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MAXIMUM COMBINATION OF MPS :1. Entrepreneurship Is a personality either could be within the Org. or outside the Org.

The special requirement is like a real leader who have all/ maximum qualities which are required by a leader. Few of the requirements/ skills: A leading tendency A good vision and focus clarity A good team building capacity A skill of getting the job done Good coordination attitude Good post action analysis Consistency in Support and advise Enjoy full trust of confidence of team as well TMT Action with full planned approach

Examples :- The personality who successfully manufactured NANO in TATA And a Family Business Man like Chitale or Panshikar

2. creativity and ability

Creativity is a special skill requirement of a Leader/ Manager, by which he/ she stands out of the crowd.

It is an art of generating ideas either alone or with his/ her group in a brain storming session and then JUDGE each idea for a practical application.

While doing so, he/ she always plan the action from all angles especially with an alternative plan or a fall back strategy.

The bridge between creativity and ability is confidence, risk attitude of taking challenges and finally a supportive team who trust him/ her. Example of cell phone or TV which has started with a big and bulky size and now considerably changed.

3. stage wise process of Entrepreneurship project

Take a case of starting a new hotel/ Malls or Gym/ or a factory at Nasik And stages would : An identification of a location by land acquisition Confirmation of water, electricity and tax saving and above all title Govt. concession if any Finance arrangement by banks/ IPO/ KPO etc

Recruitment of local HR/ Finance/ Purchase team members with due induction Approval of design of factory Prior discussion with local leaders and political personalities Recruitment of engineers/ administration/ security/ transport/ canteen Procurement of machinery from within and outside India Installation of the same Recruitment of Sales & Marketing Periodical audit Completion of plant and seeking NOC from the various authorities Opening and starting process

Likewise U may take other examples

4. requirements of a Professional Manager

5. Creative Problem Solving Skills

Understanding the problem in depth and from all angles Complete data collection from all angles

List out the stages from analytical point of view Confirm collection of manpower, money and machinery stage wise Seek a clearance from TMT from implementation point of view Consider risk factors and its implications Periodical checking at every stage Final job analysis with critical review

6. Meaning and nature of Lateral thinking

It is a special skill requirement of a Leader/ Manager, by which he/ she stands out of the crowd This aspect is nearby to the concept of contingency planning Thinking of parallel options at the same time Requires a maturity or a nature of its kind which does not gets shaken up in the emergency. Thinking and considering all the angles while planning and implementation

7. analytical skills

It is a special skill requirement of a Leader/ Manager, by which he/ she stands out of the crowd

Data collection is a routine activity, which hardly requires any special merit, but read analytically is a special skills Best example is of Dr. Edward Deming- When he was invited by Japan Business Group, he accurately pointed out the mistakes in manufacturing or processing simply by going thru the statistical data which was made available to him In a similar way when HR/ A/c official gets a data they must acquire the skills of succession planning and financial control.

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