This Fan Codex represents an Adeptus Mechanicus questing or exploratory army. This force is suited to the more exploration and techno-archeological nature of the expedition. Here the Tech-Priests are often in search of lost relics from the Dark Age of Technology, such as Standard Template Construct (STC) artifacts. In these missions they often encounter hostile forces (usually determined not to give up such items whether they understand the importance of the device or not), and thus their expedition forces must also be ready to fight. The Mechanicus may also accompany other forces of the Imperium when it suits their own inscrutable purposes. However, the Cult Mechanicus is very guarded about their sequestered information, and few dare to question them.

The Cult Mechanicus use a number of special rules that may be common to more than one model, as specified in the individual entries that follow. Given here are the details of those rules.

The Cult Mechanicus is on a never-ending search for lost technology from the Dark Age of Mankind, but is also always on the lookout for old or alien weapons and vehicles to study. The Tech-Priests will have instructed all members of the expeditionary force to be ready to act if they encounter any of the items of interest, and to quickly alert them for their inspection and/or retrieval. When fielding a pure Cult Mechanicus force, roll a D6 after both sides have deployed (including infiltrators,) but before the game starts. On a roll of a 4+ your force has been instructed by the High Lords of their Forgeworld to undergo a Tech Quest. Pick one model from the enemy forces, and write it down on a piece of paper, keeping this chosen model's identity from your opponent. The Cult Mechanicus forces have information that this individual, walker or vehicle is using or possesses technology that the Lords of Mars want to inspect. That model will be the target of the Tech Quest, and all active members of the Mechanicus Cult will fight to their death to obtain intel on this item. If the target is removed from the table, killed or destroyed for any reason; replace the model with an iconic marker to represent the item of importance (If it is a vehicle that is wrecked, there is no need to replace the vehicle or walker with a marker, but your opponent should be informed that the model is the target of the Tech Quest.) If the target is a vehicle and it explodes, a crater will still be placed under the marker as normal. If any character from the Adeptus Mechanicus force can get to and remain within 2" of the marker or wrecked model until the start of their next turn, their side will gain an additional Objective or Kill Point in scenarios that use Objectives or Kill Points to determine the winner. Note that an Adeptus Mechanicus model does not have to survive the duration of the battle, as information on the prized target can be scanned and relayed back to superiors. Additionally, if the Quest target were to fall back for any reason, place the marker where the model was before they made their fallback movement; they have accidently or purposely dropped the device in order to escape quickly. If the target model survives the duration of the game the enemy force is awarded an additional Objective or Kill Point.

The Adeptus Mechanicus are a private cult; keeping to their Forge Worlds to produce deadly pieces of art and war in the name of the Omnissiah, only leaving their planets on Tech Quests and orders of great importance to their cause. When preparing for a Tech Quest or battle, the Cult will only take the most powerful tools and members at their disposal to insure success and bring themselves the blessing of the Machine God. All Cult Mechanicus vehicles have a Complexity Value or "CV". A Complexity Value represents the Mechanicus' genius within the gift of the machine; a work of technology that either contains several intensely tenacious Machine Spirits or is so complex with overlapping backup measures that it can take a monstrous amount of damage before actually failing to work correctly. When attempting to damage a vehicle with a Complexity Value of 2, for example, the first two Glancing hits, Penetrating hits, failed Difficult Terrain Tests and/or Dangerous Terrain Tests and all of their effects will be completely ignored. It is a good idea to keep track of the remaining Complexity Values a vehicle has on a sheet of paper or with physical markers on the table. Once the Complexity Value of the vehicle has reached zero, terrain tests as well as Glancing and Penetrating hits will work themselves out as normal. Complexity Values can only be regained once they're lost by repair via a Servoarm or Servo-harness. Though a Warhound can never be repaired in this manner.

Heavy Weapons Teams count as 2 models for the purposes of transport capacity but otherwise is treated as a single model.

000001 (1)

Machine Spirits of the Imperial vehicles such as the Leman Russ or Chimera will aid the Imperial Guard or Imperial Navy in their repairs on a fulltime basis. Tech-Priest Transmechanics will oft follow a similar path as Enginseers, but are typically less inclined to do so. Their knowledge of the Machine Spirit doesn't typically rest within a single facet, their ability to learn the ins and outs of no less than tens of thousands of devices is what sets them apart from the Enginseers. This ability is a much needed asset when the Cult sets out on a Tech Quest. Something as simple as a repair to excavation equipment is a mere inconvenience to a true Tech-Priest Transmechanic and isn't beyond the capabilities of an Enginseer. Where Transmechanics truly shine is in the heat of battle. Fleeting from war machine to war machine, the Transmechanic must use his vast knowledge of everything mechanical to keep the Cult's goals from fading while staring deep into the enemy's eye.
ransmecbanic WS 3 BS 3 S 3 T 4 W 3 I 3 A 2 Ld 10 Sv 4+

Tech-Priests are possibly the most important cog in the forever-churning Adeptus Mechanicus. Filling the extreme roles in the Cult, Tech-Priests are by far some of the most knowledgeable beings of their respective Forge worlds. The Tech-Priests with the vastest of knowledge known as Transmechanics are no exception. Filling various roles within the Imperium as well as the Mechanicus, Tech-Priest Transmechanics are blessed by the Omnissiah through their work. While very similar to the Tech-Priest Enginseer, most Transmechanic's knowledge is typically broader. An Enginseer's knowledge is quite vast, but is typically tuned to a specific area of technical knowledge. Those that are quite capable on the battlefield or simply have a knack for the inner workings of the machinery and

SPECIAL RULES Independent Character Knowledgeable Disciples: The Transmechanic's force is an impressive one, indeed. While their knowledge is plentiful within communications technology they are often more knowledgeable of repairs than even the Enginseers of their Forgeworld. Selected knowledge is typically given to the followers of the Transmechanic's Tech Quests either through teaching or the more typical data upload. All units in the Transmechanic's force capable of repairing damaged vehicles get a +1 bonus to their repair rolls. Servitor Retinue: The Tech-Priest Transmechanic may be accompanied by a retinue of Cult Servitors as described on their entry on page 10. The retinue will follow all of the characteristics, restrictions, rules and point values per their entry.

WARGEAR Cult Bionics, Servo-Harness

000010 (2)

C. the Tech-Priests are iconic members of their home planet of Mars and countless other Forgeworlds throughout the Imperium. Outfitted with rare tech-relics and aided by a Cult Mechanicus contingent.TECH-PRIEST MAGOS .. any Magos Explorator or member of his team will willingly walk into forgotten catacombs. Each was once fully human. They are then attached to Rogue Trader fleets using their staggering knowledge to aid the Rogue Trader fleet in exchange for use of their resources during their quests for unfound technology.. A Tech-Priest is a master of technological discipline. Some even make these questing expeditions their life's work. no matter the rank.. even at risk of torturous death. Something of a jack of all trades. is completely committed to recovering the priceless knowledge and technology lost many millennia ago. While rarely leaving their fortresses of research.OD. A breed apart from regular Tech-Priests. Obsessed with the quest for knowledge a TechPriest Magos known as an Explorator will search high and low across the galaxy for lost Standard Template Construct databases and ancient scientific and technological knowledge lost during the Age of Strife. upon reaching the degree of Tech-Priest each is expected to lead at least one pilgrimage in search of lost relics such as the Standard Template Construct (STC) systems from the Dark Age of Technology. for mere snippets of longforgotten knowledge. but as they rise in rank in the Cult Mechanicus more and more mechanical augmentations are added to improve their fragile flesh and organs. Masters of Technology. This represents one of the highest positions of achievement in the Cult. -HYMN OF REFORGING 000011 (3) . having devoted many decades of service to the Omnissiah.. a Magos Errant studies several scientific and engineering disciplines. Tech-Priest. Once a Tech-Priest has spent enough time in their individual role for the Cult they become a Tech-Priest Magos or Master. Any Another common Magos is a Magos Errant. Tech-Priest WS 3 BS 3 S 3 T 4 W 3 I 3 A 2 Ld 10 Sv 4+ SPECIAL RULES Independent Character WARGEAR Cult Bionics THUS DO "WE INVOKE THE MACHINE THUS DO WE MAKE WHOLE~ THAT WHICH WAS SUNDERED. they roam the galaxy in their holy crusade.

Each Acolyte may purchase up to 25 points of combined equipment from the Armory except Tech-Relics. Witnessing the information provided by this study is beyond heretical in the eyes of the Astartes. have no wargear or melee attacks. which remains in effect even if the Lexmechanic is killed. 000100 (4) . This ability is not cumulative with multiple Artisans. ballistic trajectories and predict how the enemy will react even before they have begun to move. SERVO-SKULL Drone-like devices are created from the skulls of pious servants of the Machine God. If a Logis is taken. A Tech-Priest accompanied by a Lexmechanic will gain +1 to his unit's Ballistic Skill. each Disciple in their unit may choose to upgrade their Laspistol to a Melta-. If or join another unit. Servo-skulls move as jetbikes. Hellpistol or Hand Flamer for free. and thus any wounding hit the TechPriest takes may be assigned instead to a Praetorian (this is done before any saving throws are taken). upgrade and maintain weapons and other equipment for their force to levels undreamed of by other Imperial forces. Capable of calculating firing angles. each Disciple has Cult Disciples use the followin profile unless otherwise noted: WS BS S T W I A Ld Sv Disciple 3 3 33 13 I 8 5+ ACOLYTE Junior members of the priesthood often accompany more senior Tech-Priests into the field. LEXMECHANIC A Lexrnechanic's ability to store and process data at incalculable speeds is invaluable. stats and special rules (but not Wargear. however if all of the play. See the Praetorian entry for its characteristics. he could not be in more loyal hands.DISCIPLES A Tech-Priest Magos may take up to 8 Disciples. PRAETORIAN BODYGUARD Praetorians are extremely devout to the Mechanicus and will use everything in their power to aid their fellow Cult members. but to the Mechanicus. Hellgun. They will create. This bonus remains intact even if the Artisian is removed from battle. You may take more than accompanied by a retinue of Disciples a Tech-Priest cannot leave his unit Disciples are removed from play he may join other units as normal. then each Disciple in their unit may instead replace their Laspistol with a Melta-. A Xenologis' knowledge of foreign technology and beings makes him invaluable to any Tech Quest where the enemy is causing a resistance to the Cult's pursuit of their goal. When a Tech-Priest is accompanied personally by one of these augmented Servitors. knowledge is the difference between survival and naught. This ability is not cumulative with multiple Lexmechanics. They are fitted with small anti-gravity engines that allow them to float near their master.) Each Praetorian Bodyguard is armed with a Power Weapon and Hellpistol (no other weapons. ARTISAN These members of the hierarchy oversee construction for the Cult. XENOLOGIS Countless hours in close study of alien technology brought to his labs over the decades is the life of most Xenologis. both to aid him and also to gain valuable experience as they begin their journey of service to the Machine God. Having Servo-Skulls in a unitj grants the entire unit the ability to move unsaved wounds to them (this is done before any saving throws are taken). Plasma-. A Logis. one of each type of Disciple if desired. but will use all other stats as normal. LOGIS A Logis' ability to study battlefield reports and calculate future endeavors based on previous information is infallible. A Xenologis and his unit count as having the Preferred Enemy rule against all enemies with the exception of Necrons. Unless it is stated otherwise in each BIonics and IS armed with a Laspistol.) Praetorians programmed as bodyguards are adept at intercepting attacks aimed at their master. In game unit with normal unit coherency rules. all Disciples and their leader form a description below. allowing them to continue their labors even after their flesh has withered away. Plasma-. If two or more Logi are part of the unit. Having an Artisan as a Disciple adds a +1 Strength to shooting weapons used by the unit they are in. Note that Servo-Skulls can be targeted as a separate model just like all other Disciples. can make a few key changes in their fellow Cult member's force that can turn the tide of battle. Grenade Launcher or Flamer for free. The years of neverending study has inured him to the horrors of the alien and taught him the best ways to strike them down. given the chance by their superiors.

infantry bionics and anything else with a Machine Spirit before the Quest begins. vehicles. As THE RUNE OF PROTECTION IS INSCRIBED UPON YOU SO MAY THE LITANIES OF PROTECTION WARD YOUR SOUL. Rune Priests are famous for their lateral thinking. Familiar Blessed Rune Armour: The Rune Armour a Rune Priest wears is a strange sight. which may be called upon when strict logic and standard procedures fail.and inscribe new runes for the Cult's weapons. Staff of Office. Combat Enhancements.. and improvisation. In times of battle. Rune Priests are trained in the most arcane branches of scientific lore such as intuitive mechanics. in cases of enemy Machine Spirit persuasion.RUNE PRIEST . Less barbaric than those of the Astartes'. It is said that a Rune Priest has never chosen his or her path. Rune Priests can quickly squirt binary liturgies to release the power of the previously inscribed runes or to persuade enemy Machine Spirits against commands given by their inner workings. the Mechanicus Rune Priest is the arcane control over the less logical and rulebased technologies of the Adeptus Mechanicus. All Rune Priests will start as Tech Priests. Those who have come into contact with said armour mutter rumors of the Machine Spirits within' whispering quietly to them words of inspiration. Their role in Tech Quests is to reapply worn.. While quite potent. most liturgies will not last very long. WARGEAR Cult Bionics. from the plating to the equalization harness to the processing unit is covered in glowing runes. Rune Priest WS 4 BS 3 S 3 T 4 W 3 I 4 A I Ld 10 Sv 3(i) SPECIAL RULES Independent Character. either the technology within the device itself will self-correct or the Machine Spirit will regain control.000 rulebook. often in lower ranks. -THE PRIMA INCUBATORTA 000101 (5) . The Armour Save for this armour counts as Invulnerable.. While typically more knowledgeable of the inner workings of the Machine Spirit rather than the physical inner workings of the machine itself. it's the Machine Spirits that gravitate toward the being and allow them the honor of brotherhood among the machines themselves. as described in the Warhammer 40. Nearly every inch of the armour. Only when a Tech Priest begins to become extremely in-tune with the Machine Spirits does his or her calling as a Rune Priest become destiny. the Rune Priest is still held in high esteem. speculation. ships. Eternal Warrior Psyker: Rune Priests are Psykers.

All weapons for a single friendly unit that have the Gets Hot! rule in their weapon profile has this rule removed until the start of the Cult's next turn. more stable than the Astartes Bolt Gun. plating and CPU working as one. As in some documented cases show that the metal plating on a vehicle will fluctuate slightly to make itself more dense for a split second during the impact of the enemy projectile. A single enemy unit's shooting weapons have the Gets Hot! rule until the start of the Cult's next turn. Squirting binary rather than slower and soft spoken word allows a Rune Priest the use of three powers per game turn. The Cult player must accept the result of the second roll. One roll on the Vehicle Damage Table can be re-taken when a Cult Mechanicus vehicle suffers a penetrating or glancing result. moral or mischievous. This type of self-awareness stretches beyond reasoning. communication to the machine is always open." This power is a psychic shooting attack that only affects vehicles. While some are harder to persuade than others. This power is a psychic shooting attack that only affects vehicles. The Machine Spirit need only be convinced of how to function improperly to become unstable. All Rune Priest powers are used following the rules given in the main Warhammer 40. bionics are a marvelous thing. Specifically the ability to hear my command and obey it accordingly. The Rune Priest must be within 18" of a Holy Icon or enemy vehicle to be able to use this ability. Blessing such a complex system of spirit and technology can only yield the most mind-altering results. The Machine Spirit within is a never tiring. This power must be used during the Cult player's shooting phase. Making the Plasma Cannon. the Rune Priest immediately squirts out a howl of binary that allows the Machine Spirit to embrace its fate. even if it is worse. The Rune Priest must be within 18" of a Holy Icon or enemy vehicle to be able to use this ability. orderly or chaotic. casting this blessing will allow any rune inscribed machine to brace itself for incoming damage. BLESSING OF THE MAN The inner workings of a Cult member's CHANT OF MALFUNCTION While the chants of a Rune Priest have the ability to stabilize.RUNE PRIEST POWERS An Adeptus Mechanicus Rune Priest has all of the following powers at his disposal. for example. The Rune Priest must be within 18" of a friendly vehicle or Holy Icon to be able to use this ability.000 rulebook for psychic powers. CHANT OF CONTROL "All Machine Spirits. the target vehicle automatically suffers a Crew Shaken result. they have the ability to produce the opposite effect as well. always striving entity. is always alive. Holy Icon or may use the ability on his own unit or himself if the controlling player so desires. This ability can only be used when a vehicle receives an Explosion result from the Vehicle Damage Table. Every piston. good or bad. This power may be used at any time. CHANT OF CRITICAL MALFUNCTION The Rune Priest calls down a powerful curse upon the Machine Spirit of an enemy war engine. a Rune Priest can unlock the secrets of such technology with a single binary squirt. 000110 (6) . friend or foe. the Machine Spirit releases itself into death. When the vehicle's controlling player rolls for the explosion's distance they must roll 306 for the result. fabrinerve. This power must be used at the beginning of the enemy player's shooting phase. This power may be used at any time. echo-fluid. One Mechanicus unit may reroll any failed Cult Bionics rolls until the start of the Cult's next turn. THE BINARY SQUIRT OF DESTRUCTION Feeling the overwhelming pain of the dying Machine Spirit. is always unbiased. the target enemy vehicle may be pivoted on the spot in any direction. The Rune Priest must be within 18" of a Holy Icon or enemy model to be able to use this ability. BLESSING OF THE MACHINE Pushing the machine past the point of logical physics. BLESSING OF THE WEAPON While the more unstable technologies are an untamed beast in the hands of a non-Cult member. Holy Icon or may use the ability on his own unit if the controlling player desires. a very simple process for the Rune Priest. If the Chant of Control hits. indeed. The Rune Priest must be within 18" of a friendly unit. The Rune Priest must be within 18" of a friendly unit. have similar qualities. ignoring whatever mechanical safeguards it has in place. If the Machine Curse hits. Not holding back from the inevitable. pump.

