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English & Learning E.nopi & English Daekyo & E.


E.nopi is the fun way to master English

The "E" in "E.nopi" represents

"Empowering students to learn independently and proactively"

Education Services Provider Education Programs at Student Eye Level

Daekyo & E.nopi

is a global educational services provider. Through continuous effort to develop a variety of educational methods Daekyo is helping students create a foundation for lifelong learning.

encourages students to be selfmotivated, independent, and proactive learners by placing them at the center of the learning process.

The core value of our philosophy...

is that students improve their academic
performance and become motivated to learn new things with an independent and proactive attitude.

Instill confidence with


E.nopi ENGLISH Goals

E.nopi ENGLISH is designed to guide students in mastering English language proficiency while enhancing the four fundamental language skills of listening, speaking, reading, and writing.

E.nopi ENGLISH Concept


Mastery of Language Skills

Thematic approaches and combined strategies

Repetitive practice in different levels


Writing A comprehensive synergy, using the 4 language skills, has been developed and is based on U.S. school standards.

What Makes E.nopi Different?

Our program is based on U.S. Department of Education curriculum standards for English Language Arts.

E.nopi & English

Features of E.nopi ENGLISH

Fundamental Language Skills E.nopi ENGLISH consists of basic language arts and reading with vocabulary. Individualized Program E.nopi ENGLISH allows students to begin at the point where they are able to work independently with confidence Interesting and Fun E.nopi ENGLISH helps to foster students enjoyment of, and interest in, studying English.

Do it the

E.nopiENGLISH way!

Phonemic awarenessPhonicsDecodingWord-attack skills SpellingVocabularyComprehension skillsText handling and strategic reading skillsWriting skills and strategies, and their applicationListening and speaking skills, and their application

Study Model
OUT Explanation of the next learning points Giving homework Wrap-up (2 min) IN Preparation Greeting Preparation for learning Warm-up Review test (8 min)

Grading & Teaching

40-60 min

Study 2-4 lessons of E.nopi English (20-30 min) Independent Study (students)

Active Listening (10-20 min)

Homework check & Grading Review test Listening to Active Listening (students)


English & Learning

Supplementary Materials
Flash Cards


Enopi ENGLISH Workbook

Active Listening

Diagnostic Test
Comprehensive Test

Achievement Test


English Program
Alphabet Consonants / Vowels Vocabulary Extension Writing Mechanism
(Punctuation / Capitalization / Contraction)

Motor Skills Shapes,Names,Location, Classification, Order Alphabet / Sound Vocabulary Numbers

Consonants Vowels Sight Words Reading Comprehension

Parts of Speech Reading Comprehension Writing

Consonant Blends Vocabulary Parts of Speech Sentences Punctuation Paragraphs Research Skills Literature

Sentences Punctuation Parts of Speech Vocabulary Reading Comprehension Informational Text Research Skills Writing Figurative Language

Verbs Sentences Punctuation Vocabulary Text Patterns Informational Text Elements of Literature Genres Writing

Sentences Vocabulary Reading / Writing Genres Reading Comprehension Literature Essay Writing Structure Writing Genres

Punctuation Tenses Sentences Vocabulary Reading Comprehension Literature Writing

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