The ingredients of a foreseeable success

After the 2010 edition of the Total 24 Hours of Spa, which saw a magnificent battle between Porsche, Ferrari, Audi and BMW, the organisers of the classic Ardennes race only had one wish: to carry onwards and upwards with the only 24hr race in the world reserved exclusively for GT cars. Three weeks prior to the 63rd edition, things are looking good. The 2011 grid is without a doubt the most beautiful in the history of this international event. A real cocktail, the main ingredients of which are quantity and quality in equal measure.

SRO Motorsports Group and the RACB : union is strength
It’s well known that together, we are stronger! The historical organiser of the Total 24 Hours of Spa, the Royal Automobile Club of Belgium, could not better confirm its attachment to GT competition than by intensifying its collaboration with the SRO Motorsports Group, the company belonging to Stephane Ratel, a leading figure in GT racing and the creator of the GT3 category and the new Blancpain Endurance Series. In the Rue d’Arlon, they are congratulating themselves of this increased partnership with the SRO Motorsports Group, whose expertise at this level no longer needs to be proved. “In the world of GT racing, Stepane Ratel is simply an unavoidable figure,” explains Frédéric Maeyens, General Manager of the RACB and its affiliates. “The added participation of SRO Motorsport Group in the organisation of the Total 24 Hours of Spa is the first step of a process which has already begun with the opening of a subsidiary in our premises. The future of our 24-hour race is in good hands, and the RACB can only congratulate itself of this omnipresence of SRO Motorsport Group at its side.” “Along the way, the Total 24 Hours of Spa has become one of the most prestigious events on the endurance scene,” comments Stephane Ratel, Chairman of SRO Motorsport Group. “This is a tendency that has been confirmed more than ever this year, as the 2011 edition of this race looks like it will be simply explosive! It is then with pleasure and great honour that the collaboration with the Royal Automobile Club of Belgium has increased strongly.”

The appropriate regulations confirmed well in advance
Announcing in September 2010 a move towards making the race exclusively for GT3 and GT4 cars, the organisers of the Total 24 Hours of Spa have not only drawn conclusions from the last edition, but also and especially listened to the demands of the teams and the drivers involved in the these extremely successful categories, whether on the national or international scene. “The correct formula was to privilege the GT3 and GT4s,” says Jean-François Chaumont, Director of the Total 24 Hours of Spa. “A judicious decision that attracted many leading teams, now satisfied to be able to claim the overall title. We can now confirm it: the public will be attending an explosive edition of the 24 hour race in the Ardennes. This 63rd edition of the Total 24 Hours of Spa will offer a truly spectacular battle, and we will get a first taste of what is to come during the official test day.

The Total 24 Hours of Spa, highlight of the Blancpain Endurance Series
Another indisputable key point of the Total 24 Hours of Spa 2011 is its return as the highlight of a successful international competition series. Last winter, SRO Motorsport Group launched the basis of a new success story, called the Blancpain Endurance Series, whose regulation is identical to the 24 hours’, exclusively for the GT3 and GT4 categories. “Directly inspired by the spirit of the Total 24 Hours of Spa, the Blancpain Endurance Series has similar sporting and technical regulations, but also similar procedures,” summarises Stephane Ratel. “This competition has five events, with the Total 24 Hours of Spa at its summit. The sporting format, which consists of three-hour races, is a true return to the roots of GT racing. The 2011 calendar groups prestigious circuits like Monza, Magny Cours, Silverstone and Navarra. It was created so as not to interfere with the national calendars, or the FIA GT3 European Championship. Being open uniquely to GT3 and GT4 cars is a key argument in the Blancpain Endurance Series. The basis of the series is the balance of performance between the cars. The team’s strategy is therefore key, and as for the drivers, the level is as high as it can be.” Fought on the circuits of Monza and Navarra, the first two meetings of the Blancpain Endurance Series 2011 confirmed the well founded reasoning of the SRO Motorsports Group. A grid where quantity and quality are fighting for the headlines, a great variety of brands being represented, exciting races with many rebounds; the first victories were claimed by Porsche and Ferrari, but the others are far from giving up. Now heading to Spa-Francorchamps, before the last two meetings of this first season, in Magny Cours and Silverstone, where they will go back to racing over three hours once more.

World-Class partners, an exceptional media coverage
If the entry list of the Total 24 Hours of Spa, highlight of the Blancpain Endurance Series, is impressive, the sporting success, and the public image ever reinforced of the Ardennes classic, allows more than ever to find its traditional level, its prestige of yesteryear. “Collaborating closely with SRO Motorsports Group, everything has been put into place so that these 24 Hours will exceed the stage of a simple endurance race. We will see a true event, whether on the track or off it,” rejoices Jean-François Chaumont, Director of the Total 24 Hours of Spa. “This success is seen notably in the exceptional dynamism of our partners for this 63rd edition. Alongside Total, major sponsor of the 24 Hours, and Blancpain, which has given its name to this new successful series, we are also proud to count alongside us companies such as Securitas, whose involvement is impressive, Audi, Saab – who will once more furnish the cabriolets for the driver presentation to the public – Michelin, media Markt, Galeria Inno, Hexis, Estat of Art, without forgetting our media partners RTL and VTM. And, for the first time, VTM, leading channel of Dutch audiovisual media in Belgium, will offer various live coverage slots on Saturday and Sunday, not forgetting to feature the 24 Total 24 Hours of Spa in all its news bulletins from the Friday. A great additional asset which will without a doubt see the 24 Hours being prophets in their own land. And as the Blancpain Endurance Series also features plenty of live TV coverage, namely on Motors TV, the best is yet to come…”

Round 3: Spa-Francorchamps, Belgium
History in the Making The historic 24 Hours of Spa is one of the world’s longest running endurance events, tracing its roots back to the first race held in the Ardennes in 1924. This year the Total 24 Hours of Spa is the Blue Riband event for the world’s newest international GT series, the Blancpain Endurance Series. While this will only be the third race in the Blancpain Endurance Series, the races held in Monza (Italy) and Navarra (Spain) have shown that the new series has the potential to become one of the best in the world.

