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Summer 2011

Commencement 2011 Pages 12-13

Traditional Excellence

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Moving forward
During the past year, I have been introducing you to new initiatives that are part of the five-year distance education growth plan. As we begin year two, its exciting to see all the progress we have made. Many of the new initiatives are a direct result of feedback from alumni and students through various surveys. Benefits coming your way include: 1) A new course development process. You will see more consistent design and navigation features, along with additional technology enhancements to help you learn course content. 2) Three new online graduate programs are nearing final approval. New majors, new classes, and new certificate programs will be available soon. 3) A Help Desk staff in the Distance Learning Center is now available to assist online learners. In addition, we are happy to have eliminated a long-time issue regarding passwords. You will now be able to use one username/password for course access, the Karrmann Library, and your advising site. (See more on page 4)

Publication credits
Editors/Writers Christine Hawkinson Denise LaBudda Morgan Spitzer Graphic Designers Christal Swigart Andy Burchardt Photographer Christal Swigart The Pioneer Connection is a print and online communication used to share information, highlight accomplishments, and establish and sustain connections among students, faculty, staff, and alumni. The Pioneer Connection is published every winter, spring, and summer and is available online at edp/plexus. Send suggestions and comments to hawkinsonc@ UW-Platteville Distance Learning Center 1 University Plaza Platteville WI 53818-3099 Phone: 608.342.1468 Toll-free: 800.362.5460 E-mail: Fax: 608.342.1071

Executive Director Dawn Drake

4) An updated student information system will be implemented over the next 9-10 months. Changes include a new registration and cashiering system, and student self-service to access your grades, financial account, course plans, etc. 5) Streamlined communications and targeted messages will be another benefit of our student information system upgrade. Everyone involved with distance education is diligently working to provide additional services, more access to information, and greater opportunities for learning. As we make progress toward these improvements, well make adjustments as needed. We appreciate your patience and understanding during this time of transition and look forward to serving you in the future.

Program coordinators
BS in Business Administration Christine Storlie 608.342.1980 BS in Criminal Justice Amy Nemmetz 608.342.1494 MS in Criminal Justice Cheryl Banachowski-Fuller 608.342.1652 MS in Engineering Jill Clough 608.342.1665 MS in Project Management Bill Haskins 608.342.1961

On the cover
Henry Kimber, Master of Science in Project Management graduate, traveled with friends and family from California to take part in commencement at UW-Platteville. Henrys capstone project is a breast cancer awareness program, including education and early detection for women in his homeland of Liberia. He hopes to travel to Nigeria this summer with the Courage to Dare Foundation to promote his project.

The Pioneer Connection

BS in Criminal Justice .........................................8-9 MS in Criminal Justice ....................................10-11 MS in Project Management.............................16-17 MS in Engineering ...........................................18-19 BS in Business Administration.......................22-23

really longdistance learning

houston grad finds balance

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life after school becomes after school life


business administration outstanding student award


The Pioneer Connection

DLC Help Desk now taking calls
Students taking classes this summer are already aware that our courses have a new look. In an effort to consolidate our point of contact for students, we are moving services to the DLC office on the UW-Platteville campus. Q. A. What types of assistance will the Help Desk provide? Let us know about any difficulties you may encounter in your coursework, such as Password resets (read more in the next section) Accessing campus resources such as the Karrmann Library Incorrect appearance of course material (such as partial pages and strange characters) When is the Help Desk open? Monday - Thursday 6 a.m. midnight Friday 6 a.m. 5 p.m. Saturday 11 a.m. 4 p.m. Sunday 1 p.m. 9:30 p.m. How can I reach the Help Desk? The best way is by phone during Help Desk hours. Call 877.854.3083 (toll free) or 608.342.1303. E-mail us at Coming soon: an online Help Desk request form watch for more information.

Q. A.

Q. A.

Help Desk Analysts (L-R): Quinton Palet, Cole Durdan, Kendra Haug and Matthew Janus

Q. A.

What information should I provide? To provide assistance, we will need Your first and last name Your campus ID number Your phone number The name and number of the course in which you are enrolled A general description of the problem or reason for your call


One password for distance learning!

As of June 2011, you will use the same username/password to access your classes in D2L, the Karrmann Library, your advising site, and your UW-Platteville e-mail account. You will only be able to access your classes in D2L by using your UW-Platteville login information. If your password has expired, call the DLC Help Desk at 877.854.3083. A Help Desk analyst will confirm your identity via your UW-Platteville campus ID number and your date of birth. Your UW-Platteville password will expire every 90 days. Ten days prior to expiration, you will receive notification via your UW-Platteville e-mail account. You can reset your password quickly and easily at the UW-Platteville Password Self Service page at

The Pioneer Connection

The DLC welcomes new employees

Tom Jensen, Integrated Marketing Specialist, is responsible for creating and placing advertising, writing and reviewing content for the website, and Distance Education public relations efforts. Tom worked most recently for Heartland Financial USA in a similar position. He has 15 years of experience in newspaper journalism, including four years as Assistant City Editor for the Telegraph Herald. David Hagens will be providing Help Desk oversight during the afternoon and evening. David earned a BS in Business Administration with an emphasis in computer science at UW-Platteville. He worked previously as a Unix System Administrator Blues level for IBM. As an Outreach Specialist, Wendy Pothour-Miller provides support for student services related to print-based and online courses in the Distance Learning Center. Wendy joined us in April after six years at UW-Green Bay and eight years teaching at the middle school level. After earning his masters degree in educational administration from Southern Illinois University, Eric Pleiss looked for a job in southern Wisconsin to be near family. Erics role as an Outreach Specialist is to help distance education applicants complete their admission requirements and enroll in a degree program. Joan Miller was one of the first graduates of the Walden University online program. She earned a masters degree in innovative technology and curriculum change while working in K-12 education. Joan is also National Board Certified in the certificate area of early adolescent to young adult in career and technical education with the specialty area of business, marketing, information management, and entrepreneur. As an instructional designer, she works with faculty in the course development and enhancement process. Josh Krohn also joined the course development team as an instructional designer. Josh has a masters degree in training and development from UW-Stout and brings training experience earned while employed by a private Microsoft training company.

Front (L-R): Tom Jensen, Wendy Pothour-Miller and Joan Miller Back (L-R): David Hagens, Eric Pleiss and Josh Krohn

Department of Business and Accounting Chair, Steve Kleisath and economics professor, Terry Liska have retired. Watch for more information about their contributions to distance education in the next issue of The Pioneer Connection.

