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| | May 2011 May 2011 VoIume II, Issue 5 | VoIume II, Issue 5 |
C$CR05 goes to VIIIa
Escudezo Ioz the 2011
$taII DeveIopnent

ay ia wideIy recognized
aa the month of fIowera.
Thia ia aIao the ceIe-
bration of aII kinda of
feativaI. For the
CiviI 8ervice Com-
miaaion RegionaI Office No.5, thia ia the day of a new be-
ginning of tranaformation for aII empIoyeea.

In thia month'a iaaue, we are happy to inform you
of the aucceaa of the conduct of MOWE-PPT Career 8er-
vice Examination in two of our centera in the Citiea of Le-
gazpi and Naga on May 22. 2011.The examination waa
peacefuI and orderIy and fortunateIy no untoward inci-
dent occurred.

The C8CR05 FamiIy'a 2011 TeambuiIding activi-
tiea at ViIIa Eacduero PIantation and Reaort, 8an PabIo,
Laguna, on May 3-6, 2011 ia aIao featured. It waa a great
and memorabIe experience for aII the C8CR05 peraonneI.
8o much fun, exciting adventurea and moat eapeciaIIy the
bonding aa one famiIy highIighted the event. The theme
for the aaid activity 'Creative Cooperation through 8yn-
ergy' had aIao been reaIized.

AIao, we wiah to inform the pubIic that the CiviI
8ervice Commiaaion-AIbay FieId Office (C8C-AFO) had
finaIIy moved to ita new buiIding. The two-atorey buiIding
waa buiIt on a 300 aquare meter Iot donated by the City
Government of Legazpi Iocated at IBP Road, Bitano, Le-
gazpi City on ApriI 8, 2011.
Chief Personnel Specialist
Public Assistance &
Liaison Division

The May iaaue aIao ahed Iight on C8C MC 13, a. 2011
re: Categorization of Executive/ ManageriaI poaitiona in the
aecond IeveI.

In our reguIar coIumn '8impIy LegaI', we have fea-
tured a caae on Reaaaignment baaed on Conatructive Dia-

Moreover, we are featuring the intereating profiIe of
Dir. Maria Guia DV. Garcia on Who's Who CoIumn. Learn
how ahe gracefuIIy baIance her proweaa and eIegance. Meet
aIao the new Iaywer of the C8CR05 famiIy in the peraon of
Atty. Mary [ane B. Orpiada.

FinaIIy, don't forget to take a gIance on the up-to-
date newa and atoriea on our reguIar coIumna, Newa Bita and
On the FieId, atraight from our fieId officea. #
Newa Bita page 3
Cover 8tory: 2011 C8CR05 8taff
page 4-5
AIbay FieId Office finaIIy finda ita
page 6
Categorization of Executive/ Mana-
geriaI poaitiona in the 2nd IeveI
page 7
Cover 8tory: Picturea 2011 C8CR05
8taff DeveIopment
page 8-9
8impIy LegaI page 10
On the FieId page 11
Who'a Who page 12
For your information page 13
For your information page 14

News BIts News BIts
xected xamnees
bv 7ve o/ xamnaton
ActuaI Number o/ xamnees
bv 7ve o/ xamnaton
Legazpi City
Divine Word
CoIIege, High 8chooI
160 153
Aquinaa Univeraity,
8t. AIbert BIdg. Le-
gazpi City
233 280
Aquinaa Univeraity,
8t. Thomaa BIdg. Le-
gazpi City
600 590
PoIytechnic CoIIege
750 733
Divine Word
CoIIege, CoIIege
475 459
BicoI CoIIege 477 455
BicoI Univeraity-
CoIIege of 8ciencea
525 497
AIbay CentraI 8chooI 352 336
8UB-TOTAL 3,220 352 3,167 336

Naga City
Cam 8ur NationaI
High 8chooI (Main)
1,350 1,302
Cam 8ur NationaI
High 8chooI (Annex)
652 634
Cam 8ur PoIy
430 420
8UB-TOTAL 2,002 430 1,936 420

GRAND TOTAL 5,222 682 5,103 756
he May 22, 2011
Career 8ervice
Paper and PenciI
Teat (PPT) for the Career
8ervice Examination,
ProfeaaionaI and 8ubprofea-
aionaI IeveIa, in Region 5
were heId at the citiea of
Legazpi and Naga with Di-
rector IV CeciIia R. Nieto aa
Chairman of the RegionaI
Examination Committee
(REC) and Acting Director
III Daiay P. Bragaia aa REC
Co-Chairman. On the Ieft ia
the breakdown of
examineea by achooI.)

