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Cisco Networking Academy
CCNA Exploration – Network Fundamentals Chapter 3 Crossword

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MESSAGE DELIVERY AGENT. SYNTAX. WEB ADDRESS Across 5. 19. 8. 18. HELO. MESSAGE TRANSFER AGENT. 2. 6. ENCRYPTION. PRESENTATION. managing and terminating connections A set of rules or standards to ensure communication compatibility between disparate hardware or systems Scrambling data in the view of unauthorized users A device responding to a service or data request A device making a request for service or resource A background process on a server The base protocol for peer-to-peer applications . 17. The protocol used to provide terminal services A model in which any device may be a client and/or a server Relays messages to and between email servers OSI layer responsible for file and data formatting A model consisting of distinct requesters and providers of services and data Rules governing the form of communication A utility to manually query a name server A reliable and accurate source of information Translates names into IP addresses Down 1. 11. CLIENT. 16.Word bank AUTHORITATIVE. TELNET. 20. CLIENT-SERVER. 14. 15. DOMAIN NAME SYSTEM. LEASE. 7. 3. PROTOCOL. SERVER. 12. GNUTELLA. 13. SESSION. A temporary IP address assignment Identified SMTP client process to the SMTP server process Relays messages to end-user mailboxes Uniform Resource Locator or Uniform Resource Identifier The OSI layer responsible for establishing. 10. NSLOOKUP. 4. 9. DAEMON. PEER-TO-PEER.

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