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Quest Product Line REGISTRATION Information and ORDER Form Orders for Quest Product Line will be shipped by postal mail (airmail outside No rth America) within two business days after they are received; there is an addit ional charge of $11.95 for postage. 1.0 Ordering By check: To order by check, send a completed order form (below) and a check payab le to: iTeam Resources Inc. Payment must be in US dollars drawn on a USA bank, or you may send an In ternational Postal Money Order in USA dollars. 2.0 Ordering with Purchase Orders: Purchase orders are accepted from Government, Accredited Educational Ins titutions and Major Corporations, provided that they are submitted on a signed Purchase Order Form bearing a purchase order number and a Co rporate Logo. Please be sure to include the standard Order Form or a detailed description of the Quest Product you are purchasing. Please e nsure there is contact information located on the Purchase Order Form. Send Purchase Order Forms To: FAX: 1-678-261-4002 Or Mail to: iTeam Resources Inc. Sales Department P.O. Box 547651 Orlando, Florida 32854-7651

3.0 Questions Concerning the Quest Product Line: Questions concerning the status of orders, registration options, product details, technical support, volume discounts, dealer pricing, site licenses, etc., should be directed to iTeam Resources Inc. by Phone, Fax or E-Mail . Our goal is to respond to all E-Mail inquiries within one business day. Send E-Mail to: or telephone: 1-678-261-4002 4.0 Site Licenses There are a number of Site License options available for the Quest Produ ct Line and these are normally discussed on a per site

basis. Please contact our Sales Department to discuss your Site License options.

5.0 iTeam Resources Inc. Dealer Network iTeam Resources has an extensive Dealer Organization established which i s able to assist you in defining both your needs and purchase options Please contact our Sales Department for a Dealer closest to your place o f business.

ORDER INVOICE Product Name Educational Pricing Single User License : ____ licenses at Ten User License : ____ licenses at Facility Site License: ____ licenses at Corporate Pricing Single User License : ____ licenses at Ten User License : ____ licenses at Facility Site License: ____ licenses at SUBTOTAL New York residents add 8.5% sales tax Shipping & Handling TOTAL PAYMENT Customer Information: Customer information is considered extremly CONFIDENTIAL and will not be shared with or distributed to any third party. Name: _________________________________ Date: _______________ Company: _____________________________________________________ Shipping Address: ____________________________________________ City, State, Zip: ____________________________________________ Country: _____________________________________________________ Phone: ______________________ Email: _______________________________________________________ $_______ each = ______ $_______ each = ______ $_______ each = ______ ______ ______ 11.95 $______ $_______ each = ______ $_______ each = ______ $_______ each = ______ _________________________________________

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