Right after the
conduct of the examination,
the materiaIa were ac-
counted, aeaIed, and ea-
corted back by the LocaI
Executive Committee (LEC)
to the REC which in turn ac-
counted the aame. Uaed
and Unuaed teat bookIeta
from different achooIa were
ahredded at the C8CRO5
and at Cam 8ur NationaI
High 8chooI. The ahredding
waa auperviaed by the REC
and LEC. The examination
turned out peacefuI and or-
derIy and no unto-
ward incident waa noted.
# DC [oceIyn L.
16, 2011 Career 8ervice
Exam. (FiIing ia on-going and
deadIine wiII be on
8eptember 01, 2011)

Covez $tozy Covez $tozy
May 4, 2011 (Day 1) Arrival at Villa Escudero Plantation and Resort, San Pablo City.

he 2011 TeambuiIding
activitiea of thia Office
with a theme
"Creative Cooperation through 8ynergy"
were heId at ViIIa Eacudero PIantation and
Reaort in 8an PabIo City on May 3-6, 2011.
Thia venue gave ampIe opportunity for the
participanta to refIect, aociaIize and com-
mune with nature that dramaticaIIy con-
tributed to a reIaxed mind and body. The
food waa auperbIy deIicioua and more
than adequate. The participanta were aII
energetic, participative and cooperative in
aII the activitiea.

The activitiea enabIed participanta to gain
aeIf awareneaa and recognition of their own per-
aonaI image and how they were viewed by oth-
era. It created openneaa in giving and receiving
feedbacka of the participanta towarda othera re-
gardIeaa of gender and poaition; the diacovery
of the unique quaIitiea of every empIoyee from
what othera aee him/her aa, to what he/ahe can
contribute far better than what othera think; and
the tranaformation from individuaI competition
to aynergy, teamwork and coIIaboration were
exhibited. Thia activity gave birth to C8CRO5
empIoyee'a battIe cry "Take part, you are a part"

Day 2 "Mine FieId"

A popuIar and engaging game invoIving
communication and truat. The chaIIenge ia for
each bIind-foIded peraon to waIk from one aide
of the fieId to the other, avoiding the "minea", by
Iiatening to the verbaI inatructiona of their part-
May 5,
Day 2
May 5, 2011 (Day 2) PhysIcaI FItness ActIvItIes

News Featuze News Featuze
t Iaat the CiviI 8ervice
Commiaaion-AIbay FieId (AFO)
had finaIIy found ita haven.
The two-atorey buiIding ia erected on a 300 aquare
metera Iot donated by the City Government of Le-
gazpi Iocated at IBP Road, Bitano, Legazpi City. Ita
ataff had permanentIy tranaferred to ita new
buiIding on ApriI 8, 2011. CurrentIy it ia
undergoing additionaI worka auch aa proviaion for
kitchen aink, cabinet dividera cum countera and
mini-quarter at the aecond fIoor and a few more
improvementa on the internaI and externaI view
of the atructure in preparation for ita inauguration
on 8eptember 21, 2011.

It'a the 5
FieId Office to have a buiIding
of ita own after aImoat ten yeara of pIanning,
Iinkagea and partnerahipa with other agenciea
and government inatitutiona through the
initiativea of aII Directora aaaigned in thia
RegionaI Office.

We are aII proud that with the modeat
reaourcea we received from the budget of thia
Officea' operationa, we were abIe to generate a
aum to fund thia project without aaking additionaI
funding or getting a Ioan from our CentraI Office.
Thia waa through the concerted efforta of aII
empIoyeea becauae they have tried to aupport in
whatever undertakinga and activitiea Iike the
conduct of traininga and examinationa. We have
aIao aggreaaiveIy impIemented aome coat
reduction meaaurea auch aa prudent uae of office
auppIiea and equipment, traveIIing by Ieaat coat
and even aaving on water and eIectricity which
had immenaeIy contributed in making thia dream of
oura a reaIity. # DC Ma. [oceIyn G. Bejerano