Round 1: Monza
In April Monza hosted the first ever Blancpain Endurance Series race and fittingly it was the Italian team AutOrlando Sport and Italian driver Paolo Rubeti who took the chequered flag to record the first ever Blancpain Endurance Series win in a Porsche 997 GT3 R. Ruberti was joined by Gianluca Roda and Raffaele Gianmaria on the top step of the podium. The second placed car was the nr32 Belgian Audi Club Audi R8 LMS of Stephane Ortelli, Bert Longin and Filipe Albuquerqe, which finished 58 second behind the Porsche but led the race before it had to pit for a splash and dash pitstop 10 laps from home. An early puncture also delayed the Audi, but they fought back to claim a podium place in the first race of the season. The Marc VDS Ford GT of Bas Leinders, Maxime Martin and Markus Palttala was third. The class winners were Marc A Hayek and Peter Kox in the Blancpain-Reiter Lamborghini (GT3 Pro-Am Cup), with Hayek bringing the car home in 4th overall. Georges Cabannes and Gregory Guilvert were the GT3 Gentlemen Cup winners in the Ruffier Racing Lamborghini Gallardo and the GT4 Cup was won by the Lotus Italia team with Edoardo Piscopo, Leo Mansell and Greg Mansell holding off the challenge of the RJN Motorsport Nissan to claim the first GT4 Class win of the new series.

Round 2: Navarra
One month later the Blancpain Endurance Series travelled to Spain and to prove that the action packed entertainment of the first event wasn’t a one off, the second 3-hour race of the 2011 season was just as exciting.

The nr1 Vita4One Ferrari 458 of Michael Bartels, Frank Kechele and Nico Verdonck took their first victory in the Blancpain Endurance Series, finishing 17 seconds ahead of the Belgian Audi Club Audi R8 LMS of Stephane Ortelli, Bert Longin and Filipe Alburquerqe. Ortelli, starting from Pole Position held the lead until Kechele went ahead of the Belgian driver on lap 17. The Vita4One Ferrari then set the pace for the rest of the race with reigning FIA GT! World Champion Michael Bartels taking the chequered flag. Round 1 winners Gianluca Roda, Raffaele Gianmaria and Paolo Ruberti taking the final podium place in the AutOrlando Porsche 997 GT3 R to maintain their championship lead after two races. The Pro-Am Cup Class was won by the nr20 SOFREV Auto Sport Promotion Ferrrari 458 Italia of Ludovic Badey, Franck Morel and Jean-Luc Beaubelique. Morel led the race until the final pitstops, with Beaubelique taking the chequered flag in 5th overall one lap behind the leading four Pro Cup class cars. The GT3 Gentlemen Trophy was won by Round 1 winner George Cabannes in the nr31 Ruffier Racing Lamborghini, with Cabennes being joined by rally driver Fabien Michal, who was taking part in his very first circuit race. The GT4 Cup went to the nr61 Lotus Driving Academy Lotus Evora of Freddy Barth, Rolf Maritz and Lorenz Frey after the leading Lotus Italia Evora of Greg Mansell retired with gearbox failure. The GT3 Cup De Lorenzi Racing Porsche 997 GT3 of Luigi Emiliani, Sergio Negroni and Marco Cassera struggled to reach the chequered flag after the gearbox lost 5th and 6th gears but the Italian's crossed the line to lift the GT3 Cup Trophy.

Series Points after Round 2

1 ex ex 2 ex ex 3 ex ex Paolo Ruberti Gianluca Roda Raffaele Gianmaria Bert Longin Stephane Ortelli Filipe Albuquerqe Frank Kechele Michael Bartels Nico Verdonck ITA ITA ITA BEL MCO PRT DEU DEU BEL 40 40 40 36 36 36 25 25 25

1 ex ex 2 ex ex 3 ex ex ex ex Gianluca de Lorenzi Alessandro Bonetti Stefano Borgi Niek Hommerson Louis Machiels Paul van Splunteren Marc A Hayek Peter Kox Franck Morel Jean-Luc Beaubelique Ludovic Badey ITA ITA ITA NLD BEL NLD CHE NLD FRA FRA FRA 30 30 30 26 26 26 25 25 25 25 25

1 2 ex 2 ex 3 ex ex Georges Cabannes Giorgio Piodi Stefano Bianconi Gregory Guilvert Fabien Michal Sergio Negroni Luigi Emiliani Marco Cassera FRA ITA ITA FRA FRA ITA ITA ITA 50 33 33 25 25 25 25 25

1 ex ex 2 ex ex 3 ex ex Edoardo Piscopo Greg Mansell Leo Mansell Lorenz Frey Rolf Maritz Fredy Barth Jordan Tresson Christopher Ward Alex Buncombe ITA GBR GBR CHE CHE CHE FRA GBR GBR 40 40 40 33 33 33 30 30 30

The Total 24 Hours of Spa
The 2011 Total 24 Hours of Spa will be the third round of the Blancpain Endurance Series. Over 60 cars are expected to line up on the grid for the 63rd running of the event that was first staged in 1924. While GT3 cars have been competed at the 24 Hours of Spa in recent years 2011 will be the first time that GT3 has been the main class and teams and drivers running GT3 spec cars will be fighting for overall honours for the first time at this historic event held at the world famous Spa-Francorchamps circuit in the magnificent setting of the Ardennes forest. As well are the standard Blancpain Endurance Series rules, there are several specific conditions in the sporting regulations for this event compared to the other 3-hour races.

Points The race will be considered as a single event during which intermediate classifications will be drawn up after 6 and 12 hours of racing at which time points will be awarded according to the following table. Only the classification at the end of the 24 Hours is considered as the official result of the event.

The points in the intermediate classifications after 6 and 12 hours will be awarded equally to the car and to all the drivers in the crew, whatever their driving time.

Drivers Throughout the event, no fewer than three drivers and no more than four drivers may drive one and the same car. The maximum continuous driving time per driver is three hours, after this period a minimum one hour’s rest is required. No driver can drive more than 14 hours in total.
Driver classifications for the GT3 Pro-Am Cup, GT3 Gentleman Cup and the GT4 Cup have been altered to accommodate four drivers in each class. In the Pro-Am Cup two bronze drivers can race with either - two Platinum, a Platinum and a Gold driver or two Gold drivers. Alternatively there can be three silver and one bronze driver sharing a GT3 Pro-Am Cup car. In the GT3 Gentleman Trophy teams can choose to have either two silver and two bronze or one silver and three bronze drivers in their car. In the GT4 Cup the driver classifications are the same as the GT3 Pro-Am Cup. There are no driver classifications in the GT3 Pro Cup.

