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PROJECT PROFILE With the advancement of Science and Technology, the number of cars and other vehicles has

increase on roads of all cities. The urban roads constructed in the past in old traditional way have proved incapable to accommodate increasing number of vehicles. The existing towns are also lacking the facility of parking, due to witch the vehicles are being parked along the road sides, residential streets, foot paths and green verges of the road witch causes frequent traffic jams. The precious time of people like workers, students, professionals etc. are being wasted due to traffic jams and if this problem is not solved at this stage, and then it would become a serious and complicated problem in the future. This problem is required to be solved immediately by constructing a multi level parking facility at prominent places like Barangay Sto.Rosario which is found at the heart of Angeles City. The shortage of funds may be the problem coming in the way of local development authorities for the execution of this project. For solving the above problems, adoption of Multi level Parking Facility as described below is recommended. The local development authorities have to identify the sites adjoining to the main business areas for the establishments of the multi level parking facility. The surface parking spaces in the most of the towns especially near shopping centers and other micro establishments have already been commercialized. Therefore such projects can be run by private persons on commercial basis by obtaining CLU (Comprehensive Land Use) permissions. Government should also frame a policy for the promotion of the multi level parking facility by giving special rebate/concession in CLU and development charges. In order to make such projects economically viable, about 10 percent of total floor area of such projects may be allowed to be exploited for commercial purpose by the private developer so that such facilities could be promoted.

INTRODUCTION Parking turn out to accommodate stopping off the traveled way are important adjunct to major rural highways. Off the road stops for public transportation business is necessary as these roads approaches urban areas and on urban streets. Parking clear of the road at area of scenic or historical interest serves to prevent road obstruction on accidents. Wayside rest areas are important and necessary facilities of the highway wherein motorists stop, relaxes and use sanitary facilities the important element in the selection of wayside rest areas are: a. those with natural features that makes the area attractive b. Those are accessible and safely located. c. Must have sufficient area Locations where public use will create fire hazard or otherwise affect adjoining property should be avoided. It must not have adequate driveways, and parking space separated from the traveled way, bumper rails or cursor to confine vehicles and if possible provided with fences.

BARANGAY PROFILE Barangay Sto. Rosario is one of the first barangay in Poblacion, consisting of 56.44 hectares of land and has been subdivided into the following: 8.25 hectares for institutional 5.96 hectares for commercial 42.23 hectares for residential

It has been a commercial, historical and institutional part of Angeles City. It has been used also as headquarters by the late President Manuel L. Quezon and General Emilio Aguinaldo, during the Spanish era. Moreover, the oldest house of Don Anghel Panteleon de Miranda can also be found here known as BALE MATUA which been used as a headquarters by General Emilio Aguinaldo as

well, as the BALE CUAYAN which is the oldest house made of SAWALI, by the Dizon descent. In the year 1872, the Holy Rosary Parish Church which is commonly known as PISAMBANG MARAGUL Barangay Sto. Rosario is surrounded by four barangays namely: Barangay CutCut at the west, Barangay Lourdes Sur at the east, Barangay san Nicolas at the northern part and Barangay Sto. Cristo at the south.

NATURE OF THE PROJECT A Multi- Level Parking Facility is a place where people can stop by and park their vehicles. The Proposed Multi- Level Parking Facility will be constructed at Lot 2 to 26, Block 26 Francisco St. Nepo Mart Complex, Barangay Sto.Rosario, Angeles City, part of the Commercial District with an area of 7,033 square meters. The Building has three storeys, containing an area of 10,693.5 sq m which is enough to accommodate a numerous light vehicle and not to become a hazard to the flow of traffic. It shall be fully departmentalized and equipped with latest equipments. Skilled and well-trained personnel will be the persons working in the parking building.

IMPORTANCE OF THE PROJECT Every study being conducted has its significance. The result of the study will: 1. Developed the land where the project is located. 2. Generate taxes to the government 3. Be one of the many factors in making the vision of Barangay Sto. Rosario a reality. 4. Serve people of all races 5. Make the Project proponents successful.

PROJECT LOCATION The proposed Multi-Level Parking Facility is located at Lot 2 Blok 26 Francisco Street Nepo Mart Complex Barangay Sto.Rosario, Angeles City which is approximately eighty-five (85) kilometers North of Manila, or about an hour drive from Manila by car. It is conveniently located near the Center Business District of Angeles City. Fronting the Project is the ABC Building, Nepo Mart 2 and other Commercial Establishments around the said area. It has an Elevation of 79.25 (280) feet above sea level, which give a unique topographical advantage during floods. According to the City Planning and Development Office of the Area is within the Commercial Zone and Revised Zoning ordinance of Angeles City (Ordinance No. 101, S-2000) dated June 1,2000.

