How Will You Design Your Capacitor Bank ? A) KVAR DESIGN :1) Carry out a 24 hour load survey.

Note down hourly KWs, P.F. and voltages. 2) Divide this into three sections : a) No load or light load - but fixed KWs & its P.F. b) Average load and its P.F. c) Peak load and its P.F.

3) Design the bank for its, peak load conditions. Hold your desired p.f. at 0.95. Work out the capacitor bank KVAR by referring to the tables. 4) If the load is small (less than 50 KWs), then split the bank in two sections corresponding to conditions (2a) and (2b). 5) If the load is of medium size and (say up to 200 KWs), then split the bank in three sections corresponding to conditions (2a), (2b) and (2c). 6) If the laod is large sized and complex, then split the bank into a simple sections corresponding to (2a) and combine sections (2b) and (2c) and rearrange them in a multi - step, automatically controlled bank.

B) VOLTAGE CHOICE :1) Capacitor under A- 2a must be specified at higher range of voltages. Thus an energised transformer, with practically no load - except for 4-6 hours in a day, eg. (transformers under Garrison Engineers, MES) will require a capacitor rated at 500 Volts. 2) Capacitors under A-2b and A-2c fall in two categories :a. Category where electrical service is poor and the best voltages seldom cross 400-405. Specify 415 voltage. b. Category where loads fluctuate and voltages vary and also where you suspect harmonics, specify 440 volts.

SPECIFYING 415 VOLTS FOR CAPACITORS MERELY TO GET HIGHER KVAR, IRRESPECTIVE OF LOAD AND SYSTEM CONDITIONS, IS SHORTSIGHTED-LEADING TO SHORT-LIVED CAPACITORS. C) MODE OF OPERATION :1. Capacitors under A-2a should be left on permanently, on a 24 hour basis. An adequately rated switch-fuse is good-enough for this. 2. Capacitors under A-2b, may be switched on and off, once in twenty four hour basis - covering the duration of the average load. These need not be switched off

during recess-intervals since generally the load conditions on supply mains are fairy stable. 3. Capacitors under A-2c serve mainly to reduce the maximum demand in KVA and may be switched on and off more than once during the day - probably twice, if the peak load appears twice - during the day. 4. Capacitors under A-2c might not lead to satisfactory, reliable, manual operation.Automatic capacitor control - combining both 2b and 2c is more desirable.While the control panel will be on for twenty hour in a day, individual sections might come on or go off many times in 24 hours as per load conditions.

D) Design of switches, fuses MCCBS, contractors and also types of automatic controls and steps KVAR sizes are discussed in our serial on Automatic Power Factor Control Panels.
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We are confident about our products. Our average reduction rate is 8%-20%. If at the end of 90 days, you do not experience at least 8% reduction in your kwh consumption per month, provided that your consumption has not been intentionally increased , then we offer a money back policy.
The KVAR EnergySaver is a system that optimizes your power factor by reducing the amount of reactive power (non-working power) that your motor loads draw from the electric utility company. The KVAR Energy Saver reduces heat generation and amperage resulting in reduced consumption of electricity by the lines in your home while increasing the life of the motors in your home such as, air conditioners, refrigerators, washer, dryer, freezer, fans, etc, and allowing them to run more efficiently and cooler. When installed, the KVAR Energy Saver also increases the capacity of your electrical panel.

providing lower energy bills.000 Customers are Saving Money Right Now! Eliminates Power Surges! Reduces 'Noise' in the Electrical System! Power The Problem: Your Home Wastes All the the world the homes all have the same problem. washers. Power Enhancer™ Model : S200 STOP PAYING FOR WASTED ELECTRICITY. dryers. air conditioners. dish washers. The problem is that your local . pool pumps. Inductive load is anything in the home that runs by motor including refrigerators. 1. heat pumps. Sound too good to be true? The Power Enhancer™ was designed with the homeowner in mind. blower motors.All units are UL and CSA Listed aswell as RoHS compliant Are You Sick of Paying High Electric Bills to Cool your Home?? and want to lower your electricity bill? well. fans. as well as surge and lightning protection for all of the equipment inside of your house. Install an Power Enhancer™! Everyone That Has an Electric Bill Should Have a Power Enhancer™! Imagine a small gray box that fits neatly next to your breaker panel. vacuum cleaners and hair dryers. They inefficiently handle inductive load. right? All motors require a certain amount of reactive power (non-working power) from the utility to create the Electro-Magnetic-Field (EMF) around the motor to make it work. You get the picture. Residential customers throughout the United States and Canada see a realized savings of 8% . freezers. increased motor and appliance life.10% minimum and as much as 25% on their electrical usage (and thus power bills). INSTALL THE PowerEnhancer™ & SAVE UP TO 25% PER MONTH ON YOUR ELECTRIC BILL! ---> ---> ---> ---> ---> ---> ---> Reduces Electrical Bills up to 20~25% or More Every Month! Pays for Itself in Less Than One Year! Increases Motor and Appliance Life! UL Tested and Listed! Over 14. saves you money year after year and protects the entire home.

