bo '\IV S an d :you lllflind YDur.s.eU lutting the "gold almost leve']['Y . ime IYonl dis,taD~es 'Up to 6D yds. ITbey are' good ·foE'h un .tl]g, tOQ,; a 161l-,mb" steel bow win .stop m.nytbing short of ,001 elephant T~'fO mode Is are de'scribed in 'his sto ry, 'both very M["nUat"in construetton except that. OIDl.e has a, wood 1bcn-v' nd tbe ollie]:" ,a, steel bow, a ~.~;._]..., is gi,\!!,l en lin Ih~"bl 0,f' ,Jl;if IDg,. liJ~ Dl" t;. C ompw',;tlIi!l'Ve ua, _a JEl! S't~ck ,for wo~fI 'lJ~w'~ TbJe stock o£ 'the ~ocll IOOw' ean be 'm~,de D1jOm 'whIte pine. It'S shape: is: V~.Y' .ue.h. 't:: 11',= "::1 .: ,0 1!... "~"' CIi·" ~e a. moaern rme ,M; can n~~,S@@iJl m ~1.g,. l~:' !i."l,tart the !.~ .

,F VOIV' lc~n:'t hU the buU~.s-'e'lJ'e',"\itb a. regliiJlal~arch~t·':s bow' and, axro,v,) try one o.~ t.hese' III I[U:\ljleJl,'n, cross-




~ 1... :JOI!lJ b _{Y'



:l't out. Dd.U the hi~Jme'fol' t'ne st_r,iog Fell~as~'~ using an [e.xpansi.ve 'bit as in :FBiI~,,2" Recesses: on e':i!'~helr;s~de' of the hole ,ml"le run in 'wi1lli a s.tra~g;b.ts'hap~l'" ,eutteJ"', F.ig~ 3, the guidJe cellar l-'uhbing the hole, Lacking sha,pe:l' eq,m.pment '~he recesses ean 'be cut wii;tb. ~, l~OU;iter. 'hit' :l'n. a [dr.il1.pl"t~\SiS., 'F~ 4 shows the mQ~tise f.olr 1tbm

,:~Dgthe, full de'taU. a:t as in, F,i;l~ II, T~,a!mf,e;l"he stoek outline 'to, lY-ioi-in., \-~ihi:te 'p:We and t



a Ji"ttu.I .. ""SlZI®


'" !ur:awmg th,! u-lgge'li

0:' ~1ru.le ,S_'DC'1\;, eiue m


t sbown





ftQ' .'-. __:_ ~ '"". ..': ,cl"....P''UL ~ 'R'

'IIi,;i':eoJ~'IH" ll!i.JiJ"~~~"I£

"".'.nC· '.-iCii' .~~


tes should be' ~~~in~ ~q ~ij"J~ d w'h en 'bQ. d:l·.et~d.sha. line sbovrn in sUl@ngth lor bows up to Isml Ihs.16 and 8.] 'H''fiIiiiIlV '" '~l~'!!Jt~l~l 1-' iIi'fii)LiI..nl"l\~L~~ .aib~eshap er eu U@:l"5.tr.a'111 O'YWIIi' n~:Uli p CiI.igg'e:l' should.m'. We! _.1'1"·t' L.ll :~:u~lov.W pw.!i!! h" ~g r . . l-"U'Und" :s./eue4 ib I'~ C!I_.hat IP I~ II l'e~li:5 '~I~an ~J~. !~ .e d.in Fig.il.igg:e:l.. mom UJ('e release hole as mdicated .. u~~==-'."..' ..~" \ . Dimen- AD 'woldting pa" s of tbe' ae ·ffi_'on :plastic and.l' n. L _.'he edges % :m.sufScien t are made from p . BaWl '.la... Run in the ar·lt~nw hand grooves.aat ie. do wn -t .a...t Over trus '\w(H!~wght~. the '.boU'~ lit h e d (]I t t e d.p e { I .~de . aions given '\vi. After 'fitting the l:e ease plates the i'op of \tlle' stock is :8. . 'Then.. an d.toppiing' abou:t in.vlugweig'h.~. be'wg cut...Il' . b e made !rem . C"'1I'!I1 !We! g. usmg suitand ~aU . the release p. ilii:.II-m" ·m.0 a.IU II"! cd! 'i..