HE PERCEIVED THE DISTREGG 'OF' THE ENGINE THEREIN AND F"ORil'HWilTH GTRUC. Regardless of what the individual's future holds. These years spent serving the Metal Lord are quite possibly the most important years of a Cult member's life. THEREUPON THE ENGINE IGNITED AND WAG F'ILLED WilTH STRENGTH ••• -LORD . priests. most are recruited from the Forgeworlds themselves to join the holy expeditions.K THE RUNE AND IT WAG 'GOOD. The choices available to a new Cultist vary greatly. and the idea of recruiting followers who have no mechanical augmentations is not uncommon despite what those who are illinformed may believe. Machine Cultist Cult Preacher WS 2 3 BS 2 3 S 3 3 T 3 3 W I 1 I 3 3 A I I Ld 6 9 Sv 6+ 5+ Typically recruited from local populace. and will typically be pushed upon the member when they show signs of a specialization.MACHINE CULTISTS Those who have recently become part of the Machine Cult will take their first step preaching the word of their faith. or perhaps even become members of the higher rankings of the Cult Mechanicus. Cult Standard AND WHEN AT LAST HE CAME UPON THE VEHICLE. they are not without their own value. The rank of Machine Cultist is seen as the first step of many in serving the Omnissiah. these common folk have been swayed by Cult Mechanicus Preachers into aiding the Tech-Priests on their quest. While some are pulled from other planets. While those completely made of flesh are not as respected as those closer to the Machine God. Most members of the Adeptus Mechanicus are first born with flesh. Those with the sharpest of minds may be introduced to the traveling life of an Enginseer. all Machine Cultists must make their first movements towards the Machine God. laboring planets or even the deadliest of battlefields. This may entail city streets. Moving from planet to planet to spread the Word of the Machine Spirit is not the resting place of a typical Machine Cultist. more than likely working toward the ranks of Tech-Priesthood. WARGEAR Cult Bionics. ready to prove their faith in the divine intellect of the Emperor. Even the highest ranks in the Cult have often started out in the same place as the newest of adepts. The work of the Omnissiah is everywhere metal and technology exists.OF'THE MAcHI NEG 18TH TOME~ VERGE 200 'I 000111 (7) L . The Cult is always on the lookout for future adepts. followers and molders of metal.

well armed and reactive than Servitors. 113A GUBJECTIIYE TERM - 'ONLY YOU WHO ARE WilGH THIG WORK liN FEAR 'OF THIE . Praetorians are typically outfitted in weaponry similar to the Storm troopers of the Imperial Guard. Praetorians are mass protectors of the Cult. from bodyguards to pilots of several Mechanicus constructs. and surprisingly flexible in combat. While their fearsome presence alone is enough to generally WARGEAR Cult Bionics. as they serve a myriad of different tasks on their Forgeworlds as well as Tech Quests. -PATER GEE THIG 1113 EVER N MACHIINAE DoRTLlBUG 001000 (8) . From manual labor to soldiers. Cybernetic Life-Support System HEREGY IRON NAME. the Praetorians can be found wherever the Mechanicus lies.GAZE IN HIG GO! MEGGIIAH~G RilGHrEOUG TO CEAGE. and are sure to be responsible for giving the Mechanicus forces the name of "Tech-Guard" due to their appearance. the Praetorians are an unsettling site on the battlefield. wellequipped. Much more cognitive. Praetorian Centurion WS 3 4 BS 3 4 S 3 3 T 3 3 W 1 I 3 3 A 1 2 Ld 7 8 Sv 4+16(i) 4+16(i) Drawn from the Forgeworld planets. Praetorians form the backbone of the Adeptus Mechanicus Ordo Militant. I GHAU.. Their duties are not limited to just guarding temples. While not nearly as deadly in combat as the elite Skitarri. the Mechanicus Praetorian forces are generally a class of augmented Servitor that are created by the Adeptus Mechanicus to guard the shrines and temples dedicated to the Machine God with direct attack. for mere humanoids they are devoutly loyal to protecting the members of the Cult. Well-trained. Not to be confused with the Praetorian Guard. they also have the power and weaponry to back up their threatening appearance.PRAETORIANS discourage attack. often assigned to accompany the Tech-Priests on their missions.

makes their fury unrelenting. sometimes striking and withdrawing without the enemy even catching a glimpse of where the shots came from. Whispered as wraiths taking out those who are of pure flesh to please the Omnissiah. Shock Praetorians are a bit of a rare sight for any given Forgeworld. 001001 (9) . The best of the best are used in this role of scorpion tail-like tactics. Cybernetic Combat Enhancements Life-Support System. Their fluid-like movements in the air are thanks to many grueling years of upload data sessions and virtual training for flight alone. This makes calculated firing tactics hard to deal with for their enemies. Having spent years in virtual training and unending upload data sessions. it's capable of making the humanoid Praetorians a flying wake of destruction. Refer to the Warhammer 40. the Animus feels like a natural extension of the Praetorian's body. The Shock Praetorian Squad's weapons count as Pinning.000 rulebook for the rules on Jet Packs. Each leg propulsion generator runs to a backpack where the CPU and fuel lines are held. Hit and Run Shock and Awe: The Shock Squads of the Cult are quite capable in their Animus equipment. the battlefield is a much more frightening place for their enemies. Equipped with some of the finest weaponry such as the Hellgun makes their attacks deadly. For those that do utilize their cat and mouse tactics. the Animus Jet Pack. The Animus is similar in power when compared to the Tau Stealth Suit's jet pack capabilities. Shock Pro WS 5 BS 4 S 4 T 3 W 1 I 4 A 2 Ld 8 Sv 4+/6(i) Squads of battle-enhanced Praetorian Centurions fill the ranks of Shock Praetorians. SPECIAL RULES Deep Strike. yet powerful flight stabilization system equipped to each leg of its user. but can move up to 12" in the Movement and Assault Phases. the stories are enough for those outside the Cult to have a racing pulse at the mention of them. Once all virtual and field training is complete. The use of the equipment needed to make them effective on the battlefield is often seen as too costly to advocate the use of Shock Praetorians all together. Forgeworlds with fewer Praetorian Centurions will often turn away from the use of Shock Praetorians as well. Animus Jet Pack Equipment counts as a Jet Pack. The quick and silent striking-attacks of the Shock Praetorians have given their name rumor all over the galaxy. they are able to WARGEAR Cult Bionics. Animus Jet Pack Equipment: The Animus Jet Pack is an extremely quiet. While not strong enough to lift the bulky Robot Maniples. Supplied with one of the most unique items in personal transportation.SHOCK PRAETORIAN SQUAD maneuver and travel more quickly than the Tau. the Animus feels as natural to its users as their own two hands. but thanks to the Praetorian's light weight.

and therefor are not distracted by their own wellbeing. Servitors are used for an endless number of tasks throughout the Imperium. Servo-Arm lITIB IMPOBBIBLE FORA MAN T'O BECOME UKE THE MACHINE. their mindless drones. AND J WOULD REPLY.ONLY THE BMA' I EBT MIND BTRIVEB T'O COMPREHEND IITB UMIITB. WS Servitor Enginseer 3 3 To Resist the Will of the Machine God is futile. In combat they serve as everything from driving transports to manning dangerous support weapons to forming small individual fighting units. since their higher brain functions have all been disabled. cyborg monstrosities of flesh and metal. This is the lesson shown to all who would defy the Adeptus Mechanicus by these. THAT . computer uplink jacks and whatever accessories deemed necessary to facilitate their ordained tasks. they're essentially partially-organic robots which use a human brain as their cpu. no matter the hazard or tediousness involved. They cannot think for themselves. This by no means makes them incapable of filling their roles flawlessly. Servitors are without fear . Now mind-wiped and programmed only to serve. A servitor's biological portion is obtained either by growing genetically-engineered human bodies artificially in culture vats. Once programmed for a task they perform it endlessly without complaint. All are subsequently augmented with mechanical limbs. -FABRICATOR GENERAL KANE Y:ou MAYeAY. Servitors are organic machines. Many are grown in artificial bio-vats and mated to special mechanical augmentations. especially on the battlefield. Special mechanized targeting systems make them excellent shots and their implacable advance even when sustaining heavy casualties is unnerving to most enemies. 001010 (10) . but some arf1 once-human beings convicted of horrible heresies or other crimes. or by using the lobotomized bodies of condemned criminals or failed prospective Space Marines. This makes them a perfect tool for warfare. they demonstrate the folly of challenging the Imperial might and the masters of the Red Planet. and form the bulk of the populations on many Forge Worlds.CULT SERVITORS adaptations allow them to function in hostile environments.. and to operate specialized machinery. Their mechanical BS 3 3 S 3 3 T 3 4 W I 231 [ 3 A 1 Ld 8 9 Sv 4+ 4+ SPECIAL RULES Fearless WARGEAR Cult Bionics.

They are equipped with various esoteric weapons of war.·part I Skitarii WS 4 BS 4 S 4 T 4 W I I 5 A 2 Ld 9 Sv 3+ SPECIAL RULESFurious Charge. Skitarii regiments will often go to war along with the Mechanicus' Titans... For example. whereas a different type of Skitarii investigating the dead world of Tarsis Ultra were seen to be wearing something similar in design to Astartes Power Armour. With massive overall size that would match that of a Space Marine. lITIS IDIOCY. Assigned to the Cult as the backbone for their offensive forces. the Skitarii of the Titan Legion Invictus are gene-bulked humans with weaponised limbs and augmetic armour. it's probably too late. To guarantee their undying loyalty to the Mechanicus they usually undergo various forms of psychosurgery to wipe their minds of both emotion other than rage and a lust for battle.SKITARII . By the time an enemy has witnessed a Skitarii. BLOOD IS SIMPLY BIOLOGICAL MECHANICUS COOLANr _ T'ODENT THIS AND SHUN lITIS MORE THAN JUB"iI' ORTHODOXY. training with their weapon until they are of age to be sent to a warzone.NG ANOTHER. -UNKNOWN GENET'OR 001011 (11) . as each individual regiment is the personal army of a particular Forgeworld. Skitarii continue to test this theory. Skitarii are designed for only two tasks-causing fear and combat.. Skitarii are born into service (either natural-born humans who are cybernetically enhanced or in some cases clones or vat-born humans who are cybernetically enhanced from the moment of their accelerated "birth''). They excel at both of these functions. most skitarii are cybernetically-linked to their personal weapon for exceptional performance. TENDONS IN 'ONE FOAM 'OR REPLACE FLESH IN THE PLACE 'OF B"il'EEL'. Stubborn WARGEAR Cult Bionics EvERTTHI. Skitarii equipment varies based on which Forgeworld has raised and equipped them. man and part machine. There is little standardisation or central command of Skitarii across the Mechanicus. and are the warrior elite of the Adeptus Mechanicus when it goes to war for the glory of Mars and the Machine God. Their horrifying characteristics and presence strike fear deep into the heart of the enemy--deeper than any blade or shell could penetrate. ORGANIC WE KNOW 'OF ~S PIB"il'ONS~ S[MPLY MACHINERY. Though. the Skitarii are the cybernetic fighting forces of the Adeptus Mechanicus.

the Cult Abomination is a force to be reckoned with. This movement follows the same rules as a normal move. towering over many vehicles.CULT ABOMINATION The truly unique quality of the Cult Abomination is the Machine Spirit within. If the Cult Abomination is not within 12" of a Tech-Priest it has the Rage Special Rule. the Cult Abomination may choose to use Cable Whips in place of normal attacks. The placement of each and every wire and piston is carefully constructed by the brightest minds of the Mechanicus. bomination WS 6 BS 4 S 6 T 5 W 3 I 5 A 3 Ld 9 Sv 3+/4(i) SPECIAL RULES Eternal Warrior Extension Cables: Extension Cables counts as a ranged weapon with a range of 18". sparking joints and slouching demeanor suggests that the device is struggling to hold itself together. If left untamed. for its constantly moving. If the target unit is hit. At the beginning of the Cult Abomination's turn if it is within 12" of a Tech-Priest of any kind the Cult Abomination has the Fleet of Foot Special Rule. for a Machine Spirit as furious as a Titan's is something few can contend. a Cult Abomination can charge an extra 06" when assaulting an enemy. successive hits have no effect. Feral Machine Spirit: The grotesque Machine Spirit that fills each and every Cult Abomination is a beast that must be constantly contended with if the Adeptus Mechanicus hope to use the monster tactically. but its Strength is halved (3) and the number of Attacks is doubled (6 or 8 on the charge). amoeba-like form is capable of softening hard blows. this slogging beast can stand three to four times higher than the average human. Propulsion: The large propulsion generators located on the Cult Abomination's back can be used to boost short distances in order to close in on the enemy. except that it is not slowed by difficult terrain. the Abomination will rampage without any thought to its advance. If looked after in the heat of battle. the controlling Mechanicus player can immediately move the target unit up to 06". This attack strikes at the Abomination's normal Initiative and Weapon Skill. the design of the Abomination is shockingly strong and durable. 001100 (12) . This ability has no effect on vehicles other than Walkers. the Abomination will run rampant. In the Assault Phase. An enemy unit may only be moved by this ability once per turn. If left unchecked. Roll to hit as normal. Those outside the Mechanicus might assume that this horrifying machine of war is put together haphazardly. which are affected as normal. attacking any enemy in its immediate sight. Though its outwardly appearance of frayed cabling. WARGEAR Cult Bionics Cable Whips: In place of its normal close combat attacks. Very much like a Titan's. A bustling contagion of mechanics and cabling creates the form of the Abomination. the Machine Spirit of the Abomination is untamed and must be kept in check in order for it to function properly. Truly a monstrosity of the Mechanicus. but the inner workings of the Cult Abomination is quite intricate.

Assault 1 shock for each Electro-Priest model they're within 12" of. As Electro-priests enter battle they chant Cult litanies. but is sometimes too much to handle. it may choose to use the ability Static Lash: Any unit is automatically hit by a S4 AP.) and in doing so activate their Electoos. they are the lightpulsing warriors of the Cult Mechanicus. However. in the shooting phase if the Electro-Priest unit is not locked in combat. they move as a separate WARGEAR Cult Bionics. Other models surgically modified by Electoos cannot be harmed by this ability. Electrically charged fanatics. Electro-Priest WS 3 BS 2 S 4 T 4 W 1 I S A 3 Ld 9 Sv SCi) SPECIAL RULES Fleet of Foot Static Lash: Electro-Priests have no weaponry other than their modified bodies as any unprotected technology nearby is sure to short circuit once their Electoos are activated. Marching in. Treat the combat as if it was a Drawn Combat in all other respects.ELECTRO·PRIESTS entity from the rest of the soldiers in battle. but can be deadly to those who are not outfitted for protection. Electoos RlfDE THE L![GHTN![NG~ -POENA MErALL!lCA BATTLECRT 001101 (13) . To represent this. but other friendly models can. this does not leave them without any ranged support. building up their electric energy and driving themselves into a frenzy of destruction. Each is covered with an elaborate network of circuitry and power-runes embedded into their skin. the unit will take D6 wounds allowing saves as normal. This will not harm an Electro-Priest. but at a price. Many fall to the ground in the midst of the fighting as their minds become taxed by the intense strain. Fanatical Attack: Electro-Priests cannot be pinned. If the Electro-Priest unit fails a Morale Check in close combat the unit will instead suffer an additional D6 wounds as the mental exertion takes its toll (saving throws allowed). Strained Minds: Electrical activation of the Electoos strains the body for a split second. and in combat they light up the battlefield as arcs of lightning leap out from their bodies. Only the most zealous and fanatical of Tech-Adepts are chosen for the subdermal implants. the Electro-Priest turns himself into a crackling fount of electrical energy. destroying everything he touches before collapsing from the strain. This ability works in the same manner as a shooting attack. and must always assault an enemy if within range and able. These special Electoos give them fanatical will as well as other special abilities. so the unit may not choose to run if it chooses to use Static Lash. At any time an Electro-Priest can pulsate electricity from his metal form all around him in controlled lashing arcs. Techno-zealots devoted to the Cult Mechanicus. The smell of ozone and the bright flashes of blue-white herald the arrival of the Electro-Priests into battle. as their new electrical powers are a constant drain on their own life energies. When Electro-Priests enter the battlefield or disembark from a vehicle (whichever comes first.

FOR THEY FROM THE U&HT -TECH-'PRriEST POWER TO YOUR CAUSE. HAVE TURNED GARAiL. but destroying their mechanized internal augmentations as well. The heat produced by the forges can sometimes reach the level of a large star. They cannot be wounded by Melta and firebased weapons. it is still dauntingly present. the Caminus' incredible toughness to bodily damage and daunting firepower is something the Cult will not hesitate to consider in times of war. whenever a Caminus-Priest model is removed from close combat as a casualty. These workers are the specially augmented beings that work tirelessly in the forges. which creates a skewed view of themselves to their enemies. This transition is seen as a great honour. Spending their lives engulfed in the forge flames of their Forgeworlds. AP 4 hit. Masochistic: The Caminus-Priests are capable of engulfing themselves in the searing flames their weapons provide. and the CaminusPriests that are chosen by their Forgeworlds are often seen as heroes before even reaching the battlefield. In the heat of battle. weapons and everything in between. creating the metal-work the Mechanicus needs to construct their buildings. all enemy models in close combat with the unit will take a Strength 5. Fanatical Attack: See Electro-Priests entry on page 13. The transition from a Caminus laborer to a Caminus-Priest is typically decided by the Tech-Priests themselves. they can sustain this heat for as close as a meter away. if not billions of Caminus laborers. but with the technological modifications that fill the Caminus. their high temperature modifications can strain the body. the Caminus-Priests are immune to most any kind of flame or heat-based weaponry they come up against. THE FLAME FIRE BURNS SMITE AND ARE MORE THAN STRON& OF THE SPIRITUAL IN YOUR SOULS AND ADDS DIISBEUIEVE:. Though the degree of strain is nowhere near that of an Electro-Priest's. 001110(14) . taking those WARGEAR Cult Bionics REMEMBER THAT YOUR WEAPONS METAL. In addition.CAMINUS·PRIESTS who have not been lobotomized or have an affixation for battle. THOSE THAT FALLEN. The modifications surgically applied to these humanoids prevent the constant and grueling heat of the forges from not only melting their skin and organs. Two elongated heavy flamer weapon arms are fixated to either side of the Caminus-Priest's body. Caminus-Priests have a 5+ Cover Save at all times. Oeep inside the Forgeworlds of the galaxy lies millions. Caminus-Priest WS 3 BS 3 S 4 T 5 W I I 3 A I· Ld 9 Sv 4+ SPECIAL RULES Slow And Purposeful Pyromechanics: Caminus-Priest's weaponry is an odd site. Similar to the Electro-Priests.