This loss is called I2R loss or "line loss".etc) 2. bank . shop. instead of asking for more from the utility. This allows your inductive motor load to push in and pull from the Economizer S200 using the stored power.dispersed in heat never to be seen again. PowerEnhancer™ For Commercial / Industrial Model: T200/T400/1200/3200/3400 Save Up to 25% on Your Commercial / Industrial Electric Bill! The PowerEnhancer™ T200 & PowerEnhancer™T400 Reduce the Amount of Inductive Load in Commercial and Industrial Environments The Many Benefits of thePowerEnhancer™ T200 & PowerEnhancer™T400 Include: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Lowers electric bills up to 25%! Reduces electricity required by existing inductive loads (motors)! Enhances capacity of existing electrical system! Eliminates harmful power surges! Protects appliances and sensitive electronic equipment! Reduces harmful effects caused by electrical noise! Power Factor Optimization! Specifications: Benefits: •Reduces electricity required by existing inductive loads •Enhances capacity of existing electrical system •Eliminates danger of harmful power surges on appliances and sensitive electronic equipment . The Solution: The PowerEnhancer™ Model:S200 The Economizer unit stores the reactive power (non-working power) that would be otherwise lost. This process decreases your demand from the utility thereby decreasing your Kwh usage and lowering your bill each month! Suitable For Use : Residential & small business ( office. The problem with this equation is that you’ve paid for the lost electricity.utility delivers that reactive power to your home without knowing how much you really need. because it's traveled thru your meter and been measured. Your inductive load (motors) then uses what it needs and sends the rest back to your electric panel where it is "lost" .

•Reduces harmful effects caused by electrical noise in the electrical system Features: •Electrical Noise Reduction •Power Factor Optimization •Voltage Regulation Specifications: •Three Phase •Utilizes Self-Healing Low Loss Capacitors •10~20 Years Design Life span •Surge Suppression – 2000 Joules •Typical Protection For : Electrical Storms. Power •Utility Spikes •The PU T200 is rated for a 200 amp inductive load •The PU T400 is rated for a 400 amp inductive load •When installing the T200 use a 30 amp three pole breaker •When installing the T400 use a 40 amp three pole breaker •Either unit will work in a 208/480 environment Frequently Asked Question How Does the S200™ Unit Work? The PowerEnhancer™S200™ Unit reduces the amount of power drawn from the utility by storing PowerEnhancer™ . Lightning Activity and •Let Through Voltage – 150V line-to-neutral •Load Rating – 20A (this means it discharges up to 20 amps at a time) •Six-Way Electrical Protection •EMI / RFI Noise Reduction 0-40dB •Weight w/ packaging is 10.1 lbs.

you’ve already paid for that electricity.(in its capacitors) otherwise lost electricity (watts) caused by the inductive motors in your home. thus increasing the effective use of your electricity and lowering your usage. Does the PowerEnhancer™ S200™ work in any home? Yes it does. the other 23% is being wasted by your inductive load. which is good for a motor because heat is the enemy of a motor. With a low power factor. Will the PowerEnhancer™ S200™ affect any of my appliances and their normal use? No. your motors will run about 10% cooler.3200. the PowerEnhancer™S200™ increases that power factor in most cases to . What is Power Factor? Power factor is the percentage of electricity that’s delivered to your house and used effectively. generally speaking users . why pay for it and waste it when you can pay for it.T400 are readily available & 1200. most homes in North America today have a . This means that 77% of the electricity that is coming thru your meter at your home or business is being used effectively.77 power factor or less. the amount of inductive motor load. and reuse it again. This whole process is called power factor optimization. The thought is. For example. dishwashers. dryers. fans etc. How much can I expect to save per month by using the Economizer S200™? That depends on many factors. Do you have a 3-phase PowerEnhancer™ for businesses available yet? Yes!T200. washers. vacuum cleaners. pool pumps. (Some examples of inductive motors are Air Conditioning units.) The technology applied by the PowerEnhancer™S200™ Unit supplies that stored electricity back to your inductive loads. However. furnace blower motors. If you decrease your demand from the utility. compared to what is wasted. store it. 98. and the amount you are paying per kilowatt-hour for electricity etc. the utility has to deliver more electricity to do the same work. The size of your home. if anything. a 1. the unit will work on any single-phase electric application for homes. However.97 or . thus causing you to decrease your demand from the utility.0 power factor means that all the electricity that’s being delivered to your home is being used effectively for its purpose. as long as you have a circuit breaker panel with breaker switches and not the old screw in type fuses. refrigerators. freezers. However. your meter slows down. and you use less electricity.3400 are by order.