The Blancpain Endurance Series
Three-hour races, with all the excitement of pit stops, driver changes, multiple classes and non-stop overtaking. The magical formula that made the FIA GT Championship such a success with teams, drivers and the media alike is back. 2011 will see the rebirth of the endurance format for GT cars with the brandnew Blancpain Endurance Series. Reserved for GT3 and GT4 cars, which have already made their mark in long-distance races, without having a specific arena to test their skills, the new series will be centred around GT racing’s showcase event, the Total 24 Hours of Spa. The remaining three-hour events will take place at high-powered Monza, in Italy, Spain’s newest circuit of Navarra, France’s popular and classic Magny Cours, and the home of British racing, Silverstone. With the three-driver line-up so popular with teams and gentlemen drivers, no driver classification in the top class, and a three-step qualifying system inspired from Formula One, the new series aims to give teams drivers everything they want in a friendly yet professional atmosphere, with live TV production at every round. Promoted by SRO Motorsports Group, the company which was behind the rebirth of GT racing and without whom the GT3 and GT4 categories would not exist, the Blancpain Endurance Series will be an international GT series run under the aegis of the Royal Automobile Club of Belgium, and recognised by the FIA. It takes its name from a much-valued partnership with the prestigious Swiss watch manufacturer Blancpain.


The 2011 edition of the 24 Hours of Spa will be the 63rd running of the endurance event which has a history that stretches back to 1924. The 24-hour event was created by the Royal Automobile Club of Belgium as the Endurance Grand Prix and over the years has become one of the greatest races on the international motorsport calendar with a prestigious roll of honour. The first event in 1924, just one year after the first 24 Hours race at Le Mans, was held on a 15km circuit on public roads between the towns of Francorchamps, Malmedy and Stavelot. The race was won by French drivers Henri Springuel and Maurice Becquet in the French made Bignan 2L with an average speed of 78.3kph and covering a distance of 1879km. The race was held continuously for the next 10 years until 1933, with victories for Chenard-Walcker (1925), Peugeot (1926), Excelsior (1927) and Mercedes-Benz (1931) but it was Alfa Romeo which dominated the pre war years with six wins between 1928 and 1933 and then wins in the only two further Spa 24 Hour races to be held prior to the Second World War in 1936 and 1938. The first race to be held in the post war period was in 1948 and it was an all British affair as St John Horsfall and Leslie Johnson swept to victory in their Aston Martin Two Litre Sports. In 1949 Ferrari took their first Spa 24 Hour win when Luigi Chinetti (I) and Jean Lucas (F) took the chequered flag in their Ferrari 166 S. A four year break until the next running of the 24 Hours of Spa and in 1953 Ferrari were back on the top step of the podium as Mike Hawthorn (GB) and Guiseppe Farina (I) took the win in the Ferrari 375MM. In 1964, the 24 Hours of Spa were reborn and dedicated to Touring cars, and the event has been held every year since. The 1964 race was fittingly won by the Belgian duo Robert Crevits and Gustave Gosselin in a Mercedes Benz 300SE. In 1965 Pascal Ickx and Gerard Langlois won in a BMW 1800, the first of 21 victories for the German manufacturer, by far the most successful manufacturer in the history of the 24 Hours of Spa. Ford, Porsche, Jaguar, Mazda, Mercedes, Nissan and Peugeot also took advantage of the various touring car regulations, and shared the victories up until 2000. In 2001 the Royal Automobile Club of Belgium decided on a new challenge and the 24 Hours of Spa became the ultimate challenge for Grand Touring cars and the Blue Riband event for the FIA GT Championship. From 2001 until 2009 the honour roll of the 24 Hours gained new names with the success for Chrysler as well as Porsche, Ferrari, Maserati and Corvette. With the FIA GT Championship evolving into the GT1 World Championship the GT2, GT3 and GT4 became the new stars in 2010 and in a further evolution the spotlight is now placed on the GT3 and GT4 categories for the 63rd edition of the Total 24 Hours of Spa this July.

Spa 24 Hours Results 1924 – 2010
1924 1925 1926 1927 1928 1929 1930 1931 1932 1933 1936 1938 1948 1949 1953 1964 1965 1966 1967 1968 1969 1970 1971 1972 1973 1974 1975 1976 1977 1978 1979 1980 1981 1982 1983 1984 1985 1986 1987 1988 1989 1990 1991 1992 1993 1994 1995 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 Henri SPRINGUEL / Maurice BECQUET André LAGACHE / René LEONARD André BOILLOT / Louis RIGAL Robert SENECHAL / Nicolas CAERELS Boris IVANOWSKI / Attilio MARINONI Robert BENOIST / Attilio MARINONI Attilio MARINONI / Pietro GHERSI Dimitri DJORDJADZE / Geffredo ZEHENDER Antonio BRIVIO / Eugenio SIENA Louis CHIRON / Luigi CHINETTI Francesco SEVERI / Raymond SOMMER Carlo PINTACUDA / Francesco SEVERI St John HORSFALL / Leslie JOHNSON Luigi CHINETTI / Jean LUCAS Giuseppe FARINA / Mike HAWTHORN Robert CREVITS / Gustave GOSSELIN Pascal ICKX / Gérard LANGLOIS Hubert HAHNE / Jacky ICKX Jean-Pierre GABAN /’ PEDRO’ Erwin KREMER / Willi KAUSHEN / Helmut KELLENERS Guy CHASSEUIL / Claude BALLOT-LENA Gunther HUBER / Helmut KELLENERS Dieter GLEMSER / Alex SOILER-ROIG Jochen MASS / Hans-Joachim STUCK Toine HEZEMANS / Dieter QUESTER Jean XHENCEVAL/ Alain PELTIER Jean XHENCEVAL / Hugues de FIERLANDT Jean-Marie DETRIN / Nino DEMUTH / ‘CHAVAN’ Eddy JOOSEN / Jean-Claude ANDRUET Gordon SPICE / Teddy PILETTE Jean-Michel MARTIN / Philippe MARTIN Jean-Michel MARTIN / Philippe MARTIN Tom WALKINSHAW / Pierre DIEUDONNE Hans HEYER / Armin HAHNE / Eddy JOOSEN Thierry TASSIN / Hans HEYER / Armin HAHNE Tom WALKINSHAW / Hans HEYER / Win PERCY Roberto RAVAGLIA / Gerhard BERGER / Marc SURER Dieter QUESTER / Thierry TASSIN / Altfrid HEGER Jean-Michel MARTIN / Didier THEYS / Eric VAN DE POELE Altfrid HEGER / Dieter QUESTER / Roberto RAVAGLIA Gianfranco BRANCATELLI / Win PERCY / Bernd SCHNEIDER Fabien GIROIX / Johnny CECOTTO / Markus OESTREICH Anders OLOFFSON / David BRABHAM / Naoki HATTORI Steve SOPER / Jean-Michel MARTIN / Christian DANNER Christian FITTIPALDI / Uwe ALZEN / Jean-Pierre JARIER Roberto RAVAGLIA / Thierry TASSIN / Alexander BURGSTALLER Joachim WINKELHOCK / Steve SOPER / Peter KOX Jörg MULLER / Thierry TASSIN / Alexander BURGSTALLER Didier de RADIGUES / Marc DUEZ / Eric HELARY Marc DUEZ / Eric VAN DE POELE / Alain CUDINI Frédéric BOUVY / Emmanuel COLLARD / Anthony BELTOISE Frédéric BOUVY / Kurt MOLLEKENS / Didier DEFOURNY Christophe BOUCHUT / Jean-Philippe BELOC / Marc DUEZ Christophe BOUCHUT / David TERRIEN / Vincent VOSSE Stéphane ORTELLI / Marc LIEB / Romain DUMAS Luca CAPPELLARI / Fabrizio GOLLIN/ Lilian BRYNER/ Enzo CALDERARI Michael BARTELS / Timo SCHEIDER / Eric VAN DE POELE Eric VAN DE POELE / Michael BARTELS / Andrea BERTOLINI Jean-Denis DELETRAZ/Mike HEZEMANS/Fabrizio GOLLIN/Marcel FASSLER Mich. BARTELS/Andrea BERTOLINI/Stéph. SARRAZIN/Eric VAN DE POELE Mike HEZEMANS / Antony KUMPEN / Jos MENTEN / Kurt MOLLEKENS Romain DUMAS / Jörg BERGMEISTER / Mar.RAGGINGER / Wolf HENZEL F F F F/B RUS / I F/I I RUS / I I F/I I/F I GB I/F I / GB B B D/B B D F D D/E D NL / D B B B/L/B B/F GB / B B B GB / B D/D/B B/D/D GB / D / GB I / A / CH D/B/D B D/D/I I / GB / D F / VE / D S / AUS / J GB / B / D BR / D / F I/B/D D / GB / NL D/B/D B/B/F B/B/F B/F/F B F/F/B F/F/B MC / D / F I / I/ CH / CH D/D/B B/D/I CH/NL/I/CH D/I/F/B NL/B/NL/B F/D/A/D Bignan Chenard-Walcker Peugeot Excelsior Alfa Romeo Alfa Romeo Alfa Romeo Mercedes-Benz Alfa Romeo Alfa Romeo Alfa Romeo Alfa Romeo Aston Martin Ferrari Ferrari 375 MM Mercedes Benz 300SE BMW 1800 BMW 2000 ti Porsche 911 Porsche 911 Porsche 911 BMW 2800CS Ford Capri RS Ford Capri RS 2600 BMW 3.0 CSL BMW 3.0 CSI BMW 3.0 CSI BMW 3.0 CSL BMW 530 IUS Ford Capri Ford Capri Ford Capri Mazda RX-7 BMW 528i BMW 635 CSI Jaguar XJS BMW 635 CSI BMW 635 CSI BMW M3 BMW M3 Ford Sierra Cosworth BMW M3 Nissan Skyline GT-R BMW M3 Porsche 911 RSR BMW 318i BMW 320i BMW 320i BMW 320i BMW 318i Peugeot 306 GTI Peugeot 306 GTI Chrysler Viper GTS-R Chrysler Viper Porsche 996 GT3-RS Ferrari 550 Maranello Maserati MC12 Maserati MC12 Corvette C6R Maserati MC12 Corvette Z06 Porsche 997 RSR