of course. Servo- THOSE THAT SEEK APPRENTIICESHIIP MUST A. those Space Marines who have shown special aptitude in utilizing and maintaining their various weapons systems. maintaining and repamng their Chapter's weapons. as a symbol of office and as a weapon. -RuNilC MECHANICUS INTRODUCTION THE RlITES OF AND THE WORDB-OF- POWER THAT DESCRilBE THE PARTS OF A AN 001 111 (15) .TECHMARINE SQUAD their understanding and comprehension of the many technologies the Mechanicus produces as well as their special bond with the Machine Spirits. both as a learning exercise and also to aid in Tech Quests as experienced warriors. but holds them as honorary guardians of the Omnissiah's spirit. At any given time the TechPriest Enginseers are imparting some of their experience to hundreds of aspiring Techmarines. they serve the same role with their Chapter as an Enginseer does with the Imperial Guard. They also bare a power axe with the Adeptus Mechanicus symbol on the head. they are considered "honorary members" of the Adeptus Mechanicus by both their Chapter and the Adeptus Mechanicus itself Their armour is painted the red rust of the Adeptus Mechanicus. As distrusting of others as the Adeptus Mechanicus is. When they come back. MAIINTENANCE. Returning to assist the Cult in any fashion is not only respected. equipment. BEAST.TIION. Often Techmarines accompany the TechPriest Enginseers into the field. but their Chapter badge is retained and displayed on one of their shoulder guards. WS Techmarine Enginseer 4 3 The Adeptus Mechanicus is responsible for the training of the Adeptus Astartes Techmarines. Techmarines are chosen from the ranks of the Space Marine Chapters for their technological aptitude.TTENDED CLDSELT TO THE RUNES 'OF MOBIUeA. but never are all secrets revealed. After being inducted into their Chapter they are sent to Mars for many years of training. Although they are not officially part of the Adeptus Mechanicus. Techmarines are held in a unique regard from all other outsiders for BS 4 3 S 4 3 TWIALd 4 I 4 4 2 3 Sv I I 9 9 2+ 4+ WARGEAR Cult Bionics. so as not to anger the armour's machine spirit. Cult Mechanicus Harness Power Axe. vehicles and space vessels. Veteran Techmarines will sometimes return to their instructors to assist in training new Techmarines or when their combat expertise and leadership is required.

from the truth. The extremely hostile Machine Spirits that fill these creature's inner workings are very tenacious within their hosts. When instructed to, The Forsaken will achieve their instructed goal without fear or even consciousness of their own wellbeing. Even with failure in their previous artificiallife, The Forsaken have another chance at serving the Omnissiah. Their unnerving presence on the battlefield strikes an unsettling view of what the Mechanicus is truly capable of into its enemies. When en masse, the low humming of The Forsaken's inner workings creates what can only be described as an unnatural howl. Crawling on their bellies and grasping at the ground; The Forsaken are a plague upon whatever planet they set foot on. Without the guiding presence of their controlling Enginseer, The Forsaken are barely capable of basic functions, an anomaly the Red Planet cannot explain. Without a goal or instruction, the Machine Spirits within seize to thrive.
Forsaken Enginseer WARGEAR Cult Bionics SPECIAL RULES Fearless Tenacious Onslaught: Whenever a Forsaken unit takes a wound, do not remove any models. Instead, put a counter next to the unit. When the unit has taken wounds greater than or equal to the number of Forsaken in the unit, remove the entire unit from the table. In addition, if the Enginseer is at all removed from the unit, remove the unit from the table. Unstable: At the beginning of each player turn the Enginseer may take a leadership test, and if passed must choose one of the following: All Forsaken model's Strength is 6 until the end of the current game turn or all Forsaken model's Toughness is 6 until the end of the game turn. If failed, there's no change to The Forsaken.
An Independent Character can never join a Forsaken unit.

Very little goes to waste within the Mechanicus. Spare and defective parts are typically melted down and used for future projects and endeavors. This is not always the case, however. Some defective or extra technologies, even flesh, are used to create disposable monstrosities to serve the Cult's needs on the battlefield. These cheap, yet effective servants of the Omnissiah are easily controlled; even more mindless than the Cult Servitors. A second chance at glory, they have been deemed The Forsaken. Bio-mechanical structure that could be defined as "thrown together" makes up the anatomy of The Forsaken. Parts slewed together in a haphazard fashion with rejected humanoid tissue, typically left over from failed Servitors, would lead less than brilliant minds to believe these beings are capable of very little. This is far

WS 3 3

BS 3 3

S 2 3

2 4

W 1 2

I 3 3


Ld 6 9

Sv 4+

010000 (16)

In previous times, Imperial Robots were the jurisdiction of an obscure branch of the Adeptus Mechanicus. During this early time, entire cohorts of Imperial Robots were spread across the armies of the Imperial Guard (then-called the Imperial Army) and the Space Marines. On at least one occasion, Robots were made honorary members of a Space Marine chapter for exemplary service. While supremely loyal, the more mindless elements of the Cult Mechanicus require constant supervision. Specially trained Enginseers are assigned as overseers for these units, guiding them in conflicts and directing them against enemy threats.
Robot Enginseer WS 3 3 BS 4 3 S 4 3 T 5 4 W 2 2 I 2 3 A 1 Ld 10 9 Sv 2+ 4+

Imperial Robots are the living embodiment of the Machine God, whose spirit animates these ancient constructs of rare metals and circuitry. They stalk the battlefield, implacable and deadly in their advance. Each Robot has a primitive artificial brain of bio-plasm, specially maintained for centuries by the brightest Genetors of the finest Legios of the galaxy. The art of growing new units of Robot cortex dates back prior to the Emperor's First Crusade and has become an almost lost one now, and thus each Robot is a near priceless tech-relic in its own right. Their superior firepower and combat effectiveness outweigh the risk of loss however. And all members of the Cult Mechanicus venerate these loyal and powerful devices; they are a source of inspiration to the faithful in battle.

SPECIAL RULES Robot: Robots have the Fearless and Slow and Purposeful special rules. Robots may move and fire up to two weapons, or stay stationary and fire all its weapons. Robots may not enter transport vehicles due to their large size. Bio-mechanical: Due to some of the mecha-organic components used in Robot design, Robots can be wounded by Sniper Rifles and other items that effect living creatures. They can never be Pinned by them, though. Guidance: The Maniple may be led by a single TechPriest Enginseer. See the separate stat line above for details. If at any time he is killed, or is more than 2" away from his unit, the unit will go on Emergency Orders:
Movement Phase: enemy if possible. Make full movement towards the nearest

Shooting Phase: Target the nearest enemy in line of sight and fire all weapons possible or run directly towards them. Assault Phase: Charge the nearest enemy if within and able. If already in close combat, continue fighting. range

WARGEAR Cult Bionics



illuminate the area. Certain Tech-Magos and high ranking officials have special logic engines that slave Servo Skulls to a particular owner. Servo-skulls are used throughout all the different organizations of the Imperium of Man, and each is built to perform a certain task. Some are designed for military roles, and among these some are built with enhanced optical sensors to allow them to fulfill a role as a reconnaissance scout. Servo-skulls are often used by Inquisitors and Inquisitor Lords as Familiars. In this case they are mentally linked to the Inquisitor through psychic or cybernetic means, allowing him to control them and see and hear through their senses. A Servo-Skull that is part of a swarm becomes so only in dire need on Tech Quests. A Tech Priest will tirelessly use Servo-Skulls individually during time of excavation and research. But when battle rises over the Cult forces, Servo-Skulls are put into action using their confusing movements and overwhelming numbers "to overtake enemies.

Servo-skulls are drone-like robotic devices, specifically human skulls outfitted with electronic components suited to their mental strengths or as the Cult deems as needed. They utilize embedded antigravity field generators to allow them to hover and drift bodiless through the air. They are fashioned using robotic components from the skulls of loyal adepts of the Adeptus Terra and other pious Cult servants so that they may continue their work even after death. Presumably to have one's skull chosen to serve as a Servo-skull is a great honour in the Mechanicus. They form an important niche in the Cult's work, serving as everything from auto-scribes that copy down important conversations and confessions of prisoners, to simple moving torches, hovering about their charge with candles and lanterns to


S-S Swarm 2

BS -

S 3

T 3

W 2

I 3

A 2

Ld 8

Sv 5+

SPECIAL RULES Deep Strike, Fearless,

Scout, Vulnerable

to Blasts

Small Target: Being extremely hard to hit in cover, the swarm's cover save is always at a +1 bonus. Swarm: Servo-Skull Swarms move and fight in the same way as jetbikes, but don't get the +1 Toughness bonus and may move through difficult terrain with no need to take a Difficult Terrain test.

WARGEAR Electro-Field: Similar to the Electro Hull of the Adeptus' war machines, the Electro-Field is a specially equipped add-on to the Servo-Skull causing all threats that come into contact with the Skull itself to receive a harsh electric shock. In the Assault Phase any successful wounds (before armour saves) deal a Strength 3 hit back to the attacking unit.



Knights Titans are imprinted with a feral Machine Spirit. a Knight Titan can never roll for a sweeping advance. ws Knight Titan Complexity 4 Value: 4 /---Armor---\ BS 4 S 6 F 12 S 12 R 11 I 4 A I WARGEAR Dreadnaught CCW The Knight Titan is a marvelous construct whose original conception dates back to pre-Heresy. This can essentially make the Track Bolter a Heavy 30 weapon. leaving the Princeps free to concentrate on more important matters. To change its originated markings risks angering the Machine Spirits within. which must be dominated by the Princeps Mega Hammer: The tremendous power of the Mega Hammer is known throughout the Imperium. capable of decimating monstrous structures in a single blow. Knight Titans are very large in strength and size. Knight Titans are constructed on numerous Forge Worlds throughout the galaxy. Just like the Imperial Titans. like balancing and walking.KNIGHT TITAN in order to control the machine. The Titan's personality is there to handle all the mundane tasks in operating such a machine. In addition. If. even dwarfing the most robust of Dreadnaughts of the Astartes chapters. the Mega Hammer can be used during the Assault Phase in place of its normal attacks. enemy models are still engaged with a Knight Titan. The Track Bolter uses the following profile: Range 36" Str 5 AP 4 Type Heavy 10 SPECIAL RULES Knight Titan: A Knight Titan can Tank Shock in the movement phase following the same rules and restrictions of a normal vehicle. The Mega Hammer has a 103 scatter and the resulting blast cannot harm the Knight Titan. ) 010011 (19) . Their Forge World's colors are typically painted on the Knight Titan's plating with the Forge World's emblem marked all across its armour. It uses the following profile: Range 6" Str 8 AP 4 Type Heavy I. at the end of an assault phase. regardless of whether it is traded to another Forge World or serving under a Titan Legion. The colors go unchanged throughout the Knight Titan's service. The Mega Bolter may choose to fire 10 additional shots at up to two other units within 6" of the original target. Knight Titans are similar to the full-fledged Imperial Titans in that they are controlled through a direct mind link between the Titan and the Princeps in control. In addition. Their fighting ability is surprisingly precise for their immense size. Blast Track Bolter: The Track Bolter has a burst-fire repetition capable of track-targeting multiple enemies simultaneously. they must immediately make a consolidation move in order to get at least 1" away from the Knight Titan (the Knight Titan may not consolidate.

All other normal vehicle rules apply.) This also applies to any passengers firing weapons from the transport. Typically used as a tool for excavation and transportation of important materials. It's complex balancing system makes for a remarkably smooth ride allowing infantry to fire all manner of weapons from the top hatch without losing accuracy or for delicate cargo to be moved safely from one point to another. the Gant can make for a furious storming device when the battling Mechanicus' forces need to press forward. BS 3 Armor F SR 11 11 10 I Gant There are fewer creations in the Cult more interesting in design and functionality than the Gant. Unlike most transportation vehicles. The Gant is infinitely important to the Mechanicus. Twin-Linked 010100 (20) . however. The lighter armour. The mechanized legs of the Gant are quite powerful. the Gant uses four massive independently-mechanized legs to traverse terrain. Complexity Gants have one access point at the Value: 1 SPECIAL RULES Walking Transport: Any model with the Walking Transport special rule uses the same movement and shooting rules for walkers (see pages 72-73 of the Warhammer 40. This creation has brought the Cult Mechanicus great fortune on their numerous Tech Quests. the Exigo Hellgun is located on top of the transport for superior targeting ability. TRANSPORT The Gant can transport up to 11 models.000 rulebook. capable of scaling extremely steep ranges and traversing the most dangerous of terrain. Being a lightly-armoured jack of all trades. WARGEAR Exigo Hellgun: The Exigo Hellgun is essentially a combination of 4 Hellguns actively working as one. Two models can fire from the Gant's top Access Points: rear hatch. The Exigo Hellgun uses the following profile: Range 18" Str 5 AP 3 Type Assault 2. On the Gant. as the planets that Tech Quests draw in the Cult oft have far from conventional or preferred terrain.GANT allows the Gant the speed to keep up with transportation vehicles such as the Chimera and the versatility to reach places tank-treaded vehicle operators could only dream of The Gant is certainly the backbone of the Mechanicus' transportation devices. its outer shell is less than desired when battling against the Cult's enemies. The accuracy of this creation is above par to most weapons within the Imperium. Fire Points: hatch.

010101 (21) . Deep Strike The Cantharis is the creation of a SCT found early on after the Horus Heresy. however.) When the Cantharis suffers an Immobilized result.. if the unit disembarks within the first 2 game turns it will not scatter. Its helio-mech construct is something that is seldom seen anywhere in the galaxy. Units can always disembark after the Cantharis has moved flat out. it gains back in mobility with its dual propeller wings mounted at the top on either side of the vehicle allow it the ability to dodge enemy fire to a surprising degree. On a 4+ result the Cantharis' flying base can be removed and the vehicle will be treated as a Transport Vehicle for the remainder of the game with the Walking Transport special rule found on Page 20 as well as all of the above Special Rules except Aerial Deployment. Though the technology is ancient. The unit must Deep Strike within 6" of the Cantharis. Aerial Deployment: When disembarking units from the Cantharis the unit will use the Deep Strike rules found in the Warhammer 40k Rulebook.SPECIAL RULES Scout. the use for such a device is never-ending. While its top speeds are not comparable to other similar vehicle types such as the Imperial Thunderhawk. Capable of pulling top speeds and immediately stopping at its destination in mere seconds is what holds this construct in such high esteem within the Cult Mechanicus. "She's Going Down!": While the Cantharis' primary role is aerial transportation. BS 3 Armor F S R 11 10 10 TRANSPORT The Cantharis can transport up to 14 models. Fire Points: None.. The mechanized legs of the Cantharis. but will not be able to assault in the same turn if they do so. If this check is failed. act as a backup system of movement for the vehicle (assuming the pilot can land safely.. Complexity Value: 2 . the difficulty is raised to a 5+ and failure on this check means the Cantharis crashes and is destroyed (wrecked) as normal.CANTHARIS .. it is not without abilities on the ground. However. Assault Vehicle: Models disembarking from a Cantharis can launch an assault on the turn they do so. roll a 06. This function is what sets it apart from most airborne vehicles in production even today. similar to the Gant's. the Cantharis is Immobilized as normal. it's more than ideal for infantry or cargo drop off. If the Cantharis had moved flat out in its last turn. It's ability to take advantage of landing and walking mechlegs similar to the Gant gives the Cantharis an infinitely useful benefit that most aerial vehicles lack. Through the millennia. What the Cantharis lacks in speed. Access Points: The Cantharis has one access point at the rear. the Cantharis' primary use is to drop troops in with great speed and accuracy in the most hostile of situations.

In Annihilation games. The Mechanicus often won't purposely bring an ARV in their journeys unless they're certain it will be needed. WARGEAR Graviton Gun USED TITAN WORK CORRECTLY. and many more will surely be created in the future. though the vehicle being towed may fire one weapon if it is able. the Atlas is . Instead they're typically fashioned on the field. if an Atlas ARV is in base contact with an Immobilized vehicle it may pivot and/or move up to 6" with the damaged vehicle (keeping both vehicles in relatively the same coherency with each other. when on an alien planet found that physical touch from unnatural bodies (including his own mechanical hands) to an alien technology made the device quite unstable. The Atlas ARV is by no means a standardized vehicle. Note that the ARV may be used to move a vehicle Immobilized due to Difficult or Dangerous Terrain out of that terrain so it can move again. OR Y'OU WILL FilND IT F·OR Y·OUR ·OPPONENT.n' WORKING 010110(22) . MAKE THE BATTLEFIELD F·OR Y·OU.fitted with a large towing mechanism or crane. as unknown alien technologies of their enemies are sometimes stumbled upon from vehicle recovery during battle. in battle the ARV can be used both to recover damaged Cult Mechanicus vehicles and to tow away damaged enemy vehicles or even large creatures for later examination. Many are still in use to this day. coil webbing or power for recovering devices of alien creation as well. Carnnors fashioned an antigravity device fitted to his own personal transport in order to safely move the device back to his Forgeworld for further study. This can be incredibly helpful to the Mechanicus. Typically a variation on the standard Gant chassis. While mostly a non-combatant vehicle used for normal logistical support. Ever since its creation. there have been thousands of variants in the devices used in Tech Quests. ITSELF'. every enemy vehicle that is dragged to the Cult Mechanicus deployment zone awards the Cult Mechanicus player an extra Kill Point.) An Immobilized Warhound Scout Titan can only be moved up to D3" each turn. when fielded in a Questing force the vehicle is given added cables. The ARV may not shoot in the same turn it is towing. -GRAND MASTER FERROMOI. TERRA!lN IS A SECOND EQUAL T·O Y·OUR WEAPON IN '1'OUR ARSENAL. The first reported SPECIAL RULES Vehicle Recovery: At the beginning of the Shooting Phase.ATLAS ARMOURED RECOVERY VEHICLE Atlas ARV creation came from the mind of Tech-Priest Carnnors in the 3ih Millennium. Armor BS 3 Complexity Value: 1 F 11 S 11 R 10 These vehicles are often seen in TechQuests where larger artifacts or vehicles are being excavated.

Though its top speed is a mere 29 kmlh. 010111 (23) . its frontal armour is strong enough to withstand the multitude of weaponry wielded by the enemies of the Imperium. the brute force of the Butcher to the versatility of the Tarantula. It is also noted for its ability to tum on a dime. Combining all of the above is optimal. and can run on almost any fuel. With a range of 105 miles on just 360 gallons of conventional fuel (a feature the later Land Raider would have).roll every time it moves at this speed. Over the duration of its existence.MECHANICUS LEMAN RUSS being famed for its simplicity and reliability. requmng support infantry. its inertial dampeners and low ground pressure aI/owing it to throw itself around in seconds in a sort of 'signature move' for the vehicle. From the penetrating power of the Vladd variant. the Leman Russ was designed and built with reliability and versatility in mind. other battle tanks or very careful operation to protect the vehicle. but it is an excellent benchmark for the abilities and advanced nature of Imperial technology. to reduce the strain on the engines.) However. a Leman Russ traveling at cruising speed can only move up to D6+6" . as a tuned tank can reach speeds in excess of 70 kmlh. This would make it vulnerable to assault from these angles. this is mostly because of extremely heavy governing. Though slow. the Leman Russ is by modem standards an extremely complex and advanced battle-tank with abilities several times in excess of even the most advanced modem tanks. slow and poorly designed tank. The Leman Russ seems to modem observers a crude. Despite 3 3 3 3 3 14 14 14 14 14 13 13 13 13 13 10 10 10 11 11 Complexity Value: 1 SPECIAL RULES Lumbering Behemoth: A Mechanicus Leman Russ that moved at combat speed or remained stationary can fire its turret weapon in addition to any other weapons it is usually allowed to fire (even if the turret weapon is ordnance. the Cult has put into production hundreds of variants of this mechanical monstrosity to suit the individual needs of their Tech Quests. all popular variants hold a place in the Mechanicus during their numerous Tech Quests. The Imperium's Leman Russ' side and rear armour are thinner than the front armour. The Mechanicus have taken to the Leman Russ' simplicity in a very experimental way. It can survive the worst the galaxy can throw at it. the Russ can accept almost any sort of combustible fuel. BS Leman Leman Leman Leman Leman Russ Russ Russ Russ Russ Tarantula Rapier Burrower Butcher Vladd I---Armor---\ F S R Far from a sophisticated vehicle.