PROJECT OBJECTIVE In line with the barangays aim of becoming a competitive center for services, commercial, micro industries and to accelerate its economy, the need to Proposed the said project has these objectives: a. To promote Economic and Social Development. b. To alleviate poverty and further empowerment of the people. c. To support and visualize Barangays Vision to become a center for service, commercial and micro industries. d. to improve the standard of living of the people. e. to develop the community where the project is located. f. to increase revenue for the local government. g. to generate taxes for the national government. PROBLEM / OPPORTUNITY Traffic due to the illegal parking of the cars at the sidewalk or road shoulders in the nearby area. Inconvenience to the people in Barangay and neighboring establishments for their parking purposes. Not enough parking spaces for shoppers, parishioners and other activities of the society. The occurrence of the rapid rising of population

PROJECT RATIONALE Our main goal and objective in our project, primarily is to have a place for the people of the barangay and the adjoining areas as well a multi level parking facility to comply with the demands of the fast rising population and to give convenience and comfort to the people living and working within the area for their parking purposes. Moreover it wishes to help increase the socio-economic growth of the barangay and develop the community by the means of the revenue for the Local Government. PROJECT LINKAGES Our propose project is close to different kinds of establishments like the school, malls, wet and dry markets and other recreational facilities like basketball court and open grounds. On the Socio-Economic aspect, the study will discuss the contribution and benefits that the proposed Multi-Level Parking Facility will extend to the Community and Economy as a whole. In its Marketing aspect, the proposed Project will cater the people of baranagay and the people on nearby barangays. On the Technical aspect, for the possible traffic congestion, for accessibility and convenience of all members of society, including the aged and disabled, the building is properly designed. On the Management aspect, the study includes the type of organization and structure suited to the business and also as to who will manage the project as well as the number of personnel to hire and the personnel requirements and skills needed. On the Financial aspect, the source of capital of the project will be obtained from the bank loan. On the environmental aspect, the study will tackle the effects of the proposed Multi-Level Parking Building to the Surroundings and to the people living near the area. The emphasis of the study will be more on the socio-economic desirability, profitability and viability.

STATEMENT OF THE PROBLEM To design a three level parking facility building. The sprawling within 7,033 m site at Lot 2 to 26 Block 26 Francisco St. Nepo Mart Complex Barangay sto.Rosario, Angeles City, must provide parking and storage areas and some micro business establishments which must be concealed by appropriating landscaping. The total cost of project is not lower that Php.106,935,000.00

SOCIO-ECONOMIC ASPECT The project proponents note that this project is worthy of financing aside from the return and the profit that it will generate. It will also give social and economic benefits in the form of employment. It will reduce a percentage of the unemployment crisis in our country. The project will naturally generate employment since it needs manpower to make it operational. The project will then benefit the family that the partnership will employ; consequently, a better standard of living is given. The project can contribute not only to the income of the employee but to the society as well. The source of top caliber personnels will help boom the business of the area and even the town as a whole as result of the fact that Barangay Sto Rosario is envisioned to be a competitive center of services, commercial and the like. The proposed Multi-Level Parking Facility can be one of the many factors in making this vision a reality. In this project the government will earn in the form of taxes as their additional income, more and more taxes will be paid. Increasing taxes will benefits not only the Government through revenues but also the community since these taxes will be used or the development of the community. It may be noted that during the pre-operating and operating periods those working for the light vehicular parking building will pay their respective income taxes. For the partners, the project naturally can give them extra income. Aside from the advantage of being self-employed through the project, the partner can so earn an added income, since they will also be the managers of the firm.

The proposed Multi-Level Parking Facility will render services to the public in a sense of giving convenience to the customers. The consumer will benefit convenience of shopping all their commodities in just a near by place instead of doming from a far different place to the other, since most of the establishments are located around the proposed parking building. While doing their activities their car will be secured wisely. Annual Source of Gross Income The proposed light vehicular parking building can accommodate 322 cars at the same time. In the study, it is assumed that the proposed parking building will have full of its capacity. The proposed parking building is open for 24 hours, assuming a change of customers every two hours. It is also assumed that the average amounts of parking fee are classified into three categories, Class A, Class B and Class C. In figures: Rate: first hour of parking Class A Class B Class C P 10.00 Private Cars Van and Mini Trucks Tri-cyle/Motorcycle - succeeding hour of parking P 20.00 P 30.00 P 10.00 -