Record of wins:
Eric VAN DE POELE (B) 5 wins Jean-Michel MARTIN (B) 4 wins Thierry TASSIN (B) 4 wins Marc DUEZ (B) 3 wins Hans HEYER (D) 3 wins (hat trick) Attilio MARINONI (I) 3 wins (hat trick) Dieter QUESTER (A) 3 wins Roberto RAVAGLIA (I) 3 wins Michael BARTELS (D) 3 wins Andrea BERTOLINI (I) 2 wins Christophe BOUCHUT (F) 2 wins Frédéric BOUVY (B) 2 wins Alexander BURGSTALLER (D) 2 wins Romain DUMAS (F) 2 wins Fabrizio GOLLIN (I) 2 wins Armin HAHNE (D) 2 wins Altfrid HEGER (D) 2 wins Mike HEZEMANS (NL) 2 wins Eddy JOOSEN (B) 2 wins Helmut KELLENERS (D) 2 wins Philippe MARTIN (B) 2 wins Kurt MOLLEKENS (B) 2 wins Win PERCY (GB) 2 wins Tom WALKINSHAW (GB) 2 wins Jean XHENCEVAL (B) 2 wins 1987 1979 1983 1997 1982 1928 1973 1985 2005 2006 2001 1999 1994 2003 2004 1982 1986 2007 1977 1968 1979 2000 1984 1981 1974 – 1998 – 1980 – 1986 – 1998 – 1983 – 1929 – 1986 – 1988 – 2006 – 2008 – 2002 – 2000 – 1996 - 2010 – 2007 – 1983 – 1988 – 2008 – 1982 – 1970 – 1980 – 2009 – 1989 – 1984 – 1975 – 2005 – 2006 – 2008 – 1987 – 1992 – 1994 – 1996 – 2001 – 1984 – 1930 – 1988 – 1994 – 2008

Wins by make:
BMW (21) Alfa Romeo (7) Ford (6) Porsche (6) Ferrari (3) Maserati (3) Peugeot (3) Chrysler (2) Corvette (2) Mercedes (2) Aston Martin (1) Bignan (1) Bugatti (1) Chenard-Walcker (1) Excelsior (1) Jaguar (1) Mazda (1) Nissan (1) 1965 -‘66 -‘70 -‘73 -‘74 -‘75 -‘76 -‘77 -’82 -‘84 - ‘86 -‘87 -‘88 -‘89 -‘90 -’92 -’94 -’95 -’96 -’97 -‘98 1928 – 1929 – 1930 – 1932 – 1933 – 1936 – 1938 1971 – 1972 – 1978 – 1979 – 1980 – 1989 1967 – 1968 – 1969 – 1993 – 2003 - 2010 1949 – 1953 – 2004 2005 – 2006 – 2008 1926 – 1999 – 2000 2001 – 2002 2007 – 2009 1931 – 1964 1948 1924 1934 1925 1927 1984 1981 1991

Provisional Entry List

# 1 2 3 4 5 6 1 3 4 9 10 15

TEAM Vita4One Hexis AMR Hexis AMR AutOrlando Sport SOFREV Auto Sport Promotion KRK Racing


DRIVER 1 Michael Bartels Pierre Brice Mena Henri Moser Paolo Ruberti Patrice Goueslard Mike Hezemans


DRIVER 2 Frank Kechele Julien Rodrigues Stef Dusseldorp Gianluca Roda Olivier Pla Anthony Kumpen