and 19 and in some cases New York City is 22 cents per Kwh. How long will the PowerEnhancer™ S200™ last? It has a predicted lifespan of up to 20 years maximum or more. heating and cooling equipment. two words “cost effectiveness”. 10. vacuum cleaners. but the average savings is somewhere in the 15% to 20% range. 12. 1 year Manufacturers Warranty for full replacement. and Hawaii is 33. electric rates throughout America were cheap. satellite equipment. loose connections and fluctuating demand from large motors such as appliances. electric rates are 8. Is the PowerEnhancer™ 200™ easy to install? Technically yes but >> We recommend installation by an electrician. it makes all the sense in the world.of the product have seen up to 25% in reduced consumption. costing us 2. At the cheaper rates the PowerEnhancer™ S200™ didn’t make sense. The unit provides a broad range of protection for hardwired appliances and most home electronics such as televisions. etc. It installs in about 20-30 minutes. Why haven’t I heard of this product until now? That’s easy. 14. but at the current rates. How long will it take for the PowerEnhancer™ S200™ to pay for itself? Generally about 6-12 months.5 cents per Kwh. but again. some will see sooner (6 months). . Is the PowerEnhancer™S200™ Unit Warranted? Yes. the same factors above apply. Up until recently. No longer a need for so many surge protectors in the home. some will see later (12 months). Now. etc. The unit comes with complete installation instructions. The unit protects from power line surges as well as spikes caused by internal wiring problems. 3 or 4 cents per kilowatt-hour. entertainment systems. What About PowerEnhancer™ S200™ Surge Protection? The PowerEnhancer™S200™ also protects the entire home against power surges.

00 ( By Order ) ( By Order ) ( By Order ) 180KW 3phase 240KW 3phase 320KW 3phase 11KG 37*27*20 panel enclosure can be installed outdoors or indoors.Model S200 2. power until the motor .00 power Phase T400 5KG 2100 7.00 Available @ P 12.5*28*21 90KW 3phase Wt / PCS Packing size(CM) Maximum bear Available @ P 9600. CAPACITOR WORKS Just let me start by saying this is not new technology.600.5KG 23*21*18 45KW single or 2phase T200 4.5KG 33.5KG 2300 4300 9KG 36*28*20 120KW 3phase 37*27*20 37*27*20 Available @ P 15. storing electricity in capacitors has been around ever since electric motors was invented.900. it supplies extra power to the motor to help it get started. Capacitor to an electric motor is like the starter in your car motor. Only a capacitor stores power and releases it back into the electrical system where as a starter only supplies starts then disengages. at the main breaker panel or a sub-panel.

The heat generated is called watts. to the panel box. therefore lowering the amount of power the motor uses during normal usage. traveling to your meter. our units are completely compatible to Philippines's 220/ 230 volt 60 Hz system. Not so many years ago companies spent literally thousands of dollars to achieve as close to a perfect power factor as possible. the lines/wiring heats up and strains the motor and wiring. “Affordable” The sole purpose of a capacitor is to store and recycle electricity. it asks your utility company's transformer for power. finally reaching its destination of the transformer and back down to your home again. During a normal electrical process. No conversion is required. there is lost energy that you are being billed for by your energy company but are not able to use. power system so it can be reused THIS IS THE REASON WHY YOU SEE A BIG CAPACITOR OUT HANGING ON OUR MERALCO ELECTRIC POLE See pictures below: Is it Compatible in Philippines? Yes. This is where people like Gregory Taylor came in to invent and perfect the technology of power factor correction to make it what it is today. . Throughout this process. How Does it Work? When a motor in your home starts.The power factor correction unit is a series of capacitors wired in a specific order to optimize the power factor of induction motors. The demand of electricity from your motor runs through the wiring in your home. then generate that electricity back into your instead of going back to the utility company or just wasted.

This reduces the amount of heat on the wires and the motors in your home. << CAPACITOR FOR HIGH POWER ELECTRIC can easily be found on most Meralco electric poles same purpose as our capacitor PowerEnhancer™ . It protects against power surges and increases the capacity to your electrical panel by causing it to run cooler. this saves you money pesos! How I know it Works? It is an inductive load for your power company. If you use the old T-12 Fluorescent Lighting. Using methods from large industrial complexes. etc. Refrigerators. Washer. Transformer .The PowerEnhancer™ stores (otherwise lost energy/watts) and releases energy to your motor when needed to function properly. Reducing this heat will lower your electricity bill and increase the life of your motors in your home. just like the motors in your home (A/C. the ballast is also an inductive load. By doing so. Ceiling Fans. Anything with a copper winding that creates an electromagnetic field is an inductive load. etc. Air Conditioning Units. The PowerEnhancer™ reclaims wasted energy and recycles electrical energy. Inductive Motors are in your Refrigerator. this is your power companies inductive loads. just like your inverter that turns DC current into AC current. Dryer.). Freezer.

