photography ciourteSy of reDonDo Beach, poStcarD hiStory SerieS, hiStorical commiSSion of reDonDo Beach

by quinn roberTs

taken in the 1950’S, to ny trutanich, owner of tony’S on the pier, poSe SeafooD, SteakS anD co S at hiS reStaurant. Se cktailS, tony’S haS Been rving a lanDmark on the r eDonDo Beach pier Sinc e 1952.

edondo Pier

It has been called everything from the ‘Endless Pier’ to the ‘Horseshoe Pier’, yet even through all of the destruction and development, which has seen it change shape seven time, the Redondo Beach Pier has remained a focal point in the community for over 100 years. The pier has become a place where people, no matter the decade, can come to relax and feel the sun shine across their face and the wind streak through their hair. Residents and tourists, young and old, have also been able to cast their fishing lines, get a bite to eat, and go shopping.

different Piers tHrougH tHe years Wharf No. 1- 1889-1915 – Made of iron and wood, its main function was to aid in timber delivery from ships and trains. It was destroyed by a storm. Wharf No. 2- 1895-1920 – Constructed in the shape of a Y, with one side divided for railroad tracks and the other for fishermen and tourists, it was greatly damaged in 1919 by a storm and later torn down for safety reasons. Wharf No. 3- 1903-1926 – Used by the lumber industry until 1923, the pier was demolished a few years later as the industry was phased out. Endless/Pleasure Pier- 1916-1928- Built by George W. Harding, the pier had two 450 foot long legs that formed into the shape of a V. Damaged by a storm in 1919, it was later condemned. Monstad Pier- 1925-Present- Built by Captain Hans. C Monstad with the idea of it being used for fishing and boating, the pier was originally 300 feet long. In 1983, it was connected to the central platform of the Horseshoe Pier. Horseshoe Pier- 1929-1988- A wooden pier built after the demolition of the Endless/Pleasure Pier, it was later battered by two winter storms and then burned to the waterline in 1988 due to an electrical short circuit. Municipal Pier- 1995-Present- Announcing its reconstruction in 1993, the restored pier is 70,000 square feet in size and sits 25 feel above the water.

the pier has been a prime filming location for two popular tv series’, ‘the o.c.’ from 2003-2007 and ‘riptide’ from 1984-1986. the 1993 pier reconstruction plan was to initially include a carousel, wax museum, aquarium and at least three new restaurants. it is the largest “endless” pier on the california coast, with over 3,000 cubic yards of concrete decking. the pier fire on may 27, 1988 was so large that a Sigalert was announced for the San Diego freeway, several miles from the fire.

1. reaDy to enjoy the weather anD excitement at the Beach, many people woulD Swim in the water anD layout unDer umBrellaS, while otherS woulD even take their own tentS to the SanD to enjoy Some privacy. 2. taken in 1912, thiS view of reDonDo Beach ShowS the area SurrounDing the pier, incluDing the trainS Driving By anD hotel reDonDo in the DiStance, which waS percheD on top of a hill in toDay’S veteranS park. 3. taking an afternoon walk along the pier in their BeSt attire, many people woulD come for the numerouS attractionS along the waterfront, incluDing the 30 cent fiSh DinnerS anD the manDarin Ballroom. 4. taken in the early 1900’S, the pier waS BuStling with cargo ShipS. alSo in the BackgrounD iS the popular tent city, where people woulD rent a tent with a wooDen floor anD light BulB for $1 a night. 5. Before the Santa monica pier amuSementS, there waS the ‘lightning racer’ in reDonDo Beach. Built in 1913, with local chilDren calling it their own pet monSter, it haD more than a mile of track that haD many SwoopS anD DipS. 6. with BamBoo fiShing poleS aS high aS Some BuilDingS, fiShing on the pier Became a popular way to SpenD one’S time, whether By catching fiSh or juSt the SunSet. 7. aS chilDren wait for their parentS to catch Dinner, train trackS run from the Shore to the enD of the pier. taken in 1890, thiS waS a typical pier Scene During that time. 8. walking along wharf no. 2 (reDonDo Beach’S SeconD pier Built) in 1910, viSitorS were alloweD to walk out to awaiting paSSenger ShipS (aS Seen here). 9. with fiShing a common practice on the pier, even captain monStaD (left) prouDly poSeS with the fiSh he caught During the Day (nine in total) in 1930.

even before redondo Beach was incorporated, two things happened that allowed the idea of a pier to become reality. it began with the sale of more than 400 acres of beachfront land by the Dominguez estate company for $12,000. with the newly acquired land, the vicente Submarine valley was then detected offshore. as lumber came from the pacific northwest, a harbor began to materialize, with the schooner eureka the first to arrive with redwood to build a pier.

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