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Technical, Quality & Risk Manager BUREAU VERITAS COMPANY Khobar, Saudi Arabia Phone +966-3-8984776 / 8986207 Ext

. : 206 Mobile:+966-56 579 4045 Email:

Mohamed Kamal Mohamed Ahmed
Personal Information
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Name : Mohamed Kamal Mohamed Ahmed Title: Technical, Quality & Risk Manager Marital status: Married Date & Place of birth: 09/29/1973, in Egypt Nationality: Egyptian B.Sc. of Electrical Power & Automatic Control Engineering from Alexandria University, Egypt – 1995 (with SILVER Medal)

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Academic Record

Summery of CAREER PROFILE ex I have totally more than sixteen (16+) years of experience, per more than eight (8) years in Projects ien Management, Projects Inspection, Shop and Vendor Inspection, Quality Assurance, Quality ce
Control, Internal audits, external audits and technical audits at the following fields: Oil & Gas industry,
• Factories.

Construction (Design review, material receiving, erection, installation, testing, pre-commissioning, commissioning, hook-up and start-up) Residential and health care facilities. I have a very strong leadership, supervisory and administration skills to organize and administer an engineering team ensuring that effective work

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Industrial Safety and Fire Fighting Training (6 Days). Preventive Maintenance and Routine Maintenance of electrical systems. Hitachi PLC Course (35 hours). EPABX. ARAMCO approved Electrical Inspector (SAP#70011644) for the following areas: 1.. power transformers.2010. sewage and drainage system. domestic water. generators. AlKhobar. swimming pools. Alexandira. Saudi Arabia CONFINED SPACE ENTRY. Egypt 2005. QM59 PID-Electrical. Arabic: Mother tongue Languages • • Page 2 of 8 . Courses at Saudi Aramco during 2009 . QM17 Cables (15). UPS. 3. steam boilers and hot water boilers. IEC. laundry equipments.etc) More than eight (8) years of experience as Assistant Chief Engineer at 5 stars Deluxe hotels and resorts (International Chains) with strong managerial and administration skills to manage and lead a team of (100+) persons including engineers. kitchen equipments. 2. ANSI. At the same time with strong technical capabilities and awareness of the international standards (NEC. Saudi ARAMCO engineering standards (SAES) and procedures (SAEP)………. NFPA. CCTV. Attended Courses & Training record • • • ISO 9001:2008 IRCA Lead Auditor Training Course. • • • • SAGO – Emergency Response Plan. Hurghada. NEMA. fire alarm systems. Saudi Arabia 2010. hot and cold water supply systems. Certified ISO 9001:2008 Lead Auditor. Saudi Arabia ABQAIQ Plants SAFETY Orientation . foreman. Saudi Arabia English: Very Good. BMS. Egypt 2000. Spa equipments. IEEE. Saudi Arabia DRIVER IMPROVEMENT REFRESHER (E-DIR). QM16 Transformers (14).. supervisors and technicians in the field of Operation. Certification & Qualification • • • Certified Electrical Engineer. HVAC system.control and productivity are maintained. fire fighting systems. MATV. health club.

Implementation and follow up of the audits. annual report to national authority (if any) Obtain and maintain the necessary licenses to operate : 1. (3 offices and 6 major projects ) Scheduling. 3. qualifications and mapping of competencies 5. following of methodology. internal network audits 3. recognition of accreditation by other accreditation body Page 3 of 8 . initial and on-going training. western and eastern regions. accreditation delivered by a National Accreditation Body valid in the country 4. choice of adequate BV inspector. access to technical documentation 4. Attending External Audits and follow up the implementation of the corrective actions. internal Industry & Facilities Technical Direction audits 4. governmental license to operate in the country 3. external audit (if any) 5. annual management review 6. Updating the current QMS documents and formats.Career Record EMPLOYMENT RECORD i) ii) Period Company Manager : : : Since 2010 till date BUREAU VERITAS Saudi Arabia Technical. on site supervision 2. Deliver the services with the adequate level of technical quality: 1. Quality and Risk iii) Job Title iv) Assignments/Responsibilities/Main Projects Responsibility includes follow: • • • • • • • Performing Internal QMS audit for all KSA Bureau Veritas offices and projects in the central. review of certificates before issuing Review the technical quality of services delivered during : 1. organization of the delivery of the services 2. using IT tools and deliverable templates 6. optimize BV portfolio 2.