Steve Kleisath

Terry Liska

The Pioneer Connection


Beginning with the Fall 2011 semester, UW-Platteville is implementing an optional plus/minus grading scale for on campus and distance education courses. The new scale may be applied to courses listed on print-based contract enrollment plans dated September 6, 2011 or later. Instructors will have the option of submitting course grades using the plus/minus scale (A, A-, B+, B, B-, C+, C, C-, D+, D, F). See the Grading Criteria section of your course(s) for more information. Undergraduate - $360/credit Graduate - $610/credit



q Order at least three weeks before your course starts q Double check the ISBN q Dont get the international edition q Dont wait for your financial aid check

MSPM, MSENGR and MSCJ students If you are graduating in December and havent already done so, contact your advisor immediately to ensure your paperwork is processed in time. If you are completing your final credits in 2011-12, contact your advisor one semester in advance to start your paperwork. BSCJ and BSBA students If you are graduating in December 2011, you should have already submitted your Intent to Graduate form and graduation fee. If you have not yet done this, contact your advisor immediately.

You MUST have your textbook on the first day of class.


YOU MUST sign and return your Financial Aid Award Letter from UW-Platteville to notify us that you want to ACCEPT the financial aid offer, as well as complete and return any additional forms requested.

Doug Ducklow, May 2011 MSCJ graduate, received an Honorary Lifetime Pioneer Award. UW-Platteville graduates are nominated by faculty and staff, and recipients are chosen based on academic excellence, leadership, community involvement, professional development, and plans for future involvement with the UW-Platteville Alumni Association. Recipients of this award are gifted a lifetime membership to the Alumni Association. Tom Gunderson, current MSCJ student, received the Dawn Drake Excellence in Distance Education Scholarship. The recipient of this award must be a degree-seeking student who has completed at least one course in the UW-Platteville Distance Education program and has a GPA of at least a 3.0. This scholarship is in recognition of the important role that distance education has played in Dawns life, both personally and professionally. It is also a recognition of the many sacrifices that distance learners make to successfully juggle education, career, and family. Stephen D. Zipsie, May 2011 BSAD graduate, received the Outstanding Student Award, presented annually to a BSAD graduate who has excelled academically and has been highly involved in extracurricular activities and/or service to the community either in professional or volunteer activities. Send your nominations for kudos to

The Pioneer Connection

Organizational leadership course debuts

By Christine Hawkinson

When Misty Lemon-Rogers began teaching for UW-Platteville, she fulfilled a life long dream to teach at the college level. When she defends her Doctor of Education dissertation later this year, she will complete a journey that helped her reach that dream. Leadership, family, and being a good role model for my daughter are important to me, says Misty. I am so excited about this opportunity to bring the joy of learning to my students. Misty has taught at every level from pre-school through high school and transitioned easily to higher education. While teaching BSAD 3340 Management, Gender, and Race and BSAD 3530 Organizational Behavior on campus this past year, she was also developing a new online course, BSAD 7330 Organizational Change Leadership Theory and Practice. It is an honor and a privilege to be at the culmination of my education and to be creating curriculum, says Misty. I love to be on the cutting edge. We have a tendency to become comfortable, but I like to change things every semester. I constantly modify the course to know and meet the needs of students. The new course provides an introduction to leadership theory and practice, both generally and specifically. Strategies for identifying and positively affecting the core of an organization will be discussed as well as methods for adapting to and effecting change in interpersonal and group situations. For the past several years, Misty has worked in a variety of administrative roles in education, and more recently, as a member of senior management for the Girl Scouts Badgerland Council, covering a territory of Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin, and Illinois. Training others to be good leaders has always held appeal and led Misty to pursue her EdD in Organizational Leadership. Misty completed the coursework for her degree online while traveling weekly for work and spending weekends at home with her family. Online students are most often working professionals who challenge me and stimulate me, and in that continuous cycle, I hope to challenge and stimulate my students.

Misty Lemon-Rogers

Registration is open for BSAD 7330 Organizational Change Leadership Theory and Practice. We are in the final stages of approval for our Master of Science in Organizational Change Leadership. This course will be the first offered for the degree. For other masters programs, check with your advisor to see if this course meets your degree plan requirements.

The Pioneer Connection

Really long distance learning
Richard Eaton
Pioneer Profile
By Amy Nemmetz

The coast of St. Paul Island

The saying home is where your heart is seems to sum up St. Paul Island, Alaska, for Richard Eaton. When an ad for a full-time police officer on the island piqued his interest, the Minnesota native traded his Community Service Officer post for a life-changing experience as a law enforcement officer in the middle of the Bering Sea! The Bering Sea is no place for amateurs. Annually, unforgiving storms unleash 100-mph winds and towering, 50-foot waves capable of capsizing boats. Keeping this in mind, Richard opts to stay on land. The three-person police force is often down a full officer, leaving him and his police chief to cover all law enforcement duties on the 40-square-mile island. We work five 12-hour shifts and one 24-hour shift every week, Richard says. St. Paul Island, population roughly 500, has no courthouse, jail, department of corrections, juvenile center, or child protection agency. We have a holding cell to detain people as needed, but anyone who is sentenced to jail time exceeding 10 days is usually transported to Anchorage, he says. Court proceedings are typically held over the phone, with the exception of two trials in the last decade. Counting on back-up is complicatedit can take the Alaska State Patrol three or more hours to arrive on scene. When not on duty in the one-school, one-store, one-church town, Richard, who is considered a minority on the island (90 percent of the population is Aleut), plays basketball at the gym with kids and reads to elementary school students. Internet and Skype are not dependable, so Richard also spends his downtime watching movies on DVD. Richard, who has always wanted to visit and live in Bush Alaska, plans to stay on the island despite the unforgiving seaand statistics. Even though potato chips are $8/bag, a gallon of milk is $12, temperatures rarely reach the low 60s, and gas reaches $14/gallon at times, he plans to sign another two-year contract this summer. He also gives credit to UW-Platteville Distance Learning for providing him with the flexibility to remain in his new home, saying I can finish my criminal justice degree without leaving the island. Anchorage

