squares marhed. '"to the a, d, e, m, 0 & r. That's the key! Now un.1umble them - and you have the name of a
well-known pop star.

AU the words in the Key Crossword are of three· . letters. When you have compl,eted it, add the LetteTS .from -eacn of the



Did we eve tell you about the time we discovered a piccyof our Bpgid in her school togs? Looked very much like our cute little friend above, she did -. . pigtails an'all! But, of course, nobody turns up for . school looking like that any more _. school uniform can look pretty presentable nowadays, which got us wondering what you lot really think about having to wear the same sort of gear every day ._ are they sad or glad rags? Read about the fors and againsts on pages 32-33. ""= Just glance across to the next page and feast your peepers 0"," the first part of Pink's A to Z of the Rollers ... and don't ever say we don't give you Pinkies what you ask for! _. Ed. .

Across:1) Purchase for money. S) Man"s (or woman's) best friend, 5) Another name for beer. 6) _.-Jones, the singer. 8) You have to get the ball over it in ·tennis. 10) Old name 'for a hotel where travellers could stop and rest. 12) A snow runner worn on the foot, 14) If you _. -some money you are in debt. 15) What you have to obey to be a good citizen .. 16) A word from the missing letters in M-RVI- GA-E. Down: n Used to hit a ball. 2) A root from a month spelt backwards. 3) A Han's home. 4) Have or obtain. 7) If something belongs to you, you --.-. -. it. 9) A very large deer with big antlers found in N. America. 10) Not well. 11) At the present time. 12) A large expanse of water. 13) Climbing plant - or a girl's name.

For anyone who's interested in photography, there's a great show on at the Hayward Gallery, London, until 4th May.. It's an exhibition of British photography from 1840 to 1950 - and even if all you've got is an Instamatic, it's worth a look to see how much photography's developed over the years. So if you're in London, why not drop in and have a look?


.. LIP . S IT ON!

Most of us really love oldfashioned, feminine underwear ~and when it's easy-to-wash, non-iron, and anti-static, too, then it's twice as good! This waistslip's nice 'n' SWirlyand comfortable to wear, too. It comes in dark brown with cream checks and costs 99p from a selection at major branches of British Home Stores. Perfect for wearing with summer skirts!

We all love getting tied up in scarves from time to time. Wear'em round your neck, threaded through your jeans, on your head or just tied to your handbag. Choose one with a pattern to suit your mood! This one, .from a selection at British Home Stores, costs 75p,

r-----------------------, 'OFTHE: . ROLLERS·
We reckon these sandals are pretty smart for summer. They come in a seleetion of cotton floral prints, so you can choose a pair to tone with your dress - and they'd look good with jeans as welL They're built up on platforms, 'so's you won't get your feet wet in those summer showers! Altogether they should put you in the right frame of mind for summer. From leading branches of . Marks and Spencer's, they cost £4-.99. Here's the very thing all you Rollers fans have been waiting for . . . an A "to Z of BCR facts to collect over 12 weeks. So grab yourself a pair of scissors and stick this first little gem in your I scrapbook, right now! I We need hardly tell you that A is for I Alan. Judging by your letters I that's one name you certainly know . how to spell! Alan Langmuir was born in Edinburgh on 20th June, which makes him part Gemini and part Cancer.

A Z.


71ta '3f)eek; .


To keep your clothes looking good they need a good brushdown from time to time and the best way we know to get rid of all those bits of fluff and hair is simply to use 8 is for boots Sellotape! those big, clompy I Just wind the Sellotape Icolourful ones, I round a thick pencil, sticky I that all the I side out, with the edges I Rollers love to l' overlapping. Now brush it I wear. Great with ,. I over your clothes and watch - ,stripey socks!· .. __ all those bits of fluff and L.... .__ . ._... _ stuff come away like magic. Couldn't be simpler especially on those difficultto-keep clean colours like Here's something different to black and dark blue. wear when you take your dog One thing we never seem to for a walk round the block! have enough of is containers. It's in easy-wash CourteHe, Which is why you should and it comes in electric blue, Treat yourself to a Wombles never throw away those green, wine or midn~~hL By writing case - or, if you're empty coffee jars .. .. Knitcraft at Morley, It costs feeling generous, it would . They're great for keeping £6.30, from Selfridges, Oxford make a smashing present for all sorts of things in - cotton Street, London WI; someone! There are four wool balls, bath salts, Jackson and different designs to choose beads - all sorts of Sons, Reading; Millicent from - Wellington, Orineco, different things! Bolds, Plymouth; Binns, Tobermory and, of course, Or you can just fill 'em with Hull; Charles Scotney, Uncle Bulgaria. From W. H. pretty pebbles for decoration! Leicester; Rackhams, Smith's, they cost 68p each. Soak the labels off first, Birmingham. then if you like you can decorate them with transfers These bright rings are really or cut-outs - just use your chunky - they look a bit like imagination! jigsaw pieces, too! They're silvery to go with all sorts of ·AlI prices quoted in this is'~ue clothes - from jeans to were correct at time of summer dresses .. From a going to press. selection of modern jewellery at main branches of Boots, they cost 95p.