000 rulebook. Note that Tunnel Torpedo will only effect the ground level of buildings and ruins. it can catch the enemy unprepared and the underground explosion literally knocks them off their feet. for example are easily linked with the tank and is gifted incredible accuracy. Lascannons. allowing you to re-roll any failed rolls to hit. Tunnel Torpedo: When firing the Tunnel Torpedo. BS is never subtracted from the scatter rolls. the high power beams have also given it a reputation for making sure that any enemy hit stays very. The subterranean torpedo explodes just below the surface. but each will scatter from the previous marker. Conversion Beamer: Projectors fire a beam that induces a controlled subatomic reaction. The crater counts as Difficult Terrain. Place the first Blast marker as normal. Rapier is actually a common name for a variety of small tracked engines mounting multiple lasers designed to all focus together. Example Profile: Many weapons can be equipped to the Tarantula variant of the Leman Russ Battle Tank. and generate the other shots per the Multiple Barrage rules on page 32 of the Warhammer 40. creating a crater roughly the size of the Blast marker that remains in play for the rest of the game. but fires shells under the ground rather than through the air. All models covered or touching the marker are allowed no Cover Saves due to the underground nature of the explosion. While inaccurate.42" 42" -72" S 6 AP Type Heavy I 8 10 4 011000 (24) . The distinctive heavy sounds of each cannon firing will destroy what little hope of victory the enemies of the Mechanicus had left. Known primarily as a light-tank killer. Blast. and the secrets of repairing and servicing them are passed down as the holiest of tech rituals. Range 12-48" S 5 AP 5 Type Heavy 2+D3. Rapier Laser Focuser: The Focuser has superior target-repeating mechanism technology. and with the aid of built-in weapon-linking mechanisms they are very accurate. Any unit hit by the blast template (not the crater) must take a Pinning Test immediately (even if they did not suffer any casualties) unless they have a Strength of 5 or higher or are immune to Pinning. Almost any basic Imperial weapon can be easily turret mounted to the chassis.MECHANICUS LEMAN RUSS Leman Russ Tarantula Leman Russ Tarantulas are a widely used Adeptus Mechanicus battle tank. Even the wisest Magi can barely comprehend the operating principles of the Conversion Beamer it wields. Range 12-48" S 7 AP 5 Type Ordnance I Leman Russ Butcher The Leman Russ Butcher's technology is very similar to the Rapier variant in many respects. This customization makes the Tarantula a jack of all trades in the fight against the Cult's enemies. Twin-Linked Leman Russ Rapier In the Cult Mechanicus. The shells themselves are monstrous in size and are equally as much of a chore to load onto the Battle Tank. converting mass to energy as the beam travels. rather than all scattering from the first shot. The further away the target the deadlier the hit. Twin-Linked 6 Leman Russ Burrower The Burrower variant is an odd device much like the Imperial Mortar. Also note that the Tunnel Torpedo can never be removed via a Weapon Destroyed result on the Damage Table. Range 48" S 9 AP 2 Type 2x Heavy I. Range 24" S AP Type Heavy 4D6. Barrage Leman Russ Vladd One of the most closely guarded treasures of the Adeptus Mechanicus is the Leman Russ Vladd. Range Up to 18" 18" . very dead. Quad Launcher: These weapons fire 2+D3 Barrage shots. but instead of tank-killing lasers Leman Russ Butchers are armed with several short-barreled cannons designed to lay down a salvo of explosive anti-personnel shells.

Without the weapon being fired. this maintenance can last as little as eighteen to twenty-four hours for as little as a one hour tour. the Phantous is a surprisingly quiet vehicle for its complexity as a whole. but the war machine as a whole. maintenance can take as much as two weeks. A VELVET GLOVE WOULD SERVE NO PURPOSE. While this staggering number may baffle other races.PHANTOUS the overall complexity of not only the Phatnous' signature weapon. This is in large part due to the unique weapon turret the Phantous carries deemed the Phantous Launcher. This is due to 3 Complexity Value: 3 II F II S 11 R WARGEAR Phantous Launcher: The Phantous Launcher is an extremely intricate piece of weapons technology. For the same duration of use where the Phantous Launcher is used. Repairs and maintenance are always needed after every use of the Phantous. The motor mount for this device takes up a very large area of space to allow breakneck-speed 360 degree turns. While the vehicle shows up like an eyesore on enemy scanners. In times of battle. the swirling tornado of heat-guided missile fire reins down on the Mechanicus' enemies in an impressive onslaught. When the Phantous Launcher is not in use.. Blast "THE ORDERS OF THE ADEPT US TIT AMICUS ARE THE !IRON FlBT 'OF THE EMPEROR"S RULE. the entire vehicle is several 100 tons heavier than it appears. While not very large in size. its stealthy silence has given it benefit to less technologically advanced enemies. The motor-mount needed to handle such a large propulsion system for the Phantous Launcher consumes practically the whole vehicle itself. The value of X in the weapon's profile is always equal to the Phantous' current Complexity Value. The Phantous Launcher uses the following profile: Range 18" Str 5 AP 4 Type Heavy X. The Phantous can fire this number of shots into every enemy within its weapon profile's range. the genius of the device's abilities is not beyond basic comprehension for the Mechanicus . The Phantous Launcher is capable of track-targeting in excess of thirty different targets consecutively. No enemy goes untested by its merciless onslaught of explosive grenade blasts. -GRAND MABTER AUGRIIM 011001 (25) . Armor BS a The sturdy and foreboding Phantous is solid addition to any Adeptus Mechanicus Questing force.

) Divexo Beacons must deploy via Infiltrate and may not Outflank. On Tech Quests. The presence of the Divexo Beacon serves as a grim reminder of the Cult's power. The pylons can disperse their energy in long arcing pillars of energy or concentrated WARGEAR Verto Concentrator: The Divexo Beacon has pylon generators called Verto Concentrators capable of supplying a Questing force with near limitless power during their searches. they can also be used as a destructive force against the Cult's enemies. are capable of practically endless energy for tools. the device can also be transported on Tech Quests to provide enough power for all of the large. the energy it provides during a Tech Quest is far more valuable. Used on Tech Quests primarily as a resource. A blinding light fills the pylon generators that make up the supreme device deemed the Divexo Beacon. the controlling player can choose which profile is being used: Dispersed Range 48" Str 6 AP 4 Type Heavy 1. it cannot move once it has entered the battle. Large Blast Ignores Cover Concentrated Range Str 48" 9 AP Type Heavy 1. and counts in all respects as a vehicle that has suffered an Immobilised damage result (which cannot be repaired in any way. Used in numerous ways on the Forgeworlds of the Adeptus Mechanicus. the device has a far more menacing side. Armor BS Divexo Beacon Complexity Value: 3 3 11 F II S R 11 SPECIAL RULES Infiltrate Illumination: Any friendly unit that Deep Strikes within 6" of the Divexo Beacon will not scatter. Each time the weapon fires. Immobile: While the destructive power of the generator is quite powerful. The explosive force from either attack is beyond comprehension as metal and skin alike melt beneath the tremendous force. towering tools needed in excavation. or Verto Concentrators. but can also be used as a weapon. The Divexo Beacon is transported onto the field and left in place until excavations are complete. While the pylons.DIVEXO BEACON together to create a tenaciously powerful crackling spear of electromagnetic energy. The Verte Concentrators can either be used separately in a dispersed release or can concentrate their power together to create a tremendously destructive force of energy. Twin-Linked 011010(26) . the energy output from these devices can continue for hundreds of years of continuous output before depletion of the energy cells. Blast. The artificial intelligence used in the Divexo Beacon is programmed to fill both positions without hesitation.

Seren. Zacharia takes to his prized and constantly modified sentinel.JARO 011011 (27) . Exiled by the Fabricator General of Mars himself. the leaders of the Red Planet decided his work was better suited outside of Mars (probably assuming Zacharia would end up dead from the trials the galaxy holds. his mind is brilliant and the devices he has acquired and created over the decades are beyond fascination. WS 4 BS 4 S 3 T 4 W 2 I 4 A I Ld 9 Sv 2+ Servo-Harness. Zacharia is slain. restrictions. Zacharia has escaped the same fate as Seren. Rogue Trader Travels: Though Zacharia is often seen as a mad man. Zacharia took to Rogue Trader routes and has found numerous artifacts that even the Tech-Priests of Mars would want for the sub vaults. rather than a Sentinel.OF FOR TIME IS CARRlIED UPON A CURRENT DEEDS. AND EVENTS . Never-ending: Zacharia's walker ignores Crew Stunned and Crew Shaken results.ENDURE THE GO THAT THOSE WHO FOLLOW T:HE ENDEAVOUR.L ENDURE IF HIS WORK ENTERS . he was constantly finding himself under the watchful eye of the Tech-Priests. when the damage is resolved. roll a D6.. he will use the below profile with all of the Special Rules listed above. He may be accompanied by a retinue of Robot Maniples as described on their entry on page 17. rules and point values per their entry. Zacharia is a wanderer. In times of long travel or suspected violence. I Zacharia WARGEAR Cult Bionics. The retinue will follow all of the characteristics. place him within 2" of the vehicle's original position that turn.ReA MD.) Unwilling to seek a single Forgeworld to call home.GREATER WORK. If the result is 3 or more. In addition. Move Through Cover Musings of a Metal Mind: When Zacharia is part of the Cult force.ORS PAaT. PRESENT OBSCURED BY THE SO WE MUaT . On a 1 or 2.LY PLACED THOUGln" _ As ALL MEN MUaT THANK PROGENIT. 'GREAT MOMENT ARE BUT THE CULMINATI'ON 'OF A SINGLE CAREFUl. if his walker suffers a Wrecked or Explodes result. If this occurs. Robot Maniples can be brought as Elites choices as well as Heavy Support choices. /---Armor---\ Seren Complexity WS 3 Value: 1 BS 3 S 5 F 12 SRI 1I I0 2 A 1 SPECIAL RULES Independent Character.ZACHARIA A'PPAREO EXILED ENGINSEER OF THE RED PLANET though this cumbersome construct resembles a miniature Titan through its sheer girth and combat ability. Power Field A MAN MAY DIE YET aTU. MAY CONTINUE -TECMNOMAGOS 'GA. Due to his constant tinkerings and creations unapproved by superiors.OF FORGOTTEN THE . After creating several modified variations of the Cult's Robots without permission.

Giant Frederick WS 4 2 BS 5 3 STWIALd 5633310 34 I Sv 2+!5(i) 4+!6(i) 3 1 9 It is said amongst the Cult Mechanicus that there are more myths and legends surrounding the Adamantium Giant and its Overseer Alton Frederick than there are truths.. What is known is that this creation is amongst the oldest relics in the Imperium. the Adarnantiurn Giant does not go on Emergency Orders. and that the blasphemous SPECIAL RULES Eternal Warrior Robot: See Robot Maniples entry on page 17. -ADEPT KORIIEL ZETH 011100 (28) . Cybernetic Life-Support System.. and far superior to all other robot designs currently available. Superior Programming: If Frederick is killed or more than 2" away. When doing so. WARGEAR Cult Bionics. Such is the sophistication of the robot's programming that its Overseer seems to be more a companion for repair and maintenance than actual controller. carrying special dispensations for travelling on any Imperial vessel. but over centuries more and more brain tissue and technologies were added from its equally ancient Overseer. Some even dare whisper that the Giant was created during the Heresy from bioplasm extracted from the wounded Emperor himself while he was unconscious. clouded in rumor. Inspirational Appearance: The presence of the Adamantium Giant on the battlefield is a great source of awe and inspiration to the forces of the Cult. Some say it started as a normal robot. Servo-Arm. and carries the remains of an ancient Space Marine hero from the Great Crusade. making the device more intelligent than any other robot but leaving Frederick more Servitor than man. The pair are dispatched only with the consent of the Fabricator General himself. Rather it will continue to fight on as normal. Mechandentrites.THE ADAMANTIUM GIANT THE PUPPET AND THE MASTER Tech-Adept who performed the operation was consigned to an eternity of watching over his creation. few allies will come near the devious pair. Dreadnought CCW.. GE THAT IS PROUD 'OF MACHINES SUSPICIOUS THAT THINK AND ARE OF PEOPLE WHO TIlT TIO. It is also much larger than other robots. though it is not known if this is its original design or due to modifications over the years. Refractor Field IT IS MY GREAT REGREI" THAT WE UVE IN AN . Ad. Members of the Mentor Legion hold that it is more Dreadnought than Robot. The model counts as having the Holy Icon vehicle upgrade.

WS 5 BS 4 S 5 T 5 W 3 I 6 A 2+D6 Ld 10 Sv 3+/4(i) Lau SPECIAL RULES Independent Character. He dons hawked threat-armour. and tusk-spikes rise from the wings of the crimson steel halfmask that frame the hololithic yellow slits of his eyes. battles were seldom failures for forces under his command. Lau has steadily been enhanced by some of his Forgeworld's most advanced technology. Because of his capabilities on the battlefield. Lau climbed the ranks reaching Commander tenaciously. It confers a 4+ Invulnerable Save. Forceful Action: Any Skitarii unit Lau has joined has an additional attack at all times in close combat. you may bring Skitarii as a Troop choice. Born a Skitarii warrior. Teramia Weapon Attachment: A masterpiece of weaponry.COMMANDER LAU MASTER OF THE LEGIO INVICTA SKITARII either side of the Icon Mechnicus on his blood-gold breastplate. Furious Charge. it would be impossible to find a being more brilliant in the midst of battle than Lau. It's capable of flaring snap-blasting bursts of energy at alarming rates and uses the following profile: Range 18" Throughout the Forge worlds. He is the embodiment of terror. After earning the title of Commander of the Skitarii for his Forge world. Lau's appearance was designed to terrify. While every victory brought the cost of damage to his bio-mechanical body. he has 2+06 attacks. It was gifted to Lau as an integrated weapon limb after his ranking of Commander was earned. it also brought enhancements with each hardship-this is the life of victorious Skitarii. WARGEAR Cult Bionics Enhanced Parietal Lobe: Lau's delicately augmented biology has gifted him the ability to remain intensely calm and focused. At will he is capable of restraining his rage or releasing it precisely when it is needed. A dappled panther pelt dresses his massive shoulders over the feathered cape. Stubborn "Data-Load Your Forces": If Lau is chosen as an HQ option. He's also capable of raising an iridescent fan of quilled skin around the back of his skull to accentuate his menace. able to calculate and determine the most efficient strategies in the heat of battle. Personal Body-Void: This item seldom seen in the Mechanicus is similar to the technology used for creating Void Shields on Titans. it was inspired by technology founded over a millennium ago. Twin-Linked ORDERB BE DANNED! THE SK!lTARn BrAND REACT! -COMMANDER LAU 011101 (29) . featheredged cloak and ivory chevrons inlaid on Str 8 AP 2 Type Assault 2. Titan's Might: This mighty Axe counts as a Cult Mechanicus Power Axe that can use the Strength bonus while still counting as a one-handed weapon. just as his physicality was designed to kill.

the Omnissiah favors his devotion and because of this Pastor Moviss also has the Eternal Warrior special rule.. Perhaps this was the Emporer's reason for the command he gave Moviss. The second result must be taken. The Machine God's Word: An army that includes Moviss allows rerolls to all Deep Strike. While exceptional at finding fine recruits. preach and worship as he roams the galaxy to spread the word of the Omnissiah. Moviss now travels from planet to planet. who seems to have an almost supernatural ability to inspire what might seem as a simple person to become an extremely valuable member of the Cult. even for one who is constantly on the move. Moviss had a vision of the Emporer who told him to leave his bureaucratic surrounding and return to preaching his word to humanity. Moviss keeps his true background a secret from all he meets. even if it is worse. I Moviss WS 4 BS 4 S 3 T 4 W 3 I 3 A 2 Ld 10 Sv 4+ SPECIAL RULES Independent Character Machine Cult Following: With extreme charismatic appeal and popular tales of leading his flocks. Moviss took this sign as a duty not only to the Emporer. Runes of the Machine God. Any weapons carried by Machine Cultists in his unit are Twin-Linked. During his labors on the Forge world. Reserve and Outflank rolls.CULT PASTOR MOVISS PRESTIGE MACHINE . and continues to maintain a humble lifestyle of faith. Mechandentrites. Some of the finest members that the Cult has to offer must give thanks to Moviss. WARGEAR Combat Enhancements. he counts as having a Cult Standard. Due to this work for the Cult. but to the Machine God as well. this Mo-wss 011 110 (30) . CULT PREACHER ability isn't the easiest to wield. and with only a few seemingly innocuous adjustments can make-almost anything better than before. Moviss was formerly a high-ranking Tech-Lord for the Forgeworld of Mars. before a battle he always tries to tinker with as many of his follower's weapons as he can. Moviss carefully looks for promising new candidates for the Cult. Moviss became quite closed off from the rest of his members. gathering new members to the Cult Mechanicus. Cult Mechanicus Power Axe DEATH IS BUT A MASK! LIFE IS BUT A PERSPECTIVE! IT IS IDEAS THAT HEilTHER UVE NOR DllE. BUT HAVE CREATED BOTH.. Time permitting. After his vision. both to increase their effectiveness as well as show his followers the wonders of the Omnissiah's blessing.. those with special scientific talents and knowledge or those who defy and/or question the Adeptus Ministorum's teachings. Master Craftsman: Moviss has an almost spiritual link with machinery. -CuLT PASTOR As the story is told.

