The teachings of Maulana Abdullah al-Faizi ad-Daghestani


Shaykh N azim Qibrisi

"Follow in the path of him who has turned to Me wi th love." -Quran (Luqrnan , 15)

These are the teachings of our grandshaykh, Maulana Abdullah al-F aizi ad-Daghestan! (may Allah be pleased with him), as told to us by our shaykh, Muhammed Nazim Adil al-Qibrisi (may Allah be pleased with him). May Allah Almighty grant us the power to take benefit from these words. "Alhamdulillahi Rabbi! Alamecn, la hawla walla quwatta i11ah billah il Aliyyul Adheern, al-Fatiha ... "

© 1980 Shaykh Nazim Qibrisi





We may be slaves to our nafs. These imprisoned nations. which doubts anything that it cannot experience through the senses. and His Prophet. 3 . It is useless to base. In front of this wall. at all times. Tn his actions.. to our ego's desires.******* Islam is founded on three pillars. a believer must imitate. They will quickly run out. the second is ACTIONS. or copy the behavior of the Prophet (peace be upon him) and his shaykh. He always considers himself to be in need to his Lord. Allah Almighty has put great mountains of icc . Then all will die and the moun tains will be leveled. ATTRlB UTES Quran tells us that there are not two hearts within the human breast. submitting all aspects of his life to them. The first is BELlEf'. imprisoned behind a great wall built by Dhul-Qarnain. eating everything softer than stones ami drinking rivers and lakes. there will be no life on earth. They will stay on the world until the Last Day. Stones will be reduced to sand by terrible earthquakes. or balance one's faith on the level of the mind. not puffed up with knowledge and self-importance. The character of a servant of Allah is such that he is humble. or we may serve our Lord. There can be no 'secret departments' in his life. ******* Our Grandshaykh says.. by Allah's will shall be released at the coming of a new star of great heat. and his Shaykli. and the third pillar is one's character= or ATTRIBUTES. the Gog and Magog people. This must be understood first of all or else there is no Islam. unapproachable. for forty years. "We must believe that there are two nations of the sons of Adam living now. when the trumpet blows. to be weak and insufficient before his Lord. He must. BELIEF . and in every situation.The heart believes what the mind denies. Love for Allah Almighty. behave as if he were in their presence. Afterwards. ACTlONS--A believer must act with love.

. and thirsty. It is so long that its telling would last until the actual event. be Divinely protected. all bodies will come back to life. the shaykh points to a spot directly in front of him in the Masjid of Abdullah Daghestani and says.~~ This is my sister! How can I look at her with bad eye~. Our Grandshaykh says that many secr~ts ?f Quran told now without raising vehement objections from Ones. It was once a very cold day in Damasct~s at the tirne of the morning prayer (fajr). There is darkness-no sun. . This one cell will be like the egg cell of a woman. This rain is the sperm of man. We are trying some of you with others of you. as a map for later. Allah Alt len. ' Then.. having cold water for washing. such as those of the prophets. no moon. waiting for you to command! You were the first to come up. There are three types of patience: The first type of patience is patience wit? physical discomforts-such as getting up on cold mormngs for ?rayer. The people are naked. "Ma ba Ummati? (What about my nation?)" . and asks first of all.e as a servant and to keep away from forbidden things IS more valuable than all the worship of all the angels.. ' . and authority is given to you for your nation. On the second blowing of the trumpet. and so forth. and the balance will be set on the mountain (Jabal Qasum). This is for your one minute a patIenc~. Seventy people will try to crowd onto one square foot. and jinn throughout the ages!" The third type of patience is the best of all. completing difficult tas~s. f pati I" you." Then the Prophet (peace be upon him) gives permission for all people to come up." (Quran) Patience is a most necessary thing in the life of a man. The minimum light will be like the end of the thumb flickering on and off. growing as in our mother's womb. "They are waiting in their graves. It is a fearful day. for example. The Prophet (peace be upon him) will come up first. don't be afraid. To remain patient and to be steadfast m. It is written in hadith that all the bodies of people will be destroyed except for one piece of bone-one cell. From it. w~ting ~n line. . and Soon becoming as they were on the day they died. For forty days it will rain and soak into the ground. Resurrection Day: Allah Almighty sends his rain. bemg uncomfortable during illness.. the bodies lying in the graves will receive their individ ual souls their human nature. "O-Muhammad. Quran relates: You must carry some of you with others of you. The full story of the Judgment cannot be told now. I~mediately. (At this... the Prophet (peace be upon him) will give the light of Irnan to each person. That will be on the plain of Damas. The way to ~ell. but will. Allah's eyes are on you . instead. They will then be alive. ..o hv. Patience is fighting all that the nafs like. The second type of patience is even I_Horeval~able. It is to be patient with the people who trouble you. When you look at a woman." replies Gabrae1. hty will send the heat of hell fifty-years distance towar s mIg . Grandsl:~~kh said to the people who had gathered at the mosque. No one can see another. and it will be fertilized by this rain. they have risen to they know not what. by Israphael. If a man has hold of patience. Many secrets are being kept. and that is the patience to refrain from forbidden things. will not experience this destruction and rebirth. hungry. your worship in spite of these difficulties is very valuable m the sight of Allah. "The way to Paradise is filled with many things that our nafs will never li~e. the people will be gathered on one plain for the judgment. d . Gabrael is waiting for him to come to judgment. all goodness is with him. say. from all directions. Rasul-ullah (peace be upon him) sits up. on the other hand. "O-my na. is full-up with our desires and pleasures. waiting in their graves. Since you have been pa· t here in the cold for the sake of your Lord. men. "Right here!") Al-Kursi (the throne of our Lord) will be on the site where today are the graves of two of the Prophet's wives in Damascus. will you be patient? ******* 4 ******* 5 . cannot be the Great ******* Hadith says. according to their faith.. About this kind of patience there is a hadith: "T. brushing the dust from his beard. Thi description has a relationship to knowledge has toISa real country. Only a few bodies. Seventy arm lengths of water will cover the earth.

How can one have such faith? What If she were your SIster." This H. b' . why am I writing this? I am writing for you. Remembrance of that gives us more spiritual power. scorpions to live in your house. character. Only Allah's Will is with him. "If anyone doesn't consider death and the hereafter at least four times a day. It doesn t matter~). That to minimum faith would be enough _to kee~ the rel11~mbrance of Allah while alone on a desert ~sland WIth a bea~tlfl~ girl. This knowledge gives us love to reach our Heavenly home. Alnght. Thinking of death gives more power to our faith. "Let us be . It is the reality of death. like death-for it is the way to the Heavens. "If one louse gets on your fo?t ~nd you say to it . therefore. on the other hand. but in the half on your ea . "If a man is not aware that.Smoking is unlovely to Allah! ******* The pole star is fixed with all other stars revolving around it. When zood people accept them (saying. (Iran. If you haven't any love for Allah. Our Grandshaykh spoke of one wali who stayed on that throne for forty years. The best actions com~ ?y holding this in your mind. If you forget this you will be absent from your Lord. immediately it will be in its Heavenly station. don t trust him. If a ma~ IS a Muslim-if he doesn't think and feel like you. Your daughter? 7 ******* 6 . and this is his tradition coming to us. When a man knows the truth of death he no longer fears it. his faith is too weak to build upon. we must know that there are two kinds of people. we are reaching there. I am with you-all the tlmeeverywhere. al1owe~ K_homemIto return-sand then-finished. The love of God is the power of our faith. The orders of the Qutb are the orders of Allah. f or Quran says. and also a Way. This is a sign of great 'spiritual poverty. It is impossible. When your spirit leaves your body. but waits for it. not on your foot. If you don't like death. These words are unchanging laws.' and from this 'poverty' come his words. The Qutb is fixed with all the other saints revolving around him Allah Almighty on the Day of Promise before commg to this world. "The way to meet your Lord is death.cean. "Oh=my Lord. This is the highest rank among the saints. It is very difficult to stay on the throne of the pole star. It waits with endless desire for the time when it can fly to its Heavenly station." * *. then you cannot have any faith. At the same moment we are living here.* * * * * What is the minimum degree of faith that we must keep in the presence of Allah? Our Grandshaykh says to us that the minimum faith is the same amount that we ~romised . the real Caliph and representative of Allah on earth. 'It's alrizht it's only my foot' -soon 1"you WIllfind hd it. only Allah's Work. or. are pleased to see others miserable. the bad ones usurp all that the good pe?ple h. To consider death makes the soul free to contact its heavenly station and Divine Powers. They give trouble to everyone. He said. you don't want to meet your Lord!" All real believers must. Good people will show mercy and tolerance to all.adith is li e an o.ave: You must be very careful. for example. the spirit of Our faith. . ******* LI all ditl says. all th~ time. In the light of this saying. Shaykh Abdullah said. to disappear from it and reappear in the Heavens. that Allah's eyes are with you. that man IS not a mu'min (believer). way. Bad peopl~ come to good people and say. in your heart. Only this kind of man can be a wali (saint)." What is the meaning of death? It is to be invisible in this world. There are no hobbies with him. "The best work is knowledge of Allah. He was our Grandshaykh's Shaykh.. Never tolerate ~v!l or give It any authority. Our Grandshaykh says.) It is like giving permission to sn~kes and." He is always with us. Quran says." You must imagme. Even. That is 1 ik the best occupation for a man. Democracy allows ItS enemies to work within its borders. Our soul is waiting. "0 my people . This is knowledge. Those of bad character. Allah s eyes are with him everywhere. and when you are absent from y~ur Lord you will be present with your nafs (ego). This is the meaning of death to the saints. The Qutb is the Sultan of the Awliya. The Prophet (peace be upon him) said. Why? It is because he is no longer subject to his nafs' desires. unsurpassed by any other saint. to be free. like a bird in a cage.t tru~t those ~ho are not of your faith.~ou~ doo~keepers. "Do"no. and his will is the equivalent of Allah's will.

Iman (faith) means purity, and faith never lives in a dirty place or in a dirty heart. In the light of this hadith, we must move so that we will be living with people who are always with their Lord. Otherwise we are still living with snakes and scorpions. Iman must be forever-no exceptions.

When a man is thirsty he imagines he drinks a~l the ri~ers and springs, yet one glass is enough. Why d? you WIsh to dnnk all the rivers and springs? You may fall 111 from too much drinking!

Another important subject from our Grandshaykh-I am asking for more power to explain this lessor: clear~y to you: Allah Almighty sends his Prophets WIth miracles and extraordinary happenings as people ask for signs of prop~ethood before they are willing to believe. The most ~amo_usmuacl,e of our Prophet (peace be upon him) was the night ~ourney t~o~ Mecca to Jerusalem to the Heavens and back again=the Miraj. We must believe it as Allah tells us this in the Quran. We m~~: believe it in our hearts. "Be right, as you have been ordered. says the Quran. . Allah Almighty called Muhammad (peace be upon him) to His Divine presence, and the Prophet (peace be upon him) went as ordered, just as a dignitary is received by the Q~een of England This extreme honor and respect was not grven to any other creature. Muhammad (peace be upon him) would never have received this honor for himself alone. He told Ga~rae!, "If this is only for me, I have no need of it. I will receive It only if it is also for my nation!" . . Gabrael replied, "O-Muhammad, if your nation l~ _on the same steps as you (sunnah), this invitation to th~ D:vme Presence is also for them. But, unless they follow you, It will be impossible for them to come." " ' . Thus, we have a promise from Allah Almighty to reach HIS Divine Presence following the footsteps of the Prophet .(peace be upon him). This and nothing else is the highest ann for mankind. All religions and prophets came to ready man. for this. It is like the bright preparations of a bride for her ma:-nage. All prophets had their Miraj, but none to the stat~on of Muhammad (peace be upon him). When the great wah, Ab:l Yazid al-Bistami (may Allah grant him more honor) asked Ius Lord "How can I come to you?" Allah Almighty answered, "Lea~e your nafs, and come!"

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Our Grandshaykh said that all prophets and saints came only to call people to the buildings of their Heavenly stations, and to advise them how to do so. They don't care if a man lives in a cave or a palace, in this life, because everyone eventually ends in the grave. The place to build for yourself is in Heaven. As hadith says, "O-people, as much as you stay in this life you must work for it. And as much as you will stay in the next life you also must work for it." This life is temporary. The next life is eternal. Therefore, working for eternal life must be unlimited. When we are working toward our heavenly stations, it gives us endless pleasure and satisfaction-endless pleasure for the heart of man. In this age people are contrary to this point, giving all their energies to working for the things of this world. This is the source of all trouble and unhappiness of our time. How can a man be happy in this life when his desires and demands are endless? People want the whole ocean when they can have only one drop. How can they be happy? I watched the young people in London. They looked like little fish with their mouths open wantinz to swallow all the world-all the girls-all the good things. They run here and there, and in the end the world swallows them. That is the life of this world and it is empty. A man may live in Paris for forty years visiting the cafes and theatres every night. Then he comes here and sits with us. Would you believe that he swallowed all of Paris? No. Paris is still there without him. There is always a bigger fish to swallow the little ones. If a man acts according to his senses, he will be wrong. If he acts according to his mind, he will be right. A man living for this world-wasting his body, money, and life-will tire and die without any benefit to himself. But a man using his mind will take benefit from this life, building home, family, and business from which he will take eternal benefit.
. b

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Our Grandshaykh said that Allah Almighty called Muha:nmad (peace be upon him) twelve thousa~d times, inviti~g him to the Divine Presence, but only once did he speak of It. The


Prophet (peace be upon him) was not called for himself, but for two reasons: The first reason was to receive good tidings for the sons of Adam (peace be upon him), as is related in the Quran. Allah swore, on His Divine Honor, to make the sons of Adam beings of high respect and honor, and spoke of this each time He called Muhammad (peace be upon him). This is an endless honor for men. The second reason for which Rasul-ullah (peace be upon him) was called to his Lord's Presence was to receive authority and power to keep the sons of Adam from all evils and devils (" ... as much power as you need to protect My servants!"). You are a man-we are all men-and men are known by their names. That one, for example, is named Tariq. We may further call him an American, a Muslim, a farmer. More descriptions give honor to a name, or, to put it another way, titles and names are the signs of his honor. We say that there is a reality, a wisdom, in Arabic that the more names a man has the greater his honor. The names of Allah Almighty, says our Grandshaykh, can not be counted. He has as many names as all the atoms in the universe, as all the particles of all the atoms, down to the very last one. It is the sign of endless honor. He is the Creator. He knows each piece and its location. Can you understand the greatness of Allah Almighty? His beautiful names reach to the very last piece. He called Muhammad (peace be upon him) twelve thousand times to teach him these beautiful names these names of honor. When the Prophet was sixty-three, these teachings were completed. He then went from this world into Allah's Presence forever ... finished.

people of your nation with such saintliness that it will be ordered in Paradise to put on more lights and beauty to receive them! This, 0, Muhammad, will be honor for you, as Paradise will be honored by them." Some kings are honored by palaces, while other kings may bring honor ~o a palace (There is an Arab saying: "The honor of a place IS acCOrdl~g to who is standing in it.") Among those for whom Paradise will take on more beauty are Mahdi (peace be upon him) and his viziers and ministers. What is Allah preparing in Paradise for His believers? Our Grandshaykh described the holy lights of Paradise in this way: "Beauty there is represented by women of such radiance that if one stretched her hand to the sky, the light of the sun would be as nothing! The perfume scent of one of these Paradiseladies would cause any man who breathes her fragrance to forget eating and drinking until he would die! When a mu'min puts his hand to her breast, she will give such sounds of pleasure as have never been heard on earth ..... " c c ••••• There is another Paradise above this. These endless beauty oceans are His Divine Presence. The first Paradise is just a drop. Whoever is interested in beauties will get that in Paradise, but the one who wishes the Divine Presence will get that. It is never open, but covered, because one single ray of Nur (light) small enough to pass through the eye of a needle would destroy the other paradise. These are the endless beauty oceans of Allah Almighty's Presence."

"We believe there is a Face of Allah Almighty," says our Grand sh aykh, "But, a description of His Face is not imagination. You may imagine one face, and he, another, and so on. If yours is right, what about ours? We cannot describe all the attributes of Allah Almighty, we just know that He has them." The greatest pleasure, and the highest honor for mankind, is to be in the Divine Presence, looking at His Face. This honor is privately for the few that worship only Allah, asking nothing from this world or the next. Their heart is with their Lord; "I like you not for your palaces or gardens-I like You, only." This is the highest degree of worship, wherein one is not interested in worldly or spiritual pleasures. To place one of these worshipers in Paradise would be to put him in prison. . On the Judgment Day, Allah will order them to be taken to Paradise: "Take Tariq to Paradise!" He tells His angels.

Our Grandshaykh tells us that no one can have as much tolerance for mankind as Allah Almighty, Who said, each time He called the Prophet (peace be upon him), "0, Muhammad! Your nation is always sinning! They never tire of doing evil deeds! But I, their Lord, never tire of forgiving them! I am changing their bad deeds into good deeds!" This is endless tolerance from Allah Almighty. He also told Muhammad (peace be upon him), "Anything you ask for your nation, 1 will give to you. I gave you ten Sahabas each with a promise that they would enter paradise. At the end of time, with the last day approaching, I will give you a few

But he escapes and returns. Then, the order comes, and he is bound in chains of light. Again he escapes, and says, "My Lord! I don't want these things; I want you!" Then, down upon him comes Nur and he disappears-gone into the Presence of Allah. People like this know which thing is cheap and which thing is valuable. If they are shown a piece of glass and a diamond, they choose the diamond. How can anyone with a good mind choose to leave the Lord of the Universe? He is the Creator, the owner of all things. Accept the good He gives but in your heart always say, "Oh , my Lord, we are asking for You only." Every Friday, in Paradise, Allah removes the veil from His Face. All the people there who chose Paradise instead of Him immediately quit whatever they are doing and look upon It. At that time there is no more sweetness or pleasure in anything else. For those who wanted Him, however, they are before His Face eternally in His veiled Paradise beautified by the lights of His Beautiful Names, numerous as the smallest pieces of the universe, and bathed in the light of His Greatest Name. Each Name is an ocean of beauty and lightened pleasures, with countless private areas and secret mercies. The Greatest Name covers all. Allah says, "0, Muhammad! All of this for your nationfor My people! Whoever believes in My Words, I shall give him this, and more!" And so, we believe more and more, respect one another, and give trouble to no one.

place. The onion used in cooking goes well in many dishes. You don't say, 'No, I already used it for soup.' You may use it for salad also. You must always pay attention to all I am saying. "

Allah Almighty is greatest. timeless, ever ready, without beginning. He is king.· . And yet you cannot find a king without a kingdom. WIthout subjects his kingship has no meaning. Just as there can be no meaning for a prophet without an ummah (nation). Therefore, Allah was ready without beginning, and his servants also were ready without beginning. If there were no people, to whom was He Allah? Was it to Himself? No! A hadith relates: "I was a secret treasure and wanted to be known." His people were part of this treasure. He is God to His people, and to each of them He gave a private station in His Divine Presence. There we are always worshipping without need of eating, drinking, or marrying. It is a reward for the sons of Adam (peace be upon him). These Heavenly stations are fixed. When people come to this world, they have the appearance of beginning, but in reality they were with Allah always, without beginning. We come from Allah and return to Him. You cannot say that we are a part of Him. We are only an appearance of His power-no more. All things are an appearance of the attribute of power. He says, "Kun fu-yakun!" ("Be-and it is.") Thus, we have our realities in His Divine Presence. Now, in this world, we have only a representation of that reality. This body, and all things of this world, have their origin in the reality of the Divine Presence. We are like a photograph. We, ourselves, are not on the paperonly an image. A rocket is sent into space. Is the power that sent it here on earth, or there with the rocket? The power is here, though we may see that rocket going back and forth, seemingly on its own.

It is not a fit way for people to behave, biting and kicking like wild animals. A hadith relates: "Who is a Muslim? A Muslim is he who gives harm to no one. Not with his hands nor with his tongue." This is a wide entrance to Islam, and it is for all people. The Prophet (peace be upon him) bears witness to this: It matters not which country or religion you come from, if you harm others you are not a real Muslim; you are with the animals in the stable.

Our Grandshaykh tells us more about the attributes of Muslims: "We are always in need of so many things. Some of these we can take with our own powers, our thinking and doing, while other things (most things in fact) are beyond us. In his nature, the human being is weak. It is not within our

Maulana asks one of his murids, "Did you pay attention to what I just said? Don't tell me that you have heard all this before. Some things are suitable for using in more than one

power to reach everything we need. When we know that we are weak, we realize that we must depend on Him who is powerful-Allah Almighty. It is good manners, therefore, for everyone, Muslims, and especially those of the tariqats, to ask for everything that they need from their Lord. Allah says, "0, my people! Ask Me for everything, even your shoelaces!" This is His order. He knows best if something is suitable for us or not. When something is suitable for us He gives it. ff it is not necessary, He doesn't. This is why we must ask Him for everything. You may ask a person for something and he may give it--not knowing that it may be harmful to you. You, yourself, may not know if a thing will be all right for you to keep or use, or if it is hararn (poison, forbidden). If Allah gives you something, you know it is all right. If it is not good, He prevents. A person must know how and from whom he is asking. Man may ask for things dangerous to himself. But, if you know that a thing is good for you, you must ask strongly-not halfasleep! You must be like a little boy, asking from his parents. He never ceases till they give him what he asks. When you have been given a thing by Allah, you must keep it and thank Him for it. We live in a world where everyone is in need of each other. It may be that if we ask another person for something, Allah will put inspiration into his heart to give it or not. We must know, however, that it is Allah who is giving-sending us His servants. In everything Allah knows well, and looks for what is most suitable."

Our Gandshaykh was the Sultan of the Awliya. Though he was illiterate, Allah Almighty gave to him 'ilma la dunni' from His Divine Knowledge. This is given only to those who fear and respect their Lord. The following is a saying of his: "N ow we are living in 'd unya,' afterwards, 'ahkira.' The reality of 'dunya' is 'fana,' or 'not existing.' The Prophet (peace be upon him) said, 'Allah never looks upon this world. If He did, it would stop!' Though Allah created this world, He never looks on it with love. This is because this world is only temporary. You may, for example, build fifteen water closets, but do you look upon this as being lovely? When Adam (peace be upon him) ate from the tree of knowledge,

his stomach started to chum. 'There is no water closet in Paradise,' Allah said. 'You must go down to dunya=there is a water closet for you!' "In Quran, Allah tells Moses (peace be upon him), 'Look to the mountain. When his Lord revealed Himself to the mountain, the mountain came crashing down!' (Quran, sura A'faaf, VII143) . "We are saying that the whole of the universe is less valuable than even one of the sons of Adam (peace be upon him). Thus, for our sake, Allah looks to us here, in this dunya, once a day. This world isn't valuable to Him, but the sons of Adam (peace be upon him) have endless value in His sight. "Nowadays people have forgotten this. They all hold this world, this dunya, to be very valuable. For this dunya, they kill each other with a quarter's worth of lead! One of the pillars of Islam is to know the value of people and things. A Muslim's vision must be like his Lord's vision. We must treat each other with perfect love and respect. We must help each other, not quarrel over the things of this worthless world. Aliah Almighty is 'Rabbil-alameen,' the Lord of the Universe, and all people are equal in His sight. They are all servants of their Lord whether they know it or not. All of us are living in His Mercy Oceans. "As we said, Allah Almighty looks to this world once a day. The time He looks is from midnight until the adhan of fajr (the morning prayer). What is the reason He looks? It is to see what Iblis, the devil, is up to. Allah sees what dirt Satan has thrown on his servants during the day, and like a mother catching her dirty child after a day of playing, He washes away their dirt. With His endless mercy He washes away their bad deeds. Every night, for the honor of those awake and praying for forgiveness, Allah Almighty gives His mercy generally to all the sleeping ones. Every night Allah is destroying. bad things and putting good things in their place. This is secret knowledge. Iblis never knows of it. If he knew that every night his doings were being destroyed, he would cease trying to deceive people."

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Grandshaykh says that for people living in the area of Damascus, Allah looks to them twice a day. If a man dies in Damascus with twenty-four thousand sins, Allah will turn them into twenty-four thousand good deeds. Damascus is a Holy area, the place of the Judgment Day, where twice a day come

and the whole will suffer. Qutb al-Bilat is in control of all countries. or searching. we tend to put all knowledge within the limits of what we. and demands that we follow its wishes. fighting with our Lord. Allah Almighty says. Always. These arc secret titles. Each has an essential part in our Islamic life. and it is very important to get all points accurately and correctly. know. So great is the honor of this area that Grandshaykh once spoke of it for forty days! ******* Since the time of Adam (peace be upon him). Their decisions control kings and history. which are to control our own egos. A hadith says that we are returning always from the lesser fights. "I am free! No one orders me!" Bad kufr (disbelief) begins with this. say. Allah says to us. therefore. riding you as it desires. who happily call to Satan. which are for the things of this world (including wars). We must realize. there is a more learned man.Nur and mercy. for instance. leave one out." We are. "Don't look at that which is hararn (forbidden). our precious organs. and its baraka spreads for a distance of six days' camel ride in all directions. known only to the few who are holding them. It claims instead to be our lord. "1 know. we are continually 17 ******* Our Grandshaykh says that Allah Almighty gives to those of His servants who are on the straight way divine knowledge to come to His Presence. "Do as I would like. This area covers all that a man can see from the minaret of the Masjid Umawi. many ways in which we may use our bodies in rebellion to our Lord. ******* It is very difficult for our nafs to accept that we are servants of Allah. For example. it is as if we are saying to Him. there is horizon after horizon. Qutb Irshad sends everyone to their destinies. When one goes." Knowledge is an ocean without end. There is struggle. perhaps the man pushing a cart in the market place is one of them! Allah Almighty leaves the sons of Adam (peace be upon him) almost completely in their care. another comes to take his place. We must always remember that however much we know. there is someone who knows more. Our ego is not concerned with fighting for goodness. Allah Almighty has given four great saints the task of governing and looking after the whole world. There is a hadith: "Your nafs is your donkey! Don't be a donkey to your nafs!" The majority of people are donkeysfor their nafs. "Come! Ride with me on this fellow!" ******* We are listening to the words of our Grandshaykh. at that time. We must be very careful as our nafs will not leave us even for a moment. There is no limit to knowledge. He tells us that there have been one hundred twenty-four thousand prophets from Adam (peace be upon him) up until the last prophet. "Oh. he is being ridden by his nafs. only once a day does our Lord look to us to protect us from Satan. my servants!" He says. to use only according to His desires. and You don't. we cannot benefit from that divine help. be very careful and never let our nafs command us. "It is a pleasure to look.' He has the power to make everything in accordance with Allah's will. and his spiritual body is in the Ka'aba. we say. and up until the Last Day. to the greater fights." Our nafs (egos). there are. ourselves. We must. When we do this. "Over every learned man. Qutb Mussarif is the 'treasurer. I know more than You!" In addition to looking. 16 . the king of Babylon. . For every station there is a higher station. We must not make this mistake. They are unknown persons. Muhammad (peace be upon him). on the other hand. It is worse when you are angry over something. once built a great tower for fighting against Allah. This is a very sensitive point. When a man is angry. Our Grandshaykh says that. not contrary to My desire!" When we use our bodies in ways that are not pleasing to our Lord. unlike King Nimrod who only built his tower once. he is responsible for the other Qutbs. that Allah Almighty gave us our bodies. The Pole of the Poles is Qutb Aktab. Your ego (your nafs) will make you a donkey for itself. Unless we follow that way. Our Graridshaykh was the representative of the Prophet (peace be upon him) for his century. Nimrod. of course.

like men. one may stay and buy. We are pleased with this. nor is He compelled to do anything. our nafs are riding us." * '"* * '" * * Here we are. asking refuge in Him Almighty and fr?m y?ur ego's claim to be king. "Y ou are always in need of this. If someone is not pleased with a group. is more valuable than the treasure of the whole world. For men. That rocket must spend huge amounts of power to reach that point.' and it is. "that Allah Almighty has endless power=without meansand reasons. until you reach a point where your Lord will take care of you. He is not tied to reasons as we are. It IS highly recommended to give thanks to Allah Almighty two times with each breath!" Rabia (may Allah be pleased with her) was a descendant of the Prophet (peace be upon him) and a great waliya. Muyhiddin is giving great respect to his Lord with this saying. like carrion . Our class is a free market. we are riding our nafs.e million men is not brave. Everyone knows fighting Allah. and that He can do anything. another goes to that one. Otherwise it is impossible! How are we to use our organs? What is the balance. This is a sign of a servant of Allah. our 'astaghfir' will be all right. We must have patience to ride. and asks us to use them as He orders. Otherwise. If not. "You can't find one moment in which you don't need to say 'astaghfirullah. their Divine stations. He created all the worlds in seven days. sitting together. we need to say another until we overcome our nafs and nothing is left. The brave one is he who fights hIS nafs. Everything your nafs says to do=do the opposite! This is fighting! "Astaghfirullah!" This means asking forgiveness from your Lord. not everyone to the same shop. that those powers are absolute. one. They are ready to give all treasures for one sunnah. "It is a big lesson for us. It is for Allah to bring results quickly. until we finally surrender and become muslim. until we cut the 'gravity' of our egos. We are not angry if no one buys. what value do this world's treasures hold? To be alive for one moment in which to speak one holy world." Allah says. to the world of cause and effect. and rain. Then. and fertile ground. all things in this world come step by step.building towers for fighting our Lord. One person goes to this. step by step. Some like stalks. We must be patient. he cannot sit with them. for example . "In the sight of Awliya. or go. our meeting. Vultures. Allah has no need of anything. It can be compared to what happens to a rocket when it reaches the edge of the earth's gravitational pull. The sons of Adam (peace be upon him) reach their aim.' " says our G~an?sh~ykh.* * We believe that Allah Almighty has endless powers. Nothing comes immediately. Once forty saints came to visit her. Then it can travel easily. In the marketplace 18 '" * * * * * * Our Grandshaykh says that Allah Almighty gave us very valuable organs. it will be very difficult. "Whoever fights their nafs for Us will reach to Our Heavenly ways. This is an unchanging law. If not. He is not limited. until suddenly it is free from gravity's pull. we would look for another. until the ear ripens. I would not give even one inch of my intestines!" To give such a thing may mean death for the giver." This means that you must be patient always. to do one sunnah. "0. When we do this. Likewise. Wheat grows little by little by little. For what? To be a big lesson for us that we must not be in a big hurry to do a thing. my brothers!" she told them. some like grain. He says 'BE. this is perfect respect for the Prophet (peace be upon him). he must have seed. "For each 'astaghfirullah' that we say. what 19 . We must be patient=spending so much energy-fighting until we can be free of our nafs' hold." says our Grandshaykh. Then we may go more easily also. ******* Our Grandshaykh relates a saying of Muhyiddin 'ibn Arabi (may Allah be pleased with him): "If they offered me all the treasures of this world. A man who takes a sword and kills on. but not fresh meat. it is just our nafs that are saying "astaghfirullah!" there are thousands of shops. Each to his own group. Our Grandshaykh says. * * * * :r. If a man wants to grow crops. In that case. Furthermore. but almost no one knows fighting their nafs.

our egos. When a man looks for another's faults. Either we are obedient servants. that burns away badness in those people upon whom they look. He must quickly make ghusl (bath. and towards our nafs. looking at their incompleteness. fobidden to listen to music that is arousing to the ego. special music. and hararn. one word. he can know what is temporary and what remains. You may now go anywhere. He has no partners. sixteen thousand movements and thirty thousand works for each person. it is sunnah. that is wajib!" Our Grandshaykh was telling us about our responsibilities.are the criteria against which we can observe and criticize our actions? For every action. "there are twenty-four thousand breaths. From it one could take a power to protect the nation of Muhammad (peace be upon him). Without this he is like a wild animal. Animal nature will surface among us. He said.' and 'haram. and go to goodness? It is the fear of Allah in the heart. when they listen to music are changing. the Saints. each of us will be questioned: 'What was your intention for each of those actions?' If you can reply to Allah Arnighty. He looks and learns." he said. or positions.' One man goes to a saloon to drink." This means that we must live and act and die in His way. was the opening to Divine knowledge. It has been ordered for them to look. according to the Awliya: "Every day. how can he find time to find faults with others? You must always. The third man goes to smash bottles. 'I was intending your pleasure. major ablution) to be clean. he is 'junub . Another goes to take knowledge. their looking is 'sunnah. "I am giving you a balance and a base. east or west. like a medical stud en t looking at a cadaver. This is a general law. under heavy responsibility every moment. ******* The Grand Wali in these times. Originally.' 'sunnah. you will do it! Also. what is it? It is fear of God!" If you have fear of God in your heart. a divine light. those who must listen to music. These are called wajib. a base to build upon. It is on the same level as a donkey when he sees a mare. and not lose your way. It is a big sin to set oneself up as a judge of others.' When one looks at a beautiful girl in this manner. Allah Almighty says. On the J udgmen t Day. methods) like the sun shining. and with it comes a very strong desire to complete one's self. you have the summary of all holy books. That is for Allah alone. Our Grandshaykh repeated it as he heard: "The summary of all Holy Books. he sees her as she would appear two years after her death! In this way. not for ourselves. the keeper of this world. They have. and dying must be for Me only. working. a divine power. As our Grandshaykh says. To find fault with others is haram." We are. living. one very important sentence.' This is because they are always present with their nafs. "What will be my situation in the Divine Presence?" This makes for good character. Prohibition came only after that action started leading away from Allah Almighty. There is no prohibition for them. Because of this divine quality.' For the second class of people. In every action. and human nature will disappear. If a man is thinking this. It is a formula for human life. Hadith tells us that in the last days few people will have the fear of Allah Almighty in their thinking." impure. You will not leave any good action. This is a funny happening." It is a clear hadith of our Prophet (peace be upon him): "I came to you with Shariah (laws. on the other hand. All bad powers come into action with their looking. It is the main aim of all Holy Books to direct people in this way. How can you tell? If the heart goes to haram. therefore. sunnah. Under this imposition he will be afraid to find fault with other people. We may say it is 'sunnah. or we are not. This is Divine music. to save one's self from incompleteness. they may look everywhere. in their eyes. you may find 'wajib . 21 ******* 20 . no action was prohibited. What is music in Islam? It is haram. We will illustrate these terms with some examples: The top class of people are the Awliya. Therefore. This is 'wajib' music.' There is also another class of people. We are sitting here for Allah Almighty. for instance. What thing does man need to escape badness. at men or at women. their looking is 'wajib . looking is prohibited-'haram. in the assembly of the Awliyyah.' this will be enough. if you have fear of God. you may find three ways. rules. The music of Jalaluddin Rumi (may Allah be pleased with him). it is haram. For the third class of people. "Your every action-your praying. it is haram! Some people. you will not be able to do any bad deed. is Sayhih Buzaman (peace be upon him).

one for every person. that rnurid stood in prayer without drawing a single breath! Hudur: this means to lose oneself in the Divine Presence. "Look at this man's actions! What is your judgment for him?" The 'film' is your own and you will be your judge. with rice and turkeys. "and. only when he is praying and working sincerely for his Lord. "but if he keeps good manners. With no Judgment. The character of bad people is that they want all others to be like them. the book of Allah is closed. We must know this.' and he who keeps adab will bear the fruit of good character. If they are unable to destroy a man's belief in God's existence. he who believes that he will be asked to give account for his Iife=for his actions. then they will try to destroy his belief in the Judgment Day." The Prophet (peace be upon him) says that for every person there will be a life record consisting of seventy rolls. Grandshaykh looked at all the food that was left over and called to one of his disciples." will he listen? A man without responsibility is worse! In this way devils are now working against humanity and good character. fighting against believers. It was a big feast." One angel sits on our right. Allah Almighty says. It is prohibited! ******* "We must believe. and a man without responsibility is terrible. no matter how slight. in our community. so big that the people could not finish it all. good manners are a means for a man to gain intercession. recording all we say and do. but not in the Judgment Day. the Prophet (peace be upon him) will intercede for him. and makes note of the bad things we do and say. and keep away from doing bad deeds. a man named Taseen Effendi. On the Judgment Day each of us will be witness to the deeds of his or. Therefore. It is sunnah for a man to keep the adab of the Prophet (peace be upon him). and all can be seen at a glance. It will be exact justice! There can be no question of anything being left out as the two angels are with us always. it is the same as if they had destroyed belief in the first place. Now. Allah and His Prophet (peace be upon him) each have a private book for us. "Eat!" instructed our Grandshaykh. her life. manners are known as 'adab. A man without conscience is dangerous." In Islam. are recorded by two angels sent 22 ******* 23 . ******* A hadith relates: "My Lord taught me all good manners. Show me one man who believes in Akhira (the life hereafter) doing bad things. you must be very careful of him." ******* Once our Grandshaykh was sitting at dinner with his murids. Envy! This is the worst character! Iman (faith) never lives with this! by Allah Almighty to observe our deeds here on earth. devils are fighting to destroy Iman (faith) in Allah. While the book written by the two angels is always open. They can't look on another person's goodness without wishing that it would go away. as if he were an earthen vessel. we must know that all of our actions. and records our good deeds and words. that man will fear his Lord. He who has fear of Allah Almighty in his heart. Bad people are defending disbelief. The other sits on our left. The book of the Prophet (peace be upon him) is opened for those servants who are keeping the sunnah. every bad deed will be seen. keep away from evils and devils! If a man says." says our Grandshaykh. in our time. "Each person will see the good that he has done. from Allah come 'radio waves' to guide us to Him. until one hour before fajr (the morning prayer). Now. there is no fear. "A man may make mistakes. no responsibility. In badness.Yet. they are envious (hasad)." says our Grandshaykh. "Goodness. he who believes in the Judgment Day and that Allah is Judge. those who respect the Prophet (peace be upon him) in their hearts and in their actions. In addition. It will seep through and permeate his being. Justice." he has no fear of God in his hea~t. Nothing is hidden. to give your heart to that ocean! It is like a man taking off his clothes and diving into the sea! There are so many beautiful things that we cannot speak about. Each roll will be as long as the eye can see. people are too much like this. Taseen rolled up his sleeves and ate it all! All night. Everything has been recorded like a cinema. If those devils succeed in doing that. If you say to a wild tiger. It is opened only when a man is not occupied with this world. even as small as the smallest atomic particle! Also. Allah Almighty will say. "I believe in Allah. no matter how small or insignificant they may seem to us. and on that Day. Mercy.

