ASI 84605

PPAI 143209 SAGE 50772


Bracelet Display, (DFMB)

Sailboat Pin, (CSBPN)

Crab Pin, (SR-PNSCR) Specify bar or tie-tac back

Donna Crab Pin, (SR-PNDCR)

Flower of the Month Bracelets

January/Carnation, (CFMB-01)

February/Violet, (CFMB-02)

March/Jonquil, (CFMB-03)

May/Lily of the Valley, (CFMB-05)

June/Rose, (CFMB-06)

July/Larkspur, (CFMB-07)


September/Aster, (CFMB-09)

October/Cosmos, (CFMB-10)

November/Chrysanthemum, (CFMB-11)

Flower of the Month Pendant March/Jonquil, (CFP-03)

January/Carnation, (CFP-01) Pendant (CER-01) Earring

February/Violet, (CFP-02) Pendant (CER-02) Earring

March/Jonquil, (CFP-03) Pendant (CER-03) Earring

April/Daisy, (CFP-04) Pendant (CER-04) Earring

May/Lily of the Valley, (CFP-05) Pendant (CER-05) Earring

June/Rose, (CFP-06) Pendant (CER-06) Earring

July/Larkspur, (CFP-07) Pendant (CER-07) Earring

August/Poppy, (CFP-08) Pendant (CER-08) Earring

Flower of the Month Earrings March/Jonquil, (CER-03)

September/Aster, (CFP-09) Pendant (CER-09) Earring

October/Cosmos, (CFP-10) Pendant (CER-10) Earring

November/ Chrysanthemum, (CFP-11) Pendant (CER-11) Earring

December/Narcissus, (CFP-12) Pendant (CER-12) Earring

April/Daisy, (CFMB-04)

1” Plain Pewter Bracelet, (PB1)

Pewter Horse Bracelet, (PB-HH)

¾” Plain Pewter Bracelet, (SR-PB2) Crab Bracelet, (PB1-CR)

August/Poppy, (CFMB-08)

Lighthouses of Maine Bracelet, (PB-MLH)

December/Narcissus, (CFMB-12)

Maryland Lighthouse Bracelet, (PB1-LH)


(CAQKR-STF) 4 Piece Old Bay Gift Set (CRNCS4PC-GS) (CRCLKR) (CAQKR-SD)
key rings


Crab Claw Key Ring, (CRCLKR) Crab Key Ring, (CCRKR) Starfish Key Ring, (CAQKR-STF) Seashell Key Ring, (CAQKR-S) Sand Dollar Key Ring, (CAQKR-SD) Fish Key Ring, (CAQKR-F)

cast figurines


2 Piece Old Bay Gift Set, (CRNCS2PC-GS)

1½" Small Sand Dollar, (SR-CSD) 3" Sand Dollar, (SR-SD3) 2" Cast Starfish, (SR-CSTF) 4" Oyster Shell, (SR-OYSTSM) 3" Clamshell, (SR-CLSHELL) 6" Conch Shell, (SR-CKSHELL)



5" Crab, (CRAB5)



3" Crab Plain, (CRAB) Crab Mallet, (CRMAL) 3" Crab with Maryland, (CRAB-MD)


Crab Knife, (CRKN)

seafarer crab net collection

Crab Net Coffee Mug, (CRNCM) Crab Net Glass Tankard, (CRNT) Crab Net Drinking Jar, (CRNDJ) (not shown) Crab Net Pint Glass, (CRNPT) Crab Net Old Fashioned, (CRNOF) Crab Net Spice Shaker, (CRNCS) Crab Net Salt & Pepper Shakers, (CRNSP) Crab Net Salt & Pepper Shakers w/Dock, (CRNSP-D)

crab collection

Crab Coffee Mug, (CRABCM) Crab Glass Tankard, (CRABT) Crab Drinking Jar, (CRABDJ) Crab Pint Glass, (CRABPT) Crab Old Fashioned, (CRABOF) Crab Spice Shaker, (CRABCS)

Mrs. Jane


Crab Placecard Holder, Pair (CRPCH-PR)

Crab Napkin Rings, (CRABNR4)

5" Crab with 3" Nut Bowl, (CRBWL)

