From communities and individuals to businesses and government bodies, everyone is finding rewarding reasons to plant trees. This was the message reaching millions through our More Trees, More Good campaign launched in 2010. As well as raising awareness, we forged partnerships with a huge variety of organisations. Schools, companies, housing associations and even the MOD were just some of those we teamed up with to plant more trees and raise more funds for our native woods. We also started work on a major initiative to mark the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. In celebration of Her Majesty’s 60 years on the throne, the Jubilee Woods Project will create 60 large woods and hundreds of small ones, as people across the UK come together to plant 6 million trees. I’m really excited about VisitWoods, a new website we’ve launched with details of nearly 14,000 accessible woods across the UK.There are photos and comments from fellow woodland visitors, plus free activities to download so you can plan a perfect day out with family or friends. During the year we welcomed a new Chair, Dr Nicola Nicholls, who has been a trustee since 2005 and already played a major role in shaping our governance. Finally, it was 2010 when harsh economic realities dawned. In the face of threats to sell off the public forest estate in England, we ensured decision makers were in no doubt of the crucial need to safeguard our most precious wildlife habitat and people’s right to access it. I was quite overwhelmed by the passion of the public on this issue – it’s clear many voices really do have the power to effect major change. But there is still a lot of work to be done to ensure our native woodland is safe for the future, so please keep helping us and urge others to join us. The difference you are helping us make is more evident than ever.Thank you so much.

Sue Holden, chief executive

Windmill Hill Wood, Ballynahinch, County Down WTPL

2010 | 02

Hectares-to-acres conversion key: 1 hectare = 2.47 acres

04 08 10 12 14 16 18 19

Creating Protecting Inspiring A year in the spotlight Natural partners Across the UK Annual accounts Thank you

2010 | 03

With the help of others, we planted almost 1.5 million trees in 2010 – over a third more than in 2009, reflecting our increased commitment to double native woodland cover in the UK. To highlight the many benefits of woodland creation, we launched More Trees, More Good, an over-arching campaign which resulted in over 1,200 enquiries from those looking to plant trees. Our MOREwoods scheme enabled the planting of 205 hectares of native woodland at 170 sites across England and Wales. A further 30,000 trees are being planted through the scheme in partnership with South Hams District Council, while Essex County Council plan to plant another 10,000. The Trust also joined forces with the Ministry of Defence, who manage 240,000 hectares (nearly 600,000 acres) in the UK.This exciting new partnership has huge woodland creation potential, so watch this space! In Scotland, community partnerships led to the planting of more than 150,000 trees, and we hope to plant 100,000 more at the newly acquired Lang Craigs in West Dumbartonshire. By December we had planted 107,000 trees at White Hill Woods in County Durham, which will link to existing woodland to create a complex of woods and wildflower meadows covering more than 150 hectares. Planting began at nearby recent acquisition Low Burnhall, which gained 40,000 new trees by the end of the year.And a new extension to Pipe Hall Farm in Staffordshire meant members of the community gathered with spades and willing hands to help put 8,000 trees into the ground. At Heartwood in Hertfordshire we planted 100,000 trees, engaging more than 4,000 children along the way. More than 1,000 people thronged to our spring community planting day there, while others enjoyed events including an art and craft festival and a multicultural planting day. We had an incredible response to our offer of free Community Tree packs, which led to more than 105,000 trees being planted by people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities. Sports clubs, religious associations, animal shelters and inner-city projects were just some of the groups that benefited. Meanwhile, 17,500 schools applied for free Hedge and Copse packs, giving thousands of children the chance to experience the unforgettable act of planting a tree.As they look forward to healthier and greener grounds, we also offered more than 2,000 schools the chance to grow from scratch with our free Seeds to Trees packs.
Top Ardles Wood, a Wood on your Doorstep in Northamptonshire, during last year’s anniversary celebrations
WTPL/Chris Williams

2010 | 05

What a transformation –from field to forest!
Mr Hannigan

Ten years ago the Woods on your Doorstep project saw 250 communities come together to create new native woods close to their homes. Planted to mark the millennium, the woods have become well used and much loved; their trees now standing at well over 15 feet. Home to a range of wildlife including the treecreeper and long-eared bat, they are an asset to the local people involved at every stage of their evolution. To celebrate this transformation from plain ground to flourishing forest, events were held up and down the country this year, with the young woods proving perfect venues for a party and each neighbourhood marking the anniversary in their own unique way. Some hired singers, others provided picnics, games were played, puppets entertained and prizes were won. Cakes were baked and banners created, while guided walks were set up and led as children hunted for berries or flowers. Above all, people simply came together to enjoy their local wood – a place they are proud of, and rightfully so. Now we plan to repeat the feat with a similar woodland creation drive in 2012 to honour the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II. Once again communities will come together to plant trees they can enjoy far into the future, forming a growing tribute that will last and flourish in their lifetimes and beyond.