That is the valuable thing. a man is looking at a forbidden thing. dark and troubled. The original life is in Akhira. If a person has this." "If one party to an assembly gives way to Satan there will be trouble for all. beat this 'photography. must be awake to those things which are apt to make one fall into Hell. but your bad actions!" A mu'min. 'It is important for every Muslim. You must take shelter with Allah Almighty or Satan will wound you. be ready with Him. ears. numbering to infinity." 2S . or thoughts.' If. noses. Iblis always searches for an opportunity to enter the assembly. the hereafter. bind you. not 24 this dirty world! He who believes life to this dunya. will bring Paradise into their hearts. '0. Mercy then comes to you. A mu'rnin takes cause he knows that whoever looks this world.' truth. not with their eyes. They should say. legs. to ride you. There wasn't occasion for him. they have fallen into Hell! Allah Almighty tells us that every time they come out of Hell a little bit. peace be upon him): "Visiting is sunnah among the muslims. my Lord! Protect us from bad actions. but to any looking after this life. The Prophet (peace be upon him) says. and we must act. even if it is as small as an atom. they are pushed back in! . He created the sons of Adam (peace be upon him). tongues. You cannot attain the station of those who have learned the Heavenly looking.' They ask the wrong thing. on the manners of the Sahaba (the companions of the Prophet.. Worshipping. We must know. or sorrow? It's in your hands! Our Lord says. but he should not be allowed to take part! This is an important point! Always. The eyes must be kept for Allah Almighty or He will not permit your heart to look upon the unseen worlds. he is trying to be the third!" "What was the way of the Sahaba? When they were in assembly. A man may sit in Hell on a throne. Allah says. Iblis is always coming to lead you." "Who prefers to have a picture in place of the original? This life is like an imagination. to the pleasures of this dunya. if two people are sitting together." Do you understand? You are free if you show mercy to all things. A person doing bad actions immediately has fire coming into his heart. he is pierced by an arrow of Satan. He feels tormented. A man who can't refrain from looking to haram is not given the Divine Light for looking upon the Heavenly Universe. and reasons that would lead us to Hell!' Don't fear Hell. It applies not only to men looking at women. He has fallen into Hell! Unable therefore to find pleasure within himself. is prohibited from looking always prefers the eternal care with his actions.' " ******* We believe that Paradise and. not asleep. radios. Allah is the shelter for you. '0. and take you as his slave. my Lord! Protect us from Hell. Real pleasure must come from the heart. burning there. when told about Hell. a photograph. and good characteristics. There is not real pleasure for them. while in this life. "Allah Almighty is teaching all people. you will stay blind in this world and the other. Thus. they are floundering around in search of pleasure-television. It is for the love of Allah and for His sake and that of the Prophet (peace be upon him). It is 'Haqq .From the sayings of our Grandshaykh. hearts. The wall of power!" "The Sahaba were all awakened people. bars. a believer. 'They are poison arrows. and the devil cannot approach. discos." "Assemblies amongst believers must be in mutual confidence with no share for Satan. to take Divine Light for looking to the Heavens. Hell are real. they were using such a power that all the devils of creation. If you can't keepyour eyes from haram. for example. "Everyone must taste his own goodness and badness. but he will still have no happiness. Our Grandshaykh says. ******* Our Grandshaykh asks. They never gave occasion to Iblis.' to at the 'original. People's bad characteristics bring all of Hell's troubles into their lives. he may be put into prison and yet his soul will be free! Are you asking pleasure. " "The Awliya have eyes in their hearts. and what is bad?" He answers. Disciples of the Prophet (peace be upon him) always visited each other. . could not find a way to enter. You must be careful to guard every moment. This lesson is enough to last a man his entire life. and He sees that each one has a conscience." "Satan has arrows. "How do we know what is good.' This is impossible for a man with the love of this life in his heart. on the other hand. "Trn always surprised to hear people say. hands.he turns to the ~uter life.

" Only a few people can reach this point. It is one of the signs of Iman (faith) that may be seen in those who sit on the throne of the Awliya." continues our Grandshaykh. This is a unique attribute of man. They are very rare. Allah Almighty has given all people a judge right here in their hearts. She must quickly turn and make repentance. Even if she herself has troubles and is feeling miserable. You must remember that we are all servants of Allah Almighty. Rasul-ullah (peace be upon him) came to increase the love between people. with his soul and with his life. Life can then proceed happily. It is the solution to all problems. she takes the whole day's troubles from his shoulders. For this. it is not given to animals to smile or cry. Allah will reward her by removing all her troubles. Because of her anger. you must be the judge for yourself. but very important. she must receive her husband with a smile. "For every believer. "The highest degree for the human being is to smile at every event. to keep standing by Rasul-ullah (peace be upon him) and his ways. like rubies 27 . and we have been ordered to do only goodness to each other. Don't behave differently with different people. When one does a good action. He will bestow blessings that have never before been bestowed! Why does Allah Almighty bestow such blessings? It is because when a wife smiles at her husband. Allah never likes hatred between husband and wife. Allah likes smiling faces. it is wajib (obligatory) to sacrifice. but on the Last Day. A simple thing. Allah orders all Paradise to open for her to enter. in Islam it is sunnah for wives to smile so that love can grow. It is a way of living. not fighting or coming opposite to Him. and a bad face to another. as you have been ordered !" People think Islam is like a coat. among millions only one or two will reach it." ******* "Allah likes smiling people. but it carries great consequence. 26 It is a simple thing. Therefore. Islam must be both inside and out~ide of you. For her. endlessly. something you carry around with you and put on whenever you like. "if a woman receives her husband with an angry face. the community is strong. Don't show a good face to one man. "Be on the straight way. ******* Our Grandshaykh says." says our Grandshaykh. He especially prepares such a palace as was never before prepared. "You must ask your conscience!" A mufti (judge) may give a verdict here on earth. all the abundance of this life and the next are made haram for her. it appears in one of these sections as a bounty. It means that he is satisfied with the will of Allah Almighty. or blessing. with no troubles. to make it living. "If the family is strong. "The Prophet (peace be upon him) said that a smile is a sadaka (charity) for everyone. He must not leave them lying down. before it is written in Allah's book! "Angry looks cause her husband's heart to feel hatred for her. If there is no love. to bring the dead to life! For a man to sacrifice his life for the sake of one sunnah is not asking too much! "What kind of benefit would you expect to take from a man who wouldn't sacrifice to keep the sunnah alive? None!" "The sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) is more valuable than our souls. "However. Therefore. Whoever is asking happiness. We make our lives and our souls valuable only when we are willing to sacrifice them for it. It gives love between them. from her heart to his. It is always saying. for it contains all things needed by the sons of Adam (peace be upon him). Islam gives him light. the family separates. This is the way to reach real life !" ******* How is a wife to receive her husband? Our Grandshaykh gives us Divine Knowledge on this subject: "If a woman is smiling at her husband. or between mu'min. therefore we must do likewise. "In Paradise there are private sections for each person. Only then will Allah give us real life and a valuable soul.The Prophet (peace be upon him) said. his sunnah. and will order Hell to burn hotter for her. The Prophet (peace be upon him) brought the sunnah from Allah Almighty. Allah will order his angels to shut Paradise. "Love is the reason to continue family life. Paradise is filled with such bounties so much that there isn't an empty place to put a finger! Mu'min (the believer) will enjoy that abundance every moment. This is a mistake. This is the secret that keeps the family strong. the best way.

We must know that no pleasure or sorrow in this life can last. Iman (faith) cannot exist with jealousy. Envy is a veil over the heart. when a man gets a new car. no need to dwell upon a sorrow. then the Light of Imanwill come to your heart. It is very hard. even women. When a sorrow comes have patience. of the last days. no bad character. It is ugly between ordinary people. It will be as if you were dreaming. you may be affected also. It is like psoriasis of the skin. Only these. is envy.among stones. She must not spend without his permission even if he has 29 . It comes between a man and his Lord. Her second obligation is to be the keeper of his property. In the time of Moses (peace be upon him) there lived a very poor man.' this jealousy. Everyone looking to another with jealousy will be thrown from Allah's mercy. If there is a little jealousy. Moses! Tell that man to pray for his neighbor. That is why there are hospitals for them. She must be as his shadow. For both. If you sit with one so afflicted. He will appear in a spiritual body. and I shall give two cows. people would be so pure as to shake hands with the angels! Among children. One day he asked Moses (peace be upon him) to pray to Allah to give him a cow. Moses (peace be upon him) went back to the poor man and told him what Allah had said. Where this tree does not exist there can be no envy and. 28 J ealous people burn in this life with the fire of Hell. If there is a lot of jealousy. A sign of the end. to be satisfied with Allah Almighty when there is sorrow and things are not to our liking. If the accident happens. and nothing more. all leaders. Envy is the fruit of the jealousy tree. It is difficult. Our Grandshaykh is teaching us little by little. Shaykh Muqtadee says. As long as jealousy exists. no need to hold it in the mind. the older ones will try to take it away from them. leprosy. "There is no jealousy in Paradise!" There is no character worse than jealousy. this veil is removed. There is. Not only did he not care for his neighbor's needs but he actually went out of his way to prevent the other man's happiness. but will come to an end and pass away. It doesn't accept even the tiniest amount! Allah Almighty orders us to seek protection ih Him from jealousy. but important. You may find jealousy among all peoples. to dry up that ocean so that all the bad characters in it will die. therefore. Cain and Abel knew all about envy." replied the indignant man. If one knew even a little. "If my neighbor gets a cow. When she acts contrary to her husband's will. can a man place upon them: The first obligaton is that she must be under her husband's will. Moses (peace be upon him) agreed and asked his Lord to send that poor fellow his cow. ******* Our Grandshaykh said that wives have three obligations to their husbands. Allah Almighty answered. Even a single glassful of this ocean will support millions of death-causing bacteria. No one can know what is in them. All sadness and troubles are a result of the envious. but we must try. If there were no envy. Iblis fell from grace for this 'hasad. One doesn't reach the summit of Everest on the first step! They who succeed are kings in the next life with private stations in paradise. one for each of them!" So. At that moment he may look upon the Prophet (peace be upon him). Now jealousy is spreading like fire among all people. there is a big fire. ******* Our Grandshay kh says. If a man is pleased with everyone and everything. but you will be awake and able to speak with him. In it live all the bad characters. everywhere. all learned men. "then what would I want one for!" This story shows us the nature of jealousy. That man wanted good things for himself alone. for every 'wrong' in this world! They would be pleased with everyone. there will be no rest day or night. "Jealousy is when you ask for good things to go away from another person. directing us to that aim. When something is brought for the little ones. he is in Paradise now! It is difficult. it will be a little fire. the jealous person will wish for the car's owner to wreck it or drive it off a bridge. her likes and dislikes must be his likes and dislikes. The first step towards Iman is to ask on behalf of everyone what you ask for yourself. there will be unrest in the heart. and a pleasure will come as a result. There is no envy in Paradise. she is not a wife in the sight of the Awliya. Islam is fighting against this ocean of jealousy. "0. When a man becomes pure from envy. the biggest will take everything for himself. therefore. they would smile at every event. and even uglier between learned people." For example. the jealous man will gloat. When it is dried up completely. It is like an ocean.

Their inner lives are different. "May I put that jar over there?" Quickly she would understand. you would see it! 30 . It is so difficult to rid a person of egotism." Ego is the attribute of Pharoah. love and respect grow. and his din. for example. "While it is true that a man has eyes. "You must be satisfied in your heart with his adab. perfection." said Abu Muhammad." His was the way of gentleness." Allah Almighty says of Muhammad (peace be upon him). The love of being chief! If there were only two people on earth. Satan is always the third party." says Allah. or 'mustashar. To conquer it is like trying to kill a snake. he is still in need of consultation. His was the way of consultation. she would enter Paradise without any questions. 31 ******* 'What is the highest point of selfishness?" asks our Grandshaykh. and it is the worst character in a man. Sayyid Sharif ud'din Daghestani (may Allah be pleased with him). you can't find this anywhere. His manner for asking for help would be to initiate the action himself. "Why does a man need to consult with another? Doesn't he have eyes to see with. when the head is cut off the tail still wiggles! It is the aim of the tariqats. This is good manners. even his brother. while the souls of women are the appearance of the beauty of Allah. Abu Muhammad al-Madani (may 'Allah be pleased with him) was the uncle of our Grandshaykh's shaykh . And yet. a certain king was speaking with his grand vizier. He must always do as he likes or he will be angry. women are asking to be treated like men. consulted with his wives. On that point. she may spend all of it." Nowadays. His giving her this chance increases domestic pleasure. but they are created in a different way. on the other hand. She must not sit with another man in her husband's absence. This is adab. and a great wali in his own right. to dominate. thus showing respect for his wife and raising her to his level. A man. wishing to bear the same heavy load. and he won't admit that he is wrong. No one dared question him or raise their face to him. For instance." replied the vizier. "What are the good characters of a consultant?" asks our Grandshaykh. it would be better for her than forty years of nafl (voluntary. especially Naqshbandiyya.millions. When men consult each other. When a man and a woman sit together alone. The Prophet (peace be upon him). There is no speaking against his opinion. and majesty .' 'J alal'ibeauty. he must have a shaykh. "Men are the controllers of women. she must keep his honor when out of his presence.. and a mind with which to decide what to do?" "0. The souls of men are the perfection of Allah. In ancient times when a man knocked at the door. ******* The Prophet (peace be upon him) never did anything without consulting Allah and the' Sahaba (his companions). and pick it up herself. "If the husband is pleased with his wife. "Tell me.' We must also know that if a man wishes to follow on the footsteps of the Prophet (peace be upon him). Or. Allah is pleased.' 'Kamal. Our Grandshaykh tells us that no matter how clever a man may be. let alone a woman! 'I say this because I am a weak servant. Once. my king. It demands always to be chief. according to our Grandshaykh. Thirdly. and the last to leave a man. If a wife was listening closely enough to place the jar herself. his religious actions. Women have the same chance as men for improvement in the Divine Presence. "You have the best character. he might say to his wife. such was his majesty. He must ask Allah to send him a teacher. it is also true that he can never use them to see himself. his manners and mentality. would be asked so many questions that he would wish he were dirt. "It is egotism. he said that he would have preferred to have been a woman rather than a man! He said this because a woman has only these three responsibilities. a woman would answer with her thumb in her mouth so as not to sound lovely. perhaps Rasul-ullah (peace be upon him) would place the jar himself. It is sunnah for us to do likewise. It is the character of Satan. Everyone must have a consultant." asked the king. 'Jamal. each of us is blind!" We learn correctness quickly with consultation. He has no respect for the ideas of anyone else. This is lack of wisdom. to eradicate this evil character. If he gives permission. and if she honored them. Men are hard and women are soft. or superogatory) prayers. It means that such a man cannot carry anything contrary to his will.. the worst character of the nafs.

fountains of mercy in this life. He has surrendered. you must provide for your guests. All troubles come from unmarried people. Quran says. there is no giving harm for harm. There are. For such a person there are not two Lords. disrespect. "If you believe in Allah and the Hereafter. From one Allah Almighty is calling us to His service. "Die before you die!" This is the advice to those wanting to be real servants to Allah Almighty. The Prophet (peace be upon him) says about marriage. knowing this is not enough. He is like the dead body in the hands of the washer. His real followers are also mercy for all creation. and community problems will draw to a close. whether during their lives or by visiting their tombs." whenever he would ask them a question. and after leaving it. This was the personal sunnah of the Prophet (peace be upon him). will find pleasure at their hands. Through commanding comes hatred. fearful of his actions before his Lord. man is always between two poles. if there is no original harm. only Allah. and all of the universe. he likes-no demands. Yet. "Therefore. The Prophet (peace be upon him) said. When a servan t is listening to his Lord. one must be killed!" A man cannot serve two masters. He was a mercy for all of creation." If his Lord likes." Badness in society comes from unmarried people. there would be the highest form of civilization and perfection. "Sabr (patience) is an attribute of Allah Almighty. To be patient is an attribute of Rahman (mercy).People would reply to the Prophet (peace be upon him). Muhammad! You know best. When he listens to his nafs. on the other hand. Haste in this case is recommended because it will bring satisfaction for both the community and the individuals involved. will find mercy with them. "0." Suppose. Almighty. Anyone may say. There are only three things for which haste was advised by our Prophet (peace be upon him): The first case in which haste is recommended is when boys and girls reach puberty. This is real obedience. there can be no reply. "The worst people are the unwed. always listening to their Lord. "We are the servants of Allah. social harmony is completed by consultation. Anything which is ready in the house should be placed upon the table.' Everyone who comes to these people. he will be given endless mercy. and you will be free for your Lord's service and worship. "0. No more harms for harms piling up. I don't like that. people!" he said. No single people will remain. I am not saying 'dying. "We are His servants whether we accept it or not. The dead body's wish to meet the soil is as a groom's desire to meet the bride. and from the other calls our nafs. for him. he is the servant of his nafs." but how many are truly serving as our Lord wants? Something is preventing us from real service. This is the meaning of the hadith : "There is no harm in Islam. 32 That is a harm. the first order will be for everyone to marry. If a person wears this attribute. Do not delay to make an elaborate preparation. Our Grandshaykh says that the sign of a man's having reached that point is that he has no demands other than his Lord's. that I plant a tree and someone comes and pulls it up. When Mahdi (peace be upon him) comes. ******* Our Shaykh says that haste in all things is not good. A hadith relates. "A married man will protect one-half of his religion but must be very careful of the other half. Thus. "If there are two Lords. marriage is very important in Islam. Yet." explains our Grandshaykh. We shouldn't wait for any reason. 33 . Rasul-ullah (peace be upon him) says. "Don't go and do the same to him!" Of course. no demands in front of his Lord's. "I like this." Therefore. and wildness." The Prophet (peace be upon him) was teaching us how to save ourselves from being the slave' of our nafs. Our Grandshaykh says. he is the servant of his Lord. The third case for haste is in providing for guests. Does the dead person harm anyone with his hands or with his speech? No. The second case in which haste is advised by the Prophet (peace be upon him) is burying the dead. He doesn't say. it is impossible! People may give him harm without a reply from him. Our nafs are asking for high life in this world. real obedience to Allah. ******* "All religions teach people the ways of real obedience to Allah Almighty. we must hurry their marriage. If all people practiced consultation. for example. slay them. It is our nafs." Haste in other than these three things is undesirable.

from the highest to the lowest. "What are these ways? They are the ways of pleasure for the nafs. 'The attribute of people (in our times." Maulana was asked. each one making traps for another. It is only given to those who wear patience. They make traps for men. '0." 1 . Muhammad. Then the country will have a close relationship. pray for them. catching them and throwing them into hell. even if they are not Muslims. "Don't write! Everyone will run away!" ******* Each one of these lessons solves one problem for mankind. I must lock you in the water closet! Then you will see what this dunya is!" When we started to write this. Rasul-ullah (peace be upon him) said. Nowadays. "May this son be a faithful follower to you. You should keep good relations among those living forty houses' distance from you in all directions. evils and devils are leading people. May he not be lazy and may he take your place active with himmah (power of faith!). "The Prophet (peace be upon him) replied. no love will live among people. in the home or in the street. They may be of use now and also when Mahdi (peace be upon him) comes. "From the donkey. 0. "Therefore. he must be able to carry burdens 35 . for this time. One should respect them. It is the honor of mankind to speak Divine languages. a neighboring Jew came to congratulate him saying. he said. Even if all learned people were to meet to try and stop this facade.. a representative of his power. they would be helpless. ******* Our Grandshaykh said. They will not lose their value. and the neighbor came into Islam.them from evil. are speaking Satan's language. generally speaking. and protect you from all evils and troubles. not pleasing Allah." he said. Each one is a help for a certain situation." ******* Says our Grandshaykh on correcting wrong actions into right. May He make this world give you much richness!' 34 ******* Our Grandshaykh described how a dervish may be acceptable as a servant to Allah Almighty: "He must have one character from each of three animals. "For that. You can't find anyone on the correct way. and will destroy evils and devils. Until there is Allah's language. "How can one accomplish this quickly?" He replied. He will come with miracles of the Prophet (peace be upon him). and ask Allah to keep them and protect . He is Mahdi (peace be upon him). "Die before you die. "I'm surprised at how quickly and easily people are learning the language of Satan without a school or teacher! They may learn it anywhere. today) is tyranny. it is sunnah to visit neighbors. denial of the truth. Allah Almighty. He who likes Allah must speak Holy words. 'hasad al-arnu' (lusts). they could do nothing. May Allah give you long life. Those words come out like fire. a great Wali. Even if all Awliya gathered. ******* Our Grandshaykh says.and will reach the side of Allah. I'm wondering how they learn it so quickly!" Satan's language is the cause of all troubles. "In this time it is very difficult. Therefore. we are waiting for a big teacher to come and teach Allah's language with Divine power! ******* Concerning the hadith. and Allah Almighty will prepare him in one night to hold the entire universe in his hands!" "The Prophet (peace be upon him) made this gesture of goodness to an unbeliever. and the one who listens. my neighbor. Now we are living in a time when all people. They must destroy both the one who speaks. Allah accepted the Prophet's prayer.' What can be done? "Allah will send. Mankind and nations are on this way until they return to Allah's ways. the son of the Prophet (peace be upon him).All are on wrong ways. They deny the existence of the Creator. even though he knew that unbelief. is the biggest evil and the source of all troubles. "When Ibrahim. was born.

and still keeps total faith in his Lord and patience for all. the dog will still return. Obedience has been ordered for wives to husbands. men are obeying women. he forgets his troubles. When a woman obeys her husband. and the law of Allah. it will mean degrees in Paradise for him. The dirt of pigs is external. People are leaving their obedience to Allah. "From the dog. Every day. while the nafs is dirty inside. he must learn faithfulness to his master. that dog will stay. This is because he who is aiming towards his Heavenly sta tion has no in terest in this life." says our Grandshaykh. and her husband has patience with her. No one who is filled with the satisfactions and pleasures of this life may approach the Divine Presence. they do not speak. because no one is listening to them. not husbands to their wives. but only to the commands of their nafs. it is a decree for her pleasure in Paradise. when its master calls.with patience. These are the footsteps upon which we must follow. this dunya. If she disobeys. even until death. "I have prepared for you all pleasures! Endless beauty. with tail wagging. "Finally. "0. When there is no one to listen. "and the balance of the family is with the obedience of the wife to her husband. Otherwise. however. The goodness or the badness that we do in this life will not go unnoticed by our Lord. These characters give man rest and satisfaction in his heart. Day by day. It is an exact balance upon which we can weigh our actions and measure our progress. My people! Cut your ties and come to Me. Unless he can do this he will be unsuccessful. whether by words or actions. he will be unhappy always. and following Satan! The results of this are today's endless troubles. ******* "If our actions of today are not better than our actions of yesterday. If the master tells the dog to stay somewhere until the man returns. troubles are growing. This is because everyday they are 'making new ties and bonds to this world. This is improvement." No one may object to this point. For them troubles are growing every day also. we should improve. even if it is only with his eyes. Nowadays. ******* "The balance of the community is with the family. not from fighting. "These three characters of animals are for prophets and awliya. Everyone may hear this in his heart. and happiness!" This announcement is for every moment. It is contrary to nature for the strong to obey the weak. their egos. for without patience one cannot carry the responsibilities of life. all troubles of this life will be as nothing for him! The best day for him will be the day when he is free from all his bonds and goes to Allah! There is endless pleasure in the Divine Presence. knowing that his nafs is dirtier. anyone going against this law must be punished. If the owner beats it and chases it away. accepts all sorts of abuse."said our Grandshaykh. He who thinks about the Divine Presence. Pigs' dirt comes from eating dirty things. When a man looks to the Heavens. to place our hearts more and more in the Divine Presence. What will be the result if he looks with his heart to his Lord! Our Grandshaykh says that nowadays it would be better for almost everyone to be under the ground. it would be better for us to be in the earth than on it! " So says our Grandshaykh speaking about the hadith which tells us when death is preferable to life. If a man doesn't have these characters. This is the law of nature. It means that everyday we must turn to our Lord more and more. They told them to look at the sky instead of the ground. enters into oceans of satisfaction! The ancient doctors of wisdom had a prescription for nervous people. cutting the bonds with which our nafs tie us to this life so that we may go freely up to Heaven. and he 36 ******* "Tm not giving advice to people. Only through fear of punishment will they obey any law at 37 . Perfect man must have such a character that he will accept whatever dirt is thrown on him. or the Awliy a (saints). It is the order of Allah for the wife to obey the husband. and without objections. Only in this way can he reach happiness in this life. when a man looks at a pig he must know that his nafs is dirtier and filthier than the pig. It is a simple example for this point. but people are not using the ears in their hearts. "because I can't find anyone who can keep that advice!" All Awliya are now hidden. in their graves. People aren't listening to the ulerna (scholars)." says Allah Almighty. he isn't a prophet who carries all the burdens of the world. enjoyment. The nafs' dirt comes from fighting with his Lord.