Miles before the Warhound reaches its destination. No matter the reasons. Choose which mode to use each time you fire the weapon. FEAR AND AWE I SAW INDESCRIBABLE. For any Titan to appear as part of a Questing Force would mean the TechPriest Magos leading the force is either certain of extreme resistance to their investigations.S APPROACHING. Their small size and high speed means that they can reach the enemy much more quickly than Battle Titans. WS Warhound Titan Complexity Value: 8 2 BS 4 S 10 F 14 Armor SRI 13 12 1 A 1 SPECIAL RULES Agile: In the Shooting phase the Warhound may divert some of the energy from its primary weapons towards its legs.S CATOifUS DOOM WA. and all models within range suffer a Strength 10 hit with saves allowed. this unit can contest a point if within 12" of it.The Plasma Blastgun can be fired in two modes with the profiles shown for the weapon. The Warhound Class Titan is a nimble Titan designed to outflank and attack an opponent. Those who are either fortunate enough or unfortunate enough to set eyes on such a titanic creature are sure to second guess their current goals if they do not meet the Warhound's own. -PRECEPT 011 1 1 1 (31) . except that the range is 606". so it can choose to: . including such a war machine will deprive him of many other resources he could call upon. Reactor Meltdown: If the Warhound suffers an Explosion result on the Warhound Damage Table. THE SOUND ECHOED HAUNTED LOUDER "TOUR SOUL AS ~. .WARHOUND SCOUT TITAN ground will tremble and shake from this giant's footsteps. as normal. THE EACH GROUND BEAT. this model counts all ranged weapons as Twin-Linked. No other vehicle upgrades may be taken. Warhounds are often deployed to reconnoiter ahead of the Battle Titans and draw enemy war machines towards them. its reactor goes nuclear! This is the same as a normal Explosion. THE ilN THE SKT. Massive Size: When using a Warhound Titan in the Capture and Control or Seize Ground game types. or feels the need for a near godlike symbol of the Machine Spirit to intimidate the locals. IT T'OWERING AWAY. TREMBLE AND EVERT 'OTHERHEAIH WilTH BEAT. Vulcan Mega-Bolter . but can never capture a point.Fire no weapons at all and move an extra 206" (as per the Fleet of Foot rule).. the WARGEAR Plasma Blastgun. Sequestered Information: When firing at Chaos Titans or Dark Mechanicus Titans. but given the extreme power of the Titan some feel it is worth the extra logistical effort.. Note: The Warhound automatically has the Holy Icon vehicle upgrade (built into its points cost) due to its very nature. . AND THEN STILL ONE MILES FELT WA.Fire all available weapons.Fire a single Primary Weapon and move an extra 06" (as per the Fleet of Foot rule).

as defined in their weapon profile. If. Enemies firing at the Warhound should use true line of site as well. If a second Drive Damaged result is suffered. PRIMARY WEAPONS These weapons. it can tank shock them. Damage: The Warhound counts as Explosion!: The Warhound explodes. In addition.000. The use of such unrestrained destruction is sure to rein down the iron fist of the Omnissiah on your enemy's forces. treat this result as a Steersman Stunned.) WARHOUND DAMAGE TABLE D6 Result Moderati Shaken Steersman Stunned Weapon Destroyed Drive Damaged Structural Damage Explosion! 1 or less 2 3 4 5 6 or more Modifiers Glancing hit: Penetrating AP 1 hit: hit: -2 o o DAMAGE RESULTS Moderati Shaken: One weapon (chosen by the attacker) cannot fire in the next turn. On a result of 1-3 the Primary Weapon is shaken/destroyed as normal. the controlling player must roll a dice. has its Attacks reduced by 1 (to a minimum of 1) and may not use its Stomping Attack. Area terrain rules apply as normal. creators of the Titan legions. roll to hit once separately against each model attacked. and can execute Death or Glory as normal (models doing this can survive only by Immobilizing. If the Warhound's path is blocked by enemies. but will glance on a 6. treat this result as Drive Damaged. have access to them at all times. area terrain rules applying as normal as well. Drive Damaged: The Warhound's maximum movement is permanently halved. If already Immobilized. If all weapons have been destroyed.000+ point restriction. Wrecking or Destroying the Warhound. but on a 4-6 the hit has not effect. the vehicle is immobilized. as described in the Warhammer 40. Note the Special Rule Reactor Meltdown found on its profile.WARHOUND SCOUT TITAN A Titan is a powerful ally in any battlefield situation. Steersman Stunned: Until the end of its next turn. and it can fire them at different targets. treat this result as Weapon Destroyed. Weapon Destroyed: One weapon (chosen by the attacker) cannot shoot for the rest of the game. the Warhound may not move. Structural Wrecked. ASSAULT PHASE The Warhound can assault any unit within reach. 100000 (32) . The Warhound can never roll for a sweeping advance.000 rulebook. always count as Ordnance for the purposes of rolling for armour penetration and on vehicle damage charts. Sniper weapons cannot penetrate. If the driver is already stunned. When rolling on the Vehicle Damage Table. Any unit wishing to assault the Warhound must pass a Morale Test or else may not assault that turn. If all weapons on the Warhound are unable to fire. when not playing with the Apocalypse rule set.) SHOOTING PHASE The Warhound can fire all of its weapons every turn. The Warhound is also slowed by difficult terrain. MOVEMENT PHASE The Warhound can move up to 12" in the movement phase. the following information is needed to field and control the Mechanicus Warhound Scout Titan: SPECIAL RULES The Warhound counts as having the Fearless Special Rule and is not affected by psychic powers except for those with a Strength Value. Enemies affected by this must test their Morale with an extra -1 modifier to their Leadership. Close combat attacks from the Warhound count as Power Weapons and roll 2D6 plus Strength for Armour Penetration. roll for the distance they can move and double the result. When attacking in close combat. This maximum movement distance may be reduced by Drive Damaged results. the Warhound can choose to attack normally or execute a Stomping Attack. In addition. The Warhound Titan described in this book is only allowed in non-Apocalypse games with a 2. When firing weapons from the Warhound always use true line of site.) When stomping. Though the Warhound is typically only allowed in Apocalypse-only games of Warhammer 40. working the shots out from the barrel of the weapon being fired. An Immobilized Warhound may not use the Stomping Attack. treat this result as a Moderati Shaken. whenever a Primary Weapon is affected by a Moderati Shaken or Weapon Destroyed result. Stomping allows the Warhound to make one attack against every enemy model engaged in combat with it (note there is no bonus attack for charging when using the Stomping Attack. at the end of an assault phase. counting as a tank with a frontal armour value of 14. the Mechanicus. close combat attacks from the Warhound count as hits from Ordnance. they must immediately make a consolidation move in order to get at least 1" away from the Warhound (the Warhound may not consolidate. enemy models are still engaged with the Warhound.

Models in Terminator Armor can only use Wargear and Weapons marked with an asterisk (*). Within these limits. In addition.THE ARMORY A character may carry up to two weapons. specified characters may select up to a total of 50 points of combined Wargear and sometimes Tech Relics. it counts as a single-handed used by the arm carrying the Shield weapon because nothing else can be WARGEAR Auspex Combat Enhancements Cybernetic Life-Support System Electoos Frag Grenades Familiar Krak Grenades Master Crafted Weapon Upgrade Mechadendrites Melta Bombs Refractor Field 3 Rite of Pure Thought Servo-Arm Servo-Harness Signum 10 pts * 25 pts * 5 pts * 5 pts 2 pts 15 pts 3 pts 5 pts * 10 pts * 5 pts 5 pts 25 pts 20 pts * 35 pts 15 pts * TECH RELICS Conversion Field 3 Digital Weapons Displacer Field 3 Graviton Gun 2 Null Rod Power Field 3 Runes of the Machine God Staff of Office 2 Stasis Grenade Virus Grenade Vortex Grenade Warp Jump Pack (one (one (one (one use use use use only) only) only) only) 25 pts * 5 pts * 25 pts 20 pts * 20 pts * 30 pts * 10 pts 30 pts * 20 pts 35 pts 35 pts 15 pts 2 _ Although classed as Tech Relics. but only one of these may be a Two-Handed Weapon. SINGLE HANDED WEAPONS Close Combat Weapon Cult Mechanicus Power Axe Hand Flamer Helipistol Laspistol Meltapistol Plasma Pistol Power Fist Power Weapon Storm Shield' Thunder Hammer (Terminator only) TWO-HANDED WEAPONS Combi-Weapons: Lasgun-Flamer Lasgun -Grenade Launcher Lasgun -Plasma Gun Lasgun -Meltagun Heavy Bolter Hellgun Lasgun Storm Bolter (Terminator only) 5 pts 20 pts 10 pts 10 pts Free 10 pts 10 pts 15 pts 10 pts 15 pts 20 pts * 5 5 5 5 * * * * pts * pts * pts * pts * 20 pts 10 pts Free 10 pts * 1 _ Although a Storm Shield is not a Weapon as such. Note that some Tech Relics count as Weapons for this purpose. thus a model may be given only one Field device. 3 _ It is likely multiple fields disrupt each other. VEHICLE UPGRADES Boosters Ceramite Armour Electro Hull Extra Armour Holy Icon 10 pts 25 pts 5 pts 10 pts 15 pts Hunter-Killer Missile Mind Impulse Unit (MIU) Pintle-Mounted Storm Bolter Power of the Machine Spirit Servitor Crew Installation 5 pts 20 pts 10 pts 25 pts 10 pts 100001 (33) . a specified character may add to or replace any weapons he already has with weapons from the Armory. these items count as two-handed weapons for purposes of normal Weapons selections. except for Tech-Priests who may take up to 100 points.

Flamers are primarily used to scour the enemy from defended positions. Combi-Weapons Combi-weapons are bolters that have been specially modified by the Cult's most skilled artisans. hitting with the user's strength as normal.000 rulebook. Each has been expertly converted to house another weapon. Close Combat Weapons are as described in the Assault Phase chapter of the Warhammer 40. allowing the bearer a single shot. From the slice of the Combat Blade to the burning might of the Chainsword. Range Template Str 4 AP 5 Type Assault 1 Force Weapon See the Warhammer 40. They are employed in multiple vehicles and robots of the Machine Cult. or can be swung in a mighty doublehanded strike. Rapid Fire. all are equally deadly at the hands of the Mechanicus force. or the secondary weapon. the rules for the weapon are detailed in the Leman Russ' entry. WEAPONS Assault Cannon The rapidly rotating. And so. The bolter can be fired every turn. commonly a Meltagun. Flamer Close Combat Weapon While the Cult is far more interested in the devastating technologies of projectile weapons. however. their belches of superheated vapour slaughtering the defenders in a fiery conflagration. high velocity shells.) You cannot fire both weapons in the same turn. each with the profile listed elsewhere in this section.WARGEAR This section of Codex: Adeptus Mechanicus lists the weapons and equipment used by the Cult of the Machine God. while equipment that is unique to a single model or unit (including wargear carried by named special characters) is detailed in the appropriate entry in the Forces section. In combat it counts as a Master-Crafted Power Weapon. Plasmagun or Flamer. where the overwhelming salvo of shells is capable of shredding even the heaviest armour. Rending Autocannon Autocannons fire large caliber. 100010(34) . along with the rules for using them in your games of Warhammer 40. Range 24" Str 6 AP 4 Type Heavy 4. It can be used single-handed. but the user cannot gain any benefits from any other close combat weapons as both hands are needed. and while they are usually not the most exceptional of warriors each user becomes totally attuned to his or her own axe over many years of training. The Quad Launcher. multiple barrels of an assault cannon unleash a storm of shells. Lasguns are ubiquitous and carried by many models. and so are detailed in this section. they're not beyond utilizing the tools of close combat.000. For example. The latter doubles the user's strength. of course. Most weapons and equipment that can be used by more than one type of model or unit are detailed here. is unique to the Leman Russ. perfect for emergencies and shots of opportunity. Flamers spew a highly volatile cloud of liquid chemicals that ignites on contact with the air. Range 48" Str 7 AP 4 Type Heavy 2 Cult Mechanicus Power Axe These special devices are the signature weapon of the Adeptus Mechanicus. but the secondary weapon can only be fired once per battle (a Combi-Plasmagun can.000 Rulebook. each one capable of shredding a man. A member of the Cult that is armed with a CombiWeapon can choose to fire either the bolter. The sheer volume of fire means that an Assault Cannon can be turned against infantry or even vehicles. This extra weapon carries only a limited charge.

However. This makes them superior to the Lasgun in most respects. from the shoulder-mounted variants carried by Robot Maniples. the controlling player can decide which round is being used. Each time the grenade launcher fires. It can be used to fire a template area effect shot with the profile below and also counts as a single-handed weapon. A versatile.000 Heavy Bolter An enormous version of the boltgun. Range Template Str 5 AP 4 Type Assault I Range 4S" Str 9 AP 2 Type Heavy I 1000 11 (35) . in terms of materials is usually found with Frag Range 24" Krak Range 24" Str 3 AP 6 Type Assault 1. Blast Range 12" Str 5 AP 3 Type Pistol. Range 36" Str 5 AP 4 Type Heavy 3 Lascannon Heavy Flamer The Heavy Flamer is the ultimate weapon for sweeping fortifications clear and purging the ranks of the enemy at close quarters. This makes it more costly to field and so it is generally not issued to the average warrior of the Cult. There are few finer weapons for tank hunting than the Lascannon. more compact version of the regular Flamer seen widely in Imperial forces. as described in Hellgun Hellguns are similar to Lasguns. 40. it is also more expensive and manpower to manufacture and higher ranking warriors. Frag grenades are assault grenades. the Warhammer 40. Laspistol the same Lasgun . The Lascannons used by the Cult forces is more than the Laspistol. making them ideal weapons of opportunity. The storm of shrapnel from the exploding Frag Grenade drives opponents further into cover for a few precious moments while the attackers close in. manportable weapon capable of firing a range of deadly rounds makes the Grenade Launcher a powerful weapon. but are equipped with a more advanced and powerful laser plasma system. Gets Hot! Str 6 AP 4 Type Assault 1 Hand Flamer This is a smaller. they are small and easy to carry.chapter of the Warhammer rulebook for details of using Krak Grenades. Grenade Launcher The Grenade Launcher is a tubular device that fires preprimed and pre-loaded grenades.WARGEAR Frag Grenade Frag Grenades are explosive devices that are hurled at the enemy prior to an assault. Range IS" Str 5 AP 3 Type Assault I. Gets Hot! Hellpistol The Hellpistol corresponds to the way a Hellgun corresponds to the deadly and only slightly heavier However. See the Vehicles. to the Godhammer Pattern Lascannons borne by the Land Raider. designed to crack open the armoured hulls of enemy vehicles. the higher power output requires superior quality power cells and the complex gun system requires more time and resources to manufacture. Though they lack the explosive force of Melta Bombs or other specialized demolition charges. the Heavy Bolter fires fist-sized bolts at the enemy with a staggering rate of fire. Range Template Str 3 AP 6 Type Assault 1 Krak Grenade Krak Grenades are armour piercing bombs. Within the gun is a laser chamber that charges an energy blast capable of shattering any enemy vehicle.000 rulebook.

It is used most often in conjunction with a Close Combat Weapon. Plasma Cannons are prone to overheating. Blast AP Type Pistol 48" 8 AP 3 Type Heavy I Master-Crafted Weapon Master-Crafted Weapons are the product of years of careful labour by the most accomplished artisans in the Cult. used by the Cult when undertaking assaults against heavily fortified defense lines and bunkers. the pistol variant allowing the user to fire onehanded and wield a melee weapon in the other hand. MultHVlelta A larger. Melta 24" 8 Plasma Cannon Meltabomb Meltabombs are subatomic charge-powered demolition munitions. They are much bulkier than Krak Grenades. while Krak Missiles can challenge the most heavily armoured targets. Melta AP 24" 3 Type Rapid Fire Meltapistol The Meltapistol is a true gift from the Omnissiah. Range Str Meltagun Meltaguns are lethal anti-armour weapons. the power is not and it is as equally unforgiving as its larger brother. While the range is reduced. but considerably less effective when used alone. it also cauterizes the wounds it inflicts due to the immense heat given off by the shot. Most effective at very short range. A weapon that has been manufactured with such dedication will be superior to any other weapon of its type. more destructive version of the Meltagun. See the Vehicles chapter of Warhammer rulebook for details of using Meltabombs. Range 6" Str 8 AP Type Pistol. The Lasgun is effective when used en mass.WARGEAR Lasgun The Lasgun uses a small portable power pack to produce a focused pinpoint laser plasma beam which is strong enough to take an ordinary human arm off but is not as effective against durable alien bodies and strong armor. Gets Hot! 100100 (36) . the controlling player can choose which type of missile is being used. A Master-Crafted Weapon allows the bearer to re-roll one failed roll to hit per player turn when using the weapon. generating the destructive heat of a small sun. a Multi-Melta is perfect for destroying bunkers and tanks. Blast. 40. Each time a Missile Launcher fires. Range Str AP Type Heavy I. Range Str 7 AP 2 36" Type Heavy 1. The Laspistol has the exact same power as its big brother. Melta Missile Launcher The Missile Launcher can fire either Krak or Frag Missiles. and can prove as deadly to the wielder as the target. Frag Range Laspistol The Laspistol is the pistol version of the Lasgun. capable of melting through even the most heavily armoured targets. the Meltagun. Range 12" Str 8 AP Type Assault 1. metal and living material to molten slag or ash. Frag Missiles are designed to wreak havoc amongst lightly armoured infantry. yet drastically reduces range. with a more sophisticated detonation mechanism. Range 12" Str 3 Str AP 6 48" Krak Range 4 Str Type Heavy 1. The inner workings of such a powerful yet compact device are a marvel and the teachings of its assembly are something few hold. the Meltagun is capable of reducing rock.000 Plasma Cannons fire a plasma 'bolt' that explodes on impact.

versatile weapons often Range 12" Str 3 AP Type Assault 2 Storm Bolter A Storm Bolter resembles two boltguns attached side by side.000 rulebook for details of using Power Weapon. 100101 (37) .000 rulebook for details of using Thunder Hammers. Gets Hot! Shotgun Shotguns are sturdy and carried by the Praetorians. Range 24" Str 4 AP 5 Type Assault 2 Thunder Hammer Thunder Hammers release a terrific blast of energy when they strike an opponent. See the Assault Phase chapter of the Warhammer 40. It is used to deliver crushing blows. Range 24" Str 7 AP 2 Type Rapid Fire. See the Assault Phase chapter of the Warhammer 40. Gets Hot! Plasma Pistol Plasma Pistols are the smallest variant in the plasma weapon family.WARGEAR Plasmagun Smaller than the Plasma Cannon. The storm bolter is capable of withering fire without hindering maneuverability. combining superb protection and lethal offensive capabilities. See the Assault Phase chapter of the Warhammer 40. capable of tearing through all manner of materials with ease. The destructive fury is undiminished. Range 12" Str 7 AP 2 Type Pistol. firing on his enemy all the while. halberd or mace) is sheathed in the lethal haze of a disruptive energy field. Power Weapon A Power Weapon (typically a sword or axe. capable of smashing the thickest armour asunder. enabling the bearer to charge headlong into combat. although the range and rate of fire are less impressive. Thunder hammers are often paired with storm shields. but sometimes a glaive.000 rulebook for details of using Power Fists. Power Fist A Power Fist is an armoured gauntlet surrounded by a disruptive energy field. this fires several compact 'pulses' of plasma energy.