I love our wood and bring my grandson to walk through it regularly. He sees the changes as it develops and appreciates the closeness to nature
Mrs MacMahon

Pictures clockwise from top left: Stone/banner: Netherwood, nr. Stoke Lacy, Herefordshire; Planting together; Child plants sapling; Girls singing: Crown Meadow Wood,West Kent; 12-year old woodland
WTPL/Clare de la Torre(x2) WTPL; WTPL/Janette Wickens; WTPL/Ian Bayley and WTPL/Colin Varndell

2010 | 07

Ancient woods are our richest habitat for wildlife. They are priceless and irreplaceable – it is vital we protect them
Nikki Williams, Head of Campaigns at the Woodland Trust

Government plans to sell off Forestry Commission land pushed protection of ancient woodland to the very top of the political and public agendas – a place we’ll make sure it stays. We did our utmost to ensure decision makers were very clear on the vital importance of protecting and restoring England’s ancient woods and continue to campaign for stronger safeguards. After ten years of lobbying we celebrated as the Northern Ireland Forestry Act passed into law.The Northern Ireland Forest Service now has a legal duty to increase woodland cover and practise sustainable forestry, protecting biodiversity and encouraging public access to woods. We continued to help save individual ancient woods under threat and saw another victory when plans for a leisure resort at the Dall Estate, Rannoch were scrapped.This was the largest single case of threatened ancient woodland we had ever handled with over 200 hectares affected, along with wildlife species such as the endangered capercaillie and black grouse. We continue to fight a ragstone quarry development that threatens Oaken Wood in Kent, a sweet chestnut coppice which is home to bats, dormice and other protected species. WoodWatch is still helping communities successfully campaign to protect local woods, and our very own Alice Farr won the Sheila McKechnie Award recognising the outstanding contribution to environmental justice she made by running the initiative. In June we hit our fundraising target to secure Cwm Mynach, 400 hectares in Snowdonia National Park where we will gradually remove non-native conifers to allow native natural habitats to return and thrive. It was our most successful year yet for working with private landowners to restore ancient woodland planted with conifers with 2,700 hectares in the process of active restoration. At Reffley Wood in Norfolk we completed a three-year Heritage Lottery-funded project to remove conifers, letting in the light to enable wildlife to flourish. At Bovey Valley Woods in Devon a colony of the rare Barbastelle bat is now seeing the benefits of restoration. And thanks to a £250,000 grant from WREN we and partners will restore ancient woodland across at least 15 different locations in Cumbria. The number of ancient trees recorded was boosted by Ancient Tree Hunt Goes to Town, four events aimed at urban dwellers. On Christmas Eve the 80,000th ancient tree was recorded on our database.

Common long-eared bat (Plecotus auritus) roosting on tree trunk;
Robert Thompson/

2010 | 09

We had loads of fun, learnt a lot and look forward to seeing our trees grow over the next few years
Class 2, Eldersfield Lawn CE Primary School

