How to solve Unemployment Problem in India?

We now discuss the following measures that can help us in eradicating the unemployment problem from rural India:
1) Development of Agricultural method:

In rural society, agriculture is the only source of employment of the people. If the method of agriculture has to be modernised and improved, the unemployment problem has to be eradicated. For this severa l steps should be taken into consideration. Firstly, holding should be consolidated and made economic. Secondly, methods of agriculture should be improved and as far as possible the farms should be freed from dependence on Nature. Thirdly, system of crops should be planned scientifically and developed sufficiently. If more crops earned it would provide more employment facilities to the rural people. Finally, modern agricultural equipments, good seeds, fertilisers, proper agricultural suggestion and so on sh ould be provided to the rural farmers. Thus if the agricultural system has to be improved in the above direction, it can afford sufficient employment facilities to the rural people throughout the year.
2) Proper arrangement of irrigation:

A major cause of agricultural unemployment in Rural India is the dependence of cultivation on the rains. Since agriculture is seasonal and depends very much on the rains, therefore, only in a particular season of the year the village people are engaged in agricultural work and in the rest of the year they remain unemployed. Besides, if rains fail, the agricultural work is hindered and it brings about a good deal of unemployment problem among the rural farmers. Thus, for the eradication of unemployment the methods of irrigat ion should be made more modern. In rural areas proper arrangements of irrigation should be made through minor and major projects. As a consequence, the rural people are able to do agricultural work throughout the year by using water in their lands.

It is true that unemployment problem can minimise only when the transport and communication systems are developed properly in rural areas. To develop the means of transport and communication to a large extent. weaving. bee keeping. it is essential to increase cultivable land in the rural areas. 5) Development of transport and Communication: In order to create the employment atmosphere in rural areas. In this context. the development of communication helps the surplus population of Rural Society to move different places in search of employment. poultry farming. basket making. Besides. f urniture making. 4) Reconstruction of Cottage Industries: For the removing of unemployment problem in Rural Society. rocky and grass lands can be converted into cultivable lands by applying modern scientific techniques. match stick making and so on afford large employment facilities to the rural people and help in eradication unemployment problem from Rural India to a considerable extent. the various new cottage industries should be establ ished and the old are also reconstructed. The cottage industries like dairy farming. Because. the educated rural people who are not interested in agricultural work have to engage themselves in different occupations relating to business through transport. As a result rural people are much engaged in agricultural work and this would remove unemployment problem in rural areas. barren land should be made fertile by scientific methods. . In order to provide employment opportunities to the landless people in the village. it is essential on the part of the Govt. there is heavy pressure on land in rural areas. Therefore. tailoring.3) Increasing the Cultivable land: Now-a-days. Much sandy. The cultivable land is not sufficient to provide food as well as employment facilities to all the people. due to the rapid population growth. it is essential that various cottage industries should also develop.

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