Rending weapons that roll a 6. in either case they do not count as another model and cannot be targeted in any manner. both of which act to preserve and cleanse the remaining organic portions of the connected user. The bonuses are not cumulative with multiple Combat Enhancements. 100110 (38) . the overall effect is to increase the bearer's ability to overpower the enemy in hand to hand combat. If a model with this wargear suffers from an unsaved wound. This ability is not cumulative with multiple Familiars. Hover Disk Hover disks are small devices. power weapons and any other wound against which no armour save can ever be taken (like wounds from Power Fists. but do allow the wearer to make a devastating attack in close combat. though some have the ability to link with orbital systems on space stations equipped with more powerful sensors.) Neither can it be used against wounds from AP1 or AP2 weapons. Also note that a character profile page that lists Combat Enhancements as an automatic Wargear selection has these stat bonuses already worked into their stat line. This roll is made after the enemy unit is placed on the board. In the turn that an enemy enters the battlefield via Deep Strike. but something all must go through to truly become part of the Cult. any unit that has an Auspex gets 1 free attack from a shooting weapon that is in range if the unit is within 12" of the enemy. Weapon Skill of +1 and Initiative +1. Some procedures are extremely dangerous. After this initial attack the effects wear off until a new Assault is launched. This aesthetic benefit helps those who must make appearances with outsiders for the Cult. This wargear offers a 6+ Invulnerable Save to the model. In addition.) This wargear also confers the Acute Senses Special Rule. They allow the rider to move as if he/she was mounted on a jetbike but without any mounted weapons or increase in Toughness. while the standard bearer is still alive. but mounted with a powerful and compact anti-grav propulsion system. even if the model is an Eternal Warrior. they are to be recognized as the base stat for the bearer. the modified body is an amazing site. Additionally this can often be done without changing their outwardly appearance. This ability cannot be used against woundsfrom weapons that inflict Instant Death (by having a high enough Strength or a Special Rule to that effect. the unit they're in counts as scoring one extra wound in close combat for the purposes of calculating assault result. While they may take many forms. designed to improve their effectiveness in serving the Machine God. to better elongate the typical human lifespan. A Familiar provides +1 Toughness to the model equipped with one. Haemoncolytes are vat-grown creatures formed from the user's own flesh and blood. A model with Combat Enhancements has an increased Strength of +1. but cannot be taken by models wearing Terminator Armor. Note that with these bonuses applied. In the first round of an Assault. Any member of the Cult within 12" of the Standard Bearer may re-roll failed Morale and Pinning Tests. Perils of the Warp. From backup life-support webs and nano-tech fluids. Electoos These subdermal electrical implants are less powerful (and draining) than the ones grafted onto ElectroPriests. Generally they have a series of antennae and a small display. roll a dice. Hover Disks can be easily stowed so the wearer can move on foot or enter vehicles normally. Dreadnought CCW. to the simple noosphere dataports and eye augmentations and everything inbetween. barely large enough for one rider to stand on. failed Dangerous Terrain tests. Familiars are typically mounted on the same base as the user but can be modeled on another base if desired. take the wound as normal (removing the model if it loses its final Wound. but before the enemy's movement phase. Familiar These can be either Haemoncolytes or Techno-mats. while Techno-mats are tethered Servitors which monitor and sustain the user's fragile organics.THE ARMORY OTHER EQUIPMENT Auspex An Auspex is a handheld device used to survey friendly and enemy positions and to gain information of surrounding terrain and buildings. Cult Standard Witnessing a Cult Standard is as meaningful and inspiring as feeling the presence of the Machine Spirit itself. Cybernetic Life-Support System Cult Mechanicus followers often host a plethora of very simple cybernetic body modifications and replacements. etc. Members of the Cult undergo surgery to replace vital organs with bionic enhancements. Cult Bionics Those who become part of the Forgeworld are forever tied to the Omnissiah.) On a 5 or 6 the injury is ignored and the model continues fighting. Combat Enhancements Many members of the Cult Mechanicus augment themselves with special bio-mechanical implants. Infiltrate or Outflank. all of the user's attacks ignore armour as the power flows from their hands into their weapon. On a 1-4.

whereby the emotional and illogical right brain section of the user is replaced with a cogitator linked directly into the remaining. more logical left hemisphere. if a unit with a Servo-Arm is in base contact with (or inside of) a damaged vehicle they may attempt to effect repairs at the beginning of the controlling player's turn. A model equipped with a Storm Shield can never claim the +1 Attack bonus for being armed with two Close Combat Weapons in an assault. and research. maintenance. A model can use a Signum in lieu of making a shooting attack of their own. Only one successful repair can be applied to a vehicle and the Warhound Scout Titan can never be repaired in this manner. This allows the user a purity of reason. allowing a more accurate concentration of fire. has been Immobilized or has a Weapon Destroyed. up to a maximum of a 4+. Refractor Field Carried only by high-ranking officers.) Any additional Servo-Arms within the unit will give a +1 modifier to this roll. Storm Shield A Storm Shield is a solid shield that has an energy field generator built into it. The energy field is capable of deflecting almost any attack. Servo-Arm Some of the Adeptus Mechanicus are equipped with powerful Servo-Arms that can be used for battlefield repairs or even put to use as a weapon. If the vehicle has lost a Complexity Value. granting them protection from almost all kinds of attacks. They have small motors and actuators within the metallic tentacles and wave about the wearer almost with a life of their own. This device confers a 5+ Invulnerable Save. one model in his squad is Ballistic Skill 5 for the remainder of the Shooting Phase. This confers the Fearless special rule to the model and the unit they're in. a plasma cutter (fired in the Shooting phase as a TwinLinked Plasma Pistol) and a Flamer. made separately at Initiative 1 and Strength 8. Models fitted with Mechadendrites gain a +1 to their Attack stat. or one harness mounted weapon and another hand-weapon. Rite of Pure Thought This extreme surgical procedure is becoming more common throughout the ranks of the Adeptus Mechanicus. unencumbered by distractions or any sense of selfpreservation. In the shooting phase the model can fire both harness-mounted weapons. ignoring Armour Saves. If he does so. refractor fields generate a protective energy barrier around the wearer. one of these defects will be corrected on a roll of 6+ (repairing a lost CV will restore a single CV. Servo-Harness A Servo-Harness gives the equipped a Servo-Arm. Signum The Signum is a special form of communication device that can access a myriad of useful targeting data. Declare that the Signum is being used before any rolls to hit are made.THE ARMORY Mechadendrites These are a variety of tendril-like prosthetics used by Adeptus Mechanicus personnel to aid in construction. In addition. A model with a Storm Shield has a 3+ Invulnerable Save. even blows from Lascannons and Power Weapons. 100111 (39) . Each Servoarm grants the model a single extra close combat attack.

the target of this weapon will be forcefully pulled downward as the gravity in close proximity is amplified. TECH RELICS Conversion Field This device converts harmful kinetic or electromagnetic energy into a crackling protective field that can be flexed by the user via neural-link. If quick maneuvers are not made. the unit cannot move for the rest of the game.THE ARMORY Tech Relics represent items carefully created and preserved from the vaults of the holy Forgeworld of Mars itself. but few are permitted the use of Tech Relics. Many models have access to The Armory. gifted and powerful minds that the Forgeworlds have to offer. Graviton Gun This arcane rifle fires a stream of graviton particles that disrupt the localized gravimetric field around the targeted area. Blast Digital Weapons Digital Weapons are concealed lasers fitted into finger rings. and activates a miniature warp-jump engine to flick the wearer out of real-space momentarily to avoid damage. Quite literally pulling psychic energies from their source with unknown energies and nullifying them without any known defense. Tech Relics might be a very rare or singular device. or even an ancient item from the Dark Age of Technology whose origins are lost in history. If the test is failed or the vehicle does not have an Initiative value. They lack the power to be used at range. and are sometimes issued to the TechPriests on their hazardous exploratory missions. Vehicles which suffer either a glancing or penetrating hit result of any kind are (instead of rolling on the damage result table) Immobilized for the rest of the game. In addition. Null Rod Null Rods are black rods of alien origin which act as handheld psychic black holes. 101000 (40) . Range 18" Str 7 AP Type Heavy 1. on a roll of a 1 not only has the device failed to shift the user out of harm's way but has also burned out and cannot be used for the rest of the game. Whether Tech Relic use is allowed is found in the individual unit's Army List entry. this does not cause a Weapon Destroyed or Wrecked result. Displacer Field This contains a device that detects possible injury to the wearer. This weapon does not cause actual wounds or penetrate armour. but can be triggered in close combat to take advantage of an exposed weakness while the enemy fends off the main attack. these items are only used by the most skilled. Those that wield such a powerful tool are quite literally immune to any powers a psyker may direct at themselves and those around them. If the vehicle is already Immobilized or Immobilized further. This device gives a 2+ Invulnerable save. The stream of grav-chem molecules distorts the light around itself making it easily visible to those around it. This device gives the wearer and their unit a 4+ Cover Save at all times. bionic implants or the knuckles of a glove. you cannot take multiples of the same Tech Relic on the same model. however. This includes transport vehicles the model is in. A model equipped with a Null Rod ignores all Psychic Powers that are targeted directly at the model and/or the unit they are in. as even the Adeptus Mechanicus itself cannot sometimes fathom the inner workings of these arcane devices. the Strength value is used purely to determine if the target can withstand the force of the gravitational pull. rolling equal to or under their overall base initiative (a roll of 6 is always failure). This immobilization cannot be repaired or removed in any manner. In either case. Roll to hit and to wound/penetrate armour as normal. but instead of rolling saving throws or removing casualties the unit must pass an Initiative Test. A model armed with Digital Weapons can re-roll a single failed roll to wound in each Assault Phase. Tech Relics count as Wargear and cannot be MasterCrafted. but multiples within the Cult Force are allowed. This Cover Save cannot be degraded by special rules and cannot be enhanced by special rules such as Stealth.

the grenade is a dud and nothing happens. The impacts on the portals create intense localized warp disruptions. in carefully controlled laboratories lest the powerful biological toxins escape and devastate the planet. Do not include the model's BS when determining the scatter distance. etc. If double 1's are rolled. This save can only be used against ranged attacks-in an Assault. using the lowest value for the actual scatter distance. Though the rip into non-reality is small. (One use only) Vortex Grenade One of the most rare items from the Dark Ages. using the lowest value for the actual scatter distance. the enemy is inside the area of the energy bubble and the field can offer no help.use the Large Blast marker instead of the Small Blast marker for the area affected. If double 1's are rolled. Any models touched by the blast template are wounded on a 2+. A Staff of Office strikes in the same manner as a Master Crafted Thunder Hammer. (One use only) Warp Jump Pack This device allows the wearer and his unit to move up to 24" in the Movement Phase in exactly the same manner as if it was using the Deep Strike Special Rules. If double 6's are rolled. It emits a shower of antichroniton particles on detonation. these forbidden devices open an instantaneous tear into the Immaterium. designed to protect the wearer from harm. literally slowing down the enemy reaction.use the Large Blast marker instead of the Small Blast marker for the area affected. Throwing a Vortex Grenade counts as a shooting attack with the following profile: Range Str 10 AP Type Assault 1. Once per game turn the wearer may roll one Armour or Cover Save from a weapon that for whatever reason would normally not allow it. Throwing a Virus Grenade counts as a shooting attack with the following profile: Range Str 3 AP Type Assault I. its effects are devastating as normal matter is torn into the Warp. the staff contains nano-sized warp portals which burst open on contact. All enemy units fighting the user in the initial Assault fight at Initiative 1 for the remainder of the turn. After one use though. the effect cannot be used. Virus Grenade Virus Grenades are devised by the finest Genetors on Mars.THE ARMORY Power Field A Power Field generates a large and powerful energy bubble around the user. after which the effects wear off. are unaffected. so Daemons. the grenade is exceptionally powerful . Blast 6" Stasis Grenade This grenade type is activated at any time during either player's Assault Phase. causing micro-explosions which devastate the stricken enemy. it also cannot be combined with any other close combat weapons. If double 6's are rolled. the pack's energy supply is exhausted and cannot be used again for the rest of the game. Roll 2 dice for scatter.if an Invulnerable Save. powerful sigils of rare Circuitry are inscribed on the armour and special chants are made in the name of the Machine God. the grenade is exceptionally powerful . Robot Maniples. Note this only applies to Armour and Cover Saves . giving the wearer a 3+ Invulnerable Save. (One use only) Roll 2 dice for scatter. This only affects living creatures. Note that a Staff of Office wielded by a Rune Priest also counts as a Force Weapon. Thousand Sons. Any failed successful wounds count as Instant Death. Staff of Office Only the most senior Tech-Priests are gifted with one of these very powerful and rare tech-relics. Any model completely under the blast template may only take Invulnerable Saves. Necrons. Do not include the model's BS when determining the scatter distance. The device may be used while the wielder is in hand to hand combat. (One use only) 101001 (41) . It does take both hands to use properly though and so counts as a Two-Handed Weapon for weapons choices. the grenade is a dud and nothing happens. Glowing with circuit-runes. Blast 6" Runes of the Machine God Before leaving on the Quest. but strikes at the user's normal Initiative rather than striking at Initiative 1.

Billions of these make up a Techmail Robe. so those bestowed with Terminator Armour are not able to pursue a more lightly armoured foe when they flee. this armour plating can rival that of the Astartes Power Armour while still providing fluent and quick movements without needing a power supply. even if it is not part of the mission being played. the difference being the Techmail Robe's microtechs are attached to one another in strands that mimic that of a humanoid spine. Techmail Skin-Plating Techmail truly shines in its ability to adapt to organic materials. but was eventually used to provide Cult field teams with protection from harsh environments and enemies. 101010(42) . Models equipped with Artificer Armour receive an Armour Save of 2+. when communicating with its host can lessen foreseen incoming blows creating more dense sections of the armour. and cannot embark Rhinos or Chimeras. models in Terminator Armour have the Relentless Universal Special Rule. yet to the naked eye it looks like simple cloth. Artificer Armour Pristine and masterfully crafted. few armour choices outdo the amount of protection the Artificer provides while being so lightweight. Techmail is made of billions of nanoforged utility microtechs that. On the other hand. Models equipped with Techmail Skin-Plating receive an Armour Save of 4+. The concept of Techmail implantations in the skin was first used to combat disease and scarring. Threat Armour Threat Armour or Hawked Threat Armour is more commonly used by the Skitarii of the Mechanicus. The armour is jacked into the wearer for this communication. While less protective than the Techmail Armour. Models equipped with Techmail Armour receive an Armour Save of 5+. this armour is somewhat cumbersome. Techmail Robe The Techmail Robe uses the same technology as the Techmail Armour. has a 2+ Armour Any model wearing Terminator Armour can be teleported onto the battlefield. A model wearing Terminator Armour Save and a 5+ Invulnerable Save. They may always start the game in reserve and arrive using the Deep Strike Special Rules. the Techmail Robe still provides a level of protection normal robing could never hope to accomplish. Lightweight. Models equipped with Techmail Robes receive an Armour Save of 6+. Terminator Armour Due to the powerful exoskeleton and power sources built into their armour. A model with Terminator Armour cannot perform a sweeping advance. While not as strong as a lot of the armoured plating the Mechanicus developes. durable yet surprisingly resilient. Techmail is capable of lessening the blow enough to survive it and quickly recover.THE ARMORY ARMOUR Techmail Armour Developed by the Mechanicus. Models equipped with Threat Armour receive an Armour Save of 3+. Models with Terminator Armour count as two models for the purposes of transport capacity. and the microtechs can even repair themselves creating a rejuvenation for the armour after taking damage.

If the vehicle suffers an Immobilized result the Servitor operators may attempt to repair it in the Shooting Phase. Ceramite Armour The vehicle is coated with a protective shielding of specially blessed and rune encrusted ceramics. Look to the weapon's profile for individual pintle-mounted weapon. Any Adeptus Mechanicus unit that has a model within 12" of the vehicle equipped with the Holy Icon upgrade receives a +1 bonus to their Leadership. A hunter-killer missile is a krak missile with unlimited range that can only be used once per battle. Melta weapon attacks (including Melta Bombs) against the vehicle lose any special benefits they normally gain as a Melta-Weapon. Servitor Crew Installation The typical crew is replaced with advanced Tech Servitors. the power's range will be extended by an amount equal to the power's range from that vehicle. allowing it to cross open areas in greater safety. 101011 (43) . Smoke Launchers Smoke launchers are used to temporarily obscure the vehicle behind concealing clouds of smoke. making it much more powerful than normal. An Immobilized Skimmer may attempt repair in this way but only if it did not move flat out in its last movement phase. See the vehicles section of the Warhammer 40. A vehicle with the power of the machine spirit can fire one more weapon than would normally be permitted. The power can also be daisy-chained from one vehicle with the Holy Icon upgrade to another. delivering a powerful shock to any enemy models attempting to attack it.000 rulebook for details. The interface between a vehicles machine spirit and its fire control mechanisms allow the crew to target with incredible accuracy. Power of the Machine Spirit The vehicle has been fitted with an especially powerful Machine Spirit. the vehicle is repaired and may move as normal in following turns. Holy Icon The vehicle mounts a suitably large and impressive symbol of the Machine God. Pintle-Mounted Weapon Pintle-mounted weapons are weapons fitted to Imperial vehicles to provide additional fire support. any successful glancing or penetrating hits (before rolling any saves) deal a Strength 4 hit back to the attacking unit. allowing it to withstand extremely high temperatures. Extra Armour Some Cult members vehicle crews add additional armour plating to their vehicles to provide extra protection. In the Assault Phase. Once per game they can be used at the start of the movement phase. On a 06 score of 6. If a Rune Priest's power's range can reach a vehicle with the Holy Icon upgrade. This upgrade will also act as a beacon for Rune Priest powers. adding an additional 6" of movement for that turn without any penalty for firing weapons. Electro Hull The vehicle has been wired with powerful electrical cabling on its exterior. Hunter-killer Missile Hunter-killer missiles are commonly fitted to Imperial vehicles. there to protect and guide the vehicle from harm.THE ARMORY VEHICLE ARMORY Boosters The vehicle's engine is modified with superchargers and additional power units. They are treated as an additional weapon. specially programmed to operate and service the vehicle. Mind Impulse Unit (MIU) This technology creates a direct link between a human brain and a larger piece of external machinery allowing control by thought alone as if the machinery was a part of the human's body. this weapon can be fired at a different target to any other weapons. These single-use weapon systems allow vehicles such as Rhinos to engage enemy armoured vehicles that would otherwise far outmatch them. Vehicles equipped with extra armour count Crew Stunned results on the Vehicle Damage table as a Crew Shaken result instead. In addition. Vehicles with this upgrade receive a +1 to their base BS stat. subject to the normal rules for Shooting. instead of shooting any vehiclemounted weapons.

