its academic role through its association with the University of Balamand Faculty of Medicine ranks Saint-George Hospital among the best three University Medical Centers in Lebanon.Saint George Hospital University Medical Center Services/Products/Industry Hospital Contact Person(s) Mrs. Dalia Lythreatis. Assistant Manager for Recruitment & Staff Development.or Website www. Financial Analyst. Staff Nurses. BS Computer Science. Recruitment Officer +961-1- 44 12 96 Address Beirut / Achrafieh Fax +961-1-582 560 E-mail rvsaliba@stgeorgehospital. 59 .stgeorgehospital. Saint George Hospital expanded throughout the XXth and XIth centuries to embrace a distinguished pool of experts in all fields of medicine and incorporate the latest state-of-the-art medical equipment. + 961-1-44 11 33 Ms. BA Business Finance. BS Medical Laboratory Company Profile Founded in 1878. BS Nursing.

provided by an expert team of engineers and technicians who take pride in ensuring that our customers receive the service and back-up support that they expect. with a scope of services covering the manufacturing. 60. Africa. Sakr Power Group is a group of companies specialized in Power Generation. Sakr Power Group deals with many of the world’s leading brand names in power generation. Delivering fast and efficient service is one of our top Website www. Europe and Russia and plans to expand further worldwide. Kartaba Road Telephone: +961-9-442000 Email: hrrecruit@sakr. and is among the most reputed solution providers in their segments. Planning & Recruitment Manager Address Halat- Jbeil.Sakr Power Group Services/Products/ Industry Manufacturing Contact Person(s) Mr.sakr. Fadia Chelela. Career Fair 2011 . with presence across the Middle East. Our branches offer 24/7 service. sales and rental of Power Generating Sets and the implementation of Turnkey Power Fax +961-9-445444 Accepting CVs? Interviewing Students? Jobs Available: Yes No All Jobs Majors Needed: All Majors Company Profile Founded in 1972 in Lebanon.

Sanofi-aventis is listed in Paris (EURONEXT: SAN) and in New York (NYSE: SNY).. Logistics & supply chain. metabolic diseases. PO BOX 110697 Beirut – Lebanon Website www. 61 . Starco Building 1st Floor Bloc C & B and 6th Floor Bloc A. central nervous system. Administrative jobs. Finance Jobs(Accounting.Sanofi-aventis Liban Sal Services/Products/ Industry Pharmaceuticals Contact Name Mrs. thrombosis. internal medicine. Clinical Research Associates. oncology.) Majors Needed: All majors Company Profile Sanofi-aventis is one of the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies. Human Resources Director +961-1-356700 ext 252 Fax +961-1-374 999 Accepting CVs? Online application Jobs Available Medical Representative. Backed by a world-class R&D Address Address: Omar Daouk Street. Sylvana Nader. and vaccines. sanofi-aventis is developing leading positions in seven major therapeutic areas: cardiovascular.

and infrastructure to complete ICT solutions. Assistant sales. Assistant HR Address Lazaristes Center - Fifth Floor Downtown Lebanon PO BOX 3553 Riad El Solh - Lebanon E-mail Computer Science. IT Majors Needed: CCE. Fax +961-1-999889 Jobs Available Account Manager. Fixed assets & Manufacturing placed SETS as a leader in the software industry. For nineteen years and despite the turbulences that Lebanon has passed through.SETS S.L (DELL Distributors in Lebanon) Services/Products/ Industry Information Technology Contact Person(s) Mr.a. Business Administration Company Profile Established in Beirut in 1990. Logistics assistant. providing computer hardware. Career Fair 2011 . Payroll. We build our ICT solutions using our own enterprise resource planning software. SETS leads the way in unfulfilled and overlooked segments in the software industry.A. pre-sales.SETS is a problem solver of any obstacle that may hinder a business from operating effectively. MIS. software. Diala Kassab. HR Manager Ms. and Time attendance. 62. Developers. in addition to the Telephone: +961-1-975555 Website www. SETS s. and Dell products. SETS has proved to be a Lebanese market leader in the information and Communication Technology industry. serves a wide range of customers in Lebanon and Middleeast. disaster Stock. Tarek Moughabghab. Marketing. Human Resource.

