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INTERNSHIP PROGRAM - Retail Background Organized retailing as a profession is a recent phenomenon in India but is growing at a tremendous pace with

a potential of creating over 2 million new (direct) jobs within the next six years, assuming an 8 to 10 per cent share of organized retailing in the total retail business. The fast changing retail environment demands that professionals learn new skills, improve their efficiency, learn to compete and think-out-of-the-box. As retailers work directly with customers and there is need for good managerial talent to interpret and satisfy the needs and desires of customers. All this requires a talent pool that is intensive and closely aligned to the retail business. Objective Aimed with a two-pronged approach, the Internship Program shall on one hand aim at tapping the budding B-school graduates, opening avenues for them through on-the-job learning and contribution in the retail arena; on the other hand it shall aid in creating a brand value for the company as an entity in todays dynamic and competitive retail market. Internship Program would strive for: Inspiring and preparing young graduates to be leaders in the field of modern retail Creating a sustained pool of trained manpower Aligning the on-the-job learnings of interns with business objectives of the organisation Helping in reigning in the recruitment cost Proposal We propose to have single batches of 5 interns each, once in a year, from both Category A & B institutes for a period of 3 months. We also propose to have 4 continual batches (each batch comprising 15 interns) of 3 months duration spread across the year from Category C institutions. Why only Category C institutes: 1. This requirement of interns is primarily for retail operations and since the institutes offering retail courses fall under Category C 2. In order to make interns available through out the year it will be required to develop an understanding/agreement with these institutions. And it is expected that category C institutes would be willing to cater to our needs.

This distribution of interns across different functional areas is proposed as follows (per year): Retail Operations (Category C Institutions) Shared/ Support Functions (Category A & B institutions) :( 15 x 4) nos. :( 5 + 5) nos.

The financials outlay on account of the stipend for the interns is proposed as here below, (calculation based on 26 working days in a month): Category A*1: Category B**2: Category C***3: Rs. 600/- per day per intern Rs. 400/- per day per intern Rs. 250/- per day per intern Rs. 15.60 Lacs p.a. : : : Total of Rs.2.34 LPA Total of Rs. 1.56 LPA Total of Rs.11.70 LPA

Net Total Financial Outlay:

[*1Category A Institutes : IIMs, S P Jain (Mumbai), Jamnalal Bajaj, ISB, XLRI, TISS, SIBM, FMS, MDI, NITIE(Mumbai), **2Category B Institutes : XIM , IRMA, IIFT, IMT (Ghaziabad), NMIMS, SCMHRD, MANAGE (Hyderabad), NIAM (Jaipur), SP Jain (Dubai), BIM (Trichy), TAPMI, SJ Mehta School of Management. IIT(Mumbai) ***3Category C Institutes: Rest all institutes that dont come under purview of Category A & B Internship Program Selection Process Given below is an outline of the recruitment process from application received to offer: Stage 1: Application to be reviewed by Talent Acquisition Team Stage 2: Assessment Centre Presentation by Corporate HR & Operations Team Interviews by functional and HR teams at campus Stage 3: Offer extended by Talent Acquisition team