agree with your opponent on the size of each force. which varies depending on how effective that model is in Then you can proceed to pick your force. While each unit's entry will have a picture of the modeled unit. FAN CODEX This force list is based first and foremost around the Adeptus Mechanicus Tech Quest force. how many models there will be in it. Continue doing this until you have spent all your points. this by no means is what anyone else has envisioned for the unit. Any upgrades that are taken must be shown on the model. Each model is also given a points value. Once this is done. It also provides you with the basic information you'll need in order to field an Adeptus Mechanicus force in scenarios you've devised yourself. Before you choose a force. and each category has one or more boxes. or that form part of a campaign. but please note that play balance may be affected if they are used for anything other than a Standard Mission. but can also be used to collect an army that follows the same rules and restrictions. and 101100 (44) . I've included the chart used for Standard Missions opposite. MISSIONS & POINTS These force lists are primarily designed for use with the Standard Missions from the Warhammer 40. it is simply the creator of this fan-made codex's idea of what the unit might look like. and then go back and make another choice. ARMY LIST which upgrades you want (if any). Each grey-toned box indicates that you may make one choice from the section of the force list. They may also be used with any other missions that use the Force Organisation charts. USING THE FORCE LIST Before putting your force together for a game. while a dark-toned box indicates a compulsory selection. The force list is split into five sections. Use the Adeptus Mechanicus force list presented on the following pages and paint your miniatures using one of the many colour schemes shown in resources for the Mechanicus online (or make up the colours and symbols yourself. All the infantry.ANDARD MISSION COMPULSORY 1 HQ "2 Troops OPTIONAL 1 HQ 4 Troops 3 EI ites OPTIONAL :3 Fast Attack ]. Then you're ready to do battle! ST.ADEPTUS MECHANICUS The following pages contain an army list that enables you to field an Adeptus Mechanicus force and fight battles using the scenarios included in the Warhammer 40. or the better part of an afternoon or evening. Haa 'Y support USING A FORCE ORGANISATION CHART The force lists are used in conjunction with the force organization chart from a scenario. Look in the relevant section of the army list and decide what unit you want to have in your army. Each chart is split into five categories that correspond to the sections in the army list.000 rulebook.000 rulebook. which provides around two hours of play. A great place to get started is using similar looking miniatures found at Games Workshop's online store at www. vehicles and characteristics in the force are placed into one of these depending upon their role on the battlefield. you will need to agree with your opponent upon a scenario and the total number of points each of you will spend.) The great thing about a fan-made codex is the ability to create completely unique miniatures as they typically don't exist for purchase anywhere. Many players like to play games of 1.500 points per side. The army list allows you to pick an army based on troops that could be fielded by an Adeptus Mechanicus force. The descriptions in each entry are purposely broad in an attempt to let your imagination run wild. subtract the point value of the unit from you total

FORCE LIST ENTRIES Each entry in the force list represents a different unit that you can use in a game. For example.:2.1 . Where ever an option states that you may replace either.000 Unit Type Rules chapter. The cost for all of these models and all of their equipment is included in the points cost with the unit profile. vehicles and equipment in the force list can be found on pages 2-32..'_. neither or both provided you pay the stated points cost.:5'--. Optionsr o. If the Unit Type box includes the word 'Unique' you may only include one of this unit in your army. '---------' (1) Unit Profile: At the start of each entry you will find the name of the unit.. and the points cost of the unit without any upgrades.1"". More information background and rules for the infantry.. (4) Wargear: This entry details the equipment the models in the squad entry carry. may not take an upgrade unless the model in the unit actually has it. Hcmter-/{}/ier r\fiS$i1e MdIOt Power of ~ M4C"N ~l Veniele Upgrades from the Armory Unit Compo~ition: Wargear..\ Unit Type: . Track Bolttr \V ~ Vehlele (\lYalloler) SJ)eeial f{ules: • Kt1iglil Tililn I @ ® r------ I ® . Some refer to the Universal Special Rules section of the Warhammer 40.:. These have their own entry on page 135...000 rule book while some will be specific to this codex..--.:KII~._ ws _. __ 200 Points Page 19 /~Annor-\ BS S F S R A q-. this entry models that make up the 260 point Knight up of a single Knight Cantharis unit found on page 21 benefits from the Universal Special Rules 'Scout' and 'Deep Strike' which can be found in the Universal Special Rules section of the Warhammer 40. The Transport Vehicles section of the Warhammer 40.. . and be subject to a number of rules regarding movement.:... often depending on whether an associated special character is taken. If a model is equipped with something listed in the Unit Upgrades section then you must pay the points for it . Some units have additional options regarding how they may be chosen or fielded. shooting. a unit may be Infantry.Oedlafted Transport: --..4 2 _1"". \. Holy Icon. .. (7) Options: This section lists all of the upgrades you may add to the unit if you wish to do so.__ . For example.:n'--_._1. the profile of any models it can include. These special rules are explained in further detail in the Forces section. (5) Special Rules: Any special rules that apply to the unit are listed here. Complexity Value: This entry refers to the 'A Race Apart' rule specific to the Adeptus Mechanicus... (3) Unit Type: This entry refers to the Warhammer 40.:.4_---'-4_. applicable. For example.. the entry shown above is for a Knight Titan that costs 260 points.. which is detailed in the Knight Titan entry on page 19 of this codex.I . Titan shown above is made Titan. Exact information on this value is explained in the Adeptus Mechanicus Special Rules on page 1. (6) Transport: This entry refers to any transport vehicles the unit may take.. For example. assault etc. the (8) 101101 (45) ...V • May only purcnan Extra ArfflOllf. Vehicle or Jump Infantry. ()II'i~TI~ta::.000 rulebook explains exactly how these dedicated transports work.. (2) Unit Composition: Where lists the number and type of the basic unit... • 1 Knlgtl! Titan ~ OreadneughtCCWx:2 Com ptexity Velue: 4 .. "894H mmer f..000 rulebook while the Knight Titan benefits from the 'Knight Titan' Special rule. about the CD Knight 'nten.__ _ .._ .

.Hover Disk +15 pts 101110(46) ..Artificer Armour.. .. 75 Points Page 3 3 3 3 3 3 2 Unit Composition: • 1 Tech-Priest Lord Unit Type: • Infantry Wargear: • Techmail Skin-Plating • Cult Bionics Special Rules: • Independent Character Disciples: (Allowed 8 Total) • Acolyte • Artisan • Lexmachanic • • • • Logis Praetorian Bodyguard Servo-Skull Xenologis Options: • Can purchase (aside from armour and other choices below) up to 100 points of combined Wargear and Tech Relics from the Armory........... may choose the following: .. .. • Replace Techmail Skin-Plating with: ..Artificer Armour.. • Replace Techmail Skin-Plating with: . may choose the following: . A Ld 10 Sv 4+ . +10 pts ...Threat Armour. .. +20 pts • Replace Techmail Skin-Plating with Terminator Armour with Storm Bolter and Power Sword +40 pts • If Terminator Armour is not chosen.... ...Hover Disk + 15 pts Tech-Priest Transmechanic WS Tech-Priest Lord BS S T W A Ld 10 Sv 4+ 80 Points Page 2 3 3 3 4 3 3 2 Unit Composition: • 1 Tech-Priest Transmechanic Unit Type: • Infantry Wargear: • Techmail Skin-Plating • Cult Bionics • Servo-Harness Special Rules: • Independent Character • Knowledgeable Disciples • Servitor Retinue Options: • Can purchase (aside from armour and other choices below) up to 100 points of combined Wargear and Tech Relics from the Armory.........Threat Armour.. +10 pts .HQ Tech-Priest Magos WS Tech-Priest Ma os BS S T 4 W I .. +20 pts • Replace Techmail Skin-Plating with Terminator Armour with Storm Bolter and Power Sword +40 pts • If Terminator Armour is not chosen.

• Praetorian Bodyguard • Servo-Skull.... 3 3 3 3 3 .... WS 4 Unit Composition: • 1 Rune Priest Unit Type: • Infantry Wargear: • Blessed Rune Armour • Staff of Office (also counts as Force Weapon) • Combat Enhancements • Cult Bionics • Familiar BS STW 3 4 3 4 A Ld 10 . .. . except Tech Relics. 235 Points Sv 3(i) Options: • Can purchase up to 50 points of combined and Tech Relics from the Armory.... Pages 5-6 3 Wargear Special Rules: • Independent Character • Eternal Warrior • Psyker Psyker Powers: • Blessing of the Machine • Blessing of the Man • Blessing of the Weapon • Chant of Control • Chant of Critical Malfunction • Chant of Malfunction • The Binary Squirt of Destruction 101111 (47) .... • Xenologis Options: • Acolytes are each allowed up to 25 points of Wargear from the Armory.. Ld 5 .... 10 pts 20 pts 20 pts 20 pts 25 pts 5 pts 10 pts Rune Priest.HQ Disciples WS BS S TWA ..25 Points Page 4 I Disciples Unit Composition: • See Tech-Priest Magos Unit Type: • Infantry 8 Wargear: • Techmail Armour • Laspistol • Cult Bionics Choices: • Acolyte • Artisan • Lexmachanic • Logis.

... I 3 3 A 1 3 Ld 9 10 Sv 4+/6(i) 2+/5 i ... but points are only awarded if The Adamantium Giant is killed.... Giant): 2 4 BS ... • The Adamantium Giant must select one or two of the following weapons to be mounted on its shoulder(s): .. A 6 2+06 Ld 10 Sv 3+/4 i ... For games using Victory Paints treat the pair as a unit of 2 worth 2 separate points.. +25 pts each .. though they may be joined by Independent Characters as normal... WS Frederick Ad.... Giant): • 2x Dreadnought CCW • Arm mounted Flamer • Arm mounted Storm Bolter • Cult Bionics • Refractor Field Note: The Adomontium Giant and Frederick form a unit of 2 models.... Together they may not join other units..... +30 pts each . WS Zacharia BS S 3 T W 2 I A 1 Ld 9 Sv 2+ 185 Points Page 27 4 WS 3 4 BS 3 4 4 I Wargear • • • • (Zacharia): Seren Unit Composition: • 1 (Unique) S 5 I---Armor---\ F R S 12 11 10 I 2 A 1 Artificer Armour Cult Bionics Servo Harness Power Field (Seren): Unit Type (Zacharia): • Infantry Unit Type (Seren): • Vehicle (Walker) Special Rules: • Independent Character • Move Through Cover • Musings of a Metal Mind • Rogue Trader Travels • Never-ending Wargear • Plasma Cannon • Heavy Bolter Complexity Value (Seren): 1 The Adamantium Giant.... 125 Points Page 28 S 3 5 T 4 W 1 3 5 6 3 Wargear (Frederick): • Techmail Skin-Plating Lasgun • • • • Servo-Arm Cult Bionics Mechandentrites Cybernetic Life-Support Options: • Both models count as a single combined HQ choice...Autocannon ......... they must remain within 2" of each other at all times...... Giant): • Monstrous Creature Special Rules (The Ad................Missile Launcher... .Plasma Cannon. As such....... ..Lascannon ....HQ Zacharia A'ppareo ... Commander Lau WS Lau Unit Composition: • 1 (Unique) 5 BS 4 S 5 T 5 W 3 . +20 pts each ... 210 Points Page 29 Unit Type: • Infantry Wargear: • Threat Armour • Frag Grenades • Krak Grenades • Titan's Might • Teramia Weapon Attachment • Cult Bionics • Enhanced Parietal Lobe • Personal Body-Void Special Rules: • Independent Character • Furious Charge • Stubborn • "Data-Load Your Forces" • Forceful Action 110000 (48) . +25 pts each System • Eternal Warrior • Robot • Superior Programming • Inspirational Appearance Wargear (The Ad...... Giant Unit Composition: • 1 (Unique) • 1 (Unique) Unit Type (Frederick): • Infantry Unit Type (The Ad.

___4_---"3_-'3c..Flamer.......... +10 pts each ..Meltagun.........Shotgun '" free • One Praetorian model may replace their Lasgun with: . +10 pts 3 3 3 3 Wargear: • Techmail Skin-Plating • • • • Lasgun Frag Grenades Cult Bionics Cybernetic Life-Support System Dedicated Transport: • May select a Gant Machine Cultists WS Cult Preacher Machine Cultist Unit Composition: • 10 Machine Cultists Unit Type: • Infantry 3 2 BS S 3 3 T 3 3 W ......... +4 points per model All Machine Cultists may replace their Lasgun with: .........Lascannon +25 pts ...Lascannon.........Shotgun......... Page 30 Pastor Moviss ... . . .__-'2=----'1-'-0 4c_+___.Plasmagun +15 pts each . Sv 5+ 6+ ... . " +25 pts • Two Praetorian models may replace Lasgun with: .Autocannon +15 pts ... ..40 Points Page 7 3 2 9 6 Options: • May include up to 20 additional • Wargear • Techmail • Lasgun Wargear (Cult Preacher): • • Techmail Armour • Cult Standard • Cult Bionics • • Machine Cultists ... BS S TWA Ld Sv Ic__P-'-a-'-st""o-'-r-'-'M-'o'-v-'-'is"'s 4 Unit Type: • Infantry Special Rules: • Independent Character • Machine Cult Following • Master Craftsman • The Machine God's Word WS I 4-'--_3c..... .... ......Hellgun +15 pts each ... .. . ......... +13 points per model • All Praetorian models may replace their Lasgun with: .• Pastor Moviss may be taken as a Machine Cultist unit __ Wargear: • Techmail Skin-Plating • Laspistol • Cult Mechanicus Power Axe • Combat Enhancements • Mechandentrites • Runes of the Machine God 110001 (49) ...Heavy Bolter +20 pts .. +5 pts each .. .. Machine Cultists in his unit count as Pastor Moviss' retinue.... free Two Machine Cultists may form a Heavy Weapons Team and must select one of the following: ......Grenade Launcher +10 pts each • One model may be upgraded to a Praetorian Centurion with Techmail Skin-Plating which can choose 50 points of additional equipment from the Armory except Tech-Relics.Techmail Skin-Plating.......... +10 pts A Machine Cult Preacher may replace Techmail Armour with: ....... A 3 3 (Ali): Robe Ld .......Missile Launcher.Laspistol and Close Combat Weapon free ... a Machine Cult Preacher upgrade may not be taken for that unit.... If Pastor Moviss is taken for a Machine Cultist unit. .. 130 Points Page 8 S 3 3 T W 328 A Ld 7 Sv 4+/6(i) 4+/6 i Options: • May include up to 10 additional Praetorians .. +10 pts ....... +20 pts One model may upgrade to a Machine Cult Preacher with Techmail Armour and is allowed up to 50 points of equipment from the Armory except TechRelics....TROOPS Praetorians WS Centurion Praetorian Unit Composition: • 10 Praetorians Unit Type: • Infantry 4 3 BS 4 .....45 Points Options: upgrade...

.. .. .... +15 pts each . he is allowed up to 100 points of equipment from the Armory and Tech-Refics... T W I A Ld 8 9 Sv 4+ 4+ .. . . .. Options: • May include up to 3 additional Tech Servitors ... ..Meltagun. .Heavy Bolter..TROOPS Cult Servitors WS Cult Servitor Enginseer Unit Composition: • 3 Tech Servitors Unit Type: • Infantry Wargear: • Techmail Skin-Plating • Cult Bionics • Servo-Arm • Lasgun 3 3 BS S ....Plasmagun. . +5 points Unit Type: • Vehicle (Tank) Complexity Value: 1 110010 (50) .. . . +35 pts DEDICATED TRANSPORTS Gant. • May replace Exigo Hellgun with Autocannon ... +10 pts each ..Flamer..45 Points Page 20 Unit Composition: • 1 Gant Wargear: • Smoke Launchers • Exigo Hellgun Special Rules: • Walking Transport Transport Capacity: • Eleven Models Options: • May purchase any Vehicle Upgrades from the Armory ...Multi-Melta or Plasma Cannon +30 pts each • One Servitor may replace Lasgun with: . +10 pts each • Each Robot unit may be led by an Enginseer. . +20 pts each ....Grenade Launcher...... .+ 17 points per model • One Servitor may replace their Servo-Arm with: . .Hellgun +15 pts each . . . . 51 Points Page 10 3 3 3 3 3 4 2 3 3 Special Rules: • Fearless Dedicated Transport: • May select a Gant. +5 pts each .

9 __ _ _ Wargear (Enginseer): • Techmail Skin-Plating • Cult Bionics Wargear • • • • (Techmarines): .e.... ... . +9 points per model • The Tech-Priest Enginseer may purchase up to 100 points of combined Wargear and Tech Relics from the Armory.erc_ ----=3 __ Unit Composition: • 1 Tech-Priest Enginseer • 3 Techmarines Unit Type: • Infantry A Ld 4 4 4 1 4 9 3=---_3=---___c4 _:2=------=-3 _:__...90 Points Page 14 3 3 5 3 9 • 6 Caminus-Priests Unit Type: • Infantry Wargear: • Cult Bionics • Twin-Linked Heavy Flamer Special Rules: • Slow and Purposeful • Fanatical Attack Masochistic • Pyromechanics Options: • May include up to 6 additional Caminus-Priests............ Artificer Armour Cult Bionics Servo-Harness Cult Mechanicus Dedicated Transport: • May select a Gant Power Axe The Forsaken WS Forsaken Enginseer 3 3 BS S ........ .. T W A Ld Sv 4+ .. • Fearless • Tenacious • Unstable 110011 (51) .:. W .. A Ld Sv 4+ ....::. ....... .:_+__j Options: • May include up to 3 additional Techmarines .::.=s. + 15 points per model · Dedicated Transport: • May select a Gant Techmarines WSBSSTW Techmarine 4 L..._nsc.... 125 Points Page 16 3 3 2 3 Wargear 2 4 1 2 (Ali): 3 3 6 9 Unit Composition: • 1 Tech-Priest Enginseer • 10 Forsaken Unit Type: • Infantry Wargear (Enginseer): • Techmall Skin-Plating • Cult Bionics Special Rules (Forsaken): Onslaught Options: • May include up to 20 additional Forsaken .. +45 points per model • The Tech-Priest Enginseer may purchase up to 100 points of combined Wargear and Tech Relics from the Armory..ELITES Caminus-Priests WS Caminus-Priest Unit Composition: BS S 4 T .c:E:.......... Sv 170 Points Page 15 2+

Complexity Value: 4 200 Points Page 19 Unit Composition: • 1 Knight Titan Unit Type: • Vehicle (Walker) Wargear: • Dreadnaught CCW • Mega Hammer • Track Bolter Special Rules: • Knight Titan Divexo Beacon Composition: Vehicle squadron composed of 1-2 Beacons: I---Armor---\ BS 3 Unit Type: • Vehicle (Tank) F 11 135 Points Page 26 S 11 R 11 Wargear: • Verto Concentrator Special Rules: • Infi Itrate • Illumination • Immobile Options: • May only purchase from the Armory. Holy Icon.ELITES Knight Titan I---Armor---\ WS Kni ht Titan 4 BS 4 S 6 F 12 S 12 R 11 4 A Options: • May only purchase Extra Armour. 145 Points Page 21 3 Unit Composition: • 1 Cantharis Unit Type: • Vehicle (Skimmer) Wargear: 10 10 • Storm Bolter x2 Special • • • • • Rules: Options: • May only purchase Boosters. the Holy Icon Vehicle Upgrade Complexity Value: 3 FAST Cantharis I---Armor---\ BS F 11 S R . Ceramite Armour. Complexity Value: 2 Assault Vehicle Scout Deep Strike Aerial Deployment "She's Going Down!" Capacity: Transport • Fourteen Models 110100 (52) . Hunter Killer Missile andlor Holy Icon Vehicle Upgrades from the Armory.. Pintle-Mounted Weapon. Hunter-Killer Missile and/or Power of the Machine Spirit Vehicle Upgrades from the Armory. Extra Armour. .