DRIVER 3 Nico Verdonck Yann Clairay Frédéric Makowiecki Raffaele Giammaria Julien Jousse Koen Wauters Albert von Thurn und Taxis Stéphane Ortelli Mattias Ekström Stéphane Lemeret Bas Leinders TBA Alvaro Parente Maxime Soulet TBA




CAR Ferrari 458 Italia Aston Martin DBRS 9 Aston Martin DBRS 9 Porsche 997 GT3 R Ferrari 458 Italia Mercedes SLS AMG






Eugenio Amos

CAN Nikolaus Meyr-Melnhof





Lamborghini LP600


8 9 10 11 12 13

32 33 35 40 41 59

Audi Sport Team WRT Audi Sport Team WRT Black Falcon Marc VDS Racing Team Marc VDS Racing Team CRS Racing Prospeed Competition Prospeed Competition Need For Speed By Schubert Motorsport Audi Sport Team Phoenix Audi Sport Team Phoenix GPR AMR Vita4One Rhino's Leipert Motorsport Rhino's Leipert Motorsport United Autosport United Autosport KRK Racing De Lorenzi Racing SOFREV Auto Sport Promotion United Autosport Blancpain-Reiter Vita4One Black Falcon Sport Garage Faster Racing by DB Motorsport Faster Racing by DB Motorsport


Bert Longin Greg Franchi Kenneth Heyer Markus Palttala Marc Hennerici Andrew Kirkaldy Paul van Splunteren TBA


Filipe Albuquerque Timo Scheider Thomas Jäger Maxime Martin Antoine Leclerc Oliver Turvey Marc Goossens TBA





Audi R8 LMS Audi R8 LMS Mercedes SLS AMG BMW Z4 Ford GT McLaren GT Porsche 997 GT3 R Porsche 997 GT3 R




14 TBC 15 TBC




Patrick Söderlund


Edward Sandström







17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34

98 99 8 2 6 7 11 12 16 18 20 23 24 29 38 42 43 44


Marcel Fässler Marc Basseng Eddy Renard Niek Hommerson Ricardo Bravo Olivier Tielemans Mark Blundell Arie Luyendyk TBA Gianluca De Lorenzi Franck Morel Zakary Brown Marc A. Hayek TBA Andrii Lebed Eric Cayrolle Jeroen der Boer Hoevert Vos

Andrea Piccini Christopher Haase Ludovic Sougnez Louis Machiels


Mike Rockenfeller Frank Stippler Jonathan Hirschi TBA Duarte Felix da Costa Dennis Vollmair Eddie cheever Richard Meins TBA




Audi R8 LMS Audi R8 LMS Aston Martin DBRS 9 Ferrari 458 Italia


POR Lourenco Beirao da Veiga POR NDL GBR NDL Mika Vahamaki Mark Patterson Alan Li TBA ITA FRA USA CHE Alessandro Bonetti Jean-Luc Beaubelique Richard Dean Peter Kox TBA UKR FRA NDL NDL Bret Curtis Christophe Jouet Simon Knap Harrte Kolen USA FRA NDL NDL ITA FRA GBR NDL FIN RSA HK


TBA Matthew Bell Henri Richard -


Lamborghini LP600 Lamborghini LP600


Audi R8 LMS Audi R8 LMS Mercedes SLS AMG Porsche 997 GT3 R

Stefano Borghi Ludovic Badey Johnny Herbert TBA TBA Peter Van der Kolk Michaël Petit TBA Nick Catsburg


TBA Guillaume Moreau Stefan Johansson FRA SWE

Ferrari 458 Italia Audi R8 LMS Lamborghini LP600 Ferrari 458 Italia


Jeroen van der Heuvel TBA


Mercedes SLS AMG Ferrari 430 Scuderia BMW Z4


BMW Z4 Lamborghini Gallardo LP600 Ferrari 458 Italia Ferrari 458 Italia Ferrari 458 Italia



Gulf Team First


Andrea Barlesi


Jean-Pierre Valentini


Roald Goethe


Fabien Giroix



36 37 38 39

50 51 52 54

AF Corse AF Corse AF Corse Graff Racing


Jack Gerber Yannick Mallegol TBA Olivier Panis


Matt Griffin Jean-Marc Bachelier TBA


Nikki Cadei TBA TBA


Marco Cioci




Eric Debard


Grégoire Demoustier


Nicolas Lapierre


Mercedes SLS AMG

Provisional Entry List

# 40 55

TEAM Graff Racing Need For Speed By Schubert Motorsport Alpina Team Preci Spark Marc VDS Racing Team JMB Racing Delahaye Racing Ecurie Ecosse Mühlner Motorsport Mühlner Motorsport Haribo Team Manthey Level Racing Sport Garage JRT / GPR AMR GCR


DRIVER 1 Philippe Haezebrouck


DRIVER 2 Philippe Bougois


DRIVER 3 Gilles Challandon




CAR Mercedes SLS AMG










42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 54

86 90 92 93 94 95 122 123 888 19 22 78 82


TBA David Jones Marc Duez TBA Frederic Bouvy Oliver Bryant TBA Armand Flumal Richard Westbrook Brody Philip Shearer Pierre Grivegnee Dominique Nury BEL GBR BEL FRA BEL FRA BEL GBR GBR BEL

TBA Godfrey Jones Jean-Michel Martin TBA Damien Coens Andrew Smith TBA TBA Christian Menzel Christophe Corten Amandine Foulard TBA Bernard Salam Thierry de Latre du Bosqueau José Close Crotti FRA DEU BEL FRA BEL SCO GBR BEL

TBA Mike Jordan Eric Bachelart TBA Christian Kelders Alasdair McCaig TBA TBA Mike Stursberg Joe Schmitz Lionel Comole TBA Jean-Marc Merlin FRA DEU LUX FRA BEL GBR GBR BEL

TBA TBA TBA Jean-Luc Blanchemain Joe Twyman BEL GBR -

Alpina B6 Mercedes SLS AMG Ford Mustang FR500 Ferrari 458 Italia Corvette Z06 GT3 Aston Martin DBRS 9 Porsche 997 GT3 R Porsche 997 GT3 R


Hans Guido Riegel TBA


Porsche 997 GT3 R Porsche 997 GT3 Cup S Ferrari 430 Scuderia

TBA Guy Clairay FRA

Aston Martin DBRS 9 Dodge Viper GT3



Signa Motorsport


Patrick Chaillet



Pierre Yves Rosoux


Dodge Viper GT3


56 57

85 36

VDS Aventures De Lorenzi Racing

BEL Raphaël van der Starten BEL ITA Sergio Negroni ITA MC O CHE FRA


Julien Schroyen Fecchio


Benjamin Bailly Giorgio Piodi


Ford Mustang FR500 Porsche 997 GT3 Cup






Marc Faggionato

Thierry Prignaud


Thierry Stepec


Franck Racinet


Porsche 997 GT3 Cup


59 60 61 62 63 64 65 66 67 68 69 70

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RMS Freeman Gepa 161 Lotus Driving Academy RJN Motorsport Lotus Sport Italia DVB Racing Speed Lover Speed Lover Horn Motorsport Vita4one CRS Racing CRS Racing


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Entertainment galore for all ages Bob Sinclar on top of the bill !

