Information and Black Hole

The Truth of Origin and Existence of Universe in Time
By John Paily ± Grace New Age Research


³The World is the product of Human Quest for Knowledge about Life and NatureIt is a quest to return to our glorious past. We cannot gain it unless we retreat to our roots. Our root exist deep within not in the out side world´ ³Our thinking makes our world. Our world is tending increasingly towards great disorder and destruction. Humanity needs new thinking to survive. The thought and thinking I share here are simple, yet to comprehend it, one needs to grow beyond self or Ego. The simplicity of nature and life reveals when one grows beyond once own ego to interact and explore´

1] Preface 2] Abstract 3] Introduction 4] Chapter-1: What is information? 5] Chpater-2: Structure of Particle and the Cause for the Information Flow 6] Chapter-3: The Formation of Systems and Black Hole and its Role 7] Chapter-4: The Key Vital Observation of Nature 8] Chapter-5: The Living Reality of Nature 9] Chapter-6: Influence of Life on the Energy Cycle of Nature 10] Chpater-7: The Conquering of Time ± Order out of Disorder 11] Chapter-8: How Universe Conquers Time ± The Living Truth 12] Chapter -9: The Science of Consciousness and Intelligence and Information Exchange 13] Chapter-10: The Higher Science of Universal Existence in Brief 14] Chapter-11: Conclusion ± The Purpose of Information


15] Chapter-12: The Future of the World and Possible Technologies 16] Reference videos

This work is the product of over two decades of selfless search to know the Truth of Nature/life, its oneness and its perpetual existence in time from a point of freedom. It was pursued by living as a small farmer dwelling in a remote village in a pristine nature and communicating with her silently. It is an attempt to know the simplicity behind the complexity of nature and life, such that every one can understand nature and life than few scientists perched into temples of science. It was achieved by sacrificing a lucrative career in biotechnology and moving repeatedly into the conceptual foundations of various branches of science and trying to read through and comprehend the great minds that contributed them. One thing became clear is that the leads for these concepts were picked from nature and scientist success came from twisting them into some chosen mathematical language, so that observed nature becomes predictable. My search even goes beyond science to the ancient philosophies and knowledge that once ruled humanity. It is aimed to uplift humanity, such that he awakens to his senses to take care of his life and nature and live in harmony with himself and nature.

Today the world is inching to disorder and Nature which otherwise supported life is turning volatile and against life. Large scale extinction appears inevitable and is predicted by many intellectuals. If we sit back and observe ourselves and nature from a point of freedom, we note that our ignorance is the cause for the present state of the world. Knowledge based on which we govern the world is incomplete and destructive. We have always tried to conquer nature than understand it. The number of fundamental question we have left behind has gown in parallel to advancement in science making nature complex. Galileo never explained why free fall acceleration in gravity is independent of weight. Newton, never answered what gives property of gravity to matter, Einstein never discussed why speed of light is the maximum speed, conventional mechanist never explained why ratio of acceleration two interacting bodies is always 3, quantum mechanist¶s does not tell us why uncertainty exist and how instantaneous communication occurs, biologist have never answered why gene is triplet code, why double helical, why mitotic and meiotic division,


what dies and what takes birth. The questions are never ending and yet we think we know much about nature and life and unilaterally exploit material nature releasing huge amount of heat that nature is failing to handle.

Since I broke loose form Plato¶s chair of science [An allegory-see Ref- 1] and began to observe nature and life and tried to comprehend the mind of great scientist who brought great revolution in modern knowledge, I began to see simplicity behind the nature and their basic thoughts. The complexity seems to have emerged when they tried to express them in mathematical language. If you carefully look back, mechanical world view of Newton, Relativistic view of Einstein and Chaotic world view of quantum mechanists are developed by twitching certain fundamental observation and thinking into mathematical language. Newtonian world is ruled by Euclidean Geometry, Einstein¶s world is ruled by Riemann¶s geometry and quantum mechanical world is ruled by probability and statistics. The language they chose has fundamentally obliterated the basic thought and thinking they picked from nature. For example Newton perceived a strange attraction between objects. In order to predict the motion, he needed a mathematical language and a constant. He assumed a constant by first law, stating that every thing moved in a straight line in a uniformly accelerated manner and introduced a term called mass and attached attractive property to it. He then developed his theory of gravitation on simple Euclidean Geometry. Here the system with smaller mass revolves around a bigger mass at particular distance by the force of attraction that binds them. Later when his basic view was challenged by developments in electromagnetism, Einstein came to the scene. He realized that everything in nature actually moves in curved manner. The only way he could now express gravity was to visualize a space-time net that holds the objects. The dip caused in the net by bigger object causes the smaller object to get attracted to it and making it revolve around it. The Uncertainty Theory broke the foundation of science that was based on predictability. It said an object has no predictable path. This is explained in the fig -Below


This led to two vital facts that the scientist failed to comprehend 1] The uncertainty and quantum theory necessitated a feedback and control mechanism for the system to exists in a path and quantum theory proved that the path is not smooth but quantified and that the quantum transitions has uncertainty and predictability enclosed in it. The scientists failed perceive these quantum transitions and unpredictability.

2] The second law of thermodynamics necessitated the existence of second force acting against gravity. With out which, in time the system would go into disorder or collapse into incomprehensible small point, where all the Laws of physics fail. Einstein the thinker was aware of it, thus he tried to introduce a second force called anti-gravity, cosmological constant and so on. He introduced it and retracted it; probably he feared another defeat as in Copenhagen. Einstein, in his auto biography even went to the extent to propose to do away with constants of physical science and replace it with ratios.

In short in our obsession to predict and conquer nature, in our attempt to bottle nature into some chosen mathematical language, we seem to have made simple nature complex and beyond the comprehension of ordinary man. With individuals, community and the whole society far away from simple truth that exist next to his skin he is becoming restless. This restlessness is reflected in every hierarchy of society and nature. The solution is to know truth in simple manner. Stephen Hawking concludes his book ³Brief History of Time´ saying that the New Theory to come should be simple such that all can understand and participate not just few scientist. Here I share very briefly the Principle and Design on which particle and the whole system exist and work that revealed to me. The principle and design of fundamental particle visualized and the whole system woven around is driven by some basic laws and makes a sensible picture of nature and its existence in time including all the developments in science and goes beyond it to include the spiritual knowledge of the ancient. Only knowledge and truth can save our world that is inching to disaster

Change is the Reality of Nature. Information is perception of change in the energy state of one object and an act by the second object [its pair] to resist the change


and when criticality reaches, it is the collective act of exchanging the energy, such that a purpose of maintaining certain balance of the system is achieved. [One can take it as definition I developed]. Much of modern day science has its root in observation of nature and life. The information era has its root in life. The modern days computers have not reached anywhere near the potentiality of a human brain. We understand that biological information is carried in genes. But if you back track, we note that the actual Information in biological system is not carried in genes. It is carried in a Black Hole of souls or particles of life. The soul is a system that functions against gravity through creativity and information. It builds biological mass that grows against gravity. Life begins as a small wave, in the first cell formed by the union of information of two cells; male and female. The wave of creation begins with male. This wave expands and collapses back giving way to the opposite repeatedly to form the whole system expressing the information formulated in the first moment of union. [I understand this thinking would be new to most biologists, but it would reveal it self when we reduce life to its quantum mechanical point]

An important point we must note here is that time in material world is directed to disordered state. In contrast time in biological world is directed to order. Life is instinctively anti-gravitational. The opposition of material and living world thus gives sustenance to the whole system. In life we are discovering the second force that is so essential and which Einstein was seeking to account for the perpetual existence of nature. This calls us to understand nature form a new perspective, where life and its information contained in black hole molds the nature and sustains it. It needs to be understood as a self organizing system or Gaia, without a time direction as noble laureate James Lovelock presented to the world. Information in life plays an important role in the universe and its sustenance. Human beings take an important role in nature. A time direction to the universe emerges from human mind that becomes slave to material world and seeks ³self´. The mind of human and his thinking thus plays an important role in the universe and its existence. Einstein said ³Humanity is going to need a substantial new way of thinking if it is to survive´

The Big Bang Theory of creation that naturally emerges when we extend the material universe back in time tells that everything originated from an infinitely small point, where all the laws of physics fail. Recent developments in science tell us that information is lost irreversibly into black hole [Stephen Hawking]. It makes no sense. However Dr.Loenard Susskind and his group have argued against it. At singularity all the black holes should join


to form one huge black hole. The time and information seems to fall into this black hole and some how comes back from it to sustain the system. But how and why this happens is not sensibly understood.

There are two contrasting vision of nature, one that is material advocated by west and the second is living that is advocated by the east. In the context of opposing material and living world, the whole system is maintained by information coming from black hole of the soul. This gives us a seed for Living Universe Theory and scope for perpetual existence. This makes the ancient spiritual knowledge sensible. Life is bestowed with a capacity to conquer time and initialize it self to perpetuate in time by the process of reproduction.