Assist The Assessment Group In Quality Audits. Cable Trays. Above Grade and Under Grade Conduit. Communicating Progress to Field Supervisors. Monitoring Contactor’s Quality Systems. LV Switch Racks. MV and LV Control gears (MCC’S). 4. 13. Mentoring Fellow Inspectors. WSs and EDRs as needed. on-site. Impressed Current Cathodic Protection.2 kV. Dry Type Transformers. and Lightning Protection. Low Voltage Squirrel Cage Induction Motors (SCIM). Conducting Job Interviews. Light Fixtures and Lighting Systems. off-site. records and Quality Personnel. Galvanic Cathodic Protection. Electrical Systems Protection and Metering. LV Panel boards. and Page 4 of 8 . construction. Responsibility includes the following Electrical and Instrumentation Areas: Electrical Power Transformers (115/13.2 kV). Performing Quality Documents & Reports Submittals Evaluation and Reviews. Fittings.16kV/480V and 11kV/380V). Writing Inspection Reports and Initiating NCRs. Performing Design Packages Reviews. Diesel Generator Set.16 kV. Grounding and Bonding. Performing typical inspection activities including the following responsibilities and duties: • • • • • • • • • • Performing Field. Remote Tap Changers Control Panels (RTCCP).v) Period vi) Company vii) Job Title # 70011644) : : : Since July 2009 till July 2010 Saudi ARAMCO thru Bureau Veritas Senior E&I Quality Engineer (SAP viii) Assignments/Responsibilities/Main Projects Assigned as Senior Electrical and Instrumentation Quality Engineer for General Inspection Services (GIS) contract on behalf of Saudi Aramco for North Ghawar Projects in Eastern Region. witness & Surveillance). Material and Equipment Inspections (Hold. Attending the Projects Weekly Quality Meetings. LV and Medium Voltage Cable bus (maximum 15 kV).2/4. Medium Voltage Induction and Synchronous Motors (Up to Nameplate Voltage 13. Distribution Racks. MV and LV Switchgears.

Responsible for methodical and systematic routine Material Receiving Inspection. Interpretation and application of electrical and instrumentation engineering schematics.001 kV to 35 kV). single line diagram. hook up and instrument loop diagrams. inspection checklist and methods statement for electrical Low Voltage Power Distribution System. Responsible of testing. project standards and engineering specifications to ensure efficient execution of works. Conduct inspection of equipment prior to release on site and Review of Factory Acceptance Test reports and manufacturer’s Quality Control documents. 3. Mar 2006– Dec 2006 Cairo. Medium Voltage Cable and Conductors (1. assembly drawing. Low Voltage (up to 1 kV) Power Cable and Building Wire. 9. Saudi Arabia Senior Electrical QA Engineer 1. Review the Project Quality Plans. instrumentation and control. Boxes (Junction. Temperature and Flow instruments. and Wireways. Metallic Instrumentation and Control Cable. Wire Troughs. 6. Coordinate with site engineers and sub-contractors representative on daily basis to resolve any quality problems or issues. Flow. 4. Review and preparation of the inspection and test plan. 5. Receptacles and Cord Connected Equipment. Pressure. 2. 7. isometrics. Instrumentation Control Loop Checking. Fire Alarm System. issuance of Quality Control Instruction and Non Conformance Report for defined works out of standards and specifications. Egypt Mena House Oberoi Hotel Page 5 of 8 .Accessories. Responsible for execution and monitoring of approved Quality Plan in the field of electrical and instrumentation. plans. surveillance. From 2006 to 2009 SAAD Group Al-Khobar. and Pull). Combustible Gas and Hydrogen Sulfides Air Detection System. Conduct site supervision. Instrumentation Piping and Tubing. shop drawings. pre-commissioning and commissioning of Low Voltage Electrical Power Distribution system. Motor Operated Valves (MOV) and Control Valves (CV). Terminal. Stationary Direct Current (DC) System. Site Acceptance Testing and Final Inspection of electrical and instrumentation erections and installations. 8.