Crab Picture Frame, (PFWB46-CRAB)

Birdhouse Candle Snuffer, (CCS7)

Beehive Candle Snuffer, (CCS11) Starfish Magnet, (SR-MGSTF) Bunny/Carrot Candle Snuffer, (CCS9) Sand Dollar Magnet, (SR-MGSD)

Pig Candle Snuffer, (CCS10) Crab Magnet/small, (SR-MGSCR) Watering Can Candle Snuffer, (CCS8) Donna Crab Magnet, (SR-MGDC)

Classic Candle Snuffer, (CCS2)

Lighthouse Candle Snuffer, (CCS4)

Capitol Dome Candle Snuffer, (CCS6)

Crab Mug, Coffee and Scoop Gift Set, (CRABCM-3PC)

Floral Candle Snuffer, (CCS3)

Tulip Candle Snuffer, (CCS1)

Classic Wood Handled Candle Snuffer, (CCSW-5)

Crab Mug and Coffee Gift Set, (CRABCM-2PC)

decanter labels

Bourbon Decanter Label, (CDL-B) Brandy Decanter Label, (CDL-BR) Gin Decanter Label, (CDL-G) Vodka Decanter Label, (CDL-V) Cheap Booze Decanter Label, (CDL-CB) Good Stuff Decanter Label, (CDL-GS) Rum Decanter Label, (CDL-R) Tequila Decanter Label, (CDL-T) Whiskey Decanter Label, (CDL-W) Scotch Decanter Label, (CDL-SC) Plain Engravable Decanter Label, (CDL-P) Sherry Decanter Label, (CDL-SH)

Crab Scoop and Coffee Gift Set, (CCSCP-C-GS) Crab Coffee Scoop, (CCSCP-C) Lighthouse Mug, Coffee and Scoop Gift Set, (CLHCM-3PC)

Lighthouse Scoop and Coffee Gift Set, (CCSCP-L-GS)

Lighthouse Mug and Coffee Gift Set, (CLHCM-2PC)

Lighthouse Coffee Scoop, (CCSCP-L)

Rabbit Coffee Scoop, (CCSCP-B)

Heart Coffee Scoop, (CCSCP-H)

Horse Head Pencil Cup, (IAPH-HH)

Horse Head Business Card Holder, (CBCH-HH)

Horse Head Letter Opener, (CLO-HH)

Horse Head Pen Holder, (IAEXP-HH)

Executive Paperweight with Horse Head, (IEPW-HH) Horseshoe Paperweight, (CHSPW)

Horse Head Bookmark, (PEWBKMK-HH)

Crab Business Card Holder, (SR-BCHC) Crab Letter Opener, (CLO-CR)

Crab Pencil Cup, (IAPH-CR) Eagle Clock, (CBCL-E)

Eagle Memo Pad Holder, (CBPH-E) Eagle Business Card Holder, (CBCH-E)

Eagle Pencil Cup, (IAPH-E)

Eagle Letter Opener, (CLO-E)

from left to right Plain Letter Opener, (CLO6) Shovel Letter Opener, (CLO-SHV) Capitol Dome Letter Opener, (CLO4) Plain Letter Opener with Key Hole, (CLO5) Column Letter Opener, (CLO1) Grecian Letter Opener, (CLO2) Seashell Letter Opener, (CLO-SS) Images Letter Opener, (CHLO-S)

Plain Rectangular Business Card Holder, (CBCH-P)

Plain Oval Business Card Holder, (SR-BCH)

Plain Memo Pad Holder, (CBPH-P)

Eagle Pen Holder, (CPH-E)

Blue Heron Pen Holder, (CPH-BH) Pony Pen Holder, (CPH-P)

Eagle Pin, (CEPIN)

Spoon Display, (DWSPN) Angel Spoon, (CSPN-A) Princess Spoon, (CSPN-PS)


Fish Spoon, (CSPN-F)

Honey Bunny Spoon, (CSPN-HB)

Teddy Bear Spoon, (CSPN-TB)

Chick Spoon, (CSPN-C)

Twinkle Star Spoon, (CSPN-TS)

Duck Spoon, (CSPN-D)

