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Full Blown Extreme is the culmination of quality ingredients, research and testing.

The team at MMSN focused on increasing energy levels while blasting your muscles with greater blood flow and maximizing cellular fluid & glycogen levels. Now fortified with Beta Alanine and Glutamine, the end result is what we believe to be the finest Nitric Oxide Boosting, Creatine Supplying, Energy & Intensity enhancing pre-workout supplement drink mix ever developed. Four Extreme Flavors to get you Full Blown—Pink Lemonade, Berry Blast, Orange and Tropical Punch.

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ull Blown Extreme (FBX) is a Panax ginseng, a traditional energy enconcentrated pre-workout powder hancing herb. designed to support energy, strength, Octopamine, which increases metabolism power and stamina. The bioactive and NADH is the body’s energy transporter. The Synergistic Intensity Blend in FBX ingredients in FBX increase nitric oxide production and vascular expansion (pump), works with the other blends to improve the provide buffering for high-intensity and effects of the product. Ingredients include extended workouts, and boost energy and the following: power for explosive and intense workouts. Adenosine, which is found in ATP (AdenosFBX is science-based and supported by ine Tri-Phosphate), the energy molecule in published peer reviewed research to enhance the body. any workout program. you’re literally going l-Tyrosine, a precursor to epinephrine and to see and feel the difference when you try norepinephrine, which is produced during high intensity exercise and as part of the FBX for the first time. The Volumizing Matrix Blend in FBX con- fight-or-flight response. Phosphatidyl serine, a brain-enhancing nutrient that provides pretains the following: cursors for the production Patented Kre-Alkalyn, of acetylcholine, a brain a pH-correct creatine neurotransmitter. monohydrate for enVinpocetine, which has hanced strength through the ability to dilate blood Adenosine Tri-Phosphate vessels thereby enhanc(ATP) energy boosting ing circulation and imand cell-volumizing efproving oxygen utilization fects. for support of fat use as Arginine alpha ketoenergy. glutarate, which provides Evodiamine, a unique the precursor for nitric compound that acts on oxide production amplithe vanilloid receptors to fying peripheral blood help with body fat utilizaflow and nutrient delivery tion. and muscle pump. FBX is designed for Citrulline, as it is part active men and women of the nitric oxide manuseeking a great-tasting facturing system in the By Phil Harvey, PhD, RD, FACN concentrated pre-workout body. product to support enerVanadyl, which assists in the action of insulin, driving sugars and gizing, mind-blowing workouts and results. creatine into the muscles where it is needed. The suggested dose is one scoop (25 g) beBeta-alanine, because it promotes carnos- fore your workouts. Make sure to consume plenty of water during your workout. FBX ine synthesis in muscles. Carnosine, which is the most powerful in- works well alone or can be stacked with Nitro tracellular buffer and functions to neutralize EXT, Xtinguisher and/or Pro BCAAs. It is recommended to consult a physician the accumulation of hydrogen ions released from lactic acid commonly produced during before starting any diet and exercise program. Do not take FBX if you are pregnant high intensity exercise. Glutamine, as it is the most abundant ami- or nursing, have a medical condition or are no acid in muscles and frequently depleted taking prescription medications. FBX condue to overtraining, stress and poor diet. tains 176 mg of caffeine per scoop. Stay well Glutamine is used to repair heavily trained hydrated throughout the day by drinking at muscles and support the natural production least 2 liters of water daily when using this product. of growth hormone. FBX comes in four performance and reThe Energy and Focus Blend in FBX confreshing flavors including Extreme Orange, tains the following: Caffeine and guarana, known for their abil- Extreme Berry Blast, Extreme Tropical Punch, Extreme Pink lemonade.† MS&F ity to increase alertness and energy levels.
† These statements have not been evaluated by the U.S. Food & Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Always consult your healthcare practitioner before using this product.




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