The Gaia that James Lovelock discussed has no time direction to it. But when you observe nature, a time direction exists. This time direction seems to come from human souls and mind that becomes salve to material world and seeks ³self´. This gives credence to the ancient spiritual scriptures, which speaks of God and his Mind speaking every thing into creation [information unfolding to bring life and order] and man who forgets his Creator and becomes salve to external material world and thus brings death [information loss and enfolding]. This forces the creator to intervene from time to time to save and restore the world. This action and sustenance of the system should be coming form within. This thinking makes sense when we understand the whole process as information unfolding and enfolding in time. Here we can reinvent the big bang and its origin from one single soul and its black hole.

Laws of physics and the developments in science are true, but its extension to understand nature sensibly calls for review of developments in science to understand nature as interaction of two basic systems material and living driven by some basic principle and design. The key here is to understand the formation of black hole and the processing of information by the black hole. The tendency of disorder is a natural reality of material systems. The tendency of order is natural reality of living system. The whole nature needs to be understood as the resultant of these two opposing systems and information flowing between these two systems. If the material world tends to collapse to a point in time, then this point also should contain a force that opposes it and takes the system to an external limit. The two laws of thermodynamics are inevitable to nature irrespective of whether you


visualize universe as living or material. The question is how order [life] emerges out of disorder [death] and how disorder [death] emerges out of order [life].

It should be recalled that the ancient east [ Vedas] visualized universe as living one and compared universal time cycle to life cycle with four component phases, early age [Dharma Yuga or Golden age], early adult period [silver-age], late adult age [bronze-age] and old age leading to death [Iron- age]. They are characterized by deterioration of truth and justice by certain quantum proportions. It says that as the iron-age ends, it then gives way back to Golden Age. The question is how this time direction to disorder transforms to give life and order.

Since human being and his mind are the cause for time direction, we need to visualize universe around a human soul and mind and its thinking. To understand the whole universal being, imagine filling a huge sphere, with small sphere of uniform size. We end in a unique sphere in the middle. All other spheres exist in pairs and complementary pairs in space. Any small turbulence in the whole sphere is perceived by the central sphere and the whole instantaneously. Assume these spheres as human souls and the interstellar space between these souls as filled with material matter. Matter and its force are directed to the center in time. But all life including the young ones of human¶s works against it and thus sustaining the whole system. A form of expansion from every point on earth exists through life. But adult humans, made in the image of God, have tendency to seek self and become slave to material force directed to the center. Thus Bible says God gave dominion over His kingdom to humans but he resisted him from eating from the tree at the center [Gravitational collapse point]. It was resisting humans from becoming slave to material force and his own inferior reality [the material part from which he is made]. It was resisting humanity from loosing his connection with his inner living reality [consciousness and spirit] that gave him life and order and becoming slave to outer reality [Material Spirit] that brings disorder and death.

The above philosophical/spiritual realities can be understood as information and knowledge, unfolding and enfolding to sustain the system as it occurs in a living system. A living system consists of two entities male and female. They are independent yet are inseparably one. For most of their life they use the inherent information to sustain the system against time and its force. But to conquer time and perpetuate in it, they adopt a process where the essence of the masculine leaves its body and enter the feminine to create


new body out of the old. The time when male exist in female is a period of creativity and restoration. The male information here initiates the life process. It is a phase of oneness. This is followed by birth that leads to duality. Oneness is the manifesting phase and duality is the manifested phase of information. When the superior information or the information that gives life exist recessive and in creation mode in black hole, what rules is the inferior knowledge of the body, which directs to the center or gravitational collapse. But the system is designed such that the dominant or life giving information emerges in the peak of disorder giving new life and order to the whole system. This could be compared to seed of light emerging in the peak of darkness and vice-versa forming the day and night cycle

By a simple change in our fundamental thinking, we can gain the real knowledge or information of nature and its functioning. This can help us not only survive on earth but take dominion over earth. It can awaken humanity and liberate him from the slavery to darkness. Knowing the truth is the only way to gain order, peace and happiness. It can remove corruption, conquering motive, bring justice and truth in individual and various collective hierarchies of human existence. It has huge potential to develop new nature compatible technologies in various fields of human interest, like energy, information technology, health/medicine, food /agriculture, education/society and so on. The knowledge can actually herald the Golden period of Humanity.

We live in an information and knowledge era. However, hardly few know the meaning of information, from where it is coming, where it is leading, what is its purpose and so on. Word information is derived from Latin informare which means "give form to". In the Oxford definition of the word, it is connected both to knowledge and communication. Knowledge communicated concerning some particular fact, subject or event is thought as information. My goal here is not to bring many different thoughts and contradictions that exist in defining information and knowledge. The work of Norbert Wiener and Claude Shannon stands tall in this field but they are essentially contradicting. Wiener¶s view of information is that it contains a 9

structure that has a meaning. According to him the amount of information in a system is a measure of its degree of organization, much the same way entropy of a system is a measure of its degree of disorganization. Information from its conception is attached to issues of decisions, communication and control, by Wiener. System theorists build further on this concept and see information as a "black box", for steering the system towards a predefined goal. The goal is compared with the actual performance and signals are sent back to the sender, if the performance deviates from the norm. This concept of negative feedback has proven to be a powerful tool in most control mechanisms, relays etc. Shannon in contrast defines information as a purely quantitative measure of communicative exchanges. As AT&T mathematician he was primarily interested in the limitations of a channel in transferring signals and the cost of information transfer via a telephone line. The amount of information according to Shannon is equal to entropy. There is thus one large and confusing difference between Shannon and Wiener. Wiener sees information as negative entropy and Shannon¶s information is the same as (positive) entropy. This makes Shannon¶s "information" the opposite of Wiener¶s "information". Those who are interested can scan the internet to find a volume of information on these theories and arguments. As a biologist/biotechnologist/ agriculturist, my search for Truth was restricted to concepts and thoughts behind every major and minor development in science. It was not oriented towards bottling nature and life into a chosen mathematical language but towards understanding it. It was aimed at visualizing some basic Fundamental Principle and Design on which nature works, which not only can account for various contradicting developments in science but can go ahead to advance our knowledge to know the Truth of Nature and its functioning in a simple manner. In this article I logically deduce the concepts of information, knowledge and wisdom from the premises of the fundamental principle and design of nature that revealed to me by His Grace, such that even common man can understand the simplicity behind the complexity of nature and life and its functioning that modern temples of science speak to us.


Our awakening to Truth and acquiring the knowledge of Nature and life is the most important need of the time for humanity to survive on earth.

Chapter -1

What is information?
From the point of simplicity and some logical sensible conclusion I arrived at, ³information is simply the perception of change by one particle/system [collection
of particles] and its communication with its pair, united in space or separated, which actually resist the change, but beyond a critical point acts exchanging information, such that purpose of sustaining a balance is achieved´. At the

simplest level it is the change in the energy state of one particle/system being communicated to a second particle/system. [It¶s Pair]

A paired existence becomes a necessity for the information to flow. The information can flow with in a particle /system and between two particles/systems separated or united in space. This means y All particle/system should have a left and right and should have a pair in space. y All particle/system should have non-equilibrium between the left and right and its pair. This is an essential requirement for all flow, because equal and opposite cancels Note ± The theory of gravity was founded on the assumption of existence of non equilibrium


Chapter -2

Structure of Particle and the Cause for the Information Flow
From the above simple logical thinking, it becomes apparent that particle/system should have a fundamental design that is based on a ratio. After much thought, I have proposed 4:3 non-equilibrium on the left and right for the particle. Now we can visualize a cause for quantum flow of spirit/energy and a perpetual quantum dance of the particle between two states 4:3 and 3:4 where the flow direction changes. We can visualize a number 8 with left or right twist here with one of the arm being smaller than the other in the ratio 4:3

Note ± The particle visualized are the building blocks of nature. The equilibrium state in the middle is only a transition state. Strictly we cannot have symmetry in nature. But much of our science for the purpose of calculation assumes the existence of such a state. The flow of energy and quantum dance is powered by the instinct to reach equilibrium but the design and the quantum nature of energy transfer denies it.


The Formation of Systems and Black Hole and its Role

The idea of information flow now should have two particles of the above type, either united in space or distanced in space. These particles are opposing yet are one and are capable of quantum dancing between two states. The flows in these particles are in opposite direction [they have opposite twist]. The two quantum dancing particles say ³A´ and ³B´ should exist in the ratio 4:3 for the energy to flow and communication to take place between them. [Much the same way a particle dances Fig-2]. Because equal and opposite cancels, this non equilibrium design is fundamental to nature. Here the communication flows once from ³A´ to ³B´ then from ³B´ back to ³A´.