OFF PEAK HOURS Number Class of Change Customer every A B C 100 25 20 hours 6 3 5 2 Flat Rate 20. 00 30. 00 10. 00 of Annual Amount 720 000. 00 270 000. 00 72 000. 00 Cars Per Day


Number Class

of Change Customer every

of Annual 2 Flat Rate 20. 00 30. 00 10. 00 Amount (php) 1 080 000. 00 270 000. 00 72 000. 00

Cars Per Day


150 25 20

hours 10 5 6

RENTABLE COMMERCIAL ESTABLISHMENTS No. Stalls 15 of Commercial Monthly Rental 5,000.00 Annual Amount (php) 900,000.00

SOURCES OF FINANCING For the companys initial capital requirements, the proponents of this project agreed to obtain loan from one of the bank in Angeles City. They agreed to borrow the sum of Php170 000,000 the project initial capital requirement to operate. COMPUTATION: We assumed that we have a contract that we will just lease the lot for 20 years, subject for renewal when the contract lapse as stated in the contract and the cost of lease will increase 5% annually. 1. 7 033.00 sq.m. = Lot Area Unit Cost of Land for Lease = Php 500. 00 / sqm. Per month Cost of Land for Lease = Php 3 516 500. 00 monthly Cost of Land for Lease Annually = Php 42 198 500. 00 2. Land / Site Development Plan Area = Php 3 468. 50 Cost per Unit Area = Php100 sq.m. Total Cost = Php 3 468 500. 00

3. Total Area of the Building = 10 693. 50 sq m. Unit Cost of the Building = 10 000.00 sq m.

Total Cost of Building (3 storey) = 106 935 000. 00

MARKETING ASPECT Marketing is an important dynamic fascinating and sometimes frustrating subject area. It is important because it affect our daily lives, the society we live in and the success and failure of all organizations. It is dynamic since it generate in the real world, which is constantly changing. Marketing is the performance of business activities that direct the flow of good and services to customer on user. It consists of all the activities of all the individuals and organizations that are designed encourage and facilitate exchanges satisfying to all parties involved. Marketing is, therefore a key factor in success or in failure of industrialization program. Viewed in proper perspective, marketing can play strategic role in optimizing the utilization of capital resources. Therefore a decision made within the propose parking building as to which a function it will perform, and a way to perform them are important factors in the success or failure of the propose parking building. TARGET BENEFICIARIES With an annual population growth of 2.93% and considering the 19952000 population at 3503, it can be forecasted that year 2015 the barangay shall be having a population of 5402. With this population, the partners assumed that a certain percentage of it would be the people they will be serving. People from nearby barangay of Sto. Rosario buy things they needed sometimes they look for suiting place to park their vehicles.

MARKETABILITY Protecting Assets

Increasing Marketability of Space or Productivity Protecting assets might include set of cameras to monitor and record activity exiting the stairwells or other side doors, lobby areas and hallways. The use of digital videos is becoming more popular, where there is a network available. Authorized if digital recorders have been used. IT departments are starting to use this feature to read the codes in the server rooms so that they know what is wrong before they arrive. Monitoring of other critical equipment that could have similar error code applications could be useful for facility engineers. Using door or space detectors in an alarm system can alert guards when an area is accessed without authorization. Access control and alarms systems are increasingly utilizing network connectivity, network is not stable. Some facilities are using on-site paging systems to directly call a guard via a cell phone for rapid responses and to minimize the amount of manpower required for securing the site. TECHNICAL ASPECT The proposed Multi-Level Parking Facility building is locaeted at Lot 2 to 26, Block 26 Francisco Street Nepo Mart Complex, Barangay Sto.Rosario, Angeles City, part of the commercial district. It contains an area of 7,033 m . With regard to accessibility, a numerous vehicle pass the place. The building of the company covers an area of 10693.50sq m with an ample space design for parking. It can accommodate about 370 vehicles at the same time. The company will have one for the administration personnel and it will be conducive to working the proper lighting, ventilation and cleanliness, as well as the parking building itself.