Richard is located at St. Paul Island in the Bering Sea off of Alaska

The Pioneer Connection

One-on-one time makes the difference

Chris Polzer
Faculty Profile
By Morgan Spitzer

If UW-Platteville were a restaurant, Chris Polzer, new instructor for the BSCJ program, would definitely be one of the regulars. Platteville has a very important place in my heart, Chris says. I enjoy being on campus and interacting with the people who are affiliated with it. Chris earned his BS in Criminal Justice and his MS in Counselor Education at UW-Platteville; has been attending the UW-Platteville Career Fair for over 15 years; teaches as an adjunct in the campus CJ program; and this past semester, began teaching CJ 2230 Correctional Philosophy online. I enjoy the different levels of experience and ideas my students present, and I really enjoy the learning that takes placeeven my own, Chris says. I learn a lot from my students posts, discussions, papers and assignments. Both the students and I are like sponges soaking up information. For the past 19 years, Chris has been a drug treatment specialist with the Federal Bureau of Prisons. He is a member of the hostage negotiation team, and for 10 years, was an equal employment opportunities counselor. Chris also worked with juveniles at the Eau Claire Academy and at Rock County Social Services Child Protection. Although Chris sometimes misses the instant interaction of the traditional classroom, he has discovered a positive difference. You get a higher level of one-on-one with your students in the online atmosphere, Chris adds. Because of the nature of communication, you often get to know them better, and have more opportunities to develop insight into their lives, experiences, and personalities. His close ties with the university make Chris an enthusiastic resource for anyone interested in the UW-Platteville distance education program. UW-Plattevilles reputation speaks for itself, Chris says. Going back to school will be a challenge, but I encourage people to get involved in the program. Its essential to stay updated on issues in your professional field, and UW-Platteville has the resources to do just that.
Chris Polzer

New portfolio degree requirement

As Peter Drucker said, Efficiency is doing things right; effectiveness is doing the right things. How can advisors provide learners with the tools and opportunities to be both efficient and effective? Encouraging learners to be involved in the criminal justice field while obtaining their bachelors degree is a step in the right direction. As of Fall 2011, new admits to the BSCJ program will have an opportunity to showcase their interests and pertinent work experience via a portfolio as a requirement of graduation. The purpose of the portfolio is to facilitate self-reflection, learning, and personal/professional growth. The portfolio will include professional presentations attended, reflections based on observing criminal justice professionals, community service/volunteer hours, insights gathered via a criminal justice professional, a statement of goals, and a resume.
Source: Ambler, G. (2008). Peter Drucker on leadership. Retrieved May 5, 2011, from

The Pioneer Connection

Online learning provides rich experiences
Theron Parsons
Faculty Profile
By Morgan Spitzer

Theron Parsons believes that a little anxiety promotes healthy growth, and when he started teaching online in 2000, he found a little anxietyand a lot of growth. The online environment was difficult at first, says Theron, who was accustomed to the face-toface relationship with his on-campus students and patients of his counseling practice in Madison. Connecting to students and building rapport is challenging, but I enjoy the opportunities the online classroom provides for growth as a teacher. Theron, a self-admitted not very structured person, has had to adapt to the regulated postings and scheduled discussions of the online learning classroom, but still retains flexibility in his teaching style. For example, after the 9/11 attacks in 2001, he abandoned the course material in his Psychology in the Law class to discuss such things as the impact of the events on service personnel and the development of terrorism. All in all, Theron finds the online environment rich with mutual learning opportunities. The online student population is diverse in geography, age, and background, and that allows for various experiences and opinions, says Theron. It provides a rich and fruitful environment for both the students and the teacher to grow in their knowledge. I am often just a referee in this game: I organize all these great talents with extraordinary knowledge bases, and they learn off each other. Also, in programs such as UW-Platteville Online, youll often have students who are smarter than you in certain areas. Good teachers can recognize this and learn from it. Although he admits he may take second to some students knowledge, Theron does have advice for those pursing an online degree. Be assertive of your goals and have a strong sense of purpose, he says. Challenges in life may draw you away, but if you have good reasons to honor your commitment to your education, you will get a lot out of it.

Theron Parsons

New CAST certificate meets needs of students

Starting Fall 2011, UW-Platteville will provide the Child Advocacy Studies (CAST) Certificate as part of the online Master of Science in Criminal Justice degree program. This certificate is designed to serve the needs of learners who are interested in professions working directly with or among maltreated children, including child protection professionals, law enforcement personnel, victim/witness workers, lawyers, school social workers, and treatment providers. Professionals who find themselves in the criminal justice field will work with child victims at some point, says BSCJ Program Coordinator, Amy Nemmetz. So although completion of this certificate is essential for those interested in specifically working with children, it will definitely benefit anyone in the field. continued on page 11


The Pioneer Connection

Student credits CJ programs strong reputation

Sergio Ceren
Pioneer Profile
By Morgan Spitzer

Sergio Ceren set a goal to complete a masters degree before turning 50, and UW-Platteville seemed like just the right fit. He first heard of the program when, while working for the Madison Drug Enforcement Administration office, he was invited to present at the UW-Platteville Career Fair. I was impressed with the professionalism and accredited reputation of the program, says Sergio, who graduated last July. I also liked that writing was an important aspect of the program because I believe writing is one of the most important skills to have as an investigator. Sergio struggled at first to acclimate himself to the library system, writing papers, and the school-oriented schedule. I almost quit plenty of times, he says, but I knew I would regret leaving the program. A masters degree gives more depth to a person; it shows that they can take the extra time and have the dedication to go above and beyond. I have more confidence, personally and professionally, now that I have my masters. Sergio advises distance students to take one class at a time and to value the input of other students. The best part about the program was the feedback from other students. Because it was online, it was sort of like taking pen to paper, and so it made people think more about their responses and comments, and make the extra effort to come up with a good response in discussions. Sergio has worked with the DEA for 24 years as a special agent, the last 12 years as a supervisor overseeing groups of agents working to dismantle or disrupt drug trafficking at a local, national or international level. He began his career in Los Angeles, California. He also worked in Texas; Virginia; and Madison, Wisconsin, before his current post at the Milwaukee, Wisconsin DEA office.

Sergio Ceren

continued from page 10 Amy and Cheryl Banachowski-Fuller, MSCJ program director, attended the 2010 CAST conference at Winona State University, where they got many of the ideas and tools to provide this certificate program. To earn the certificate, students must complete CJ 7310 Perspectives on Child Maltreatment and Child Advocacy, CJ 7430 Victimology, and CJ 7880 CAST Internship or CJ 7980 CAST Independent Project. The CAST certificate successfully meets the mission of the National Child Protection Training Center (NCPTC), which is a program funded by the United States Department of Justice that aims to end child abuse in the United States. NCPTC will recognize UW-Platteville on their website,, and will sign and include their official logo on each students CAST certificate upon graduation. By doing this, NCPTC hopes to support and recognize learners contributions to its mission to end child abuse in the United States. CJ 7310 Perspective on Child Maltreatment and Child Advocacy will be offered for the first time this fall. Amy Nemmetz is the instructor. Register today!
The Pioneer Connection



The Pioneer Connection

Commencement 2011
By Amy Griswold

On May 13-14, we had the honor of hosting commencement events for our newest graduates. We honored more than 150 graduates representing all our programs. We also recognized students who completed criminal justice training certificates, Phi Kappa Phi nominees, the BSAD Outstanding Student Award and the Dawn Drake Excellence in Distance Education Scholarship recipient. On the first night, we kicked off the evening with a social hour. This was a great way for us to mingle with the graduates and match faces with the names we have seen over the years. Chancellor Dennis Shields provided a warm welcome and after dinner, the program included welcomes from Provost Mittie Nimocks and Dawn Drake, Executive Director of Alternative Delivery Systems. Each program coordinator introduced their graduates, and presented them with a gift.

