Flight Reservation System Project

Flight Reservation System INTRODUCTION PROBLEM STATEMENT The web based “airline reservation system” project is an attempt to stimulate the basic concepts of airline reservation system. The system enables the customer to do the things such as search for airline flights for two travel cities on a specified date, choose a flight based on the details, reservation of flight and cancellation of reservation. The system allows the airline passenger to search for flights that are available between the two travel cities, namely the “Departure city” and “Arrival city” for a particular departure and arrival dates. The system displays all the flight’s details such as flight no, name, price and duration of journey etc. After search the system display list of available flights and allows customer to choose a particular flight. Then the system checks for the availability of seats on the flight. If the seats are available then the system allows the passenger to book a seat. Otherwise it asks the user to choose another flight. To book a flight the system asks the customer to enter his details such as name, address, city, state, credit card number and contact number. Then it checks the validity of card and book the flight and update the airline database and user database. The system also allows the customer to cancel his/her reservation, if any problem occurs. System Requirements Specification HARDWARE: PROCESSOR : PENTUIUM IV 2.6 GHz RAM : 512MB DD RAM MONITOR : 15” COLOR HARD DISK :250 GB CDDRIVE : LG52X KEYBOARD : STANDARD 102 KEYS MOUSE :OPTICAL MOUSE

airline reservation system project

PROBLEM DEFINITION The definition of our problem lies in manual system anda fully automated system. Manual system: The system is very time consuming and lazy. This system is more prone to errors and sometimes the approach to various problems is unstructured. Technical system: With the advent of latest technology if we do not update our system then

The systems with this technology are very fast. 5 Ticket printers. accurate.A.Need of Airlines system A few factors that directs us to develop a new system are given below -: 1) Faster System 2) Accuracy 3) Reliability 4) Informative 5) Reservations and cancellations from any where to any place 5 AIRLINES SYSTEM CANCELLATION RESERVATION UPDATION TECHNICAL SYSTEM FEASIBILITY STUDY Feasibility study is to check the viability of the project under consideration. TECHNICAL FEASIBILITY The new system requires only 6 trained person to work with the system and in overall 10 people per office are sufficient. building rent. It requires 20 Lacks PA as a operating cost. As our existing system is purely manual. But with the new system this reoccurring cost comes out to be about 20 Lacks P. computers printers. user-friendly and reliable. So we will identify 6 best people from existing system and train them. Hence the new system is economically feasible. The technical systems contains the tools of latest trend i. electricity. a laser printer.A. Theoretically various types of feasibilities are conducted. water. the company is still saving Rs 25 Lacks PA.our business result in losses gradually with time. Internet etc. stationary. With the above details our system is technically feasible as after investing 24 Lacks in a year. telephone etc. so we need a one time investment of Rs 4 Laks for the purchase of 7 computers. ECONOMIC FEASIBILITY With the manual system the operating cost of the system is about 60 Lacks P. OPERATIONAL FEASIBILITY .. . but we have conducted three type of feasibilities explained as under. This cost comprises salary of 25 people. AC and networking etc.e. fax.

Fare details. The new system demands the expulsion of at least 15 people from the company. BLOCKDIAGRAM 7 AIRLINE RESERVATION SYSTEM database REPORTS Ticket reservation Cancellation.The new solution is feasible in all sence but operationally it is not. Fleet info concession Flight information. cancellation RECEIVE CUSTOMER REQUEST DATA STIRAGE DATA ACCESS PASSENGER LIST CONFIRMED LIST .It had connected my maximum time . It can lead to an indefinite strike in the company also. PASSENGER BOOKING DEPARTMENT Flight MAINTENANCE. 6 SYSTEM ANALYSIS This was the most important phase of my project life cycle . Request for enquiry Passenger list. Booking. So the management must take corrective actions prior in advance in order to start the further proceedings.The block diagram given bellow depict various fact which were understood by one during the analysis phase. It creates an environment of joblessness and fear among the employees.

Tick mark the reports to be Incorporated? • List of all passenger • List of all flights • List of passenger(date wise) .WAITING LIST CANCELLATION In that phase initially I had observed the system by visiting to Indiragandhi Airport(domestic terminal) and a few airline reservation agency. Q. Pardes Airline agencies . Lotus Airline agencies.Which I tried to ask from appropriate authorities A sample of my quires is enclosed as Annex 1. Tick marks the total time required for the implementation of the project? • 3 months • 6 months • 9 months • Others specify 8 Q4. Tick mark that the system should be ? • Multi-user • Single user Q3.1 Tick mark the features to be included in the new system? • Enquiry • Reservation • Cancellation • Report • Edit • Other specify Q2. In the next phase I had various quiries in my mind . The above block diagram is an implementation of this observation .

cheque. Flight info: f_name. tel_no . Cancel amount . cash. Age. baggage allowance . Fleet info:No aircraft. class . discount .cruisespeed. engine type. f_code. seat number . Fare: route . club_pre_capacity. Concession:concession name . source place. c_code.source place .credit.Current date.• List of passenger(flight wise) • Any other After getting solution my queries I started studying database structure used in the existing system . t_economic seat no. departure time arrival time .Flight code. pnr.air length. Enquiry: Ticket no. PNR. v_o_t . Class.Fare. destination place. destination place . number of passenger.t_exeseat no. profession father name. flight code. ticket no. economic capacity. Reservation:Ticket report. Fare. Basic amount. Cancellation : Pnr. d_o_b. fare. sex. In this connection I had come to know about various master files as In passenger list :Passenger name. Arrival time. Move of payment: Passenger code . Debit.class.Departure time.Date of paid . Days left. concession code .Address . seat .

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