The PowerEnhancer™ works up to 200 amps. How Many Do I Need? Usually a home needs 1 unit. Your electric company has been using this very same technology for 70+ years to correct their power factors. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed or your money back so you have NOTHING to lose! << BELOW SOME OF OUR PRODUCTS >> .These are the capacitors your power company uses to correct their power factors. you will need only 1 unit. check your panel box. you will notice 1 of these banks of capacitors correcting the power factors of the transformers in your neighborhood. If you are unsure. When you correct the power factor. • • • • SAVE UP TO 25% on your Electric Bill! Average Savings is 15~20% 1 Year Warranty on Workmanship & Product Defects Comes with Easy to Follow Installation Instructions. for about every 50 transformers. Now why would your power company spend tens of thousand of dollars on a capacitor bank to correct their factor if it doesn't work? power High Voltage Pole Mount Capacitor BECAUSE IT DOES WORK! If you look around your neighborhood on the power poles. With the proper use of capacitors. you can reduce demand and legally slow down your meter. The electric meter on the side of your home that your electric company reads is a demand meter. If your main breaker is 200 amps or less. it reduces demand.

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you do not experience atleast 8% reduction in your kwh consumption per month. .• Image 6 of 7 Get Image Embed Code • Image 7 of 7 Get Image Embed Code Description copied from http://www. power factor optimizer and mini-capacitor bank developed through self-healing metalized capacitor. then we offer money-back policy. We are confident about our products. If you are NOT happy. provided that your consumption has not been intentionally increased. Our IntelliController Units are backed by a 90-Day Money Back Guarantee. Our average reduction on kwh is around This device must be mounted beside the inductive load or installed directly to the panel %2A+PowerFactorOptimizer+%2A+MiniCapacitorBank? referralKeywords=residential+capacitor+bank IntelliController ZM is a special energy saving product that serves as a reactive power supplier. we are NOT happy too. If at the end of 90 days.

Mini capacitor bank .. Frequency: 60Hz . Eliminates danger of harmful power surges on appliances and sensitive electronic devices . Service conditions: Altitude=2000m. Reduces electricity required by existing electrical loads . Power factor optimizer . Rated voltage: Available in 230V. Optimizes power factor. . . Has low voltage and high voltage types . 20 year Life Expectancy Technical Specs: . 450V. commercial and industrial clients . Can be used for very low to very high consumption of residential. Ambient temperature-25. Humidity =90% at 35. Reactive power supplier .~+45. 5 year Product Liability Insurance & 90-DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE .000 hours with 95% survival . . small business. 5 year Warranty. 690V. Lasts up to 20 years or 60. Savings of up to 20% or even more . For indoor use only Product Overview: . Reduces Power Bills – Saves Money . Explosion-free .. reduces EMI and RFI. Voltage regulator . Enhances and improves safety of existing electrical system . regulates voltage . Copper loss reducer . Has so many types depending on clients requirements . Savings of up to 40% or even more when used on specific and highly inductive load Product Advantages: . Quick Return of Investment – Power Savings are immediate with an average savings of up to 20% or even more! . Reduces the harmful effects caused by electrical noise in the electrical system .Main Features: .

Capacitance Tolerance: 0~+15. SWISS CERTIFICATION .com 09157437679 / 09185492957 / 09336509919 / 025047930 Read more: http://www.. 6. . visit our website: www. Tangent of the loss angle:=0. 4.intellicontroller. 2. 5. What What What What What What What is power factor? is the ideal power factor? is power factor correction? types of equipment cause low or poor power factor? are the factors that affect your electric utility billing? are the benefits of power factor correction? do power factor correction capacitors do to improve power Where is the most efficient location for power factor capacitors? . SGS . ARGENTINA S MARK . factor? 8.2% . POLAND CERTIFICATION . Max allowable over current: 130%rated current . 3. 7. Self-discharging characteristics: After switching off for 3 minutes. . the residual voltage decreases to less than 50V.php/view+classifieds/id/2680935/ReactivePowerSupplier+ %2A+PowerFactorOptimizer+%2A+MiniCapacitorBank?referralKeywords=residential+capacitor+bank 1.sulit. ISO 9001:2000 . RUSSIA CERTIFICATION For more info. Max allowable over voltage: 110% rated voltage . CE . TUV .ph/index. S MARK . Load capacity: Available in 10~1000kw . UL . Higher models also available for customization Certificates and Licences: . Rated output: Available in 1~100kvar . NEMKO .com. Insulating property: More than 1000MO between the pole and the enclosure .