In general election year the public voice for woodland was more important than ever.With this in mind we redoubled our efforts to ensure woods and trees are universally valued and enjoyed. Our election campaign stimulated 8,000 emails from supporters to parliamentary candidates calling on them to support our six-point manifesto, Growing the Future. As a result, 852 MP hopefuls signed up to it. A stroll in a Trust wood with Nick Herbert, then Shadow Secretary for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, led to the creation of The Big Tree Plant, which will see the planting of 1 million trees over the next four years. We were cementing partnerships with councillors too and liaised with over 200 councils to develop My View, a website enabling people to tell their council where they would like to see more trees and ‘virtually’ plant them on screen. Nature Detectives, our children’s website, broke records again with over 1.3 million resources downloaded by families and schools. The national photo competition was particularly popular with over 1,500 images entered. We are working with 20,000 schools – almost two thirds of the UK’s total number – and 2.6 million children have planted trees with us since 2004. Nature’s Calendar inspired thousands to get outdoors spotting wildlife and developed new online resources for website visitors.The project saw over 106,000 observations added to the phenology database. Give it Some Welly was launched to encourage everyone to raise money for tree planting by donning their wellies and organising wellythemed events or games. In October, the new VisitWoods website went live featuring the first ever online directory of all known accessible woods in the UK and ideas to inspire a visit. Meanwhile, our Visitor Investment Programme improved the visitor experience at woods including Carnmoney Hill near Belfast, which gained new entrances, paths and gateways through the scheme. At Hargate Forest in Sussex we ran events to attract schools and families, while Moncrieffe Wood near Perth welcomed new sculpture trails and a replica of a Pictish Fort to celebrate the real ancient fort found deep in the wood. During 2010, a record number of people heard about the Trust’s cause with our media coverage reaching a potential audience of 1.5 billion, a half-billion rise on the previous year.
Building a den at Charleycombe Wood, South Devon
WTPL/Chris Cadle

2010 | 11

As President of the Trust I’ve seen firsthand the good that comes from planting trees. We want to double native woodland cover by planting 20 million trees every year and we can only do that with your help!
Clive Anderson, Woodland Trust President, welly wanging at Heartwood Forest

Tree planting rates across the UK are declining, and that's no joke Matron.
Jo Brand, comedian and advocate for Trust fundraising drive ‘Give it some Welly’

Pictures clockwise from top left:
WTPL/Judith Parry Andrew Zuckerman Trish Grant Courtesy of the BBC

2010 | 12

Our native trees and woods really are some of the jewels in the crown of our countryside. I never fail to be awed by the sights I see in our native woodland.
Dame Judi Dench, actress and supporter of our Christmas card recycling scheme

They're due on Friday, the pack of whips from the Woodland Trust... Jennifer can't wait – I don't think she'll be happy until the Aldridge Millennium Wood has become the Aldridge Millennium Forest and can be seen from space.
The Archers, Radio 4 soap Said by character Brian Aldridge (played by Charles Collingwood, pictured) as the storyline scripts the planting of a new wood

2010 | 13

By teaming up with companies we raised important funds and helped create a greener UK. Woodland Turkey was added to the suite of Sainsbury’s products raising funds for us.The turkeys raised an additional £12,000 for our work – bringing the total to over £360,000. Meanwhile, the supermarket’s Active Kids scheme paid for schools hedge and copse packs, which enabled 300,000 children to plant trees. TK Maxx used profits from sales of reusable carrier bags to sponsor our autumn community tree packs – the equivalent to an acre for each of their stores.This has led to 10,000 extra trees for local communities.

Disney Stores donated £1 for each reusable Earth Day shopper sold and £2 from each pin badge. Altogether the store raised nearly £60,000. Around 250 Disney voluntEARS also planted 7,500 trees in the Magical Wood at Heartwood Forest.

The partnership with Yell has raised more than £630,000 over the past nine years.This year they pledged £30,000 worth of sponsorship for our new VisitWoods project. Staff from Carrylift planted the first of 40 hectares of new woodland, which is being funded through the company's commitment to lock up the CO2 emissions from all of its new Nissan LPG trucks.

In October 2010 IKEA reached 10 million swipes of their FAMILY card – raising more than £1 million for the Trust to date.As a result almost 100 hectares of new woodland has been created at 37 sites across the UK.

Dorothy Perkins sold a range of fashionable tops and cuddly heatable ‘hotties’, making a donation for each one sold. By the end of the year this had raised enough to plant over 17,000 trees.

The Trust’s Yasmine Davies with Ryan Yates of Carrylift and his son Oliver
WTPL/Simon Warburton

Dorset Cereals helped spread the word about woodland creation in many ways including promoting our planting work on their packaging.Their sponsorship supported MOREwoods; helping us to advise more landowners on tree planting. MOREwoods received another boost from Calor Gas; the company is sponsoring the project to the tune of £250,000 over three years.

2010 | 14

In 2010 our corporate partners raised a record £2.75million, enabling thousands of trees to be planted across the UK
Clare Allen, Head of Corporate Partnerships at the Woodland Trust

Wherever you live, the Woodland Trust is growing, protecting and caring for native woods and trees. Here are more highlights from across the countries in 2010.