Because of the non-equilibrium design the quantum dance produces a spinning and curved displacement motion in space-time. It creates a ripple in the environment. Thus it answers the typical motion we observe in science. It also explains why uncertainty exists and accommodates both Newtonian and Einstein picture. Every motion is a contraction followed by expansion that leads to spin and displacement. This tells us that two basic forces, one that contracts [causes a dip in space time] and one that cause an expansion in space-time coexist and govern the system. The process of quantum dance can be described by a three step process. The particle/system is stable between two limits to the right and left forming the first and third critical point depending on the flow direction. [See fig-3]. It is capable of winding and unwinding by a unit around the second critical point. The quantum dance at the simplest level occurs in relation to its pair instantaneously. Bell¶s Theorem has shown this reality in particles separated in space. This means every particle has an anti-particle and every system has an antisystem in nature


The system is stable around the second critical point. The black hole holds the information and can control the system with internal changes tot balance the external world. However, the law of energy transfer says, energy is transferred in quantum manner. This means the quantum dance becomes inevitable for all particle and systems [collection of particle] in nature. It now becomes important that we incorporate some of the basic observations of nature and elucidate certain fundamental principle.

1] The Resistance to Motion ± There is an inherent resistance against motion in all the system. This means that all information flows such that the particle or system reaches an equilibrium state. This could be understood by second law of thermodynamics. But the Grand Design [spoken above] of nature at both particle and system level [pairing of particles in space] is such that this equilibrium cannot be attained. Max Planck¶s law of energy transfer rules this. Once the quantum energy is set in motion it is inevitable the dance occurs in a particle, a system and the whole universe.

Note ± The system design is such that a single particle within the universal system at the center can initiate the change in the direction. It can create the ripple that can get transmitted to the whole system in time eventually changing the direction of the flow.

2] The pairing of the particle A and B in space leads to formation of a system. The simplest system is formed from the union of two particles. The formation of the systems gives more stability to the particle. The particle A and B as individual entities have opposite twist and are unstable in space, they are inherently attracted to each other. When they unite they become more stable. These component pairs do not resist each other and thus they travel to meet each other at the maximum speed possible. Bell¶s Theorem has shown that however far one separate the pair from each other, instantaneous information binds them into one. If one particle spins left to right the other spins right to left


3] When two particles of the above type are united we end in a twined spiral structure with a rudimentary inner spiral space or grove that is half open.

Space is an important reality of nature. Everything exists in space. Space consists of 8 equal components with three left and right frames which are over lapping. To perceive this take an apple cut it vertically twice at right angles to one another through the center and once horizontally at right angle to the vertical through the center. It gives us eight equal components or octet. We know octet as a stable configuration in atomic table. This means the most stable system in space is formed, when a higher level of system is born by the union of two systems AB, with its pair CD. Here AB/CD should exist in 4:3 ratios. Now this octet configuration produces a fully developed closed spiral inner space ± A mini Black Hole, some thing like an hour glass, which perceives, develops and communicates all the information. This black hole is closed between two limits [first and third critical point see Fig -3] and when stressed to the critical limit it can open sending information¶s, and collecting information thus rearranging the system [collapsing to new order]. This manifests into observable spin and curved displacement of the system in space. The process helps it control the system. By virtue of second law of thermodynamics, this is continues process. In life it manifest as breath, mitotic division and meiotic divisions and reproduction by which life conquers time. In nature we see it as day and night and climatic cycles. We are now seeing the formation of system with inner space and outer space. Information is actually carried in this inner and outer space. The system works to balance the inner space and outer space through constant flow of information in and out of it.

Note ±1: A system formed by non equilibrium design has a left or right twist. This means for every system with a black hole formed with right twist there exist a pair with left twist, which means there are two worlds. The information is exchanged constantly between these two worlds and its spaces. From biological point we can call it male and female. To conquer time, the male world actually surrenders to the female world. The female here becomes the body and the male becomes the life giving entity. From the point of energy cycle on earth we can call it west and east 15

separation and the existence ordering and disordering cycle that coexist and communicates forming day and night cycle on earth. [This is discussed later in detail]

Note ± 2: The particle we visualized above can be understood and visualized as energy particle or light particle. The first system formed from the fused union of two such particles can be understood as matter system [hydrogen atom]. The one formed from 2 pairs forms the inert helium atom [with octet configuration and mini black hole]. This system we know is chemically non reactive and responds only to heat induced changes. We can now visualize the whole periodic table and its characteristics from this fundamental thinking. The instinct of the system is to reach higher state of equilibrium or show resistance to motion. Thus two Hydrogen atoms one with right twist and another with left twist tend to unite to form a H2 molecule. The communication between the two happens through the partial black hole. They help transmit the information. The formation of chemical compounds now can be understood as creativity of matter particle to develop higher resistance or higher equilibrium state. Though inert system do not form chemical bonds they are created in pairs ±Male and Female [right and left twist] which are one.

Now let us take the inert system with an octet configuration and black hole in it. We must note that this black hole is formed from four inter twined particles. This back hole holds the spiritual image of the system. This octet configuration formed from four particles is non reactive and is stable in space between two limits. It is affected only by temperature changes. What is important about it is that y We are visualizing a pair of systems with an internal space. That is stable against mechanical and chemical stress and is capable creativity and sustenance. Stressed to near critical state it can add matter on to it self to oppose the external mechanical stress. It functions as a 8 panned balance that is capable of balancing it self by add on. This explains the concept of soul and formation of body and its relationship spoken in spirituality. This can explain the gene and spiral nature of DNA and information build up in biological system. The information of the whole body 16

now can be visualized to exist in the internal space or Black Hole or Black box. Most importantly, it means behind genes and biological information system there exist one basal inert particle with Black Hole, which actually stores all information¶s and initiates the wave of information and information flow by the quantum dancing process of a single particle. The black hole of this system perceives the information coming from the external space processes it and creates the information flow outward to sustain the system through the trillions of black holes created in its image. When life dies all the information collapses back into this one black hole. A form of evolution of spiritual information inside the soul happens through feed back. [This is explained by karmic principle in the great eastern knowledge system]. It should be noted that if we try to back track life, we can go beyond genes to a point from which the wave that initiates the creation and sustenance of information takes place. [Duplication of DNA/information and division of one cell into two]. Here the information from ³A´ [the dominant male] goes into ³B´ [Recessive Female] temporarily. This is the creation state or state of oneness. But in time ³A´ re-emerges to bring duality. The duality is the Reality of Nature, but the act of the dominant going recessive to recessive, becomes a necessity to conquer time and initialize the system to perpetuate in time. Biological reproduction is a process of conquering time and time initialization. This thinking suggests that the only way for us to understand the concept of origin and existence of the universe in time is to view it from biological point.


An inert system though chemically stable and show creativity against mechanical stress by developing information [genes and DNA], it is vulnerable to heat induced changes. This means this inert particle or soul should have some mechanism by which it survives the cyclic changes in heat of the environment. It should be noted that in the material world the time is directed to greater and greater disorder

Important Notes ± 17

1] The vision of life [soul] as 8 panned balances, working to balance its self, by material add on, forces us to change our thinking about biological information in a fundamental way. We today think that biological information [gene] is paired. But the above vision tells us that biological information is 4 paired dynamic units. [3 pairs forming the core unit and one forming the linking unit to other dynamic units]. The types of dynamic units possible can go long way to explain the paradoxes of biological world, especially how nearly the same number of genes in mice and humans control a huge difference in number of externally presented traits in these species. 2] The concept of black hole invariably takes us further and tells us that the real blue print of information exist in the black hole [ inner environment] and the black hole reacts to changes in the external environment. What we observe with our senses is the change that manifest in the material world, in response to change in the black hole or spiritual world. This can cause revolution in biology and change the way we handle life. This can bring back the ancient knowledge system specially known to the ancient east as a science of the higher order.

Chapter -4

The Key Vital Observation of Nature
Human mind and its intelligence play an important role in molding the world. Unfortunately, our mind and intelligence is killed and preprogrammed by our education system to work as slave. Hence we fail to perceive and comprehend truths that exist next to our skin. Today earth our abode and our existence on it is endangered by reckless exploitation of fossil energy, without knowing the Truth of Nature and her functioning to sustain life.

It is important here to note that, the earth we live in functions on two opposing energy cycles, which alternate and manifest into day and night and climatic cycle. When west awakes to sunlight/heat and unwinds and goes into disorder, the east sleeps to darkness, winds and goes into new order simultaneously. When light peaks in the west, it gives way to 18

darkness and simultaneously east peaks in darkness and gives way to light and vice versa. This functioning of energy cycle of nature on earth resembles the double pump or the functioning of a heart. The day and night energy cycle with its peak and fall in heat is embedded in 12 month climatic cycle with another peak in heat and fall and so on to form a universal time cycle, with beginning, end and new beginning. Every system in nature is subjected to this energy cycle and changes in it and has to pulsate one with it. We now see some parallels in the information exchange that is taking place in earth and in a living system. 1] Breath of life and exchange of information = day and night and information exchange in earth 2] Mitotic division and exchange of information = climatic cycle and information exchange in earth 3] Meiotic division and reproduction ± This now relates to Universal Time cycle or creation and existence of the universe. Understanding this probably would take us to higher level of knowledge.