The next day, in the packed Williams Fieldhouse, graduates in their well-earned attire, walked across the stage and were rewarded for all of their hard work. Immediately after the ceremony, we hosted a reception in their honor. We extend congratulations to all of our graduates, and a special thanks to all who attended our events. We enjoyed meeting you and enjoyed sharing in the honor of your graduation. We invite all of our students to visit our Virtual Gradation website at www. to view our photos and videos of the banquet and ceremony. You can also check out our virtual yearbook and post a message for a graduate. Graduates: We invite you to participate in the UW-Platteville Distance Education Alumni Chapter. The chapter will pay for your first year of membership. Go online at alumni.html for more information.

December 2010 MSPM graduate

Byron Law

When I was at the commencement ceremony and the keynote speaker talked about being a Pioneer and starting something new I felt like the degree makes a difference, says Byron Law of Louisiana, who braved ice and snow to arrive in Platteville for the December 2010 Commencement and DLC reception. Byron earned his Master of Science in Project Management over four years, one class at a time and applied what he learned along the way in his field of construction management.

DLC congratulates largest group of Phi Kappa Phi inductees

Congratulations to the distance education students that have been invited to join Phi Kappa Phi, the oldest, largest, and most selective honor society for all academic disciplines. Phi Kappa Phis mission is To recognize and promote academic excellence in all fields of higher education and to engage the community of scholars in service to others. Membership is by invitation only to the top 10 percent of seniors, select graduate students and 7.5 percent of juniors. Phi Kappa Phi members gain a lifelong passport to a global network of academic and professional opportunities. This is the largest group of UW-Platteville Online students to be invited to join Phi Kappa Phi, further demonstrating the caliber of students we have in UW-Plattevilles programs. Ryan Adamus Adam Bondioli Tiffanie Cayan Brian Cooper Noelle Delfosse Michelle Dudziak Martin Hutson Randal Kohn Monica McGauley Jennifer McNeill Lisa O'Groske BSBA BSBA BSBA BSBA BSBA BSBA BSBA BSBA BSBA BSBA BSBA Melissa Pufall Jacquelyne Rymarz Bethany Schweisthal Kari Venteris Lexi Witt Brent Standaert Jeff Miller Gregory Warrant Michael Froseth Adam Kurzynski BSBA BSBA BSBA BSBA BSBA BSCJ MSCJ MSCJ MSPM MSENG

The Pioneer Connection


Life after school becomes After School Life

By Denise LaBudda

Who would have guessed that having an education and a lifetimes work experience in computer science, electrical engineering, and project management would have led Nasrin Taghvaei to the field of childrens education? Career counselors tell us to identify unmet needs and offer solutions. Project managers plan, implement, and assess processes. While working as a Senior Project Manager for Seagate Technology, completing the capstone project of her MSPM, and raising two young children, Nasrin stepped back to identify needs within her family and community. As a result, she applied her 10 years of project management experience to her capstone project and launched her own business, After School Life. Nasrin was an outstanding student and did an excellent job with her capstone, which in my opinion was very innovative, says Ginger Levin, Nasrins capstone project advisor. The mission of After School Life is to provide safe, supervised and fun afterschool enrichment and recreation programs for elementary school children ages 5-12 in Santa Clara County.

The capstone course replaces the traditional thesis in most masters degree programs. Most students do a project that is work-related, but many others do projects for charitable, civic, or religious organizations, says Bill Haskins, MSPM Program Coordinator. The university is very supportive of such service learning opportunities, and I am glad to say that Nasrins initiative represents the essence of service learning. In 2009, her MSPM coursework complete, Nasrin left Seagate and took a year to focus on her capstone project. She has always been involved with her childrens educations. I spent a lot of time at my childrens school, always volunteering, helping with Girl Scouts, serving on PTA, and helping as much as I could, Nasrin says. After School Life is the culmination of life experience and focused research. The program offers fee-based enrichment, activity, and academic programs at 10 schools throughout four districts. To date, about 500 students have participated in courses. A staff of 8-10 instructorsprofessionals in their field and experienced teaching the subject matter to childrenteach


The Pioneer Connection

Nasrin Taghvaei

After School Life

A nonprofit, after school enrichment program serving Santa Clara County, California Established in 2010 by Nasrin Taghvaei, Executive Director Staff of 10 educators Programs for students ages 5-12 years Courses offered in varied academic, movement, artistic and seasonal/ holiday areas

creative writing, cartooning, international dance, manners, art, digital photography, and more. Classes are held at school sites, allowing students to remain at school, so parents dont have to worry about transportation. Nasrin was well aware of the unique opportunity the capstone project provided. I was lucky enough to work with Dr. Levin to build the foundation in terms of different plans, how to approach the opening day, communication, and risk management planswhen I was finished, I was almost, though not completely, ready to open, says Nasrin. I still needed to work through some logistics, in terms of licensing and so on; there were things I needed to learn. I needed to educate myself while I learned doing it. The business challenge, especially during this economic downturn, is managing the programs costs and pricing. Nasrin plans to expand After School Life to offer service to schools in underprivileged areas. Although the project was not originally intended to be a non-profit, the status was changed one year into operations. Nasrin is seeking a 503b status for After School Life, which will improve the organizations eligibility for additional grant aid. Beginning fall of 2011, After School Life will offer a new course for children in basic life skills. Nasrin enjoyed the flexibility of the MSPM program, found the coursework to be relevant, and her instructors to be knowledgeable and professional. Her advice to online learners is to be disciplined and to have a plan to make the time for the coursework. Even though its flexible, you need to do work and have to be able to dedicate time to do the work. Nasrin recognized an opportunity through her capstone project. People may look at it as just a project to complete a degree, but if they spend time on it, and if they choose something they feel passionate about, they can take advantage of the opportunity to work with someone who can lead and direct them through the process. I really believe that if you have a passion for something, then you can make it right.