What does it mean to plug or inch a motor? 27. Active power does work and reactive power (kVAR) produces an electromagnetic field for inductive loads. This extra energy. What is power factor? A. What type of energy savings will I see with Transient Voltage Surge Suppressors? 26. How to solve harmonic resonance? 14. What is the ideal power factor? A. Does a line reactor give more protection on a variable speed drive than an isolation transformer? 29. is necessary to provide a magnetizing effect required by motors and other inductive loads to perform their desired functions. How can I prove a 25% to 35% kilowatt hour savings by installing power factor correction capacitors? 28. PF(%) = (KW / KVA)*100. What is the proper way to test capacitors? 25. Top of Page 2. What is harmonic resonance? 12. What are some indications of harmonic resonance? 13. . Why tune to the 5th harmonic? 15. What type of replacement fuses should I use? 22. Does UL validate any energy savings claims regarding the usage of power factor correction capacitors? 1. which compensate for the Reactive Power demand of the inductive load and thus reduce the burden on the supply. Power factor correction is the term given to a technology that has been used since the turn of the 20th century to restore Power Factor to as close to unity as is economically possible. The ideal power factor is one (1) or 100% efficiency. What kind of savings can I realize by installing power factor correction capacitors? 10. What are the dimensions of your individual capacitor cells? 17. How do I fulfill IEEE 519? 18. Top of Page 3. Capacitors at load or service entrance? 21. Power factor is the ratio between active power (KW) and total power (KVA).9. What wire size and circuit breaker size do I use? 19. Do your capacitors contain PCB? 20. Do you provide power quality equipment for Induction Heaters? 24. I have machines that need to be converted to a different voltage and frequency. Can I save money by installing power factor correction capacitors in my home? 30. Power factor is a measure of how efficiently electrical power is consumed. This is normally achieved by the addition of power factor correction capacitors to the electrical network. Myron Zucker was the first person to apply Capacitors At the Load (CAL method) to achieve optimal power factor correction. What is the cause of harmonic amplification in the presence of capacitors? 23. Can I use the existing capacitors in this application? 16. What are harmonics? 11. What is power factor correction? A. Anything less than one means that extra power is required to achieve the actual task at hand. known as Reactive Power.

most efficient and most reliable method to reduce this charge (improve PF) is by adding properly designed fixed or automatic power factor correction systems. What types of equipment cause low or poor power factor? A. Demand Charge: This type of charge compensates the utility for the capital investment required to serve the facility's peak load. penalty billing is imposed when the power factor (PF) drops below 95%. molding equipment. What are the benefits of power factor correction? • • • • • • • • Electricity bills reduced Electrical energy efficiency improved Less total plant KVA for the same KW working power More KW working power for the same KVA demand Improved voltage regulation due to reduced line voltage drop Reduction in size of transformers. Capacitors work from the point of installation back to the generating source. Where is the most efficient location for power factor capacitors? A. Therefore. Power factor correction capacitors supply the necessary reactive portion of power (kVAR) for inductive devices. What are the factors that affect your electric utility billing? A. With many of the electric utilities. the least expensive. resulting in reduced generation costs for the utility. etc. commercial and institutional user to improve power factor. sometimes it is more practical to connect larger capacitors on the distribution bus or install an automatic system at the incoming service along with fixed capacitors at the load. Demand charges can be reduced by reducing KVA. What do power factor correction capacitors do to improve power factor? A. Top of Page 5. 3. induction furnaces. as much as 75%. the electric utility does not have to supply it. HVAC systems. they provide additional savings in recovered heat losses. Power Factor Penalty Charge: This is a rate structure charge imposed to encourage the industrial. which can be achieved by reducing energy peaks and improving power factor. Because the capacitors supply this necessary power. Demand charges may be a large portion of the total electric bill. 2. Top of Page . Top of Page 8. The location that provides maximum benefits of power factor correction is at the load. 1. cables and switchgear in new installations Reduced power losses in distribution systems Decrease carbon footprint on the environment Top of Page 7.Top of Page 4. Energy Charge: Number of kilowatt-hours used during the billing period Number of kilovolt amperes (KVA) used during the billing period. In most cases. Top of Page 6. Individual motor correction is not always practical. Lightly loaded or varying load inductive equipment such as: inefficient motors.