Note ± 1] the climatic instability that we witness today can be attributed to disturbing the above ordering and disordering cycle. Our reckless exploitation of fossil fuels is unilaterally and linearly doubling the heat content of the environment, further we are intruding into the night cycle of in which earth works to balance the system. Together it is disrupting the energy and thus climatic cycle of nature. Consequently, the two basic and opposing forces of nature fire/wind and earth/water is peaking violently. This is causing great fire/wind disasters [unwinding disasters]. The winding force of earth is causing great earth quakes and flash floods. The sun has shown highly violent activity, spewing fire into space in on June 7th and 10th 2011; this invariably means earth will be reacting violently as he climate changes. We are heading for huge natural catastrophes and sweeping changes on earth. The winding force of earth eventually leads to huge volcanic eruptions. Volcanic dust is known to cool earth. The number and magnitude of catastrophes would be such that the edifice of human existence would be shaken. Noble Laureate James Lovelock in his Book ³Vanishing Face of Gaia ± The Final Warning´ has spoken of large scale destruction of human population by earth and 19

her forces. From my work, for the last one decade, I have been trying to catch the attention of the leaders and temples of science to the disastrous end to which the world is moving. But the world that is caught in a vortex of material thinking and money is failing to take note of it.

Note -2] Earth, its design and its functioning has a parallel in plants where male and female exist together in one system. We can visualize here two inert helium atoms one with a right twist and other with left twist, being united in space and working in relation, sharing the information, through the Black Hole and sustaining the whole system.

The Principle of which Nature Works
Here we are seeing, two types of systems, one that has some form of nonequilibrium or asymmetry in octet space and system that have a form of equilibrium in octet space. The systems that have non-equilibrium seek equilibrium and their forces manifest as gravity directed to a center point. In contrast the systems with symmetry and black hole [inner space], works to protect it symmetry. It creates a force against gravity. This manifest as creativity and information build up. The formation of genes and DNA can be attributed to creativity in near critical state. In a way these system acts as balance adding and deleting weight on to it self to sustain against the unbalancing forces acting on it. The inert system however, is responsive to heat induced cyclic changes. This means they are forced to unwind and wind and go into new order in relation to day and night cycle and climatic cycle. It has to adapt to change in time in the whole system. It manifest into processes such as breathing, mitotic and meiotic information renewal.

Note ± The inert system with a black hole could be visualized as a Soul of a Living system. The black hole or the soul carries information of the whole system [in spiritual form]. Spirituality tells that every living soul is an individuated system born in time from one central soul to which everything becomes relative


The full comprehension of the thought cannot be understood unless we visualize the universe as living being. A living being contains many trillions of cells and mini black holes. But they are not independent they have their source from One Parental Black Hole from which they are generated and to which all should fall to reform again. This calls us to understand the Living Reality of Nature


The Living Reality of Nature
The simple way to comprehend the living reality of nature is to visualize it around a single black hole. Imagine a huge sphere filled with small sized sphere. [Note one must visualize it as pair of black hole. For ease of understanding the concept we visualize one black hole]. We now end up in one unique small sphere at the center. In octet space all other small sphere has pairs and complementary pairs. We can now visualize these spheres as souls with black hole. The space between these souls is filled with matter particle that do not have symmetry in octet space. Its force [Gravity of the material world] directs to the Single Primal Soul at the center and the black hole in it. This soul and its black hole thus should be the key to creation and sustenance. All information should originate from it and return back to it. However, this is resisted by the soul around this single soul. But a time direction to the center can develop when the souls become slave to material force that is directed to the center. The full implication of this statement reveals as one reads on.

The system thinking is governed by a simple repetitive design and law for all levels of organization. The information flow and its direction in the whole system are now governed by a soul and the information contained in its black hole.

The above knowledge summarizes the interaction of two important systems in nature - material system and living systems. This is explored in detail in different context elaborately in my site. The material system we know is guided by gravity and centripetal force. Second law of thermodynamics applied to material system 21

tells us that all the system in nature eventually should collapse to a point and explodes into a big bang [Big Bang Theory of Creation]. But this theory is incomprehensible and all the laws of science break down at this point. Einstein, who¶s General Theory of Relativity, which actually led to this inevitable conclusion, was probably quite aware of it and was quite uncomfortable with it. He thus introduced Anti-gravity and cosmological constant and later unfortunately retracted it. He probably feared another defeat as he encountered in Copenhagen.

It is common sense that nature should have an opposing force to gravity [antigravity]. If we stand back and observe nature from a point of freedom we observe that life is instinctively anti-gravitational in its property. Look at the grass grow and lilies flower to comprehend this fundamental Truth of Nature. It is a proven reality. The second law of thermodynamics applied to living system and material system shows this opposition. Understanding the actions of these two opposing forces becomes vital to the understanding the Reality of Nature.

We are seeing here two worlds that coexist. In one world [material world] the time is directed to disorder and in another time is directed to order. The dual design helps the system to self balance. One must now recall the work of Norbert Weiner and Claude Shannon. Their essential contradiction comes from which world their mind was oriented. Weiner was oriented to the world of life, where ordering is predominant function. Shannon in contrast, was looking at the disordering world [material world]. Important aspect to be noted here is that the whole system is not beyond time. Life presents an ordering phase and also a disordering phase. The process of creation and early part of the life cycle the system has ordering phase and this phase then gives way to disordering phase leading to disintegration and death. This invariably means there is a phase in which information unfolds and expresses life and phase in which information enfolds. Thus ultimate solution for the existence of the universe in time should be visualized as a process by which order emerges out of disorder and vice-versa. This means the universe has a disordering phase and ordering phase. 22

The disorder is contained in order and order is contained in disorder, we need to understand this reality manifesting in nature.

To understand the Reality of Nature, we need to understand the earth and its energy cycle and the role of life in it. We noted that it has two cycles, an ordering cycle and disordering cycle that simultaneously works balancing the system. By virtue of second law of thermodynamics, the system should take a time direction that favors one or another. From material point the earth and the universe should tend to higher and higher disorder. Suppose we visualize universe as living then it should tend to higher and higher order. The Truth of Nature or the Reality of Nature should exist in the interaction of Life and Matter. The living universe theory appears appealing for it has both ordering phase and disordering phase and a process by which it conquers time and perpetuates in it.

Chapter -6

Influence of Life on the Energy Cycle of Nature
Let us now involve life and visualize the energy cycle of earth that we discussed. Let us first take plants. The plants absorb light and heat and thus it works against the disordering phase of the energy cycle on earth. When night falls, the plants transform the heat/energy absorbed into biological mass that grows against gravity. When material world tends to wind in time, the living world unwinds through creativity thus balancing the system. The energy or information flow in earth with plants is two dimensional. If the plant life is not controlled the system can go into anti-gravitational collapse. Thus we have herbivore that control plants and carnivore that control herbivore. The whole system is self sustaining Gaia, without a time direction as Noble Laureate James Lovelock proved to the world. The energy and information flow in earth, with plant and animals is three dimensional


But the self sustaining nature of the earth and the universe appears to fail when we introduce adult humans, the so called conscious and intelligent beings. Both plants animals instinctively adapt to the environment and its changes. They do not interfere into the working of day and night cycle and climatic cycle of nature. They do not seek ³self´ they do not live by their mind. But adult humankind lives by his mind and seeks ³self´ and becomes slave to material world. He unconsciously creates a time direction or fourth dimension to nature. Human mind that becomes slave to material world is the cause for time direction to disorder and destruction.


The Conquering of Time ± Order out of Disorder
The only way for us is to visualize an order emerging form the disorder in the universe is to visualize and discover a process similar to biological process by which it conquers time and perpetuates in time. In a biological process the information from the male world leaves its body enters the feminine body to create a new body out of the old to perpetuate in life. From our above logical thinking and the visions of Black hole or Black box, it is the spirit within a pair of black box [male and female] that perceives the imbalances develops the information, processes the information and controls the whole system through constant feedback mechanism.

The universe as a living system is not beyond time. It has a beginning and end in time. Its perpetuation should now exist in conquering time and initiation of time. This invariably means the truth or the whole information of the system that creates order should flower from within from a black hole at the peak of disorder. This should be compared to light emerging from within darkness forming the day and night cycle. For this to happen the seed of light should be enclosed with in the darkness as the darkness engulfs the world.

The Living Reality of Nature is best understood from plant life that probably has a pair of souls [male and female] or black boxes existing together. Information in 24

one of them is dominant and has creative potential directed away from the center and the information in the other is recessive directed to the center or gravity. The dominant black box and its information give life to the system [the antigravitational wave that sustains the system]. It then gives way to the gravitational force or wave of the feminine or the recessive. Together they form the pulse or breath, leads to mitotic division and exchange of information to sustain the system. The system is not beyond second law of thermodynamics and thus in time it tend to die. However, through the process of meiotic division and exchange of information, life has a capacity to conquer time and perpetuates against time.

Chapter -8

How Universe Conquers Time ± The Living Truth
Note ±This part takes us to philosophies of spiritual scriptures, but it does not mean that I support an organized religion. Rather I hope to cross the barrier of religion and move towards truth.