There is an adequate water supply, since it is supplied by the Angeles City Water District. ENERGY SUPPLY In terms of supply, the proposed light vehicular parking building will be served by the Angeles Electric Corporation (AEC) . The proposed Multi-Level Parking Facility has also a generator that can accommodate the project just in case a shortage of power will occur. TELEPHONE SYSTEM Angeles City had a two telephone Systems. The Angeles telephone System (ACTS) and DIGITEL. The proposed parking building will be served by the Two telephone System, so that customer can reached the proposed parking building conveniently. WATER DISPOSAL A maintenance personnel provided by the management will maintain the sanitation of the building. The same personnel maintain comfort rooms, which are located strategically on the first and second floor of the building. There is a regular visit of garbage collectors of the area that would make it easy for disposal of waste materials. PARKING REQUIREMENT COMPUTATION A. The off-street service and loading bay requirements are to be provided if the area where the building or structure to be erected is designated as a pedestriandominated zone. B. In mixed occupancies, the parking requirements shall be the sum of 100% of the dominant use and 50% of each of the non-dominant uses. C. In areas where adequate parking lots or multi-floor parking garages are available within 200 meters of the proposed buildings or structures, only 20% of parking requirements may be provided within the premises. D. in computing for parking slots, a fraction of 0.5 and above shall be considered as 1 slot in all cases however, a minimum of 1 parking slot shall be provided

except in cases falling under Section 1.2 and Section 1.3 of Parking and Loading space requirements. SPECIAL PROVISIONS For building or structures intended for the use or occupancy of the handicapped, the following minimum provisions shall be observed: A. 1 accessible parking slot for the handicapped per 50 parking lots up to 150 slots and an additional slot for every 100 slots thereafter. B. Wheel chair transfer area: One between every two spaces Directly connects to accessible walks of travel accessible building entrances. C. Maximum distance accessible parking area from facility served. D. Parking area from facility served. Parking areas for the physically handicapped shall be within 60m. Of the facility being served. This shall be measured from the farthest parking space along accessible path to the closest accessible entrance. E. All accessible parking spaces for the handicapped shall have the international symbol of access. All signs are to be in white graphics on a dark blue background. Size for exterior use shall be 30 cm. by 30 cm. or 60 cm. by 60 cm. lettering for brief facility identification for the partially sighted shall be a minimum height of 5.0 cm. F.
Source: National Building Code of the Philippines. (P.D. 1096)


Management performs a very vital role in any organization family, community, business enterprise, government and non- profit institution. It is management that is responsible for planning and organizing the various productive resources for the creation of goods and services. Resources like money, machines and materials can only be useful if these are properly manage. Management refers to the proper, fair and orderly manner of planning and executive projects for the benefit of the company or organization. Any organization without any precise and proper management could result to the downfall of an organization itself. Management, in this case, starts from the preparation of plans and other legal works up to the time of operation of the proposed project. The main purpose of management is to execute the work with the most accuracy and minimize the time being wasted in executing the work. Management entails the coordination of the human, material and financial resources toward accomplishing organizational goals effectively and efficiently. It relates the company to the external environment and responding to social needs. It requires an understanding of the economic principle of the division of labor, which breaks down into subtask and the coordination of effort, which reorganizes the subtask into an efficient and effective whole. The project aims not only to generate the desire profit but it also aims to assist or supply the basic consumption of the consumers. The realization of the project is dependent on the decisions of the management will make. Every decision they make is vital or important to achieve the project objectives. Therefore, effective organization set-up and management planning, as well as proper selection of personnel are necessary to projects success.


Management staff will be headed by the Manager who will be reporting to the owner. He will be assisted by the Operation Assistant Manager who will be in charge of the four department heads. ADMINISTRATIVE DEPARTMENT Administrative Department shall be under the Operation Assistant Manager. Under him will be the secretary, security, personnel in operation and janitorial. They will revolve the task of administrating the company to its day-to-day operations, on all aspects. TECHNICAL SERVICES DEPARTMENT The technical services department will be headed by the supervisor who will be in-charge of technical-support for the company. They are the one responsible for servicing the customers. ACCOUNTING DEPARTMENT The Accounting Department will be headed by a Certified Public Accountant and under him will be a book keeper. They are in-charge of collection and financial status of the company.