An event with a very marked popular nature, the Total 24 Hours of Spa – Blancpain Endurance Series get off to its traditional start on the Wednesday afternoon with a huge event in the heart of Spa, with the cars and drivers. Encounters, autograph sessions, interviews and especially the return of the cars to the track on the main road. It is, quite simply, unmissable. More than ever, the party is in full swing this year, whether on the track or off. And it’s not without some pride that the RACB and SRO Motorsports Group have organised a concert that has everyone talking: one of the most well known DJs on the planet, Bob Sinclar! Sweeping the awards and imposing himself as one of the biggest disk sellers, Bob Sinclar features in the international pop charts alongside acts such as Sean Paul, Shaggy, and others. Winning at the NRJ Music Awards in 2007 (best DJ) and in the World Music Awards in 2006 (best DJ) – amongst others – his albums and remixes go gold or platinum. As for his agenda, it is always full, with events in France, England, Italy and Slovakia, the Czech Republic and the States…and that is just in the weeks following the Total 24 Hours of Spa! Impressive! Therefore, the spectators visiting the Total 24 Hours of Spa will be able to enjoy the traditional Saturday evening entertainment with a global star. With songs that will please party goers and clubbers, whether it’s Love Generation, World Hold On, The Beat Goes On, the inevitable Tik Tok or his latest Far l’Amore. An explosive mix of dance and french House music, sprinkled with Disco, hip hop, reggae and ragga. So as not to miss anything, tickets are on sale at, or at the Free Record Shop. A little tip to Bob Sinclar fans… don’t leave it too late…

Something for everyone
Whilst some will be at the edge of the track, either enjoying the race or getting drunk on the decibels, others can take advantage of the many other events on the programme. Most notably with the return of the creatures from Temptation Carwash, which had a huge success last year. And for the younger spectators, the Kids Village will once again be unmissable, just as the fun fair, the supercarpark, the different shops and boutiques, etc...Without forgetting the karting track at Spa Francorchamps, where some could discover the drivers of the future during the weekend.

Thursday and Friday, it’s free !
The big party that is the Total 24 Hours of Spa will therefore begin on the Wednesday in the streets of Spa, but also on Thursday and Friday, on track this time, with the free practice sessions, the qualifying, and also the first support races. A regal programme that the RACB and SRO are offering for FREE. Watch the battle for pole position for the Total 24 Hours of Spa, as well as the first two first rounds of the Lamborghini Blancpain Super Trofeo and the British F3, races also featuring the title of FIA F3 International Trophy. Not forgetting the first appearance of the French F4 Championship. All this and not a penny spent. Save the date !

Marc A. Hayek

Dream cars, prestigious circuits, incredible people, GT racing has always had a slightly mythical air, and I think that the motorsport world was ready for a return to the roots of these competitions. Therefore, it is hardly surprising to see that the Blancpain Endurance Series has rapidly become the unmissable series for GT racing in Europe. Outdoing all expectations, not only has the public been enthralled, but so have the teams, to the point that the starting grid for our next event at Spa-Francorchamps is the most successful in the history of this legendary circuit. As CEO of Blancpain I am delighted with this success. As far as a driver, the first two events, in Monza and Navarra, were very positive, confirming the high level of competition and the ability of our team to take up the challenge. We are now impatient to be back in action for the 24 Hours of Spa. This race, more than any other, pushes the limits of both man and machine. There, you will feel real emotions and need to take care of the slightest details. On a legendary circuit, combined with the purest form of endurance racing, it is likely to be the highlight of the season for all the fans, and one that comes closest to the glory days of GT racing. It is a challenge and a unique opportunity to take part, and our whole team will be doing everything to be on top form.

Blancpain : a privileged motorsport partner
Blancpain, founded in 1735, is the oldest watch-making brand in the world. Firmly attached to the values of traditional watch-making, the Brassus Manufactory works ceaselessly to perfect the complexities, designs and production methods, and works insatiably to conquer new horizons. Its ambition for over 275 years is to take the watch-making art where it has never been ! The marque’s key to success lies in its mastery in all the areas involved in the production of an exceptional mechanical timepiece, from the creation of the movement and its elements down to the functional design of the watch, through the choice of materials and refined finishing touches, entirely by hand. Without ever straying from its precious heritage, Blancpain continues its quest for performance, precision and elegance, proposing a range of exceptional timepieces with the most sophisticated movements. Remaining faithful to its values, Blancpain regularly associates itself with partners who share its passion for excellence. Either in motorsport, the nautical world or undersea diving, high gastronomy or lifestyle, the Manufactory is proud of its partnerships, which go well beyond simple co-branding. Blancpain invests itself fully, joining forces with its partners in a spirit of surpassing itself, valuing creativity and authenticity. Already involved as the official timekeeper for the FIA GT1 World Championship, as well as title sponsor of the Lamborghini Blancpain Super Trofeo, Blancpain reinforced its presence in the world of motorsport this year with its participation in ADAC GT Masters and with the creation of the Blancpain Endurance Series, a new international championship dedicated to the GT3 and GT4 categories, managed by the SRO Motorsports Group. This high-level partnership corresponds to the values which spark the passion of the President and CEO of Blancpain, Marc A. Hayek, for motorsport. To surpass ones limits, to feel real emotions and to take care of the smallest details, those are the key values he applies on the circuits, behind the wheel of his Reiter Engineering Lamborghini Gallardo GT3, but also to the Blancpain products. The incredible success of the new championship, greeted with enthusiasm by teams and public alike, shows to what point the Blancpain Endurance Series constitutes a return to the true essence of GT racing. This enthusiasm is confirmed by the unprecedented number of entries in the 24 Hours of SpaFrancorchamps, the highlight of the season.
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The GT3 World Cup If the entry list of the 63rd edition of the Total 24 Hours of Spa, highlight of the Blancpain Endurance Series 2011, is nearing 70 cars, quality and quantity are fighting for the headlines. It isn’t less than 13 different brands which we should see on the starting grid, the overwhelming majority of them racing in GT3. It is only a step away from there to calling these Total 24 Hours of Spa 2011 the GT3 World Cup. Here is a review of the cars which will growl with pleasure from the 27th to the 31st of July on the most beautiful circuit in the world.