(H111 AAI lEI V3S (eT MON {Ol11'13 (6 NMO (!. .LOD ANY (91 MV1 (ST3MO '
GNOWSO 3nrvw

(t N3a

(E WVA (~ .LVU (J :lIMoa

Dl:S (eI NNI (OTJ.3N (8 ~OJ. (9 arv (S DOa (t MiU (I :SSOl~V


Doily's las:t moments ... with Alan!
Ion,e Iv and
L Dolly Davidscn had
m_iserabl e,
writt1!n 1.0 Alan Elliott,

the famous singer, asking him to meet her. To her am.,zement, he d:id do and told he' he would make' her a start But Alan was really onlv usln9 her to test his 9irl trian d, Thea Bla ir, ."nd when he was satisfied that Tnea neally did love him for himself, he dropped Dolly. But D.olly nOw knew the truth ...


o o


The other day I suddenly realised where I'd been goin' wrong. For a while I'd been suspectin' there must be somethin' la.ckin' in me image (how else can you account for the treatment I get from this lot in the office?)' ... then, in a flash, it came to me! We were sitting around having a coffee break (actually it was Jamie's fifth) and listening to the tranny blaring out the Rollers' latest single. You eoulda heard a pin drop. The crunch of aniseed balls from Kim's corner had suddenly stopped and Brigid had even given up moon' elastic bands at Jilly's poster of Robert Redford. Only the sound 0' Jamie slurpin' his coffee broke the magic, And, lookin' round at their rapt faces, I suddenly knew. What was missing from me image - was music! Somethin' would have to be done. Well, I gotta admit it, singing's a bit 0' a problem. I wouldn't say I've got a bad voice - but even the cat walks out in disgust when I give the old vocal chords a bit of an,.. iring in the shower. a k. would have to be somethin' else ... I'd learn to play a musical instrument. Already I could see meself ... the Gilbert O'Sullivan of the Pink office, strummin' away 00 the old keyboard, the floor strewn with avid fans aaspingtn awe at me prowess.

I'::::::::~ II

Or I could always give 'em a touch of the' Duane Eddy's with me guitar. It was just a question of choosin' me instrument. I decided to hot-foot it down to the local Music School right away. The man at the information desk gave me a bit of a funny look when I admitted I didn't know which instrument I wanted to play. "Here's a list of all the instruments we teach," he said. "Perhaps sir would care to look it over and make up his mind." Well, I had to hand it to 'em, there was a fair choice. I

who was standin' in front of decided against drums, tho' me while we were practising because of the risk of a the slide bit was wearin' a sprained wrist and I didn't wig. I'm tellin' you, if fancy chokin' meself to death looks could kill ... in one 0' those French horn Anyway, I've decided to things, so that was out as well. give up the trombone. It's not In the end I had it down to really the image I'm after. the cymbals or the slide Maybe I should try the organ trombone. I decided on the or the trumpet instead, or get trombone. I've always fancied myself a glittery suit and muckin' about with that bit a star-shaped guitar! Jamie you slide in and out ... So I suggested I settle for the went along to the admissions triangle ... but he's got no desk and signed on. imagination, that boy. Well, I've had my first Maybe I'll try singin' lesson ... I won't go into lessons after all ... I always details, tho'. It'd be too reckoned that cat of mine was embarrassing. Besides, it tone deaf anyway! wasn't my fault if the bloke See ya next week!

TAURUS (April 21-May


GEMINI (May 21-June


CANCER (June 21-July


LEO (July 22-Aug


VIRGO (Aug 22-Sepl


LIBRA (Sept 23--0ct 22)

SCORPIO (Sept U-Nov 21) SAGITTARIUS (Nov 22-Dec 20) CAPRICORN (Dec 21-Jan 19) AQUARIUS (Jan 20-Feb 18)

Someone who's always seemed to go against you could suddenly turn right round and become your best friend!