Send story ideas about interesting distance education alumni to

The Pioneer Connection


Relationships help learning
Leslie vanblaricom
Pioneer Profile
By Denise LaBudda

Most weekday evenings during the past two years you would have found Leslie VanBlaricom at her home nestled in Oregons wine country, settling into her favorite chair doing coursework. I consistently worked on weeknights, so I wouldnt have so much to do on weekends, Leslie says. She took her daughters advice to focus on the next thing and keep going, and get it done. School and full-time work equaled two full-time jobs. Squeezing time out of a busy schedule was the biggest challenge. You have to set aside the time, work consistently, stay on schedule, and have family support in order to do well, Leslie says. As branch manager of OnPoint Community Credit Union, Leslies project management experience includes planning and oversight of mergers, conversions, department moves, and training and development. In the winter of 2008, Leslie began her graduate coursework in project management and in May of 2011 she earned the credentials shell use to advance her career managing projects and working with budgets. I learned to analyze a lot more, to take into account different factors affecting how we work, and to understand more, Leslie says. She continues to enjoy the relationships she developed with classmates and faculty. I think that you build relationships because they help you learn. If you were not getting it, you could e-mail a teammate or the instructor to ask for help. There was a lot of support. Leslies advice to anyone considering returning to school is, Dont be afraid to get started, its never too late. If you want to do it, do it!

Leslie VanBlaricom

New articulation agreements signed

The MSPM program recently completed new articulation agreements with the University of California-Riverside and the University of California-San Diego. The agreements are added links in the series of articulation agreements with UC schools, all of which have project management certificates, but no project management degree programs. UW-Platteville fulfills a real need for these schools by providing an educational path forward for their students, says Bill Haskins, MSPM Program Coordinator. Our objective is to look for and establish relations with every UC school that offers a PM certificate program so their students have the opportunity take advantage of our MSPM program. UC-Riverside recruits heavily overseas, and as a result, they have a strong international presence, Bill says. We hope to see that influence UW-Plattevilles student population in the future. For more information and a list of MSPM articulation agreements, visit:


The Pioneer Connection

Eclectic groups enrich courses

David McKenna
Faculty Profile
By Denise LaBudda

When David McKenna graduated from the MSPM program in 2005, he had no idea he would be returning to the program as an adjunct professor. Two years have passed since David said yes to the offer to teach MSPM 7070 - Program Management. A resident of Toronto, Canada, David works as a professional program, project and agile development consultant, and teaches post-graduate project management (in the classroom) at Humber College. His areas of specialization are software, infrastructure, human resources, and process improvement projects. In 2010, David completed his PhD in project management from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, in Melbourne, Australia. He enjoyed the international travel involved with the program and was eager to fulfill the residency requirement that he live in Melbourne a couple months. While completing his coursework, he enjoyed the opportunity to present papers in Poland, France, and at the PM conference in Platteville in the summer of 2010. David enjoys what online students bring to class. The diversity is amazing. There is a lot of cross-pollination and knowledge transfer because students are from different industries ranging from healthcare to software, he says. Every class is an eclectic group. Because they have a lot of experience, the content tends to be a lot richer. I learn something from my students every time I teach a course online. Additionally, online classes offer a different student-professor relationship. Students talk frequently using Skype and conference calling. There is a great deal of interaction with each other and with the professor. Im talking with students every day in my online classes and there is constant communication. To relax after a long day, David enjoys cooking a nice meal for himself. Hell be in Platteville this summer and looks forward to catching up with colleagues, students, and friends.

David McKenna

New advisor joins PM program

MSPM graduate, Melissa Gavin, has joined the staff as an associate advisor. Melissas experience at UW-Platteville includes membership on the DLC Alumni Advisory Board and the UW-Platteville Alumni Association, and working in the Womens Advancement Center. Melissa lived in Belmont, Wisconsin while earning her degree, and enjoyed the flexibility online courses provided while caring for her young child. Since graduating in 2008, Melissa has applied her project management skills working in both for-profit and nonprofit businesses. Melissa enjoys learning and working with students who are seeking the degree because their energy is fun. Melissas advisees can reach her at or 608.342.6192 on Monday, Wednesday, or Friday.

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building on a well-established foundation
Jill Clough
By Christine Hawkinson

Faculty Profile

When Jill Clough became the program coordinator for the online engineering degree in February, she took the lead for a program she helped launch 13 years ago. Jill helped create and taught the original PM 7010 and 7020 courses, popular electives for graduate engineering students. Now, shed like to build on the well-established foundation. Goals for the program include: Establishing an advisory board to provide input from outside the university Reviewing curriculum to determine if course offerings and emphases should be added or realigned Seeking ABET accreditation Jill brings a wealth of knowledge and teaching experience to the position. After earning both her bachelors and masters degrees in Industrial Engineering at University of Iowa, she began teaching at UW-Platteville in 1985 and two years later, she decided to balance teaching with a two-hour commute to University of Iowa and earned her PhD in 1993. Jill has taught almost all of the courses in the Industrial Engineering Program, including Women in Science and Engineering. She also served as coordinator for the Industrial Engineering program from 1994-2000 and created the online courses Advanced Production and Operations Analysis and Continuous Improvement with Lean Principles. Jill has enjoyed her experiences teaching non-traditional students. They have very different expectations, more experiences, a lot more to add to discussions, and everybody benefits from that, she says. There is a commonality because they are working. Often, we lose sight of how what we do might apply in other areas. Its interesting to see how concepts are applied. Also on Jills goal list is to pursue transfer agreements with other institutions to pave the way for students seeking a masters degree in engineering. She is enthused and optimistic about the growth of the program. The future is bright; there is a need.