Allah sets limits. What we must also see. it is the third world war! danger. They are forever steadfast. "Allahu-akbar!" they will be ready at the south gate of Damascus." said our Shaykh. "Here is an important and useful secret. Quickly. The shell is the keeper of the pearl. We are in Allah's hands!" Soon. It is not given to every person.all. No one can change the limits set by Allah Almighty. "nothing is changing. It will come to cut off all the evils and devils now governing this world. His only reply was. . and then . a terrible sword! Therefore. like that. "they would not change!" The owner of BiiaI (may Allah be pleased with him) placed him under a rock in the desert. he was at sea in a terrible storm. But the wise men. "If twelve thousand real believers were to fight against seven kingdoms. not its outside shell. In this way. is that the Creator and His creatures stand together.. not looking for this huge event. all made by the creator. in difficult situations." Hadith.. Every day. a servant must develop 'sakina' (calm) in the face of difficulties. and know that it is filled with many creatures. Allah Almighty was testing and trying his servants. we are in the period of tyrants.. This is not an ordinary sword. tells us that. No one will listen to them. "It is impossible not to win if twelve thousand of my nation will go against any army. BOOM! They will have reached their limit. When Mahdi (peace be upon him) says. from Aman. When a servant is given this valuable knowledge. In the army of Mahdi (peace be upon him). If He 39 . Allah Almighty only gives these secrets to the hearts of His pure servants. The only correction for this is the edge of the sword of Mahdi (peace be upon him). When Mahdi (peace be upon him) comes. a big ship came. Whoever has been given this secret meaning has been given that which is most valuable. a sign of real faith. but a miracle sword. You may wake in the morning to a different world! ******* An important and fine point from the teachings of our Grandshaykh: The best of knowledge is the secret widsom in it. but not everyone can understand the secret wisdom contained in them." The quantity isn't important. and saved them all from the storm. What will be their qualities? "If you cut off their skins. Our Grandshaykh asked that fellow. and this one is soon to be suddenly finished. ******* Our Grandshaykh said. never 'turning their faces from the Face of Allah Almighty under any circumstances. step by step. As much as we have 'Hikmah' (wisdom) we are approaching . he will die. Our Grandshaykh told Maulana that one day. but the quality is. his heart becomes like a fountain where many people may drink.. There is no other way. the world is approaching this limit. They are descendants of Sayyidina Ali (may Allah be pleased with him). Those twelve thousand are always in contact with Divine powers. It can be knowledge for anyone. the ulema. like small boys fearing the teacher's stick. finished! They are like a man stepping towards a buried mine." replied the man. Allah!" If a person has real faith. Each happening has its proper time. also. and then. They have their limit. They wish to continue forever. Bad people are not waiting. If there is no faith. except our Grandshaykh and one other man. twelve thousand soldiers from five countries in the west (known only to the Awliya) will come. "Allah. they would win. Ail things exist by the power of the Creator. For this. It is the power of our 'Burraq ' (our Heavenly 'horse') with which we are approaching the Divine Presence. "We can observe the universe. Heavenly power will come to him. but to find a pearl you must dive to the depths. When He sees that their Iman is all right. all goodhearted people are waiting for this power to come. have no power in these times. we are waiting. Ail the people began to panic. the little boat in which he was traveling began to fill with water. for every period there is a limit. each man will be worth an army. Anyone may find oysters on the shore. As much as he remembers and knows. Now. however. there is a Divine law. Armies tum to ashes under their gaze. But. Shaykh Abdullah. Everyone may read Quran and hadith . he will draw much benefit. He takes them out of 38 ******* Our Grandshaykh says. Our Grandshaykh's heart is a fountain of secret knowledge. "Why aren't you afraid?" "0.

there are no more objections to the orders of our Lord. my Lord! I am your servant!' "The main target of all prophets is to teach man to say. "Some foolish people ask. my servant! As you like!' This is the station of the Awliyyah. 'Who created the Creator?' It is a stupid question. He Almighty is in need of nothing. '0. all people. are only an appearance of the power of Allah Almighty. useless. I am Lord! I am not in need of anything! I am He who stands by Himself! All the universe stands by My power!" Qayyum. the nafs claims always to be first." Here is another important lesson from our Grandshaykh: "Allah sent one hundred twenty-four thousand prophets (peace and blessings be upon them) since the time of Adam (peace be upon him). for one would then be in need of the other. This must be a base for our knowledge to stand upon. All religions. alone. One is original. and that all must listen to it. 'This fellow coming to me exists by my Lord's will. We must follow this law. the shadow goes away. When the hand moves. then he will. With our nafs dead. For your good manners. personally and generally. It is an order of our Lord. "that tells us that we must ask for knowledge. Our Grandshaykh knows the secret tricks of the nafs. give a description for Allah Almighty by saying. It is dangerous to listen to the nafs.. If He is not sending. that is the way to leave egotism. to teach people how to strip off their nafs until they can't claim anything. "How can we fight our nafs?" asks our Grandshaykh. For what? "They were sent to show people how to put out their egotism. there is no existence for us. The Creator cannot be created. they would vanish instantly. There is no existence for any other. When you reach the reality of this point. Allah Almighty will then change what had been badness into goodness for that servant." says our Grandshaykh. where people may be given immediately upon asking. then all things will be all right for us. you can see its shadow. Only by fighting against your ego can you reach happiness. '0. "The nafs will always fight the orders of Allah. If there is no true foundation for building knowledge. and those that we are prohibited from doing. all goodness and badness. Allah will change your harmer into your helper! You must say. 41 ******* 40 . or from whom they appear to be coming." ******* "There is a hadith. All things. 'By Allah. "Allah Almighty is the original. my Lord. the Creator. the Creator must be one. Muhammad (peace be upon him). '0. no more claims to be sultan. To fight your own nafs is enough. They came. Egos wish even Allah and his Prophet (peace be upon him) to bow to their desires!" This is a complete description of our nafs. two is impossible. We are nothing by ourselves. so many Awily a were also sent to-lead and teach people. All problems result from this. We must refuse them. the shadow moves. Therefore. All prophets and A wliya teach that absolute existence is for Him. This is the explanation of 'Tawhid. along with all the Holy books. If you hold your hand over a table. If we can defeat the nafs. then our building will be imaginary. 'I must be obeyed. If a man knows this. as you like. you must not listen. like a mountain in powerful winds! It is the sixth pillar of Iman. he will be fixed in his belief. We will say only.' "Our existence is by Him Almighty. "When a man knows that all things. Each person has nafs which claim. All creation is as a shadow of the hand of Allah. I must be the sultan to which all people obey!' There is no limit to the nafs' demands. all prophets. Therefore.. I am ready!' Allah Almighty then says. therefore I must keep his respect. keep respect for everyone. "The law (Shariah) of the Prophet (peace be upon him) puts men's actions into two categories: those that we are ordered to do. and run toward prohibited actions. From the Heavens He sent so many Holy books. He is my Lord's servant. of faith. and your respect of your Lord and His creatures. the other is not. unmoving. It is our nafs. therefore. If you remove your hand. He is sending the spirit to us at all times. out of respect to his Lord. This is a strong lesson. Prophets taught that the danger to people lay within the ego. are in reality coming from Allah Almighty.Almighty did not support all things. here and hereafter . Remember. no matter where. They are like shadows. no one can harm you or give you trouble. He tells us that people's sickness is a result of their egos. This is deep knowledge.' "Fighting evils? You must know that the father of evils is within ourselves. They have no existence outside of their Lord's power. What was the Divine reason for this? After the last Prophet.

sleep on the floor. Nowadays." says our Grandshaykh. He must. my Lord! Give to me!' 43 . because only the believers could keep the orders. Then. It is worse than Pharoah. It was for this character that Allah Almighty expelled Iblis from the Divine Presence. The Prophet (peace be upon him) said. "Who is a seeker of knowledge? What are his attributes? His first sign is humbleness. my sons. You must follow a man ninety-nine steps. One trick of our ego is to claim humbleness when what it really desires is to be highly regarded by others. We must take an example from the Prophet (peace be upon him). then he is not humble. He may. you will be beside Prophets on the Judgment Day! You must be trustworthy. You must say. It is not his attribute to refuse anyone asking. worse even. for instance. You must do your best to make people believe in you. The Sahaba (may Allah be pleased with them) of the Prophet (peace be upon him) were only a few thousand. The Prophet of Allah (peace be upon him) was in Mecca for thirteen years. even if it is only one person. If a man doesn't accept that his nafs is worse than everybody else's. "Allah gives to any who ask. Iblis was thrown from the Divine Presence! Our nafs have the same character as this. or smell the perfume. It was only afterwards that they were sent to Medina. "Egotism is the worst character of the nafs. ninety-nine "NO's" for one "YES. Only when they believed exactly did Allah order the Hijra. victory was with them. would you stand on the bank and refuse to jump in and save him because the water was dirty? If you can swim. 'You must look to your nafs. trying to make people believe. you must save him. the Awliya or by Allah Himself. always being patient for the knowledge to lead him to his Lord's Presence. Because of their belief. whatever they may be. it is a strong sword. When Iblis was ordered to make sajdah (to bow down) to Adam (peace be upon him). have to leave home and live among foreign peoples with unfamiliar customs. and share unaccustomed meals with strangers.' Therefore. but there was not one unbeliever among them. The condition is that we must ask. Allah gives to everyone who askes with humbleness and sincerity. for if a man believes in you." Ninety-nine steps for friendship.Whoever asks for knowledge will be taught by the Prophet (peace be upon him). he will do whatever you advise. Millions of people know this hadith." * ** **** We are trying here not to teach. 0. No one is ruler over me!' For that one moment's rebellion. if he is a real seeker of knowledge. but you can't find many believers among them. be willing to wear old clothes. worse than Nimrod. it is due to egotism. This hesitation was so slight that it went unnoticed by all. than Satan!' Unless you are saying this. They are always in rebellion to our Lord's orders. 'I am also God. we must do our best. they don't keep it! 42 ******* Our Grandshaykh says. you cannot smell the good smells of reality within our Tariqat. It is a necessary condition for learning. "We must be very careful of its endless traps and tricks. My nafs is worse than those of all people. with such a looking that you may see that it is lower than all people. Abu Yazid al-Bistami (may Allah grant him more honors) said to us. ******* "Nafs is our most dangerous enemy. In that one instant Iblis claimed. save Allah Almighty. he really is the worst! Proud people cannot enter paradise. but what is the benefit. he hesitated and remained standing for a moment." The important point is to make people believe. for whoever believes will keep orders. for whoever is humble may accept all the conditions and difficulties he will encounter on his way to knowledge. If a man cannot accept difficult situations. This is very strong knowledge if a man knows and believes. Even if that man is going to haram. don't abandon him! If vou saw a man drowning in a dirty river. but Holy knowledge is prohibited to those whose hearts are filled with pride. there are millions of Muslims. That is the difference between this place and other schools. if anyone is thrown from the Divine Presence. so that he may come with you one step. '0. 'My nafs is no good. 'The greatest enemy to man is his nafs. The thirteen years spent in Mecca formed a foundation of belief to build a religion upon. We are taking care to make people believe. As our power allows. but to be believing. even unbelievers. He never refuses His servants.

he stops and turns to us. He gives to us." said Maula na. "I am asking ror power to catch my nafs. Shaykh Mustafa." replied Maulana." "Shaykh Mustafa. without becoming less and less! If you give one. Divine Power is coming down! Each day. 0. nothing else. and this writer. I am not thinking of anything. what Barzakh holds for us." ****** :t: From Tariq's notes: "Today there are only three of us for Salat al-Dhur . Shayk h Muhammad Salli. I kept my hand in a tight fist. "Nothing."It is also ordered Cor LIS to give. in this world. in Barzakh (between this life and Akhira. Abu Bah (may Allah be pleased with him) said to the Prophet (peace be upon him). "I was dreaming today of the eyes of my Lord! I cannot describe the beauty of his eyes! They are not like anything. but now 1 open it without end. Nazim Effendi. We determine here. especially the wealthy." says our Grandshaykh . 'Before Islam. you must ask for more power. not j ust passing the Jay!" * "* * * * * * ******:t::" "What is the most valuable thing to ask from Allah?" a visitor asked Sllaykh Nazim." area of Damascus. It is like taking water from a well. the life hereafter). "and asking me to tell you of a dream he had. You must be aiming at this. As we give. what arc you thinking?" asked Maulana. and a sword with which I might return to my country and fight the dragon of evils. twenty! There would be no problems if everyone in the world believed this. when our Lord asks. Allah Almighty will give ten. what are you thinking?" "Right now. "Our Grandshaykh is speaking to me. waiting for Shaykh Nazim to enter first." "0. 'What do you want'?' He asks me. Sometimes." he answered. the water level stays the same. Here. Maybe Allah won't give until the last day. and save my people! Your time is very valuable here in this sacred 45 44 .' "Everybody may ask Allah for anything. "Shaykh Muhammad Salli. Maybe He wi11 not give during a man's life. "You must think. I-Ie gives immediately. but will give after death. As we stand in the doorway of the mosque. sometimes He gives later. my Lord! I am asking to be your obedient servant." replied the other.


completely! How can you reach the end of patience? Our Grandshaykh tells us that Allah Almighty tries His servants to see if they will be patient. The war that must concern us now is the greater war. though. Or. "Allah would pardon him I He will not ask pardon. Why? It is because of his ego and pride. "All of us have such a character. We must remember this so that when an event comes to tax our patience. our own egos! In this war. 'I am a German. an American.Rasul-ullah (peace be upon him) said. So many people are ready to go to war to kill other people. We must not think. In Islam there can be no war without a Caliph. He will be Mahdi (peace be upon him). his self-importance! This is the main strategic point in the great war on our nafs. the war against our nafs. a shaykh . if we keep our Iman . ' Each one of us makes of himself something to be . Patience (sabr) is the root of all good character. '1 am a scholar. 'I am something. we will remain firm.' We must lose our 49 .. "This keeps us from our Heavenly stations. and until he comes.. We say to ourselves. "Im an is sabr!' Faith patience.proud of. a leader bringing the authority of Allah and His Prophet (peace be upon him). there is no authority for war in Islam. That is our real enemy. himself. IS "If Satan. War against other men is the Jesser of two wars for man. a turk.' if we keep patience. we must know who our enemy really is. '1 am something!' We give ourselves rank and distinctions. Our egos tie us in this way. We must keep 'patience at the first blow. would ask pardon of Allah Almighty.' we may say about purselves. When we speak of enemies. our power will grow and our enemies' power will become smaller. a Creole. We must not be proud. the angry man loses and the patient man gains." says our Grandshay kh . Allah Almighty would pardon even Satan if he would leave his ego. It is enough for the practice of Islam. We arc waiting for such a leader to come.

even if you say it without thinking.are unable to ~ear Its cry.' for he does it without his Lord's pleasure. His trial and examination were from Allah Almighty." Sayyidina Ali (may Allah be pleased with him) said. we can know goodness from badness. Therefore. and so do we today. alway s." asked a murid of Shaykh Nazim. halal from haram. "Our serving Allah Almighty. and shaykhs. z> "'thIen Allah is not pleased with a man's actions. "but still. "Can you sec what the future holds for you?" "No. He had a responsibility to choose goodness and obedience to Allah. Therefore. the goal (riya) is to teach people that the~ are the servants of Allah Almighty. For whom did He create all this'! For His obedient servants. but Adam (peace be upon him) did not know this. that thing is 'Hararn. Muhammad (peace be upon him). if something is written for me.**. it is always right. Adam (peace be upon him) disobeyed his Lord's orders and. "Anything an unbeliever docs is 'Hararn. They began with Adam (peace be upon him) and ended with the Seal of the Prophets. or a favor is taken with your Lord's pleasure. and 'Al-Harndulillah ' afterwards. If we do this. nothing more. knowingly. 1 will have no choice but to do it. Allah will give our conscience more power.' Allah Almighty gives to all His servants. We also know that Allah sent all. Don't try to justify bad actions. then we *** *- ~}~ ** Now.self-importance.' If a favor is taken withou t your Lord's pleasure. "then what difference does it make what we do? Wc can only do what we arc destined to do. but sometil_nes We put such a heavy load on it th~lt we ." Again the Shaykh replied. but what is their wisdom? What are they teaching people? The main point. but for non-believers." ****"'** "If everything is written for us. It is. believers." replied the disciple. Our conscience is giving us gOO(~ signs. It is honor enough for men to be His servants. If we co uld sec what is written for LlS. sufi schools. we have the responsibility to choose our actions. better to say it from the heart. 'Bismillah ir-Rahman ir-Rahirn ' before you take something. it indicates that your heart is with your Lord.~ "Don't be lazy!" says our Crandshaykh.. Discussions of free will versus predestination are empty talk. and how they can be obedient servants. and to choose our Lord's pleasure." "Do you know what is written for you?" replied Maulana. was cast out from Paradise. then we would have no responsibility. * * * * * * '* Here is an important point Cor all people. We must choose our Lord's pleasure. 50 51 . may take other This is the top point! points easily. the Hol~ Books. we have choice. When you say. If we will listen to our conscience. of course. We don't know the reality of that point. But now we can't sec. There is no such thing as a sick conscience. "how shall it be'!" He is answering for us: "It is not asking anything from Him. not to his Lord. It IS wrong. "We don't know what is written for us. it means that he has stopped being his ego's servant.' "It is Halal to remember your Lord when you take a favor. TI1ereforc." says our Granclshay kh. "It is glory enough for us to be Your slave. those who take and do without their Lord's pleasure. We must choose our Lord's pleasure. and it is honor enough for LlS that You Almighty are our Lord. We must intend to listen to our conscience. He listened to Satan and to his ego. those favors are 'haram . it means that it is 'Halal." When a man reaches this point. "To be an obedient servant means to be doing your actions with your Lord's pleasure. He did not know what was written for him. we don't know." ***". another lesson from our Grandshay kh: "All believers from all Holy religions believe that Allah is Creator. Our conscience is from the Heavens. Why were they sent? There are so many tariqats. he makes all favors for that man haram." If we reach this. Wc can choose halal or haram. and so we must assume responsibility for our actions. He created all bounty and all favors. we must make an intention to always h~ten to our conscience. and unbelievers alike. in this life and in the next. don't try to fiuht against it. If an action is for your Lord's pleasure. I have no free will in my actions. especially believers: We know that Allah Almighty sent one hundred twentyfour thousand prophets.

1 do not pay him any money to do this." Shaykh Nazim said. First you must capture the capital. He would have been. each ego tries to swallow the whole feast." answered the Shaykh . but ego says. saying that it is our king. and that we must be its subjects. the most important thing for us is to know that those prophets came only to teach men how it is to be an obedient servant to Allah Almighty. nafs ' But all things for my Lord!'" The muriel continued his questioning. A big man wants the whole world! "We are like little fish with their mouths open wanting to swallow the ocean. if y ou are looking to take from him also. your inner kingdom is hidden. Satan was asking big rewards-to be chief of all creatures. You must stop it. Never take from your neigh bar's share l " 53 . It demands that you serve it. and also everybody else's share! This is the character of the nafs." Maulana continued. etc." answered the Shaykh.' You arc not real believers if you are not accepting for each person as you are accepting for yourselves. It is not important to know all the names and times of those prophets. Therefore. and therefore for the love and pleasure of our Prophet (peace be upon him) and our Lord. All prophets came to show men how to take that kingdom away from our 52 nafs and give it to our spirits. We aTC little creatures. All nafs is like this. when I go out to run my business.' Each of LlS has a share. Only then can we be real servants to Allah Almighty. nafs. satisfied with his Lord's will in all matters. This is what is important. Otherwise. but also to cat all things.' "If a man is serving his Lord and asking rewards. 'No! Whole feast for me! Nothing for another!' "So. how shall I know what is mine and what is not'?" "Your share will come to you. Therefore." asked one of his murid s. "How do I recognize my rightful share'? For instance. demands not only what the holly needs to sustain itself. Allah Almighty says. and what is the best way to figh tit?" Again. When Allah made Adam (peace be upon him) chief. But the highest level or faith is to be asking nothing. Some of these arc mentioned in Qurun. he would never have felt the need to rebel. '0. and it is never satisfied. What happened to the revelations that they brought? Did they become so changed over the years that their followers were no longer people of the book')" Shaykh Nazirn answered him. two contrary powers always in struggle. we will be free from our had characters. "You must eat to stay healthy. Each of us has an ego. there is no end to its cravings. You must look to what is coming to you. within ourselves. all prophets arc saying. The nafs. to serve for the love of Allah Almighty. You must not look to other's shares. instead. "Our egos never finish with asking questions. This alone must be our goal. he and Satan are on the same level. "When we shall be free of our ego's enslavement. here and hereafter!' According to their level. You can never reach it while your nafs is kine. 0.'?" "No. not what is coming to another. A little boy wants all toys. we are saying firstly that you must slop all your desires. Take only as you need. While it rules. "It is important to know what is the main goal for our lives. people arc asking something. Shaykh Nazirn spoke. 'Nothing for you. he serves for the love of his Shaykh and his Grandshaykh. "Before Iloly Books were sent. Now it is our turn. The ego desires its own share. "You told us that there were one hundred twenty-four thousand prophets before Muhammad (peace be upon him). 'Each of you must take as he is given from his Lord's table. No. not so many names and places. You must say 'NO' to your ego. You must say to it. the other takes us toward badness. my servants! Each of you may take from what is provided as you need. "The most acceptable dua for us is to ask. It is asking all things. Each prophet received his special orders." "What exactly is the ego?" asked another murid . 'There are. but our desires arc endless. If he had not been asking rewards to begin with. Our Grandshaykh says. One takes us toward goodness. your soul wi1l remain imprisoned. like capturing a country'. Satan began rebelling. This will take fighting step by step. no. "What are its weaknesses. there came to man only pages." "Maulana. Our nafs is asking badness from us always. and it is growing with us as we get older. This is how our serving should be. then you may' rule! The' ego is always demanding to be king. "Does this mean that I should give up things like eating. But it cannot: we can hold only a little. "But. my Lord I May I be your sincere servant! May I be alway's with that honor. We arc all sitting at the Divine feast.He will then be as Sayyidina Ali (may Allah be pleased with him) was: his Lord's si ncerc servant." A disciple asked. however. Before us. some are not. "Shaykh Anwar here serves us tea. so man)! nations passed away. '0. Allah Almighty. Therefore.

" ******* "There are three actions. they will come to save him from unbelief and carry him into Iman l He will come to Islam at the end of his life. he will give ten cents. and more than those dependent upon you need.' This respect. while I was in this city so far from home. so does greed. We must do goodness for everyone. "If it is more than you need. This may be used to build schools. or hospitals. to do goodness throughout your life. If he has one-thousand dollars. Even after our death we have been ordered to do goodness! 'Wasiyyah' is the obligatory inheritance we must leave for the general good of the community. Then he is a real servant. my Lord. It is your lord's pleasure that 'lOU give to those \\"110 don't havc !" Shaykh Naz im went OIL "There is end to pursuing your ego 's desires." asked another rnurid . will not leave a man at the end of his life. So wealthy was he that it took sixty mules just to carry the keys to his treasure chests! And yet this man found it impossible to spare any of that enormous wealth for zakat. In the time of Moses (peace by upon him). "that will never leave their actors. after your death.' AU prophets and saints arc real servants of Allah Almighty.. "that was all right But this character of the ego is very difficult to fight. the idea of leaving myself stranded in a strange country with no money still didn't seem too good either. It needs long treatment! " he is not asking anything from Him. we will not be our Lord's sincere servants. 'May you be pleased with me. in the Judgment and the Resurrection. At that time." says our Grandshaykh. (In Islam zakat is the obligatory tax to be given to the needy. A man may have one dollar. There is no permission for us to do or think badness for anybody. And yet. This action. or to feed the pOOL It is ordered for us. One-third of our estate must be left for the benefit of the needy. when I saw a beggar. and suddenly I I'dt the desire to give it all to that man. Even if a man becomes an unbeliever he will find these actions at the end of his life. YeL as beneficial as wasiyyah may be. He will give away fifty cents. 'Allahumma salli ala Muhammadin wa ala ali Muhammadin wa sallim ': this gives our respect and love for our Prophet (peace be upon him). " '1f anyone harms you." "Shaykh Nazim. and to give to those who arc in need. "All problems come from that character: when a man is not satisfied with his share. I began to feel terrible. for instance. in fact. during your life. there was a very rich man named Kora. Was that original impulse to give everything away the correct one?" "Yes."Do I have to take everything coming to me'. It is a sign that you believe in the Last Day. and the other two-thirds may go to our heirs. you must give it to those who have nothing. forgive him!' This is the third action that will come back to save a man at the last moment of his life. '0. like I had clonc sorn cth ing very bad. even if spoken only once in a man's life. he will give nothing! Until we leave that character." came the question. "Secondly. however. I was carrying a lot of money with me. He says only. than it is to leave seventy dollars in your \\'i11 . the amount of tax is figured to be one-fortieth of all that he owns in excess of what is required to sustain him and his farnily. They have been taken to freedom from the hands of their egos. "today 1 was walking in the town. my Lord! Give Muhammad your mercy and your glory and your honor. 0. Our faith pushes us away from badness and pulls us toward goodness. If he has ten dollars. "Yes r" came the reply. we have been ordered in Islam to do goodness along our lives (rnaruf). It means. it is the character of prophets. will come back at the last moment of his life to save him. If a man has the character to forgive 55 no * * :. It is. But quickly [ thought that if I gave him everything.) This is the character of the nafs. Our greed grows in proportion to our wealth. Allah will give you rewards for your giving! Don't keep from Allah's favor more than you need." the Shaykh laughed. For each person. As riches grow. "The first of these good actions is Salawat for the Prophet (peace be upon him). he looks to take from others. but will come back to save him. 54 . here and hereafter.:'* * :+: * Our Grandshaykh was saying hO\1/ we can be sincere servants of our Lord: "When a man is the servant of his Lord. As 1 walked away. The act of forgiveness cannot be lost to a man. better to give one dollar with your own hand. So. 1 gave only a coin. It is a mercy from Allah. it is even more acceptable to Allah if you give during your life. it wouldn't be such a good idea.

"What if you witness a crime? " Shaykh Nazim answered. You must remember this with regard to crimes involving things: there is no value for this world in the sight of Allah Almighty.people. your reward is on My shoulders!' When a murder is committed. "FATII-fA.: ** *- *" * Our Grandshaykh says. '0. it is permitted in Islam to take revenge on the killer.' then that revenge cannot be carried out. If you arc called. Even among believers. and [or Allah Almighty. it does not mean that he has conquered his ego. the most lovely worshipping is sajd ah (prostration). and all of Quran. repeated offenders who arc dangerous to society. Psalms. the ego may make a mistake that will carry a man to punishment along the rest of his life. Allah says. According to tradition all Holy books are contained in Quran. not for prophets!' (In Islam. for a believer believes that 'If J am forgiving. Our punishment is heavier tIL others' an punishment. Torah. If a man is stealing from someone else. there arc two responsibilities: for the victim. how big will be his reward! But. When Jesus (peace be upon him) was reminded that the Torah prescribed execution. if you can. and all meanings of Quran arc contained in FATIHA. then you must go and tell what you saw. Therefore. To let incorrigible murderers. "For those things. "Our Grandshaykh once talc! me. revenge brings troubles. it is not enough to say only in words. the most valuable. Qatam! 'Therefore. or He may punish him as He wishes. It means. the first sura of Quran. it is as if he had read all Holy books and Quran also! "F ATIHA contains the Bible. 'blood money' is paid to the dead person's survivors. 'Allahumrna la taykiln'y illa nafsi tarfitai. What is the reason th at Allah sent this sura twice? "It is because FATIllA is the most important sura in Qman. then you may be a witness in court. He asked Maulana. very few --n at even one in one million! It is the reality of faith. my Lord is forgiving me: If anyone is forgiving. Allah also may forgive him. my Lord! Don't leave me to my ego's hands for even one moment!' It is so dangerous: in a single moment. once in Mecca. This is the essence of the principle of forgiveness. "Should we be glad when a villian like that gets what he deserved'?" The Shaykh answered him like this: "Allahumrna la taykiln 'y illa nafsi tarfitai! '0 my Lord! Keep me from my ego!' This is what we must S3Y when we hear or see anyone undergoing any punishment. He will not die an unbeliever. came twice. Will it bring peace? Why arc you leaving snakes? You cannot forgive a snake!" Then someone mentioned a news item of the day that a former government leader had just been hung for crimes he had 56 committed while in office. You may try to stop the criminal. To forgive them would not bring peace. Even in a case such as this. There is no responsibility for ignorant people. However. ) "Absolute forgiveness is for Allah only. and ask not to be left to the hands of our egos. if even one of the victim's heirs says. Allah Almighty will forgive him huge sins. it has been ordered to read FATUlA in every rak'at 57 . if a man reads sura F ATIHA. You are not a policeman. Muslims have more responsibility than others. 'That was for governments. you may forgive him. "F orgivcncss brings peace. This is the character of prophets. you may forgive. and you see it. we must immediately escape to our Lord. his Lord is forgiving h im. Sliariah is law for governments also. 'The most acceptable. What can you do if the criminals have guns? "The rights of forgiveness are for yourself. 'If you are bringing peace. if nobody knows you witnessed the crime. however. If someone is harming you. Imprisonment' Hanging! All for one moment's mistake. and will come to a man even at the last moment. He will not give permission for the angels to write any sin against him! People with the character of forgiveness are very. believer or unbeliever. one-hundred pages that were sent before the Holy books. and once in Medina. Instead. loose would be a mistake. 'No!. '1 am Muslim! J am a believer!' You must really believe: you must show it in your actions. it is more lovely and more acceptable to Allah than all the worshipping of all men and all j inn since the beginning of time!'" :1-= :. forgiveness may be better. you may go your way. our fate may be the very same! We cannot enjoy the punishment of another: when we hear of such a thing. If a man makes sajdah from the beginning of the world to the end. If you arc not called. if a man tries to make peace between two people. Just because a man is Muslim. We are responsible as our knowledge grows. but you must 110t throw yourself into danger. this character is very rare!" A question was asked. Therefore. This is because it was his ego's badness that led him to that [ate. he replied. If a man is stealing your property. and if we are left to the hands of am egos.

' This is the way of Satan. don't be proud with all your prayers. and others are bad. More Rahmah than you could ever gain is already coming: corning also to those you hold in contempt. was nothing. said. in his life. "is to ask only for life in the Divine Presence. 'You will receive punishment. Without our birth. Don't hold any love for this world in your heart. This is the interpretation of the verse. one reading will bring him to Irnan . It is simple. whether they accept our beliefs or not. not making them afraid or unhappy. we are on the way of this life.' "If a man knows that his Lord. not because of anyone's worship and regardless of anyone's lack of worship. the first wave. we give all good tidings for all people. Where does his way lead? It leads to the Divine Presence. nothing. inborn with people. 59 . Gabrael. The way of prophets is to reach the Divine Presences. you would not order' your nation to worship. one wave only from the mercy oceans in My Divine Presence! If you knew the whole mercy oceans belonging to FA TIHA. How can he be proud of his worshipping. 'I am a gooe! worshipper." If a man does sajdah all his life. "Therefore. Allah rrave without looking for our prayers and worship. It is as nothing. and so. Moses! Make My people like Me!' This is the order of our Lord. so much goodness and mercy-wouldn't they open their hearts to him. 'Allah Almighty is giving endless honor and glory to the sons ofAdam (peace be upon him). he will take from that ocean only a drop. "Knowing this makes us humble. gives His mercy to al1 regardless of their worshipping. therefore. and yet we still worship to show thanks. not hating liking! Therefore. I am a good scrvan t." says our Grzmushay kh . FA TIHA will bring faith even to a doer of bad things.' will their love for their Lord grow? Or will good tidings of their Lord's endless mercy for them as they are cause their hearts to open! So we are giving good tidings to people. This is because faith is original. he cannot reach the reward gained by one reading of FATIHA! "Allah sent FATUlA first in Mecca. about a good king so much tolerance. Allah Almighty said. to show good manners to our Lord. Unbelief is a temporary condition added later. The Sahaba followed this way and. we must follow it. not drops. when a lifetime of prayer will bring only one drop compared to what 58 his Lord is sending out of His Divine generosity? The worst thing for a man is to say. "Good tidings for F ATIHA: if anyone from your ymmah (nation) reads FA TIHA even once. Allah Almighty. We need do nothing. '0. the b . were glorious in everything that they did. stern. "The second time FA TII·IA came was in Medina. He gives out of His generosity. without FAT1HA. for that mercy from FATIHA would be enough! But no onc knows the wideness of My mercy oceans!' "This second wave of mercy from FATIHA was so strong that. The second Rahmah for FA TIHA was so big and so powerful that the angels who brought the first Rahmah were unable to carry it. only one wave. Allah said to Muhammad (peace be upon him) the second time. My beloved Muhammad! If My servants know what I am hiding fr0111them in My mercy oceans they would say. A man who asks only the Divine Presence. Even if he is an un bel iever. If you were to tell people. Now. '0. giving punishment. my Prophet! I am sending to you. so much justice. If a man reads Quran seven times. Who can say differently? "Men have changed their ways to those different from the way of the prophets. '0. we give good tidings and happiness to people. or anything else. If we say to unbelievers. "No need for any worshipping. 'What was the way of pro~ phets? I ask all religious men." ******* "The first sunnah. and more. he will gain adab . "Sunnah is the way of the Prophet (peace be upon him). and who directs all his actions toward that zoal will receive strength in this life. perhaps at the last moment of his life. fasting.of every prayer. He gave bef. pray. None of us can be the authority to put people in Heaven or Hell. from My mercy oceans of FA TII-IA. for example. Again it came with endless Rahmah. bringing FATII-lA to Muhammad (peace be upon him). it will be enough. which came in Mecca (and from which one reading in a man's life is enough). This is a good lesson for all religious people. and look to find him? But if you tell about a bad king-so difficult. \Ve arc in need of His mercy. big turbans. Along with it came endless Rahmah (mercy). Muhammad! Allah Almighty gives you His salaams and says to you. Hajj. '0. all his prisons are filled up will people like him or hate him? Allah said to Moses (peace be upon him). But Allah is sending oceans. but this Rahmah was not like the first. It is not important. by comparison. for that servant!'" "He who reads FA TIHA will take enough Rahrna from one readi ng to last his whole life. long beards. good manners.

Luqman-15). It means 'Follow in the path of him who has turned in repentance to Allah. Each may read the same verses. 'We didn't accept anyone without a guide. the way of prophets.' No 1 Here is a story: "Imam Nawawi was a distinguished scholar (alim ) who wrote a famous book about Hajj (the pilgrimage to Mecca). This is a good way for us. '1 am Muslim. You cannot go toward Allah without that person.' he will be going after devils! "No one can say. It means also. Ten. and is living as his 60 Lord's sincere servant only. looking for the answer to a particular problem or question. Don't keep zeroes! " . praying. means to leave your ego's desires and turn to Allah.-:. It waits. He said. You must ask them: they will judge.' "Repentance. some persons who are representatives for Allah and His Prophet (peace be upon him). you must come to Allah and His Prophet (peace by upon him). not pleasure! "In this life. No! This is the way of devils. we fight with each other. "The vulture is the biggest of birds. more money. If a man is not doing this. more palaces.' But so many people are too proud to follow another man. he is wrong: he is mistaken. one-thousand. the measure of" richness is by zeroes. one for today. although he had never been there himself. "In your opinions. one-million. "You can't SGC a man who asks for the Divine Presence. the umrnah must have a guide. marc pleasures. we can see from that story that a man needs a guide when he is going to a place where he has never been before. Perhaps Satan will be leading him I "Thus. Therefore. This lesson is for people who are running after zeroes: who are running after nothing. onehundred. for anything that 61 . We may show them that they may leave 'no thing. people arc rushing after zeroes! They arc fighting for zeroes.' the boy returned. This is the way of prophets. shaykh!" cried the little boy. "Two men may turn to Quran and hadith. yet each will interpret a different answer from them. "When he returned he told of how it was. we know sunnah. When you see all people rushing on a thing. and eats after the other animals have eaten. who is asking for Allah. Allah says. 'We arc looking in books and we are going to Allah. If there is no guidance. Satan didn't accept Adam (peace be upon him) for his guide. we are not in need of guidance!' They arc wrong. a man's work will he unacceptable. 0 sliaykh. Therefore. One day he was in Mecca walking along a certain way when a little boy came up to him and grabbed him by the ann. 'What do you mean 1 can't walk here? How do you know this?' he asked the boy. You must take a guide. not accepted. devils will lead him to their ways. and whoever denies this denies Quran.' and come to reality. This is the sunnah l It is not external things. and therefore I am not in need of his guidance. but Allah says. but still he cannot know the way to go unless he will take a guide. 'Wattabi 'sabiila man 'annaba 'ilayy ' (Quran. I am a better worshipper than he. and some more to keep Cor tom orrow. so that you can take the right answer from them. 'You must not go that way. "mel leaving the love of this dirty life! This is a powerful lesson fa r those who object to following Islam. '1 know more than he. leave them. Whoever comes to Allah with pride is refused. "Each of us must follow a man who is on the way to Allah. But Allah also sent the Prophet (peace be upon him) as guidance in front of the umrnah (nation). If it was enough to merely read Quran. We fight over this dirty life. we have been ordered to follow someone who has defeated his ego. They say. In every time there are. Therefore. The sunnah is making your heart pure. In every age. A man may read Quran and hadiths. 'Imam Nawawi has told us in his book that we must go another way!' "Therefore. wearing turbans. It is not making wudu.* * * * * * Our Grandshaykh says. 'We know! Vie are reading Quran. that you must come to a representative of Allah and His Prophet (peace be upon him). Allah would have sent the Book alone. It is Iard. You must follow! If a man won't do this.' Therefore. real repentance. fighting for that dirty life. Allah says. Even though he says. It so happened that one year he at last had the chance to make the journey he had described in his book. '0.way of devils! More and more.' "Imam Nawawi was perplexed. more things. we are tasting this life. because they arc proud. Anyone taking more than he needs takes poison.' "The way begins with a guide Everyone is free to take a guide or not. but its character is not to run after its prey. there must be in this world. Take only what you need. The sunnah is asking to he in the Divine Presence. "<Because. 'You must follow a man W]lO is on My way.

