Catch Ilac Diaz at the 9th Youth Congress for IT (Y4it) @ the University of the Philippines Information Technology

Training Center, Diliman (UP ITTC) this Septe mber 20-24 2011 Ancellotti Diaz will grace the 9th Youth Congress in Information Technology (Y4i t) at the University of the Philippines, Diliman as a speaker with the topic â the Si gnificance of Information Technology and its contribution to Non-Governmental Or ganizations and Charity work.â Honed in a Family that captured Arts Culture and Show business, Ilac Diaz is fam iliar also to the younger generation that sees him in TV Commercials and Print A ds. He now runs a Non Governmental Organization called My Shelter Foundation and imm ersed himself into Study and Charity work concentrating on the life of Urban poo r through environmental friendly methods and preserving electric and energy with projects such as the "Isang Litrong Liwanag" with the invaluable support of its sponsors will attempt to light up 1000 houses in Payatas, Quezon City. Bottles from the dumpsite will be brought to an activity center where volunteers make so lar bulbs and installed in hundreds of houses of those who do waste picking as a livelihood called "Trash to Light" among other projects that He already implime nted. He graduated from Harvard University and a special Program in Urban and Regional Studies at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and founded the Seaf arerâ s Dormitory at the Manila Pier, a self sustaining dormitory for overseas worker s who shuttles through and fro in the country and for those wanting to become se afarers in the future. To date, Ilac Diaz has done well in minimizing if not eliminating societal probl ems, putting aside the glamour of tinsel town and choosing the road less travele d through NGO and Charity work. He has received recognitions from the World Economic Forum, CNN and Jaycees Inte rnational. His projects are often Advertised and disseminated on Face book , new s online, twitter and other social networks that is so much an Integral Part of Information Technology. He came back and now lives in the Philippines to apply and promote his research studies to needy communities all over the country. The ninth Youth IT Congress Y4IT is organized by: The University of the Philippi nes Information Technology Training Center (UP ITTC), UP System IT Foundation, P SITE CSP and UP ITTC Student Volunteer Corps in cooperation with the University of the Philippines, Diliman. For more details log on to:

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