For all works involving outside contracts for consultants. whilst using every means to increase motivation. Arranges and negotiates prices for all manufacturers’ / agents’ service contracts in accordance with the requirements of the relevant policy. etc. Recruits. interviews and hires staff for Engineering Department in liaison with Human Resources Department. Ensures that all items of plant and equipment are operated in an efficient manner during the periods required in accordance with good engineering practice. 10. 7. Prepares lists of spare parts and materials required for the continued correct functioning of all items of plants and equipment and issues the necessary Purchase Requests ensuring adequate stock is maintained thereafter. 3. keeping a balance between under and over-staffing so that all employees are fully occupied during their hours on duty.Assistant Chief Engineer 1. whilst preventing excessive use of contractors. Confers with successful contractors and follows up closely to ensure that all works are completed according to specifications and within the approved said period. 5. Conducts annual employee performance evaluations and makes salary recommendations. Develops a comprehensive Preventive Maintenance Scheme: directs and supervises the work of the team of skilled and semiskilled tradesman in its continuous implementation. 8. ensuring that effective work control and productivity are maintained. draws up relevant specifications and assesses the quotations obtained by the Purchasing Manager. Organizes and administers the Engineering Department 2. 4. Sets up preventive maintenance program for every items of mechanical and electrical plants or equipment including that of other departments such as Kitchen. 13. Closely monitors the effects of servicing and maintenance on their condition wherever possible by means of engineering log and instruments test reading. Organizes and supervises the work of Maintenance Stores in implementing an efficient stores/inventory control. Co-ordinates and supervises the work of all service contractors to ensure that the terms of all such contracts for major plants and systems designated as critical are fully implemented and executed. Directs and supervises the implementation of an effective Trouble Report System together with other day-to-day works of general maintenance and repair to ensure that the building. Assesses the long-term requirements of the Hotel Page 6 of 8 . 6. 9. and ensures that orientation and training is conducted prior to commencing work. 12. Periodically reviews the manning figures. 11. its contents and its surroundings are at all times in sound and operational condition throughout.

21. Standards and Procedures. Appraises staff job performance. Ensures that all staff is scheduled to their annual vacation. 22. either in-house or with another hotel or with outside firms. Takes corrective action against any deviation of established standards and procedures. Page 7 of 8 . Reviews and analyses the monthly Expense Statement of Energy Consumption Report. Energy Consumption and Investment Plan. house rules and regulations. 20. EPABX. Conducts monthly staff meetings with staff to keep them updated on new policies. 25. Prepares monthly report to contain recommendations for remedial actions. Lesson Plans with view of updating such records. Maintains contact with local authorities to ensure all requirements are being complied with and that assistance or advice will be readily available whenever required. Makes frequent inspection tours to check condition of buildings and equipment and to monitor work progress generally. Maintains positive labor relations within the context of policies. striving to control expenditure. fire alarm systems. UPS. Task Lists. 24. Any staff dissatisfaction that can be resolved or carried over for management action. Management Budget. 15. 17. procedures and other information pertaining to the hotel operation. as outlined to ensure that employee turnover is minimized and all employee complaints are handled according to the established procedures. Conducts every six months review of Job Description.14. 19. HVAC system. Recommends and organizes where necessary the training and development of any member of the department with potential for advancement. generators. Adheres to the operating budget and manages the operation of the department to a standard of maximum efficiency. Prepares and submits for management approval Annual Operating Budget pertaining to the following: Departmental Expenses. CCTV. when and where necessary. MATV. Performs any additional duties or special projects assigned by the Chief Engineer or the General Manager 2002 –2006 Hilton Alexandria Green Plaza Egypt Assistant Chief Engineer "Opening Team" I was the Owning Company representitive (Inspector) in all electro-mechanical systems handover (electricital systems. 16. BMS. including overhauling / rehabilitation programs or renewal / replacement works etc. power transformers. 23. 18.

hot water boilers…….etc) design drawings revision. Mechanical Performance and Close-out System) Employee of the month November 1999. kitchen equipments. health club and Spa equipments. Word. precommissioning. Quality Management Information System) MPCS (ARAMCO. starting up and handover. domestic water. Lotus Notes. Hilton Alexandria Green Plaza. fighting systems. commissioning. Hurghada Inter Continental Resort & Casino. laundry equipments. Egypt Computer Skills • • • • • • • • Windows. QMIS (ARAMCO. Egypt Heat. Excel. sewege and drainage system. Egypt Member of the opening Team 2003. steam boilers. Internet skills. Egypt Contribution of IHG success awarded the best “Combined Attitude and Perspective Survey” Worldwide in 1999 Achievement s Page 8 of 8 . swimming pools. 1998 – 2002 Inter Continental Resort & Casino Hurghada. and other applications. Egypt Maintenance Engineer 1995 – 1997 Electrician Egyptian Army Cairo. inspection. PowerPoint. hot and cold water supply systems.. Light & Power Engineer 1997 – 1998 Red Sea World Co.