Green Industry

Transfer of Environmentally Sound Technology (TEST) in the South Mediterranean Region

Towards clean competitive industry
MED-TEST is a UNIDO green industry initiative supported by the GEF and the Italian Government to address priority hot spots of industrial pollution, identified in the Mediterranean Strategic Action Plan (SAP-MED). MED-TEST is a component of the “Strategic Partnership for the Mediterranean Large Marine Ecosystem (LME)” of UNEP-MAP aiming to support governments in implementing national strategies for reducing industrial discharges. The MED-TEST project (2009-2011) targets Egypt, Morocco and Tunisia, with the potential to be extended to other countries of the MED Region.


Enterprises of the South Mediterranean Region are facing numerous challenges in their effort to maintain or increase their competitiveness on the local market, access international markets with good quality products, comply with environmental standards and reduce their operational costs. The MED TEST project has been designed to assist enterprises in dealing with these challenges and in building a long-term sustainable business strategy.

Project task
Capacity-building for national partners

Expected results
National capacities built and hands-on experience gained by local experts on TEST integrated approach

•  Existing  processes  optimized  Demonstration projects at pilot industries •    conomic  benefits  and  sustainability  E of TEST demonstrated •    eduction  of  pollution  discharges  R into the Mediterranean Sea •    nvestment  portfolio  for  clean  I technology

Dissemination and replication at national and regional level

A motivated cadre of professionals from the South Mediterranean region will become engaged in commercially based TEST replication activities.

TEST integrated approach
TEST is building on management of change within each level of the management pyramid: •  The  operational  level  •  The  management  system  level,  and  •  The  strategic  level  The TEST approach integrates and combines the essential elements of traditional tools such as Cleaner Production Assessment (CPA), Environmental Management System (EMS), Environmental Management Accounting (EMA), Technology Transfer and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), applied on the basis of a comprehensive diagnosis of enterprise needs (initial review). The introduction of the TEST integrated approach at the enterprise level follows this sequence: •    he  existing  situation  is  improved  by  better  management  of  the  T existing processes. •    he  introduction  of  new  cleaner  technology  (or  if  not  sufficient  T also  of  optimized  end-of-pipe  solutions)  is  considered. •    he  lessons  learned  from  each TEST  project’s  implementation  is  T reflected  in  the  respective  company’s  business  strategy. 

TEST tools and the management pyramid

Initial review

Product and services Operation Management system Strategy

Vision and mission of the business Stakeholder value


cpa/est ems/ema csr

Project partners

Egyptian National Cleaner Production Centre (ENCPC) in partnership with the Environmental and Water Engineering Consultant (EWATEC)

Moroccan Cleaner Production Centre (CMPP)

Consortium of Technical Centres for Textile (CETTEX), the Technical Centre of Agro-Alimentary (CTAA) and the National Centre of Leather and Shoe (CNCC)

Project website:

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