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Annual Report 2010/11
Your Member of Parliament for Bournemouth West,
Alderney & Branksome East
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activities at:
Conor ucínj vhov« Ilc work
o a BovrvcmouIÞ UvívcrviIu
PÞD sIudcnt mho has dcvisen
a vystcw Ihat m«u aLlou
doctors to víwulatc dLHcrcnt
bodu ma«es «nn vh«pes.
Conor viIÞ Petc Watcrm«« ,
prowoínj CSV (ComwvviIu
Scrvicc VaLvntccrs) ‘Makc a
DLHcrcncc D«u.’
Conor qrcets HRH Ilc Dukc
o Gloucestcr as lc «rríves
to qr«nt Ilc Frcedow o Ilc
BorougÞ to Tlc RLFes
Reqíwcnt í« BovrvcmouIÞ.
PÞoo couHevu o
BovrvcmouIÞ Covnc¡L .
Conor Bvrns MP vpeakínj
at Ilc Dorset InsIiIutc o
Dírectors Fºbru«ru LvncÞ at
Tlc S«n4b«vks HmºL , PoaIc.
Conor viIÞ staH «nn
vaLvntccrs [row A’Cou¬s salo«
í« Wínto« , mlcrc lc viviten
as paH o NaIionaL
ApprcnIicevIíp Wcºk.
Conor viIÞ staH «nn
vaLvntccrs dvrínj a vivit to
Clcrru Trcc Nvrscru í«
Conor qrceIínj HRH Príncess
Avvc at Ilc oficiaL opcvínj
o Ilc CiILzcns Advicc
Bvre«u’s vcu ofices í«
Wíwborvc Roan.
Conor viIÞ D«vc Braddock
«nn Andu Brov« (Ch«írm««
o East Dorset CAMPA)
discusvínj Ilc ‘S«vc Ilc
RoyaL Oak’ c«wp«iq« .
Conor viIÞ BovrvcmouIÞ
pl«qcrs MitclºLL Nºlso« «nn
D«« Thomas «nn mlcr
vvppoHcrs o Ilc ‘Grcc«
Goals’ c«wp«iq« .
Conor viIÞ staH «nn
cI¡ldrc« at FcrvleaIÞ Pl«u
AssociaIio« , mIicÞ «íms to
lºLp cI¡ldrc« to acILcvc
Ilcír [uLL pmcnIiaL .
Conor «nn Ilc Secret«ru o
Statc for Work & Pcnvions,
Ilc Rt Ho« I«í« Dvnc««
SwiIÞ MP, viviIínj Ilc vitc for
a vcu statc o Ilc aH fac¡LiIu
for peopIc viIÞ e«rLu onset
dcwcnIia í« Dr«pcr Roan.
Conor viIÞ pvp¡ls [row
St MichoºL's Prím«ru SchoaL
mho pa¬icípaten í« a
cowpeIiIio« to deviq« Iis
2010 CIrisImas C«rn.
Conor at Oakwean CaLIe¶c
o TecInaloqu’s 6

rest«vr«nt for «« cvcnt to
r«isc movcu for vcu catcrínj
Conor wceIínj Popc Bcvedict XVI, dvrínj a reccnt vivit to VaIic«« CiIu. Conor discu«en Ilc pLight o CIrisIi«ns
abroan «nn Ilc íwpo¬«ncc o cncovraqínj rºLiqious
taIcr«ncc viIÞ Tlc Popc.
One of Conor’s first
priorities since becoming
your MP has been to
push for vital funding for
improvements to the
Bourne Academy and St
Aldhelm’s Acaedmy.
Conor had a series of
conversations with
Ministers and took
representatives of local
schools to meet
After much lobbying
Ministers announced
that St Aldhelm’s would
receive £11,108,040 in
capital funding and
the Bourne Academy
The Bourne Academy,
formerly Kings High, was
opened by Conor at a
ceremony in September
2010. The funding will
allow the school to grow
to 1,000 pupils and
develop an Engineering
Conor said, “I was
determined to go into bat for these two schools. They both serve
areas with some challenges and this funding will offer local
children better places to learn and develop. In the context of the
current financial climate winning this extra funding is a great result
for our area.”
Conor with local dignataries and
pupils at the opening of St Aldhelm’s
Photo courtesy of the Daily Echo Bournemouth.
New research has
shown that someone on
average earnings in
Bournemouth West constituency
will spend 25 days this year just paying
their share of the interest on Labour’s debts.
Labour left the country with an annual
overspend of £156 billion, greater than at any
point in our peacetime history. Money spent just
paying the interest on their £790 billion debt bill
is money that could otherwise be spent on front
line services.
Commenting, Conor Burns MP said: “Labour’s
addiction to debt means each and every
taxpayer now has to spend weeks of the year
working just to pay the interest bill.
“If we listened to Labour the debt would be
£100 billion higher. They must never be put in
charge of our public finances again.”
After thirteen years of Labour
Government every man, woman
and child in Britain owed £22,400
in government debt.