During Operation



Assistant Manager

Administrative Department

Accounting Department

Maintenance Department

Janitorial Services

Chief Accountant


Security Agency

Book keeper

Personnel in Operation



Manager A graduate of marketing/management course Have a good communication skills With 5 years experience of managing

Accountant Guard He must be 25 years old or above At least high school graduate With 1 year experience as a security guard an accounting graduate preferably a CPA 20 to 30 years old With 2 years experience in general accounting With 1 year experience in supervisory level

Secretary Must be a graduate of 4 year Secretarial course Must be 21 year old or above Have a good writing skills With pleasing personality

Cashier Must be a college level No experience required Must be 52 in height With pleasing personality

Supervisor A graduate of any 4 year course He must be 25 years old or above With 1 tear experience in supervising


No experience required At least high school level/graduate

KEY PERSONALS RESPONSIBILITIES A. Manager The specific duties of the Manager are: Effective management resources. Develops and maintains the companys objectives. Formulates and executes companys policies, rules, programs and procedures. Directs, supervise, control, and work functions and activities of all employees of the firm. Responsible for the safeguard and protection of all firms interest and assets. Insures the expenditures or expenses of all departments are left within the budgetary limit. Approves or disapproves purchases and other disbursements, payrolls, and other matters connected with the smooth operation of the business. Responsible for the selection and training of new needs of each department; conducts training programs and workshops for the development of the personnel. Responsible and has the final decision regarding personal matters such as hiring and firing, promotions, or any changes in employment status of all the employees of the firm. Plans, schedules and conducts meeting with the assistance of the different department heads. The General Manager must be capable in dealing with all types of people. He should also tactful and has an excellent communication skill and projects a dynamic personality.

B. Supervisor The specific duties of a Supervisor are supervising all personnel. The supervisor makes sure that all activities and work of the employees are focused on the obtaining of the Business Objectives. C. Accountant The specific duties of an accountant are: Supervises and checks the accuracy of account classifications and recording of transactions and events in all the book of the original entry. Designs, installs, modifies, institutes accounting systems and procedures for the proper conduct of the department. Prepares payroll of department heads and reviews the preparation of monthly or weekly payroll of other personnel. Responsible for the monthly and yearly preparation of the financial statements of the firm. One who installs and controls a system determining the production cost of the product by units. One who prepares budget and tax returns and explains, interprets account to the clients He also attends to the Bureau of Internal Revenue and other government agencies. D. Secretary The specific duties of the secretary are: Various papers that are forwarded in the office that requires the signature of the manager. Taxes dictation types letters and other correspondence such as memoranda, circulars, reports, etc., receives incoming mails. Keeps and maintain files and records of the Managers Office, including confidential matters. Receives office visitors and companys personnel coming into the office of the manager. Takes down appointment, arranges confirm such appointments.

E. Cashier The specific duty of a Cashier is to add all the items being purchased by the customer in the Cash Register. She must have an alert mind in order to make fewer mistakes. F. Guard The duty of the Security Guard is to keep things in order and Business Operation, going smoothly. They also keep track and records all incoming and outgoing vehicles. He must be honest and alert in his job. G. Janitor The main duty of a janitor is to keep the building premises clean.

FINANCIAL ASPECT The project proponents made use of the assumptions in formulation financial projects for future expenditures, expenses and revenues of the project as accurately as possible. We have arrived of figures, which we believe would prove precisely if applied. This financial will show that this project is feasible and viable.

INITIAL CAPITAL REQUIREMENT On its initial year of operations. The proponents of this project will need Php 170000.00 to finance and facilitate all the expenses of this business and its operation for this year.


Position Manager Assistant Manager Chief Accountant Supervisor Secretary Bookkeeper Cashier Guard Janitor No 1 1 1 1 1 1 3 9 4 Flat rate (daily) 450.00 400.00 300.00 300.00 260.00 260.00 230.00 160.00 150.00 Monthly Salary Php 13,500.00 12,000.00 9,000.00 9,000.00 7,800.00 7,800.00 20,700.00 43,200.00 18,000.00 Annual Salary Php 162,000.00 144,000.00 108,000.00 108,000.00 93,600.00 93,600.00 248,400.00 518,400.00 216,000.00

Total(annually) Php 1,692,000.00 COST OF EQUIPMENTS 1. Window Type Air Condition Unit 2. Elevator 3. Generator 4. Cash register 5. Computer 6. Surveillance camera 7. Fire Extinguisher TOTAL COST OF EQUIPMENT 38,000.00 x 3 1,800,000.00 x 1 110,000.00 x 1 20,000.00 x 1 36,000.00 x 4 10,000.00 x 6 1,700.00 x 12 Php Php 114,000.00 1,800,000.00 110,000.00 20,000.00 114,000.00 60,000.00 20,400.00 2,238,400.00

COST OF FURNITURES 1. Office Chairs 2. Office Table 3. Monobloc Chairs TOTAL COST OF FURNITURES 1,500.00 x 10 7,000.00 x 7 200.00 x 6 P P 15,000.00 14,000.00 1,200.00 41,000.00