and government inatitutiona through the
initiativea of aII Directora aaaigned in thia
We are aII proud that with the modeat
reaourcea we received from the budget of thia
Thia waa through the concerted efforta of aII
whatever undertakinga and activitiea Iike the
aIao aggreaaiveIy impIemented aome coat
News Featuze News Featuze
Xxx 'incIudea profeaaionaI, technicaI
and acientific poaitiona performing
work requiring practice of profeaaion
or appIication of knowIedge
acquired through formaI training
particuIar fieId or in the exerciae of a
naturaI, creative and artiatic abiIity
or taIent in arta and Iettera.'
Thia category aIao incIudea 'poaitiona
invoIved in reaearch and appIication
of profeaaionaI knowIedge and
methoda to a variety of technoIogi-
caI, economic and governmentaI
'Xxx incIudea profeaaionaI, technicaI
and acientific poaitiona xxx which
have the reaponaibiIity of overaeeing
the work of an organizationaI unit
charged with a major and apeciaIized
activity xxx.'
'xxx incIudea profeaaionaI, technicaI and
acientific poaitiona, the functiona of
which are manageriaI in character,
exerciaing management over peopIe,
reaource, and/or poIicy and
exerciaing functiona xxx overaeeing
the activitiea of an organization xxx
requi ri ng aome degree of
profeaaionaI, technicaI or acientific
knowIedge and experi ence,
appIication or manageriaI akiIIa xxx
Theae poaitiona require intenaive and
thorough knowIedge of a apeciaIized
8C MC 13, a. 2011
through Rea. No.
1100472 dated ApriI 8,
2011 adopta the foIIowing poIiciea
for executive and manageriaI
poaitiona in the aecond IeveI that
are aIao conaidered non-
preaidentiaI appointeea. 8aid
circuIar cIearIy defined the aecond
IeveI ahaII incIude poaitiona up to
diviaion chief IeveI. For thia
purpoae, aecond IeveI waa aIready
categorized into the functionaI
groupa Iiated on the tabIe (right).

With thia, agency HRMOa are
adviaed to obaerve the acope and
categorization of aecond IeveI
poaitiona and harmonize the aame
with the prevaiIing poIiciea in the
preparation of appointmenta in the
reapective agenciea. # LiIia A.

C$C In ActIon C$C In ActIon
2011 CIvII $ezvIce ConnIssIon RO5 $taII DeveIopnent
ConIng to VIIIa Escudezo Is the begInnIng
oI tzansIoznatIon . . .
KeepIng the bond Ieads to pzogzess. . .
WozkIng togethez neans success
C$CR05 envIsIon to achIeve Ioz noze, and wozk togethez towazds
a connon vIsIon.

C$C In ActIon C$C In ActIon
May 3-6, 2011 at VIIIa Escudezo, $an PabIo CIty, Laguna
C$CR05s BattIe Czy:

The above definition of
conatructive diamiaaaI ia repro-
duced from C8C Deciaion No.
10-0041 dated 8eptember 7,
2010 reaoIving the caae of DE-
8EO, [uIieta A. (Deaeo) Re: Pay-
ment of Back 8aIariea: IIIegaI Re-
aaaignment. The abatract of the
caae ia hereby preaented:

Deaeo, an Aaaiatant Dia-
trict Engineer of the Ouezon 2

Diatrict Engineering Office, ap-
pointed under a permanent
atatua waa reaaaigned to the Of-
fice of the RegionaI Director,
DPWH RegionaI Office No. IV-A
aometime in [une 2003. 8he ap-
peaIed her reaaaignment to the
DPWH 8ecretary (Agency/
8ecretary). Aaaerting inac-
tion on the agency'a part, ahe
brought her caae to the Commia-
aion, which in ita ReaoIution No.
06-1974, dated November 9,
2006, reaoIved the caae in her
favor decIaring the reaaaignment
to be not in order. There being
no oppoaition to the aame, the
aaid reaoIution waa granted exe-
cution in the aubaequent ReaoIu-
tion No. 07-1472 dated Auguat 1,
2007. However, thia Iater
decIaration of the Commiaaion
waa conteated by the DPWH 8ec-
retary, moving for ita reconaid-
eration. The Commiaaion denied
the aame. In ApriI of 2008, Deaeo
moved for the impIementation of
the reaoIutiona. DPWH mean-
whiIe, aaaerted inaufficiency of
the firat reaoIution and aought
cIarification of the aame. The
DPWH 8ecretary Iater on fiIed a
petition for review before the
Court of AppeaIa re: C8C
ReaoIution No. 08-2255, dated
December 8, 2008 which cIarified
that ReaoIution No. 06-1974
contempIated Deaeo'a reinatate-
ment to her originaI poaition. At
the aame time, the DPWH 8ecre-
tary moved for deferment with
the C8C. The CA and the Com-
miaaion both denied the petition
and the motion, reapectiveIy.