~ on the' &on:tt._..eut i!1=l11!. ~e' plastic._ini.~~ln1S' . When.per:~Cu~..e~age' 'p~m...t.u.dard.vle 'the .cUo\n . Q\U-apm:~ Q. U.L UDn. Il.' mg' \~N!ddl.~ ~~. given :['0.d 'l'"Oundrunl o~a'~~ m other wo(rdsJ... :k!ee.s)llk:y. IO'I?I~.5(00.lrP ~_lI'~f'. ..-siblD. and. .g .L 104 . . se.in O'u:tshoot it..lJ' of: t'b. 1: 1 '*ii.'5 ..:'mgr. ~ I!o ~.filigb'uy ~@ .54.1L J ..:.".1II.'" 'CO :p:l'a'Cltical~a .llttas ~'hoIWll 'in Flgs~ III 12."'" !IL!! 'L. a 'l''1e..v uft'ers oomnp.Eij_uaJly I w:ffi:tfi. rnrawing' weight.m In.i' " m~' ~fminl be -alW'.s·r.lll~fjl :l[dD~ri~re 'with.yof abOiuJ~ ..O:NG).be.pod '\mo:d 'bO\V'~...ing' release. m~..~ £'' tb 'bn.aJnout . ~.. 1 ~ l. lba.p.em(Jn~ ii\i'!i.i'l iii'nitl· .-...the' . this.bOrt ~.~~ _:..fitting the r. ftlt~ed tm'Gftlglruthe h.1 '.n.mil' IIli..!Illi!.t~ is.the.~ a.guw 16-<~t'~:n.Ol' la lemo:nw'!clj-~d. BeI02e.OIWD. 'bac~k eomes b) .. ".'IIl. ..r..[! ..~"J!O'LU_ iUI. '1!-'11-10~~.50! that SCRW.310 :Fbs.eud~d" T.in~ bo. 'uw lLO.~ In.:.. . pull .:a::'L IB.thmJt the strOlg' when.:: U u ri.. as ~QiW. sh g .JIlUi.j[ the s:tock. JI!. amd :poun.side near 'the' 'u~~ end to :t5:t :lns~de' . .f._ ..ms . SBrn... ..wek ...§ and.~ ''P--iiOl' nl [~~~l Dt!. 'WI 'F'ii .pprox:imate' sections.. _Apptgx~iiP'lCilte ~ - ~.e' bew is made o.lb...!~ W~ 11=---+=~~==+.. long' a.le.the t-rigga' liI"!i'''''~ b· '~m' ~_'li .1dj"c'lt!~dl t -un.tIs ~eIDomm. 'no~ ba. wHJ pull a'bo'Q't 60 Ihs~ a:t 21.:.r.d: by !Q.. '£1Il edges are 'fttU~~B faired Tlh'~ s:h.de fuD mun.'!I:...'iiiii'''' J! D-O'ws.l' n-i~~O'"Ii"ii 'Ii'1ll' ..llb.JJI~iIl!c ~¥i. round OD th@ b~Uy.8p\....H~:tbi]i"~' can be used .ed eare£u'lbr :andJ 'b~'okpn..ilct!t]. .he .Jl.a. smooth .D.'. the . .Gclt.i!1Ii. it.@.. lug 'o..f. ~nche~ - l'io\R for .a. SiTRING .O~l: END A.'n°. .- '_~I/~ . :If !desified.I.!i!'li A m. 'iill'N' --!tJj1 - 6 1_..g a. t ~ tOne _w ..... li:t tie ..'tbe tw'O top s~ews low.~.~'bow 'is. !draw'" ..Flh....I. '1£...5Ht·--..rwnett The 'Slitee'lbow.:=e=~=iI==+-~.. 'The' ICiOmpi~eted bow is..fta.6-(ORli) FlAX.' OLLL tIl1..m b.IJ~"~_ ~.d do..rn.Fig'. .' -~ '1. iiIi-]nil:h m'oo 16·Ii'lcn '~6 ~6 . 'iIb . how' IS.14.L J.w~ TIl. Th~ 6~).mpOS/ey.AI -1l.~ 0 f_HREA CIS ..S 'wiilll ''UD~.·' 'bl.f-~~ .§t h' 'h can 1L .M!a]]y~. .. 'C>im.... a .~ The steel bow. 24·1~c:h . Aga1ins't this~ the .. .t~gin.Qle a t th~' tront. .. 1" does.u~d and the ends 'tr. bow5 ~qj..:. of' a .... ~c:tion 'being enelased ~n at steet t[IJ. 'tilted! ... '''''-W-':' ~ .L. i[rr pOliUnd the wood b~)t\~~-.L. C a..1l.t:rmg ~'ol' . trig§er has a smaD.iI' bly dHil ~lellJY<8' ~l( 3" STOVEIO~T lIEMONWQOD BOW STAVE ~ .. V\~ry 'clo~ ~. "..sho0 'tiOI' action.J:I l:p:.r~ ~pl~ .a_a .any 'eas~'" tbe bow must be 'w1ork.0 the ."". I~Yl"" i!:"!1':gbL Bow ~I' 'silirielml~hened at Ignt.e.r. A. ~md SO. this..: .d of the st. 13 and 15~. the bow can be! made 'by 'trimming' [t..e. .'. little on thre s.01 boi'll.!l5 _ rn~iII.. pjOwe.:lI1 in ('h' 'll.I!I4'! ~Id iI..iL maXlm'tm'l .all m:.a..odlIs fausb~'ned.~IU.gd. :SE~VlE: lOOP and then :relea~ing llntU 'the :f.'&..ullldr'aw' Is 'obt.~g au..a t:iIO.I~ iI'i' llIe weod. l'e'mDnwood. of the s. 'tne'.ilmnl.in Fig .§!I' G!' ''1)11 I '..""uu~.. :ue ..e rstr. ~1!.~.table. on ''III ..thte 1W.r.Hote m Fig~ 19 that fiu. Mloull'ed. this Is 1ikoree.. priaC'tice~1 .T '!I.'f1illi"l'l'IIi.. t. fiB~I.imte~. 1iilf till-.::!II '1' IE.ddln.