Not only religion. Th us. The Sahaba (companions) followed Rasul-ullah (peace be upon him). they cannot agree. "Eastern people are like sheep. For forty years I was with him. disaster. I am the b oL. But you must choose someone. "Shaykh Nazim. "we shall appoint one person to be a director for our brothers. Therefore. and the Saliaba were strongly with the Prophet (peace be upon him). so also must we follow in our lives. 'yet until now. I h ope my Lord. "This is fard (order of Allah). I am reading to you from his teachings. Allah Almighty. they followed Abu Bakr as-Siddiq (may Allah be pleased with him). people may trust in you. when you have trust in me._~ weakest person. "N ow. Then that love may come to you as well. 15) "If your heart and your conscience are satisfied with a person. However strongly you arc believing. but my heart was not at peace with anyone until r met our Grandshay kh.' as they called it at the university. I left all my knowledge and intended to follow his way to Allah Almighty. Like this. there will be one Imam for all Americans. He is your guide. After his death. but with his words he gave Divine knowledge: knowledge that I could trust one-hundred percent! I was at peace in his meetings. to the Divine Presence: even though I am like that little ant." ******* Our Grandshaykh told me this story about his Grandshaykh . you may clutch my hand as strongly. I accepted Crandshaykh as Allah Almighty ordered in Quran ('Follow him who has turned to Me with Love'). Ins11 'Allah (if Allah wills). They are wrong. will send me to where Grandshaykh is. "When [ was younger. people can trust in you also. Each looks to himself and says.' Therefore. Quran and hadith. It means. quarreling and fighting result. and another will have trust in him. also. When he was speaking. but my intention was to follow him. 'No Mashab (private ways). 156). However much I am clutching his hand. or if something happens. or affliction. and I am interested only in that point." answered the Shaykh. However much I am weak with him. he shall decide among you." Shaykh Nazim continued. they are not coming together. he saw a cat catch a neighbor's chicken and run off with it in its mouth. Ah! He was illiterate. Quickly Abu-Ahmad (may Allah be pleased with him) said. No Tariqat (Sufism)!' they say.happens to us. or won't follow the one they have. and it is sunnah to say it when we are coming upon any bad thing. one for all Germans. the Prophet (peace be upon him) was strongly with his Lord." asked a murid . "When people don't have a leader. However strongly you have trust in one man (your shaykh). This is how the Arabs were in the days before Rasul-ullah (peace be upon him) filled with pride and fighting amongst themselves. Also I met several shaykhs and learned people. Abu-Ahmad as-Sughuri (may Allah be pleased with him): "My Crandshaykh was living in a village in Caucasia. 'Irina-Iillahi wa inna ilayhi ra-ja'un! 'This is a verse from Quran (sura Baqara. Western people are learned people. If he cannot find an answer. you may have trust in me. This is important. there is no need to look for another. (Quran. One clay as he was walking near his house. This is my intention. Luqman. and so forth. I intend to follow him. As much as I have trust in him. "how can we keep from arzuinz anions ourselves when we aren't with you?" "In every place. objective knowledge.' Therefore. 'positive. to deny this is kafir (unbelief). we must have a leader to follow: an Imam for our lives. If a question arises. and unto Him we are returning!' "'How many years have I lived in this village?' he though t. each goat standing by himself. then he may write to us. but also 'European' knowledge. He is guide. I never saw a cat attacking a chicken before. he will have trust in you. but nowadays. as my Prophet says. So many books I read. you also will be weak with me. people are denying this.' Follow in the way of he who has turned to Me in love. 'Wattab i 'sabiila man 'anaaba 'ilayy. 'The value of actions is according to the intentions behind thern. '1 know something. and for forty years I tried to follow him. that is how I saw myself in our Cranrlshaykhs presence. I 63 62 . Anytime you arc looking at a man who is clutching strongly at the Prophet's 'coat-tails' you may trust in him. They arc like goats scattered about on the mountainside. one for all French. I read and studied a great deal. It is denying Quran. But my hope was to follow him. 1 felt as though I were an ant with a broken leg trying to crawl from Damascus to Mecca. they agree easily and follow. 'To Allah we belong. we must ask the advice of a man who we trust is in the way of Allah. Allah says. "Just as we follow an Imam (leader) in prayer. This is the reason you must keep a relation with a person strongly in love with Allah.

If a person says. Prophet!' replied the dogs. In it was a newspaper dipping perhaps from the London Daily Telegraph. When their characters arc bad. they are not going to let even one person go to Hell! This is the meaning of Irnan. The bad characters of the people in that village were going through their animals. he knew that the characters of the people in the village were no good and that it was time for him to leave.-__. and give me the punishment!' "When your faith grows up. our good and bad characters have a pronounced effect upon all who arc around us--our families. If any of them have been given permission for 'shafa'a' (intercession) on the Day of Judgment. not people! What can you take from this world that you will quarrel abou t?' "'Yes. and all Holy things. up until then. We haven't anything from this world. our bad character. Another one said. Everywhere bad character is growing. As your mercy grows. "Today. '0. =~e biggest ocean of mercy is for our Prophet (peace be upon him).mel he has no mercy. before all the modern 'improvements. Abu Yazid al-Bistami (may Allah grant him more honors) was praying to his Lord. the more happiness will come down on that place. Therefore. It is our owners' bad characters that you see fighting here!' "You may see this quality in children as well. We must carry a good view of our surroundings. In unbelievers' hearts you cannot find a minimum of mercy. Without belief in our Lord. The more we wipe out bad character. All the th ings that make life easy were readily at hand. not darkness. he is a liar. "It is also people's bad characters that cause blossoms to wither and die without bearing fruit. When Abu-Ahmad (may Allah be pleased with him) saw that cat acting wildly. we must fight to erase. the whole universe. This is no mercy coming down here!' "He made hijra to another village one-hale hour's walk away where he lived for the rest of his life. In these times. 0. Nowadays. Good characters are living in mercy oceans of Allah Almighty. that Your people may pass over me into Paradise!' It is like that. no Irnan. As he was given the power to talk with all creatures. Such dirty places! Everywhere there is cruelty. No mercy in Marxism! "As we said.' "What is the meaning of this story? Why did Abu-Ahmad (may Allah be pleased with him) leave his home because a cat ate a chicken? It is because he knew that the wildness of people's bad characters has an effect on their animals. '0. "good characters only Jive in mercy oceans where there is belief in Allah Almighty. it shows in their animals. we must look after the mercy in our hearts to grow. your mercy grows up. not even Cor themselves.. You can do anything! J am asking to make my body bigger and bigger. sixty-three million in China! Other places total one hundred forty-three million! Because Marxism denies all prophets. "a letter came to me. Marxists have no mercy for other people. No mercy. 'Why arc you Iigh ting? You are dogs. whereas soft. "Everyone will see his deeds on the Judgment Day. It is an important sign. You cannot find one place to step on! This world is filled with wild characters. 'I am a believer. there is badness and wildness in their animals also. my Lord! Make me into a bridge over Hell. But originally. 64 "Therefore.must leave this village and these people. running after such a power to whip up all people. all the blossoms on the trees would bear fruit and none would fall to the ground. till it will fill al1 Your Hell. you arc approaching Allah. wipe-out (rnahw). . Such tcrrrible weapons. He said. he asked them. there arc no good characters and mercy in people. so that there will be no place to put anybody else there! Put them in Paradise. how many medicines and chemicals are needed to make things grow! If people's characters were good. when people's characters arc good. They could be seen affecting that cat which. 'It is as you say.' people found life to be easier. my Lord! You have power. you cannot find any mercy in it.' . and our animals. Hard people will have wild children. gentle people will have gentle children. whether 65 . It says how Marxism has killed one hundred fortythree million people: sixty-five million in Russia from nineteenseventeen up until nineteen fifty-nine. People arc proud of their learning and technology. It is impossible today to find any good people. there would be no need for all those things' Now it is the twentieth century. and insects to infest them. it means that there arc no good characters. Therefore. all religions. happiness is not coming down. lie was sent as a mercy for all creatures. had never attacked any chickens." repeated the Shaykh. All Awliya have in their hearts oceans of mercy. "Solomon (peace be upon him) once carne upon two dogs fighting. our neighbors." said Shaykh Nazim. 'If there were no bad character in people. It is a sign! When no mercy is coming down. That satisfaction is lost now.

"Allah Almighty appointed our breaths for us-when. "Disturbances come when you are forgetting your Lord's relationship with you. or ten outside. all disturbances and sufferings come into their hearts. "Don't be worried. all are of his nation! The Prophet (peace be upon him) says. where. with His protection. You are big boys? MushAllah!" ******* 66 One day. my Lord! I cannot enter!' " "Maulana. They cannot be in this place too. These people must live in this place next door to some other people. the city of Damascus. 'Thirty. also. then you will cross over the bridge. Negroes. '0. "Our Lord decides movement. your heart is with that one who is suffering.' He will then look. travel. "Shaykh Nazirn. To be happy. and then he will en ter. riding on your horses. onehundred boys. also. and with obedience. if He likes.' When you sec that they are all safely inside. and made for each a private station. and his wife'?" asked one of our brothers. and ninety-nine arc with you but one is in prison. who are the Umrnah? Who will be counted among them on the Judgment Day?" "He Almighty knows. in every place. Father will come and put little boys inside first. If you have one hundred boys. with love. He may. 'Allah created people. How can he have pleasure in Paradise if his nation is in Hell! How"! He will stand by the entrance and when Allah Almighty says. my Lord! r cannot enter until my nation enters. you will be in your homeland. our Prophet (peace be upon him) will stand by the en trance to Paradise. When people forget that they are in mercy oceans. Therefore. also.. He Almighty appointed. four. must live whoever Allah has appointed. the nation of a prophet. Then Allah will decide. Perhaps there are one hundred thousand houses. Yes'? Too many good tidings for us. as your Creator has appointed for you to be there. 0. We must be there. and with His help! Enough?" "Then why do we become disturbed in our hearts?" asked a disciple. 'One. Even if one out of one thousand is suffering. I will not leave one person behind!' Do you understand? You are coming home with your one-hundred boys. you 67 . "The Ummah. in each place. with His mercy. "Doesn't Allah promise a punishment for them?" "That verse (sura Lahab ) was sent only as a warning." rcplied Maulana. Those people arc not distributed without an arrangement but arc appointed. there may be several rooms. Russian people. There is no worry for us. The Holy Prophet (peace be upon him) said." "What about that man in Quran. and close it behind you. also. He Almighty decided. You stop and count. Shaykh Nazim answered. In each state. also. Also. who loves his Lord. each to a private place.they arc going to Heaven or to Hell." answered the Shaykh. American people. You arc not leaving one. also. Abu Lahab. in each one there must be different persons. 'Enter. he will say. '0.. But He Almighty is free to give mercy as lie likes. 'If I am given permission. Turks to live in Turkey. are his nation. In India. " and jf any are missing. pardon everybody. lIe may do as He likes. "You can see here. his Lord will be with him always. and sO forth. No! Especially when they are little boys. Allah Almighty will show each servant what he has done with his life on the Judgment Day. Chinese people. Hindus. The Almighty is not obliged to pardon or to punish. what is our job in America'? Why is it that we must go back there to live. . some. fifty. where He has ap~ pointed those breaths. and so they used this opportunity to question the Shaykh abou t difficulties they had enCOUl1tercd trying to practice his teachings in their own COUll tries.' 'Therefore. three. All arc directed by Divine Wisdom. European people. Some travels arc temporary. Each house has some people. "Therefore. Americans to live in America. away from you and your teachings? " "Allah Almighty created this world. and how many. "so that people will qat do like Abu Laha b. are you happy? No' Because one of them is suffering punishment. Shaykh Nazim told his murids that they could ask whatever questions they wished. The group consisted mainly of Europeans and Americans. also. who believes in his Lord. is to be with Him everywhere and always! When a servant is with his Lord. coming up to the palace gates. two. The important thing for every servant who knows his Lord. with belief. all around yo u . We are like little boys. Allah decides for Syrians to live in Syria. two. when you are forgetting His mercy. after the Dhuhr (mid-day) prayer. "They are like fish out of water oceans. Madagascar. Muhammad! He will say." replied the Shaykh. is dearer to that prophet than children are to their parents. some are permanent.

'0 V\ ~ ~ (-_... ~ ~ rr-. -y p ~ )~ ~ \I' (t ~ V\ ~ ~ ~ ~ h . r l • C \) «: V) ~ l t ~ c-.~ ~ ~ f 3r: ~ 0. .t e- ~ .

"you are learning from their bad words how people arc making themselves dishonorable and dirty. terrible events. protecting them. from the speech of people. but it says that if people are sitting and speaking badly about Islam. the hand of our Lord is over them. You can look at how ugly it is to speak bad words. J guess . This is a good manner. You must see that. dhikr. that is your profit. there's an ayat." Sliaykh Nazim went on. "Yes. and those you think are mad!' Divine knowledge: Respect all and listen to all. and they just draw you right in. old. We must listen. or whatever. "Not until you've been patient first')" Shaykh Nazim nodded. "Not coming to d iscussion !" "But not until you've done the other things first'?" said a murid. "and. Even if a man is speaking bad words.-::*** Our Grandshaykh says. as you listen. our Grandshaykh says. something useful to you. You arc 'ribhari' profiting. then quickly sit somewhere in a group and make dua. "Listening means that you may hear his words only. Even prophets cannot change people. "Don't be afraid of that. or dangerous event happens. Therefore. This is humbleness--to be soft-headed. whoever is walking on Satan's way will be Satan also! "Our Grandshaykh also says that the sign of a man who is not hard-headed is that he listens with respect to everyone." "You must leave her!" said the Shaykh. "because. Understand? You may find. " "Yes." agreed Maulana. 'If any danger. and. and then escape." The first murid continued. This is the reward for being soft-headed. if you go with people of good character. over us is the hand of Allah Almighty protecting us." responded a muriel. you're going to carry some of that bad character with you.." replied the Shaykh . sometimes you listen to people talk." Another advised." "Th is is because Sa tan's head was the first hard-head. I don't remember it exactly. even from little boys. You may only return when they change the subject. and to be vicious'? Sometimes Islam evokes very strong feelings in people. " Shaykh Nazim answered." said Shaykh Nazim. "Allah likes His servants to be obedient. You must listen in order to take something useful from his words. "On the other hand. but you're not paying attention. Don't refuse a man's speech. You cannot change people until Allah changes them. Y OLl must be a good watchman. We are. regardless of whether they arc young. if that's true. Allah Alrnigh ty will give you a knowledge from his speech. isn't there a danger in listening to people?" The Shaykh spoke." "Maulana. He never likes His servants to be hard-beaded. Here. Clear? When a man respects everyone. Good? Who can object to that? Noone can object!" A question: "Shaykh Nazim. " "Yes. Likewise. "An important point. That group will be under divine protection. 88 89 . you must follow! I mean to say that by listening you can take a benefit from his words. We must know that each person=their forelock is in the hands of Allah Almighty. not stubborn and hard-headed. I don't mean to say that by listening.badly of the Prophet (peace be upon him). If you can find it. for instance. "when a group of people are sitting for the sake of Allah ancl His Prophet (peace be upon him).' "During the war there will be huge events. Maybe Allah's will is going to change a servant: therefore 118 is sending her to you. You can learn not to speak bad words by listening to those who speak them!" "It makes me a little afraid. "So." he said. "They're very seductive with their speech. you will acquire some of that good character.. and listens to them. a wisdom. or read Quran." ***~. We are sitting under his protection. The hearts of people arc in the hands of Allah Almighty. If Allah is not changing. Allah Almighty promises to give to that servant a knowledge. from the words of those you listen to with respect. you must leave. your patience will bear fruit at the end. you once said that if you go with people of bad character. no one can change. and a high character also. you find yourself starting to follow them. and she will come on your way. You will profit. You don't want to. sitting here in such a meeting. you may take something. If you have patience with her. for as the hadith tells us: 'You can take wisdom. "YOLl must w atch. If you listen with respect. pray. This was taught to us by the Prophet (peace be upon him).

We are swimming in mercy ocea ns. and Allah will send to them His Divine help. no more danger for you. If you are in a public place. Only hard-headed people cannot take that benefit. they never like to be with others. you must be afraid to be that person. Allah Almighty is sending mercy.and very difficult situations. and mercy. I[ anyone comes to listen to you. and protection." A murid asked. or more. we arc cutting all things from him. "Some people. There was general laughter. one from which the whole group can take benefit. It is for every believer. Our Grandshaykh says that Allah is not angry with us. not their 91 . I am ready for you. "Our Grandshaykh also said that. How can He be angry? If He were angry.' because He may forgive all sins. when they worshipped the golden calf? Wasn't Moses (peace be upon him) angry'?" "Is Moses (peace be upon him) Allah'?" said the Shaykh. There will be "annayyah"-Divine help and care for them. Then. Three then becomes more powerful than two. clon't keep them away! 'Welcome. you may quickly turn to Him. Mercy is coming down. every moment. and to fear His punishment. '0." A murid commented. because. "Yes! You may sit anywhere. Then. "But wasn't Allah angry with the people of Israel. He Almighty says. '0. So many groups will be sitting for the sake of Allah and His Prophet (peace be upon him). no one would come to correct himself." "What about an those He destroyed in the time of Noah?" Maulana answered. Welcome!' Understand? This is important. He also says that millions and billions will enter Hell we must be afraid to be one of them. If we are angry with a person.' "This meeting will be a holy meeting. Therefore. 'Don't despair of My mercy. If the meeting is for the sake of Allah and His Prophet' (peace be upon him). no more fear for you. My servant! When you return to Me. But. But meeting tames the wild animals. then Allah Almighty will give them something=a Divine knowledge will appear in that meeting. This means that there are never-ending chances for every person. "For two. not by heart!" one of the brothers joked. "But not public!" Maulana objected. It will appear in that meeting to guide them from all dangerous places and lead them to the Divine Presence. he is not prohibited!" "I remem ber. if they are sitting (for the sake of Allah). His mercy: but He is giving so much l Allah Almighty is angry toward those people who arc judging His servants. Maulana said. "One fellow in the crowd heard' it and came right over-whoosh!" Shaykh Nazim smiled. Allah says. here and hereafter. So docs hope. if it is said that only one person will enter Paradise. our egos are wild. 'When a group is sitting for the sake of Allah and Muhammad (peace be upon him). not just for Muslims. as a group praying. "Why not public? You may do anywhere. This character makes people come into tlie right way. and those of the Resurrection Day as well. And. He is not stopping his mercy for us. you must try to have meetings often. even one may come. TI1is is very important. and also a Divine knowledge. If you hope for your Lord's mercy. "Fear makes our wrong actions right it gives rightness to people.'" Shaykh Nazim then added. they may be under Divine protection. there will be protection. most Alims say that Allah Almighty is angry with us now. you recited the silsila in the London airport." said a disciple. my Lord!' I say. For if th ere were no hope. you must llOPC that 'Perhaps I will be that one. It will be an attraction' they will come. "He destroyed their bodies. yet He still Sends His mercy. for instance. It will be protection from life's dangers. most people. in meeting. for any occasion.' Understand? . yes!" ******* 90 Our Grandshaykh is teaching us another important manncr: "Our Prophet (peace be upon him) ordered his nation always to be between hope and fear. to hope for His mercy. our egos are coming into friendship. once. There is mercy coming. Originally. wildness goes and becomes tame. "Docs it have to be a group? It can't be just one person?" "It is promised [or a group. and anyone is interested in coming. My servant!' to you. "Allah is angry by mouth. Clear? This is to be between fear and hope! "Allah says that millions and billions will enter Paradise-ewe must hope to be among them. "And." said the Shay kh. He would withhold His Rahrnah. if it is said that only one person will enter Hell." Someone asked. there will be a private protection. all around is mercy. There must be two or three (or more). "Hope means that. even at the last moment of your life! When you say '0. "Allah's anger is not like our anger.

They are making sajdah. the knowledge from this life is only one drop in an ocean. It is mercy for them. and from the other side they are in mercy. and it is not with our bodies. those are all seeds." Maulana answered him. "Is that for the whole universe'?" came the question. From where do our masters take this knowledge? From the hadiths of the Prophet (peace be upon him). and then. Be a student always." answered the Shay kh. He who knows Divine knowledge may control natural powers. Don't ask for the knowledge of this world. in Holy Quran. you will cat! Now. till he has recovered. the whole universe. Nowadays. as the answer unfolds. like this (he gestures as if he were bowing to the tape recorder). "Are things like this manifestations of this power?" Shaykh Nazim replied. Otherwise. at last. What do you think about all those people in hospitals? Arc they in mercy. It means that we arc controllers. and people may be servan ts. man's 93 . his legs. were put under our command.. People may be kings. these powers. "Planes. you will see their fruits. and all Holy books. Their imprisonment is not as if they were in jail. You understand? Clear? This is from all religions. over the skies. you will sec their flowers. they will be under your command. "Yes. He who makes himself wounded in this life with the spear of Satan will stay. for their followers. We can control Heavenly subjects with our spiritual powers. Don't be afraid. but all of them.·'''These will be new bodies. one muriel said. tha t it is inferior to technological power.::** This lesson is the 'wa siyyah. on the other hand. people! We made all powers in Heaven and earth subject to your command!' That verse gives that authority for Muhammad (peace be upon him) and his nation. yet they have invented that technological idol with. "But which bodies will go to Hell to be cleaned'?" "He Almighty knows well which arc going to Hell!" Maulana said.Judgment Day?" . Clear'? It is a big verse. for recovery." "00~~. When the body is destroyed. Then." Be a learner! Which kind of knowledge must we ask for'! For this world'! This life'? No. and his neck." "The majority of people in the Western world would say tha t sp iritual power doesn't exist. is the verse. Shaykh Nazim responded.-' On the. They arc only on earth. technological things." replied the Shaykh . Technology-vit is from man's hands. not one. "It is because they made technological power an idol for worshipping. in graves and in I-TelLWhen he is all right. they will grow up. All things in the earth. natural powers will control you. he will go on to Paradise." Clear? They said this as their inheritance to us. Then. Clear? The authority for this. You will be under the command of the forces of nature. "From one side they are in punishment. lie said.cShaykh won't they still have their bodies Nazim. "1 know!" Say instead. He who doesn't know Divine knowledge. '0. Ask for learning." A brother made this observation: "When you make a point. we all laughed. we must ask instead for Divine knowledge. powerful. also. "Mercy!" While another said. cars. these arc all like grains. will be controlled by natural powers! If you have Divine knowledge. c "Yes. from the cradle to the grave. "Do they suffer in the graves?" "Yes. these are a little part. "not bodies that made sins in this world." ****~. for all. after that.' or legacy of all grandshay khs.. such a power OVer Heavens. because if you are learning from Divine knowledge. With faith in your heart. "Yes!" agreed Shaykh Nazirn. as if they were in hospitals.spmts . they will be under his will. then he comes out. it seems clear until we ask questions. or in punishment?" QUickly.going into mercy oceans and swimming. their rnurid s: Don't say. "Punishment!" Again. Don't be a learned man. You must always be a learner. and. "I try to know. he may stay in the hospital one year. and in the Heavens. their own hands.~o··~····~···~··~"BUj:." said a broth cr.•His Divine anger destroyed those bodies which were GOmmitting sins. The Shaykh responded. But we have.:. "You must ask for knowledge. or if it does exist. or six months. ~c===~. like seeds. mankind is not bowing to anything but technology. not natural forces!" A murid points to the tape recorder and asks. This is knowledge that makes us approach the Divine Presence." A rnurid said. thinking that 92 you do not need to learn anything. "it is like a man who falls from a second story window and breaks his head. it gives you power to control all natural powers. then the spirit is-free-and pure. I realize that the point 1 thought I understood is so subtle that I don't get it.

'If earth and moon arc the same. we are asking.doing! They are foolish. The excellent electronic mind. he fought the British." said the Shaykh. from my mother. "Even if they do not believe in anything. above all technology. And.. 'and moon is a part of the earth. "Who created man'?" Then.. that man is the most important. lfhc had spiritual power. "but how can they prove that technology is higher than a man? To create a man is greater. because technology comes from our powers. because that man was said to .' Do you sec what I'm saying?" "Not right. from what was it?' 'From the sun. then fearing what they made! They are stupid. man is still higher than all technology." commented one murid. who can say that a computer is more complete than mankind'?" Someone said. "They may even be proud.' they say also. he brought that throne in the blink of an eye." said the second. because the British had these guns and bombs. Even the most wonderful electronic mechanism now being made cannot work without man. People are free to believe or not." said Maulana." added another. I know. "They are very proud. from where docs man come? We must ask that person who says technology is superior. We were speaking about technology being an idol. "That shaykh hadn't any spiritual power. "Yes." "They may say. from the Sudan." replied the Shaykh." said Maulana. "Themselves?" said Maulana. these people! Who can accept that a computer is marc complete than man? This is foolish.' and we must ask him. "What about test-tube babies?" "They arc liars. "Not correct. They finally defeated the dervishes after World War L when they brought in airplanes and bombed them. Every new invention is man-made. Man is the most excellent creature. "What do you mean to say with this'?" The rnurid went on. They called it superstition. or to make a computer? They must answer. and it is written in all Holy books as well." "And. 'They have no minds. He hadrr't ' If he had. . Quran tells. . the story I was reading made the point that the technological power of the British was superior to the 'primitive beliefs' and spiritual powers a f the dervishes. and so many creatures on the earth?'" "Because there is no atmosphere on the moon. With the power of that Divine knowledge.' they say." said Maulana." "Yes?" "And. from my grandmother. someone said." said the first brother. 95 . How can they do that? How can they be rign t?" "But aren't they really making themselves the idol?" asked someone. 'This world. if they think like this! "They must know that man is higher than any technology. "That their spiritual power didn't mean anything. "but. makinz idols?" "But they' think they arc all-powerful. why is there nothing on the moon." "Most people would say that story is untrue. He would say." "Man is greatest. no one may be more so." interrupted the Shaykh. ." commented a brother. People followed him. those who are making. 'That is another thing. When he was defeated. they are stupid if they make technology an idol." 0 lfcred somebody. 'See? There's 110 such thing as spiritual power. did they? " "No. if they come from the same source. and in Quran. etc. Whether they believe or not." "But what if they worship themselves? What if they' make themselves the idols. would those planes and bombs have come? Who said that shaykh had spiritual power?" "He said that he had those powers. for example. That person who brought the throne of the Queen of Sheba. also. then we must stop this 'From my father. "I was reading a story about a shaykh: [ think he WJS a Nagshbandi shaykh. they wouldn't see spiritual power. technology hasn't such a power.' Yes." replied the Shaykh . is it? If a man does not operate it. it cannot go on. The power that brought that throne flying through the air in the blink of an eye. "Any objection? \\le hav~ such a power. but they must bring authority for what they say. saying. How can they be afraid. 'From my father and mother. for twenty years. "that's the Re naissa nee ideal." said the first questioner. people said.. Then we must ask." "Well. "they didn't create man. that is spiritual power! It is written in all Holy books. 'Look at what we have done! We arc all-knowing!' They don't believe in Allah." Then Maulana said. So. Man is highest. " 94 "I know. that was the next point I was going to make. he had Divine knowledge. the story of King Solomon (peace be upon him) and the throne of Sheba. Shaykh Nazim said.

if there is no seed planted.' to be 'engineers. With a learned man." "How do T know when I'm on their level?" "You must put yourself in their position. then we will be able to command spiritual powers. how would I act'!' Even a judge. oxygen." "Bu t I have no experience in that rna tter. burning." said a listener. It is the spirit. "Is there still time for us?" "Yes. With little boys. "Sometimes it may be given in a short time. "Even billions and trillions . when you're judging for someone in 96 97 . If anyone is asking for th at method. that servant will judge for himself." Maulana smiled." "We're all asking!" "Yes. You also have a plane. Understand? "Allah Almighty is the Judge of Judges.. it may be given in a few hours. coming to us [rom all prophets. "are there many men all earth who have such ability'?" "No. Very few people who control themselves. and will leave judgment to that servant. "Man has been given extraordinary powers by his Creator. Step by step. We arc not ready to hold that power in our hands.. You must think. Therefore. Do they accept this or not?" "No. With each man on his level. When this cooled off. years. generally. The control of the universe is tied to control of ourselves." "Do we have the time'?" someone asked. Wc have methods."\V111'?" said the Sliaykh. " * * *" * * * * More questions: "Shay kh Nazim. we have it. but we are not yet at this point. even if you wait one-thousand years. "they would say 'Billions of years. the essence of judgment.. He will show everyone all his actions. If a man is able to command. "You are like little boys. It is impossible. Then. "A most powerful force made this. With a common man. as He liked. " "With a big man. 'A power planted~'" said Maulana. \Ve know that even one-hundred degrees centigrade will kill everything. "Why is atmosphere here and not there?" "There's no shortage of theories for that l ' "Then they say that when earth was thrown from the sun." the Sliaykh continucd. it is exact justice. to control. you are asking. He cant. Technology is only a part of those powers. You arc asking for this power for your own use. it may be given in a few days. But man also has undiscovered powers-the powers of prophets and saints. to learn to use those powers. but you must learn how you can fly it. "Our natural forces command us')" "Yes. When we are able to command our own nature's force. Therefore. The murid went on.." asked a murid .' " The Shaykh said. hydrogen. most wonderful creature. We have that clear method with us also. all natural forces. " "There does seem to be a rather large gap in their theories. If a man cannot control himself... to teach people to direct. Very few." the rnurid agreed." replied the questioner. Because... Shaykh ~Nazim continued. in himself. you are on the way. they must say." replied Shaykh Nazim. it was fiery. It is not in our hands now. " The Shaykh laughed. r don't know . then he may command. how should I handle my children?" "With children. 'doctors. nothing will come. If a man can judge for himself. to command those powers. 'What is your judgment for that person whose life passed as you see it now'?' He will say. " . "On the Day of Resurrection. 'If I were that man. Yes. others take so many years to bear fruit. who planted the seed of life? From sun'? OL from Heavens'}" "People say that it was a natural chemical reaction. he never controls the universe! " "Shaykh Nazim . we need to direct ourselves.. that authority to command the forces of nature. They must accept that an extraordinary power planted.' to be 'professors'. you will reach to be . Very few. It is like a boy wan ting to fly a jet plane. like a big man. so many things on earth. like a learned man. like little boys. And the way of controlling ourselves was made clear by the prophets. it may not be given in his life. "They must say. you must cleal with them like children. from the course of his life. to judge for himself". natural forces. months.. individually'. Man is a most strange creature. It may be given to some people in a few minutes. like himself. must put himself in the position of the defendant before he makes his decision. But still. when he is going to judge a case. . we arc under the command of the forces of nature. Some plants give in a few clays. or he will be wrong.

forgive me!' he said. 'Is this food clean?' No ' You must give your host the benefit of the doubt. but say instead. "Seeing my surprise. "About the dhikr that \Ve do: fifteenhundred 'Allah' at night. this time. of course it is best. my 99 . and kissed Grandshuykhs hand. three times. and repeat the formula We just said.' and the wird: is there anything else we should say?" The Shaykh answered. in his conditions. Only if you are certain that pork or pork prod ucts were u sed may you refrain from eating." "When we are eating meat. 'I did not hear what you said. and the Shaykh responded. "You have been zuided. as you eat. 'astaghfirullah. 'Your clothes are dirty.' Then. 'la illaha ill'Allah. yet. Not alwavs hard. about my food. and rockets. for children. The Wali looked at the man's clothing. are there teachers like you wi thin other religions?" "Once. for everyone. i~ which he had been working all day. The thing that 1 get anxious about is whether I'm being too hard. who wait secretly for Mahdi (peace be upon him) to come. understand? Prophets." The Shaykh continued." Shaykh Nazim replied. 'Shahada. '0. Each flies at his level. Then. there arc so many levels. and not always soft. "My ~parents are very upset with my becoming Muslim. 'Bismillah. jets.::. "I was also very strict. when a Christian priest came up to him. you will speak for him. "When I first met our Grandshaykh. 'If you are looking for spiritual teachings. But he told me. "1 was walking in the marketplace with our Grandshaykh." "Shaykh Nazim?" asked another brother. in the time it takes for YO~1 to raise it from your plate ami put it in your mouth' "When you are buying meat and you think that it has come in contact with pork. Nazim Effendi. "When you arc back home. "The best thing for them is to be between fear and hope. If you can obtain llalal (or Kosher) meat. startled. and to sometimes give warnings. Shaykh . for you. Is there something I may help you with?' "When that Wali heard this. or not hard enough. When you know that the food is pork.~ Don't be worried. they cleaned their pots and pans and didn't use it. Don't be worried about that point. If you are in doubt as to whether meat (assuming that it is not pork) is halal or not. 1 was tending my sheep when my Lord ordered me into sajd ah. and then looked up. we are saying that for a teacher to give authentic spiritual teachings. he gave salaams and went on his way quickly. Wherever you may be there is guidance directing you. You may also say Salawat. he became ashamed. Sometimes you must make them fear vou and sometimes they must have hope from you. you may wash it." said Maulana." "For whom'?" asked the Sliaykh. have been ordered by their Lord to sometimes . That is the critical thing. when you are somebodys guest.' or something [ike this." Another disciple said. Shaykh Nazirn said.' Allah Almighty will make that food clean for you. "Enough." and. "Among the shaykhs and teachers. It is not important for LlS to worry about so many levels. or utensils that have been used to handle 98 and prepare pork. '''How can you pray like that?' he said to the shepherd." To this. you must assume that. When you are a guest. Bu t . "I don't know. he must know the reality of Muhammad (peace be upon him). and you say. very particular.=:-:J zood tidinas' . don't ask! Even if it is known to you that they usually cook with lard. how I would do such a thing. There are others like him. Clear?" "Yes." replied the muriel. They are like helicopters. you must [Jut yourself in his position. You must have good manners toward everybody. They are hidden. 'I am a vegetarian. your inspirations will guide you. don't eat it. how can we know if it is Halal?" a murid asked. Tile time is not yet come for them to be known!' "Therefore.' they say. "We must respect all men in their religion. " A rnurid asked Shaykh Nazim a question about his family difficulties. aive . and became annoyed. and just now He was speaking to me. seventy times. you must not ask. '0. for no one can know what is the relationship between J man and his Lord. It is most important for us to conquer our nafs. the murid said. 'why can't you find them within your own religion?' My question is. and you smell like your sheep! Don't you know that you must pray in clean clothes?' "The shepherd remained quiet for a minute." Shay kh Nazim said. "For the children. Then. for her. our Grand shaykh turned to me and said. "Once. and our Prophet (peace be upon him). for older man. a great Wali was traveling on his way when he came across a shepherd who was bowed down in prayer.your life. you may say. You must use this side and that side. 'It is not good manners to be like that.