A happy, easy-going

week. Friends are particularly helpful and vou'll feel good.

A problem from the past reappears, but don't worry. You've learned from previous mistakes!

Suddenly, there's lots going on. Make the best of it and go along with the tide. Don't try to plan.

You're feeling restless, but this is not a good week for making changes. You can start making plans, though.

Someone vou' haven't seen for a while has been working for your interests in the background.

PISCES (Feb 19-Mar


ARIES (Mar 21-Aprll


You're pulled between work and home, but you can't choose between them. Learn to live with both!

You're worried about something, • but the solution is close at hand. Just try to be patient. A good time for travel.

Don't let yourself be talked out of a decision. Spend time with your family at the weekend.

You're enjoyiIlg yourself, but it could be at someone else's expense. Don't forget an old friend.

You're overdoing it. Try to get some rest and give yourself time to think. Good news from abroad.

You're feeling . footloose and fancyfree. A good time to accept invitations and meet new people. An old problem is


Next Week: A great, NEWP~nks'tory!

Let's start from the outside, 'cos, after all, the way you look is what people tend to notice first ... So, one sure way to make your fella proud of you is to make sure you're always looking good. That doesn't mean dressing up all the time. You can wear . jeans and.a T-shirt and still look great if you know how to put 'em together right. So make sure those old jeans are always clean and pressed and your hair shiny and well cared for.


And be sure to smell nice, too. Invest in some special perfume (get him to help you choose it if you like) and use it every day. Then paint on a happy smile - there's nothing a fella likes more than a girl who's fun to have around. FRIENDS 'Nt FOLKS So, now you've got him feeling pretty pleased about the way you look, what else can you do? Well, one thing you can be pretty sure is . gonna be important to him is how you get on with his mates. Always try to find something to say when you're with them - but don't get too friendly! Remember, you're his girl - so no flirting. And, when you're out in a group, stick with him. Show him you'd rather be with him than with anybody else - and boost his ego and his confidence! Naturally, he'll want his parents to like you, too, so when he eventually invites you to meet them, remember to be on-your best behaviour. And don't forget that 'thank you' note when they'Ve asked you round Iora meal. That way you're bound to be asked back again - and he'll be proud to have a girl as thoughtful as you. Try to take an interest in his family, too. Help him .remember his mum's birthday (you know what Iellas are like and offer to give him a hand when it comes to choosing her present. He'll really appreciate that.

And, if he's got a special hobby. try to take an interest in it. He'll enjoy having someone to chat to - and, who knows, you could end up being hooked yourself! And, remember, something a Number One Fan should never do is side against her fena when he gets involved in an argument. That's not to say you've got to agree with everything he says or does,

w.ant to be the apple of your [etui's eye? Want to make his heart positively swell with pride just to know that you're his giTl? Well, maybe there's a coup~e of things you should start finding out. . . 'cos really there '3 nothing to it when you know how. So, read on and arm uourseij with these handy hints.'
just that it's best to keep your opinions to yourself until you're on your own with him. When you're in public together, let folk see that you're 0.0 his side! 'Cos, y'see, sometimes being loyal is more important than just being right! The same goes if he's failed an exam. Tell him it was only because he had 'flu the week • before or that you reckon the exam paper was unfair. In other words, help to cheer him up a bit. . . then make absolutely sure he passes next time! And if that means he has to stay home a couple of extra nights a week studying, don't complain. Get yourself a good book from the library to while away the lonely hours - or maybe even doa spot of studying yourself! THAT'S MY GIRL! Well, so far you're doing pretty well. Reckon he should be proud of you already, but there's still more you can do. AU those things you used to do before you met him -like· badminton or sewing or playingihe guitar - carry on with them'! He'll be proud to have a girl with special talents and interests of her own . After aU, it makes you more interesting! And just think how proud he'll feel when you turn up at the youth dub hop looking fantastic in a dress you made yourself. Bet none of his mates' girlfriends are as smart as that! And, if you're a bit of a whizz with the old pots 'n' pans, invite him round for a sumptuous meal cooked by you. (If you're not, then get out Mum's cookbooks and start learning - after all, they reckon it's the quickest way to his heartl) Don't forget the school

books, either. He's gonna be pretty pleased when you show him you can come top of the class, too. Well, by now, we reckon you should have his heart positively swelling with pride. Looks like he's got himself a girl in a million .... Good for you ~ you really have got 'im feeling proud as Punch!