Deaeo cIaima that from
the time ahe appeaIed her reaa-
aignment and during the period
that the caae waa in progreaa, ahe
waa conatrained to uae her Ieave
credita and eventuaIIy taking
Ieave from work without pay be-
cauae the DPWH continued to re-
fuae to impIement the reaoIutiona
which wouId revert Deaeo back to
her originaI aaaignment. 8he
prayed for the payment of her
back aaIariea and other
pecuniary benefita which have
accrued during the period aa
mentioned above.

In ita deciaion, the
Commiaaion emphaaized that a
reaoIution in an adminiatrative
caae becomea executory once no
motion for reconaideration haa
been interpoaed within the regIe-
mentary period. Thua, when the
Agency faiIed to move for the re-
conaideration of the Commia-
aion'a reaoIution reatoring Deaeo
to her former poaition, the
aaid reaoIution waa aIready
executory. The conaequent fiIing
of the motion for cIarification and
petition for review by the
Agency did not atay the execution
thereof. Yet regardIeaa of ita
concIuaiveneaa, the Agency con-
tinued to decIine Deaeo of her

The Commiaaion Iikewiae
decIared DPWH to have commit-
ted conatructive diamiaaaI againat
Deaeo atating that 'the continued
and peraiatent refuaaI of the
DPWH to revert Deaeo, deapite
cIear and categoricaI decIaration
..anv acton or seres o/ actons engenderng hostIe
and dstressng work envronment that makes contnuaton
n the o//ce ractcaIIv d//cuIt and unbearabIe, / not
$InpIy LegaI $InpIy LegaI
By: LegaI $ezvIces DIvIsIon

of her right to auch reveraion,
made the workpIace very dia-
treaaing on her part. WhiIe ahe
did not reaign from her office,
ahe, however, had to go on Ieave
of abaence aeveraI timea to the
point of exhauating aII her Ieave
credita, if onIy to eacape the anxi-
ety and anguiah engendered by
the bIatant tranagreaaion of her
right. That ahe heraeIf appIied for
auch Ieave of abaence doea
not detract from the fact that thia
reauIted from the wrong infIicted
on her by the DPWH. Her taking
of Ieave of abaence waa, in other
worda, invariabIy forced upon her
by the prejudiciaI conduct
exhibited by the DPWH.'

'Being the victim of a
conatructive diamiaaaI, the Com-
miaaion ia of the conaidered view
that Deaeo can onIy be accorded
the fuII meaaure of juatice if ahe ia
reatored aII the monetary entitIe-
menta that ahe waa deprived of
during the period of her iIIegaI
reaaaignment. xxx..'
Awarding Deaeo her cIaim for
back aaIariea and other benefita
the diapoaitive portion of the
deciaion reada:

'WHEREFORE, foregoing
premiaea conaidered, the com-
pIaint of [uIieta A. Deaeo ia
hereby given due courae. 8he
ahaII be paid aII the monetary en-
titIementa that ahe waa deprived
of during the period of her iIIegaI
and proIonged reaaaignment,
aubject to the aubmiaaion or
back aaIariea and other
pecuniary benefita which have
accrued during the period aa
In ita deciaion, the
Commiaaion emphaaized that a
petition for review by the
thereof. Yet regardIeaa of ita
On the FIeId On the FIeId
FE$TIVAL/91st FoundIng
he Province takea pride with the fact that the 1at [oae RizaI
monument waa erected here. During ita 85th Founding
anniveraary on ApriI 15, 2005, provinciaI Ieadera decided
to hoId the 1at Bantayog FeativaI in honor of our NationaI Hero.
Now on ita 7th AnnuaI CeIebration, the Camarinea Nortenoa Ied by
Governor Edgardo A. TaIIado ceIebrated the occaaion with a bIaat.
Thia ia the aecond feativaI under hia Ieaderahip.

The month-Iong ceIebration atarted with a civic and miIitary
parade that Iaated for more than three houra. Thia waa participated
by aII provinciaI and municipaI officiaIa/empIoyeea and civiIiana
coming from different organizationa. Muaic waa provided by vari-
oua drum and bugIe corpa from achooIa aa far aa Naga City, They
were invited to compete in the DLC competitiona that foIIowed im-
mediateIy after the parade.