We understood how life is basically anti-gravitational. They work against gravity or centripetal force of the material world leading to collapse to a point in time. Life constitutes left and right portions and constantly works to balance the system through information exchange. They have three basic processes by which they exchange information and survive ± Breath, Mitotic and Meiotic information renewal. Meiotic information renewal actually helps life to conquer time. In the first few moments of union of male and female, the information of the whole systems is conceived. A primal wave then begins that creates images of itself and the one world divides into two. The process continues to unfold the information and to initialize and start a new life cycle. We also compared these phenomenon¶s to west and east division of earth and energy exchanges manifesting as 12 hour day and night cycle and 12 month climatic cycle on earth. The time direction here invariably means it should have Universal Time Cycle, where disorder peaks and gives way to order and vice-versa or where time and death is conquered. The whole process has one single purpose ± To restore and to maintain certain balance


A time direction is inevitable reality of nature, both from the material perspective and living perspective. Modern science tells us that universe has an origin in big bang and has an end. It has failed to comprehend both the beginning and end sensibly. This leaves us to explore the universe as a living system as the ancient spiritualist thought and wrote down elaborately. The key here is to extend meiotic division and reproduction by which life conquers time to the universal level.

Note - This Living universe thinking is growing and is gaining ground. Development in quantum science, the work of James Lovelock and Margulis Lynn stresses us to think in this direction. Even the developments in String and M-Theory, also moves in this direction.

The living system is best described by non-linear science. According to it universe originated form a little pulse in a vast see of energy. Unfortunately non linear scientists also have failed to give the cause for this little perturbation and thus this theory also exists unattended and unpopular. From our vision of particle and system the pulse is inherent to the system at all levels of the system and is controlled by single particle in the center.

Now let us review the energy cycle of earth in which we live and enquire into nature. We noted that all life is anti-gravitational by instinct. The only exception is Adult human beings who live a mind and self centered life and becomes slave to material force. Human mind thus is the culprit. Mind Pollution is the fundamental cause for all the disorder we experience in various levels of system. No wonder the ancient Eastern Spiritual Knowledge, speaks of silencing the mind to know the Truth. Truth is fundamental to order. Being salve to material force we are distancing our selves from Truth.

Material force we know is centripetal and directed to collapse to a point or death in time. Here I am tempted to call your attention to ³First Forbiddance´, ³First Resistance´, ³First Law´, [what ever you wish to call] presented in the Bible. It says God created Adam in His image from dust [matter] and then breathed Life 26

into him; He then created Eve from the rib of Adam and gave her as a partner to Adam. He gave them dominion over His kingdom but He resisted them from eating from the tree at the center- Tree of Death. The tree at the center depicts the point to which gravity points it self. In a way this can be interpreted as forbiddance to human beings, from forgetting the inner force or light [Father and Mother] that created him and is directed away from center and become slave material world and gravity directed to the center. It was a resistance to humanity from moving towards death. It was resistance to human from moving from the realm of heart/love based existence to mind and self based existence. It is a call not to seek ³self´ and be a slave to flesh but exist integrated with ³Higher Self´ that creates and sustains and exists directed from center to the outside.

Note- Love spoken here is not mind and body and the biochemical aspect of flesh that drives men and woman to get physically attracted. It is a Divine attraction, beyond mind and thought [beyond flesh]. It is a unity that comes from the mediation of divinity for the purpose of sustenance, it is the unity of two families thus the whole. The Love influenced by flesh and material thoughts and self is not Love it is a way to misery. Our social degradation at individual and family and community reflects the failure of spiritual institutions.

The dominion given to Adam and Eve, suggest that human is entitled to enjoy the material world but not to an extent to forget his Creator force within and become slave to material world and take the path of injustice and untruth and death. The law of Life or ³forbiddance´ tells us that mind should not become slave to material world. At the individual level Eve represents the mind that has become slave to material world and disconnects life force form communicating with its inner source. At family level, she represents feminine. The law of the family thus speaks of feminine leaving her parent to be part of another family. It forbids her taking the opposite path with ³self´

The aspect of time invariably means the system can only be maintained by constant price. Eventually it reaches a point where the system collapses, unless the Creator 27

pays the highest price to gain his creation back. The highest price one can make is ³self sacrifice´. When biological creation occurs the creating force [Father] actually sacrifices its body and goes recessive to the recessive. At the universal level of time cycle this secret has manifested in Calvary. The Calvary as the point of creation and restoration is well supported by Vedas. Yajurveda VS 30-31, speaks very clearly that universe was created by the self sacrifice of the Creator and that this sacrifice was conducted by His own people.

To understand Calvary as a Biological Science of the Universal scale, let us recall the picture of a huge sphere filled with small spheres of uniform size. Let us assume these are human souls. Here we end up in one Unique Soul at the center. All other souls exist in pairs, complementary pairs in octet space. The one at the center is simple and is the condensed image of the whole in the center. The whole and center is instantaneously connected. Any change any where in the field is instantaneously perceived by the center as well as the whole. Recall now the preaching of the Jesus regarding Him and His Father. The spiritual scriptures do speak a science and living reality of nature. The gravity of the material world, the gravity of fallen human souls now gets directed to this Primal Soul and its Primal black hole and should come back from it. This black hole forms the steering system towards a predetermined goal. The singularity of science and Big Bang Origin can now be reinvented meaningfully around single Primal Soul and information unfolding and enfolding to sustain the system. Calvary Sacrifice in this process of thinking emerges as a science.

It is interesting to recall now, the revelation of Lord Krishna to warrior Arjuna in the battle for Justice and Truth [Kurukshetra], as huge mouth that breath¶s in and breath¶s out every thing. The information of the whole system is carried in this Primal Black hole. The creation and sustenance comes from this central soul and the information contained in it. Everything takes birth form it and goes back into it. We are simply individuated souls formed from this central soul in space and time. We can evolve away or towards life through Free Will in the Creative phase. 28

Note-We need to remember few points here y Black holes are created in pairs one with right twist and other with left twist, one being dominant the other being recessive. y They form two parts to one system right and left. Information flows between them sustaining the system. This is evident form day and night cycle and the breathing process in life. y Flow of information serves a purpose of sustaining the balance of the system [body] against time and its deteriorative influence.

All life has souls, but we can technically do away with all other life and talk only of human souls and its relation to Primal Soul or God¶s Soul, because time direction to nature come form humans. Bible speaks of two role models to humans. Jesus Christ and Mother Mary. It needs to be understood by the act they did to serve the Creator and Humanity, than from the point of religion. Bible also shows two more role models Adam and Eve, we are called to resist this model. The institution called church is primarily called to help individual and community to qualitatively rise up to Jesus and Mary and resist their fall towards Adam and Eve. Unfortunately, institution called church today exists deteriorated, building huge churches in competitive manner, engaged in growing financially and quantitatively than qualitatively. Same is true for most religions. The church, temples, mosques and its occupants probably has the highest responsibility of leading the world in right direction. The cause for the world we witness is full of disorder, war, terrorism, corruption, conquering motive and such negatives exists in the failure of the religious institutions. They need to awaken humanity and the whole system and lead it in the path of Truth and Justice.

In one glance all spiritual scriptures speaks of a need to follow inner force of the Creator [consciousness and intelligence] and a need to uphold Justice and Truth. It calls for resistance of corruption and conquering motive. This is vital for sustenance of the created world of the system of which we are part. Much of the biological information processing occurs for the purpose of sustenance 29

of the balance of the system. Spiritual scriptures speak of God manifesting and participating in the war for justice and truth [Example ± Lord Rama and Krishna].

But time and deteriorations is a reality. It should be recalled that ancient seers of India classified the Universal Time Cycle into four phases, [Yugas- Golden Age, Silver-Age, Bronze-Age and Iron-Age] where truth and justice deteriorates by certain quantum proportions. The question that lack clarity, both in spiritual and scientific knowledge is how the end gives way to beginning. Bible tells us that Christ manifested when, no human soul was left on earth that could be justified before God. The institution called law and justice now has no meaning, unless the system is restored back. The system cannot be restored unless individuals are justified and uplifted with Free Will and judged to right and left. Here comes the importance of the Calvary and the preaching¶s of New Testament and also the karmic principle known to the ancient east.

The beauty of Bible and the value of Christ¶s sacrifice come, when we asses mind and ³self´. Mind and ³self´ is a reality. Death is destruction of ³self´ and its identity. Life is a process of struggle against death. Accepting death as a means to Life is incomprehensible to any adult human mind. Only the chosen can gain that inner call and connectivity to Father to do this great act in Faith Absolutely. One needs to be born in the center of space-time cycle to do it. The birth and death of Christ has uniqueness in space and time. It is the Primal Soul that carries all the information and the knowledge of the system. We saw that duality is the reality of nature and creation occurs when the masculine and creating spirit or the light that gives life goes recessive to the recessive [Feminine and Conception]

A biological process of creation and restoration process seems to be underway since Calvary Sacrifice. Probably it happened in the third critical point of quantum Universal Time Cycle [See Fig -3], when a quantum collapse and reorganization changing the direction of the flow of the system becomes inevitable. From statistical point, it is the time when ¾ of human souls have fallen slave to material force and has taken the path of injustice and untruth. From living point it is the 30

point when the system enters the old age and the body begins to deteriorate for want of Living Force.

