-Andrew Lee Thomas

"Please!" she screamed, "Please don't hurt me, you don't have to do this." I could see the fear in her eyes, not knowing why it was there, "I'm not going to hurt you," I replied, "I love you." "Stay away from me," she screeched as she tried to crawl from the front of her mother's bed, to the door for an escape. "Where are you going," I asked with concern in my voice. She got to her feet and ran to the door. I grabbed her hair, not wanting her to leave. She screamed in pain, and fell back. Realizing that I was hurting her, I let go. I went over to where she was lying in pain, and went to comfort her. I had gotten my arms around her, this was a bad idea, because somehow she had gotten a comb with a sharp end. Raising it above her head, she swiftly brought it down into my leg. She raced for the door, looking after her as I writhed in pain. I took the comb out, and limped after her. Stopping half-way down the stairs I heard the police sirens and knew I had to leave. "Baby, I'm leavin now," I assured her. Going back to her mother's room, I climbed out of the window. From there, I limped

and some of you might not care. First of Many Today would have been just like any other first day of school. She didn't do it on purpose. KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK comes from the door and I go to answer it. She was one of the shorter one in the class. Redding.." I said in an audible voice." . I was planning on a seating chart to get her to sit up front . My name had been written on the board from first period. "Hello class. I bandaged up my leg. and the student filed in. The bell rung. was all I thought about as I wrapped my leg up. she walked in. some you wouldn't. knowing it would be trouble. and eyes so blue you cold swim in them. it was during my third period class. and this year in Biology you will learn a lot of stuff you'd like to know. she loves me. "My name is Mr. Her name was Megan Koalde and I fell in love with her at first sight. she wouldn't do that to me.REDDING. It was near the end of the line when finally. But I am going to be your teacher for your freshman year. she had beautiful two toned brown hair.all the way home.near me. Once I got home.. MR. and I was going to be teaching the new freshman class.

and once again there was a disapproving rustle throughout the class. I could tell i didn't make a good first impression. and finally. Rapidly approaching the cafeteria. and she had been halfway out of the staff lounge that I had passed up not intending on going inside. a goddess to bless me with her grace. Her beauty was intoxicating to me.I heard disapproving grunts around the room. Finally. Entering the cafeteria I scanned the room. I could feel the warmth exuding from her body. "When are we going to be able to choose our own seats?" her voice sounded like the beautiful sound of a angles harp. except for Megan. "Where are you off to?" said from a voice behind me. I called on her and she asked. Turner was one of the best junior year English teachers. she turned around and left the class. the class rapidly exited the door. to meet people and get acquainted with the room. "Cafeteria. with her beautiful." I answered. well jogging. Ms. took out my black. my lady wants to be bilingual. The minutes went by slowly as I was waiting for the time I would see her again. I let them have some free time. The voice belonged to Ms. "Why not?" she asked with a beautiful fury in her voice. "You won't. Turner. however. the bell rang and I was off to the cafeteria. my heart was beating out of control. She has Spanish next period. I said so. My heart was uncontrollable once more. "Okay!" After the conversation with my angel. the angel sent down for me. As my heart calmed down I went to my desk. Not waiting for a response I continued walking. and having a prep fourth period I looked up her schedule on the school's server. She raised her hand. based on the students. while I took role. Finally. scorchful eyes. lunch. and she was the only thing I could see. I could feel her presence." I said with a little bit more anger than I wanted to be in my voice. I announced to the class that there would be a seating chart tomorrow. were peering into mine. Her smile left me breathless as I saw . apple laptop. "Because. She. and my heart beat faster than I have ever felt it. as fourth period ended. there she was. Once the bell rang." I answered. she took the longest to leave the room. keeping my eyes on her the whole time I was talking.