NUMBER ONE FAN That's you, of course! And you can prove it by going along to cheer him on when he's playing football or whatever. Who cares if it's freezing cold and your feet • are like ice ... ?Just pull on a couple of sweaters and a thick pair of woolly gloves and let him know you want him to win.


Suga.r sells clothes .... from 2,000 A.D.!




Next week: Watch out -

when Sugar stirs °t Upo I I

·There must be hundreds 0' things that you keep meaning to do - but somehow never manage to get round to " .. Admit it! Well, now's the time to start organising yourself and get 'em done!
The trouble with putting things off till tomorrow is that, somehow, they usually end up never getting done. And it can get to be a habit, too ... Pretty soon you've got so many things that you keep meaning to do that you just don't know where to begin. It's no good trying to forget them tho' - they'll just keep nigglin' away in the back of your mind, making you feel guilty, till you've just got to do something about "ern. So, why not get yourself organised and start filling up that "out" tray for a change? Pretty soon you'll be feeling so proud of yourself you won't even want to stop! FIX IT! Right, let's start with all those little jobs that are needing done ... like that parr of trousers with the broken zip you've stuffed away in the back of a drawer somewhere. Get 'em out, thread that needle - and in next to no time you've got yourself a new pair 0' trousers. Or how about that old pair of shoes you keep meaning to dye? Do it now. And while you're about it, grab the phone and make that appointment you keep puttin' off , .. Could be with the dentist or the hairdresser. You'll know! And those eyelash curlers you've always meant to buy - what are you waiting for? Then, while you're in a beauty mood, take half an hour to give yourself a really thorough manicure (you could even do your feet as well'), Bet you're one of those people, too, who keep promising themselves they'll


play - like chess or gin rummy ... Maybe even darts! Well, if you twist his arm, maybe you can get your dad or big brother to show you how. It's lotsa fun, and, who knows, maybe you could get to be an expert! Ever felt a pang of envy at those nimble-fingered types who can tum out such beautiful crochet and embroidery. Well, maybe it's time you started to learn yourself. Nothin' could be more satisfyin'. And if Y9U haven't got a handy mum or auntie to show you how, you can always borrow a book from the library. It won't be too long till holiday time, you know. And if you're goin' abroad you really ought to start swotting up a bit on the lingo ... Nobody expects you to be fluent. but the odd arazie or s'i! vous pl.ait goes a long way. And, talkin' about holidays, isn't it time you learned to
. sWim ? ....

go on a diet - tomorrow. Then. when tomorrow ('omes .. , well, -you know the story - so stop kidding yourself and start right NOW! HELLO, THERE! There must be somebody you keep meaning to get in touch with ... Could be that old school chum who moved to another town - or maybe you've got a couple of outstanding "thank you" letters you really ought to write. Okay, sit down and put pen to paper now! And what about all those birthdays you keep forgettin'? Get out your diary and make a note of 'em before you forget again! You know that fella at the bus stop you'd love to say

hello to, but somehow you can never: quite get up the nerve? Well, next time you see him, just take a deep breath and do it. It's easy - and you'll bave made yourself a new' friend! Ever thought of getting yourself a pen pal? And what about that youth club you've always wanted to join? Or that pony trekkin' holiday you've fancied finding out about? Do it - you'll be glad you did! And, come to think of it isn't it about time you went and gave Gran a visit? She's always glad to see you, you know! YOUR MOVE There must be lotsa games you've often wished you could

OWN UP! There must be somethin' you're just dyin' to get off your chest ... Wen, now's the time. It doesn't do you any good to keep things all bottled up inside, y'know. So, just choose your moment (could be with Mum, your fella or your best friend) and get it outa your system once and for all. It'll do you a power 0' good! And, something else ... What about all those nasty habits 0' yours that you keep meaning to break? Like biting your fingernails, or saying "Urn, er" at the beginning of every sentence, or slouching or standing with your hands in your pockets, or ... Well, start summoning up all your will-power and actually do something about it! After all, you know it's in your own interests anyway. All those bad habits aren't exactly flattering, are they? Like we said at the beginning, "Never put off till tomorrow ... " Instead, get weavin' and do it n01l !