The best way to interpret Bible in a sensible way is to understand that Power of God transforming everything and giving it New Life. Life is controlled by a pulse that works on two forces one that move up and another moves down. We compared it to Jesus and Mary. This force is inherent to all human souls and it is the life giving entity that never sleeps. But this coexists with two more forces that are contributed by the mind and body. This is we related to Adam and Eve. The flowing figure gives the relationship with four phases of life cycle.

The above figure describes the universal time cycle, or life cycle of the universe, as expressed by ancient east where, justice and truth deteriorates in certain quantum proportions. The key here is the mind of humans. When it becomes slave to material world and flesh, he creates a time direction to death. This secret is depicted by the forbidden fruit in Bible.

Since time is inevitable reality, it becomes necessity for the God to recreate and restore his creation to new order. Beyond the third critical point, God and Goddess go into recreation mode leaving the rule to human mind. As the mind of humans goes behind material world creating a vortex of disorder and destruction, the 31

Consciousness and Mind of God blooms from within creating a blue print for new world. From this point creation is the awakening of the human consciousness and his intelligence by the intervention of God and Goddess, such that out of disorder an order emerges. Every human soul now becomes a participant with Free Will and enters the new world according to his and her intent [karma principle spoken in ancient spiritual scriptures].

The world is experiencing the breaking of Consciousness of God or Christ, before it enfolds to create a duality and enter a New Time Cycle and Golden period of Humanity, where Truth and Justice prevails.

Every adult has intent as he approaches God or higher authority. This intent during the period of creation decides the space time in relation with the creating and sustaining force. Once the transformation or life giving process is over, Creator reveals His Mind or knowledge such that humanity can take the dominion over His created world. There are three distinct acts here. y y The first act was restoration of the balance with Free Will [creation] the second was to bring back justice and truth, there by life back into effect [The birth]. y The third act is the law of resistance was to slow down time.

True spirituality, is to have mastery over material wealth and nature without being slave to it. It is to uphold justice and truth. The cause for the present world actually exists in deterioration of spirituality and the deteriorated state of the institution called religion, which have failed to connect to the Creator and speak the Truth to the people. The spiritual institutions are actually are temples of science and knowledge that should be guiding the world in the right path to justice and truth. When they fail everything fails.

The occupants of these institutions have the responsibility to study, enquire research for knowledge to elevate oneself qualitatively and then transfer the knowledge absolutely without self to elevate other individuals, family, community 32

and the whole society. However, today most spiritualist and religious leaders make religion as means of their lively hood and as means to live the most comfortable high flying life. This is evident from the physical structure of religious places growing in competitive manner and becoming wealthy, but dwindling in spiritual content. When you assess from a detached perspective, I feel both the administrative institution of soul [religious/knowledge/educative institutions] and administrative institutions of body [political and Government administrative machinery] is infiltrated by corrupt people and thus darkness rules us.

I am tempted to call a reality I read log back. It is said modern science took its origin when deteriorated Church was virtually ruling the west by amassing wealth than spreading the Good News of Christ. [Incidentally this is the time when Prophet Mohammed manifested speaking essentially about the judgment to come]. History of science speaks it. The science and temples of science has actually liberated us form the clutches of institutions called religions with deteriorated spirituality and made us think, enquire, seek and knock the door of Truth. The democracy gives us independence to choose. Science has advanced but is incomplete. This reflects it self in the words of Einstein ³Humanity is going to need a substantial new way of thinking if it is to survive´. The reality is that each of us has the elements of God/Goddess and Adam/Eve within us. The peace and order at individual family, community and the whole world level depends on to which quality we orient our mind.

The simple Truth of the world is that we mold our universe by our thought and intent. The intent of institutions of spirituality governing the realm of soul and the intent of institutions governing the body are malicious and thus untruth is peaking. I would not blame any one for this for this is the way nature is designed to work. Even democracy in the absence of truth can take negative direction. There has to be period of darkness to know the value of Light. It is in the peak of darkness the light emerges. In a defined space ±time, nothing can be reconstructed unless the old is broken down. We are in the process of renewal. Sweeping changes would come when truth emerges and humanity awakens to his 33

consciousness and intelligence. The survival exists in Knowing the Truth or the Living light, that breaks the barriers of religion and bring us into Living Light and Knowledge that every one can understand, not just few mathematicians and scientist. My statement is not anti-religious. The religions and culture has saved immense information for us to fathom. I insist we must study religions and grow beyond it to know the Truth. Truth is the only way for our liberation from darkness to light.

Chapter- 9

The Science of Consciousness and Intelligence and Information Exchange
The word Consciousness means to be aware. Technically it is awareness of change in the space-time or environment in which it exists. In a way information is consciousness. We already noted that life has an internal environment [black hole] and external environment. It works to balance these environments or worlds and thus sustain or balance the left and right of the living system. The act of balancing manifests as intelligence and takes place through information exchange. Now we can understand the life as consciousness or information unfolding and enfolding. From the quantum nature of the world, we noted that the process has four distinct phases, comparable to four phases of life cycle ± Childhood, early adult hood, late adult hood and old age leading to death. The system resists change and yet gives way to change in a controlled manner. A living system has three distinct levels by which it exchanges information. They are y y The breathing process. The mitotic division process, which creates two worlds out of one, four out of two, 8 out of four and so on to form trillions of worlds y The Meiotic process, which reduces and creates out of millions of worlds one world [cell], which then give rise to the whole, new multiple worlds.

The black hole plays an important role in these conscious processes. The breathing process sustains the system without any externally observable information 34

exchange between left and right. We already noted the black hole has a structure like an hour glass with left and right and exist in pairs, one with right twist and another with left twist [Male and Female]. When time stresses the system, an internal exchange of information between the right and left of the black hole occurs. This is accompanied by equal and opposite change in the pair. This manifests as breathing process. This sustains the system against local changes energy or time-space.

However, this first level of information exchange becomes insufficient against time that manifest as day and night cycle in which all life exist. This calls for second level of information exchange by constant division and recreation of the one whole world [consisting of two parts] by mixing its left and right information. The division actually leads to information or energy loss. But it is inevitable by time and by Natures¶ design. Time conquering thus becomes inevitable. The conquering of time now necessitates third level of information exchange, where dissolution of the created multiple worlds or universes and recreation of it, giving it New Life by unfolding all the Information should take place. This amounts to awakening of the consciousness and intelligence to its fullest form, before it begins to enfold. This is judgment.

We compared the first two levels - breathing and mitotic division, by which life works to sustain against time, to day /night cycle and climatic cycle taking place in nature. The third level by which life conquers time and perpetuates it self against time we noted is meiotic division and reproduction, where ³Fathers Essence´ goes recessive to recessive to create new out of the old. Extending this reality led us to spiritual scriptures and knowing Calvary Sacrifice as Creation point or the Big Bang Point of information or Primal Consciousness unfolding to restore the world back to its Pristine Glory.

From this point we discovered Bible as a simple biological science taking place at the universal level. The world is sustained by Living God and Goddess, which are one and manifest as two spirits that dance giving life to the whole system. We 35

humans are created in its image to its left and right and are given the dominion over earth and his creations. But we the humans were resisted from eating from the tree at the center. The tree at the center is gravitational point to which the material world points itself. It is death or end to the created world. It is the point where time ends. Bible says Humans eats the forbidden fruit and become slave to material force and goes against the Creator. Thus, it becomes inevitable for the Conscious and Intelligent Creator to intervene not only to control the system upholding Justice and Truth, but recreate and give it New Life by giving Free Will to human souls. This recreation and restoration process is going on in earth under the influence of Spirits of the Creator, since Calvary.

When the old created world is collapsing under the influence of unconscious human mind that has become salve to material world, the Creator and its creating force is creating new world out of the old from within such that the system not only survives but returns to its pristine glory. We need to understand the process as consciousness and the intelligence of the creator unfolding to make human conscious and intelligent to take guard of earth.

The spiritual scripture of the ancient east very clearly says universe is conscious and intelligent being and we humans are simply individuated system born form it in time and dissolved back into it to be created endlessly. The scriptures of the ancient east probably present the Truth of Nature and Life in a sensible way. These scriptures need to be rediscovered and its culture needs to be explored for the well being of humanity.

Chapter -10

The Higher Science of Universal Existence in Brief
The higher, science of universal being can be understood from our picture of one huge globe filled with small globes of uniform size. Lets us visualize them as human souls. The picture gives us a Central or Primal Soul [Pair] that is unique in octet space. Souls we know has black hole and are created in pairs. This invariably 36

means there are two Parallel Universes [interestingly science has discovered parallel universes Ref-2]. Information flows between them through the black hole instantaneously. The billions of souls created by its image existing around this Central Soul are connected through these black holes. These souls are supposed to create and expand into space-time and act against gravity and the force of matter directed to the center. It calls us not to become slave to matter and flesh and forget the Creator.

