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Wes-Del Comp Camp Summer 2011

Silver Tooth By A.J. I got a silver tooth. . . The dentist did a filling too. My old filling broke off. . . He put a metal one on. I couldnt feel my tooth My mouth was numb. Now . . . it feels like metal. It tastes like metal too. Its very BIG! It will not let me close my mouth all the way. SILVER TOOTH Cubs By Allison The Chicago Cubs is a baseball team. My dad and I watch the games. We snuggle on the couch. We root for the team Casey Coleman is the best pitcher! They won their game a few weeks ago. They are my most favorite team . . . Of all in the league.

Cinnamon Rolls

By Brylee Oh. . . is that a cinnamon roll I smell? SNIFF, SNIFF, SNIFF! What is that --- is? Is it? Is that a cinnamon roll? Oh My Gosh! I LOVE cinnamon rolls. I smell the cinnamon. I smell dough. I smell the icing. I bite into it. . . . The cinnamon and icing run down my chin! It is SOOOOOOOO good! Cinnamon rolls are MAGNIFICENT!

The Life of a Printer! By Chantel Oh. . . the life of a printer. . . . its so hard! OH NO!!! Someone is typing. They are printing! ZIP- ZAP-ZIP They are using up my paper and my ink! Oh! They are printing 1 . . . 2 . . . 3 . . . 4. . . 5 . . .6 . . . 7. . .8 . . .9 OH NO!!! They are doing it eighteen times! Oh. . . the life of a printer. . . its so hard!

Basketball by Eli Schlenker

Basket ball is fun! It is good exercise. I like basketball. You shoot the ball, it hits the backboard! BONG! You make it in the basket. When you dribble the ball, it makes this sound. . . DONG, DONG! Oh three seconds left on the clock! You miss the shot, and you think its all over. . . but its not! Another guy on your team grabs the ball, shoots, and SWISH! He scores! Your guys hustle back. But this time the other team makes it. They hustle back, and its all tied up now 12 to 12. One more point and we win the game. You fake your shot and dribble all around the guys and make a lay-up. It goes up . . . it goes down . . . SWISH though the net it goes. Your team wins! Youre cheering and jumping in the air! HOORAY! And the other team is saying that theyll beat you next time. BUT you cant hear them because youre screaming, WE won, WE WON! Then you go get a drink to cool off. Next, you get in your car and head off to you house. When you get home, you go play basketball and get warmed up for the next time.

THE BABE by Gracie Bond Babe will change this game FOREVER! Upthrusting, pretty , swing, swish. Skyward, smooth as silk, Dripping wet Wait . . . . He wants it . . . HOMERUN! He walks with grace. . . . Knowing that he is the BABE. And he has changed baseball. . . FOREVER!

Bills Machine by Jared Dowling One day an eleven year old kid, named Bill Turner, loved science. He made a machine that would make him famous. . . . well, thats what he thought. The machine was a time machine. If it works, it would only brink you back to the past. Bill, his mom said, Your dad and I are going to the store. Dont mess with that machine until we get back. But you know kids . . . they would still do it even though parents said NO! Once they left, Bill shut his door and plugged the two cords together. Then there was a port- hole that showed dinosaurs. The machine needed more power so it sucked all the power from Bills bedroom lights. It was pitch black then . . . POP! Bill found himself at a strange world. When he looked behind him, he saw a T-Rex. The porthole was still opened Bill ran back inside, but the T-Rex was lifting his house . . . it was SO BIG! It got worse . . . Bills mom and dad came home and saw a T-Rex lifting their house! Then they saw Bill! He said the four words that got him grounded for a year . . . CAN I KEEP IT?

Life of a Chair by Joel Dowling Hello! I am a chair! I don not like being a chair! All the kids sit on me. It hurts a lot! At the end of the day, the kids, TURN me upside down, BANG me on the floor, SLAM me on the desk. I hurt my head every single time! I DO NOT LIKE BEING A CHAIR!

Randy the Bookworm by Josh Stephenson One day Randy the worm was wandering around when he went inside a door. There was a desk and a lot of shelves. Randy went over to look and see what was on the shelves. On the shelves were books! Randy had no idea why there were books on shelves. Randy tried to find the exit, but he was so far back that he couldnt find it. So he knew he was lost. Randy kept looking for the exit, but that just got him even more lost. So, he tried to climb a shelf and find a book that had a map of the place. But then he fell out of the exit. After he fell out, he went back to his home in Worm Land.

All Alone by Lauryn Johnson Im all alone. . . just me. Just sitting on a rock. . . skipping rocks. It is a quiet day. . . . not a cloud in sight. My dad is at work. . . My mom is making cookies. I am enjoying nature. It is spring. . . the flowers are blooming The trees are slowly growing their leaves, And the grass is getting greener every day. And school is out for spring break. Im all alone . . . . just beginning spring break!

Me By Mady Justin

Let me tell you a little bit about myself. I have blond hair, blue eyes, I like to dance. I have my mothers personality, My fathers looks, My sisters face. My favorite color is green. I love, love, love to dance. Im a GREAT author. ME!

In the Future by Reeve Clements I will be a millionaire I will have four limousines I will have two jets and one helicopter. I will live in Italy! In the future. . . .I cant wait!

Bears Attack by Tabitha Snyder This is Tabitha Snyder reporting to you live from Yellow Stone National Park. Bears are on a man rage about. . . . Yogi Bear when he said ---I am smarter than the average bear. So now all the bears are thinking that we people are Yogi. . . even though Yogi does not exist! So we have to capture all the bears and put them back in their natural habitat and

convince them that we are NOT Yogi! CRASH, FRIZZLE, FRIZZLE, ROAR, ROAR, ROAR! Sorry about that. . . . a bear came in our broadcasting roomtook a camera, turned it on, and started just roaring and going crazy! I have to let you go now because I want to get rid of that bear! This is Tabita Snyder signing off from the Yellowstone National Park!


Me Me

by Taylor Bush Im as sleepy as DAD! Im as chatty as Mama Margie! Im as stylish as MOM! As smart as . . . Mrs. Thacker! Im a better singer than . . . Poppy! Im as funny as MIMI! And I have the same size brain bucket as . . . .Mama and Papa ANDY!