Everybody bas secrets secret loves and bates, fears and joys .- and Mud are no exceptionl Their recent single, "The Secrets That You Keep", prompted us to ask 'em to let us into just a few of their deep-down, wellhidden secrets. . !
The Mud lads are quite a mixed bunch, really. Les Gray is the noisy one, who squeezes a laugh-a-minute outa everybody within earshot, and consequentely the most outgoing when it comes to digging out those little 01' secrets ... ''I'll admit this," he told us, "if there's one thing I'm pretty scared of it's creepycrawlies ~ things like spiders! Ohh, the very thought of 'em makes my spine feel all prickly. But don't let on to Dave or he'll be putting spiders in my bed!" Les also admitted another


secret that he has to keep Above,. left 10 rIght: quiet from the rest of the lads. Dave. les,. Rob and Ray'. Y'see, he's really very romantic underneath, Les also reckons that he "If I get a crush on a girl i finds it very hard to keep she really gets the flowers and . other people's secrets - es. pecially if it's good news. boxes of chocolates treat"I nearly burst trying to ment. But if the others knew keep from teHing that I'd never live it down."

sometimes," he told us. "And here's another secret - my secret desire ... It's to open a large tin of pineapple, stick an enormous dollop of cream on top and hogthe Jot! I'd hate to let anyone else see me at it tho' ... They'd think I was a regular pig."

Ha,ve you noticed •. ' '. 1 Suddenl,y the shops are just bursting with all sorts of new and exciting things. So we've been having a look around ~ and we've picked out a couple of things that we think you'll lik.e - some are useful, some are just.fo,rfun. Here they are .. _

GROOVYGROCEFt This friendly little character's just what you need to remind you of al]. that shopping you've got to do! The Squiggle Pad (right) has lots of pages can hang It up by the telephone' if you like. From· a range of [otters at Boots, it costs 1Sp.

and a hole at the top so you

squiggle po.d

CHUNKY CHOKER Close up, this toothsome necklace (above) looks pretty primitive - but we've got a sneaking susplcion that it's really made of plastlcl It's nice and long, so you can sllnqlt round your neck - or wind it

Dave Mount says that he's got lotsa little secrets from his childhood ... but he's not letting on! "One thing that I've never told anybody about, 'cos I've felt so guilty about it, is the time I pushed a little girl off her bike. I was about eight at . the time. It was a nasty thing to do even tho' she wasn't really hurt ... but she was teasing me to distraction honest!" Dave smiled sheepishly. "We're the best of friends now, tho'." Dave's got a strange fear ... of going upstairs on buses. "1 don't know why ... It's completely stupid, but I always think the bus is going to tip over!" Ray Stiles is very open when it comes to telling his secrets. He reckons he hasn't got any. "I may look pretty moody and secretive hut basically I'm a very open kind of bloke," he told us. But we did manage to eek just a teeny one out of him. "One night backstage I was fiddling with Rob's guitar, when one of the strings snapped. I felt terrible, but I couldn't bring myself to tell . Rob that it was me who broke it. He 11be mad when he hears this sudden confession . . !" Soft-spoken Rob Davis found it very hard trying to think of all those secrets he's

kept for years - on the spur of the moment ... But he did admit to one. "I've always been a bit of a one for soft toys and lucky mascots and I've still got my very first teddy even now. "Oh, and I've never forgotten the time I went on holiday with some mates when I was about eighteen ... "I lay on the beach sunning myself for days but I was still snow white. In the end I 'gave up and covered myself in tan from a bottle. "Then when I got home I kidded everybody it was the real thing . . . and I've never admitted to anybody before that it was home-made! '.' Bet you feel a lot better now you've got that one off your chest, Rob!

round your wrist for a thick, thick bracelet. From a selection of jewellery at main Boots branches, 45p GOOD HEALTH This painted mirror (Jeft) is taken from a poster that was going the rounds way back in 1925. (Bet you didn't know Andrew's Liver Salts had been going that longl) It costs £5.99 (including p.&p.) from Andrew's Mirror Offer, Sterling Health Products. Trafalgar House, 715 North Circular Road, London NW1. BUBBLE BONNET Here's how you can really lap up the bubbles - and still protect those precious curls at the same time. Our shower cap (right) is really
, ,

pretty - and practical, too. It's made of flowerpatterned plastic with a broad elasticated band that really holds it in place. And it's even big enough so you can wear rollers underneath. From a selection of colourful shower caps at major branches of Woo lies throughout the country, it costs about 35p.


"MY ThOn'1son had moved tnto a ~u,e 0 nee owned by Ju Iie Am t>ers, a famous "inger. Five years pr8'JioLt,ly, Juli. had mysteriously vanished, le.ving behind in the house only one thing - a plant she had loved. Penny loved plants, too - if she spoke to them, they grew. This one had grown with P&nny'. love and, as it bloomed, so more strange things happened to Penny ••.