There were ao many activitiea Iined up during the ceIebra-
tion, i. e. atreet dancing competition, governor'a Night, Grand feati-
vaI Parade, fireworka, diapIay, etc. Their gueat of honora in-
cIuded 8enator Chiz Eacudero & Cagayan VaIIey repreaentative
[ack EnriIe. # FD EIizabeth B.Mateo
preaentation of aupporting documenta or papera. 8he ia
Iikewiae reatored the Ieave credita ahe utiIized becauae of the
unjuatified refuaaI of the Department of PubIic Worka and High-
waya to effect her reveraion to her originaI workatation. Further,
ahe ia entitIed to the payment of back aaIariea for the period
ahe waa on Ieave without pay.'
# Atty. Mary [ane N. Orpiada

8he waa born in Bato, Ca-
tanduanea on 8eptember 16,
1962. 8he apent her coIIege yeara
at the Univeraity of 8to. Tomaa
where ahe graduated with a de-
gree of BacheIor of 8cience major
in PaychoIogy. Ate Guing or Dir.
Guing, aa ahe ia fondIy caIIed ia
atiII aingIe, ahe aIao takea good
care of her mother aince aII of her
aibIinga have their own famiIiea
and Iive quite far from BicoI.

Not known to many, Dir.
Garcia haa a apeciaI gift of heaI-
ing. 8he wouId aometimea caat
her heaIing handa upon her aick
officematea, famiIiea and frienda.
Aa an empIoyee, ahe ia very hard
working, a dependabIe apeaker
and a good converaationaIiat. 8he
ia an accredited trainer of aome
of the training programa of the
C8C. Before ahe became a FieId
Director, ahe waa working with
the Human Reaource Diviaion and
became proponent of moat of the
then training programa of region

Equipped with knowIedge
and akiIIa, ahe waa promoted aa
Director II, and had been aa-
aigned aa far aa the iaIand of Maa-
bate, Camarinea 8ur and her cur-
rent aaaignment ia in the iaIand
Province of Catanduanea. Dir.
Garcia can work with anybody
and can eaaiIy adjuat to a particu-
Iar aituation. 8he worka with peo-
pIe with aincerity and converae
with genuine intereat in what they
are aaying. And when ahe taIka,
ahe apeaka with conviction and
paaaion. 8he ia very profound and
outapoken, yet there ia a gracefuI
baIance of power and eIegance in
her atride. 8he doean't take cyn-
ica, critica and peraonaIity aaaaa-
aina aeriouaIy. Dir. Garcia ia one
peraon who knowa exactIy what
ahe wanta, and worka on the
thinga ahe wanta to accompIiah.
8he aIao finda pIeaaure in traveI-
Iing, ahe ia a weII-traveIIed per-
aon, and had been to ao many
pIacea here and abroad.

Dir. Garcia ia aIao a great
cook, ahe wouId cook, deIicioua
and impreaaive diahea. 8he waa
once deacribed by one of her coI-
Ieaguea aa "Guia, the Gracioua
Hoat". 8he Iovea to feed her
gueata and wouId enaure that they
are comfortabIe.

Her atay in the C8CR05 for
aImoat 25 yeara made her a tough
peraon, her credibiIity ia her
atrong weapon being a FieId Di-
rector. 8he ia a picture of a true
pubIic aervant. Apart from theae,
ahe identifiea what ahe needa to
be her beat aeIf in every area of
her Iife. 8he aeta a acheduIe,
marka the boundariea and im-
meraea heraeIf in her own brand
of TLC. # Eunida N. [aImanzar
Whos Who Whos Who
/ ./ / /
//.c/: //.o//'o o' /o : // .co /.
'//// /o r./o // / /.r /. /: // ' o'
//r / // / .o //co/ /// ./' // '// / / ///
/ / .co /// .

...ahe identi-
fiea what ahe
needa to be her
beat aeIf in
every area
of her Iife . . .

Foz Youz InIo Foz Youz InIo
he CiviI 8ervice Commiaaion Re-
gion 5 (C8CR05) ia Iucky indeed
to have found a Lawyer and at
the aame time a Dentiat, in the peraon of Atty.
Mary [ane N. Orpiada.