Dubai. 63 .700 employees in 6 different locations: Abu Address Abu Dhabi – Duabi – Riyadh – Doha – Beirut - Paris Fax +97126320478 Website www. Doha. Beirut and Paris.Site Technology Services/Products/Industry Engineering Contact Person(s) Mrs. Group Marketing Manager E-mail mirna@site-technology. increasing productivity and making procedures more cost-effective. Mirna Mroueh. Riyadh. With its 3 operational groups: Technology Group – Power Group and Contracting Group. Site Technology with its headquarters in Abu Dhabi - UAE currently employs more than 1. Site Technology specializes in providing turnkey solutions designed to improve the way consumers and businesses perform — reducing Accepting CVs? Yes Interviewing students? Yes Jobs Available Engineering Majors Needed Engineering Company Profile Founded in 1992.

In 1924 Banque de syrie et du grand liban and became a full fledge commercial bank. This has prompted the bank to build a solid reputation and great renown for its professionalism.L Services/Products/ Industry Commercial and Retail bank Contact person(s) Ms.Wadad Rached. Human Resources Officer Telephone +961-1-980080 ext 7203 Address BSL bldg. Riad el Solh street Beirut. Career Fair 2011 . Finance or Related field. banque de syrie et du Company profile Societe Nouvelle de la Banque de Syrie et du Liban roots extend back to the ottoman era.being fully owned by Lebanese and French shareholders. In 1924.A. In 1919 the bank was transferred to a private company of french capital assets. 64. Lebanon E-mail hr@bsl.Societe Nouvelle de La Banque de Syrie et du Liban Fax +961-1-980991 Accepting CVs? Yes Interviewing students? No Jobs Available: Customer Service- Credit Offer Majors Needed: Economics. BSL adapted itself to the evolving needs of its customers by offering them special and personalized quality services. Management.

com Website: www. SODAMCO is recognized as the ‘’ construction chemical experts’’ in the region.Sodamco-Weber Services/Products/ Industry Manufacturing and trading of construction chemical materials Contact Person(s) Ms. Central Human Resources Assistant Email: nadineh@sodamco. 65 . Nadine el Helo. SODAMCO manufactures and market quality construction chemical products that meet the building standards and specific climate requirements in the Middle East and the gulf. especially Civil Engineering Company profile: Founded in Lebanon in Address Sin el Fil- Center Tayyar Bloc B- 1st floor Telephone: +961-1-510863 Fax: +961-1-510862 Accepting CVs? Yes Interviewing students? No Jobs Available: Sales Civil Engineers and Procurement Officer Majors Needed: All Majors. After more than twenty five years of continuous growth.sodamco.

66. HR Manager Ms.HR Assistant Address Sed El Baouchrieh- Barbar Abou Jaoudeh Street - Feghali Center - Beirut Telephone: +961-1 -901170 E-mail Fax +961-1-901175 Accepting CVs? Interviewing Students? Yes Yes Jobs Available Software developers/ Business Analyst/ DB Administrators Majors Needed: BS Business Administration/BS Computer Science BS Business Computing/MIS/ BE CCE Company Profile Soft Solutions is a leading provider of fully integrated decision-support merchandising and marketing solutions for multi-divisional.a.Soft Solutions s. respond to changing consumer needs and pro-act or react to evolving competition.sslb@ibs-softsolutions. Soft Solutions has helped major retailers enhance business performance. multi-format retailers of food and FMCG worldwide. Career Fair 2011 . Aline Andary. For almost two Website www.l Services/Products/ Industry Software for Retail Chains Contact Person(s) Mr. Patrick Adaimi.

com Fax +961-4-542409 Accepting CVs? Interviewing Students? Yes Yes Jobs Available Retail management trainees/cashier/ fresh food positions. Recruitment Specialist +961-4-541441 ext.spinneys-lebanon. Rana Zayed. 145 E-mail rana.zayed@spinneys-lebanon.Highway. Category Manager Majors Needed: All majors Company Profile The premier supermarket retailer in the Middle East and North Africa 67 .Spinneys Services/Products/ Industry Retail Contact Person(s) Ms. IT. Chaden Harb. 4th floor Website www. Senior HR Coordinator +961-4-541441 ext.179 Address Dbayeh.Standard Chartered Mr.