...40 Points Page 18 8 Rules: Options: • May include up to 10 additional Swarm Bases .......... .. Electro-Priests .. .... .............. T 3 W 2 ...............Power Weapon + 15 pts each Special • Deep Strike • Hit and Run • Shock and Awe Servo-Skull Swarm WS Servo-Skull Swarm Unit Composition: • 5 Swarm Bases Unit Type: • Jetbikes Wargear: • Electro-Field 2 BS S 3 Special • • • • • • ................. 132 Points Page 13 3 Fanatical Attack Fleet of Foot Static Lash Strained Minds Dedicated Transport: • May select a Gant Shock Praetorian Squad WS Shock Praetorian Unit Composition: • 5 Shock Praetorians Unit Type: • Jump Infantry 5 BS 4 S 4 T 3 W I 4 A 2 ... Ld 8 Sv 4+/6(i 170 Points Page 9 Wargear: • Techmail Skin-Plating • • • • • • Hellgun Frag Grenades Cult Bionics Cybernetic Life-Support System Combat Enhancements Animus Jet Pack Equipment Rules: Options: • May include up to 5 additional Shock Praetorians .FAST Electro-Priests WS Electro-Priest Unit Composition: • 6 Electro-Priests Unit Type: • Infantry Wargear: • Electoos • Cult Bionics BS S 4 Special • • • • T 4 Rules: W 5 A Ld Sv 5(i) Options: • May include up to 6 additional ... +22 points per model .... 2 3 9 .. +34 points per model • Two models may take one of the following: ........ ....... +8 points per model Deep Strike Fearless Scout Vulnerable to Blasts Small Target Swarm 110101 (53) ... .... ... A 3 2 Ld Sv 5+ .

. ........ +25 pts each Each Robot unit may be led by an Enginseer.. bringing the model's Strength to 8.Flamer or Grenade Launcher free • Three models may take one of the following: .Autocannon .. .... ... + 75 points per model All Robot models may replace a Ranged Weapon Arm with a Power Fist. .... Initiative to 1 and Attacks to 3 +20 pts All Robot models must equip each Ranged Weapon Arm with: .. bringing the model's Strength to 8.....Power Weapon.. +25 pts each .Missile Launcher +20 pts each ..... 75 Points Page 17 9 10 5 Options: • May include up to 3 additional • Wargear (Enginseer): • Techmail Skin-Plating Wargear (Robot): • 2x Ranged Weapon Arms • Cult Bionics Special Rules (Robot): • Bio-Mechanical • Guidance • Robot Unit Type (Enginseer): • Infantry Unit Type (Robot): • Monstrous Creature • • • Robots ................................ he is allowed up to 100 points of equipment from the Armory and Tech-Relics +35 pts Cult Abomination WS Abomination BS 4 S ... +30 pts each ..... Sv 4+ 2+ .. + 15 pts each HEAVY Robot Maniples WS Enginseer Robot Unit Composition: • 1 Robot 3 3 BS 3 4 S 3 4 T 4 W 2 2 3 2 A Ld .....Lascannon .. 130 Points Page 11 I Skitarii Unit Composition: 5 2 9 • 5 Skitarii Unit Type: • Infantry Wargear: • Threat-Armour • Hellgun • Cult Bionics • Furious Charge • Stubborn Dedicated Transport: • May select a Gant Options: • May include up to 10 additional Skitarii ... WS 4 BS 4 S 4 Special TWA 4 Rules: Ld Sv 3+ .. Initiative to 1 and Attacks to 2 +10 pts All Robot models may replace both Ranged Weapon Arms with Power Fists.. T W 3 A Ld 9 Sv 3+/4(i) 140 Points Page 12 6 6 5 5 3 • Unit Composition: 1 Cult Abomination • Unit Type: Monstrous Creature Wargear: • Cult Bionics • Twin-Linked Lascannon • Cable Whips Special Rules: • Eternal Warrior • Extension Cables • Feral Machine Spirit • Propulsion 110110(54) ..... +26 points per model • All models may replace their Hellgun with: ...Plasma cannon.....FAST Skitarii ..

.2x Twin-Linked Lascannon +40 pts .Multi-Meltas. .......... Unit Type: • Vehicle (Tank) Special Rules: • Lumbering Behemoth Wargear (Ali): • Heavy Bolter • Smoke Launchers Leman Russ Tarantula: • (See Options) Leman Russ Rapier: • Rapier Laser Focuser Leman Russ Burrower: • Tunnel Torpedo Leman Russ Butcher: • Quad Launcher Leman Russ Vladd: • Conversion Beamer Options: • Any model may purchase any Vehicle Upgrades from the Armory except Boosters. Burrower Butcher Vladd..... • May take up to 1 additional Atlas ARV ...HEAVY Atlas Armored Recovery Vehicle . ...Heavy Flamer..Lascannon..210 Points Leman Leman Leman Leman Leman Russ Russ Russ Russ Russ Tarantula Rapier Burrower Butcher Vladd BS 3 3 3 3 3 Pages 23-24 I---Armor---\ F 14 14 14 14 14 S 13 13 13 13 13 R 10 10 10 11 11 Composition: Vehicle squadron composed of 1-2 of the above Leman Russ variants in any combination. +30 pts .. Complexity Value: 3 1 10111 (55) .. .2x Twin-Linked Autocannon +35 pts .. 115 Points Page 25 BS 3 Unit Composition: • 1 Phantous Unit Type: • Vehicle (Tank) Wargear: • Phantous Launcher Options: • May purchase any Vehicle Upgrades from the Armory.... +50 points per model Complexity Value: 1 Leman Leman Leman Leman Leman Russ Russ Russ Russ Russ Tarantula Rapier. Vehicle squadron composed of 1-2 Phantous': .. ........ +15 pts • Any model may take a pair of sponsons armed with: . +40 pts • The Leman Russ Tarantula variant must be equipped with one of the following: ... 50 Points Page 22 I---Armor---\ BS I AII"ARV Wargear: 3 F 11 S 11 R 10 Unit Type: • Vehicle (Tank) • Graviton Gun • Smoke Launchers Special Rules: • Vehicle Recovery Options: • May purchase any Vehicle Upgrades from the Armory.2x Twin-Linked Missile launcher +30 pts Complexity Value: 1 Phantous Composition: .. .. .Heavy Bolters or Heavy Flamers +20 pts ..175 Points 180 Points 200 Points ............ • Any model may exchange its heavy bolter for: .. Composition: Vehicle squadron composed of 1-2 Atlas ARVs: .... 160 Points ..Plasma Cannons...

IT~S A SPLIT~ECDND THING. 870 Points Pages 31-32 4 S 10 F 14 Wargear: S 13 R 12 A 1 Options: • If a Warhound Titan is fielded in a Cult Mechanicus force for a non-Apocalypse game. Complexity Value: 8 Unit Composition: • 1 Warhound Scout Titan • Holy Icon • Plasma Blastgun • Vulcan Mega-Bolter Special Rules: Unit Type: • Vehicle (Walker) • Agile • Massive Size • Reactor Meltdown • Sequestered Information Nate: The Warhound Scout Titan is only allowed in non-Apocalypse games with a 2.PRlNCEPS 'DR 'ONE 'OF' HIS BRIIDGE'CREW MAKES AN ERROR.... IF' A . 'DR.IS MOMENTARILY ODNFUSED. EvEN FDR THE MDDIF'IED. 'OR. IT IS HARD••• ENGINE WARS ARE USUA.. ONE MIG-OODE..SPECIAL Warhound Scout Titan /---Armor---\ WS Warhound Titan 2 BS . THEN THE MACHINE SUF'FERS.l..000+ point restriction...... the Warhound Scout Titan counts as 4 Kill Points for games that use Kill Points to determine the winner... 2 Troop choices as well as 1 HQ choice..LUE'OUR PRIINCEPG AND SENIOR MODERATI SO' HIGHLY.. DEATH IN AN INSTANT. AND ITYSOVER.... UFE OR.... THATYS WHY WE VA... 'ONE TRACK-ERROR. BARELY 'ONE IN TEN MILLlDN POSSESSES ENOUGH NATURAL ABIIUTT T'O MAKE THE 'GRADE.. it fills the roles of and counts as all 3 Heavy Support choices.. In addition. EVEN WITH MODIF'IED ENHANCEMENT... BECAUSE... -COMMANDER LYSENK!O 111000 (56) ..MISSES A S~ DETAIL..... THE MACHINE IS A NEAR-PERF'ECT THING_ THE HUMAN 'ODMPONENT !IS ITS 'DNE TRUE WEAKNESS.LY LDST BECAUSE OF' HUMAN F'RAlLTT. THATYS WHY 'DNLYTHE VERT BEST MAKE IT THROUGH SELECTIDN T'D ACTIVE ENGINE WORK.

STATS Adeptus Mechanicus Forces Profile WS Tech-Priest Transmechanic 3 Tech-Priest Magos 3 Disciple 3 4 Rune Priest Praetorian Centurion 4 Praetorian 3 Shock Praetorian 5 Machine Cult Preacher 3 Machine Cultist 2 Servo-SkulJ Swarm 2 Skitarii 4 Electro-Priest 3 Cam inus-Priest 3 Tech-Priest Enginseer 3 Tech marine 4 The Forsaken 3 Robot 3 Cult Servitor 3 Cult Abomination 6 Commander Lau 5 Pastor Moviss 4 Zacharia A'ppareo 4 Frederick 2 4 The Adamantium Giant BS 3 3 3 3 4 3 4 3 2 4 2 3 3 4 3 4 3 4 4 4 4 3 5 S 3 3 3 3 3 3 4 3 3 3 4 4 4 3 4 2 4 3 6 5 3 3 3 5 T 4 4 3 4 3 3 3 3 3 3 4 4 5 4 4 2 5 3 5 5 4 4 4 6 W 3 3 1 3 1 1 1 1 2 1 1 1 2 1 J 2 J 3 3 3 2 I 3 I 3 3 3 4 3 3 4 3 3 3 5 5 3 3 4 3 2 3 5 6 3 4 3 3 A 2 2 I I 2 1 2 I 2 2 3 1 Ld 10 10 8 10 8 7 8 9 6 8 9 9 9 9 9 6 Sv 4+ 4+ 5+ 3eD 4+/6(i) 4+/6(i) 4+/6(2) 5+ 6+ 5+ 3+ 5(i) 4+ 4+ 2+ 2+ 4+ 3+/4(i) 3+/4Q) 4+ 2+ 4+/6(i) 2+/5Q) 10 1 3 2+D6 2 1 8 9 10 10 1 3 9 9 10 Adeptus Mechanicus Vehicles Profile Front Atlas ARY 11 11 Gant Cantharis 11 Ph an tous 11 Divexo Beacon II Leman Russ Tarantula 14 Leman Russ Rapier 14 Leman Russ Burrower 14 Leman Russ Butcher 14 Leman Russ Vladd 14 Side 11 11 10 II 11 13 13 13 13 13 Armor Side 12 11 13 Rear 10 10 10 11 11 10 10 10 11 11 BS 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 Profile Knight Titan Seren Warhound WS 4 3 2 BS 4 3 4 S 6 5 10 Front 12 12 14 Rear 11 10 12 I 4 2 111001 (57) .

42" 42" . Blast. Melta Pistol. 111010(58) . Twin-Linked Ordnance 1 ** 6 4 6 4 4 3 3 2 6 3 1 4 2 2 2 5 ** 5 2 5 4 Heavy 1. Barrage Heavy 4D6. Large Blast. Twin-Linked * see Wargear entries for special rules ** see Vehicle Profile for additional details = = Warhound Weapons Summary Weapon Plasma Blastgun (rapid) (full) Vulcan Mega-bolter Range 72" 96" 60" Str 8 [0 6 AP 2 2 3 Type Ordnance 2. Primary See pages 31 and 32 for additional Warhound Scout Titan weapon information. Gets Hot! Pistol. Melta Heavy I.STATS Weapons Summary Weapon Assault Cannon Autocannon Conversion Beamer Range 24" 48" Up to 18" 18" . Large Blast. Rending Heavy 2 Heavy 1 Exigo Hellgun Flamer Graviton Gun (Grenade Launcher) Frag Grenade Krak Grenade Hand Flamer Heavy Bolter Heavy Flamer Hellgun Hellpistol Lascannon Lasgun Laspistol Meltagun Meltapistol (Missile Launcher) Frag Missile Krak Missile Multi-Melta Phantous Launcher Plasma Cannon Plasmagun Plasma Pistol Quad Launcher Rapier Laser Focuser Shotgun Storm Bolter Teramia Weapon Attachment Tunnel Torpedo (Verto Concentrator) Dispersed Concentrated 4 1 3 5 Assault 2. Blast Heavy 1 Heavy 1. Gets Hot! Rapid Fire. Primary Ordnance I. Ignores Cover Heavy 1. Blast ** Heavy 1 Blast. Gets Hot! Heavy 2+D3. Melta Heavy X. Blast Assault 1 Assault 1 Heavy 3 Assault 1 Assault 1.72" 12" Template 18" 24" 24" Template 36" Template 18" 12" 48" 24" 12" 12" 6" 48" 48" 24" 18" 36" 24" 12" 12-48" 24" 12" 24" 18" 12-48" 48" 48" Str 6 7 6 8 10 5 4 7 3 6 3 5 5 5 5 9 3 3 8 8 4 8 8 5 7 7 7 5 6 3 4 8 7 6 9 AP 4 4 Type Heavy 4. Blast. Twin-Linked Assault 1 Heavy l. Gets Hot! Pistol. Blast * Assault I. Primary Heavy 15. Blast. Twin-Linked Assault 2 Assault 2 Assault 2. Gets Hot! Heavy I Rapid Fire Pistol Assault 1.

Space Marine chapters. Nathaniel "Mechanical Legs" Chester to which this FanDex would not have been possible. TM and/or © Games Workshop Ltd 2000-2006. Space Hulk. And for the inspiration they've provided . the Double-Headed/Imperial Eagle device. the Fanatic II logo. Warhammer Online. Necromunda. Citadel Device. the Blood Bowl logo. the GWI logo. . Ork skull devices. Sisters of Battle. the Tau caste designations. the Slaanesh device. •:. This FanDex has been created without permission from Games Workshop. the Chaos device. the Hammer of Sigmar logo. Catachan. Dan Abnett. and the Warhammer 40. An extra special thanks to Darrel Hallowell. the Mordheim logo. Updates and info on this FanDex and Lantz can be found at www. Trio of Warriors. illustrations and images from the Blood Bowl game. Necromunda Plate Special Thanks To: . Mordheim. the Chaos logo. Slaanesh. White Dwarf. the Skaven symbol devices. Inquisitor. his book "Titanicus" and Mark Hofmann of Musings of a Metal Mind (http://musingsofametalmind. Great Unclean One. BL Publishing. Daemonhunters. Derek Reihe and Nick Thorn for their immense efforts on this project. Tyranid. Eye of Terror. Games Workshop logo. characters. Skaven. All Rights Reserved to their respective owners. race insignia. Omnissiah. Tim Huckelbery for providing an inspiring FanDex for me to recreate . Keith Kubec. Fire Warrior. Eldar. Warhammer World logo. Eldar symbol devices. Tad Lemon and Eric Vaughn as well as Sterling Kelley. Space Marine. Warmaster.L Codex: Adeptus Mechanicus The Cult of the Machine Updates by Lantz aka Sinaura Sinaura40k@gmail. 40k. This FanDex is completely unofficial and is in no way endorsed by Games Workshop Limited. Black Library. Inquisitor:Conspiracies. •:. •:. 'Eavy Metal. Forge World. names. Black Flame. Space Marine chapter logos. the Inquisitor logo. •:.blogspot. the Nurgle device. the Warhammer world. units. the Inquisitor device.022811. the members of our gaming group "TwinLinked Awesome" for closed and open beta rule assessments. City of the Damned. Ork. No challenge to their status intended. the Tzeentch device. Necromunda stencil logo. An extra thanks to both of you . Used without permission. Bloodquest. the Fanatic logo. locations. Games Workshop. •:. Citadel.themagnetpro. Khorne. Dark Angels. the White Dwarf logo. nor would it have the diverse unit choices it does and will continue to have. Lord of Change. Golden Demon. Cadian. Games Workshop for the amazing universe they've created for us all. the Khorne device. Talisman.CREDITS v5. All of the numerous open beta testers throughout the intarwebz . •:. Mechanicus. Warhammer Historical. the Fire Warrior logo. Tau. . GWI. Gorkamorka.000 universe are either ®. variably registered in the UK and other countries around the world. Gw. the Talisaman world. This is a free FanDex and in no way should be distributed for profit. Twin Tailed Comet Logo. Cityfight. Tzeentch. Adeptus. Blood Bowl. Inferno. Horned Rat logo. Tomb Kings. Marauder. Codex. The Blood Bowl Spike Device. Dark Eldar. Blood Angels. races. Nurgle. Battlefleet Gothic. Khemri. Aaron Lococo and Trent Schell. Chaos. play testing and my constant picking of their brains . the Black Library logo. Kroot. Epic. Dark Future. Warhammei 40k Device. Without these two the FanDex would not be moving along at the speed it is. vehicles. Warhammer. Astartes. Dawn of War. Darkblade. Tyrannid.blogspot. Keeper of Secrets. Ultramarines.:. and all associated marks. Genestealer. Eric Duffield for his amazing artwork used for the cover .:. Necron.

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