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CLIENT INFORMATION SHEET for KITE Registration Exchange Applicable: Currency

Product selected by the client: Name of the Client Client Code Individual/HUF/Firm/Corporate Status of the Client





Trading platform: IBT / .EXE

Praveen Skekhar Jha

Client Address
Residence: (Pin code is compulsory) Room no20, 2 floor,341 Vijashanti,A Wing Building, Rasta Peth Pune-411011 Phone no. Residence/ Mobile Date of Birth Bank Name Branch Bank A/c No. 1. PAN No. 2. Passport No Date of Issue 3. Driving License No. Date of issue 4. Election ID Card Number HDFC Bank Pune 1031050092662 09370444414 Office Tel. no. with Std Code/ Mobile no. Email 09370444414


29/07/1978 Client Bank Details Client DP Details Name of the DP KEYNOTE CAPITALS LTD DP ID Client ID 1202430000000058 12024300000

Details Required for allotting Unique Client Code (UCC) (any one) AEOPJ2198E Ward/circle Place of Issue Date of expiry Place of Issue Date of Expiry Date of Issue & Place of Issue

ARSPL / NCSPL Details for your information

Keynote Capitals Ltd. Bank Details Bankers Axis Bank Ltd Branch Fort Branch, Mumbai Bank A/c No. 004010200012647 Bankers Branch Bank A/c No. Keynote Capitals Ltd. Bank Details Axis Bank Ltd Fort Branch, Mumbai 004010200012647


DP Name DP ID CM BP ID Square Up Min Both Sides / Single Side) + Other Charges* F&O brokerage: 0.05% same day both sides + Other Charges * KEYNOTE CAPITALS LTD (CM ID) IN554751(NSDL Pool) (CM ID) IN601201(NSDL Pool ) Brokerage Structure 0.05% both sides 10ps Min Ps Delivery KCL DP NAME Axis Bank Ltd ( NSE Cash ) Axis Bank Ltd ( BSE Cash ) 0.5 % 10 Ps Min

Service Tax (as per applicable) presently 10.30%, (* Other charges include Turnover tax, Transaction Charges & Stamp duty ) Remarks (If Any) : 1.

Date of sending to HO & Serial No: of code:

Date of Activation

Prepared By: Person:

Sign of Authorized

GENERAL INSTRUCTIONS Shares Delivery & Fund Schedule Pay-in Day is on the (T+2) basis for normal settlement, you are advised to send your funds and transfer your deliveries in our account latest by the next day for Pay-in. Payout of funds in Normal Settlement is on (T+2) basis. Payout of Shares in Normal Settlement is on (T+2) basis. Others You have to ensure reconciliation of accounts & shares on monthly basis. We provide Daily Research Notes on Market Views via E-mail prepared by our Research Analysts on daily basis. For any Sort of Query Contact Our Research Dept. at Schedule for Derivatives: The Initial Margin is calculated as per SPAN and Exposure Margin; we provide margin files on daily basis. Premium payable on a Call & Put Options is payable on the T day (same day). Premium receivable on a Call & Put Options would be receivable by you on T+2 days basis. On Exercising / Final Settlement of Contract the Payin amount has to be paid on T+1 basis On Exercising / Final Settlement of Contract the Payout amount is receivable on T+3 basis. Trading related information Contact our Client Relationship Cell: Mr. Feroz Mr. Jairaj Nair Phone no : 022 - 43326000 / Mobile No / Board No 43326000 / Fax No 022-43326000 Email: / Yahoo Chat Id : For further any other information Please Contact Mr. Feroz Mobile Mr. Saroz Mobile For Depository information Please Contact Mr. Jairaj Nair Phone no : 022-43326000 , Mobile: Brief History of the Client :

Signature of the Client

Reference (if any)