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German Field Trip Schedule (November 7th 20th) November 7th 3:30 am 7:55 am November 8th 7:30 am 11:00

0 am 12:00 pm 5:00 pm November 9th Morning Afternoon Evening November 10th Morning Afternoon Evening November 11th Morning Afternoon Evening November 12th All day November 13th Morning Afternoon Evening November 14th Morning Afternoon Evening November 15th Morning Afternoon Evening November 16th Morning Afternoon Evening November 17th Morning Afternoon Evening School Students go to school with their hosts child, participating in classes Taking a walk/hike around the Gartow lake (pack lunch) Swimming in the thermal pool (taking students back to houses) Lchow & Jameln Drive to Lchow Jameln Museum of Wendland History Drop off and early bed time for students! Berlin travel to Berlin, sight seeing, museum (leaving at 7 am) Farming Visiting Farm (or going to Salzwedel) Going home for lunch to family pick up at 3 pm looking at Schnackenburg & Hhbeck Hamburg departing (9 am) to Hamburg and arriving at Heidelk using public transportation, sight seeing using public transportation, sight seeing Hamburg Fish market ship cruse travel back to Gartow (arriving about 7 pm) have dinner at family house Trains & Nuclear Power Looking at a countryside train station and how the business works Low income and low schooling work institutions Information and tour of nuclear waste (dinner at home) Farming Visiting Farm (or going to Arendsee) Going home for lunch to family pick up at 3 pm going to borders along Nienwalde Departure Departing VVS Departing Phoenix Arriving in Germany Arriving in Hamburg Arriving in Gartow Students go home with the Families to relax and freshen up Welcome Pot-lock for all Families and students School Students go to school with their hosts child, participating in classes Taking a drive around Gartow and its surrounding areas. (pickup after lunch at family houses)

November 18th Morning Afternoon Evening November 19th Morning 3:00 pm November 20th 5:00 am 9:00 am 7:31 pm Contact Information Tam: Familie Wilhem Bade An der kleinen Trift 11 29491 Prezelle (01149) 5848 667

Hiking Gartow pick up at 8 am (pack a lunch and drinks) hiking (dress appropriately) drop off at 6 pm at family Goodbye day Students spend with the families and packing Goodbye dinner and party Early bed-time!!! Set an Alarm (or two)!!! Departing Germany Departing Gartow Departing Hamburg Arriving in Phoenix (Continental 169)

Kelly: Familie Matthias Bgelsack Prezeller Weg 29 29471 Gartow (01149) 5846 1318 Sammie: Familie Thorsten Erlebach Dorfstr. 8 29471 Gartow (01149) 5882 705 Angel: Familie Reinhard Lamprecht Kapellenstr.8 29478 Hhbeck (01149) 5846 1521 Diana: Familie Axel Steinbi Niedernstr. 4 29493 Schnackenburg (01149) 5840 1266

Ilka Workman cell: (01149) 176 29565278

Garrett: Familie Kay Eisenbltter Birkenweg 7 29471 Gartow (01149) 5846 979031 Carlie: Familie Helga Hoppe Dorfstr. 33 29493 Schnackenburg (01149) 5840 989992 Zack: Familie Herbert Schlsselburg Zum Berge 2 29478 Hhbeck (01149) 5846 9333

John Workman cell: (01149) 179 3909780

Ulrike Workman cell: (01149) 151 57852409

Workman home phone: (01149) 5846 324

Elgin Hornbostel cell (teacher in Germany): (01149) 176 62155631 In Hamburg: Familie Poppe-Heidelk Elmenhorster Str. 12 23863 Bargfeld-Stegen Home: 0049-4532-22588 Cell: 0172-7341813