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Plastic hubs and sheats - dimensions of products

Filter needles - 5um / 4mm filter dia.

We consider this type of syringes and hubs of needles, as well sheats, the most catchly and handly ever built. The designation of all of our products takes into consideration a lot of ergonomic and antropologic characteristics of the most of humans (regarding to handling). Designed to withstand the rigors of modern standard conditions, the square hubs design is capable of withstanding an average catching area in a more handling mode. Protecting medical personnel from the risk of inquiry and medical equipment from catastrophic failure, are two of the primary concerns facing today engineers and medical administrators. We have directed the construction material and pieces design to directly impact these issuses. A higher handliebility, involves less possibility of inquiries.It may be considered as nonsense, to research inquiry-less products, as long as their shape leads to low handlybility, but not t a high one. Square hub construction provides a superior handling to size ratio, which allows up to a 50 % weight of material saving (per needle hub and sheath, together) compared to conical hubs. This better handling reduces phisical handling effort, and also a better precision during handling, and help to avoid stick inquiries by allowing the operator moving hands in a strighter line. Length of square part of hub is enough to be fast catched by two fingers; - much more than in case of conical hubs. On other hand, the square hubs, allow the use of "filter hub", or "safety needle" solution.It is very and true important to use filter hub needles when giving treatment consisting in ex-powdered liquid reconstructed form or when using the content of a liquid medication delivered in a glass ampul. We consider a better way to the use of a filter hub during injecting the mentioned type of medicine, - and no during preparing them !..!! This will much more better prevent a lot of patient inquiries caused by any small parts of unsolved powder, rubber from vial cover, or ampul glass small shards, which may cause disaster to the patient.Atention!! ... We mean to use the filter needle, - during injecting, but not during preparing of medication At first, you have to withdraw with a common needle, and then, replace with a filter hub needle before administrating.Warning ! Filter shall be (across) in the last way of medication administration, - therefore, close before the in-going of medicine into patient;... but, not at an intermediate moment of preparing the medication. It must be taken into consideration that in any kind of condition, (in medical service rooms, or not), during the preparation ofmedicine of injection, any kind of small dust powder or small lints may fail into the ampule, or needle hub. For this matter it is strong required that filter must be in the injecting needle hub, - but not in those of medicine preparing...!! As is known, - it is a new requirement,!... that to protect your patients against inquiries, consisting in ingoing in their veins or muscles of small dirts, rubbers, or ampul shards... We consider that the usage of filters needles during the injection to the patients,... shall be gereralized!... At least,.. until the needle injections will disapear, and the needleless injection devices will grow on all market; but this may take a long time. The design of our syringes regards also to an barrel around finger wing on syringe tube, but it is not placed on the tube open end, but at any distance, - which may protect the contact of finger with plunger. The most of plunger lenght (of rod slimmer part), is also not in contact with the tube inner surface, - to prevent contamination. The circular finger wing designed around the tube, allows a good catching of tube in any position,... much more better than the twin finger wings solution, - case in which may seldom happen to be catched in the most catchly position. As well, the plunger's finger end is designed as a blunted-circular shape surface, which allows a better lining on table of full syringe (before or after medicine drawing), and, preventing the down-rolling from the medical salver on the table surface, or down on floor. Our greatest intention is to offer the most possible handling solution of sharp products, as prior to prevent needle stick inquiries: - to dramatically reduce the amount of stick inquiries Never and never, a neat surface conical hub will not be at all the best into catch and handling consideration. The hubs are designed in most avantageous ratio of handling, material volume, packing volume, and weight.