Presser Feet Organizer

Designed & Created by Kerstin Alriksgård

Print the pattern from the website. Trace the pattern onto pattern paper and cut out. Place the pattern pieces on the fabric and cut out. Cut 2 strips of plastic, one 3.5'' x 11'' (9 x 28 cm) and one 3'' x 11'' (7.5 x 28 cm). Cut 1 piece of cardboard 4.5'' x 8'' (11 x 20 cm) and 2 pieces 8'' x 9'' (20 x 23 cm).

Cut the piece in four strips, each strip 1'' (2.5 cm) wide and 11'' (28 cm) long. Turn under 1/4'' (6 mm) on each long side. Press. The strip will measure approximately 1/2'' (12 mm) when pressed. Repeat with the other three strips.

Snap on the Non-stick Glide Foot H. Rethread your sewing machine with sewing thread on top and in the bobbin. Put the widest plastic strip along the right edge of the fabric and sew with a straight stitch 1/4'' (6 mm) from the edge. Put the second plastic strip 5'' (13 cm) from the left edge and sew with a straight stitch 1/8'' (3 mm) from the left edge of the plastic.

Thread your sewing machine with embroidery thread on top and bobbin thread in the bobbin. Hoop the brown fabric for the outside together with Tear-AWay™ Stabilizer underneath. Choose a font that you like in 3D Embroidery Software Program. We used Script 20 mm. Embroider for example your name and Presser feet. We embroidered ‘‘Maria’s Presser feet” on one short side, see illustration. Tear away the stabilizer.

Download the pattern for the Presser Feet Organizer on our web site

Sewing Supplies
· HusqvarnaViking Sewing/ Embroidery machine · 12'' x 36'' (30 x 90 cm) of brown heavy cotton fabric (outer organizer) · 12'' x 36'' (30 x 90 cm) of red heavy cotton fabric (organizer lining) · 8'' x 36'' (20 x 90 cm) of Off white cotton fabric for lettering strips · Printed fabric for the applique flower · 12'' x 36'' (30 x 90 cm) batting · 40 wt. embroidery thread, 2 spools · Sewing thread 1 spool · 80'' (2 m) bias strip for binding · 8'' x 12'' (20 x 30 cm) of vinyl to create ”pockets” for the feet · 1/4 yd. x 26'' (23 x 66 cm) of cardboard · 8'' (20 cm) of Velcro® Husqvarna Viking Accessories · Husqvarna Viking 3D Embroidery Software Program · Edge/Joining Foot (412 79 68-45) · Transparant Foot B (412 79 82-45) · Non-stick Glide Foot H (412 79 61-45) · Open Toe Foot (412 27 70-45) · Pictogram Pen · Tear-A-Way stabilizer 20'' (50 cm) You find these and many other accessories in the Husqvarna Viking Accessory User’s Guide or on our web site, for purchase at your nearest Husqvarna Viking Dealer.
5/8'' (1.5 cm) seam allowance included in

Lettering Strip
Embroider the name of the different presser feet that you want to keep in the pockets on the Off white cotton fabric. Hoop the fabric with Tear-A-Way™ Stabilizer underneath. Measure where you want the text so that it fits well over the pocket. Choose a font that you like. We used Traditional, Italic, 7-40 mm. Embroider. Tear away the stabilizer.

Sew the Velcro® onto the brown fabric approximately 3.5'' (9 cm) from one of the short edges. Place embroidered strips on top of the plastic/vinyl to create 10 pockets for the feet. Press the seam allowance on the short edge of the strip around the edge of the fabric. Pin the strip in place. Snap on the Edge/Joining Foot. Adjust the stitch width to move the needle position a few steps to the right. Sew the strip with straight stitch as close to the edges as possible. Repeat with the other three strips.

all measurements.
Zig Zag by Husqvarna Viking 

Snap on presser foot A. Sew all 3 pieces of red fabric right sides together with a straight stitch. Make sure that the narrowest piece of plastic/vinyl is at the bottom. Press. Always use a press cloth on the plastic/vinyl. Snap on the transparent Foot B and sew down the seam allowance with a decorative stitch. We used D1: D32. Repeat on the other seam.

Pin the back and front piece wrong sides together. Sew with a straight stitch around the organizer but leave one short edge open. 1/4'' (6 mm) seam allowance. Put the 3 pieces of cardboard in the organizer and sew the opening together. Sew the bias strip around the organizer to bind the edges.

Snap on the Open Toe Foot and sew with a narrow zigzag stitch an appliqué onto the brown back piece. Stitch 3/8'' in from the edge of the flower to leave a raw edge to trim. We used a flower. Trim and fringe the edges. Snap on the Edge/Joining Foot. Sew the Velcro strip onto the brown fabric approximately 3.5'' (9 cm) from one of the short edges. Sew the other strip of the Velcro® onto the smallest red piece of fabric, 3/4'' (2 cm) from the short edge. See illustration. 

Zig Zag by Husqvarna Viking

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