03/E2-2/2011 PRESS/MEDIA NOTE It is hereby notified that the (1) Professional Advancement Test for the eligible in-service teachers in the cadre of SGBT, Junior inspector of schools (2) Automatic Advancement Scheme Examination for Grade-II Pandits, P.E.T’s and for Special teachers in Craft, Tailoring, Sewing, Drawing, Music, Agriculture & Radio Technology and (3) Simple Orientation Test for Grade–I Pandits will be conducted in the month of September, 2011. The date of conduct of Examination will be communicated later. This Examination is meant for the teachers who have completed the required period of service as per G.O.Ms.No.329; Dated 10-08-1983 and other relevant Government Orders. The teachers who intend to appear for the above tests should pay the Examination fee of Rs.200/- (Rupees Two Hundred only) through either (1) Challan to the following HEAD OF ACCOUNT 02020110206800Education, Sports Arts and Culture General Education Secondary Education Director of Government Examination User Charges (OR) (2) a DD drawn in favour of “THE SECRETARY TO THE COMMISSIONER FOR GOVERNMENT EXAMINATIONS, ANDHRA PRADESH, HYDERABAD” from STATE BANK OF HYDERABAD / STATE BANK OF INDIA only. Last date for submission of applications along with challans to the DEO’s concerned 02-08-2011 12-08-2011 02 With a Penal fee of Rs.50/05-08-2011 08-08-2011 DT:04-07-2011

Sl. No.


Last Date for payment of fee by the teachers

Last date for submission of figure statement, NRs with soft copy (CD) and challans & DD’s by the DEO’S to the O/o. DGE, AP, HYDERABAD


Without Penal fee


For further details the District Educational Officer concerned may be contacted. Time-Table of the Examination will be issued separately. Sd/- Pronoti Suhasini Kavoori DIRECTOR 40 Copies to The Commissioner of I & PR Dept with a request to publish/scroll the contents of the press/media note in all print/electronic media under News item. Copy to All the DEO’s & ACGE’s in the state. All the RJDSE’s in the state for information The C & DSE for favour of information. The Secretary; Edn (SE-Exams) Dept for favour of information All recognized Teacher’s Unions in the state.

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