'La'illaha illAllah Muhammad ar-Rasul-ullah." he said. according to their Divine knowledge. 'I was prophet when Adam (peace be upon him) was yet a piece of clay!' "These things belong to belief." "When Muhammad (peace be upon him) was born." replied Maulana. Muhammad (peace be upon him). they knew the last of prophets. "knows that he is male. All Grandshaykhs say this. "he signed.Lord. "Muhammad's knowledge is like an ocean for prophets and awliya. "Yes. and getting my answer.. "Muhammad (peace be upon him) said." . In this way. we may change this. yes! All prophets' and saints' knowledge. all prophets and saints have ranks. "did he. "Therefore. "He is the first prophet. Shaykh Nazim continued. They may ask their prophets. "Yes. in order that they may complete their faith as prophets. He is the first creature that Allah Almighty created. Someone repeated. the ocean of Muhammad (peace be upon him) is only a 101 ." said a rnurid . "As opposed to subconsciously? The stories we've read say that he didn't know until Quran started coming. 'Yes!' ." replied the Shaykh. is as one drop to an ocean. the Prophet (peace be upon him) knew himself. you will be his followers! Do you accept this?' And they said. They believe in him." "Yes. they may ask their saints. 'He is the last. Therefore. but the appearance of his reality didn't come to him exactly until he was forty years old." "And they got their knowledge from him also?" asked a rnurid. therefore. he was in sajdahl How could he not know'!" "He knew it. As much as he has this Divine knowledge. They are free. "But. He knows that he is a boy. No one. If he comes during your time. it is like one drop beside Muhammad's ocean!" "Does Muhammad (peace be upon him) have complete knowledge of Allah?" someone asked. who was playing in the mosque.' At that moment." "In other words. but he didn't know what it would be like'?" "Yes. he will not know what the personality of a man is. the first one that He spoke to. You asked about the prophets before Muhammad (peace be upon him) do they know him? Yes. and threw himself immediately into sajdah. All knowledge. but until he is fifteen years old. "There arc many places 111 the Bible that speak of M uhamrnad (peace be upon him). All prophets say this. because Quran says that before prophets were sent to mankind from the spiritual world. Y all can not force people to believe in anything. Allah Almighty said to them. Gabrael took from Muhammad (peace be upon him). beside Allah's knowledge ocean. with his hand. or not. "That boy. according to their Divine knowledzc. beside our Prophet's knowledge. "The honor of a man is accordinz to his Divine knowledge. he has high degrees and high ranks. throughout his life. They have ordered their nations to believe in all prophets." . I am asking. and order their nations to believe in him also. "Our Crandshaykh says." answered the Shaykh. Understand? Therefore. and Divine knowledge is. you are not prophets.' . past and future. Muhammad (peace be upon him). "Allah gave to Muhammad (peace be upon him) an ocean. "All prophets' and saints' ranks are given from our Prophet." asked a brother. If anyone objects to this point they may ask any prophet or any saint." replied the Shaykh. "the station of Muhammad is 100 nearest to his Lord. thel. they may believe. all prophets know our Prophet (peace be upon him). know that he would be a prophet?" "When he was born. but the reality of that has not appeared to him yet. and the greatest prophet. not even Gabrael can approach as Muhammad (peace be upon him) approached his Lord. "He knew he would be a prophet. they will get an answer. and gave to all the other prophets." Another said.. "He has been given the knowledge of past times and future times. Also. consciously. if they say it is not true. also comes from Muhammad (peace be upon him). forgive me for judging Your servant!' he cried." Maulana gestured toward a child. they approach the Divine Presence. "Muhammad (peace be upon him) was a mediator between Allah and the other prophets? " The Shaykh answered." replied the Shaykh. Divine knowledge. We believe according to verses and hadiths. And Muhammad (peace be upon him) gave to all prophets and saints from that ocean! How much have they been given? If taken all together. coming to all prophets from the way of Muhammad (peace be upan him)." asked another. not a girl.

finished. at the last moment when you are leaving this life. "Some people know. here. every day and every night?" "That knowledge belongs to our spirits. and you cannot know which person is approaching. and some are not ready. "Muhammad (peace be upon him) takes more knowledge. a station. he was sitting with his sahabas.?" "All of thcrri!" "Do you receive more knowledge?" "Yes. in that station. "and some people have been veiled: they cannot know to where they are approaching: where they are going." said Maulana. b Improves! It always improves! As much as our Prophet (peace be upon him) is improving. Never! Shaykh Muhammad S311i asked me if the knowledge of prophets and saints stopped. How could He be Allah. also!" "In Barzakh. "Allah's giving has no end. while we are as we are. our spirits go into a knowledge ocean. always. too'?" "Yes. "To complete." said the Shaykli. a very small drop! Because Muhammad 's ocean is limited and Allah's ocean is unlimited. "But. Muhammad (peace be upon him) also takes more. following the Prophet (peace be upon him). and gives more. more and more." the murid went 011." he went on. Shaykh Nazirn answered. Their rockets arc still on their bases. Then. Then they will be thrown by Divine force!" "Maulana. "Where are the prophets now? In Barzakh?" "In Barzakh. and his rocket is being put on it. For rockets there is a base." "Still? " "Still! " "And the other prophets receive more knowledge. there is a station." continued the Shaykh." said Maulana . we say that the Divine knowledge is an endless ocean. every moment. No one leaves this life without taking knowledge. And we. did the Grandshaykh . When we go from this life. Both of them are increasing their knowledge. if He were like us? Everything with Him is endless. Knowledge is endless. but so many people are sleeping. too? " "Yes. " "For everyone. it means that He is like us. then. You are as you arc. All of them arc taking Divine knowledge after their death. Allah is not like man. ' "Our Grandshaykh said often. what is its benefit? It makes man approach the Divine Presence. When veils are lifted.'. until the end of their life comes. You cannot reach complete Knowledge of Allah Almighty.drop. For each pcrson also there is a base. or keeps on improving=it . "We don't know what a shaykh is." A murid asked. when we leave this body and enter in a new life. "but did he get more knowledge every day and every night?" "Every hour. a platform upon which they sit until take-off. 'If you put a needle in an ocean. throughout his long life. or was he with his Lord?" 102 ]03 . it is increasing now?" someone asked. Some people arc going on donkeys.' " "For them." "In Barzakh. in the afterlife?" ''':Ycs. When you take that needle out of the water) there will be a tiny drop of water at the tip. Who could know that he was in the Divine Presence? Only a few sahabas. some arc getting ready. He is giving." said Maulana. some arc ready to fly up. new knowledge. "Our Prophet (peace be upon him) was in the Divine Presence day and night. "and." "More and more?" "More and more. do not know anything. "Yes. to take more and more. That tiny drop is like an ocean in front of all prophets and Awliy a!' "Therefore... and some arc riding in cars. "Those who 'die before they die. at that time you can know where you are!" "How is it to be a shaykh?" asked a brother." "Where. all prophets arc also taking more and more. If He is finished with His treasures. "Yes." . that needle is the knowledge of Muhammad (peace be upon him)." replied the Shaykh. why all the anxiousness?" "To complete them." replied Shaykh Nazim. Some people complete their work during their Lives. do they receive more knowledge from Muhammad (peace be upon him)?" "No. get more knowledge." answered Shaykh Nazirn. "but that knowledge. "Then acquiring knowledge is not finished in Barzakh?" "No. even one of his wives who was sleeping with him but where was the Prophet (peace be upon him)? Was he with her. "but. they are sent! " "While still alive?" "Yes. what your station is like. and Grand shaykh is as he is .

It will be very beautiful. before the creating of Adam (peace be upon him) there was so much knowledge. very enjoyable for your spirit: not like this dirty world. We were hidden in His power oceans but now He makes LIS appear. no death. the Holy book. one you never saw before! You will approach the 'Iay'ill mu'fuz ' (the 'preserved tablet' where all things arc recordeCi'l'- "TI1 is 111. according to those who know." ~ "That which we arc getting now'!" a brother asked. "Each Adam. all news from before and after us. living. we will go back into that power ocean. When our period is finished. in that they may be recognized as sons of Adam. They are hidden. He Almighty knows.. and his sons. It is a huge body of knowledge. Adam (peace be upon him) with the secrets of lIoly Quran. this that we arc doing now is as a practice which must be done first. Paradise. Not on this world." ******* "Our Grandshaykh says. no bad things. hut there are no signs. Also . joyful-exact happiness. No one knows their number!" A murid asked. that they'll catch you along the way. to create is to make them appear. from this world. and then continued. then we shall be in mercy oceans. is only like a drop from an ocean! 104 or were they differen t?" "Like them. Finished! "Isn't there danger in that?" asked a murid . of which we are a part?" Suaykli Nazim . Oman. '111is knowledge. no more.mswered. been created the Creator! JjcJ' " :YUL. included in it. "He is creator. and then went on "Yes. you may know." A brother asked. "We arc coming \0 C. "Was Adam (peace be upon him) the first man. We have not yet reached the point where we can put those letters side by side for reading.] kes our heads turn' What was there before Adam (peace be upon him)? Thinking of these things makes 111an humble. was he the first man of this batch of men. "Yes." 105 or . Perhaps you are in the Divine Presence. enjoying. were generally like us. because Allan Almighty has so many universes beyond counting. (Everyone laughed. * * * '" * * * Our Crandshaykh says. a new world will appear to lei? you. or. you will know. "Knowledge is an endless ocean. contains endless secret knowledge. " "Adams." repeated the. there is Divine knowledge. Its secrets arc such that you can find." Maulana continued. He Almighty. it is very clean. To create means to make them appear. "Were these . and Allah is teaching His servants so many different kinds of knowledge.rna. Adam in it now. Some of this knowledge originated at the time of Adam (peace be upon him). alone. We are living before our rather's period. "creating. When we disappear from this appearance. knows how many Adams will come after us. 'Allah Almighty was addressing those Adams that were created before our father. But. held by the Awliya. They arc swimming in His power oceans and in His mercy oceans. No. but it is very small compared with the knowledge that saints know about from before the time Adam (peace be upon him)." replied the Shaykh. that now. enjoying. "It is only a description! It will be more different from this life. When your old ways will go away. and if He is giving some signs. so many Adams have no one knows how many except Allah Almighty. This knowledge is yet for our bodies. All arc servants of our Lord. But. "Yes. Our father." answered Maul. "Now.. questioner. beautiful. yes!" the Shaykh smiled. c c ••• Adams.I. All things that belong to Allah Almighty arc endless." Shaykh Nazirn continued. A certain fellow was named." supplied the Shaykh. and his sons. We are going to another station in that power ocean. not able to say 'I know all!' What do we know'! Only a Ii ttle drop from oceans. Paradise is also in His power oceans. it is an un known thing. from Adam (peace be upon him) up until our time. no harm. Then. that you can get caught in the garden!" "Who said that?" the Shaykh asked. 110 ugly things!" "Were they like us. the knowledge that we have about our own era. we are learning letters. 110w many periods there will be. to be hidden again. ~ Shaykh Nazim paused for a moment. ami has come down to our times. you should be careful not to get caught up in thern .randsllaykh said that this is the period of our (peace be upon him).) "Someone once told me that when you see all those beautiful things. "Now.

.' Quran is addressed to all and speaks to all. His a ttributes ex ist with Him eternally. but seven flats of heavens. He makes them appear. 'The secrets of l loly books will appear at the end of am period when Mahdi (peace be upon him) comes." A murid points to some copies of Quran. Without any servants how can He be Lord of creatures? "Therefore. You cannot describe it. "This is for the sons of Adam (peace be upon him). J am Allah! (lnna an 'Allah-He is the first. "we arc coming to that question you asked that Alim. He is the owner. when we say. Before the Shaykh could answer. "And always will be?" the brother asked again. 'when He crca ted. Do you prefer to take the photograph of your wife to sleep with.. is this the only place there arc disobedient servants. "We need Allah for ourselves. or her? TIle original and the translation is like this. eternal. "So we." "Maulana. our Grandshaykh asks. arranging His creatures. quite different. when we were hidden in the mercy ocean. but Allah docs not need to be Allah for Himself. It is only an appearance withou t spirit!" The Shaykh continued. How can you say that Allah is Creator and hac! no creatures? Is it only a title.' He was Lord for 'alameen.) Here." said the Shaykh. but . When was He the Lord? He was Lord at the first. Allah to whom was Allah? Without anything He was Allah? Do you think so? Servants need Allah. and giving them directions to their destinations. generally and individually. another asked." replied Maulana. and know that it is you. All the universe was in His mercy oceans. hidden. no beginning and no end for Him). It is written in a manner that is impossible to speak about. that people will be in contact with their Heavenly positions. They had been the guests of a scholarly shaykh who lived in Damascus. 'When Allah said. If a thing came later. 'Rabb." answered Shaykh Nazirn. are all the secrets lost?" Shaykh Nazirn answered. Allah is the Creator. without meaning? No. "In the Divine Presence. No OIlC can be excluded from the Quran's address. He is Lord.'Rabbil alameen. We are illiterate and then we learn. when He orders creation. "Nothing is empty. '1 am Allah')' Was he Allah for Himself? It is impossible. But Allah has no need for Himself to be Allah. The king is not king for himself lIe is king for his people. there are so many creatures.?" Shaykh Nazim replied. Everything is full-up with servants of our Lord. That is the secret Quran. What is a translation? It is like you and your photograph. The Creator has completeness forever-Perfection. We have beginning. "You say there are no other planets? " "Everywhere. It belongs to Allah AIm igh ty. He is not like us. "Before this was made manifest. is there anything out of His mercy? He 107 106 . But Allah? He is not like His creatures. (He was referring to a discussion some of the rnurids had at dinner the night before. in the Divine Presence." continued Shaykh Nazim. What is the relationship between them? Are you the same as your picture? One may look at the photograph. etc. His servants." "The same words?" "It is different. it means we shall be in contact with Heavens.' He is Lord. that Shaykh . "There are seven heavens-no planets. Is it the same? It cannot be. without appearance. from weakness we grow. "Then these books are not the real Quran?" Maulana answered.' it means that all creatures were hidden in His mercy oceans. and says. When the secrets of Holy Quran appear. All things belonging to Allah. "Now. It was in His power oceans. to whom did he say. "Our Grandshaykh says that the Holy Quran is written in the Divine Presence. and at the last." A disciple asked in surprise. lIe continued his talk: "Is there anything you can imagine that is out of His power'? Or. When He wills. It is for everyone. or was He Creator? He was Creator! All His attributes are eternal. "From translations you can take only a little part. isn't He? He became Creator after a time. was there any awareness of existence?" "We arc coming to that. Jesus (peace be upon him) also said. Now. Creation makes it appear. becoming stronger. He was Creator at the beginning. Shakespeare's Hamlet is translated into German.' for all. and so many creatures. most of them angels. it is completely different writing. Was He Creator without creatures? You think so? You are wrong. eternally. worshipping and giving respects to their Lord. Understand'?" A brother said. but not in the words and letters that we use here.Someone asked. Satan. "Our Grandshaykh says that secrets of Holy Quran will appear in the time of Mahdi (peace be upon him). it would not be fitting to be a Divine attribute. last night. always were? Is that correct'? " "Always. "When the Quran is translated into English.

All prophets came just for that purpose. knows when he began worshipping his Lord. he must show us what good thing he did for mankind.' Therefore. is he good?" "People say this. or did he make them more wrong? If a man claims prophethood after Muhammad (peace be upon him).' "Tl1 is is because egos' characters are all the worst chara cters. he was also his Lord's servant. He says also that Allah Almighty opened to Muhammad (peace be upon him) the ocean of secrets of the Holy Quran." ******** It is from secret knowledge that our Grandshaykh says that Allah Almighty wrote His Name and His Unity (La illaha ill'Allah) firstly. adultery! How will it be a correction for people to follow that way! "We understand that prophets and religions are sent to give us a control on our nafs." the muriel insisted. and to keep their honor-vto correct people's wrong actions. with the power of Grandshaykh makes it easy to understand. to give people a power Cor controlling themselves. It is in eternal existence. Because he is coming to address all people. Allah Almighty sent them a prophet to keep them on the right way. were there also countless Muharnmads?" "Just one. "in America. Muhammad (peace be upon him) was the servant of Allah Almighty from the beginning. Allah wrote. and He is also opening it to Mahdi (peace be upon him). ******* Our Grandshaykh says that in our time no one from among the Awliya has been given perm ission to speak about secret knowledge except him. "This is a very deep ocean. But who corrects his way from Bahaii? They are drinking.irn . As our Prophet (peace be upon him) said. Mahdi (peace be upon him) is given seven hundred kinds of knowledge over the knowledge of all saints! No one has yet been given such as Mahd i (peace be upon him) has been given. If a man cannot control himself. no one can reach good character until he can control himself. Did any other creature buy us from Him? Did they capture us from Him." asked a rnurid . This is very important . "he cannot harm himself. 109 0 108 . '1 came just to complete good character. And. also. Nothing! If they are saying Bahaii is a prophet. You may look in history: every time people were becoming like animals." said a murid .. Bahaii? Show us what he did. Dicl he correct wrong things in people. Such a person is a devil. his ego. "We are saying. we must look at what he did. At the same time it was written. No one. and giving to him from that secret knowledge of Quran. and to save people from bad character. "to whom was Allah in eternal existence? Who was in the Divine Presence that Allah was speaking to.that Muhammad (peace be upon him) was worshipping his Lord at the same time that he was Rasul-ullah. This is the meaning of religions. How maya man who destroys his house with his own hands be a good man? He who burns his house." answered the Sliaykh. his family. La illaha illa anna wa Muhammadin Rasulit This means. He doesn't destroy good things also." Maulana continued. 'La illaha ill'Allah is written eternally." "If he is a good man. worshipping their Lord. and many people are correcting their wrongs when they follow him. it encompasses all things-finisbed. 'I am your Lord. he makes wrong things correct. and Muhammad is My servant and My Prophet!" "Shaykh Nazim. "when you said that there were countless Adams before us. who was He addressing? He was Mohammad (peace be upon him). They arc not preventing zina . they are doing dirty actions. a man may say. we must ask what he did. 'My mercy is around all things. If anyone says that after Muhammad (peace be upon Him) there is a prophet. No one knows that beginning. except his Lord. He may speak Quranic secrets. The followers of Muhammad (peace be upon him) number millions and millions. Muhammadin Rasulullah is written in eternal existence. it will be enough to correct and direct all people on to their destinations." answered the Shay kh. not a prophet. in His Divine Presence." continued Shaykh Naz. Other prophets were under the flag of Muhammad (peace be upon him). Muhammad (peace be upon him) was His servant and His Prophet in eternal existence.. also.says. 'Muhammadin Rasul-ullah. and the purpose of prophethood. his character is the worst: he will be worse than wild animals. "When 3 prophet comes. 'T can do whatever I like as long as I'm not harming anyone else. and no one can know the time it was written." "Sliaykh Nazirn. they are eating dirty things. and I am still a good man. also. and bring us here? What arc you saying-not thinking?~.' As Muhammad (peace be upon him) was Prophet. either. He says. but AI-lIa~ndull1lah.

" "When Allah said. continuously. and so many sahabas came and accepted him. you cannot give any description for it: It is impossible. We have realities in the 111 . Prophets have come to us to open that door through which we can look at our realities. if you know that you are on the right way. Allah Almighty is out of time and space.' you don't mean 'ever since.' Therefore. when a hard rock is in the way. There is no description for the spirits of men. when you say." "The mercy oceans are out of time and space?" asked a brother. also. Muhammadin Rasulullah. timelessly and endlessly. In the time of our Prophet (peace be upon him).' was that out of time and space?" asked a brother.Maulana replied. no baraka. You must not stop with hard-headed people. "Do you think that we came from that Divine Presence with our whole originality. "Yes. 'La illaha ill'Allah . We are always in the Divine Presence for service. "We were already with our spirit's spirit in the Divine Presence. "This is a very important point! Because. you must go around it. it is out of time and space. because arguing is wasting your time. where animals are free like you!' (Everyone is laughing. 'We have been serving him ever since. They are trying to bring all the realities into time and space. and spirit's spirit's spirit! The third spirit was in the Divine Presence when Allah said. freedom. Muhammadin Rasul-ullah. We are worshipping Him. 'Argument. guy! You may be in jungle. All things belong to Allah." said Maulana. Muhammadin Rasul-ullah. and wasting your faith. in our originality. Don't argue with hard-headed people. 'extinguishes the light of faith. still in the Divine Presence. It is an important lesson for us. Those spirits belong to Divine stations. Leave them! You must be like rivers. if you know that rightness is with you." Someone asked. Therefore. If that person doesn't accept." said Maulana. our whole personality? Never! We are like one ray coming from the sun." replied the Shaykh . You must not argue with a man. from that timeless 'sun. We are here for a little time. Now. What is spirit? No one can explain it. When a thing is out of time and space. when Allah Almighty said. No one is humble enough to listen to another.' We accepted that. you must leave it. no blessing from that meeting. also!" ******* Our Grandshaykh is explaining to us the reality of mankind. Quickly leave that argument. our spirit was there. men are proud of their knowledge. of their thinking. that we have been caught from that Presence and brought here to this world. only. in this life. "Yes.' says our Grandshaykh. Everyone says. "There are so many things you have yet to hear. Understand? The example of the river is very good for us. out of time and space there is no moving. people lose their understanding. in reality. guy! You may go to jungle. "we cannot understand. "No. we are in time and space.' for us. " "But it doesn't mean the same thing if Allah said it yesterday. spirit's spirit. How can you bring realities from out of time and space into time and space? But we believe only that our origins are out of time and space. no one says 'No. no space in Divine Presence. 'La illaha ill'Allah. We are worshipping.) "We have a method from our Grandshaykh. there is only one ray. out of time and space. "Yes.' as in time?" "Now. 0. How can you put an ocean in a glass? It is impossible. At that time you will know your Lord. it is prohibited. And no one can know the spirit of our spirit except Allah Almighty.' We were in the Divine Presence. No one knows what is the reality of spirit. "no time. "How many spirits?" 110 Maulana answered. without stopping. "He may ask question. not now." said Maulana. and we were His servants from that time. Our worshipping is going on. he left hard-headed people. you may find so many arguments everywhere. And then for that spirit there is also a spirit. "we shall give answer. and we are His servants out of space and time. " "So. "He may go to the jungle to make himself free! Understand? In jungle. don't tire yourself in arguing with him or trying to teach them. wasting your energy. nothing. '0. 'La illaha ill'Allah. Change your way to a soft one. 'I know!' Therefore. Here. There is no 'innaya. When you break your prisons. Therefore. you will be free and you will catch your personality. Not moving. Also for our spirit there is again a spirit. We are. the sons of Adam (peace be upon him): "Our bodies have no life without spirit. does it?" the murid wanted to know. nowadays. free! Not here.' no Divine help. "Three: spirit.'" "But that's the kind of questions they ask!" the brother said.

and you cannot describe to him. in front of me. is like trying to describe the taste of honey . you don't know yourself! "Our Prophet (peace be upon him) says. and my Grandshaykh is ordering me to tell about all ways.' We don't know ourselves. You are asking me if I know your positions in the Divine Presence. you have never tasted it. now... 'It's honey!' "How can I describe for a little boy what it means to be a perfect man? Can you describe anything about the attributes of a perfect man to a three-year-old boy? A five-year-old boy? Can you describe it? Never! He may sleep with ten girls. "all that I am saying to you. we need a Divine mirror to look in to see ourselves. 'Like this. He knows nothing. also!' We recognize ourselves now. But when he reaches the age of perfection. "And this is the way for tasting. you will know your Lord. it will open for you to look at yourself. there is no time to look to that position. like that. nothing. you are asking valuable things. More than this description I cannot make until you taste it by yourself. I know!" PART THREE ******* 112 . to look at ourselves and say. to know yourself. You are asking to know yourself. No.' We must wait to reach that age. As of yet. We have been sent to attain perfection. (Haqqiqat) Step by step. then you will taste. You are asking why we are coming to this life. 'We are something. Yet. behind me." Maulana went on. (he puts his finger to his mouth.Divine Presence. we are saying... I know who is sitting on my right side. what it will be like. if you are going. on my 'left side. no time to look at ourselves. directing you to your stations in the Divine Presence. around me. "These things. making people most foolish also! No one is coming for dunya to this masjid. So many devils. we are all looking to ourselves. there is no other. making such wrong ways. When you will taste. you will know. 'When you know yourself. It is to be witnesses of ourselves! We were in Divine oceans. he will know! Understand? Now. yet. Then . When we come to this world. You can't find it. as if tasting) .

He said that this power is in our Lord's hands. "Allah says that He has all power. "Allah is the main power station for all creatures. you must ask from your Lord. If a man knows this point (yaqin). "All the universe needs power to work. each has a power given to it by Allah. Therefore. in all conditions throughout his life. All things. and that His servants are powerless.******* Our Grandshaykh says. he was asking for Divine help and Divine power every second. are receiving from the endless power oceans of Allah Almighty. Now. people are saying. nothing moves. nothing stands. Therefore. countless creatures in the oceans. Without power. If He withheld that power for even an instant. From where does the ant get his huge strength? The elephant his huge size? There are countless insects. everything would vanish! "Who gave prophethood to prophets? If Allah didn't give prophecy. they would be ordinary people. nothing else. His kingdom is going on everywhere. The smallest atomic particlefrom where does it get the huge amount of power it needs to exist? "Allah. Therefore. Only the Creator can say. my Lord! Don't leave me to myself! If You leave me to myself. Only Allah has absolute power. Muhammad (peace be upon him) asked his Lord. 115 . 'We have power!' They don't accept their powerlessness. Sainthood is also a power given by Allah Almighty. and that it is within everything that is in existence. he knows that as much as you are powerless.' describing it as the Divine power that accompanies all things. '0. So it is for all creatures. from the smallest to the biggest. each has been given a private destination and corresponding power from Allah's endless power oceans. they cannot reach any target in their lives. is giving this power to all the universe. I will perish!' The Prophet (peace be upon him) had exact knowledge of this point. every moment. "Muhyiddin ibn'Arabi (may Allah be pleased with him) spoke about 'Malakut. from the smallest to the biggest.

As much as you are in need." said Maulana. my Lord. he is true and trustworthy. we accept it out of respect for the Prophet (peace be upon him). "How do we know if a hadith is authentiIC ?" . It is a sign of 117 . Devils cannot approach a man who has wudu." Someone asked. no! If we read it in a book. but we are not in agreement with this thinking. Don't be this way. for hadiths. Shaykh Nazim replied. we must accept all hadiths as true?" "Yes. Therefore. we are not on the right way." Someone asked. you will be left to yourself. help is coming. This is wrong. This is the way of students and also of common people." said Maulana. we trust in all hadiths that he has written. rich people on their wealth. we cannot question the source?" said a murid. we respect the words of the Prophet (peace be upon him) as much as we respect the words of Holy Quran. we must not take it without wudu. al-Ghazzali (may Allah be pleased with him) wrote many books containing many hadiths. when Awliya are reading. They may listen to a man and see if light is coming from his speech. ******* "This my Grandshaykh taught me. " ourselves. all Divine power. he is not in need for the opinions of another as to which hadith is strong and which is weak. "If we are asking real goodness from any religious book. He is not an ordinary alim. But Awliya.' we believe it out of respect to our Prophet (peace be upon him). hear it from an Alim or from a man. In hadiths the Prophet (peace be upon him) did not speak for himself. Therefore. For example. But it is difficult to do this. Without it. We must respect the hadiths as much as we respect' the Holy Quran's verses. to say. Very few people possess this secret. if any book has hadiths from the Prophet (peace be upon him)." the Shaykh continued. Also. "Now. Our Prophet (peace be upon him) advised us always to have wudu because it is the weapon of Muslims against devils. 'This is a hadith. Also. Some people consider some of these hadiths to be weak. "If a trustworthy Alim says or wntes 111 a book that such and such is a hadith. as we do for reading Quran?" Maulana answered. They are an explanation of Quranic verses. To agree. powerful people on their power. I am always asking my Lord for power to explain these realities. "The Prophet's hadiths are equal to and have the same rank as Quran." A murid asked. but with revelation from Allah Almighty. he is explaining the intricacies of Quran to us. out of respect for our Prophet (peace be upon him) we must believe it. you cannot go forward. they may see those hadiths which are exact. "If you find any learned man in whom your heart believes and trusts. If a man claims. 'I am rich! I do not need anyone for anything!' he is a poor-rich man. If Allah didn't permit it. "Does this mean that we should make wudu before reading a book of hadiths. shining from the page. coming with light. I am in need of Your Divine help! Don't leave me for even the blink of an eye to my nafs. there is no responsibility for us if we accept it. He who claims. filled with light. until we receive that higher vision that the Awliya have. They are the words of the Prophet (peace be upon him). We believe Imam Ghazzali (may Allah be pleased with him) to be a gigantic alim."All Divine help. 'I know! I am a learned man!' he is an ignorant-learned man. or I will perish! This is a most important thing to know. comes to weak people more than to powerful people. "Our Prophet (peace be upon him) explained Holy Quran according to our capacity. he couldn't speak. "So. Therefore. "it is no good. learned people depend on their knowledge. When a man can see this. Our Prophet (peace be upon him) is from mankind like 116 . as much as you are opening to Allah. He who claims. "because the Quran is Allah's word while hadiths are the Prophet's words. 'All right' is better. "if you are not doing this. . This is a high adab. If you don't feel in need of your Lord. we take hadiths from those people who have the light of Iman in their hearts showing them the truth. to whom Allah Almighty has given light. Without wudu. "So many Alims are denying this or that hadith while Awliya say that those hadiths are all right. are different. "No. and you will perish." Maulana answered. you must believe. I am nothing. and so his words are easier for us to understand. "0. Thus. Then. 'I am clever!' he is stupid-clever." "You mean. If someone says. every second. If it is an incorrect hadith. or good manners. a 'king size' alim. they may know if his words are correct. you must believe any hadiths he tells you.

