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The Destination and the Way John 14:1-14  Introduction o Studying John and the final days of Jesus

o Upper Room with dramatic unfolding of events  Washing of Feet  Judas, Death prophecy, Peter s Denial  This is an intense moment prompting many questions from the disciples  Remember who these men are they had given up everything to follow this one man. They had staked their life on the belief that Jesus was going to lead the charge and change the world. They were right, but they had no idea what lay ahead of them in the next week.  John 14:1-4 The Destination of Our Faith o Sitting there on that dark night, the disciples must have had their minds swirling. They are ready to go to Jerusalem to fight, a revolution! But Jesus has another plan, one the disciples have missed. One that he is going to begin to lay out to them in clear, unmistakable language. o Jesus begins by offering a word of comfort. After hearing such harsh, discouraging words, he offers them comfort and consolation. He tells them he loves them in a way we can often miss. o How is your heart today? Has life thrown you a curve ball? Are things not going according to your plan? Have you ever been in the situation the disciples found themselves? Confused, worried, maybe even angry at where life has led you? The disciples know how you feel. They are confused and emotions swirled within them. They were so sure of this man, but now things seem to be changing so quickly.

o If that is you, hear Jesus words today and let them be a balm to your heart. He says Let not your hearts be troubled. Believe in God, believe also in me.  Hear Jesus begins to clearly, almost painstakingly, lay out what is about to happen in the immediate future.  He says Look I know you believe in God if that is true Believe in me too!!! We are one in the same. Your belief in God is unquestioned, even though you can t see him. Believe in me too, now while you can see me. Soon enough that will change  Now he says some of the most famous words in all of scripture  Verse 2-3. Misunderstood y Mansions, lit. dwelling places ---not about a big neighborhood y Picture of an engagement.  Notice the destination for those of us that believe in him. Those that are part of the bride of Christ. It is not a place with stuff all the things of the world. Not a place of Fried chicken, steak, beaches, and massive houses NO it is so much better! y We don t come to Christ to get this stuff! We come to Jesus to get JESUS! He is our all in all and the object of our affection!  The Object of our Faith (John 14:4-11) o As Jesus begins to lay out the specifics of what is about to happen and prepare their hearts for a testing like they have never known before, the disciples are still slow to learn.

o Notice the repeated questions of the disciples and how slow they are to understand what Jesus is teaching them. This should teach to have patience with those around you (and even yourself).  These men had been with Jesus for 3 years and still didn t get it. The master teacher, the best the world has known and they still couldn t wrap there minds around what Jesus was telling them.  Sanctification is a slow, difficult process. Jesus works and tills our hearts and our hearts are so hard. It is difficult ground, no?  Remember this when you have friends or family that just don t seem to get it. Parent, remember this when you are training your children in the way of the Lord. It doesn t happen overnight. o Jesus response to Thomas questions is unmistakable Jesus is the way.  Christianity is unpopular largely because of this reason it is exclusive. You do not get to God without going trough Jesus. There is but one way! y Perceived by many as arrogant and narrowminded. However it is the truth of scripture. y Many roads vs. one road, all roads lead to God---wrong y Justification by sincerity y Many Christians say they believe, this but functionally deny it with there actions  False Gospels everywhere: y Moralism- For many the biggest goal of there Christian faith is that they become good moralistic beings. i.e. They perform the check list of a good Christian. o Bible study, quiet time, church, tithe,

o The purpose of these things are not to make you acceptable before God. Christ alone can do that! HE is the way. Not your good deeds! These things are there to make you know God better, not exalt your righteousness or check off a list. They don t make you better before God! o We typically just do enough to satisfy a nagging voice inside of us. In the end, Christianity is void of Christ and full of lies. Our Christianity, has little to do with Biblical Christianity. o This is a HUGE mistake in the way many of us parent. y Materialism, Busyism,  The Action of our Faith (John 14:12-14) o We have seen the comfort that Faith in Christ and him alone brings in these verses let s look at the conclusion here from Jesus. He makes some startling promises here that we must discuss. o First he says Whoever believes  We have just said that Christianity is an exclusive religion. No other religion anywhere will get you to God. You must go through Jesus there is NO other way.  But look at what Jesus says here WHOEVER believes. y Christianity is radically different than all other religions. Not only does it shut the door on other religions and would be saviors, but is also shockingly inclusive of everyone! Though the door to God is through Christ

alone, that door is open to EVERYONE that will go through it. y Christianity is not for any one ethnicity, social class, nationality it is truly open to every single person that will believe in Christ. There are no barriers to following Christ. All are welcome in the arms of Jesus. All can be a part of the bride of Christ. It is a call to everyone to come and take part in the marriage supper of the lamb! y No other religion works this way. All have some form of qualification for being a part of their structure Not Christianity. Whoever believes in Christ can come! y Perhaps you are here today and have never truly turned to Christ alone for the forgivenenss of your sins Today is that day!  Jesus then says that anyone that believes will do the works that I do and EVEN GREATER WORKS! HA! This is Jesus we are talking about! The one that walked on water, healed the blind, fed 5000 people with a boys lunch, This is GOD!  How is this possible? This my friends, is the power of prayer, and the one that we pray too. Next week, we will really dive into what makes this all possible. But take in what Jesus is saying here Anything asked for in his name, that is in accordance with his nature, will be done. It will be done why? V.13 To glorify the father. That was Jesus mission in life, and is to be ours today. If our heart s desire is to glorify God, then anything we ask for will be given to us.  Conclusion

o What is your heart s desire today? Is it glorify the Father? Jesus tells us that he is going to his Father s house to prepare a place for us. If he goes, he will come back again do your eagerly anticipate that return? Are you looking forward to the marriage supper? o If you are hear today and do not know Jesus as the one that has saved you, If you don t know the only Way to the father, won t you find the way? Jesus said if you had known me, you would have known the father. Come today and know Jesus. o Perhaps you are a Christian but you have been clinging to a gospel that is outside of Christ. Perhaps you are in love with the things of this world and they have grabbed your affections. Maybe you thought you were doing the things you were supposed to and have been just trying to be good. Come back to Jesus and place your whole trust in him and him alone. Let your heart pound with the anticipation of a bride looking for her husband. Ready for him to come back and take her home. o Hear these words anew let them sink in. Do you know Jesus as the way to the Father? Do you desire to be forever with him above all else? Then hear his words Let not your hearts be troubled, I go to prepare a place for you that where I am there you may also be.