142 hectares of woodland and 122,200 trees were planted in the province with the Trust’s help. Increasing tree cover here is vital; Northern Ireland ranks badly on this score – just six per cent of the land is wooded compared to a European average of 44 per cent. A new wood was born as planting was completed at Burntollet Wood near Londonderry. Hundreds of locals got digging to plant 43,000 trees here in the beautiful Faughan Valley. As the young trees grow, they will buffer the nearby precious ancient woods which dot the banks of the Burntollet River.This is all possible thanks to the Northern Ireland Environment Agency, who donated £355,000 towards the initial acquisition of the site.


We welcomed the Welsh Assembly Government’s new target to create 100,000 hectares of new woodland over the next 20 years.The announcement is a great step forward undoubtedly influenced by our lobbying.We also urged the Government to ensure that the trees planted are native. Later, we celebrated the 100,000th tree planted through PLANT!, a scheme that has seen a tree planted for every child born or adopted in Wales since January 2008. Developed by the Welsh Assembly in partnership with the Trust, the project aims to build a stronger connection between people and their environment as well as creating new native woodland.
2010 | 16


Mr and Miss Scotland announced the Woodland Trust will be one of the People’s Postcode Lottery winners. Every year, charities are selected to benefit from the proceeds of the Lottery which could amount to up to £350,000 a year. Funds will be allocated to our Community Tree Pack,VisitWoods and Ancient Tree Hunt projects. In 2010, the Trust delivered native woodland creation partnerships and advice reaching all corners of Scotland, educating and inspiring along the way. From Orkney to the Hebridean islands of Lewis and Skye, south through Caithness and Sutherland to the central belt and Scottish Borders, in total over 150,000 trees were planted involving around 45,000 people.


In the summer the government launched a public consultation to establish what their long-term priorities should be for the natural environment in England.Woodland Trust supporters responded by sending 4,800 emails and 3,500 postcards to Defra backing our calls for a doubling of native tree cover by 2050. In North Lincolnshire, irreplaceable ancient woodland Broughton Wood was saved from destruction after plans to turn it into a golf course were rejected.Trust campaigning saw the 33 hectare woodland recognised as being important for biodiversity, while public access – which was halted during the planning procedure – is now fully re-instated.

WTPL/Gareth Easton WTPL/Alice Farr WTPL/Wenna Gregory WTPL/Press Eye

2010 | 17 2009 03


We end 2010 in good financial shape, despite the continuing difficult economic situation, after securing income of £25.6 million. Legacy income achieved £8.6 million; this helped produce a surplus of £4.2 million, of which £500,000 is restricted for other projects including the acquisition of Lang Craigs, a 240-hectare woodland creation project near Dumbarton.The remaining £3.7 million is available for underwriting strategic opportunities, especially those that will assist us to double the UK’s native woodland cover. Of our overall expenditure, 76 per cent was spent on charitable aims; the bulk of the remainder was invested in fundraising set to pay dividends in years to come.
08 09


£000s 01 | Legacies 8,575 5,608 3,596 3,444 2,149 875 823 406 101 25,577


02 | Membership 03 | Public donations

04 | Companies, trusts and landfill tax 05 | Grants 06 | Woodland management income


07 | Merchandise & lotteries 08 | Investments and bank interest 09 | Disposal of fixed assets

Total income


06 07 05 01

01 | To enable the creation of more native woods and places rich in trees 5,490 02 | To protect native woods, trees and their wildlife for the future 03 | To inspire everyone to enjoy and value woods and trees Conservation expenditure 04 | Fundraising 05 | Membership recruitment 06 | Governance 07 | Investment management Total expenditure 4,562 6,185 16,237 2,806 2,140 208 15 21,406 4,171




Income less expenditure

The figures above were extracted from the full audited and unqualified accounts for the year ended 31 December 2010. Copies can be obtained from or by applying to the Trust’s head office in Grantham.The annual accounts were approved on 10 May 2011 and have been submitted to the Charity Commission, the Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator, and Companies House.

