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- This Sunday - Flowers - Newsletter - Pledge Checks - Warning - Summer Pastoral Contact - 14 Day Schedule This Sunday: The Playful Spirit

Roxane Pickens, Worship Committee Coordinator, wants you to remember your fun loving side. It is Summer - enjoy it!

ADMINISTRATORS DESK Please respect the Administrators desk, this is her personal workspace. If you need supplies please go to the closet in the copy room/middle office labeled “Supplies”. Also, if you need to leave a note for the Administrator please place it in her mail box in the copy room/middle office labeled “Susie”. FLOWERS Have you ever wanted to donate flowers for our sunday services but just couldn’t find the time to arrange it? Please call Iris Massey who is taking donations toward Sunday flowers and she will arrange everything. (305) 661-8482 !

NEWSLETTER The newsletter is available online at www.uumiami.org or you may pick up your copy on Sunday. Newsletters that are not picked up will be sent via snail mail next week. PLEDGE CHECKS The 2011-2012 Fiscal Year is upon us. Thank you for notating your pledge year designation in the memo field for the past few weeks. It has helped us to make sure your contribution is accounted for in the proper manner. Moving forward all contributions will be put toward the 2011-2012 pledge year. WARNING Please do not open any email from a member that has a

subject line of: Unitarian Universalist Society. It contains a virus. CHOIR NEWS There will be no choir rehearsal over the summer. Rehearsals will resume in the middle of August. Dates TBA. SUMMER PASTORAL CARE Reverend Drew has been on vacation since June 15th, and Reverend Wendy does not officially begin her work here until August 1. Between those days please call the office to relay any pastoral needs. Susie will have a list of nearby ministers who are available and she will assist in making contact as needed.

UNITARIAN UNIVERSALIST CONGREGATION OF MIAMI 7/7/11 THE COLLIFLOWER FAMILY Esther and Owen Colliflower have a new address: 16 Salisbury Drive, Apt 7510, Asheville, NC 28803 Esther is at St. Joseph Hopspital after an operation. If you’d like to send cards or flowers please send them to: St. Joseph Hospital 428 Biltomre Ave, Asheville, NC 28801 Attn: Esther Colliflower, Rm 737 For more info, please call Carol Reiter (305) 661-0023.
Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday 7 NE Friday 8 NE 9 10am- Gentle Yoga, R3 12pm- PFLAG, ER 6:30pm- Lavender Salon, ER Saturday

10 9:30am- UUCM RE Summer Church, Matheson Hammock 9:30am- Spiritual Reality, ER 11am- Worship Service, S 1pm- Drumming Classes, R3

11 10am- Gentle Yoga, S

12 6:30pmBuddhist Reflections, S 8pmHumanist Group, ER

13 10am- Gentle Yoga, R3 12pm- Lunch Bunch, ER 7:30pm- Board of Trustees

14 NE

15 NE

16 10am- Gentle Yoga, R3

17 9:30am- Spiritual Reality, ER 10am- Blood Drive 11am- Worship Service, S 12:45pm- Worship Committee, R6 1pm- Drumming Classes, R3 1:15pm- Grief Support, ER

18 10am- Gentle Yoga, S

19 6:30pmBuddhist Reflections, ER

20 10am- Gentle Yoga, R3 12pm- Lunch Bunch, ER

21 NE

Legend: ER = Emerson Room S = Sanctuary NE= No Events


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