o:l! .... IF CfHiiR.~~ .J'"'r-I" InAIAi 105 . If ~~.1. ~~=~~~ --------' :n"'.~.ioI ' JUND .. ....... E.r tfmER ~s 1 . ::.. 'F ~ OR 11/. -----. SOGU Of Sf RING ROU ~o I SIDE..

:i'[1.-t. w'ill w'it\iTh~..tr.~: sto.e~(bf d. O~ m@mID.ase plates.t tr.~awing w~igh'tt th.AJ..of.el.t..r~r'" '..STOCK.. waJlnut or' ot1h~ hard" strong' 'WOO-(I..An&ws: Ar:r. 'bo'w eDOu. AI I lpar~j . ma. pilate..blg·~ Th~ metal sb-:mg pr. _-_}. bDw..ti'v~holding while' .~~ally· 'w.~V'ide p'{)si. _This.~. lng" altho!ugh bilt .J\uJ.' i c.E!:~nd fC(f' a :s\C:f'\Qwdriver Imd! tm.tn~1 '~~.: _-Il0l. :paria._-. F. me I"UUl. Fig'~ ..':: P'~O'I~CI~'uie: w'()(}u '. 6 .is 'tn.·. d~arm!ete'f'.wlood 'bl~eks 'will bend the.iiglli_·t· m--eI".. MECHAl4l'CS ... - ~~~~.slottedl 'D'D..._.a'I sbo~·t!"'ll hlg and 'was. a 'hol'jt~ sinrwn lin.il'iliif!ii·n t ~._." 81.' hallam)oodl til' of a 'metal bow' s.·~-· 'lin B' lbow iii l!I>Olu.lls worthw:hile protecSluek . '..em..lp l\. .too lbs _ dfawing w~eigh.~IUV' ® UCW!l···.e'ven \vlth the: flu: •. The! traick'.ah. str. 'OB. . :~l ie..'~~nlild 'rhe...fol" rele. ft)rearm~.~ll.vler. are M.e-dl 'i'11!'lI1lal fta4cin Clut 1'l!!Ii .t. ~ ~i!l . Ii.ds 10f.t. of th_e s.@) dlra'wiDg e'Bse'~'t_ial. .altunin. ~OF..\~ 'Citampl~ str~Dgtb ! ditioQ .il'. smck s1100:1.lll~" X~!En~t W.. . .gluoo m .riale' .ooused In it notch eut in 't'be end.LTom..I --.~ dl i~QlrelfiJnr ma de CIIlnd' f~tted 'lu.. undlel" aew.um or beass ..ed. 'fox' 'bol'Ol '00\V.) did not s:b:ru:l.igglN' :p:ul1..gll and sirblg track.. msea... laid AU· ~IUJ.dla bow 101 til.e' a!c!Oon. strQmB prtHIl~I!!i!!ir..Hai:: 1require~l'tiD b. . ..h'e' cu.D_ - i . a:nd tr.IIn· .w~.1QCB:tim:mgpkls and. up.c1 ~--~jir.ows.the. birch dow.. fLiI. cii219.t."L. - 4-.to6... AU meta'i parts aJf. The! be _. mffill. L..and . are: mce!). YJG.'1. release. :POP'ULAR.mg_ge·~ des. o£ tmee .o '·1.escrilibe(t An atl . to . to fO(r'm.. 'The.g. threadl~. 22.t a 't~.liW 1st.t:I. '1- 'IIIA. ~ -1I.eo(M'\d1 'lien .25\" 1. (wi' th.pooves iCrul't in .triing in plaee.as: 'm Follow' th~ release and 'tr.far a stceelll:ulw' must 'be' made Dr om.v _t.re·taming a.wdrivel.': .~l~~ ~:th':l~e :::.oo~ and Is to . '(D(U. and then ma .. 'Vanes are prua_stic~..arnsj'err. f.lor. 'pift is....@.ground rOlWlQ under ~the~le3~~ J '\vh'i. to 'wlOod~' out. _'~- J Ib·eId 'by' . 21.~ ae ti non Icl'ose'b~.iteel lb~w': Beeause .~ is sawed..m. ..ever'~.~~~ OJ. mSi~all !Q..e me.as btlillt ls .. sh_Ut.f' '~he .~ 1LL.. .llermit .e ends are sUPPo'fted . 'the: hea...!!.:.. ..and~ l'9-wire' :ftexilbl@ cable' '%2-m. -.ded lOll.]I. 1/4..d') Atu.side iOf..j 'D'F n~e neo~1 IUr... 20 are tbe 'Dumber ~f threa. ...p. are me'w.W::~~ Jig"..steel fur 'the m'~'lease·~ F. ~be bow' Is .~ """".d" ·s.these parts.~ cut · f_mned in much the lebme manner as.. ~i~:.!iYI ~ m tIL 'Ul~ tr. flol: 'bo. a scre. .sUplping the' s.9..tal traek on eaeh .ig..f'el"W!ClllIi'iIltI niCI. '!nI:J!\Dil' "!I!"""". up.~'t'I(H'I mu~t lbe. crululom.oJ. _' .' 'I!ir.o..t~. ~ . In the :release' 'woo d!"" bow' ~:fio~k.meWlB.·t.nnmg' o'n' -th-a..:. ·the otbe'l'" end.. ~.ppedhLO:I. In.med £'-01'" tbe flu.Q .igger~ of 'th€!J\ ~o~' 'whille tb..