BREAKDOWN OF COST ESTIMATES @ PERCENTAGE DISTRIBUTION DISTRIBUTION PER SCOPE A.MATERIALS----------------------------------------------------------- 60% B. LABOR------------------------------------------------------------------30% C. PROFESSIONAL FEE------------------------------------------------ 3% D.CONTRACTORS PROFIT-------------------------------------------3% E. MISCELLANEOUS----------------------------------------------------2% NOTE: APPLICABLE IF THE CONTRACT IS STRAIGH LABOR AND MATERIAL, BUT IF IT IS ONLY LABOR: TAKE MATERIALS ----------------------------------------------------------------60% LABOR------------------------------------------------------------------------30% PROFESSIONAL FEE------------------------------------------------------5% CONTRACTORS PROFIT------------------------------------------------5% MISCELLANEOUS---------------------------------------------------------5%% A) MATERIALS------------------------------------------------------------60% OF THE PROJECT COST I. II. III. IV. V. VI. VII. VIII. IX. X. XI. XII. XIII. EARTHWORK------------------------------------------------2.5% MASONRY----------------------------------------------------25% CONCRETE WORK-----------------------------------------10% IRON WORKS------------------------------------------------3% CARPENTRY-------------------------------------------------15% TILE WORK---------------------------------------------------2% MILL WORK--------------------------------------------------5% ROOFING/MOISTURE PROTECTION------------------11% PLUMBING----------------------------------------------------9% ELECTRICAL--------------------------------------------------4% PAINTING-------------------------------------------------------6% HARDWARES--------------------------------------------------4% GLASS/GLAZING---------------------------------------------3.5% TOTAL 100% PROJECT COST ESTIMATE TOTAL LOT AREA = 7,033 sq.m. TOTAL Building Cost = Php.106,935,000.00 TOTAL Land Acquisition = Php.3,468,500.00 TOTAL Development Cost =Php.1,734,250.00 TOTAL Project Cost --------- Php.112,137,750

LABOR COST (30%)--------------------------------------------------------- Php.33,641,325

MISCELLENOUS (5%) ------------------------------------------------------ Php.5,606,887. MAINTENANCE AND EXPENDITURES COSTS Period 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 Initial Investment 112,137,750 Electric Bill (2%/annum) 60000.00 61200.00 62424.48 63672.48 64945.93 66244.85 67569.75 68921.15 70299.57 71705.56 73139.67 74602.46 76094.51 77616.40 79168.73 80752.10 82367.14 84014.48 85694.77 87408.67 89156.84 90939.98 92758.78 94613.95 96506.23 98436.35 100405.08 102421.18 104469.60 106585.99 108690.17 110863.97 113081.25 115342.80 117649.74 120.002.73 122402.78 124850.84 127347.86 129894.8 Water Bill(2%/annum) 9600.00 9792.00 9987.84 10187.60 10391.35 10599.17 11027.37 11027.37 11247.92 11472.88 11702.34 11936.39 12175.12 12418.62 12666.99 12920.33 13178.74 13442.31 13711.16 13985.38 14265.09 14550.93 14841040 15138.23 15440.99 15749.81 16064.81 16386.11 16713.83 17048.11 17389.07 17736.85 18091.58 1845341 18822.48 19198.93 19582.91 19974057 20334.06 132230648.3 Salary rate (5%/annum) 20304000 21319200.00 22385160.00 22832863.20 23974506.20 25173231.68 54418603.69 2775333487.92 29141162.32 30598220.44 32128131.46 33734538..03 35509534.56 37192328.18 39051944.59 41004541.82 43054769.91 45207507.36 47467882.93 49841276.87 52333340.71 54950007.75 57697508.14 60576383 63605202.55 66785462.87 70124736.01 73630972.81 77312521.45 81178147.52 85237054.9 89498907.64 93973853.02 98672545.67 108786484.60 108786481.60 1142258058.7 119937.096 125933950.8 123230648.3

Benefit /Cost Ratio (B/C) the B/C is the quotient of the benefits expected from the construction and or improvement of a project in relation to the cost incurred, (all benefits

and costs incurred should be discounted at the opportunity costs of capital prevailing in the country). To be Feasible a project must show a B/C exceeding one.(1). B/C = Annual road User benefits Annual capital costs+ annual maintenance expenses