Program Assistant Address Piccadilly Building 6th Ms. Lebanon Telephhone: +961-1-743754 Website www. through five major phases/principles: • Recruitment of top graduates coming from different academic backgrounds • Training of the selected graduates to become Fellows (full-time teachers)through a six-week intensive summer Fax +961-1-743754 Accepting CVs? Interviewing Students? Yes Yes Jobs Available Teach For Lebanon Fellowship Majors Needed All majors Company Profile Teach For Lebanon aims to eliminate educational inequality while fostering youth leadership and promoting civic engagement.teachforlebanon. Noura Nader. Raissa Batakji. private medical insurance and accommodation in their area of placement • Accelerating the leadership of Teach For Lebanon alumni by following up closely with them and empowering them to keep on focusing on educational inequity within their capacities • Measuring impact on student achievement and the Fellows development of leadership skills in order to ensure continuous and equal educational opportunity for all. 68.Teach For Lebanon Services/Products/ Industry Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) Contact Person(s) Ms. Hamra. Beirut. The Fellowship is a full-time job and Fellows receive a salary.batakji@teachforlebanon. Abdul Aziz Street. Recruitment and Communications Manager E-mail raissa. Career Fair 2011 . focusing on teaching methods and building skills • Placement of the Fellows to teach for two consecutive academic years in selected underprivileged schools in remote locations across the country. Mr. Consultant E-mail hana@theagency. PO BOX: 60393. Hana Zavzavadjian. Mallah Building. Donald Bata. Jal El Dib Telephone: +961-4-719118 Fax +961-4-719118 Accepting CVs? Interviewing Students? Yes Yes Jobs Available All positions Majors Needed: All majors 69 . Managing Director Address Jal el Dib.The Agency Services/Products/ Industry Recruitment Company Contact Person(s) Ms.

St.VTR Beirut Services/Products/ Industry Post-Production Services Contact Person(s) Ms. broadcast. visually stimulating. regional and international specialists who work to produce some of the most talked about content in the region. Beirut. Lebanon in 2004. Maya Ms. and our strength lies in the capacity to deliver a variety of imagery and film. Senior Editor. and we are also committed to enhancing the quality and quantity of films produced in the Middle East and North Africa. and expertise.vtrbeirut. 70. Our team is young and ambitious. and we have brought together the creative wealth of local. HR Executive Address Quantum Tower. Lebanon Telephone: +961-1-208802 Website www. Raja Zgheib. innovation. we are committed to bridging the divide between East and West in the post production industry.zgheib@vtrbeirut. By combining local knowledge with international expertise and Fax +961-1-209902 Accepting CVs? Interviewing Students? Yes Yes Jobs Available Post Production Producer. We provide TVCs. Nicolas 2071-4713. and contemporary post production work for the advertising. and music video industries. documentaries and feature films of international excellence. Marketing Executive E-mail raja. Charles Malek Avenue. Our focus is always on quality content which only talent such as ours can provide. film. Senior 3D Animator & Junior 3D Animator Majors Needed All majors Company Profile Since being founded in Beirut. Career Fair 2011 . VTR Beirut has delivered exciting.

Najwa Malek Executive Secretary Address Sin el Fil- Jisr el Bacha Telephone: +961-1-499057 E-mail administration @ zakemlb. Fady Assy.Zakhem Group Services/Products/ Industry General Contractors Contact Person(s) Fax +961-1-497986 Accepting CVs? Yes Interviewing students? No Majors Needed: All Majors Company profile Zakhem is a world wide constructor and engineering companies for Infrastructures oil and faz works 71 . Administrative Manager Ms.

Notes 72. Career Fair 2011 .

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Career Fair 2011 .Notes 74.

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Career Fair 2011 .Notes 76.

you have to form alliances. for believing in the potential of UOB graduates and giving them the opportunity to prove themselves in the job market and apply the theoretical. “A Successful Team beats with one heart” - Unknown We hope is that this year’s career fair was rewarding and up to your expectations! 77 . not a destination. We hope that whether you are in your very first years of education or graduating.» Ben Sweetland To our students. you will benefit in different ways from this career day.” - Vince McMahon Last but not least. we say that we are here to assist you in your journey. practical and soft skills they gained through their years of education at our University. we would like to thank the UOB family for supporting us all the way.” - Carlos Slim Helu We would like to start by thanking all our industry partners. «Success is a journey. “You need to surround yourself with quality human beings that are intelligent and have a vision. preparation and action. because no success is achieved without cooperation.From the Career Services Team “… You can’t do it all yourself.

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80. Career Fair 2011 .

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