Jill Clough


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Houston grad finds balance

Ramon Ecung
Pioneer Profile
By Christine Hawkinson

Ramon Ecung could have earned his masters degree in engineering at a number of schools in Houston if he wasnt traveling nationally and internationally on a frequent basis. As a senior project manager, Ramon works with national and international contractors as he oversees the engineering and construction of a hydrogen plant within the state of Louisiana for Praxair. Praxair is an industrial gas company with a long history of developing processes and technologies that impact a wide variety of industries. For the last 15 years, Ramon has managed engineers, so when he began thinking about a masters degree in engineering management, he turned to the Internet. I was looking for a school with an accredited program that would allow me to work and go to school. I began searching and found the UW-Platteville program, Ramon says. The emphases in engineering management and engineering design were a good fit for his career goals. Ramon is responsible for the engineering, procurement, construction, and commission of hydrogen plants. Hydrogen is produced through a steam reforming of natural gas process used to convert methane and other hydrocarbons in natural gas into hydrogen and carbon monoxide by reaction with steam over a nickel catalyst. The hydrogen is used in numerous applications, including chemical manufacturing and petroleum refining. Prior to joining Praxair, Ramon worked for Chevron International Exploration Group on international projects working with off shore and on shore oil and gas plants. Engineering is extremely interesting; I am always working on something new, striving for constant improvement of work processes, Ramon says. We have engineering shops in locations around the world working on our projects, so 24 hours a day, work is going on. Ramon earned his bachelors degree in construction technology from Texas Southern University. Online education was new to him. I wasnt really sure about the interaction online, but instructors were responsive and the material was clearly laid out, he says. I liked that I could work at my own speed. When employed by Chevron, I would use my 15-hour flight time to Angola to work on my homework. Thankfully, the flight from Houston to Chicago graduation weekend was shorter and didnt include study time. Ramons wife, Wenonah, an associate vice-president for the MD Anderson Cancer Center, offered support while he earned his degree and though a reluctant flier, joined him to celebrate his accomplishments in Platteville. Accustomed to city driving, they enjoyed the scenic drive from Chicago to Platteville and explored the Platteville area during their visit. Ramon and Wenonah attended the distance education graduation banquet and reception. Ramon participated in the commencement ceremony as well as the Order of the Engineers ceremony. I was able to meet some of the energetic undergraduate engineers and continue conversations with graduate engineers prior to the ceremony starting. It was an honor to join the Order of Engineers and take the oath to abide by its code of ethics to uphold the standards and dignity of the engineering profession and to serve humanity by making the best use of Earths precious wealth. I signed the certificate of obligation and I wear the Order of the Engineers ring with pride as a reminder of the engineers oath.
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Ramon and Wenonah Ecung


Providing feedback is essential

By Shenita Ray, Assistant Director
As a UW-Platteville distance education student, you will have many opportunities to provide feedback regarding your courses and instructors while earning your degree. While you may not believe your input will make a difference, there is evidence that it will have a greater impact than you may think. Recently I presented a paper that I wrote at the UW System Presidents Summit on Excellence in Teaching and Learning conference. I was excited to share my research with educators across the UW System. My paper describes the results of a qualitative study that investigated factors that contribute to distance learning faculty changing their teaching strategies, including course design, teaching methods, and assessment of student learning, to enhance student success in higher education. As a framework for the study, I used Kezars (2001) typology of organizational change in postsecondary institutions. The findings of this study suggest that distance learning educators are encouraged to modify their teaching strategies in online courses as a result of cognitive dissonance, a prominent feature of the socio-cognitive approach to change. Furthermore, this study found that exposure to three sources of information contributed to cognitive dissonance and modifications to teaching practices among the faculty participants. These information sources include: (a) student performance on assessments of learning, and assessment practices in an online environment; (b) formal institutional assessments of teaching effectiveness and course design; and (c) training received related to effective teaching, course design. My research suggests that data matters and it can serve as the impetus for changes to teaching and learning in an online environment. This study underscores the importance of continuous assessments of student learning, student satisfaction, and faculty teaching. Oftentimes, the most effective way to bring about change is through data that demonstrates gaps between reality and the desired state.

Shenita Ray

Congratulations to our May 2011 graduates and welcome to the UW-Platteville alumni family!


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Stay on course this summer

By Kelly Curtiss, Business Administration Advisor

Summer has always been my favorite seasona time to enjoy the warm outdoors, plan vacations, go camping, and have a good time with family at reunions. All of these events require careful thought, planning, and preparation. The same must be said about the goal and celebration of earning your bachelors degree. If you have not been in touch with your academic advisor, take action now! Careful thought. Your credit evaluation documents will help identify what holes you still have in your degree plan and which courses you still need to complete. Have you put a plan together? If not, now is the time to do so. You need to think about the courses you have left. Have you met the necessary prerequisites for the courses you want to take? Planning. Careful planning will help make for a successful and smooth transition from semester to semester. Once you have mapped out your courses, share them with your

academic advisor. Having another pair of eyes to look things over may save you an extra semester of courses if an error is caught, especially if it involves courses that are offered every other year. Planning ahead will ensure a more timely graduation. Preparation. To best utilize your time, you should prepare questions, review your credit evaluation, and have resource materials handy prior to a scheduled meeting with your advisor. We work with many students and we want to be able to assist you in every way possible. Ultimately, however, it is your responsibility to make sure you meet your degree and graduation requirements. If you have not put a plan together yet or connected with your advisor, NOW is the time to act. Let your advisor know if you intend to take courses or not, what courses you are considering, and your future academic plans. We are your resource!

Kelly Curtiss

best wishes
Darla Banfi, former marketing coordinator for UW-Platteville Distance Education, recently retired after working for the State of Wisconsin for 35 years. Her experience includes teaching high school English and French for five years and 19 years with the UW-Platteville Institute for Study Abroad Programs. Darla brought a high degree of institutional knowledge to her marketing position that the DLC certainly benefitted from, says Les Hollingsworth, Corporate Marketing Director for the Distance Learning Center. Congratulations to Darla on a long career. We wish her the best with her future pursuits. Darla began working in the Distance Learning Center in February 2000. This was a new position, so my job duties were varied and included creating advertising and printed promotional materials, representing UW-Plattevilles distance degrees at education fairs, and making presentations for companies and at community and alumni events. Initially, degrees were promoted primarily in Wisconsin and the Midwest. As interest in online education grew, the DLC began advertising on a much larger scale and started to enroll students from both the broader USA and internationally. I had a very satisfying career, first working with students to broaden their knowledge of languages and other cultures and then helping students meet the personal goal of earning a bachelors or masters degree online, says Darla. It was a pleasure to market the UW-Platteville online degrees because the coordinators, professors, and staff always ensured that the rigor of the programs was consistent with the Wisconsin brand of quality education.

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SAP networking opportunity at UW-Platteville
By Denise LaBudda

On October 28, 2011, UW-Platteville will host a meeting of regional SAP users to explore interest in establishing a Quad State chapter of the Americas SAP Users Group (ASUG) that would include areas of Southwest Wisconsin, Northwest Illinois, Northeast Iowa, and Southeast Minnesota. Regional chapters provide regular face-to-face opportunities for ASUG members to network and share information, best practices, and other insights. The October meeting will include breakout sessions that focus on each of the following functions: accounting, supply chain management, human resources, and information technology. I see this as an opportunity for SAP users to share tips, tricks, and ideas, says Wendy Brooke, UW-Platteville supply chain management instructor. If you have suggestions on topics to address, or are interested in presenting, contact Wendy at

Register now for bSAD 4160 Purchasing Management

First offered for the Fall 2011 semester, this course focuses on the managerial, administrative, strategic and tactical aspects of the purchasing function within an integrated supply chain. There is an emphasis on purchasing management for both goods and services. Students will use SAP software in applying concepts to the (fictitious) records of Global Bike Company.