Ferrari 458 Italia / Ferrari 430 Scuderia One of the new additions to this 2011 season, and she doesn’t risk going by unnoticed. In terms of looks, the Ferrari 458 Italita is unchallenged. And the insides are as good as the outsides, the Italian car has already claimed its first titles in the Blancpain endurance Series, with Michael Bartels’ Vita4One team winning at Navarra. A German team which is amongst the great favourites of these Total 24 hours of Spa. There are so far 4 Ferrari 458 Italia cars signed up for the race, but two of the teams are not yet known, but we know for sure that they will be prestigious. Never leaving anything to chance, the Vita4One Racing team has started its preparations for the 24 hours of the Ardennes in…Francorchamps, during a round of the Belcar Endurance Championship. “There will be of course the official Test day three weeks before the race, but this Belcar round took place over three hours, and alongside some of our rivals for the 24 Hours,” explained Michael Bartels. “All the brands that will be competiting during the 24 Hours were represented there as well, except for the Ford. It was then the perfect way to judge the field for this exceptional meeting. The goal was to simulate the upcoming race as best as we could. With the changing weather conditions we faced, we can say that this Belcar event was quite similar to what is likely to happen during the classic of the Ardennes. And like during the practices, the 6 best GT3s were only 4 tenths of a second apart, which gives us an idea of the battle which we will be facing in the 24 hours.” Alongside Vita4One Racing, the Ferrari 458 Italia has also been chosen by SOFREV Auto Sport Promotion (with Moreau, Goueslard, Pla and Jousse), Kessel Racing (Philipp Peter of course taking part), JMB Racing, and AF Corse, who we know have close ties with the manufacturer, but don’t know yet the possible high calibre team. It should be announced shortly. Let’s not yet bury the old generation of Ferrari F430 Scuderia , who have demonstrated their robustness during the 24 hours. Italians privileged by the French from Sport Garage.

Porsche 911 GT3 R Porsche is above all the defending champion of the title at the Total 24 Hours of Spa. And as a GT3 R, from the Italian team Autorlando Sport, won the first victory of the Blancpain Endurance Series at Monza, the best is yet to come. Especially since we know that the main teams focusing on the German GT closely linked to its manufacturer. It’s notably the case with ProSpeed Competition, who wouldn’t miss this rendez-vous for the world. Strengthened by the Dutchman Paul Van Splunteren, the Belgian duo of Marc Gossens and Maxime Soulet are used to shining on the slide of the Ardennes on board the 911 GT3 R ProSpeed, even if it’s on the national scene. “During the recent Belcar round, held over 3 hours with a few of our Total 24 Hours of Spa adversaries, we have clearly shown that they had to count on us as soon as strategy and excellent preparation allow to make a difference,” explains a confident Maxime Soulet. “All the ProSpeed Competition team is now perfectly ready to take on this very big meeting.” Clearly claiming hte title in the Blancpain Endurance Series, Autorlando Sport will bet on the trio of Ruberti-Rode-Gianmaria who are quick and homogeneous. Another contender: the line up of Gianluca de Lorenzi, who will bet on a GT3 R, but also a GT3 Cup in the Gentlemen Driver category. Whereas the Mühlner Motorsport team, whose installations are found a couple hundred metres from the circuit, has made the 24 Hours of Spa a speciality for a while. Up until now, Bernhard Mühlner’s men have shone in the GT3 category. We can add to this list Delahaye Racing, who is representing what Belgium does best on the national circuit scene. With Bouvy-Coens-Kelders in the car, it is a perfect line up for a long distance race. This leaves then the german team Haribo Team Manthey of Olad Manthey. Entered in PROAM Cup, she will be able to count on the presence of Brit Richard Westbrook and of the German Christian Menzel. And what if this Porsche wasn’t what we were really expecting ? Unavoidable on the endurance scene, Porsche will alos be represented by a handful of 911 GT3 Cup cars entered by the French of RMS, but also the Belgian Freeman Gepa 161, and Level racing.

Audi R8 LMS Having celebrated a victory at Le Mans with the R18 TDI, Audi can see itself (????) during the greatest race in the world reserved for GT cars. And its R8 LMS have the potential, just like the Audi Sport Team Phoenix showed in the past, and notably last yea, finishing just behing the elite GT2 cars. “There is not a shadow of a doubt that Audi is involving itself heavily in this race,” confirms Vincent Vosse, in charge of Audi Sport Team WRT, which has always wanted GT3s to be the leading cars at Spa. “It’s one of the official programmes of the brand with the rings, with Le Mans, the DTM and the Nurburgring. It’s the first time since Audi is involving itself to such an extent at Spa. We won’t be the only ones, because you can’t forget Audi Sport Team Phoenix. Our usual team will run its own cars, with the support of Audi Sport. To prepare ourselves as best we can, we have already signed up to the test day with all of our drivers.” And we must note effectively that Audi has moved the big guns to the Ardennes. Mattias Ekström, Timo Scheider, Filipe Albuquerque, Stéphane Ortelli, Bert Longin and Greg Franchi are confirmed in the WRT crew, whereas Phoenix will lign up the winner of the 24 Hours of le Mans Marcel Fässler, « le miraculé de la Sarthe » Mike Rockenfeller, Andrea Piccini, Marc Basseng, Christopher Haase and Frank Stippler. Zac Brown’s United Autosport’s team will complete the line up, with three Audi R8 LMS with the star spangled banner welcoming behind the wheel Johnny Herbert, Stefan Johansson, Mark Blundell, Eddie Cheever, and not forgetting the winner of the 500 Miles of Indianapolis Arie Luyendyk. Exceptional ! Mercedes SLS AMG This is the other newcomer of the year whose success is undeniable. Like its rival Ferrari 458 Italia, the Mercese SLS AMG never goes by unnoticed, its butterfly like doors making it a worthy descendent of the mythic 300 SL. Add in a magical soundtrack, and you end up with a leading car which will be represented by various teams to look out for. Starting with the Belgians of Viage KRK Racing, the team of Koen Wauters, Kris Wauters and Raf Vanthoor, who have hired namely the previous winner of the 24 hours of Spa, Anthony Kumpen, a line-up that has already allowed the Mercedes to win the national Belgian competition this season, and for whom Spa was not initially on the calendar this year. Stronger yet, Kumpen and Wauters will be teaming up with a certain Mike Hezemans, double Spa champion.

