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Agile 9.3.0.

2 - Application Node Installation

The Agile Application node installation composed from the following steps: - Complete all application installation pre requisites - Oracle Application Server Installation - Upgrade Oracle Application Server to - Install Agile 9.3 Application Installation - Upgrade to Agile - Deploy Agile 9.3 application on Oracle Application Server - Verify Installation

Oracle Application Server Installation

Download - Application Server 10g Release 3 (10.1.3.x) Downloads soa_linux_x86_101310_disk1.cpio

useradd agile -g dba su agile cd /d01/oracle/software/Agile/soa ./runInstaller

Oracle Applications Server Patch Installation

ls ltr Disk1 Disk2 [root@linux2 patch]# cd Disk1 [root@linux2 Disk1]# ls config install runInstaller doc readme.html stage [root@linux2 Disk1]# pwd /d01/oracle/software/Agile/soa/patch/Disk1 ./runInstaller

Installing Agile 9.3 and Upgrade to Agile

Installing the Agile 9.3 application. Notes:
- AutoVue 20 for Agile PLM is on E-Delivery with part number B58963-01 - Oracle Agile PLM 9.3 Service Pack 2 ( My Oracle Support Patch ID 9782736 - AVERIFY 1.6.3 My Oracle Support Patch ID 9791892 - AUT 1.6.3 My Oracle Support Patch ID 9791908 - Agile PLM 9.3 SP2 Documentation is available on the OTN Agile Documentation Page

1. Install Agile 9.3 1. Copy the <disk 2>platforms directory to the <disk 1>\Disk1_Linux directory 2. Run setup_win.exe 3. Since I had OAS installed, I selected Advanced Mode 4. Chained the install drive to my data drive 5. I selected my existing OAS home directory 6. We are doing a standalone installation 7. On the database details dialog box, you will need to scroll down and enter the password for the database. 8. I do NOT run configure 9. I do NOT run deployagileplm once complete 2. Install the Agile Patch 1. Extract the patch 2. Extract the platforms zip file 3. Copy the extracted platforms directory contents to the <patch>\linux folder 4. Launch the setup_lin.bin inside of the <patch>\linux folder. Since nothing was deployed and we are in a standalone environment, we have a light work load

Copy Platform directory from Disk2 to Disk1 to the setup.exe level

Upgrade cd Linux unzip

Dont run any environment file cd /d01/oracle/Agile/agile/agileDomain/bin ./ Check whether environment has fired, else manually run it ./ oracle10g ./ oracle10g ./ oracle10g ./ oracle10g

linux2-> . ./ linux2-> . ./ oracle10g

./ oracle10g To remove a failed configuration

Install - jre-6u20-linux-i586-rpm.bin ./ jre-6u20-linux-i586-rpm.bin

Click launch

uid/pwd - admin/admin

"Agile Product Interchange Installation Guide" can be found in the following link: Agile Product Lifecycle Management Documentation Library v9.2.2.4 I would also suggest you review the following links: [Agile PLM Part I|] [Agile PLM Part II - Database Node Installation|] [Agile PLM Part III Application Node Installation |] Check AIA installation logs under $AIA_HOME/Infrastructure/install/logs/FPInstall.log