We had one of the worst deficits in
Europe, 2.47 million people were
out of work and one in five young
people was unemployed, plus £3
billion was being spent on benefit
Fixing Labour’s mess was never
going to be easy, but deficit
reduction and recovering the
economy are absolutely essential.
The Emergency Budget and
Comprehensive Spending Review
set out how the Government
proposes to turn Britain’s economy
around - which have been backed
by over 35 major business leaders.
In the four year plan to put
public services and welfare on a
sustainable footing, the
Government has prioritised the
NHS, schools, security and the
infrastructure which will help
Britain's economy grow.
After the expenses scandal in the last
Parliament the public expected new
MPs to work to restore the trust
between Parliament and the public.
That is why I published a contract with
local people about how I would
conduct myself as your MP. You can
read it on my website:
After the election I decided to go further. I asked three
prominent Bournemouth people to act as the custodians of
the contract. They all accepted. They are: Rev. Ian Terry –
Team Rector of the Bournemouth Town Centre Parish; Neal
Butterworth – Editor of the Bournemouth Echo and Nigel
Hedges – President of the Bournemouth Chamber of
Commerce. I have asked them to look at what I am claiming
and to test it against the promises I made at
the election. I hope that in appointing these
three individuals I can show how serious I am
about total openness and transparency.
Live locally
Publish on my website all my personal and office expenses incurred as
your Member of Parliament and all donations of more than £1,500
Never claim for food, first class rail travel, furniture or household goods
Never employ any members of my family
Employ staff with a culture of serving and helping local people
Publish an annual report
Hold regular surgeries across the constituency
Be honest about public spending, whilst standing up for the local
community to protect important local services
Hold regular meetings with local police officers so I can raise any
concerns you have and press the police to act upon them
Regularly consult on issues of local concern
Contract between
Conor Burns
and the people of
Bournemouth West
!"#$%n& '()
www. conorburns. com
Promoted by Conor Burns MP, 135 Hankinson Road, Bournemouth, BH9 1HR and printed by Marquee Print, Unit 2, 20 Wharfdale Service Road, Westbourne BH4 9BT.
No taxpayers money has been used in the production of this report.
Conor used his first speech in
the House of Commons to
stand up for Bournemouth’s
English Language Schools.
The sector is worth some
£200m to the local economy
through employment, host
family payments and student
spending. The previous
Government’s changes to the
student visa system were
threatening to put some
schools out of business. Conor
took a leading part in a cross-
party campaign to put pressure
on the Government to change
the policy. After meetings with
the head of the UK Border
Agency and the Immigration
Minister it was announced that
a temporary measure from
January 2011 will allow
students studying an English
language course for longer
than 6 months to be able to
apply for a student visitor visa
that lasts for a period not
exceeding 11 months.
Conor will keep a close eye on
this matter and lobby for the
new arrangements to be made
Conor with a cross-party group of
MPs after lobbying the Immigration
Minister about English Language
Conor delivering his Maiden Speech
in the House of Commons on the
subject of English Language Schools.
Conor cuts the ribbon at the opening of
The Bourne Academy.
Photo courtesy of the Daily Echo Bournemouth.
Conor has persuaded Secretary of State for
Community and Local Government, Eric
Pickles MP to ‘call-in’ the hugely unpopular
planning application to develop Talbot
Heath. This means the application is now
subject to a Public Enquiry which will take
place in July and conclude in October.
Conor said: “I warmly welcome Ministers
listening to the representations I have been
making over this proposal. I am determined
to do all I can to prevent this unsuitable
development. The public enquiry will be a
great chance for residents to put forward
their case, and I would urge people to put
the dates of the meeting in their diary and
come along.”
The recently released South
East Dorset Transport Strategy
includes proposals for a Park
and Ride scheme for 500 cars
in New Road, right beside the
Cherry Tree Nursery.
Whilst Bournemouth faces
challenges with congestion and
the demand for more housing,
in a time of austerity, Conor
believes that this Park and Ride
scheme is in the wrong place at
the wrong time and proposals
put forward must take proper
account of the impact on
existing green spaces and
residential areas.
Conor and Council Leader Cllr
Peter Charon are committed to
fighting this development at
Cherry Tree and are running a
petition against the proposals.
Visit to
sign up.
Conor with Branksome East Councillors Stephen
Rollo-Smith and Karen Rampton on Talbot Heath.
Conor Burns MP’s Scorecard
Over the past year Conor Burns MP has...
- Spoken in 17 debates in the House of Commons
- Asked 67 written questions
— “above average amongst MPs.”
- Has voted in 89% of votes in parliament
— “well above average amongst MPs.”
- Held 19 help and advice surgeries around
the constituency.
- Replied to over 4,000 residents’ letters and
emails, on over 250 topics.
- Visited 117 local organisations and groups.
Burns MP is
to being
to all local
contact him
at any time
for help or
Telephone: 020 7219 7021
Conor Burns MP,
House of Commons,
London SW1A 0AA
In person:
Call 020 7219 7021
to book an appointment at
Conor’s help and advice surgery
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