Now taking a seat at one of the rear tables. As Far as Possible I couldn't have been more wrong. and i was off to the parking lot.her boyfriend. finally my sixth period class was over. dreaming about her. her everything. a thought popped into my mind. "You're here. As I looked at her I noticed that Malik had his arms around her. today you will get your assigned seats. a salad." I pointed to the front left spot. James Turner. the anticipation I felt from over-night was unbearable. there is no way they are sitting near each other. sa As I walked off. waiting for the end of the day to come. She was with Malik Wilson. my house was filled with her scent. I slowly ate my packed lunch. I had brought a pastrami and salami sandwich. her." beautiful I thought to myself. maybe with some distance from her presence. waiting for tomorrow to come. She was even more beautiful as she was sitting there around her friends. just to breath in her invigorating aroma. pressing them closer than I liked. Everyone looked liked mere peasants in the presence of her. Oh how i wish i was there with her. I was so relieved as soon as I saw her lovely face. Andrew Davidson. "Okay class. her voice.her lips spread across the perfect face that is hers. I couldn't stop thinking about her. hear her again. I could stop thinking about her face. so that i could see her. Giving everyone their new seats for the time being. and Cassidy Johnson. smell her. "I'm making a seating chart. Her spot approached. and I felt butterflies as I said her name "Megan. the closest . as if they were all there to serve her. still in a viewable distance from the majestic goddess. Anger boiled in me as I watched her and . I felt my eyes moisten and I got up before anyone could see. and a pulp free orange juice." Anxiety built up within me." I announced. I heard grunts and grumbles from the class as students were seated where they didn't want to be. Some of the students were recognizable from her period.

why not find out? The Pursuit .according to the seating chart Omar Micheals. I gave the class free time to do the class work. and so I could just look at her for the duration of the period. and Malik.just the sound of that disgusted me. Forcing my eyes elsewhere I saw James.boyfriend . and wrote the page number that the class exercise would be on. who was blocking her view of the love we truly had for one another. just moved when they asked. It was definite. I didn't understand why she would be waiting for anyone. except her. He joined her and they left. Megan was off to do her after school activities. he should be waiting for her. entangling their hands with one another’s. Today had been a different schedule. The class went on. she stayed. this sparked a whole new fire of anger in me. Malik went to get his bag as Megan waited. I had to look at .to my desk. Tyler. Megan having a . Everyone started moving. they had to be separated. his name was Tyler Wilson. on his knees and praising her. the little punk who was not going to be help either. This enraged me. soon. was this one boy that seemed to be a harmless addition in the class. removing him as a threat. however. the goddess of my heart. I couldn't just look at her. He went to go sit with one of his friends in the back at the class. named Jasmine Martinez. a somewhat pretty Latina girl. I thought. He had been with another female in the class.he wouldn't be a bother at all. Next to Megan. I was wondering what did my love do after school. At least he won't be a problem. and suddenly the bell rang. but nothing compared to her. the one of the kid that was with Megan at lunch. with third period being the last of the day. I would keep them as far as possible. I heard a disapproving grunt come from both Megan. Not like Malik. Malik and Cassidy joined the table with her. well at least as far as my power would keep them. whose name is . I went to the whiteboard as I finished giving the last seat in the room."them" .

The car had turned several times and finally. Aroung ten minutes had passed and I had thought about going in and seeing if she had left. in a cheerleader's uniform. close enough to see her. and not that far from seeing when she walked out to go home. My time with her was rapidly coming to an end. she would definitely make the team. I was frantically searching the halls and finally I found her. not wanting to seem inconspicuous. My breath instantly left my lungs. maybe going out of another door. She was at her locker. I must have been out there for about an hour just watching her. number 459. I casually walked passed her. she was obviously not going home. and soon we were already in the last week of October. and weeks turned into months. and out of the door down the hall just a couple of lockers down. but far enough not to be seen. Seeing her in the outfit was breath taking. and entered it. for winter break felt like it would be here in no time.Quickly packing my supplies. I continued to drive on. on Charleston lane they turned down and parked in the drive way of number 7030. Taking a seat on the bench that was close to my car in the parking lot. The angelic bell rang. and the students filed in. She looked exquisite as she flip and did all of that stuff they do. She was on her way to the field for the cheerleading try-outs today. this could come in handy I thought. Trick or Treat Days turned into weeks. I got into my car. As she was being driven home. i followed her at a car distance between us. in the west wing of the school. not intending on leaving until she did. She went over to a car in the parking lot near the football field. she was leaving. That time had come. but I finally saw her come out. with endless possibilities flooding my head. . and then she walked in. I knew where she lived. I left the room about five minutes after she did. which was conveniently close to my class. all of them involving her. and drove to a spot just in front of the field.