Prince Spoon, (CSPN-P)

Super Star Spoon, (CSPN-SS)

Lamb Spoon, (CSPN-LB)

Crab Spoon, (CSPN-CR)


lighthouse collection

Lighthouse Coffee Mug, (CLHCM) Lighthouse Glass Tankard, (CLHT) Lighthouse Drinking Jar, (CLHDJ) Lighthouse Pint Glass, (CLHPT) Lighthouse Old Fashioned, (CLHOF) Lighthouse Spice Shaker, (CLHCS) Lighthouse Salt & Pepper Shakers, (CLHSP)

blue heron collection

Blue Heron Coffee Mug, (CGBHCM) Blue Heron Glass Tankard, (CGBHT) Blue Heron Drinking Jar, (CGBHDJ) Blue Heron Pint Glass, (CGBHPT) Blue Heron Old Fashioned, (CGBHOF) Blue Heron Spice Shaker, (CGBHCS) Blue Heron Salt & Pepper Shakers, (CGBHSP) Blue Heron Salt & Pepper Shakers on Dock, (CGBHSP-D)

left photo
sailboat collection

Sailboat Coffee Mug, (CSBCM) Sailboat Glass Tankard, (CSBT) Sailboat Drinking Jar, (CSBDJ) Sailboat Pint Glass, (CSBPT) Sailboat Old Fashioned, (CSBOF) Sailboat Spice Shaker, (CSBCS) Sailboat Salt & Pepper Shakers, (CSBSP) Sailboat Salt & Pepper Shakers in Boat, (CSBSP-B)

scallop shell collection

Scallop Shell Coffee Mug, (CSHELLCM) Scallop Shell Glass Tankard, (CSHELLT) Scallop Shell Drinking Jar, (CSHELLDJ) Scallop Shell Pint Glass, (CSHELLPT) Scallop Shell Old Fashioned, (CSHELLOF) Scallop Shell Spice Shaker, (CSHELLCS)

Seashell Cheeseboard, (CSSCB8)

Crab Cheeseboard, (CRCB8)

starfish collection

Starfish Coffee Mug, (CSTFCM) Starfish Glass Tankard, (CSTFT) Starfish Drinking Jar, (CSTFDJ) Starfish Pint Glass, (CSTFPT) Starfish Old Fashioned, (CSTFOF) Starfish Spice Shaker, (CSTFCS)

sand dollar collection

Sand Dollar Coffee Mug, (CSDCM) Sand Dollar Glass Tankard, (CSDT) Sand Dollar Drinking Jar, (CSDDJ) Sand Dollar Pint Glass, (CSDPT) Sand Dollar Old Fashioned, (CSDOF) Sand Dollar Spice Shaker, (CSDCS)


Mare & Foal Wine Glass, (CMFWG)

fleur-de-lis collection

Fleur-de-Lis Coffee Mug, (CFDCM) Fleur-de-Lis Pint, (CFDPT) Fleur-de-Lis Old Fashioned, (CFDOF) Fleur-de-Lis Wine Glass, (CFDWG)

mare and foal collection

Mare & Foal Coffee Mug, (CMFCM) Mare & Foal Glass Tankard, (CMFT) Mare & Foal Drinking Jar, (CMFDJ) Mare & Foal Old Fashioned, (CMFOF) Mare & Foal Spice Shaker, (CMFCS) Mare & Foal Salt & Pepper Shakers, (CMFSP) Horseshoe Paperweight, (CHSPW) Mare & Foal Pint Glass, (CMFPT) not pictured

rope edge collection

Rope Edge Coffee Mug, (CRECM) Rope Edge Glass Tankard, (CRET) Rope Edge Pint Glass, (CREPT) Rope Edge Old Fashioned, (CREOF) Rope Edge Salt & Pepper Shakers, (CRESP)


Strawberry Jam Jar Gift Set, (CJJS-GS)

Strawberry Jam Jar, (CJJS) Strawberry Spoon, (SR-SPSB)

Raspberry Jam Jar Gift Set, (CJJB-GS)

Raspberry Jam Jar, (CJJB) Raspberry Spoon, (SR-SPG)

