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Anti-Terrorist Vehicle Anti-Terrorist Vehicle

Consider a hostage situation where many lives are at risk and add to it the lives of our brave soldiers who are sent in the line of fire to face the music. To facilitate their movement and to take a preview of the situation and also to take some minor risks and get proper information about the scene we propose an Anti-Terrorist Vehicle, which will be quite agile and can cause some damages to the enemy. The benefits of the same vehicle can be extended up to the remote surveillance of potentially harmful and hazardous places like the power plants and also the leaky gas plants by just changing the gun to the appropriate extinguisher. It can also be used by defense for its remote surveillance purposes. Our ATV (Anti-Terrorist Vehicle) will employ a series of motors and a remote control logic, which will be having a set of encoders, transmitters, decoders and receivers. It will also facilitate the movement of the neck, waist, arm and the forward / reverse and the turning movements. Figure 1 depicts a rough shape of the proposed ATV and will employ all the above-mentioned features.

Fig1: Depicts the rough shape of an Anti-terrorist vehicle Page 1 of 3

Anti-Terrorist Vehicle



Relay Drivers and Relay Control Mechanism

Dc motor 1 For rear wheel

Dc motor 2 for waist movement


Micro controller

Dc motor 3 for Neck movement Dc motor 4 for Arm movement Dc motor 4 for Front Movement


Controller With line driver

Fig2: Depicts the block diagram of Anti-Terrorist System This project will facilitate the understanding of the following topics: Coding in Assembly for 8051 series Micro controller for time constraint acquisition and transfer of data. Relay mechanism through ULN2003. DC Motor control mechanism. Receiver work function. Remote control mechanism through micro controller. The AT89C51 micro controller is the robot's brain and controls the robot's movements. It's usually acts like a device, which is used to store information about the robot and the work environment and to store and execute programs, which operates the robot. The Page 2 of 3

Anti-Terrorist Vehicle
control system contains programs, relay control mechanism and various other processing activities, which enable the robot to perform. A remote control sends instructions from a human operator through remote. The body of a robot is related to the job it must perform. At the arm we are placing a gun, which will be able to fire in the required direction indicated by controller. We will also be fixing a Camera on Board and a light on the rotate table head as to remotely observe and control. Page 3 of 3