But the system begins to collapse when the created souls fails and become slave to material force and flesh. The Primal Soul that created everything resisted this. But time is inevitable and thus a constant price has to be given to sustain the system. The whole thing can be explained by the life cycle. With birth a New Life Cycle begins. It needs to be understood as truth or unfolding of all the information from the Primal Soul that initializes us into New Time Cycle. The first phase of this cycle is expansive. This is early Child hood, where mind and self is least and Love rules. It is uncorrupt phase, where justice and truth rules. This is followed by early adult hood when the mind begins to form. A form of healthy uncertainty exists at this phase. This is followed by second phase of adult hood, where human mind matures and ³self´ manifest. It is the point at which, human beings begins to fall into darkness. In Bible it depicts the time when Adam eats the forbidden fruit and is thrown form Garden of Eden. Here the expansive phase ends. It is fallowed by a phase of uncertainty and disorder. This disorder also is a means of sustaining the system and forms the longest period of life cycle. It is the time when the knowledge of life and nature decreases and humans enter into darkness. A time direction also exists in this disorder. This is followed by old age and death or collapse of the whole system to a point. Thus nature has a predictable direction towards expansion [Child hood], and contraction [old age] and an uncertainty and disordered state [adult hood], which appears to lack a time direction but in reality has a time direction.

Perpetual existence of the system calls for some form of recreation or conquering of time and time initialization before the death occurs. Life does this process through 37

reproduction. At the Living Universe level, this process of conquering of time and time initialization is being enacted though Christ¶s Sacrifice at Calvary. What rules during this period is Human mind that is captive to material power. The world is actually collapsing under human mind¶s quest that exists as slave to material force. The Good News is that the living force is supporting and forming a new world from within for every one to transform and take his appointed place. Today we exist in absolute ignorance of the life and nature or truth. We exist in illusionary world. The world of science does not know the truth of interrelationship and oneness of nature. When truth reveals humanity will awaken to his consciousness and intelligence decisively to take guard of earth to bring justice and truth back to the world. We have golden period ahead, but emergence of truth would be a painful experience as compared to a pregnant woman giving birth.

Note- The above vision and thinking includes the concept of big bang origin [Ref3], Inflated Universe scenario [Allen Guth Model Ref- 4], the black hole and information theory [Ref- 5], Parallel and Multiple Universes[Ref -2].


Conclusion ± The Purpose of Information
In conclusion, the only sensible way to understand the universe is to visualize the world as one living being. It consists of trillions of worlds [Consciousness and intelligence fields] but all of them emerged form one single world or Consciousness and intelligence field in time. Each of these trillions of cells has all the information but information is truncated for specific purpose. They are created and dissolved and recreated continuously [except for the neural cells]. The singularity is only a passing state. The reality is the duality and the whole living process is an unending balancing process in time. This balancing process occurs through continued expression of information and feed back of information with a pair of black hole, which form the parental black holes. The system is balanced by two forces or spirit one moving from within to the outside and giving life and another moving opposite to it to the center. These opposite are one. No frictions occurs when the movements of these two spirits is absolute. Time does not come into being when 38

the movement is absolute. The dance is eternal. It is pure quantum dance. This dance is described in Hindu philosophy by the dance of God Shiva and Goddess Parvathi.

However, when it comes to human beings created in Gods image to left and right, time begins to manifest. The time begins to manifest when the created begins to seek self and looses his connection with the central creating and sustaining force. We can call this as information loss. The Biblical creation resists this loss of information by the ³First Resistance´ [Forbiddance from eating from the tree at the center]. We are called to create and expand into space and time, than contract seeking self and directing our self to the center or death point to which the material world points it self. The spirituality thus is built on faith in the Absolute or God. All religions call us to retreat or grow beyond slavery to material world and connect to once own consciousness and intelligence. All spirituality emphasizes parents as seen God and teaches a philosophy of strong family built on the fear of God.

The modern science has evolved to discover the Parallel Universes [Ref-2]. The String Theory and M-Theory have brought in the concept of Multiple Universes each having different physical laws. I must admit that I do not understand their mathematical approach that led them to these conceptual visions. The Truth of the Universe, mathematically understood is becoming more complex and incomprehensible even to majority of scientist. The scientific hypothesis of Big Bang Origin of time form a point [ Ref-3], the Parallel Universes and Multiple Universes [Ref-2], Black hole, information loss, event horizon etc [Ref-5], quasars and birth of Galaxies [Ref-6] becomes sensible when we view it from the point of Living Universe. But this truth probably was known to the ancient seers and they seem to have understood them in simple manner in a biological way as the faith relationship between Humans and an Absolute Reality called God. The modern day revival and rebirth and the Christ¶s philosophy can be explained from black hole [Ref-7]. Time is inevitable, Creator or Life resist time and its deteriorative influence, but the body ages. The cells are thus broken down recreated in the black 39

hole in a continuous process. Eventually at death the life collapses in to the Primal Black Hole from which it came, and goes back to Universal Primal Black Hole to take new body. The old deteriorates. But the question now comes, How come the Universal Primal Black Hole, conquers time. The answer comes from giving New Life to the body. Philosophy of Christ and Calvary Science takes meaning form this point.

The Truth of spirituality now could be deduced to faith in Father and Mother and work to glorify and establish His Kingdom. There is no time or death to the Creator. We are all one as the cells of one whole living system. We hold all the information of the system, but the information¶s are truncated and is aligned for some specific work. We are connected to the whole through inner black hole and through which instantaneous communication takes place. This is the binding force that sustains the whole into one. However, we adult humans who live a mind centered life and act as slave to material force are not capable of making this communication with the creator force freely. This communication calls us to grow beyond mind body. The eastern philosopher seems to have understood this reality. Our self is an illusion. The modern world that exist as slave to material world, distanced from Truth and God, actually exist in illusion.

The whole system called universe does not collapse. It simply transforms through the action of the spirits that actually controls and gives life. It is the spirit that collapses and reorganizes giving life. We the humans have the spirit of God and the Goddess that created us. We also have the spirit of Adam and Eve. We begin to collapse when we begin to express the spirit of Adam and Eve and forget God and Goddess the Creators. The creating spirits [God and Goddess] does not fall. But the humans created in their image and form its body tends to fall, by seeking ³self´ and distancing form the creating Spirits. Thus time is inevitable reality to the living world and calls for restoration of the kingdom from time to time.

Post Calvary is a period when the Creating spirits [The God and Goddess] have gone into creation phase, leaving the rule to humans. Humans by his mind and 40

³self´ attached to material world have only created a vortex of disorder and destruction. He is miserably caught in his own doing and is taking the world to a collapsing point. The knowledge on which the modern world is built is incomplete. It lacks the knowledge of interrelationship and oneness. Knowledge by definition should have brought order, peace, happiness, control and so on. One look at the world shows the opposite. Our approach to health is actually creating a population which is increasingly susceptible to diseases. Our approach to peace is creating more war and blood shed. Our attempt to predict nature and control her is actually backfiring.

Earth, our abode is growing fragile and her forces are turning violent. Nature and her forces are acting as double edged sword threatening to destroy humanity. The fire/wind bound destruction and earth/water bound destruction are growing in magnitude and number. The 2011 June 7th and 10th solar out burst, invariably means we are heading for tough time on earth. We can expect the reaction from earth in the form huge earth quakes, flash floods and volcanic eruption as never seen before. Decades back, I have predicted this tendency of destruction because of our ignorance of Truth of Nature and her functioning. I am not alone many intellectuals around the world have predicted huge changes sweeping the world. Noble laureate James Lovelock in His book ³Vanishing face of Gaia- Final Warning´ has predicted large scale destruction of human population [Ref-8 ].

The day and night cycle we know consist of 24 Hour units [4 units of 3 each]. Each Hour unit in turn consists of 60 minute units and each minute consist of 60 second units. The transformation of day to night and vice-versa is slow quantum process passing though many grid points forming the structural body. The climate change similarly is gradual process that spans over 12 months passing several structural grid points on earth. The dramatic climate change and destruction from natural force is happening, because we are breaking the time cycle and shrinking the space-time in which earth works to gain new order. The earth is unfolding and the grid points are decreasing and consequently, the forces of 41

nature are peaking and falling dramatically causing huge destructions. There is a lower limit to this unfolding of earth. If it is not stopped the system would end in disaster. The survival now exists in the Divine Force or Consciousness and Intelligence of the divine unfolding from within. It exists in human being becoming conscious and intelligent to know the Truth of Nature and Life and take guard of it. This Revelation of Mind of God or Truth is the Second Coming. Truth reveals for Divine Purpose. The Purpose of information unfolding is to initialize time and begin a New Time cycle. This revelation should happen before the system tends to collapse.