Top of Page 15. What kind of savings can I realize by installing power factor correction capacitors? A. 420 Hz is the 7th harmonic. flicking lights and telephone interference. Adding tuned harmonic suppression reactors in series with the capacitor to prevent resonance. a harmonic current at the resonant frequency flowing through this impedance will result in a very large harmonic voltage.S. depending on the harmonic source. etc. Top of Page 10. We are revising the machine where the voltage will be .78th harmonic to help extend the life of the capacitors. subjected to continuous disturbances. which is primarily inductive. power factor correction capacitors and systems can generate a one year or less payback. Review our Power Factor Correction Application Guide for details on how potential savings can be calculated. 2. Many other systems are designed at the 3. What are some indications of harmonic resonance? A. insulation melting off of conductors (skin effect). and so on. unexplained fuse operation. Parallel resonance will occur around the 4th harmonic. The solution can be accomplished by: 1. the system's impedance appears to the harmonic source to be very large. Why tune to the 5th harmonic? A. How to solve harmonic resonance? A. As far as the harmonic source is concerned. arc furnaces. The 5th harmonic is generally considered to be the most offending. at a much lower amplitude and in an area that does no harm to the capacitors or system. This tuning frequency does not remove the majority of the 5th. it sees a capacitor in parallel with an inductor. solid state variable speed motor drives. originally built for U. frequent circuit breaker tripping. Every application and installation is different. Top of Page 13. Also review our Capacitalk 101 for a case study. Harmonics are created by the use of non-linear devices such as UPS systems. Some indications are overheating. therefore. What is harmonic resonance? A. it is effectively connected in parallel with the system's impedance. 480Vac 60 Hz. It is important that the tuned frequency for the 5th harmonic be at least at the 4. What are harmonics? A. harmonic from the system. Adding or subtracting capacitance from the system to move the parallel resonance frequency to one that is not harmful. in those areas of the country where the electric utilities have a penalty based rate structure. 7th. there is a frequency at which these two parameters will be equal.2nd harmonic. Top of Page 12. rectifiers. This frequency is called the system's natural resonant frequency. capacitor failures. At this frequency. Top of Page 11. Individual harmonic frequencies will vary in amplitude and phase angle.9. I have machines that need to be converted to a different voltage and frequency. When a capacitor bank is added to a power system. but remove the largest offending portion of the 5th harmonic. 3. However. welders. Tuning slightly below the offending harmonic will accommodate for standard tolerances in the manufacturing process. Top of Page 14. electronic equipment malfunction. In a 60 Hz electrical system 350 Hz is the 5th harmonic. Can I use the existing capacitors in this application? I have a machine. Altering the size of the non-linear devices. Since the capacitive and inductive reactance are frequency dependent. Harmonics are multiples of the fundamental frequency distortions found in electrical power. fluorescent ballasts and personal computers.

WI. 3Phase. 480V. The main electrical control panel has a bank of 4 Myron Zucker capacitors. A. Top of Page 20. There is a stamped phrase on top of the capacitors that reads "Contains ECCOL. The capacitors used in the units you've described were manufactured by Commonwealth Sprague. Top of Page 16. Do your capacitors contain PCB? My company is in the process of re-building a 1979 Vertical Boring Mill. of course. 60 Hertz capacitor bank is 500MCM . The units will have a lower kVAR rating at 380 volt 50 Hz than they would at 480 volt 60 Hz but will still work normally in that setting. If your facility has power factor (PF) correction capacitors at its service entrance. SA. The ECCOL line of capacitors were filled with a non-PCB fluid. Can I use the same Calmount capacitor or do I need another unit? A.90 degree. means your company pays for electricity it doesn't use. and fuses chart. We cannot read the Catalog number. Per the NEC.380Vac 50 Hz. These drives are coming from New Berlin. the recommended wire size for a 200kVAR. 60 Hz capacitor bank? A. Please view our recommended wire sizes. 1800 RPM. This. which means your actual energy consumption is higher than it needs to be. What they don't do is improve power factor at the load. It would be helpful to know the model of drive. What does this require? A. The following link is a derating chart for these types of applications. These units will be fine to leave as is. Top of Page 17. . 60 Hz. The dimensions of our capacitor cells can be found in our capacitor cell specifications. 480 Volt. Click here for additional information on capacitors with PCB. Top of Page 18. XHHW or equivalent and a 400 amp circuit breaker or disconnect switch." My concern is whether that material is PCB-based. For IEEE-519 there are five different harmonic current distortion limits depending on the transformer size and impedance (determines available short circuit current) and the individual load ratings. at our Lykens PA facility. For several VFDs (at one location) it then becomes a system solution whereby you might combine AC line reactors along with filters to achieve compliance at the lowest cost. 3 Phase. They are looking for a passive filter supplier to include in the drives to mitigate the harmonic level and to fulfill IEEE 519. 460V. The units may be derated to lower voltages along with derating to lower hertz. The motors are 3HP and 5HP. How do I fulfill IEEE 519? We plan to sell several low voltage 6-pulses drives in Columbia. Capacitors at load or service entrance? Why would I want to place a capacitor at the load (CAL) instead of at the service entrance or substation? Do capacitor banks at the service entrance provide better power factor correction? A. What wire size and circuit breaker size do I use? What size wire and circuit breaker will I need when I install a 200 kVAR. Top of Page 19. switches. What are the dimensions of your individual capacitor cells? A. C-Type THHN. those capacitors are probably there to prevent a utility penalty. 3-phase.