"Allah!" It is important to remember." the brother said. When you are looking. He will see him on the correct way=moving towards Him. 'All right." the Shaykh answered. He is with you. that soldier wouldn't give it up. He will see him on his Lord's way. today). Some soldiers from one side were chasing a soldier from the other side.. and we need that gun to defend ourselves!' "Your service to your Lord should be like that. He struggled so hard to keep it that seven men couldn't get it away from him. This is the biggest miracle for Muslims. You must not leave it. we must believe. "you may give to him. If you catch something in your hand. When you are sitting. But you cannot reach that point until you believe every word and saying that is hadith. anyone 119 . Finally. "All of them. When you are walking. He is with you. he wouldn't leave it. Understand? It is not important to say. This is dhikr!'" ******* My Grandshaykh taught me: "The highest degree of miracles for a person. "You may look in your hand and say. 'So many diamonds! Look! Each of you may take one and keep it!' You must advise them. when you are sleeping. "Our Grandshaykh told me a story that took place during World War 1." said Maulana." replied the Shaykh. my brother! We are not the enemy! We are your comrades. what is it? It is to keep the way of his Lord firmly so that any time his Lord looks after him. saying. No one must take it from you. without 118 leaving it.' If you are with your Lord. This way will take you to that point." "What about a man who gives up his religion?" someone asked Shaykh Nazim. When the soldier who took the gun examined it. once. If you catch a thing. If he knew. for believers. even if they cut off your hand. only their tongues." "So.. When you know that an order. who were in need of weapons. to keep belief in his hand than to keep fire in his hand!' It is so difficult." answered Maulana. 'From where is this? From where is that?' So many questions! It shows that his heart isn't clean. When you are speaking. "If someone asks you. Any book that is written as hadiths of Prophet (peace be upon him). and took his rifle away. Dhikr means to be with Allah Almighty always. "Our Grandshaykh also told me another important point. always. when you are eating. If you are with your Lord. a faith. "He didn't know the value of what he had. no one must take it from you. he will not give it up even if they cut his hand. Nazim Effendi! All ranks. 'In those times (He was referring to the times we are living in. yes. where they finally caught him. He is not going to leave you. he found that the stock was filled with diamonds! When his comrades. in all situations all the time. "can you pass it along to others. or spiritual levels. how could he leave it? If a man has a diamond in his hand and knows it." "But now have you reached the point where you can see the light coming from the true hadiths?" asked a disciple. or a religion is true. so much is his heart filled with doubts. When you are thinking. also?" "Yes. you will be able to answer him. "It is like a man who had a ruby in his hand and threw it away. As much as he questions. Our Prophet (peace be upon him) said. "Allah! Allah!" but when they are acting they are not with their Lord. Lights! It is very difficult to accept this. "He -said to me. '0. you must keep it forever." "Are there many collections of hadiths that are valid?" "So many. until the end. tried to take the captured rifle from him. it must be forever. They came to a river. he will ask. He is with you. to look . "If he knew." ******* Shaykh Nazim said. our Grandshaykh persuaded him to let them have the gun. if you know. an action." said Maulana." "Must people ask for that knowledge?" said another. He is with you. it will be more difficult for a man to keep religion.a clean heart to say. The Shaykh replied. "that man never really knew what he had?" "Yes. It is about the importance of dhikr=-the importance of remembrance of Allah. '0. So many people are saying. You will not be alone if you are making dhikr. Don't leave it!" "This belief that we are holding in our hands. that He is with you. 'You must ask from those who are in remembrance with Me. He is with you." said a murid. "Ahh. This is my way (madhhab). but you must keep it. Allah says in Quran.' If a man's heart is not clean. that a man may reach in this life and the next life will be reached by remembrance of Allah with dhikr.

we must keep to a practice and not leave it. nothing. on your nafs. a certain worship. we do not leave one a~d skip to another! Allah's reward to us is according to our mtent. "You cannot know with which worship. .' When the customer returns the next day.' says our Grandshay kh. But if they are not written on your heart. day or night. winter or summer.' "Every day. ******* 121 . /'F or if a man may keep to a certain goodness. According to a servant's capacity. 'I am only loading this load on you until night! Tomorrow. . we intend to worship endlessly. you cannot remember. "For example. until that night. Presence occurs. there IS a special mercy for each kind of worship. or five hundred different acts of worship and goodness. It is only once in a year. the shopkeeper again points to the sign: 'Today cash~ Tomorrow credit!' Understand? Like this we trick our nafs. 'This is the biggest miracle. anytime you may need them you will remember." **** * * * These are the words of our Grandshaykh. "Which worship is the most valuable?" "Only Allah knows. "Our Grandshaykh says that. At that time. That door IS opening into this life from time to time. Maybe the night he sleeps is that Night! "Therefore. "It is like a shopkeeper who posts a sign: 'Today cash=Tomorrow credit. "He is pleased with us when we do goodness. and says. not leaving it. throughout his life. There are five hundred kinds of worship. Awliya are addressing both our spirits and our bodies. This is our target. " A brother asked. and if a servant n:eets that opening time. he will be ready when Allah opens the door of mercy for that particular worship. the shopkeeper points to the sign.can ask you any question. and tomorrow 1 will allow you to buy something on credit. not just during Ramadan. Layla'til Qadr is only one of five hundred kinds· four-hundred-ninety-nine other mercies come for other goodnesses! No one knows when a Divine mercy is coming. It is a reward for them from their Lord. " ******* "For each act of worship that Allah or Prophet (peace be upon him) has ordered. it will never accept it. It is written that: 'That person who intends to do every act of worship as sincerely as he can. we must intend: '0. He who asks for the Night of Power uses every night. for each fard. Allah Almighty gave the order for the Layla' til Qadr. but He IS not pleased with us when we leave worship and do badness. Therefore. There are five hundred kinds of worship and you do not know from which worship that mercy may open. during. finished!'" The Shaykh continued. or with which goodness He may be pleased with us. you will not be able to take enough benefit from his words. 0. before. my Lord!' Ifwe make an intention. if you make the intention each morning. eternally. We are saying. to make our Lord pleased with us. we use tricks. If a man is ready at that time. without ceasing. and during that night there is only a second in which the Divine. he will do it with pleasure.' When a man comes to his shop to buy something on credit. the Night of Power. Their words may be written on our hearts. "Because. in order to catch our nafs. All of them are to please Allah only. Remember. or for which practice there may be a reward. and asks for the credit he was promised. he can reach his Lord's Presence very quickly at that moment. 'Pay me today. ai the beginning. he may do as much as he is able. People who know the value of that moment may wait every night throughout the year. When words are written on your heart. You cannot benefit from them. or after Ramadan. F~r each worship. But. and in books. my Lord! I intend to stand up for five hundred acts of worships. the Heavens open and you will see all things in sajdah to their Lord. But." was the Shaykh's reply. there is a special mercy coming. in a similar manner. to be able to use it for worship. and for each sunnah of Rasul-ullah (peace be upon him) that a servant may observe continuously. that person will take that mercy from all five hundred acts of worship!'" A brother wanted to know: "Why not make the intention at the beginning of each month?" Maulana Nazim answered. if you put such a heavy load. If a man hasn't the power to address your heart. at the same time. It may come anytime. Allah Almighty opens a door from His mercy for those who perform that worship. thenall our actions will be according to our intent. he may reach everything he may ask. a whole month. as best I can! This I intend. your Lord will put answers on your tongue.

a servant is in need of good actions. It is from our Prophet's treasures. "We may follow the example of Abu Yazid al-Bistami (may Allah grant him more honors) who said '0. and set out on foot. must be given his reward. gardens. endless mercy oceans. no palaces. and palaces Allah Almighty has promised them these things as a reward for good actions." Maulana went on. he is a man seeking wheat in the fall without planting or plowing in the spring. It is impossible for it to be stolen by Iblis. our egos asking for rewards? " "No. So. At that time. What is there for your nafs? Nothing! If you say that your nafs wants those endless oceans you are a liar!" ' Maulana continued. he will not be satisfied with the few drops that his nafs crave. we are asking only to enter into the Divine Presence. "This desire is not of the nafs. to be our Lord's sincere servants. We must carry difficulties for our Lord. This is the highest degree of worshipping. also. In general. And yet his intent remained alive. taking him from here and putting him in his station in the Divine Presence. "A man once intended to go to Hijaz. Never returning ~ finished! " A murid asked. He who looks upon the face of his Lord will forget all else. His Lord sent that servant to Hijaz. If a man carries difficulties for the sake of Allah. on the Judgment Day. no palaces. as some men are interested in women. there may come. a private mercy for that servant." says our Grandshaykh. however. no gardens. "There is a hadith saying that there is a Paradise where there is no garden. eternally.d replied' 'Leave your nafs and come! That is the way!' ' "Therefore. in the Divine Presence. This action by a servant is kept among Allah Almighty's treasures. "how can we come to this level? " The Shaykh answered. it means that the action belongs to our Prophet (peace be upon him). to disappear forever into His endless beauty oceans. This my Grandshaykh told me: 'On the Judgment Day he who worshipped for reward will be 122 123 . "Whoever tries hard. will a few drops of water be sufficient for him? Therefore. But if he performs a worship only for the sake of Allah's love Allah will give him countless rewards. Clear?" "Maulana. Nafs are satisfied with the beauties of Paradise. Why do so many hadiths mention a reward for the servant who does this or that sunnah? This is because our Prophet (peace be upon him) was ordered to address men according to their various levels and capacities for understanding. They cannot understand more than that level. "It is required that we must worship Allah without asking reward in this life or the next. a private mercy opened for that servant."There is an unchanging method in Islam. He walked as far as he could until his strength was used up and he could go no further. Sins and bad actions erase our good actions and worship. All beauties of Paradise are but a few drops from the endless beauty oceans of Allah Almighty! If a man is dying of thirst. he may get that reward. at any time. the Prophet (peace be upon him) will give to him from among his treasures which he has kept for that servant. Don't say that your nafs demands the oceans of Allah's beauty! In those oceans there are no ladies. If a man asks for mercy without carrying difficulties. When. therefore." ******* From the teachings of our Grandshaykh: "If a person makes a sunnah. most people's nafs wouldn't do anything without the promise of a reward: like children who must be promised sweets in order to do their chores promptly. without asking any reward. While he is carrying his heavy load of worship and does not leave his practice." Maulana told him. Do you think your Lord would leave his servant in the desert like that? That man remained patient. endless power oceans. will be always in that endless beauty. Allah looked out for him. He who asks not for Paradise but only to look on Allah's Divine Face. His Lord will pick up those difficulties and give that servant absolute rest and happiness. only Allah's face smiling on the inhabitants. and carries difficulties in the way of Allah Almighty and His Prophet (peace be upon him). A camel appeared coming along that way. He loaded his supplies on his back. "Isn't this. "if a man performs a worship expecting rewards. It cannot vanish. it is protected among the treasures of Muhammad (peace be upon him). Nafs'demands are too limited." asked a disciple. They are interested in the King! It is required for us. "This is our example. If a man can save himself from his ego. though with no hope for himself and no power to help himself. and then He will give us everything: endless enjoyment and happiness. "Some. are not interested in palaces. his Lord does not leave him. my Lord! How can I approach you?' His Lo.

without sufficient himmah to extricate himself from his position.' may Allah Almighty grant him more glory and honor. or even old age. the King of the Knowers. no Iman (belief). and Allah says on the tongue of Muhammad (peace be upon him). proud of his rank. 'I tried all doors going to the Divine Presence. and humbleness is a most effective medicine for his bad character. the spiritual. He will become increasingly powerless (that is. It is a vicious circle. spiritual pleasure for that servant. There is a pleasure belonging to each. Yet. Abu Yazid (may Allah Almighty grant him more glory and honor) has been respected by Muslims for one-thousand years.' Which do you prefer?" ******* Our Grandshaykh tells us about our Prophet (peace be upon him): "Our Prophet (peace be upon him) has about two hundred fifty names. All is from His favor. He said. Leave it for Allah to make others respect you. If a man does not educate his nafs according to the directions of Prophets and Awliya. to forego the pleasures of this life in order that we may reach our permanent pleasures in the Divine Presence. such as fame. So. This was my way throughout my life. and as a consequence no akhira. "In the light of this. He who worshipped for the Love of Allah will be taken to the Divine Presence. This is wrong. The power necessary to sustain our working toward the permanent. We must choose to work toward 'akhira. '0. 'La bayk! La bayk! La bayk!' It means.. you will have himmah. and. He gives and withholds as He likes. also. as much as we are proud. our Iman. and I found all of them full-up. no permanent. is proud. Everything we are proud of in ourselves is from and belongs to our Lord. He said. Abdullah!' the Prophet (peace be upon him) replied. he will be more and more proud-proud of his business. three times. and therefore he is farthest from the Divine Presence. by any means. We must be 125 . Only when yougive this respect to others will you properly respect yourself. "The Sultan ul Arifin. Therefore. physical pleasures of this life. we must try our nafs in every situation so that we may be more humble. "This life is a test for us. I entered the Divine Presence through that door!' "All prophets and Awliya have come to teach people humbleness because our nafs. it is up to us to be patient. therefore. to be proud. is Abu Yazid al-Bistami (may Allah Almighty give him more glory and honor). my Lord! I am at your service!' This attribute of our Prophet (peace be upon him) is the sign of his most excellent humbleness. He will ask. "Everything we have is from our Lord. 'Qadus Allahu Sirrahu-l ali. The most lovely is Abdullah because it shows that he was a servant of his Lord. proud of his money. I then tried the door of humbleness.' As a consequence. and they are asking others to respect them for it. When we hear his name we may say. "When a man would call to the Prophet. the more humble we are. just as you are. the power by which the Saints can move mountains. about the hadith. and thus he guides his nation to humbleness. or knowledge. Real respect is to respect all others. The most proud creature is Iblis. This is our nafs' pride." I I I I ******* Our Grandshaykh says. 0. then.' Therefore. so many people think that some quality they possess. rather than the temporary. 'I took it as an obligation to respect all people and all creatures. our ego. Thus. but actually lose sight of the existence of a higher life. as much as he is humble will Allah raise that servant's degree. and I found it empty. and the highest honor for a man is to be the obedient slave of his Lord. They are your Lord's servants. no power (himmah)-no himmah. no belief. Only then may others respect you. "He who knows that he is a slave of his Lord cannot be proud. "One of the great Awliya was Rif'ai (may Allah be pleased with him). is called 'himmah. we may see that the pursuit of physical pleasures will weaken both Iman (faith) and himmah (power). that much are we farther from our goal. He will be humble. or beauty. and we have spiritual bodies. 'I obey.' Our Prophet (peace be upon him) says that himmah comes from the power of our belief.' the life hereafter. 'Qulu wal-himma' til wal Iman' (strength of himmah is from strength of faith): "We have physical bodies. 1 didn't wait for anyone to respect me. As much as you have faith. But only the spiritual is permanent.sent to Paradise. we must be careful. This is the meaning of the hadith. And conversely. the nearer we are to the Divine Presence. Among all creatures. How can we claim the respect that is due only to Him? We cannot ask others to respect us. Allah Almighty. a person given over to his wordly appetites will not only deny. All favors are from our Lord. 'If a servant will be humble. our Prophet (peace be upon him) has reached the highest point in humbleness. belongs to 124 them.

"He who is yet the slave of his ego sees things incorrectly. With great care and good manners. that donkey is showing us his perfection. bring the other one to me. sitting with your wife for Allah's sake. that donkey is not perfect! Some people are asking me. or for his ego's sake. Also. a great caliph was sitting in his palace.teaching. Eight hours must also be given to providing for the next life. He will send pleasure oceans to you. He says.' the boy protested. "If you are asking for your nafs' pleasure. "Whenever a man is wrong in himself. and he took the hammer in his hand. master. Lastly. That which he imagines to be imperfect or wrong is. Everyone knows whether an action is for Allah's sake. When you see something wrong you must say. ' "'But. There will be unlimited pleasure for you. if you are doing for your Lord. As he sat.' "'As you like. 'Allah Almighty has made this tiny creature for one purpose. you will then come back to me and say. religious books. learning. '0." explained Shaykh Nazim. Shaykh! Pray for my little son to be silent!' I tell them. and the highest degree of believing in the goodness of the Creator. "His anger and frustration mounting. complete and perfect. eight hours must be for resting. Reading Quran. he summoned his advisor. according to Shariah. 'What is wrong in me that I see this wrong thing?' This is the highest degree of faith. At the top. 0. he may take from the time set aside for this world's workings. my son! Bring me the bottle that you see on that shelf over there. doing dhikr. 'Here. there are two bottles. Shaykh! Our baby is too quiet. When he is all right within himself. His rest was soon interrupted by the intrusion of a fly. Shaykh!' he cried. We are working to perfect ourselves. a thick cloud of sorrow will cover your heart. Then. he entered the Grandshaykh's room and sat before him. "Our nafs are like this. He is not a big man.patient and forego our desires for this world (dunya). a disciple asked Shaykh Nazim. "This working for the eternal life is not just prayers and worshipping. "How can this be? Our nafs are imperfect. that pleasure will be only for a few moments. in reality. sitting and listening to Allah's words in a meeting. and 'give it over to doings for the eternal life." replied the apprentice. son of Adam! You must keep your Lord's pleasure!'" ******* Our Grandshaykh was saying. '0. '0. nor could he make it leave him alone. helping people-all goodnesses." Shaykh Nazim continued. If a man has enough himma. "One of the Ottoman emperors went to Constantinople to visit a certain Grandshaykh. Without his braying. You must do something!' "Here is another story: Once. to make Him pleased with you. Then. he was set upon by many flies. Seeing the emperor's predicament. he was amazed to find that both of the bottles shattered into pieces! The boy had double vision. writing. " When he heard those words of our Grandshaykh. his master hit upon an idea: He pointed to a shelf in his workshop and told the apprentice. to sit quietly! If I pray for him to be silent. though no one could figure out why. Everything is created perfectly by our Creator. the Grand127 . '0. His perfection is in those actions about which you are complaining. take this hammer and break one of them. 'Which one shall I bring?' 126 "The master handed the boy a hammer and told him. The world is created completely. Thus Jalaluddin Rumi (may Allah be pleased with him) was warning people to search themselves when they see something that appears wrong to them. It is to render great kings powerless! They are vanquished by this little flY!'" "There is yet a third story about this point. When he struck one of the bottles. my nafs! You are wrong!' "The Creator is not creating wrong things or imperfect things. if we could but see it: perfection! When you hear the braying of a donkey don't be disturbed. hadith. however. One day. No matter how hard he tried. But. causing him great discomfort. are we not?" Shaykh Nazim answered him this way: "J alaluddin Rumi (may Allah be pleased with him) told the story of the carpenter's apprentice who was very clumsy. This patience builds lman. It is anything that you do for the sake of Allah Almighty. "There must be a balance in our activities each day. 'for what purpose has this fly been created?' "The sage answered him. at the essence. Where we may see two there is only one. '0. my master. all things appear wrong to him. Eight hours must be devoted to providing for one's needs in this world. he could not catch that fly. the world appears all right to him. We must ask ourselves. everyone knows his actions. '0. which gives us the power (himmah) to reach our spiritual goal: Akhira.

When you see all things as correct. So too when you are carrying everything that gives your nafs no satisfaction. "Secondly. As he passed over his army standing in review. who said: 'It is impossible to find a better situation than that which exists today. to our Prophet (peace be upon him). Therefore. If it is no good. or are about to do. and others to be correct with us until we are correct with our Lord. and escape its harm.' a secret unbeliever. This is the base of faith. His Prophet (peace be upon him). 128 . our Prophet (peace be upon him) says. "What is the spirit of faith? What is the base upon which faith is built (Ruh ul Iman)? The spirit of faith.shaykh said to him. Prophets are carrying all.' replied the throne. we must be careful. for those who are ready. '0.'" such is the number of different characters and abilities. in his heart. If it is good. 'if your subjects will not obey you?' Then. been ordered to clean ourselves of both evident and secret kafir. You cannot expect hens to crow like roosters. my king! Why do you not order these flies to leave?' "The emperor replied. you may do it. he felt.' If a man will obey Allah exactly all things will obey him." our Grandshaykh says. leave it. then your faith will increase and become stronger. It is a terrible thing-very dangerous. as much as we are able to carry." So. Therefore. and be patient with those you don't like. impossible for our actions to be correct. not to be a secret unbeliever. You cannot yearn for things to be as they used to be. it is important for a believer to weigh his actions. On that day. "we may take a lesson from Imam Ghazzali (may Allah be pleased with him). for our families. "if a man balances his actions in this life. my shaykh!' lamented the emperor. At once the throne descended. it means that he is considered a 'secret kafir. "In this life. but if you weigh that action first. As many as there are people on this earth. without which man cannot live. He who knows 129 ******* Our Grandshaykh was saying. 'I can't carry them!' However. you get more power for your faith. or lions to be like cows. Angrily. nor for the way that they might be. is to carry every thing that you do no t like. turning to the flies. The conditions that we are in now are perfect. It is like the foundations of a building which are the strongest part and carry all of the other parts. you will have reached perfection. even more earful than we are about our openly visible acts. and make sure that it will be pleasing to Allah. we are carrying responsibility and we are all living together. Solomon (peace be upon him) took his staff and began to beat the throne. When you know that that action will bring pleasure to your Lord. but our secret acts are another matter! We have. without which faith cannot live. and you must carry them all in your home. therefore. '0. Solomon (peace be upon him) immediately understood and threw himself into sajdah." continued Shaykh Nazim. most suitable for us. Our Grandshaykh is advising us that everyone must keep a balance with him with which to weigh his actions. than if he prays for seventy years!' This is because you may erase your seventy years of worship with an act that Allah is not pleased with. you must do it. King Solomon (peace be upon him) was sitting upon his magnificent flying throne. my Lord! Pardon me!' "It is. 'Be correct!' he ordered. or AwIiya. If not. 'You are the real king!' 'This is the meaning of 'Manna t'Allah ata'ahu qul'y shay. You must carry them. my Shaykh! They are not listening to my command!' "'How are you a king?" returned the master. our neighbors. and to Awliya. "Once. a surge of pride. and in your community. with your mind. 'Out!' The flies quickly left through a small hole in the wall. Our evident and public acts may be easily corrected. You can't say. the Shaykh commanded. We must look at each action that we do. therefore. there will be only a 'check-up' for him because Allah doesn't balance a man's actions twice. '''0. whenever you are carrying. you may be able to leave it. Are you better than Allah? Better than prophets?" ******* If a man is doing an action that is not pleasing to Allah. His Prophet (peace be upon him) or Awliya. Allah is carrying all. saying. there will be no balancing for him on the Judgment Day. your neighborhood. 'It is more lovely for Allah that a man sits for an hour thinking and weighing his actions. Subhan'Allah! "As a final note on this point. Allah Almighty is giving His mercy as much as we need. '0. you must leave it! This is a measure for acting in religion. "'Not until you are correct.

and if we are not keeping our tongues. Yet. first they are fighting themselves. therefore. So. This is a description of a true servant of Allah. gone for nothing! When you are planting. and he is sitting and looking at you. that is the way of safety for men." Shaykh Nazim answered. he is a secret kafir! ******* Now we are coming to an important point. just as it was about to bear fruit. '0. though we have been ordered to fight those bad thoughts. we cannot take any benefit from our good actions. their words have an effect upon those who listen. for instance. "When these men speak. you must keep it and protect it from harm by keeping these three points. A rnoment of backbiting. It is impossible for a prophet or a wali to be the slave of his nafs. "Also among those prohibited things is envy. Keeping this gives you more power. Our Grandshaykh asks. and our organs from prohibited things. you see how important it is to keep from prohibited things. You must not sit down and think with bad action is unlovely to his Lord and does it anyway. "There are three points: The first is to keep your tongue from all prohibited speaking-speak only good words. 'To keep one's tongue. They know that speaking will have an effect! "Allah says. that our Grandshaykh has taught us. Our Prophet (peace be upon him) said. therefore. your family. "If a man doesn't know what he is doing he cannot take any benefit. We must know what we are doing. thus all our goodness will be destroyed. Our Prophet (peace be upon him) said. "Keep far away from prohibited things. "These three points. going. 'Your eyes are making zina (fornication). "This is very hard for me. listening. our tongues. keep and sustain our good actions. you may put others under your command. It is like a burning fire. If your self accepts to be under your command. you must not complain that your children. Don't look at dirty places and actions." Someone asked. tended it carefully for years and then. you must keep all your organs from prohibited actions. then they are coming to other people. when they hear those prophets and awliya speaking. "Our Grandshaykh said. It is as if a man planted a tree. thinking bad things. not bad. you must put your body under your controL If you do this. more important for a believer to keep himself far from prohibited actions than it is for him to do good things. Everything you throw on a burning fire will burn.' To keep your eyes from haram is very difficult. before you may advise others. that if a man speaks against another person. Are we building or destroying? Every prohibited action is destroying our building. for example. seven years' worth of his good actions 130 will be carried from him to the one he speaks against. then other people may accept to be under your command. "What is the spirit of all acts of worship? If you cannot keep that spirit. Nothing else. etc . Sometimes. your children. but you must keep it. and he is turning his face and escaping. Kafir is the most terrible of prohibited things.. took an axe and chopped it down! All his efforts have vanished. Keep to your Lord's boundaries. all your worshipping will be for nothing. First. your ikhwan. You must turn to yourself. we may speak a word denying Allah and His Prophet (peace be upon him). This is the way of all prophets and awliya. there are people who. are putting their fingers in their ears trying to escape those words.. and your friends are not listening to you. If he is only deaf.' "The second is to keep your eyes from looking at prohibited things and places. My Prophet! How can you make a person hear your invitation? He is deaf. with bad intentions." ******* Our Grandshaykh said an important thing for everyone: "To be able to put one's organs under one's will is the mark of a real servant of Allah. "Are your organs listening to you? You must be able to advise yourself. But don't sit and think bad thoughts with your will. They are destroying both your physical and your spiritual bodies. bad thoughts just run through my head. your family. he may understand something: but he is deaf and he is turning 131 . "If it is without your will there is no responsibility. catching. he is the servant of his nafs. If a man can't do this. Thus will envy destroy all your good actions. It is. "Third. will destroy seven years' worth of good actions. Without keeping our eyes. "Therefore. This is prohibited.

he has helped you. not us. It is the most difficult position for a believer. for Allah has promised His servants that if they leave all pleasures of their nafs. or from any association with them. '0. my Majesty Sultan. We are nothing. Pay me. like a dead person. Many times. So that if a servant comes to his Lord's Presence and says. 'It is my pleasure to serve you. '0. rnaking-dhikr servant. We are sitting. This will come!" ******* Our Grandshaykh was saying. and I will pray for you. it is our duty to ask from our Lord mercy for everyone. He is all things. if a person will listen. He is giving. my Lord! 0. If your Lord is pleased with you. He knows that but for his Lord's mercy. when he comes to his Lord's presence. I have nothing. My servant! From whom are you bringing those things?' "A real servant to his Lord knows that all the goodness that he has is a mercy from his Lord. and I am expecting You to ask me what I want! What can I bring to You? You have all things. '0. given to you. my Lord. "they asked me. my Lord! I am standing in Your Divine Presence without anything. some people saw him in a dream. a man may take a power to control his nafs and go on the right way. Give me more mercy. and enter into a little hole for fighting. '0. so that a servant will not miss those pleasures that he left. when a poor man comes to the palace of the king. all this is training for the greatest war. very generous man. so much goodness'. We must weigh every action. His pleasure. "Now. "This is 'Jihad al-Akbar': the greatest war. been a good friend to you. 'What have you brought us?' I replied. endless treasures. '0. the King of the Knowers!" ******* 133 . 'My hands are empty. how can we ask our Lord. 'How is it for you in that world?' they asked him. what will you say when he asks you? How much money will you ask from him? What do you say? You will say. There. and so forth. so many fasts. Also. but he is asked. he wouldn't be a praying servant. This is because if he gives in to his nafs' pleasures. Allah says. my Lord! What is Your pleasure?' Nothing else. don't do it! Your nafs will guide you to Hell. 0. it is all things for you. 0. always. ''What do you want?" I am coming. he is not going to be asked what he is bringing. From their speech. I am asking from Your mercy. This is a balance by which we can judge ourselves. and I will do your pleasure'? No! What kind of manners are these? "A real servant asks his Lord only. so much dhikr. Are we real believers or not? We must be careful. my Lord!' "Whoever tries to go to the Divine Presence with his ego-he is thrown out-unaccepted. my Lord! Give to me!'-This is from the Sultan ul Arifin. his belief vanishes! It is impossible to be a real believer if you are doing as your nafs asks. We ask only for His mercy. Then. and you will leave all things. If such a man was in need of something from you. to You. "After the death of Abu Yazid (may Allah give him more glory and honor). 'Pay me. he left as well the permitted pleasures. Does it give pleasure to our Lord. he says. fasting servant. I brought nothing with me. No payment. I am coming with empty hands to Your Divine Presence. against the greatest enemy. and to no other place! "Luqman left all haram. for forty days. I am in need of Your mercy. fighting. All of our 132 prayers and worship are His favors to us. "When I got to the Divine Presence.' So. His servant has nothing. training. turned away at the door! Rejected! Therefore. 0. "What is real obedience to Allah in worship? What do the Awliya say about real worship of Allah Almighty? "It is to stand in the Divine Presence and say. Then will come an order for the greatest war." ******* Our Grandshaykh said about Luqman (who spoke with Divine Wisdom): "What is the reason that he was given Divine Wisdom? It is because he left the pleasures of his nafs.' "In front of Allah. It is the most difficult thing for a man to be against his nafs' pleasure and to be against devils. it is impossible for that person not to take a benefit from the words of a prophet or a wali. my Sultan! As we know in our worldly life. you will sit down with your greatest enemy. guiding him to his Lord's way. 0. my Lord I brought to you so many prayers. So. He will give them the greatest pleasure from Himself. or to our nafs? Which are we serving? If an action is for your nafs' pleasure. say some work to be done." answered Abu Yazid. our Grandshaykh is teaching us how the spirit of a real worshipper must be: Suppose you knew a very good.and running away from you! It is impossible to make him listen! ' "Yet.

Therefore. "The leader of a nation is the servant of his nation. not changing his .Allah Almighty accepts our prayers.' and make me more respectable here and hereafter. but it is not true of everybody. give me power. 'Actions are rewarded according to intentions. It is occupied. and he has reached the Divine Presence. 0. to delay an action is an unacceptable thing before our Prophet (peace be upon him). if you break his hand. "is that.' This is a sign for us that for each action. With such a person you may joke. more 'hidaya. 135 ******* Our Grandshaykh was saying. or that 1 hear before 1 go from this life. my Lord! Show me the results of these prayers. and all Grandshaykhs in Naqshbandiyya. I am hurrying to pray witr before sleeping. '''Thirdly. As Allah Almighty says. because every time is occupied-full-up. not with everyone. "As our Prophet (peace be upon him) said. Even dancing. it is all right. This is the highest degree for people. but powerful prayer. so that no more bad characters will be with him. Abu Bakr (may Allah be pleased with him) said. From Your endless power oceans give me power so that 1 can help all Your servants and guide them to Your mercy oceans and for you. Everything we ask of Him. their opinion is not to delay any worship out of its time.' "If any man reaches to absolute cleanliness in his heart. may be acceptable!" ******* Our Grandshaykh teaches us about those situations in our lives that we can meet with joking and laughter. My Grandshaykh said to me: "0. 0. and he said. so that 1 may be as Your Prophet (peace be upon him) says.' the accepter. but Abu Bakr (may Allah be pleased with him) was praying before sleeping. my Lord. and he has authority to always be in the Divine Presence. "I am praying witr before sleeping because if I am going to die before I awaken. Say. He is 'Al-Mujib. "Some Awliya are too ashamed to ask anything from their Lord. maybe He gives it quickly.' It is craziness and stupidness because tomorrow is not empty. "For people still approaching this level. if a man has a pure heart.) To whom may you make jokes? To one who. how can you carry tomorrow's load also-two loads! "Therefore. Many people 134 . Therefore. from Your secret favors. duas loudly. full-up with actions that you have responsibilities for fulfilling. You cannot put it out of its time." But Sayiddina Umar (may Allah be pleased with him) delayed witr until the end of the night. if he has pleasure with being in the Divine Presence. 'I shall do this tomorrow. Actions must be done in their times. Pure heart. in our tariqat there is no delaying actions. My needs are endless. the answerer. If 1 die before praying witr. Abu Bakr (may Allah be pleased with him). it is a foolishness to say. They say. in the sight of our Prophet (peace be upon him). Joking is a good way to keep peoples' hearts good with you. until the grave or until the Judgment. If you cannot carry today's load. my Lord! You know best what 1 need from your mercy. But. also all the prayers at which 'I was present. '0. it may be better to make dhikr loudly. as you know. about all Awliya. '0. May my prayers be acceptable from now up until my life's end and give me from Your secret mercy treasures. because they see that they are in endless need of their Lord. He is going to accept."'" like joking. but I intend to pray. (You can't make jokes with everybody. Not every person carries joking with them. if that person is veiled. duas secretly. I don't want to be in my Lord's Presence without witr. for the sake of Allah. and we must do it in that time without delay. 'F or praying there is a special time and order." says our Grandshaykh.' Therefore. because some people can't take it. You cannot find empty time. from Your power oceans. is not angry with you. ******* Our Grandshaykh was saying that Sayyidina Urnar (may Allah be pleased with him) was always praying witr at the end of the night. there is a special time. my son! 1 will teach you a short. for even one moment from the Divine Presence. his heart will explode! Literally! So great will his sorrow be! Those people are making dhikr silently. He is not changing his situation with regard to you. He will give to every person who asks from Him." "An important point. or maybe He delays it until our life's end. my Lord! 1 am asking you to accept all the prayers 1 have made to You until-the end of my life. Fulfill my needs. I intend to pray witr at the end of the night. Thus. "Everything must be in its time.

