Imagine a classified mission sanctioned by a rogue government, inwhich clones are produced on a large scale just for the

mere purpose of harvesting organs.This is the storyof the movie 'The Island', where a government actually massacres these sentient beings for themere 'spare body shop' of the rich and powerful.Now imagine, a complex thing, a sentient being , killedoff so a careless drunk driver could get a new arm or a this what humanity has come to ?Iimplore my opponents to answer my question-who will guarantee their safety, their well being, theirbasic rights, and freedom to live.Who gave us humans the power to create life, and then ruthlesslydestroy it?What would be the difference between a clone who is used as an organ donor and a pigwhose pancreatic insulin was used before the advent of synthetic insulin ?would you like to beconsidered a chicken in a slaughter house, waiting to be slain?I beg to differ my friends, for everysentient being holds the same right as every other, and i for one donot stand for such atrocities.Goodafternoon respected chaiperson, jury, ma'am and all thoseintelligent beings who value a human life present here today.Would you all stand for someone killing you soan old geezer who needs a liver can just take yours?he drank himself to the brink of death.Who are weto pay for his mistake? I would like to emphasize on a single point-with great power comesgreat responsibility.If humans create life, then we are near gods.Are we as incorruptible as wethink?Can we handle the seduction that such power can throw at us?Back during WWII, Adolf Hitler wantedto use the cloning programme to clone himself and elongate his own presence on the face of theearth.God forbid had Hitler been alive today, what could have stopped WWIII??You, me or the great presidentGeorge Bush or Barack Obama? Moving on to another point I'd like to make.No Science is foolproofand no method is 100% accurate.All sentient beings have a perception of pain, suffering and a vision ofthe future.Imagine you are a clone from another man.Maybe they gave you too much protein when youwere just an embrygerminating inside a donor's womb.You come out either the incredible Hulk, or youcome out as Doctor Octopus a la spiderman.What would your life come to ?with such mutations you wouldbe sidelined.Maligned for life as a freak , a mutant.We've all seen the X men.What ever happened toJean Grey?She died a horrible death.And she was a natural mutant.Nobody's mistake.Just her bad luck.To conclude my part of this debate i would like to say , that we as a

my dear. well intentioned and superbly researched opponents.So i say . how would YOU make suresuch a gift. do you really think such a great power would be effectively andresponsibly used for the greater good for man?Or would a few of us with 'other' ambitions use a clone of sayBarack Obama to control the largest weapon's arsenal in the world.I may be making arguments thatseem fantastic to you now. was not just handed to a man who sought to destroy humanity. such as the gift of life.Irest my case.species are ill equipped to deal with such power. but just think about it.Thank you.Like snivelling idiots who cry and fight everytimesomeone even hurls an insult at us.Human cloning seems so as well at this point intime. .

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