A.8% With Capacitor Bank Connected 411 0. Can you tell me the type and size of the fuses that are installed on these units? I've downloaded your instructions for diagnosing the lights and replacing the fuses but I can't find any information that identifies the fuses. Power events can damage these capacitors -. If you can't remove individual capacitor cells for testing or replacement because the lid of your PF unit interferes with this. CAL can be obtained and installed quickly and easily 5. thereby reducing total KW CAL enables all equipment in the plant system to furnish more real power CAL keeps voltage steadier at the load. 11/0. Many utilities reward better power factor or lower KVA demand. Capacitors-at-Load (CAL) pay more dividends than power factor correction at the substation. without burnouts due to improper voltage 4.4 KV. Even with PF correction at the service entrance. Corrections at the load will change the PF capacitor size you need at the service. Capacitors ordered with new equipment give you all these benefits right from the start. If you identify energy savings with this limited survey. Our KIM43005-3 Calmount capacitor uses (3) 20 Amp fuses. enabling full torque from motors and full light from lamps. My customer has told me that some of the fuse lights are lit on the Myron Zucker units.568 4. X=5% after the erection of a fixed capacitor (100 kVAR) The results were as follows: With Capacitor Bank Disconnected Voltage (volt) Power Factor Voltage Total Harmonic Total Demand 409 0. Top of Page 22.7% 31. The type of fuse is a Class CC . What is the cause of harmonic amplification in the presence of capacitors? I've made measurements in a tissue factory fed from the secondary side of a distribution transformer 800KVA. determine the effects on your entire distribution system.Fast-Acting. Before implementing any load-level PF correction. What type of replacement fuses should I use? I have some Myron Zucker KIM43005-3 power factor capacitors installed on some equipment. consider replacing that unit with one that has a maintenance-friendly lid design. you may be surprised to find that you have unacceptably low PF at some loads. rejection type fuse. CAL decreases I2R losses in conductors. Current-Limiting. Top of Page 21.Have you been unable to get approval to pay for a site power survey to see where your energy losses are? Try shrinking the scope. Start with a one-line diagram of your distribution system.75% . the money you save can help you justify a more detailed follow-up survey. and limit the survey so it goes no further than the major loads.946 5. But equally compelling reasons for adapting CAL are: 1. You should always consult the factory if the fuse being replaced cannot be easily identified.5% 6.and that damage may not be readily apparent. Make sure you regularly inspect PF correction capacitors. 2. 3.

Follow your instincts. If it is drawing too much amperage then it is likely that there are harmonics present in the facility and further testing would be recommended to determine if that is the case. If you were experiencing resonance you would have burnt conductors. capacitor cells. designed to do one thing: protect downstream equipment from voltage surges and spikes. Top of Page 24. You may be interested in reading Mike Holt’s website.Distortion The greatest harmonic was the fifth. What type of energy savings will I see with Transient Voltage Surge Suppressors? A. The following link will take you to our white paper for testing capacitor cells. The fact that your greatest harmonic is the 5th tells me that you probably have some 6-pulse drives that represent a good portion of the load. Mike Holt is a leading National Electrical Code consultant and instructor. Top of Page 25. No. UPS’s. These measurements can be taken with an amprobe while the capacitors are on line and without disconnecting wires. by and large. it seems unlikely to save energy. .) who recommended we install transient voltage surge suppressors (TVSS) as a way to protect equipment and save energy costs. Since this is a tissue plant I would say that you have VFD’s that are spooling and un-spooling large rolls of paper. What type of energy savings will I see with Transient Voltage Surge Suppressors? Our manufacturing facility was recently visited by a power quality “expert” from another company (not Myron Zucker Inc. TVSS devices are. You can learn more by reading our manual on solving harmonics. A capacitor is supposed to draw given amperage at a given voltage based on its kVAR rating. A. This will include any harmonics that are produced on the load-side of the 800kVA transformer. I believe your problem is due to the capacitor being a low impedance device therefore attracting any harmonics that are in the system. This will give you a good idea of where the harmonics are being generated from and how to properly size a filtered bank. and from what I understand about TVSS. Do you provide power quality equipment for Induction Heaters? A. They are NOT an energy savings device. Induction Heaters are normally listed in voltages and hertz ratings that are not found in our product line. Top of Page 23. Your fuses are not blowing because they are probably sized large enough to handle the 32% increase in amperage. I would suggest that you obtain a complete one line diagram of every thing on the load side of this 800kVA transformer and examine your non-sinusoidal devices such as VFD’s. or blown fuses so we don’t believe that this is a concern.75%? Is this due to parallel resonance? But the capacitor doesn't burn nor its fuses blown. Does this factory need to erect a harmonic filter (detuned type)? Note: the same distribution transformer fed other factories that also have capacitor banks. What is the proper way to test capacitors? A. I want to know the rule that made the 6. If the capacitor is not drawing enough amperage then it is probably aging and losing some of its capacitance. I know enough to be dangerous.8% TDD to become 31. and all other devices that change AC to DC. which specifically addresses the false claims of some TVSS manufacturers. We would be happy to assist you in resolving this power quality issue and look forward to hearing from you in the future.