the excuse . " Ok.the time he left where he was. "And I could bring sodas. and I was wondering were Malik and Anna had been. and Anna Meyers. I asked one of the students in the front row. and I took role.and then returned. The students took their seats." Andrew Davis said." Suddenly there were four hands in the air. My idea worked." Juli Harmon offered. "Ok. After finishing the role. and a pink slip in his hand. "Megan!" "Here. Looking over the necessities of the note ." During this whole conversation my angel hadn't smiled once. Who would like to bring something?" The enthusiasm in the class was drastically low today. "As you know Halloween is just two days away. because usually they just come in late."Ok." she replied in a tone that wasn't her normal joyous tone. "Well. so you don't want a party?" There was still no reply. "I'll bring plates. which is normal. I will bring candy." Shantal Ayon requested. so I need people to volunteer to bring stuff for the party. not even a flinch of interest. and that made me worried. I was just as much dreading the though of giving a lecture on bacteria." Max Jonson spoke. and Enterobacteriaceae instead. anyone else?" . "I'll bring pizza.I sent him to his seat. My heart fluttering as I called her name. I had allowed free seating as long as they showed that they payed attention. and I have decided to have a Halloween party. I noticed the clock on the back wall. Haemophilus. There had been two people absent today. Malik Wilson. I guess I could just lecture you on the anatomy of the bacterias. by ." I began. Looking at the empty seat next to her. It had been thirty minutes since class had started and in comes Malik. that should be good. Alex Harte to put the role sheet up by the door. Malik approaches me with a grin on his face. the signature. to make me suffocate with just one look. which was very odd. and I could tell by her worried searching throughout the room that she was wondering too. I can't believe she still has that effect on me. which was unfortunately next to her. "No one. "I'll bring cups. so now we have Wednesday scheduled. as they were on receiving one.

Megan. After giving me the slip. I already have and I just don't feel the same way I felt before. it has been a success. I still want 2 be friends but I just dont feel the same wen I'm around u as I did before. "Go after him. how dare that. go comfort her. the one who kissed her. she took her seat in the back of the room. Class continued for about five minutes before there was another interruption.. hurt him for hurting her. I looked back towards her. and anger filled my throbbing heart. how dare he think that he can break her heart. Malik.. I hope we can still be friend tho.. Not being able to find anything. so far. that. when I wished his lips could be mine. Her eyes may have been watering. when I wished I could. sorry but please dont get mad at me if I dont want 2 be wit u anymore. and a note. or go after her. make her feel better. had made my girl cry. I noticed the pain and rage in her eyes. I knew I couldn't do either one. unfortunately. I think that we shud umm . looking like she wanted to launch it at him. same signature. the depths of all my problems for the last three month. I put them back towards my main priority. Taking my eyes off of the late students. with the same excuse. In her hands I noticed a note. as soon as she was gone. the one who touched her. with this one curly haired mixed girl named Dalila Adofo. not knowing why these emotions were present. if I would be able to hold myself back from doing . I looked around to find the cause of it. that he can dump her. also approached me with a smile. hunt him down. that she crumpled into a ball. The memory of her tear streaked face filled my mind." These two thoughts circulated throughout my head..giving them weekly quizzes on what was learned. by Anna. She. I don't know what I would do. If I went after him... move on 2 different people.. but they were undeniably piercing Malik. The bell rang at the moment I decided to see what was wrong. vile person. this time.. I took the note out and read it: Im sorry. but different time on the slip. the students filed out of the class. and engaged in a conversation. and I noticed Megan throw away the note. The note enraged me.

I decided to go home. sit and wait for Halloween to come. and that's the last thing I want her to see me as. I didn't know if I wanted to make a U turn and head back and confront that. that. I can just wait. or her. or to just maintain the course for home. something I wouldn't want to happen. I decided not to wait for my love to go. or she might think I'm the pervy teacher. Again.something I'd regret. The drive home was a struggle for me. wait for my opportunity to approach to get revenge for my love. . would. for caring about what was going on. third period was the last period of the day. If I went after her she might like me more. and today. bastard. I knew that if I was anywhere near him.