Honey Jar, (CHJ) Honey Stirrer, (SR-STH) Honey Jar Gift Set, (CHJ-GS)

Honey Bee Napkin Rings, (CBNR4)

Scallop Shell Picture Frame, (PFWB46-SHELL)

Crab Picture Frame, (PFWB46-CRAB)

Lighthouse Picture Frame, (PFWB46-LH-V) vertical Also available: Lighthouse Picture Frame, (PFWB46-LH-H) horizintal

wall hook collection

Cat Wall Hook, (CHK-CLG) Hummingbird Wall Hook, (CHK-HB) Seashell Wall Hook, (CHK-SS) Lobster Wall Hook, (CHK-LB) Crab Wall Hook, (CHK-CR) Lighthouse Wall Hook, (CHK-LH)

Salt Stand, (SR-SSTD)

Salt Spoon, (SR-SS)

5½" Long Lobster Cheese Spreader, (CCHSP-LB)

5½" Long Lighthouse Cheese Spreader, (CCHSP-L)

5½" Long Seashell Cheese Spreader, (CCHSP-S)

5½" Long Crab Cheese Spreader, (CCHSP-C)


Frog Birdfeeder, (BFFR-S)

Crab Birdfeeder, (BFCR-S)

Sailboat Birdfeeder, (BFSB-S)

Duck Birdfeeder, (BFDK-S)

Lighthouse Birdfeeder, (BFLH-S)

Magnolia Birdfeeder, (BFMA-S)

Turtle Birdfeeder, (BFT-S)

Ladybug Birdfeeder, (BFLB-S)

Watering Can Birdfeeder, (BFWC-S)

Leaves Birdfeeder, (BFLV-S)

Bunny/Carrot Birdfeeder, (BFBC-S)

Butterfly Birdfeeder, (BFBF-S)

Birdhouse Birdfeeder, (BFBH-S)

Honey Bee Birdfeeder, (BFHB-S)

Cat/Yarn Birdfeeder, (BFCY-S) Great Blue Heron Birdfeeder, (BFGBH-S)

Sunflower Birdfeeder, (BFSF-S)

Eagle Birdfeeder, (BFE-S)

Pineapple Birdfeeder, (BFPA-S)

Dogwood Birdfeeder, (BFDW-S)

Pony Birdfeeder, (BFP-S)

Sundial Birdfeeder, (BFSD-S)

2007 Christmas By The Bay Ornament, (2007ORN) Also available (not pictured): 2008 Christmas By The Bay Crab Ornament, (2008ORN) Cross Ornament, (CO40) (CO54)

(CO26) (CO27)
traditional ornaments

Traditional Crab Ornament, (CO26) Traditional Seashell Ornament, (CO27) Traditional Lighthouse Ornament, (CO28) Traditional Nativity Ornament, (CO30) Traditional Sailboat Ornament, (CO34) Traditional Three Kings Ornament, (CO36) Traditional Blue Heron Ornament, (CO39) (CO28)

(CO55) (CO53)
engravable ornaments


Baby’s First Ornament, (CO53) First Christmas Together Ornament, (CO54) Our New Home Ornament, (CO55) Snowflake Ornament, (CO56) Wreath Ornament, (CO57) (CO45) (CO34)

(CO30) (CO56)


(CO43) (CO42)


(CO50) (CO44)
contemporary ornaments




Lighthouse Contemporary Ornament, (CO41) Wreath Contemporary Ornament, (CO42) Christmas Tree Contemporary Ornament, (CO43) Sailboat Contemporary Ornament, (CO44) Candy Cane Contemporary Ornament, (CO45) Star Contemporary Ornament, (CO46) (CO47) Crab Contemporary Ornament, (CO47) MD Lighthouse Contemporary Ornament, (CO48) Shell Contemporary Ornament, (CO49) Blue Heron Contemporary Ornament, (CO50) Santa Contemporary Ornament, (CO51) Dove Contemporary Ornament, (CO52)

(CO51) (CO48)


Custom Casting
Salisbury Pewter is here to help you with all your custom product ideas. Whether you are interested in a custom key chain, ornament, or replica of your company’s product, we can help you from concept to finished piece. Call us with your ideas; we can make them happen.