The Germans of Black Falcon will also have to be taken seriously, as they will be lining up Kenneth Heyer, son of the great Hans Heyer, author of a famous hat-trick at the 24 hours of Spa in 1982, 1983 and 1984. Thomas Jäger and the Belgian journalist-driver Stéphane Lemeret will be his team mates for the weekend, waiting for the official confirmation of the other drivers. If the Brits of team Preci Spark, which are racing in the PRO-AM Cup, are less known, the French of Graff Racing have quite a lot to show for, and especially with a certain Oliveier Panis! Canditates openly declared to be victorious in PRO-AM Cup. An impressive liste to which we will add as well the Germans of Horn Motorsport who are aiming for victory by hiring Stephane Sarrazin and Bernd Schneiter. McLaren MP4-12C This is without a doubt the great Premiere of these Total 24 Hours of Spa. Worthy successor of the F1 GTR laureate at Le Mans, the MP4-12C is actually being developed by Andrew Kirkaldy’s British team. No less than three copies have been officially entered for the 24 hours of the Ardennes, with drivers such as the Portuguese Alvaro Parente or the Brit Oliver Turvey, both coming from GP2 series. Powered by a V8 3,8 litres Bi-Turbo of 500 Horsepower, the latest born McLaren is resting on a chassis that marries carbon and aluminium. No doubt that its potential will be related with the look of this car, of which 20 examples should be produced. For the rest, rendez-vous at the end of July at Spa-Francorchamps, so as to get a full experience of it. BMW Z4 They won’t be the most numerous on the starting grid, but…Considered as the scarecrows of the GT3 category, the BMW Z4 are perfectly capable to take the relay from the M3 in the 24 hours of the Ardennes. Spectacular cars, which will be entered by two teams, fully supported by the Bavarian manufacturer. Starting with Need for Speed by Schubert Motorsport, whose regular drivers Söderlund, Sandström and the unavoidable Claudia Hürtgen, will be probably joined by factory drivers. Whereas the Dutch team Faster Racing by DB Motorsport, managed by Jeroen den Boer, is shining brightly in the FIA GT3 European Championship, and recently stopped by Spa Francorchamps for a life-size test during a round of the Belcar. Reult: 2nd and 3rd overall! The signal has been given and the official lineups should be set by the official test day.

Aston Martin DBRS9 If Aston Martin Racing is currently developing a new GT3 which is expected in 2012, the DBRS9 remain sure things, especially in such a long distance race as the Total 24 Hours of Spa. Especially since the manufacturer is involved in the programmes of its clients, namely in the context of the Blancpain Endurance Series. The colours of the famous British brand will thus be proudly carried by the French team Hexis AMR, which is also competing in the World GT1 Championship. And with fireworks such as Henri Moser, Fred Makowiecki, Yann Clairay and Stef Dusseldorp, the best is yet to come. The legendary Ecurie Ecosse will also be back to business with excellent British gentlemendrivers who know Spa-Francorchamps like the back of their hand. Competing in the Blancpain Endurance Series, the GPR Aston Martin team will be joined by their immediate rival in the Belcar Championship, Petronas Barwell Racing, with the excellent Jffrey Can Hooydonk, Tim Verbergt and Tom Kimber-Smith behind the wheel. Lamborghini Gallardo LP600 Another Best-seller of the GT3 category ! Developed by the Germany of Blancpain-Reiter. Who will be taking part. Notably with Marc A Hayek, ‘Mr Blancpain’, one of his qualities being knowing how to surround himself well. Namely here with Dutchman Peter Kox, who remains one of the references of the genre. Also worth following is Rhino Leipert Motorsport team.???..Whereas Fabien Giroix’s Gulf Team First will have not only the colours of endurance, but will also allow the young ItaloBelgian Andrea Barlesi to try out GT after having shone in Prototypes, namely during the 24 hours of Spa.

Ford GT A contemporary version of the mythic GT40, the Ford GT has been taken in charge by Marc VDS, which have made it shine in the Blancpain Endurance Series, which was already had a podium from the get go in Monza. It is true that Maxime Martin, Markus Palttala and Bas Leinders know what they’re doing. A second car will be lies up for the German Marc Hennerici, at the moment accompanied by the French Antoine Leclerc, two drivers who are also racing in FIA GT1 under the same colours.

Ford Mustang Staying in the heart of Marc VDS racing to savour the entry of the spectacular Ford Mustang FR500, which will be shared by the previous winners of the 24 hours of spa which are JeanMichel Martin, Maxime’s father, 4 time champion of the classic ardennaise, and also Marc Duez, unavoidable figure of Belgium and the Spa-Francorchamps track. A line up supberbly competed by Eric Bachelart, ex-Formula 2driver, owner of an Indy Car Series team, Conquest Racing. The other Ford Mustang FR500 signed up, VDS Racing Adventures’ car, can’t hide its family ties with the first one, Raphaël van de Straten being in fact Marc van de Straten’s nephew. The structures are nevertheless different, and the red Mustang with blue and white stripes will be driven by its owner, but also by the young cubs Benjamin Bailly and Julien Schroyen, and also the veteran José Close. Dodge This impressive list is completed by a few more unavoidable GT3s, even though they can’t claim to be at the front of the scene. This is the case of the Dodge Viper Coupé Competition which is lining up the Belgians of Signa Motorsport, with namely Pierre-Yves Rosoux, and the French of GCR, two cars entered in the Gentlemen trophy.

Lotus, Nissan, Aston Martin, BMW et Porsche en GT4 To finish this entry list, a handful of GT4s will confront the 24 hours. Starting with the new Lotus Evora GT4 which Lotus Sport Italia will line up for Greg and Leo Mansell, Nigel’s two sons. A car that represents the rebirth of the brand created by the genial Colin Chapman, respecting his philosophy. Against this new generation of Lotus, the English of RJN Motorsport will line up their traditional Nissan 370Z, namely for Alex Buncombe. In the Belgian ranks, Speelover, with André hoof, will get out his Porsche 911 GT4 for the occasion, as well as an Aston Martin GT4.

Categories : Instructions If the GT3 and GT4 categories are the sole classes during the 24hours of Spa 2011, the battle during the 24 hours will not only feature these two nuances. Like the Blancpain endurance series, there will be more races during the race that will be doubtless very interesting to follow. GT3 PRO-CUP : The highest class, which features the professional drivers. GT3 PRO-AM CUP : Category reserved for mixed teams featuring professional and Gentlemen drivers. GENTLEMEN TROPHY : Category reserved for Gentlemen drivers and teams with cars from previous seasons, like the Ferrari F430 Scuderia, Ford Mustang FR500, Dodge Viper Coupé Competition, Porsche 911 GT3 Cup S, Aston Martin, etc… CUP : Category reserved for Porsche 911 GT3 Cup class cars GT4 : Category reserved exclusively for GT4 cars