PAPER J Green Towns report for Newport Parish Council - July 2011 Lois Prior

The few questionnaires that we have collected show that people are keen to see a reduction in traffic and more vegetation in the middle of Newport. Ideas that have been discussed are: Improving pedestrian and cyclist safety in Newport (being dealt with through T & T committee). I had a meeting with PC Finch last week. He is still keen to see a lower speed limit introduced in Newport. It was felt that the community should be involved with making this decision. To achieve this, the Police community minibus on Saturday 9th July will include myself and PC Quelch asking public if they would like to see a 20mph limit in Newport town centre. Planting fruit and nut trees. It was felt that the best way to do this was to find places where they would be looked after, such as schools, care homes and private gardens, but within view of the public. This is to protect the trees from vandalism but to ensure that they can be visually enjoyed. We will be looking for grant funding to help finance this project. There are plans to introduce some fruit tree planting at the Parishes allotment. Another idea was to introduce ‘bee corridors’ through the town. Perhaps this could be included as part of the tree planting project. ‘Green Newport in Bloom’ Instead of the usual ‘in bloom’ competitions where it is the flowering displays that are looked at, it was thought that a more sustainable angle could be carried out on this idea. Categories could include: Garden for wildlife Butterfly and bee garden Drought tolerant garden Productive garden (growing food produce) This would be promoted late 2011 and set to be carried out summer 2012. Other projects We are keen to promote the ‘adopt-a-garden’ scheme to the Newport residents. A poster will go up on the notice board and this can be promoted at any future events. There are a number of ‘eco-schools’ within the Parish. We are considering ways in which to encourage them in the future, perhaps with a ‘eco-school of Newport / Carisbrooke’ award. It was good to hear that the cross town cycle route has been approved for funding by Sustrans. As a result of a competition among local schools, a new ‘working towards a green town’ logo for the notice board has been chosen. An environmental policy is to be set up for the Parish Council as part of the process of working towards ‘Green Town’ status. 24th September a group of cycling enthusiasts are planning to hold a ‘Carbon Cycle Celebration’ in St Thomas Square. Although we are not planning to be directly involved with this event, we are hoping to have a presence to promote the Green Towns initiative and probably carry out some more questionnaires. Date of next meeting 25th July at 5.30pm (probably at the Riverside but to be confirmed)

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