2010 | 18

CHARITABLE TRUSTS £10,000 and over
Alan Evans Memorial Trust Banister Charitable Trust Behrens Foundation Brian Woolf Trust Brownswood Trust Calleva Foundation Charlotte Bonham Carter Charitable Trust CHK Charities Limited Clark Bradbury Charitable Trust Charlotte Bonham Carter Charitable Trust CHK Charities Limited Clark Bradbury Charitable Trust David Killick Trust Dulverton Trust February Foundation Fisherbeck Charitable Trust Fowler Smith and Jones Trust Frognal Trust Galanthus Trust Gannochy Trust Garfield Weston Foundation Gibson Graham Charitable Trust G D Herbert Charitable Trust G F Eyre Charitable Trust Golden Bottle Trust Gunter Charitable Trust Guthrie Essame Charitable Trust Hadrian Trust Hugh Fraser Foundation Ingram Trust Jack Patston Charitable Trust J & JR Wilson Trust J K Cairncross Charitable Trust J K Reynell Charitable Trust John S Cohen Foundation King/Cullimore Charitable Trust Langdale Trust Liz and Terry Bramhall Charitable Trust Logos Charitable Trust Mackintosh Foundation Mark Leonard Trust Martin Connell Charitable Trust Mary Lady Fuller Charitable Trust Michael Marks Charitable Trust Patricia Routledge Charitable Trust Paul Bassham Charitable Trust Peacock Charitable Trust Richard Radcliffe Charitable Trust Scouloudi Foundation Shears Foundation Spear Charitable Trust St Katherine’s Fund Statham Family Charitable Trust Stanley Smith General Charitable Trust Stephen Clark 1965 Charitable Trust Sylvia Aitken Charitable Trust THN Allen Charitable Trust Tolkien Trust Thomson Charitable Trust Tory Family Foundation Tyne and Wear Community Foundation Vandervell Foundation Whitley Trust Wolseley-Hughes Charitable Trust

We are grateful to the following organisations and individuals who supported the Trust during 2010.
County Durham Environmental Trust Cory Environmental Trust Cumbria Waste Management Environment Trust Fife Environment Trust GrantScape INEOS ChlorVinyls SITA Trust Staffordshire Environmental Fund Trust for Oxfordshire’s Environment Veolia Environmental Trust Viridor Credits Waste Recycling Environmental Limited Welcome to Our Future Yansec Yorventure Mrs P B Croll Mr J W Cross Mr J E Desborough Mrs S Desmond Mr P S E M Dickens Miss C R Dixey Mr B D Doig Mrs A Drysdale Mr D A Eason Miss P M Ellston Professor G Emery Mr D C Fairhall Mrs E Ferguson Ms M E Field Mrs J Fife Mr A G C Findlay Mr D J Fitch Mr B R W Fowler Mr C C Gifford Mrs E C Gifford Mrs D J Gilbert Miss J Gilchrist Miss K F Gilkes Miss J M Gill Mrs P A Goodall Ms S E Gray Mr R E Green Mr D I Grundy Ms V M L Gunter Miss K G M Haddock Mrs J Haffenden Mrs S M Halden Miss M E Hall Ms A Halsall Mr P Hampson Mrs J Harris Miss J M Haywood Miss I M Hills Miss D L Hobbs Mr R C Hopton Mrs J Jagger Mr A James Ms C M Jefferies Mr J A Jenkins Mr C C Jenkins Mrs G J Jewell Mr J A C Kerridge Mrs I B Kimber Mrs N M Kirienko Mr C S Knight Miss N M Lamplugh Miss B J Lamport Smith Mr R M Lee Ms S U Levi Miss J Lynch Mrs M M F M Lynn Mrs G A Macneill Ms M S Malpas Mr E J Mariner Mrs M J Marszalek Mr A J Maxted Miss P M Mcconchie Ms A M Mcfarland Mrs F Mclean Mrs A M Milburn Miss P J Moeller Mr R Money Miss M U Morris Mr R J Moulden Mr W T Nattrass Professor K I B S Needham Mrs J A Nicholls Mrs K M Noake Mrs H D Osborn Miss J Oxley Mrs E V Parish Dr B W M Partridge Mrs M A Patient Mr C S Pearson Miss D Penny Mr F H Perry Mr D B Pettman Mr D K Petty Miss D E Pharo Mrs G L Phillips Mrs P Porter Miss V F Purnell Mrs P M Radley Mrs S W Rankin Miss F E Rayner Mrs D L Real Miss A Reddihough Miss A Restall Mrs S M Richmond Mrs M P Ridsdale Mr J S Roberts Mrs J P Ross Mr L R G Sayer Miss E M Sharpe Miss M R Shaw Mrs J M Showers Ms R E Skevington Mr G Smith Mr L G Smith Mrs S V Snelling Mr A H Sparks Mrs C C Stewart Mr G A Stockwell Miss B B Strickland Ms R Strode Mr D B R Swinstead Mrs L F M Tertis Mrs F B Thatcher Mr M B Thompson Mr D W Tomlinson Miss V D Tudor Miss M V Walmsley Mr W J Walters Mrs I E Waters Mr H E Waters Miss P Watts Mrs P M Webb Miss J M Weir Ms E D Weitzel Mr C White Mr J Whitehouse Mr J H Wilkinson Mrs B E Willis Miss A Willsdon Ms J M Windwood Mrs Z Wodson Mr R E Wood Mr D J Wood Mrs J R Wormald