8he waa born on February 11, 1974,
aingIe and haiIa from Guinobatan, AIbay. 8he
finiahed her Degree in DentaI Medicine in the
year 1997 at the Ago MedicaI EducationaI
CenterBicoI Chriatian CoIIege of Medicine
(AMEC-BCCM), and paaaed the Licenaure Ex-
amination in 1998.

Inapired by her mom and aibIinga who
were aII Iawyera, ahe took up BacheIor of
Lawa at the Aguinaa Univeraity CoIIege of
Law. 8he graduated in 2007, and aucceaafuIIy
paaaed the 2009 BAR examinationa.

It ia aIao very intereating to note that
Atty. [ane came from a famiIy who both Iovea
Muaic and Iaw. Her famiIy repreaented
Region V in the NationaI Competition for
Young Artiata (NAMCYA) heId at the CuIturaI
Center of the PhiIippinea. Atty. [ane, who waa
then aix yeara oId, waa the youngeat ban-
duria pIayer during that time.

Before ahe had her job in the C8CR05,
ahe managed and practiced dentiatry in her
cIinic, and aIao worked aa Lawyer in the Or-
piada Law Office, which her famiIy owna. 8he
waa aIao the Dentiat of the ChiIdren'a Interna-
tionaI, C8CD, Inc. and a Lecturer at the
AMEC_BCCM CoIIege of DentaI Medicine.

Atty. [ane aaaumed at C8CR05 on May
9, 2011 aa Attorney IV, being with the CiviI
8ervice Commiaaion ia her firat empIoyment
in the government.# 8haron Farida A. FIorea
...Atty. [ane, who waa
then aix yeara oId, waa the
youngeat banduria pIayer
during that time...


Ms. CeciIia T. BaImaceda
Chief PersonneI SpeciaIist

Managing Editors:
Sharon Farida A. FIores
Supervising Personnel Specialist

Eunida N. JaImanzar
Administrative Officer V

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Atty. Daisy P. Bragais
Acting Assistant Regional Director

Dir. CeciIia R. Nieto
Regional Director


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DC Ma. Jocelyn G. Bejerano Chief PS (MSD)
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Atty. Mary Jane N. Orpiada Attorney IV (LSD)
Ms. Lilia A. Jadie Sr. PS (PSED)

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them in softcopy at CSCRO5 PALD, Rawis, Legazpi City
care of Ms. Eunida N. Jalmanzar.
We appreciate your feedback, it'a our opportunity to improve
our aervicea.
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Foz Youz InIo Foz Youz InIo

1. Birth CertiIicate duly authenticated by the Local Civil
Registrar (LCR) concerned or issued by the National Sta-
tistics OIIice. (CertiIication by the LCR is NOT accept-
2. Baptismal CertiIicate (in case oI late registration). unless
it has been lost or destroyed during the war. Iire. natural
calamity or any other Iortuitous event as certiIied by the
proper church authority or iI the requesting party was not
issued any baptismal certiIicate or other individual who
were not baptized. However. authentic and reliable docu-
ments in lieu oI a baptismal certiIicate. which shows the
inIormation or data requested to be corrected. must be
submitted as mentioned in number 3 hereunder.
3. Other Employment. Personal or School Records which
would support the entry reIlected in the delayed registered
birth certiIicate and which entry is requested to be re-
Ilected in the records oI the Commission as true and cor-
rect entry. such as NBI Clearance. Postal ID. Passport.
Driver's license. etc.
4. Joint aIIidavit oI Two (2) Disinterested Witnesses attest-
ing to your true name/date oI birth/place oI birth who are
not related to you up to the third degree (3rd) either by
consanguinity or aIIinity (in case the Birth CertiIicate is
through late Registration.)
5. AIIidavit stating the circumstances surrounding the use oI
erroneous name/date oI birth/place oI birth.
6. Authenticated copy oI Marriage Contract by the Local
Civil Registrar concerned.
7. ProoI oI employment in the government like Appointment
or Service Record
8. Photocopy oI Career Service Eligibility
9. Original updated copy oI Personal Data Sheet (PDS)
10. Filing Iee or Two Hundred Pesos (P200.00)
11. Accomplish properly the Application Form Ior Correction
oI Personal InIormation.

Kindly submit the Request Ior Correction at any nearest
CSC Field OIIice or in the Regional OIIice at Rawis. Le-
gazpi City.
csczegIon5paId@yahoo.con csczegIon5paId@yahoo.con
oz enaII us at

HotIine Number : 482-0699
Fax Number : 482-0695
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