. one small morsel. tomorrow's will be a widow!" will be their servants! Theirs will be endless pleasures and beauties. You will take more good taste from one olive there than you can find from all the good tastes from forty days' meals in this life! "How will it be? 0. because today's working is better than tomorrow's working. the taste increases successively. and this is the reason for all the troubles in this world. her beauty in the next world will be greater than that of those girls in Paradise. and we don't know! There is no taste in this life.' so that we may move on to Paradise. in so doing. it wishes to delay all things. he will be useless with the most "beautiful girl in this world. It is good manners to observe all goodness as being from our Lord's favor to us. 'I am. for example-in this life. In this life the first piece of food is the best. the king. their success. he fails to observe that those actions are his Lord's favors to him." "And. and whoever says this about himself is on the same level with Iblis! ******* Now we are speaking on the beauties and endless pleasures and endless favors of Allah Almighty. it seems easy to say. Women believers will be queens in Paradise. and the last one is tasteless.' This is what Iblis said. "if a man looks upon one of the ladies of Paradise (houris). is claiming Divinity.' When He says..Abu Bakr as-Siddiq (may Allah be pleased with him). '0.' It is always escaping from serious actions. He is thus at fault. indeed. they are losing their Creator and their Creator's favors for them as well. having left good manners." our Grandshaykh was saying. Our nafs is very lazy. that day -no difficulties. "There is an important hadith on this subject. So radiant are their beauties! "But. it is only silver! Today's action is a virgin. and all badness as being from our ego. It is only for Allah to say. for good or for bad?' This is the most difficult situation for believers. all things and. It applies to all people. the endless taste of Paradise such as 1 heard from my Grandshaykh and such as you have never yet heard! In Paradise. Man may agree with his Lord or with his four common enemies. for all people. Even a believer may fall prey to his egotism. etc. But. They attribute all things to their ego-their mind. If you are in agreement with your enemies.). 'I shall do it tomorrow. it is a pleasure for you. "Allah Almighty will ask each servant on the judgment Day. It is not for His servants to say. dunya. All prophets have come to fight this false idea. If you used His favors for His pleasure. in Paradise . also. 'Halakal TIm safafu ': 'Procrastinators are self-destroyed!' This hadith signifies that Muhammad (peace be upon him) was sent for all nations. not just Muslims. 'I am your Lord!' it is true. and Satan. and it was the first egoism. the real meaning of repentance. It does not like to move. 'I am such and such' (a worshipper. and grows with them. We must be ready to reply quickly. You may see it in everyone. there are so many favors of Allah Almighty that it is impossible to describe. it is very bitter. my brother! We are in prison. a commander. Every time he thinks that his good deeds or his prayers are the result of his own doing. Only some of them can you understand. It is born with people.' he said. The nafs only likes to play. My servant! What about My favors to you? How did you use them. It is a high wisdom. It is golden! If you can do the whole work tomorrow. you haven't faith 137 . hawa (desires). the second not as good. But in Paradise the more the eating the more the taste! With each. how shall 1 describe how it will be! An olive. 'I am. and all Naqshbandi Grandshaykhs! "Asking to delay our actions comes from our nafs. Therefore. or the temporary pleasures of this life. the houris 136 ****** * Our Grandshaykh explains 'tawbah' (repentance): "What is tawbah? It is not listening to your four enernies=nafs. This is the reality. To our nafs. 'I am better. a learned man." ******* Our Grandshaykh was saying that egoism is the worst character in people. if a woman is a believer in this world. or devils. yet we are running after it. He who delays his actions is destroyed. Every person's ego thinks himself to be his majesty. To repent is not to listen to ego and its desires. My Grandshaykh said to me: "If a man eats from Paradise. He who says.

you may find that love here. or with your Shaykh. so that he may strive to have a pure heart. if you can't cut them. in a dream.. Therefore. it means that love will be lost. or in anything except Allah. That means that there are eighty-thousand veils between us and our Prophet (peace be upon him)! If you can't break all those veils. This isimportant. Love is the most precious thing for everyone. if you are putting your love with Allah Almighty it is never going to be wasted-not here. Each one of us knows which side of himself is not true. he must clean that character from his heart. and all saints. Allah Almighty isn't asking just salat (prayer) or fasting (saum). Each one of us has love. then you cannot see your Prophet (peace be upon him) unless you are dreaming. I saw our Prophet (peace be upon him). The important thing is to have a pure heart. It is not going to be wasted. is to be in disagreement with your enemies. If there is something except his Lord in one's heart. Their minds are not working-vno taste with their doings! ******* Our Grandshaykh was saying that our egos have eightythousand bad characters. They are the means to an end. 'A woman must keep respect for her husband so much that if she is sitting in a meeting with Khidr (peace be upon him). This is a pure heart. and created all the sons of Adam (peace be upon him) for His love. Those acts of worship are not targets in themselves.. "Don't give yourself such a big load for learning or worshipping. ! You are asking why men and women have such love for each other. and hereafter. in children. or with your fellow mu'mins." ******* Our Grandshaykh was saying that what Allah Almighty asks of His servants is that they worship with 'Ikhlas' (sincerity. There is no room in your heart for romantic love! We say that the heart is for Allah alone. For children. purity). They are not original. If you are in disagreement with your Lord. If you are putting your love with your Prophet (peace be upon him).nor mind. Allah Almighty asks only pure worshipping. most valuable. ******* Our Grandshaykh said. Everyone knows and he must complete that point. . Don't listen to their orders! If a man is asking to return to his Lord. When they put their love in women. you are putting it on the neck of a beautiful lady! You must think about what western people are doing now. all prophets. Some people can see the Prophet (peace be upon him) in their dreams. it will be wasted! But. Everything that occupies your heart and keeps you from your Lord is making your heart impure. she must keep her husband's respect above all of them!' "If she is not going to respect her husband as much as that. Allah Almighty loved Muhammad (peace be upon him). Each of us knows what is his deficiency. to fight with his bad characters and change them into good 138 ones. he must leave. and pure worshipping means to have a pure heart. they are only means for reaching pure hearts. but most people have forgotten what its object is. he hasn't a pure heart. Therefore. not hereafter. he must be in rebellion against those four enemies. real tawbah. why they may love the opposite sex to the point of idol worship? It is because they don't know where to put their love! Man is created for the love of Allah Almighty. about women: "Once. she cannot take any good results from her serving and worship. The most important thing for wives is to keep their husbands' respect. If you put your love with your wife. or which character from himself is not good. How can you put the most precious thing in dogs and cats? For what? Are you putting a diamond on the neck of a pig? No. but the Prophet (peace be upon him) may be seen 139 . This is 'mujahida. we say our love for them is in the liver! For our wives. who said to me. For children=the same. and most expensive thing that the sons of Adam (peace be upon him) have been given. What is a pure heart? It is a heart that has nothing but his Lord in it =orrly Allah Almighty. you must be an unbeliever! Thus. We must defeat our bad characters in order to have a pure heart. she will die and your love will be wasted (souda).' struggle! Struggle must be for everyone. It is the most precious. You must try to keep everything away from your heart but Allah. Any time you put your love in this dunya. our Grandshaykh says. love is original. real repentance.

To be white in his heart. so for what will you be angry? Our Grandshaykh says. it is impossible. saying. All things will be bad and become worse and worse. a very great success. Whoever can judge his anger. he is acting without mind. with your children. but they didn't leave us to go hungry! How can you speak against them this way?" What is the meaning of this story? Our Prophet (peace be upon him) says. No one can do this. Gentleness-it is the king of all good characters. "Here is the evil from the one to whom you have done good!" Therefore. Who can see the Prophet (peace be upon him) without sleeping? Those people who cut out all those veils from their hearts may see our Prophet (peace be upon him). And the worst one of those veils. not being angry. what is the worst one? "It is anger!" says our Grandshaykh again. 0. and therefore he has ordered Muslims to be gentle with all. From egoism come thousands of bad characters! And. '0." It means. not to let it be judge of us. to fight their anger." says our Grandshaykh. He is not going to leave that servant with that bad character. out of all those thousands of bad characters coming from egoism. this is the best character in a man. "Not to be angry-it is the king of all good characters!" Clear? Not to be angry is the king of all good characters. to be able to carryall things without anger is the first order for every believer. You must keep soft. my Lord!' This means you are accepting your mistake. guiding us to that point. instead. You must have mercy for animals because they have no minds. 140 no one can be as we like. Now. to be restrained. all events. "Ittaki sharrim qassante illayh." It is enough for a person. however. with your wife. you must say. on the Judgment Day. "If anyone is angry." So many people are angry with animals. Our Prophet says. or dominate us. cats will come bringing fire with their tails to burn their owners. Otherwise. I am on the way of Tariq at. To be 'hilm '.when you are awake also. the whole world would have come to Islam. 'Allah! Allah! Allah!' the angels are answering him. 0. you cannot say. you cannot do anything with your mind when you are angry. He who is angry may damage everything with that anger. with little boys. Our Grandshaykh says we must fight firmly against anger. softness. to be able to leave his anger. and Islam does not accept anger. But we are so far from that point-as far as the skies are from earth! "You must not even be angry with animals. Nothing happens. it means that you can control your nafs. are not going to happen as we like. 'Astaghfirullah! I am asking forgiveness. So says Allah Almighty." Try this and see if it is correct or not: "Nothing like gentleness. inside their warm houses while we were left outside in the cold? Weren't you around them when they were eating? In their houses. "and he is making dhikr. with everyone. "He who is angry with animals leaves his human nature. Then Allah Almighty will save His servant from that mistake. liar! 0. on their tables? How can you say that they didn't feed you? We were kept outside. the worst of those bad characters-what is it? "Egoism!" says our Grandshaykh. You must know that all actions. you must keep quiet with yourself. being gentle with all. not to be angry. even for animals." he says." says our Prophet (peace be upon him). like a car without a driver! Anger is the opposite of mind. with your business. and especially for every person who says. 'Allah!'. not harming anyone. we are very far from our Prophet's advice. "You must be patient in your house. admitting your wrongness. This is because an angry person has lost his mind. " They must keep themselves far from anger. my Lord! I am asking pardon. This is a very important point for every person. because anger is the result of thinking that you can do everything as you like. soft." It means. with big men. liar! 0. it means that he has power to judge his ego. not coming quickly to anger. 'Ghadab' (anger) is the worst. from his directions. Why are you angry with them? ******* Our Grandshaykh told me that. Therefore. it is the most important duty for' all believers. But dogs will rush upon them saying. "Are you not ashamed? Why are you bringing fire for your owners? You say that they didn't give you enough food? They left you to go hungry? For shame! Didn't they keep you indoors. "I am on the way of the Sufis. because he who is angry is not listening or accepting anything from Allah or prophets. You must try not to be angry in your house. You must deal with all people with softness and gentleness. and descends to the level of animal nature. it is impossible. he is saying that we must keep ourselves from those for whom we are doing goodness! Fear from one for whom 141 . with anger. "AI hilmi sayyid ul-ahlaq. If we were keeping that advice. When you can judge to keep yourself far away from anger. When you know this you may keep yourself far away from anger. liar!' If you are angry. perhaps for all people.

What does it mean? Prophet's hadith shows us that we must not forget a goodness that has been done to us. they would not be sufficient to write all the meanings of hadiths!" Thisis great respect for Muhammad (peace be upon him). "0. "Ask as you like. a dot in relation to Allah Almighty's knowledge. there was a big alim -an alim that was too big. 0. he couldn't do it! This is because every hadith is also a 'wahyun. and all the oceans were ink. Yes. The ocean is endless. He has so much knowledge. it is from good characters not to forget those who have done goodness for you-to remember. that tiny drop is like an endless ocean itself when compared with all creatures' knowledge! "This. and said in his hadiths. They are: Not forgetting goodness. He said that if a man tried to find all the meanings. you will have no good characters. your forgetfulness of that person's good deed toward you is from bad character. they are truthful. they don't forget those who have done goodness to them. but that knowledge is only a tiny point. they are trustworthy. they don't sleep too much. Our Grandshaykh says that if some person does a goodness for you. If anyone does not speak like this. "What about all knowledge in relation to our Prophet's knowledge? Give me an example that I can understand. One day. a dervish came to him. But. You must not forget his goodness to you from before. He was so proud of his knowledge. 'Azali Haqiqat. Those twelve attributes belong to prophets and awliya! ****** * ******* Our Grandshaykh says. "He left me hungry!" This is bad character." The scholar took a big sheet of paper and taking his pencil he put a tiny dot in the middle of the paper. there are so many people that you may do goodness for. the dervish said to that grand alim. If a man has 142 Our Grandshaykh was speaking about the hadiths of our Prophet (peace be upon him). or tried to come to the end of any hadith. Our Prophet (peace be upon him) never said one hadith without knowing what its reality was in the Divine Presence. and afterwards you become displeased with that person over something he said or did. those attributes. they are 'zahid." The alim said. you must keep remembrance of that goodness for forty years!" We shall make this more clear. and our Prophet's knowledge is less than a drop! And yet. he will be a wali. they will remain with their owners and never turn traitor. and everything belonging to Allah Almighty is endless. you must not become his enemy." Once upon a time. Rasul-ullah (peace be upon him) said. then they have responsibility for that point that they are not giving complete respect to their Lord. they have obedience (kana-a). and if someone throws stones at them.' a revelation from Allah Almighty. no place for themselves. it happens so many times. It means that they have nothing from this world. They are not going to be angry with their owners even if they are beaten and sent away. "is the minimum respect for Allah's knowledge. and if anyone is doing that. if their owner calls. if you leave it just once. and then he does one wrong thing to you. a simple man who said to him. They may sleep anywhere. my brother. your displeasure. so many things you may give it. We have a saying: "If someone gives you one cup of coffee. then you will be like cats. "If all the trees were pens. they quickly get up and go somewhere else. only to have them turn and do badness to you. they are always grateful for everything that they are given." So. you will be like cats. "Please. 0. they are satisfied with small things. If you do that. they are have done good! You must be careful. When you forget a person's goodness toward you. my master! I am coming to ask one question. how much will stay on the needle's point? It is like that.' not looking to anything from this dunya. they are very patient. they will return with tails wagging. they have humbleness.' or self-eternal truth. One hundred times you may give it meat. was known by our Prophet (peace be upon him). 0. Then he said. "There are twelve good characters in dogs that you may also find in prophets and Awliya. that cat will make objections and complaints to Allah. and quickly awaken. The knowledge of Muhammad (peace be upon him) is not even a drop from an endless ocean! If you dip a needle into the ocean. good friends. my guy! We are saying that if this 143 . it means he has no good character." our Grandshaykh says. You may try this. If a man does goodness for you one hundred times. they are very ligh t sleepers. saying. my fellow.

no enmity in Islam. that all things are from Allah. We must look to our souls' pleasure. we must be patient with each other's actions. When he says. You may observe this readily among people. Allah is trying our faith. there is so much difference between people. "It is not enough to merely say this. and you become his enemy. You must be honorable to all. it must be voluntarily and gladly. Therefore. generous. I 145 ******* Our Grandshaykh was describing how real faith should be: "We must believe that all actions. good to all. you are slaves to Him and He is Governor. But. For worshipping. For ordinary working and business. We must believe that Allah Almighty desires for us goodness-always. what is easy for one may be difficult for another. If he is not pleased with that action. it is because he is forced to do it. What is the secret? For the one who finds it easy. working-all must be done with pleasure. each of us with others. but our souls are." We have been ordered to do goodness. or from badness. We must see. It means you do not believe that his action was from your Lord's will. in that tiny dot. "This situation is the most suitable thing for me because my Lord put me in this situation. You must practice. He says who is the most satisfied person. whether from goodness. Allah says. and the happiest person in this life. merciful to all. He wouldn't have put me in it. "If a man harms you. It is the station of contentment-to look at everything and see that it is most suitable for him. "Liar! Liar!" and Quran gives him a curse! "Don't be teacher to Allah!" says our Grandshay kh.sheet of paper is all of our Prophet's knowledge. You must not be afraid of people's harm. "Allah knows best. and you don't know anything! Don't make any objection for anything. If we truly believe this. it means that you are not a believer. Allah will defend you. If it were no good for me. And we must know that nothing happens in this universe without Allah Almighty's will. "Who is the happiest person in this life? Who is most satisfied? He is that person who is satisfied with that station in life in which his Lord put him. What will be the result? It is like this in all occupations. "People will deal with you according to your actions. When we are worshipping. we shall reach the real faith. the other forced. Therefore. you are servants. drinking. then he is fighting Allah Almighty. goodness for badness. how much knowledge is coming to you? What is your share from that point that you have drawn? What is your knowledge in relation to all creatures?'" When he heard those words that big alim began to shake. If you are not pleased. There is a saying in Islam: "Goodness for goodness. If a man objects to Allah's will. Absolute King of the Universe!" ******** An important point for everyone: Our Grandshaykh was saying." If you are good and someone intends you harm. for there will be no good result for him from it. therefore. if you have pleasure with a given situation. " all. then this tiny dot is all other people's knowledge!" Then that simple dervish said. and good-thinking to 144 . it is because it gives him pleasure. "You must do your worshipping with pleasure. ******* Our Grandshaykh is asking. our nafs is not pleased. If there is no pleasure in it for you. eating. sleeping. one studying with pleasure. respectful. and also for alL" Shaykh Nazim told us. Actions may be easy or difficult. that all actions are from our Lord's will. You must do everything you do with pleasure. We have not been ordered to do badness. If we believe. It is all important point. Two students. "Can you find. it will have good results. he must not do it. anyone can do. it is important to realize that we are speaking of our souls' pleasure. only a few people can do. worshipping. there will be no pleasure in it for Allah Almighty. To be a servant to Allah Almighty is easy or difficult according to different persons." Worshipping. "If a man is going to do anything." Our Prophet (peace be upon him) says. are from Him Almighty. or any other actions. We must be patient with all people because we believe that no one comes to us without our Lord's will. exercise for this purpose until you reach the point where you cannot see anything from goodness or from badness coming to you without His will! This leads us to real faith. "Allah! Allah!" the angels say. while the one who finds it difficult.

easy. This is because the worst characteristic of the nafs is to look at himself as the greatest. ******* Our Grandshaykh said. They love Allah Almighty. the first order will be for all to marry. Therefore. ******* What does Holy Knowledge (Marifat) mean? "Knowledge. is marriage. inasmuch as it is now so no~ in need of your worship. ******* .. do it. Therefore. "As much as you encounter difficulties.) In our times. devils hate rnarriage. But." Easy actions make people happier. For those who intend marriage. in the sight of Allah. Grandshaykh says that in knowledge there is a power leading people to the greatness of Allah Almighty. When it is easy for you." It was not like this before. in every branch of knowledge you will find this to be true. if you look deeply enough. All bad character comes as a result of refusing marriage. and wait for Allah to make it easy for them. it is not Allah. All egos say "I am the great' est. But. he will say. he will find one hundred obstacles in front of him. our Prophet (peace be upon him) says. you will see the greatness of the Creator. to their egos and giving themselves such gigantic personalities! They are mistaken. Our Prophet (peace be upon him) also said. when two people come together." This is the benefit of real knowledge. they are looking. a person is given the reward of one hundred martyrs!" A brother commented. from every atom in the universe. so much does He like marriage. so in these times it is also more valuable. "What is the first fard (order) from Allah to His servants? The first order. Our knowledge about Allah is going to increase always and It IS endless. so many persons miss this point." Easy work. As our knowledge of Allah mcreases. in Physics. as a counterpoint. 147 ******* 146 ." says our Grandshaykh. It is terrible to intend not to marry. ******* Love is best. He is not leaving anyone to be withou t marriage. "So. Real love is to love all things belonging to the beloved. . Our Grandshaykh asks. when Mahdi (peace be upon him) comes. it's a good idea to always carry a turban!" "Yes!" said ShaykhNazim. l'" . They are learning so many things. In Botany.But. What IS the benefit of that knowledge? It is that when a person knows more and more of Allah's greatness. All things ?elonging to Allah are endless. but instead of looking through their knowledge to the greatness of Allah Almighty. (And. for difficult worship-endless rewards for those who do. . one hundred hindrances for every step on the right way! . you may take knowledge about your Lord. I am asking only your pleasur~ with worshipping. " In every knowledge. to step on the right way. because marriage keeps a man far away from all prohibited actions. difficult make people unhappy. ordered to Adam (peace be upon him). and for His sake they love all His creatures. "In this time for one sunnah. And you must pass all of them to continue on your way. Allah forgives all their previous sins.. He who looks deeply enough must acknowledge the greatness of the Creator. given to servants so that with that power they can look at the greatness of Allah Almigh ty. This is the way of all prophets and awliya. in Chemistry. it is all right. and as we are approaching His Divine Presence there will be more pleasure for us. "What is the description of the period we are now living in? We are living in a time where if a man intends to take one step on the right way. Therefore. Nowadays. he will see himself as smaller and smaller until he will accept that he is nothing in the sight of the greatness of Allah Almighty." On the marriage night. From everything. But. your reward for good actions will be more and more. not to intend marriage is bad. "1 am nothing. in Astronomy. we are going to approach His Divine Presence. If it is going to finish. marriage is second only to Iman in importance. when the greatness of Allah Almighty appears to him. A very difficult time. "is a Divine power.

Some keep that love for Allah Almighty and some for this dirty life. hatred. 149 ******* Our Grandshaykh was saying that people may be in one of two conditions: One. with such power to stay awake all night! But. Now we are living in a time when enmity and hatred are reaching their highest degree. Therefore. if he is smiling under all conditions and carrying only goodness in his heart for others. and among all servants of Allah Almighty. Love is a grant from Allah Almighty. They haven't any bad actions ~ those troubles come to give them higher degrees. he will feel the weight of the world on his shoulders.. from courts. it is not acceptable. the more valuable it is. without proof.. and some pu t it in a dirty place. When love comes. the expanded person has an open face. there is no punishment in thc ncx t world for them. Allah gives the reward of one hundred martyrs. It is 'suizzan '-a wrong or bad assumption. one who asks to walk on the straight way may find a very heavy load on his shoulders. for keeping one sunnah. from poverty. Not one of the Saints bears any hatred for his fellow servants even though they may be sinners. if anyone will awaken after midnight to pray two rak'ats. They are looking to servants of Allah with mercy. "There are two kinds of troubles: One kind comes to Prophets and Awliya." He said. 14S . and honorable wives. * * '* * * * * Our Grandshaykh was saying.. before Allah. In dark places. and in bars and other such places=very enthusiastic. "The other kind of trouble comes to people for their bad actions. and we must ask our Lord to give us love-more love. Souls arc living in love-oceans. and for the purpose of making them clean. This hatred is an endless ocean: we must stop it here! If anyone claims he is a man from the sons of Adam (peace be upon him). So difficult will it be for him to awaken! We can feel this heavy load over our bodies. smiling. in cinemas." ******* Our Graridshaykh spoke about the hadith. No harm for smiling. Divine armies are coming to fight egos. It may be of any kind. Then. when one walks the straight way under these conditions. that person is refused from the Divine Presence. It is the result of living in a time of darkness among people. every prophet was ready to sacrifice his soul for the servants of his Creator. Allah is pleased with him. Everything belonging to Layla was lovely to Majnun.: ! . expanded persons. so does mercy. even stones and trees! It must be this way with love for Allah Almighty. This way will win victory. this may be found in animals even more than in people. Nowadays. Allah may forgive you easily. expanded. they have families. angry people. but it is not the result of their bad actions. He who has a stern face.~ ~ ~J ~~i . you may find poisonous insects. in discotheques. not solemn or angry. You must think all people are good. They are giving their love to their honorable wives. The second condition is contrary to this. All awliya arc also following that way. 'The value of actions is according to their difficulties. All badness coming from stern. to fight enmity and hatred. Some keep it in a precious place. he must understand this lecture and fight for love among all people. to condemn a man without knowledge. Allah likes His servants to be open.. . angry person may do as much worship as all people combined. always pleased. The attribute of souls is love. Now all people arc in need of love for their Lord alone." In these times. Not the sexual kind. Though a stern.There is a story about Lay la and Majnun: He became crazy (majnun) for her love. and to defeat enmity and hatred among all nations. without witnesses. People are in need of love. and solemn. Some people are keeping their honor. In our times. Therefore. The attribute of ego is enmity. people may stay awake in theaters. even if your own sins are great. "If a man has trou bles from illness. from government-so many troubles-these are punishment for his actions. Allah rewards him accordingly. Everything belonging to Him must be lovely to one who loves or his love will not be true. "The more difficult an action. sorrowful. under this heavy load. If a man is not complaining. he who is not thinking goodness for other people. Which is lovely for Allah Almighty? The first. _::__1 I It is the greatest sin.. All people are waiting for this Divine Help to reach them so that they may save themselves from the enmity and hatred of egos. But some people put that precious love in dirty places. He who is in this condition is angry. When they have been punished in this world.

This is 'astaghfir. One day. my fellow! You may enjoy this fine grass here! ' "Suddenly. even from wars and bombs. You must be careful with this point Our Grandshaykh told this story to me: "Once. then he will be under the guard of the Prophet (peace be upon him). as you are tired for your rewards by Allah Almighty. advised us always to ask forgiveness (Astaghfirullah). He may usc it for ******* Rabi'a (may Allah be pleased with her).'Futur ' is a straight way. Rasul-ullah (peace be upon him) says. that wali heard two angels in discussion. Allah is giving more mercy according to His most beautiful name (known only to Him." Our Grandshaykh is giving us good tidings in our time. and accidents. Therefore. Is there any horse that needs to be told to enjoy grass? Why did he speak? Allah gave him that tongue. If a man always feels tired. so that you may return to Islam once again.' and our Grandshaykh tells us about the reality of 'astaghfir ': "Whenever and wherever a prohibited thing meets you and your nafs want to go after it. and not leave him with any sins on the Judgment Day. and to those who have been given this secret. "When he dismounted. and credit them to his good deeds.' "'Why?' said the angel on the right. He stopped there for a rest.' When a servant asks pardon from his Lord.' You must not speak of or act on that which does not concern you. Allah's hand is over a Jarnrnat (assembly): if they are meeting for a worship. say.' '''No!' said the angel on the left (responsible for recording our bad deeds and speech). 0. But. you are leaving faith. 'You can't write this! I must do it. Allah will forgive him. he stand? As much been given more kind of tiredness. When you are looking to a prohibited thing. who writes our good deeds and speech) was saying. 'Go. but you must know that he spoke about a thing that did not concern him. if is always finding pleasure. even one. "If a man is coming into association with Shaykh. You must quickly ask pardon from your Lord. badness. for those who are ready for Jammat. you have gives him power to stand firmly against prohibited things for the protection of the ummah. If a man is going to a group that is worshipping according to the advice of the Prophet (peace be upon him). is walking on the he is going on the not tired. All ******* It is not enough to say. 'I will write those words he spoke to his horse. there was a wali who had been given the power to listen to the angels' speaking. he removed the reins from his horse and said to it. whereas it never was before. his Lord not only cleans him.) This mercy is open for us now in our times. or for praying in the masjid. or dhikr. 'Is it a sin." You must keep your organs on the way of Irnan. The first angel (the angel on the right-hand side. She said our 'astaghfir' is always in need of another 'astaghfir. "Our eyes make zina (adultery). that wali was traveling on his horse when he came to a fountain. so weak in our worshipping." It is not enough to "Shahada. So many people are even leaving worship. you must keep it far away. real Islam. Underworship. he will have real faith. 'that which does no t concern you. he deviJ's say. If they are going to do something according to our Lord's order. * -* *** *** Our Grandshaykh was saying. You must try and keep your organs far from all actions that arc not Muslim: far from hararn . Al1ah promises to keep that servant from al1 cruelties. If a man uses his organs in the way of Allah Almighty. if during twenty-four hours anyone is ready for an assembly (J amrnat). nowadays." things. and it is very important in Islam. what he said? He spoke only good words to his horse!' "The angel on the left repl ied. "There will be Divine Pro tee tion from everything. or for a sunnah meeting (Jarnmat). those persons will be under Divine Protection. and to renew his wudu and make prayers. because we are. Even if a man is ready once in a day for such an assembly. ******* 'M-ayafafti' means." We have been ordered to carry our organs into the way of Islam. there will he Divine assistance for those people. 'Th at is true. This is the order of the Prophet (peace be upon him). but ISO 151 . As much as we are weak.' this is the power of 'astaghfir. a great walia. they will be under the guard of Allah Almighty. "I am a Muslim. far from prohibited things. even once in a day.

he cannot like this life. so I'd better not do it. But then you say. will speak only truth and right. crying. our Prophet (peace be upon him) said. it is not going to leave you until you do it. "If it is an inspiration.. . When you leave this bad habit. "Also. maybe. "He is the giver. from Satan. The second 152 I I1 one. "Also. Allah gives you. and sorry with the second one.. 'Ah. He believes that everything that comes to him is coming from Allah. This may seem a simple thing. Is that horse waiting for his words to eat? I must write this deed as a sin!' "All the while the wali had been listening to their conversation. but death is waiting for us. it. When he heard the words of the angel on the left." "Often. it is a sign th at you haven't yet reached good character. ". "Also not inspiration?" asked our brother. then such and such may happen. His sight must be on eternal life. and you must believe this. Badness and wrong suggestions from nafs and devils will come for awhile. and our Prophet (peace be upon him) says. But. If a man has good character. also.. save through your inspirations. if a man has good characters. just . Allah Almighty gives Divine Wisdoms to his tongue. Nothing [rom this world's treasures can save him from death. the whole world and its treasure is worth only as much as the wing of a mosquito!" So. it means that the love of this life is yet in his heart. money. He cannot say wrong things at that point. 'In the sight of Allah Almighty. the first is inspiration. coming to destroy from Satan. 'Don't write! Leave it for the other angel because My servant is asking forgiveness. It will come back again and again. if you act differently in front of each then you haven't good character! "If you are glad from the first one. ordering you to do something. it means he has a strong faith in Allah. That is. "Therefore. That person. '0.. and Allah is the taker. and not to speak on that which does not concern him. This is a stronger faith. what about one thousand dollars! If someone gives you the wing of a mosquito is it pleasure for you? And. you have the right inspiration. not this temporary life. there is never going to be a dou bt in your heart. If he is given all the treasures of this world. when something is from Divine Inspiration." said the Shaykh. he is not 153 . We may drink. your faith takes more power. is from your nafs. how can he have enjoyment? He must be crazy to like a life that has death as its end! A man can take everything in this life -eridless treasures. palaces. Then you may know well what is yours or not. the murid continued. But he has been ordered to speak good. You cannot know what COncerns you or not. Allah Almighty promises to give Divine Wisdoms to speak. 'The worst thi ng for a person is to like this world and its life." repeated Maulana. to take care with one's speaking. and I accept!' " Now. everything-but he has been judged for death. who keeps his tongue. ' "How can we love this life! We arc imprisoned in this world. he immediately threw himself into sajdah. Allah is the giver. if someone should take it away arc you sorry? "If a man goes to court against another. A murid asked Shaykh Nazim. To speak of that which doesn't concern you makes your Iman weak. You must know this. but if I do it. and He Almighty is also the taker. "How can we know what is true inspiration and what is nafs?" Maulana answered.1 useless things (mayalani) or not. but it has such strong wisdom. if it is from your ego. You will find exact satisfaction. on your tongue. and then another one comes and takes it away. " . "N ot inspiration. "What is the attribute of one who has a good character?" He is also answering for us. "That is wrong. We may eat.: * * * *-* * This is an important lesson: Our Grandshaykh was speaking about good character. your conscience will not be at rest. It is so powerful! To him who intends to keep his tongue only for goodness. If a man is sentenced to death. but in the end even he surrendered to death. "If a man gives you one thousand dollars. my Lord! Forgive me!' "When Allah Almighty heard his servant asking like that He said to the left-hand angel. so many Divine Wisdoms. and then go away. Then you are not in need to read books to learn. It is the sixth pillar of Irnan. for what are these conditions placed upon us? If a man takes care with his speech. You can be like Alexander the Great. you must believe this. He asks. and it must be with you. or hold his tongue.

Perhaps you may hear some words. But. This is the worst terrible dragon for everyone. What is that method? First. or looking for his Lord's pleasure? He must distinguish between the two. If he 154 . No rest for them. "Therefore. When we reach the age of our mind's perfection. Or. It is he. "Second. or one word may save him. If you know that what you say will be written by the angel on the right (good). you can put your finger in your mouth and take it out. eating all people and never becoming full. never for this life's dragon. if it is for your ego's pleasure or for your Lord's pleasure. no one may put anything there. he may look. that will stay in your memory and give you harm. In real faith. If you don't know.going to be pleased. if he is going to speak for his Lord's pleasure. swallows them up! And yet. "Third. when he is a baby. nothing is permanent. you must be very careful listening. We must be careful like this. "What is the biggest dragon. If a man is in court. if you cannot leave those bad habits. presidents. none of the Prophets is fighting for this life. only." is looking for his Lord's pleasure. those bad habits will destroy all the goodness he may do. Good characterecl people are not fighting. Therefore. you cannot remove bad words from your ears. something may be taken. But people don't like to hear this. And real Islam is never fought for dunya. Before reaching maturity. eating all our worshipping?" He is answering for us: "Everyone. commoners. if he is going to speak on bis ego's behalf. Some words are dangerous for listening. rich men. don't speak! You must know that when you speak it will be written by either the angel on the righ t or the angel on the left. nor may anyone take anything. maybe someone who is in need may take from there. when you are speaking. we are too much like animals. We must know to whom we arc listening. from childhood up to fifteen years he may take many bael habits. and it may be thai you cannot forget them. " ******* "What is the biggest dragon. are for this dunya. or making cases for the treasures of this life. because we haven't responsibility. if he cannot stop them when he reaches the age of rnaturity. You may eat something that is no good for you. But. no good. "This dragon doesn't know kings. it eats them all. everyone must know where he is looking. takes the breast of his mother. "Therefore. and in the end it eats them. swallowing all our good actions?" asks our Grandshaykh. and yet. never for the treasures of this world." ******* My Grandshaykh was dr scrihing to me how a real believer must be: "His hand must be open. Unfortunately. "There is a method which is necessary for everyone to keep. 155 * * *' * * * * Our Grandshaykh was saying. It will eat millions of people and ask. all cases in courts. and for what he is looking. If your hand is open. you will be a child. we must listen to him. Thousands of years have not dulled the hunger of this dragon. something may be put in. we must fight to leave our childhood's bad habits. you may speak or not. yet. you must know. Is he looking for his ego's pleasure. it is not good to listen. all people are run ning after this terrible dragon. lords. One word may cause judgment against him. "And so. or target. "All problems. and run instead after that dragon. Because this life is a real dragon. he will not be surry. Our Prophet (peace be upon him) called people to their Lord and not after that dragon. "Therefore. 'Then. no permission. This is a bad habit. he will be very careful with his words. "Real Islam shows believers the real target --love for Allah. 'What? No marc? Give me more! More!' All people work for it. They are fighting to save people from this life's dragon. You may be ninety-years-old. If whole treasures arc taken from him. This is because they know that all things in this life are temporary. Also. we must be careful with our listening. Don't have a closed hand. there is the pacifier given to babies to keep them from putting their thumb in their mouth. governors. who will be happy and satisfied. maybe someone may put something there. Good character is to have an open harid . If he is looking for his ego's pleasure. They arc tired. ministers. this dunya is not a goal. You must know what you are going to speak. clever is he who is working for his Lord's service. along your life.