Expanded DLC proctored exam hours

The Distance Learning Center has expanded its hours, with student service and marketing representatives available Sun-Thurs until 9 p.m. You may schedule an exam to begin anytime between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m.. DLC staff will serve as your proctor and you will be provided a quiet place to work. To schedule an exam, call 800.362.5460.


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graduate earns Outstanding Student Award

Stephen Zipsie
Pioneer Profile
By Denise LaBudda

Duty to God, country, family, and community are core values that guide Stephen Zipsies life; values instilled by his parents and reinforced through his involvement with church and Boy Scouts of America. When I see something that needs to be done, Ive been taught to step up and do it, says Stephen. He believes that each of us has unique skills and talents, and that the point is to use those skills and talents in a good way. Stephens leadership, contributions to community, and academic achievements make him a deserving recipient of the Department of Business and Accounting Outstanding Student Award. Stephen earned his degree while employed full time as a deputy with the Dane County Sheriffs Office. Police are often called when peoples lives are falling apart, and Stephen recognizes his role in law enforcement as a kind of ministry. I have tried to serve as a positive role model and have always gone above and beyond my job to embrace people. No matter what their situation, they are still people. After working over 30 years in law enforcement, raising a family, and spending the last four years taking online courses, Stephen has realized the dream of having a bachelors degree. His plan is to retire from law enforcement and put his business administration degree to use. He loves working with people, meeting new challenges, and spending time outdoors. After retiring, he will have the flexibility to consider a whole new range of employment options. Stephen couldnt have achieved his goal without the support of his family. He is grateful to Marilyn, his wife of 28 years, who shouldered many responsibilities caring for their home, four children, and niece, while Stephen was studying and working full time. The flexibility of the online education was a must for Stephen. He appreciated the encouragement and accessibility of his professors, and was thankful they realize adults are different learners than kids, and have different needs. He is also grateful the DLC staff, They offer support that goes beyond needing to help you because you paid tuition; it seems the DLC staff really wants you to succeed and measure their success based on the success of students. Each challenge is an opportunity, Stephen says. There are times when opportunities present themselves and its not that you wont have that opportunity again, but when its there, sometimes you just need to reach out and grab it and go for it!

Stephen Zipsie

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Ask a Librarian
By John Leonard Berg
This column is actually named after a service provided on the UW-Platteville Karrmann Library website. Our campus community at Platteville has been using, and benefiting from, this convenient service for many years. This same service can assist our distance education students located across the globe. Ask a Librarian! is essentially a web-based reference service that assists librarians at UW-Platteville in meeting the academic and research needs of students via e-mail or chat. Conveniently located on the Karrmann Library home page ( is a link called Ask a Librarian or Live Chat! Click the link, then send an e-mail question to the reference desk or begin chatting with an attending librarian. To send an e-mail, enter your name and e-mail address, and indicate you are a distance education student in the dropdown menu. Then, post your question or comment on the electronic form. Please be specific. The more detailed the information that you provide about the course, assignment or problem, the quicker we can serve you. The course number and your instructors name is essential. Your e-mail question will usually be answered within two hours, except evenings and weekends. Librarians are scheduled on rotating shifts throughout the day and frequently check the e-mail account for queries. Sometimes we will refer your question to subject bibliographers for more expert guidance.
John Leonard Berg

Alternately, you may want to select our chat service. Chat is offered on a slightly more limited basis, but offers you the same professional service of a reference librarian. Chat is a popular way of communicating that is both instant and personable. When you get to the chat page, you will see a notation indicating that a librarian is online. When you submit a question, a librarian will respond immediately. Again, the more detail you can describe, the quicker you will receive accurate and relevant help. A third option remains the telephone. The Karrmann Library has a toll-free line for our off-campus and distance education students. If you prefer talking to someone in person, pick up the phone and dial 888.450.4632. You will be greeted by a friendly library professional with the words, Hello, how may I help you today? John Leonard-Berg is the distance education librarian and Public Services Coordinator for the UW-Platteville Karrmann Library. His responsibilities include securing electronic resources for distance education students, providing daily assistance to patrons at the public service desk, and selecting reference materials essential to the teaching and research mission of the university.


Course-specific fees and textbooks are not included. Online courses must be paid for in U.S. dollars by check, money order, or credit card. American Express, Discover, Mastercard, or Visa are accepted. GRADUATE ONLINE COURSES Tuition and Fees per Credit (regardless of residency) $610 Application Fee (nonrefundable) $ 56 UNDERGRADUATE ONLINE COURSES Tuition and Fees per Credit (regardless of residency) $360 Application Fee (nonrefundable) $ 44 Transfer Application Fee (nonrefundable)
(waived for students transferring directly to UW-Platteville from a two-year UW College)

$ 44


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contact info for online courses

Learner Services - UW Learning Innovations Direct questions that relate to registering for an online course, billing, refunds, and problems with receiving textbooks from the online bookstore.

Fall 2011 Online Course Deadlines

Registration is now open for Fall 2011 online courses. Refer to our website for admission requirements, registration instructions, course descriptions, course rotation schedules, and for any changes to the course listing and fee schedule on pages 26-27. All courses are three credits unless otherwise noted. JULY 15 Preferred Application Date: To ensure the completion of the admission process for Fall 2011 UW-Platteville online courses, submit your completed application and supporting materials before this date. JULY 26 Independent Study Deadline: Last day for financial aid recipients to submit Independent Study Proposals. JULY 29 Financial Aid Deadline: Last day to choose the Financial Aid Payment option when registering. AUG 9 Veterans: To leave time for federal or state veterans' benefits to be processed and in place by the Aug 23 payment deadline, you are urged to register before this date and choose the Post 9/11 GI Bill or WI GI Bill Payment option when registering for Fall 2011 UW-Platteville online courses. The 9/11 GI Bill and Wisconsin GI Bill may not cover all educational costs. Check with your Veterans' Certifying Official to determine which tuition/fees are not covered. AUG 9 Independent Study Deadline: Last day for non-financial aid recipients to submit Independent Study Proposals. AUG 16 Mail or Fax Payment Deadline: Last day to choose the Mail or Fax Payment option when registering. AUG 18 Full Refund Deadline: Last day to cancel your course enrollment and receive a full refund, including the administrative fee. AUG 23 Last Day to Register: Last day to register for Fall 2011 courses. You must use the Credit Card Online Payment option. This is also the PAYMENT DUE DATE for those who sent payment by mail. SEPT 6 First day of classes DEC 22 Last day of classes