Single Payment Present Worth Factor for Growth Rate of 15% issued by the Bank Loan Period Annual Benefit 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 40608000 42638400 44770320 47008836 49359277.80 51827241.69 54418603.77 57139533.96 59996510.66 62996336.19 66146153 69453060.65 72926133.68 76572440.36 80401062.38 84421115.50 88642171.28 7 93074279.84 97727993.83 102614393.5 107745113.2 0 MOE 20373600 21390192 22457571.8 4 22906723.2 8 24049843.6 4 25250075.7 26510274.1 6 27833436.4 6 29222701.8 1 30681398.8 8 32212973.4 7 33821076.8 8 35509534.5 6 37282363.2 39143780.3 1 41098214.2 5 43150315.7 9 45304964.1 5 47567288.6 6 49942670.9 2 52436762.6 4 MOEAnnual Benefit 20234400 21234400 22312748.1 6 24102112.7 2 25309434.1 6 26577165.9 9 27908329.6 1 29306097.5 2 30773808.8 5 32149937.3 1 33933179.5 3 35632383.7 7 37416599.1 2 39290077.1 6 41257282.0 7 43322901.2 5 45491856.1 3 47769315.6 9 50160705.1 7 52671722.5 8 55308350.5 6 15% growth rate .8696 .7561 .6575 .5718 .4972 .4323 .3759 .3269 .2843 .2472 .2149 .1869 .1625 .1413 .1229 .1069 .0929 .0808 .0703 .0611 .0531 C-Cost Rate B-Benefit Rate 17603928 14726413.9 14726413.9 13738204.2 5 12583850.6 6 11489308.8 6 10490741.1 9580163.29 8745993.86 7947463.51 729240.28 6659692.52 7 6080197.36 555168790 3 5070519.97 4631218.14 4 4226193.43 4 335818289 3 3526297.57 3 3218242.25 2936873.41 5 35312716.8 29436485.4 29436485.4 26879652.4 2 24541432.9 2 22404916.5 8 19476418.2 9 18678913.6 5 17057007.9 8 15572694.3 1 14214808.2 8 12980851.8 11850496.7 2 10819685.8 2 9881290.57 9024617.25 8234857.71 7520401.81 6870277.97 6269739.44 5721265.51

22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35

113132368.9 118788987.3 124728436.7 130964858.5 137513101.4 144388756.5 151608194.3 159188604 167148034.2 175505435.9 184280707.7 193494743.1 203169480.3 213327954.3

55055498.1 2 57805108.3 2 60686135.7 3 63717149.9 5 66899649.0 3 70241205.9 73749780.1 77433704.8 8 81301754.6 2 85363134.1 4 89627507.4 9 94105025.8 5 98806341.8 8 103742645. 2

58076870.7 8 60983878.9 8 64042300.9 7 67247708.5 5 70613452.3 7 74147550.6 77858414.2 81754499.1 2 85846279.5 8 90142301.7 6 94653200.2 1 99389717.2 5 104363138. 4 109585309. 1

.0462 .0402 .0349 .0304 .0264 .0230 .0200 .0174 .0151 .0131 .0114 .0099 .0086 .0075

2683151.43 2451551.93 5 2235076.30 4 2044330.34 1864195.14 3 170539366 4 155716828 4 142253524 5 1296278.82 2 1180864.15 3 1079046.48 2 983958.20 897522.99 821889.82

5226715.44 4775317.29 4353022.44 3981331.70 3630345.87 3320941.4 3022163.89 2769881.71 2523935.32 2299121.21 2100800.07 1915597.96 1741257.53 1599959.65 7

Total Cost Rate= Total Benefit Rate=

Php183713617.5 Php.393713617.6

* B/C = 2.14,since B/C > 1, therefore the project is acceptable.*

Proposed Multi Level Parking Facility Projection of Revenue Period Initial Annual Benefit Annual Annual Net

Investment 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 112,137,750 42638400 44770320 47008836 49359277.80 51827241.69 54418603.77 57139533.96 59996510.66 62996336.19 66146153 69453060.65 72926133.68 76572440.36 80401062.38 84421115.50 88642171.287 93074279.84 97727993.83 102614393.5 107745113.20 113132368.9 118788987.3 124728436.7 130964858.5 137513101.4 144388756.5 151608194.3 159188604 167148034.2 175505435.9 184280707.7 193494743.1 203169480.3 213327954.3 223994352 235194069.6 246953773.1 259301461.8 272266534.9

operating and maintenance cost 21390192 22457571.84 22906723.28 24049843.64 25250075.7 26510274.16 27833436.46 29222701.81 30681398.88 32212973.47 33821076.88 35509534.56 37282363.2 39143780.31 41098214.25 43150315.79 45304964.15 47567288.66 49942670.92 52436762.64 55055498.12 57805108.32 60686135.73 63717149.95 66899649.03 70241205.9 73749780.1 77433704.88 81301754.62 85363134.14 89627507.49 94105025.85 98806341.88 103742645.2 108925683.3 114367791.4 120081921.4 126141672.7 132381324.7