Postcode Lottery Limited PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP Redwood Creek Wines Ronseal Ltd Royal Mail Group Sainsbury’s SCA Recycling Ltd Shanly Homes SRK Consulting Tesco Freetime Ltd The Co-operative Bank plc The Disney Store Limited TJX Europe Total Refrigeration Veolia Environmental Services Viridian Nutrition WHSmith Retail Ltd Yellow Pages

GRANTS £5,000 and over
Big Lottery Fund British Butterfly Conservation Society Countryside Council for Wales Cumbria Aggregates Levy Sustainability Fund Defra European Structural Funds Forestry Commission England Forestry Commission Scotland Forestry Commission Wales Forest Service Northern Ireland Hackfall Trust High Weald AONB Heritage Lottery Fund Kent Downs AONB Natural England Northern Ireland Environment Agency Perth and Kinross Countryside Trust Scottish Government Scottish Natural Heritage Staffordshire Aggregates Levy Grant Scheme Wales Council for Voluntary Action Yorkshire Dales Millennium Trust

LOCAL AUTHORITIES £5,000 and over
Carmarthenshire County Council Cheshire County Council Cumbria County Council East Sussex County Council Essex County Council Halton Borough Council Herefordshire Council

Aggreko Augere ALD Automotive Barclaycard Barclays Branston British Land BT plc Buccleuch Group Calor Gas Ltd Cap Gemini Carrylift Charities Advisory Trust Communisis Computershare Continu-forms holdings plc Delta-Simons Dorothy Perkins Dorset Cereals DoubleTree by Hilton Environmental Business Products Ltd Eurocamp Golden Charter Greener Solutions Hammonds Furniture Ltd Highclere International Investors Honda UK ibuyeco IKEA UK Ltd Indigo Furniture Ltd Kernow Coatings Lakeland Logica plc Manor Oak Marks & Spencer plc Pearson Plc Penguin Books Ltd

LEGACIES £5,000 and over
Mr G Akerman Mrs M G Allington Mr G Arnold Miss R K Aspin Miss E K Barrett Miss F E Beale Mrs I D Beavan Miss K M Bedington Mr D K Belcher Miss V Bing Mr D J Blake Miss B M Blakeborough Mr J M Bourne Dr M M Brian Mrs M E Brand Mr W G Brewer Miss G I Britton Mrs B Buck Mrs J E Burnes Mrs M Burns Miss E D Callan Mr D F R Callan Ms J A Carless Mrs V D Carter Mrs M S Castleton Mrs E J Chadwick Miss P M Chamberlen Mr E L Chapple Dr B B Collier Miss J G Cooke Mrs B Corney

Alpha Programmes managed by Groundwork NI Angus Environmental Trust Biffaward

2010 | 19

The Woodland Trust* Kempton Way Grantham Lincolnshire NG31 6LL Telephone 01476 581111 The Woodland Trust Scotland South Inch Business Centre Shore Road Perth PH2 8BW Telephone 01738 635829 Coed Cadw (the Woodland Trust) 3 Cooper’s Yard Curran Rd Cardiff CF10 5NB Telephone 08452 935860 The Woodland Trust in Northern Ireland 1 Dufferin Court Dufferin Avenue Bangor County Down BT20 3BX Telephone 028 9127 5787
* Registered office The Woodland Trust is a charity registered in England and Wales and in Scotland. A non-profit making company limited by guarantee. Registered in England no. 1982873. The Woodland Trust logo is a registered trademark. Writer: Sallyanne Flemons Editor: Elisabeth Garton

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