Technical Support UW-Platteville Distance Learning Center Help Desk (see page 4) Direct questions that relate to problems getting access to a course (e.g., passwords, login name) and/or other hardware/ software problems that you encounter when navigating through a course.
877.854.3083 608.342.1303

Student Services UW-Platteville Distance Learning Center Direct questions that relate to admissions information and status, course grades, financial aid, transfer of credits, general questions about programs offered at a distance from UW-Platteville, and information about policies and procedures associated with each online program.
800.362.5460 608.342.1468

Print-based Courses

You may register for print-based undergraduate business administration courses any working day of the month. Contact us for information. Visit for tuition rates for print-based courses. Fall 2011 rates will be posted late August.

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Fall 2011 Online Courses

ACCT ACCT BSAD BSAD BSAD BSAD BSAD BSAD BSAD BSAD BSAD BSAD BSAD BSAD BSAD 2010 2020 1300 2330 2630 3030 3120 3130 3400 3530 3540 3620 3650 3710 4140 Financial Accounting Management Accounting Global Business Leadership and Management Introduction to Marketing Human Resource Management Retailing Legal Environment of Business Personal Financial Planning Organizational Behavior Quality Management Financial Management International Financial Management Bank Management International Management BSAD BSAD BSAD BSAD BSAD CJ CJ CJ CJ CJ CJ CJ CJ COMM ECON 4160 4330 4630 4840 4950 1130 2130 3130 3430 3630 3900 4030 4130 3010 2130 Purchasing Management Labor-Management Relations Marketing Management Business Policy/Strategy Portfolio Development [Special Topics]* Introduction to Criminal Justice The Police Function Criminal Investigation Patterns of Criminal and Delinquent Behavior Juvenile Justice Research Methods in Criminal Justice Criminal Law Police-Community Relations Business Communication Principles of Macroeconomics

ACCT BSAD BSAD BSAD BSAD BSAD BSAD BSAD BSAD BSAD BSAD BSAD BSAD BSAD BSAD 2010 1300 2330 2630 3030 3120 3130 3400 3530 3540 3620 3650 4140 4160 4330 Financial Accounting Global Business Leadership and Management Introduction to Marketing Human Resource Management Retailing Legal Environment of Business Personal Financial Planning Organizational Behavior Quality Management Financial Management International Financial Management International Management Purchasing Management Labor-Management Relations BSAD CJ CJ CJ CJ CJ CJ CJ CJ CJ CJ CJ COMM ECON FI 4630 1130 2130 3130 3430 3630 3900 4030 4130 4500 4880 4930 3010 2130 1320 Marketing Management Introduction to Criminal Justice The Police Function Criminal Investigation Patterns of Criminal and Delinquent Behavior Juvenile Justice Research Methods in Criminal Justice Criminal Law Police-Community Relations Directed Individual Studies* (1-3 cr.) Internship in Criminal Justice* (8 cr.) Criminal Justice Seminar* Business Communication Principles of Macroeconomics Introduction to Crime Scene Investigation

*Contact advisor for approval and registration instructions.


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Fall 2011 Online Courses

ENGRG 5000 ENGRG 5030 ENGRG 7070 ENGRG 7220 ENGRG 7260 Engineering Communications Linear Algebra Optimization with Engineering Applications Dynamics of Structures Advanced Shallow Foundation Design w/LRFD Applications Modern Control Systems Design of Experiments Advanced Finite Element Method Engineering Management Quality Engineering and Management Systems Engineering Management Special Topics in Engineering* (1-3 cr.) Independent Study in Engineering* (1-3 cr.) Project Management Techniques I Project Management Techniques II

BSAD BSAD CE CJ CJ CJ CJ CJ CJ CJ CJ CJ CJ CJ PSYC PSYC 5030 5530 7130 6330 7030 7120 7130 7230 7310 7630 7880 7920 7980 7990 7330 7980

ENGRG 7320 ENGRG 7510 ENGRG 7540 ENGRG 7800 ENGRG 7820 ENGRG 7840 ENGRG 7930 ENGRG 7980 PM 7010 PM 7020

Human Resource Management Organizational Behavior At Risk Youth Criminal Procedure and Evidence Criminal Justice Systems Policing in a Democratic Society Criminal Justice Research and Statistical methods Criminological Theory Perspectives on Child Maltreatment and Child Advocacy Contemporary Correctional Systems: Institutional and Community-Based Corrections Criminal Justice Internship* Seminar Paper Research* Independent Study in Criminal Justice* (1-4 cr.) Thesis Research* (3-6 cr.) Theories of Personality in the Criminal Justice System Independent Study in Psychology* (1-4 cr.)

ACCT BSAD BSAD BSAD BSAD BSAD BSAD BSAD BSAD BSAD 7000 5030 5530 5540 5620 5650 6330 6630 7110 7540 Managerial Accounting Human Resource Management Organizational Behavior Quality Management Financial Management International Financial Management Labor-Management Relations Marketing Management Management Decision Analysis Advanced Quality Management COMM PM PM PM PM PM PM PM PM 5010 7010 7020 7050 7060 7080 7840 7980 7990 Business Communication Project Management Techniques I Project Management Techniques II Project Procurement Management Advanced Tools and Techniques for Project Management Project Scope Management Project Management Capstone* Independent Study in Project Management* (1-4 cr.) Thesis Research*

*Contact advisor for approval and registration instructions.

NEW! BSAD 7330

Organizational Change Leadership Change and Practice - see page 7

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Nonprofit Org. US Postage PAID MSU

University of Wisconsin-Platteville Distance Education 1 University Plaza Platteville WI 53818-3099

Essentials of Project Management

Online Training Course (non-credit)
Are you new to project management? Do you feel overwhelmed? Unprepared? Dont have the time to get away for training? The four-week Essentials of Project Management online training course is ideal for any business professional involved in project/team activities. You can log in to the instructor-led course any time and place that is convenient for you. You will learn how to: Identify and effectively use the success factors that influence project stakeholders. Facilitate work breakdown structures and identify critical paths. Identify techniques to better estimate projects. Apply structured approaches to risk identification, analysis, and response planning. Draw out lessons learned and utilize them for improved success.

For more information or to register, visit

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