these line losses are usually minimal. This will not necessarily reduce your electrical bill but may reduce your overall carbon footprint. Keep in mind that even in an industrial environment with loads operating around the clock. I2R lines losses are typically achieved by either reducing the resistance of conductors (increasing the size of wires) or reducing the current flowing through it.3% of the total power. Top of Page 28. on my load. Inching. below 3% for each treated load.952)) . we have experienced situations where they still have allowed enough harmonics back into the system to cause problems. which would be 43% of the losses or 4. So. By selecting the proper reactor based on voltage. if any. But the standard also says that a typical reduction is 2% to 5%. The IEEE equation for I2R losses is as follows: % loss reduction = 100 x (1 .90) Therefore. Plugging is understood as stopping or reversing an induction motor rapidly by reversing motor primary connections while the motor is running. Let's say your original PF is 72% and your desired PF is 95%. we can offer an IGBT compatible reactor to either protect your drive against power spikes and motor current surges (3% impedance) or comply with IEEE 519 requirements for mitigating harmonics (5% impedance). Does a line reactor give more protection on a variable speed drive than an isolation transformer? A. etc. and percentage of impedance. The only possible benefit you could achieve is the reduction of I2R line losses.000kW and you have a total loss of 100kW then the savings from the power factor correction will be based on the 100kW portion not the total 1. AC units. also referred to as jogging. Can I save money by installing power factor correction capacitors in my home? A. What does it mean to plug or inch a motor? A.722 / . Since most residential homes in the US are billed in KWH. This directly translates into a reduction of KWH usage. also referred to as I2R losses.000kW. if your building consumes 1.) generally have a very good power factor. Either one of these methods will reduce heat generated in the circuit. refrigerators. air compressors. it is not usually justifiable to install capacitors in a residential building unless you are trying to achieve unity power factor or improve overall energy efficiency.3.Top of Page 26.(original PF2 / desired PF2)) This is a percentage of total losses. the reduction of current is achieved by simply placing a capacitor at that load. not total power. How can I prove a 25% to 35% kilowatt hour savings by installing power factor correction capacitors? The IEEE Std 739-1995 5. In a residential environment. On loads with poor power factor. above .5. What am I missing? A. This is not the case for a properly sized and tuned line reactor. is understood as energizing an induction motor once or repeatedly for short periods to obtain small movements of the driven mechanism. Top of Page 27.(. It is highly unlikely. If interested in learning more about residential power factor correction.. Line reactors are often a more economical approach as well. Even though we would consider an isolation transformer to be adequate protection against line harmonics. hertz.3 which refers to "Reduced power losses when capacitors are located at the load" uses a formula based approach and when I apply it to my data I get a 35% reduction in line losses. the benefit of installing power factor correction capacitors is minimal. This would fall into the percentage range explained in the IEEE standard. Top of Page 29. The loss reduction savings equation on the same example system would be 100 x (1 . horsepower. electrical line runs are typically short and electrical loads (ex. please visit the following links: .

Does UL validate any energy savings claims regarding the usage of power factor correction capacitors? A.What Is Real? .Power Electronics Magazine (May 2007) . .written by Daniel J. Carnovale and Timothy J. Hronek from Eaton Corporation Is Power Factor Correction Justified in the Home? .by William Rynone.Frequently Asked Question from the Energy Star web site Power Quality Solutions and Energy Savings . Rynone Engineering Top of Page 30.• • • Do Power Factor Correction Devices (kVAR) really save money? . UL only evaluates and Lists power factor correction capacitors for safety reasons. Please click here to read an informative article regarding energy savings claims and UL's involvement. UL does not validate any claims of energy savings when using power factor correction capacitors.

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