~~eSij . t ~ ...""i.:.thi~)cut 'the :p-utty' in .Puttv "=" To assure a .l!fmm· ~ .e-au..d. IC>:""'" 'p~~'.:'n. . TE~O~ 10 'I .U!eSll"~ .::tIl lI.gh:t in hot '~.. . k .j...8 pu ttiog: It run . :putt.·.. tel"'" You.. .. .u6 x 23)0/2'" W"OOI) . wM-'..' ~ :U' 'the !Ol.su. .· -.. dJe:pt'h ..'L'.~ .ed"wlork ill a ' sm~n _pi.-·_-:·d. '['AKE M£TAl TIlP eu..". ~ U.st. UJ)~ ml'X:tUl"l~ 'to E!ll'e:y.. :[llu. Three 'S:·:-~~·····.y' 'fo~-'a :£e~w'_'wee.see. '" . havl a t"-lIn ~ ht .J1fJi!'E! llS44. 'm_.JJIl.t 'Di ~p'Utty'and l~ple_k the 'umad_ndlelJ. · ..~Poc:>?R .a.-nnp' .l.. Leve..J '. can.m oft' the.\rea:llieJ:'~:j place :U:: in ..·..DeeUIJJ@lu.loft ..U..-I .1D.V. Mf y'Ou ji us/t 'want to k:oop.tty soft oV8(t"ni..i!. .m :P. .i ttle w'nitirJJg.-..-.t:1r.~ l~\ac~ r . .~·-··1..ollil and.all.m a J ar "a.JIj_~~ ']]. .. 'evem:.a.•'.Ii. oil to.0. To do .putty' \lvhen .. putty' and ICOV~:at· i:t 'with.n 'waxed p'aJpieJr 08£:0'..i.. 107 .·J. .~mfJ(Ufi.lLng' " n:tang Iid. !covell" it vl.. keep._'. jiM" . .ree-."·-jQ:---:..-·-...ays 'Y"au .an r'es.ly of .'. tak'e' «~ll!.:t I' ·'·"·' . .i)!ppinl i:t i. lOW .sprin'kle on t1_le w~ting an.tty b roo soft when :l\1\omoiv. :l'a:w IDin!!eed.e W'_····:.erve .rith ·\~ra.of 'o/~ in_.pp. ."'D.1ts b...:··. 'Do n~)t 1U]lS@ bailed Gil BiMO:r@ use " pour the . the req'mFed ..l ICJD:n!\u.a.

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