21234400 22312748.16 24102112.72 25309434.16 26577165.99 27908329.61 29306097.52 30773808.85 32149937.31 33933179.53 35632383.77 37416599.12 39290077.16 41257282.07 43322901.25 45491856.13 47769315.69 50160705.17 52671722.58 55308350.56 58076870.78 60983878.98 64042300.97 67247708.55 70613452.37 74147550.6 77858414.2 81754499.12 85846279.58 90142301.76 94653200.21 99389717.25 104363138.4 109585309.1 115068668.7 120826278.2 126871851.7 133159789.1 139885210.2


Private 1. Light 2. Medium 3. Heavy 4. Sports Utility Vehicles 5.Utility Vehicle 6. Truck 7.Truck Bus 8. MC/MTC 9. Trailer - light 10-. Trailer- heavy Total -Private Government 1. Light 2. Sports utility Vehicle 3. Utility Vehicle 4. Truck 5. Truck Bus 6. Motorcycle/MTC Total Government For Hire 1. Light 2. Utility Vehicle 3. PUJ 4. Truck -HIRE 5.Truck Bus 6. Truck-Heavy Total for HIRE OVERALL TOTAL Percentage Increase 10,466 1,404 121 1,591 22,180 3,796 21 20,486 74 107 60,246 41 6 176 31 113 367

2006 10,256 1,403 112 1,911 20,686 3,292 36 28,772 78 88 66,634 30 11 194 34 6 133 408 4 48 4,374 157 32 43 5,658 72,700 10%


5,093 219 28 27 5,367 65,980 0.101849045


ENVIRONMENTAL ASPECT The effect of the project in our environment during construction is only temporary. The pollution caused by the project during construction: 1.noise

pollution and air pollution, created by machineries and equipments used in construction; and 2.The soil pollution caused by the waste coming from the construction materials. While during operation the air becomes somewhat contaminated because of the smoke coming out from the different vehicles being parked in the building. But with proper maintenance and safeguarding these scenarios can be minimize.

Don Honorio Ventura College of Arts and Trades Bacolor, Pampanga


In Partial Fulfillment for the Requirements for the Degree of Bachelor of Science in Architecture

Submitted by Sibal, JayMark M. David, Isaacris Jane S. BSAR 5B

Submitted to Arch. Hermel Sotiangco Design 09 RETURN OF INVESTMENT

We assume that the following computation solve in this Proposal has been based upon the data given and has been approved by the Barangay Administration.



7,033 square meters Php.106,935,000.00 3,468.50 square meters Php.2,238,400.00

Php.1,692,000.00 Php.41,000.00






TOTAL COMMERCIAL RENTALS + Php.900,000.00 Php.3,384,000.00 x 40 years

R.O.I = Php.135,360,00.00


Angeles City Comprehensive Land Use Plan (June 1,2000) The National Building Code of the Philippines, Presidential Decree No. 1096: Philippine Law Gazette, 1998

TGN Reality Corporation, Mr. Mod C. Cabrera, Manager. Mezzanine Flr. Nepo Mart 1 Plkaridel Corner Catalina Street Nepo Commercial Complex, Angeles City 2009 City Planning and Development Office Sto. Rosario Barangay Hall, Hon. Allan T. De Guzman, Barangay Captain.

15 June 2009



This is to certify that Ms. Isaacris Jane S. David of Don Honorio Ventura College of Arts and Trades has personally appeared in this office on this 15th day of June 2009 for the purpose of THESIS PROPOSAL / RESEARCH. This certification is being issued upon the request of Ms. Isaacris Jane S. David for whatever legal purpose it may serve.

Hon. Allan T. De Guzman Barangay Captain Brgy. Sto. Rosario, Angeles City

15 June 2009



This is to certify that Mr. JayMark M. Sibal of Don Honorio Ventura College of Arts and Trades has personally appeared in this office on this 15th day of June 2009 for the purpose of THESIS PROPOSAL / RESEARCH. This certification is being issued upon the request of Mr. JayMark M. Sibal for whatever legal purpose it may serve.

Hon. Allan T. De Guzman Barangay Captain

Brgy. Sto. Rosario, Angeles City