The Good News is that, the Creating Spirits that sustains the world is actually supporting it from within and creating new world out of the old. When the old collapses the new would emerge. We the human souls are called upon to participate in the process and take our position in the New World. We are due to get the dominion over earth. True spirituality thus speaks of hope in the midst of struggle and pain. In other words we are due to be restored with knowledge and truths that can help us survive and prosper on earth. We are due to enter the Kingdom of God or Dharma Yuga. Universe remains the same, but there will be transformation sweeping the world, with 180 degree change in human thinking about life and nature. This will be accompanied by some drastic changes in earth. We must note that the end of time and beginning of new time in all spiritual scriptures speak of huge destructions. Bible compares the Second Coming to the pains of pregnant women. But all spiritual scriptures unanimously speak of hope and an end in joy, where truth and justice, peace and order prevails. Only when the Truth of Calvary Sacrifice is understood in a sensible manner as a science Good News can break the barriers of religion and help liberate individuals, family, community and the whole world from the clutches of darkness.

Some of the aspects I tried to project appear philosophical and the scientific world might find it difficult to comprehend. But few simple realization of nature and a


review of the scientific edifice can bring the much wanted transformation to the world. We did see them in the previous chapters, yet I am writing it for you again.

1] Universe is built on two principle forces and principle systems that are opposing. They are life force or anti-gravity emerging from the living world and gravity that emerges from material world. The Living World actually molds the material world and sustains it against gravity. This opposition of material world and living world is known to scientific world. The second law of thermodynamics applied to living world and material world shows this opposition. The material world is built on some form of non equilibrium and hence seeks equilibrium, where as living world is built on some form of equilibrium in space and thus works constantly to protect its equilibrium. This manifests as creativity and the formation of external body.

2] The energy cycle of nature, manifesting into day and night cycle and climatic cycle is built on the division of one system into opposing cycles which balances each other. When west awakes to sunlight and goes into disordering cycle, east simultaneously sleeps to ordering cycle. This opposing cycle helps maintain the temperature within certain limit. It is designed to self sustain. The whole system is sustained through information flowing between the left and right. The material world has a time direction to disorder. The climatic change is gradual quantum change process involving a minimum of grid points. When the west and east energy cycle is broken the grid points decreases, leading to violent peak and fall of sun and earth forces. We are experiencing this on earth.

3] The plants absorb light and heat and thus work against time directed to disorder. When night falls the plants use energy/heat and matter to develop biological mass that grows against gravity and time directed disorder. The world with plants and animals is self sustaining Gaia, with out any fixed time direction.


4] But the moment we include adult humans, we see a time direction to nature. The mind of humans play an important role in the way the universe unfolds and enfolds. Here comes the importance of the spiritual philosophy we discussed.

5] According Wiener the amount of information in a system is a measure of its degree of organization, much the same way entropy of a system is a measure of its degree of disorganization. We know that heat is the cause for the disorder and entropy. Wieners thinking invariably suggest existence of a second form of heat that creates order and organization. It is interesting to note that the spiritual knowledge of the ancient does speak of two forms of heat, the heat that brood life into existence and the heat that kills the system. With our mind and intellectual might we are only seeing, studying exploiting the heat we experience by our senses. But there exist parallel world and heat that balances and sustains the system. This is the life force that works to repair the body and restore it to new order when the mind sleeps. The present day disorder and destruction and increasing natural calamities have its origin in a simple fact that we are intruding in to the night cycle, when life forces repairs and balances the system. In simplicity nature is sustained by two basic forces the disordering or unwinding force of the light/heat of sun and ordering or winding force earth. The violent activity in sun is an indication of violent act on earth. The recent huge violent activity on 7 and 10th of June 2011, tells us that the next climatic seasons on earth could be highly destructive with unusual chain of earthquakes, flash floods, volcanic eruptions and fire/wind bound disasters. The earth would be highly fragile with sweeping changes. We can only survive if we Awaken to Truth

Human Mind and its thinking play an important role in sustaining the whole system. When mind is directed to the outer world and exist slave to material world and flesh, it creates a negative vortex to death. When mind is turned 180 degrees and is directed and aligned with inner creating and sustaining force [Consciousness and intelligence] it creates life and order. The nature in which we live has both ordering and disordering phase. This calls us to have a fluid mind that adapts to the changing situation of the world, but it should be rooted and aligned with creator. It 44

calls us to dance in unison with nature. A mind that is filled with ego and self fails to do this and becomes impediment to the working of creating and sustaining force. This leads to fall of individual, family, community and the society. It shatters harmonious existence of humans with God the Creator and the Goddess the Mother Nature. The Universal Time Cycle needs to be understood as information unfolding and enfolding.

Note - The temples of science and its occupants who have approached the truth of nature through mathematical language are arriving at the same point as spiritualist of the ancient comprehended it. It is a matter of rearranging and reviewing the developments in science to comprehend the Truth. I have spent much of my life towards this goal without any assistance. It exists written in my site. The site and its contents may not be well laid out. As a small farmer, I have done my best to share what is reveled to me, within the skills I could develop. I have limitations to express my knowledge revealed to me in mathematical language. If am to work in this direction with some ones help then it would defiantly be Sacred Geometry that deals with ratio¶s

Chapter - 11

The Future of the World and Possible Technologies
Our survival exists in awakening to the simple Truth of Nature that it is living, conscious and intelligent and to know its design and functioning. This calls us to review the foundation of science and reinvent the ancient philosophies, culture and science. The Eastern culture and practices, seems to provide immense scope for the future. I must admit my knowledge of ancient west is wanting, but I feel from deep within that they are not behind. The Mayan culture, Egyptian Pyramid and so on speaks the truth that the ancient knew much more than the modern world.

The way to sustain the modern world as it enters the new time cycle calls for new technologies, in every field of human interest such as energy, health/medicine, food/agriculture and so on. The knowledge that the physical body we see and its 45

characteristic is the product of interaction of information in inner space and outer space and the fact the living particle has a basic octet body in space, can change the very foundation of genetic information in life and open up methodologies to manipulate life without dissecting it to the genetic level. In fact it gives foundation for reinventing the great eastern knowledge about life and its functioning. It can substantiate health/medical and food/agricultural practices of the ancient people. This however needs concentrated effort by temples of science and minds occupying it. I am only speaking the fundamental picture that can lead to it.

The most important aspect one need to deal with the modern world is energy and its utilization. The present technologies are exuding huge amount of heat into the environment and we cannot continue to do so and yet hope to survive on earth. The first step towards survival on earth is to reduce our intervention into night cycle of nature, such that earth gets space-time to convert the heat into biological mass. Plants play an important role here. The loss of millions of acres of forest in last one decade to forest fire speaks the gravity of the situation. The government heads needs to come ahead to formulate global policies to restrict night time activity and help earth recover. Between Life and Economy we would be forced to choose one. New economic and technological base that is centered on life needs to be developed.

The big question remains how will earth support the increasing population and from where will the increasing demand of energy and resources can be met? ± The answer again exists in life and simple observation.

Once long ago, I was standing in a high rise building in a big city looking at the busy street with people and vehicles moving in fast pace and the same spot have deserted look in the night. It is then I realized the busy look of the street has a deserted counter part on other part of earth. These vehicles are exuding huge amount of heat and with modernization and linear doubling of economy based on fossil fuels, the counter part is not sleeping any more to cool the system. So I could visualize a disaster ahead. 46

Looking for solution to heat, my mind brought in the picture of arteries and veins in a human body carrying 30 trillions of Red blood cells in addition to large amount of white blood cells and platelets. The question arose how could a heart of a human that is size of the left fist, pump blood carrying such large numbers of cells, nearly 100000 KM [amounts to circling twice earth] 20 times per minute, with few pieces of bread and water. The ancient seers of east have showed to the world, they can even take energy from the environment and survive. This means life has superior technology of using energy efficiently, without much loss in heat into the environment. Our future now exists in knowing the biological secret and unearthing the mechanism by which it runs. This probably calls to review our very thinking about force and its use.

The first step however is awakening to the Truth of Nature and oneness. We need to gain knowledge and light that can transform the cancerous cells and make the system clean and healthy. Unless human thinking is set right nothing can last long. When Truth is known or when Light emerges darkness vanishes. Truth is the only weapon that can fight corruption, conquering motives, self and such negativities in individuals. When individual awaken various hierarchies of society awakens bringing the positives in them there by transforming the world. We have hope in God to enter the Golden Age and develop technologies to sustain the world. All we need to do is a simple review of science and change in fundamental thinking on which we function. We need to know the Creator and our relationship with Him.

Much depends, on the world awakening to the New Reality and attention being paid towards new ideas that are based on life and is compatible with nature. Few fundamental thoughts and preliminary works exist in my site and its linked sites. As a small farmer, now striving hard to make my ends meet, I am restricting to call the world¶s attention to the New Reality, than technologies. I believe when the world awakens to the new reality, the minds in the temples of science can transform to develop these technologies in quick time. 47

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