Allah Almighty created all people originally clean from all badness and evils. and to think good of them. -. . Our Lord's pleasure is with this character. nor must he touch any book without wudu. to love them. Toward other people we shall. Without them. "A malukum urn malukum ' (You will be dealt with according to your actions). to help them.' Clear? It is a very big sin to look to others' faults. "How can we help oppressors!" Replied the Prophet (peace be upon him)." I f a man can take wisdom from every 157 156 . and they ale our Lord's creation. his duty is to be Allah's sincere servant. ******* Our Grandshaykh says. and respect him. We must keep. for it keeps him from looking to another's faults. Second. some more than others. first. in our hearts. and lovely to Him Almighty. his sahabas asked. love for them without making any difference between them. and the meaning of the hadith. acceptable in the sight of our Lord. =1 ---- . and one toward other people. This is the secret of success in our lives. You like your children. We must help everyone. So many sins may be forgiven by keeping this. That is our first obligation to other people." I ******* If a man asks to keep deep knowledge and Divine Wisdom (Hikma). And." continues our Grandshaykh. AU people must have some faults. "and looks after other people's faults. come after looking to another's faults. is like a man who says. indeed! ~ "He who forgets his own faults. even if they do wrong things. the greatest sin in the sight ofAllah is to search out everyone's faults. or duty. These three characters or attitudes toward others. They are the sign of high character. Their essence is cleanalways. to people is to help them as much as we can. When a person keeps these obligations. he will be rewarded by his Lord in that all people will love him. both oppressor and op~ pressed! ' When am Prophet (peace be upon him) said that. "We must be careful to take knowledge from everything. "What is the biggest sin in the sight of Allah? Allah Almighty created mankind so honorable. Therefore. It is the first level of perfection for people. You may take it out and wash it and it will be clean again. ******* Our Grandshaykh was saying. Our Prophet (peace be upon him) says: "Anyone harming a protected servant is harming me!" As we understand this saying so we must keep it. The essence of mankind is endlessly precious-the most precious thing in the sight of Allah. "Our Prophet (peace be upon him) says. 'I am God!' To be without fault is only for God.-~-! ':'fi we become responsible. they are originally lovely. and from all k afir. Like a ring that falls into the toilet. "By catching his hand to prevent him from oppressing!" Our third a bligat ion toward other people is to thi 11kgood of everyone. 'Happiness is for hUn who is occupied with correcting his own faults. A bad habit. third. Manulana answered. he must do three things: First. and respectful. or in the next world. We must not think bad thoughts about people. not man." "Even Prophets?" asked a brother. Allah created His servants clean. no one can be acceptable in the sight of his Lord. for example. according to our Prophet's Hadith. without asking any reward in this world. love all Allah's servants. he must not walk without wudu." ******* OUI Grandshaykh says that each person. you must become perfect in your actions also. we like all people because they are the servants of our Lord. help him. Our second obligation. he must keep the midnight salat (Tahajj'ud). And then He gave all mankind to Muhammad (peace be upon him) as a trust. are wanted from all believers. Then. 'Help all people. he must use a miswak (tooth stick). and to try to harm people. T award Allah Almighty. each servant of Allah Almighty. Never harm anyone with vow' hand or with your tongue! All non-Muslims living within Islamic communities have the same rights as Muslims. All troubles. All nations have been given to Muhammad (peace be upon him) on the Day of Promise. in fact from all people. Therefore. has two positions or duties: One toward their Lord. "They have been protected (Ma 'sum). all unsolvable problems.

A servant must IJe thankful to his Lord for His favors. recognition is the first step for thanking Allah Almighty. If you arc going to consult." It is an order from Allah. you must listen. it is impossible also. There is. my Shaykh! 0. You can find. my Lord!" Can you say this? This is recognition of a favor from Allah Almighty. If you ask for an event to happen before its appointed time. If a man complains of anything. Hararn is poison. divorce. then you will understand! Then you will know it was a favor! Once upon a time. It is not consultation to come to a man and say. You must not bring cut cloth. *** ** ** Consultation has been ordered. "I am doing something now. "My wife is the most excellent one among all ladies! She is sweeter to me than anyone!" This is because halal is sweet. for every event that will happen in this life. For example. You gave me a queen of beauty! I am so pleased! T am so proud of my wife. You will not give thanks to your Lord until you believe that whatever happens is a favor from Allah Aim ighty. into each event. It was the first time he was on a ship. "0. as you arc advised you must do. "Good is in that which happens. we will be at rest. my Lord! Thanks to You for my wife. 0. Therefore. but. an appointed hour. and I went. "Please cu t. It gives him more power for Divine Knowledge. He may take knowledge even from a donkey's braying! You must look to take a secret wisdom from all things." Before doing anything." This is consultation.. "How can this be? I consulted with my Shaykh. then he will be most strong in his faith in his Lord. "0. and the first time. you must say. This is consultation. they are haram . promising Paradise to people. how can he be thankful to his Lord? It is impossible. You must say. If you don't know that it is a favor from Allah Almighty. what do you say?" It is not right for a man to come to a person and say. I am going somewhere now. that he had seen the ocean. she is sweet to you and others are bitter to you. Other ladies. you will ask. You must bring the whole cloth to the master saying. What happened to me'?" You must be careful. in the end. patient. How do you see it? Is it all right or not?" 158 . The servant of that ship was new to the job. Then. my Master! I in tend traveling." This recognition is the beginning of thanks to Allah Almighty.. such knowledge as you won't find in another thing. "If you look deeply. If a man does not recognize a favor. "Allah Almighty sometimes gives good tidings to people. you have a wife. Allah orders us to look deeply into each thing. "We consuited!" but. some people were on board a ship. you cannot find it. No recognition. If this happens to you." What is the benefit to know this point? If we know that all events will come in their appointed time. "Look deeply for a11 things. no thanking Allah. As much as you arc patient. 159 ******* Our Granclshaykh says. as you like. you have strong Irnan. Sheep look. our Grandshaykh says. my Master! I intend to travel. how can he be thankful to his Lord for His favor? Again. finally coming no good. if we see the way sheep do. in each thing.event. If a man complains about his wife. "Very good. I've got my ticket. I shall tell you. also. So many people say. Everything must be at that appointed time. Not beforenot after. We are not animals. And. especially about three things: marriage. but your wife is halal to you. . No worry. then Allah takes it from him. it must be with a man in whom you have trust. It is not right to do something without consultation. Islam says. Then he cuts. and patience shows the perfection of' man. then we are sheep also 1 Therefore. If you ask for it to be delayed. "Everything that is going to happen in this life has a fixed time. you will taste!" Allah Almighty will give a reward to European people for the discoveries and inventions they have made from looking deeply into things. Therefore. and traveling. and sometimes He makes them fear His punishment. you are perfect. "0. What do you say about my traveling?" This is not consultation. You must ask your Shaykh about these three important points! ******* Our Grandshaykh says. you are not thanking your Lord. to find a secret wisdom that gives it value.

Or. if you cannot stop him." If a man hasn't the mind to be able to distinguish good from bad. and help needs force sometimes. If a man speaks this. Therefore. They cannot. we are using that force for his own good. to prevent him from harming others. he has the responsibility to choose goodness and to leave badness. "Therefore. when you catch him and restrain him for an injection. They need help. it is useless to force them to be Muslims. Shariah always uses force to prevent badness. "Yes. protect themselves against falling into bad ways. We are using force to help people.As soon as the ship set sail that servant became seized with fear and began to cry out in a very loud voice. They 160 161 ." answered the Shaykh. "If we have a field for keeping sheep. It does not mean that you force a man if he has rabies. we arc doing it. and troubles will come in their place. He kept screaming at the top of his lungs and no one could make him stop. if a man knows goodness and badness. Also. for example. "How does this relate to fard in Islam?" Maulana answered. or for making a garden. They are no secret. Shariah says that if you can prevent a person. "La illaha ill'Allah Muharnrnadin Rasul-ullahl " is one of the greatest favors from Allah to His servants." How shall we help a cruel person? By catching his hand. We must help them. it does not mean that we are using that force on him to make his will useless. Allah cleans him a f all his sins up to that time! This secret word "La i11a11a illAllah Muhammadin Rasulullah"keeps whoever speaks it from humiliation. On the verse. with your hand or with your speaking. as they grow in understanding. and also to take badness from the world. But. "He has that power. you must catch him. No. friends. He had learned that the ship was a favor! Therefore. But. When he heard that servant crying. They are able to distinguish between a true man and a liar. I f a man knows "La illaha ill 'Allah Muhamm ad in Rasul-ullah" exactly. This is not using force to make goodness. No humiliation for those who are saying. If we leave him free. All the worship they could make individually for two thousand years would not equal the reward that Allah Almighty gives for that association! Because. Now that servant sat in silence." "Allah could do that if He wanted. this is using force to prevent badness only. Therefore. "Leave them! No need to force a man into goodness. he said to some of the other passengers. Therefore. from falling into badness. Allah says. favors will go. here and hereafter. with your hand. "Islam came to make goodness all over the world. We usc that force for his own good. one of the greatest favors from Allah Almighty to His servants is for them to be witnesses to His Unity. "Oooo l " If a man doesn't give thanks for favors. The passengers pulled him back on board. if you can stop him with your speech. so many favors may go unrecognized by people. To say. we must kill the snakes and poisonous insects first. you must speak. they will cry. he will die or he may be dangerous to others. A brother asked. to speak with this HoI)! word is the biggest favor from Allah to His servants. He can distinguish it for himself. Immediately the servant swam back to the ship and climbed up the side. But. when Allah says no people should be forced to do anything because they can distinguish between good and bad for themselves. by themselves. Not all people have the same level of willpower. without saying that Holy word. then it is impossible for him to waste his time without benefit. when we use that force on him. from causing harm to themselves and others. They are known by everyone. Therefore. he has no responsibility. OUf Grandshaykh says that among the biggest favors from Allah is that when two brothers (ikhwan). For their own benefit. it doesn't mean that we cannot sometimes use force to restrain them from doing badness. they pushed him into the sea. He doesn't force people. while others are weak. "Force may be used for goodness or badness. Some people can control themselves to prevent their falling into bad ways." the disciple insisted. Finally. in association for the sake of Allah. when it is taken away. "Ashadu aula illaha ill'Allah. are sitting together. Our Prophet (peace be upon him) said. There was also on board a certain wise mall. "Take that man and throw him overboard!" So. "No one is to be forced for anything in Islam": Allah says after this. my Lord! Keep him from falling into bad ways!' "No force may be used on Christians and Jews for becoming Muslims. you must pray for him: '0. wa Ashadu anna Muhammad in abduhu wa Rasuluhu !" also. You cannot find a man who has even an average mind who cannot separate the two. through that association Divine Care will come. He asks them to do good with their own wills. "Goodness and badness are clear. 'You must help people-cruel people also. therefore.

when Allah Almighty looks to His servant with pleasure. you must listen to it. But. 'The second door is our mou th. devils catch us by our tongues. Therefore. That means every believer. enemies will come and extinguish the light of your lman. It is very bad. "There arc three entrances by which those enemies try to extinguish the light of Iman. You may hear you will it." you ******* Our Grandshaykh was saying about keeping our lman.-! arc free to think as they please. If you are right. "not to argue with people. until the time for thinking is ended with the return of Jesus (peace be upon him). only if Allah Almighty says that when Quran is being read. If you are looking at a lady. everyone must be very careful to guard against those enemies who are trying to extinguish the light of Iman. all tariqats. ******* "It is a gooe! manner. you may hear a donkey's braying but you are not listening. with exercises. You may hear some bad speech but you are not listening. his Iman is gone. This is an important lesson. What could be a more precious treasure to guard than Irnan? If Allah sees His servant dutifully guarding His precious favor. Faith is the light of Allah viven to His servants. In a court everything may turn on a single word. in this manner: 'Yes! You are righ t! My nafs' bad habits are kafir!' "All people are making arguments now. there is no responsibility for you. Allah Almighty promises to teach you all the knowledge of Holy books. Bu t. khal wa. sometimes. My ego is responsible for what you disapprove of in me. are trying. You must keep your organs. Concerning the ears. If you keep this. Your conscience always gives you exact signs on goodness and badness. will be granted the wisdom of all one hundred four Holy books. Each one imagines himself to be the most clever of people. "Arguing extinguishes Iman. you have responsibility. perhaps he will say some wrong thing that may be harmful to you. Then. is the eyes. so that devils and Satan cannot use them as they like. All enmity grows from this. OJ entrance. and you arc arguing with someone who is wrong. whoever guards those three doors carefully. A man may reach the highest degree of Iman when suddenly. you must say in response to any argument. You must put guards at those three doors in your body. the light of faith because enemies are trying to take away that light. if a man calls you a kafir. 'No! I am not kafir!' Instead. You must be very careful with your speech . Divine pleasure to that servant's heart. You must not let them be used by devils. to make their murids keep those three doors carefully. from arguing. you must agree with him. In reality. your ego says. Also. And. Divine mercy. when you look. we will be in court on the Judgment Day before the Judge of Judges. he will judge among them. 'Yes. 0." want. every believer knows wha t is good for him. heedlessness is prohibited in Islam. He Almighty looks with pleasure on that servant. Therefore. if you are only hearing. "It is the same for the eyes. it is as you say. you have responsibility for that looking. 'No}. I am trying to keep its bad habits away from me. "An Prophets came to teach people how to protect those three doors. "The third door is the ears. but. if J'OU hearing and listening.. You must be like a man on trial. He must know his purposes. But. our tongue. my brother! If you are right in 163 . He likes his word to be Listened to and respected in every place." says our Grandshaykh. "We must keep. and other organs. there are two ways to use them: 162 anything. very carefully. all Grandshaykhs. If you know you are on the right way. When you are listening. And. then. don't argue.' enter and extinguish our Iman. And.' because its pleasure is with badness. to improve my character. because he is a tru stworthy person. Quickly. through prohibited looking (the most attractive thing is women). "The first door. must listen. I ::UD not in agreement with my ego. Allah Almighty. with training. that is vulnerable to attack by devils who try to extinguish the light of Iman. you must not argue. for their purposes. On the other hand. If you cannot protect these three doors. but every time your conscience points you toward goodness. We arc very easily taken and our lman extinguished through our eyes. wirds. or what is bad. He sends Divine favors. What is your purpose? Why are you looking? For your ego! "Allah Almighty teaches every believer. You may see everything. For example. every Muslim must consider the reasons for his actions and know the consequences.

life was so simple in comparison with today. perhaps there are one hundred thousand drugs. our Prophet (peace be upon him) foretold a miracle in his hadiths. Now. forbearance. Nazirn Effendi! People arc passing through so much difficulty in this life when. move back in to harmony with Nature. Muhammad (peace be upon him). Shaykh Abdullah!" he said. it is so easy! It is too simple! Why are men making it so difficult?" Before one hundred years ago. "0. how will he be toward the bodies of his patients? He who is ignorant of himself will be more ignorant of others! "We have been ordered to keep our bodies excellent throughout our lives. the keeper of this time (peace be upon him). you must excuse them.*** Our Grandshaykh was making an important point for everyone: "Everyone must know the value of himself.:. Grandshaykh was sitting in Mahd i's assembly. Therefore. This is the highest degree of good Inanners. All economic problems come after this point. we have good character.. Also. and the highest degree of Jihad al'Akbar (fighting with your ego). You must not misuse your body." asks our Grandshaykh.'" ******* "If a man tells you a lie. 'I am free to do as I like!': they may go to the tops of mountains. must keep people very carefully so that they may not harm each other." * * * * * *" . Saying. "In our time. the sign of good character. Our bodies are 'amana. Keep this respect. then he will not give another person's life any value either. All Holy books arc in agreement on this point. For example. and life is more and more complicated. No poisons! "In our time. As much as we have patience with people. and excuse them. This hadith is a sign for us to return to nature and the simple life. but now we make it so difficult. If they are saying. namely that we must keep our bodies in very good condition. 0. you must keep yourself healthy. and listening to his words: "0. if a doctor knows his body's value. On the Judgment Day we will be asked. first. " "Real religions all fight badness. and to the jungle! When you live with other people. my brother.. if you are wrong. And. We have not been ordered to refuse people. 164 .' " ** *- **** Our Grandshaykh is speaking about Mahdi. Therefore. he who took his sheep and went to the tops of mountains. the last Prophet. Islam is making health first in all things. Before. we must try to make this life more simple. and to tolerate them. nor will you load others in that way. keep your self-value and selfrespect. This is a punishment for us now. 'No! That isn't true. may Allah forgive you and make you right. If we don't do this. is to carry other people's bad characters. If you are claiming to be doctors. They never agree with any bad characters. not doing anything that gives harm to them. gives himself no value. Now. If you are on the way of prophets. how we kept our bodies. but you must be gentle. my people! There will come a time on you! .your argument. . My Crandsh aykh was wondering one clay. 'Oh? Is it so?' Maybe. Then he advised his nation about who would be saved from all troubles. people finc! their bodies very cheap. you must help them and be tolerant of them. and others may respect you. We are living in a time when people may say anything and everything. Allah originally made life so easy. "0. 'I came just to complete good characters. always without fighting. there were ten drugs and ten illnesses. Everyone. and a like num ber of afflictions as well! We must simplify. in reality. You must know that people are ill in their egos. my brother. you must be patient with them. Mother Nature embraces us. every day troubles and problems are increasing." You must not refuse his words. clearly said. "You may tell him. This is a high character and good manners. may Allah correct me.. in your sight his statement has no reality'. "what will be your position? You must not say. Therefore. If a man has no self'respect. One hundred years ago a man 165 **:~:. especially those on top stations. It is the sign of good character in our time. and people were much happier. inventions and discoveries are increasing. our troubles and difficulties will be never-ending. You must not load your body with more than its capability. to bear with them.' a trust from our Lord. but to make them more pleased." he went on to describe all the troubles that will appear on the world as the last day approaches.:.

very long-a destroying burden. Satan says to him. even Muslims arc fighting against the turban. If you don't take advisors for your Heavenly life." A turban is the ornament of man for praying. to approach the Divine Presence. so thinking. in our time. "0. But most important is the turban! Devils are fighting to make men lose it. On the Prophet's Night Journey did he go without a turban? No. So. it is a sign that he is pleased and satisfied with his Lord. the Awliya. That man will always be in trouble. But. you will be always in trouble. Allah likes his servants to live with pleasure. What docs this mean? We must look to the Prophet's sunnah." But people arc killing the sunnah. Be hum ble. for he knows. to put on their ornaments. safest way to our Heavenly stations. years. not solemn and sad. "If a man prays with ammama (turban). so that you arc able to consult with other people. "A man may plan something. you wi1J have endless trouble. our Prophet (peace be upon him) says. perhaps three. 'My rule is excellent I am not in need to ask anyone. They wish to lose it. "What is one important thing. because solemn and sac! arc signs of dissatisfaction with your Lord. he who uses turban is given the reward of one hundred martyrs! This is because now. will be given the reward of one hundred martyrs. and. Allah will reward him with ten-thousand goodncsses. Everyone who says. There are specialists for everything. better way for you. Perhaps they may see an easier." If you arc running after things. and the Prophet (peace be upon him) said. Only ifhe didn't have one (because it was being washed. or sometimes when he prayed alone) did he pray without a turban.' When peopl c don't do this. like the Saudis. wear turbans. how one should be for praying. Their observation may be better than yours.could have one suit of clothes for two. we are more in need of advisors for our spiritual. more than any other man. his ego orders him to change it perhaps every fifteen days. Be pleased with your Lord. you are poor. "The contented man is the richest mall. or Saints (may Allah be pleased with them all). perhaps morning and evening! Our Prophet (peace be upon him) says. from earth to Heavens. all angels are coming with turbans. As we arc in need of advisors for this life's pro blems. Satisfaction makes even a short life happy. Once. my nation! Pray as you see me pray!" The Prophet (peace be upon him) never prayed without a turban. or Heavenly progress so that we may know the shortest. throughout his life. and everything in this life will be enjoyable for you. But. Our Prophet (peace be upon him) says. if you never ask other people. people can grow beards. but dissatisfaction makes a short life very. if you have no excuse. making our lives more difficult? If a man never accepts any rule except his own. he said to me. Now. you cannot reach your Heavenly. everyone! 167 * * *' * * * *' 166 ." And. Jinn and men. as it is a famous sunnah. Next come their spiritual heirs. In every religion. 'Ask for everything'. Turban is the perfect ornament for praying. Allah Almighty orders His servants. every week. from authorized people. No problem for beards. No fighting for beards. in every way of life.' is not going to save himself from trouble. for example. in the last clays. you must fight him!" ******* You are asking for Divine Powers. he is not going to go to a heart specialist! "If you don't have advisors. SO that no one will wear it. you must use turbans. We must not discount its importance. you must ask someone who knows well the matter that is before you. "0. because everyone can grow his beard. Therefore. he is not going to save himself from trouble. He stood for prayer in the Divine Presence exactly as his Lord ordered him. "He who keeps my sunnah. spiritual station. he went with turban! Gabrael came to him wearing a turban. If a man is pleased and satisfied. from mankind to angels. If a man is going to lose his eye. "Always pray with turban. first of all. "Allah Almighty orders His servants. we are power stations! From ants to elephants. But he says. Allah is giving to my heart to make a11.from cast to west. "This is the Prophet's soldier. when they come for prayer. When a devil looks at a man with a turban. ******* Our Grandshaykh was saying. he will not consult with anyone. Nazim Effendi! We have such miraculous powers. Devils are fighting turbans now because it is a sign of Islam. Our Grandshaykh has such powers. I never saw our Graridshaykh praying without a turban. Prophets (peace be upon them ail). it is another source of trouble for them. Our Heavenly advisors are. IIe may regard that plan as excellent.

It is all right. "Allah is the source. so he wrapped a straw mat around himself. they will give you more power. When you are showing love. like drops or like a torrent. more and more. " Allah tried even His beloved Muhammad (peace be upon him). When his sahabas tied one stone on their stomachs for hunger. He may feel it or not. "You must not be worried about your sustenance. one. it will generously come. Our Prophet (peace be upon him) says. This relationship is strong. but you may drink from a cup (Awliya) and say. "0. If you are in need. He didn't even have anything left to wear. Allah Almighty opens His oceans of mercy to that servant. They look the same. no difference among men. You must not ask with your tongue. you put into an electrical outlet: the other. and according to his desire."We are power stations. the Prophet tied two stones. believer! Do you think a well will run dry from your drawing? When Allah tried Abu Bakr (may Allah be pleased with him). He is giving. Once. You cannot know by sight alone. Divine help will come to your heart. The Prophet (peace be upon him) said. We are no t looking to your speech. As much as you will cut from that chain. we shall give. To any person who is asking for that power to reach his destination." And. and. When his belief remained unchanged. "Before I became Muslim. If you are cutting a little.' Especially from the hearts of Awliya to their followers. and He is stopping. respeet. there are secret ways. We know what he needs. What is the wisdom of Allah trying His servants? He is trying His servants to see if they see that all things come from Him Almighty. 'I am drinking from Niagara!' Wahabis say that all people are the same.' who said. and Awliya have been tried. we will know. Wheat is put between the stones for grinding. He will give to you. bringing people all together. the examination was finished. and saw that he didn't change his belief when hardship came. according to his capability. you may ask. Prophets have been tried. that Divine help is falling on your heart. also. They are not accepting that Awliya have extraordinary powers. But. :!:****** Our Grandshaykh was telling us about Abu Bakr as-Siddiq (may Allah be pleased with him). We are ready. all people are the same. and more than your charity. He says. this power increases. "It is impossible to decrease the money of a man who gives in charity. 'I am in need!' There is no value in that.and charity toward Awliya. "Therefore. though he himself may not. don't be afraid. he gave and gave. Sayiddina Abu Bakr (il1UY Allah be pleased with him). When that happens. before he became Muslim. my money is not going to run out!" This is the meaning of the Quranic verse. but touch them and you will feel the difference! Yes. If it is finished for you. If you are giving for the sake of Allah. according to your love for Awliya. When the grinding is finished -flour! Don't be worried for yourself. "Increase your need-that is important! Every time you are in action. "0. no. I opened 168 my hand with giving. more than your respect. 'From heart to heart. but we arc looking to your heart's action. "Good tidings for My patient servants!" ******* Our Grandshaykh says. I kept my money in my hands very firmly. "Allah Almighty sometimes is trying His people. after that trial was finished. little will also come. and there was no end to his money and property. waiting for those who come. 169 . when he believed Allah's words. because for everyone living on this world there are chains of sustenance coming down. because each trial gives them higher degrees. it doesn't matter! "There is a mill for making flour. But. they also return to you more than your love. You may take two wires. The mill will not cease functioning. it meant that he passed the examination. as much as I am giving. No one can approach Niagara Falls to drink. was afraid to spend all his money. Abu B akr as-Siddiq (may Allah be pleased with him) gave all his money and things away. He is teaching patience. We are looking at your nature's need. "You do not need to ask with your tongue. our Grandshaykh was saying. 1 am giving better. asking to travel to Heaven. exchanging your charity with My Charity!" Therefore. more will come down. But. more and more came. the fountain. after my Islam. This is the way. I feared it would be finished if I spent it. No more trials came to him. but some of them are connected with Divine Powers. we give. If you are generously cutting. My people! As much as you give in charity.

but In Islam. "The first step of Satan to destroy our lrn an is to make us in doubt our sustenance. new sustenance. therefore. without your asking. 0. making doubt come into their hearts about their sustenance so that they will leave their Lord's service and pursue the things of this world. and for the sake of goodness." * ** >. and most dangerous enemy for us. 'As you like' or 'As you know. There is no fear of death for a rnurnin. every occupation. you will not be so generous. In European countries. he will not die. 'Sustenance is provided for everyone. Did you ever sec a cat or a dog working? They trust their owners. pray for him. fear of death recedes. whereas a believer will be brave. are not tiring themselves working for this world: Allah makes other work for them. or not. justice. Give!" ******* Our Grandshaykh says. "Don't be afraid of death. in Islam. 'You must ask. The second kind. and He addressed them. Allah asked them. When believers show fear of death. He ordered each person to choose one of them for their life and every person chose one. If you are not in need. it will be the reverse: if we are. especially Muslims. Why are we asking Allah for tomorrow's sustenance? "We must have faith in Allah to provide for our needs. Your inspiration and your conscience will cause you to give freely. If believers and good people clon't fear devils. only what is due now. cats and dogs are kings. then those devils will be afraid. "When Allah Almighty created all our souls. "The fear of death prevents mu'min from many good actions. and rightness. "If you are a traveler and someone asks you if you are in need you must reply. One who fears death will try to escape it. He may give. good for you. he will be ashamed. Devils arc this way. Dogs have a character. about their welfare. Why? Allah doesn't ask us for tomorrow's worship.< '" ** We know that Satan is the first. Then. Therefore. To be fearful of dying is the sign of no Iman.' Then. it encourages bad people and devils to more cruelty. He is always trying to destroy our Iman. Otherwise. You must not refuse it. As our Iman increases. but Satan will come to you and say.' Then. The other kind is working for his Lord. 'What are you doing'? How are you going to live'? Where is your job'? Where is your money?" "People are of two kinds. think deeply about their future. My servant?' "New day. Satan makes all people. and bravery grows. 'Am I not your Provider'?' says our Lord. Look how much they trust their owners for food. and if you refuse. hoping to meet his Lord. Bravery comes from the power of our faith. ' "We must take a lesson from the pets of men. who feed them without expecting 170 171 . One kind works for this life and this world. in order to put the signs of Haqq (rightness) there. The first kind becomes tired with his working. I made all those other people servants to you!' Then. what is allotted for him. This is a good manner-to place consideratio~ for your plight on his conscience. Our Prophet (peace be upon him) says. broken. My servants! You chose My service. Believers need to appear all over this world. you must accept."If something is given to you. our Lord! We choose only your service! No occupation for us but that!' "Allah Almighty was so pleased. 'Do you not trust in Me. "After the last person had made his choice. who are working for their Lord. always renewing his attacks on believers. Don't wait to find out if he is in need. 'Why haven't you chosen'?' They replied. they will run to escape from you. then they will be brave toward us. about their children's future. and then give. especially from fighting for the sake of Allah. it is halal. 'Serve My servants!' "Satan attacks believers. Without this faith and courage. Perhaps he is not in need. afraid. But. there remained one group of people who had waited without choosing. He ordered this dunya. they will attack you. '0. only today's. if they feel you are afraid of them. The devil says to us. That person is giving to you with his inspirations. '0. people will hide in their houses. It is not good manners to refuse a person. Until he finishes what is written for him. Each man must complete his share before he dies. throughou t his life. you may keep it aside for giving to someone who is in need later 011. "Without bravery in the face of death. He made an exhibition of all the kinds of jobs that people could do. Islam cannot spread on the world. You must take it and thank him. the best manner is 'Don't ask" This manner is true for the giver as well as the receiver. Our Grandshaykh said. if they feel that you are not afraid of them. This is the sign of lman. It has been ordered not to be afraid of dea th. as they offer.

businesses. If you can bear with those undesired things. we can stand up to them. and He may order us to do anything at any time. That is most important for everyone. but to reach that goal we need Divin e HelpvF or this reason. "If a man fears Allah Almighty. If any doubt comes to his heart. and a very lovely attltu. Ordering is for Allah. Allah agreed and sent 172 Our Grandshaykh said that rebellion against our Lord 1S the main reason for the prevention of His favors to us. and therefore. he is thrown out of Sainthood! "Allah is Lord of the universe. You may see some people killing themselves in the face of their troubles. Ibrahim! Do you need help? I am ready for that!' "Abraham (peace be upon him) replied. When Allah ordered the angels to make sajdah. that person is stepping on the way to the first station of wilaya. When Allah Almighty orders. "When does the power of our faith appear? When an unlovely thing happens to you. Without trial." ***~:~*** Our Grandshaykh said. So many people. To keep His orders with no objections is for his servants. . you cannot say that you have real power of faith. They appealed to Allah for permission to help him. we too must not trust our own powers. "When Abraham (peace be upon him) was about to be thrown into the fire. You must trust Me!' It is Satan who tells us the opposite. but only on the condition that Abraham (peace be upon him) must first ask for that help. am faith.~~~* Our Grandshaykh was saying.) We can't change anything. he will live a happy life. instead. throughout your life. that you cannot bear." ****. and travel over the whole world safely. When confronted with a great event that we cannot face. This is the target. "La~ hawla walla qu'watta illah billah ill-ahyul' in return. 'It IS enough tl~at He knows I am here. _ This is an excellent good manner. "What are the attributes of Anyone \v110 believes in Allah and eternal life. Yon must not melt: you mu st he solid! Our life's problems and trou blcs are so many. Gabrael came to Abraham (peace be upon him) and asked '0. but must ask and trust our Lord's Help. your Iman is real. "So. Only from my Lord!' '''Then you must ask your Lord for help!' Gabrael said again. etc. Iblis or attribute for a servant toward his Lord _If you arc faced WIth a heavv happening. you must say. and Gabrael made sajclah twice in his place!" Awliya? Gabrael down on behalf of all the angels to help Abraham (peace be upon him). and Allah's messengers. to Allah's power. especially those who are traveling for the sake a f Allah Almighty. un til we are like Abraham (peace be upon him). He belief is so strong in Allah the Provider (Razzaq). Abraham (peace be upon him) replied again. You may. We must continue. but He has the might to change everything as He likes. "That belief is the first step toward wilaya 1. my Lord! La hawla walla qu'watta i11ah billah ill-AliyuI'Azeem! You Almighty can carry 173 . If you understand this.' _ "This is real power of faith." No problem for that person. we must leave It to Allah's will. arc lying in hospitals and prisons. on account of their rebellion to their L~rd. Gabrael! From you I need nothing. that order must be kept. th~ Most Great One. and you remain unchanged. and the Last Day. . unchanging in the face at trials. you will always be in good condition. When people are faced with great events. and no difficulties. your minds. _ "And. enjoyment. '0. "0. I t is our will to begin. to be a Saint. the Prophet (peace be upon him) always asked for Divine Help. the power of your faith will appear. We must always be ready to accept those orders. obedient to our Lord's will. the angels wept for him. money. According to the power of our Iman. he will not worry. savina. "What is a Wali's attribute? What is 11 is belief's power? How is his belief in his Lord? It is like this: If Allah Almighty covered all the sky with an iron cover and all the earth with rock. be in so m any heavy positions." (No ~~wer or strength except by Allah the Highest. and 'Paradise and Hell. finn in your faith. We must be. strong faith keeps them from panic. and that Wali is ordered to provide sustenance for all people. 'You must not trust your own powers. and Holy Books. and happiness. Sayyidina Ali (may Allah be pleased with l~im) said. Have we reached this level of trust to our Lord? Allah says. or a great event that you can't carry.

he may know his Lord. With it a servan t can bear everything in this world. in our tariqat. Allah Almighty ordered His servants to follow one of those Prophets and Awliya. as they themselves arc so connected. All Prophets (peace be upon them all) and all Awliya (may Allah 174 175 . of human nature.' and when you enter this 'way' and go on. "Follow in the path of him who has turned to Me with love. but we separated and came into this world. or aim. Iblis. to see who is the most knowledgable of their Holy Books. The servant with this word is the most powerful one in the whole world. Everything has a reality. and when a man recognizes himself. and you must go through darkness until you reach your realities in the Divine Presence. If it were enough merely to have this knowledge in order to be saved. For what? It is more important to know the reason for learning. so that we may also become connected to our realities. I heard today about a contest in Jerusalem among young people. is not to possess so much knowledge. Allah Almighty describes the personality of those who are connected with their Divine Stations: who turned to Us wit h love. knows all Holy Books. and. That knowledge is Shar iah. as much as even mountains can bear! be pleased with all of them) came to make that connection for us. You. You cannot carry them with your own powers. can change it!" Only in this way can you bear some things. and acting according to that knowledge is the meaning of tariqat to go on toward your Heavenly as we said before. but must transfer the load to your Lord. It is the recognition of ourselves and our realities. "La hawla walla q II 'watta iliah billah ill-AliyulAzcern " is a treasure from Paradise." c c ••• ** -* *** -t- For what reason are we learning? For what reason are we taking knowledge? What are Holy Dooks for? Do you not know that Satan knows all Holy Books? So many religious people are reading Holy Books and trying to take more and more knowledge. As of yet. you will reach your Divine Positions in the Divine Presence. Therefore. It is the sign of perfect obedience to your Lord and according to our Prophet (peace be upon him). alone. with this saying." Thus. The meaning of tariqat is 'way. All problems of servants can be easily solved in this manner. Our realities are in the Divine Presence. Holy Books are lights from Allah Almighty to His servants. You must take that light in your hands. They are the realities of mankind. we have been ordered to repeat it one hundred times in a day. then Iblis would also have reached that point! Therefore. we must understand that our target. there is no connection between ourselves and our realities in the Divine Presence.

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