Mexl Week: A freqtnewPink


"I'm a thief! It was a terrible thing to have to admit - even to myself ... But there was no getting away from it, .'cos that's exactly what I'd become!"
I'll never know what made me do it ... A moment of weakness, I suppose - but it's a moment I'll always regret. I remember how it happened. I was in the cloakroom- at the disco, busy drying my hands, when suddenly I noticed something sparkling by the wash-hand basin .... At once I recognised it as Julie's ring. My first Impulse was just to pick it up and take it out to her - she'd obviously taken it off while washing her hands and forgotten it. But as I picked it up, this funny feeling came over me ... I can't really describe it - a kind of excitement ... There was no-one else in the cloakroom - no-one to tell I'd even seen the ring, let alone picked it up. I could just slip it in my pocket and nobody would ever know. Suddenly, I just couldn't resist the temptation. I didn't even look at the ring. I just took a deep breath and slipped it into my pocket. I remember my heart was beating like a hammer. I was back in the disco with the .others when Julie suddenly realised she didn't have her ring. Instantly she went into a panic. Someone suggested she try the cloakroom and I just stood there and watched her rush off to look for it, feeling as though I was in a dream or something. Honestly, it just didn't feel real. She came back looking close to tears and I very nearly owned up then. But . something held me back. I knew it was a terrible thing I What sort of clothes does Donny like girls to wear? we wondered. So, we asked him!. "I dunno, really," he told us." I suppose as far as I'm concerned, the most important thing is being dressed for what you're gonna do. Like, if you're going to the country for the day, you shouldn't turn up in a glittery halter top! Or wear jeans to a flash party! Personally. though, I suppose I do prefer feminine clothes on girls."

(In case you've got any doubtsl) • •• The crafty wench who'. alwaye giving your fella the • •• The mean 'n' wicked thoughts that well up inside you when she does. • •• Time - when you're tryi to get ready for that I.aplecial date and everything's going wrong. • •• A mum who moans 'n' nr."Ar'A that you haven't l:clear,ft_CIup your room for week., especially when it's truel • •. The 'friend' ho comes up and says: "Really, I wouldn't worry - you'd never know you've got a load of spota underneath aU that make-up ••• " • •• Ratn that pours down and turns your hair to rata'tails when you've just spent an hour washing and setting it. · •• That irresistible ehee bar that makes your mouth w ter when you're on a diet. • •• Your best mate - when you both fancy the same fella, that isl • •• The dreaded spot that alwaye pops up just in time for that all-Important date. • •. A dad who won't let you go out till you "take an that muck oft your eyes" ••• ..• 'The Lads' ••• when your boyfriend says he's going to have a night out with them - not youl

wa:s doing, but somehow I just couldn't stop myself. It wasn't till I got back home that evening, though, and faced myself in the mirror, that I had to admit that I was a thief. Just the sound of the word in my head made me feel all cold inside. And the sight of the ring didn't make me feel any , better either, I can tell you. It was really beautiful - gold with a lovely tiger's eye stone in the middle. No wonder Julie treasured it. Well, I knew I couldn't keep it ... certainly never wear it for risk of being found out. In fact, I knew I'd justfeel awful every time I looked at it. I remember I really had to take my courage in both hands when it carne to making that phone call to tell Julie but I had to do it. " I don't know what came over me," I told her, "but I completely forgot I'd picked it up. It just went right out of my mind." It sounded pretty lame, I know, and maybe she didn't believe me. But the relief in her voice was enough to convince me I'd done the right thing. But I'll never forgive myself for stealing like that. Even now I feel ashamed.

"What's your favourite colour?" we asked RoUer, Alan Longmuir. "Definitely yellow, and the brighter the better. It's so nice and sunny. I've got my room painted in yellow, so that when I wake up in the morning it makes me feel all bright 'n' full of the joys! It's just not possible to feel down in a canary-yellow room! ''I've got lots of yellow clothes, too - mostly shirts and jumpers - and socks! I haven't got yellow shoes yet, though! But there's still time ... "

A surprise ••• for two girls lost in the fog!

Patty's World

But what wasn't a

Next Week: An offer, out of the blue ..• for Mum! . .


but you courd earn yourself a qU1.d we prmt if it. (Two quid if it rates as a Star le tt~T !) No t GLITTER GIRL a bad investment eh? So why not wn.te to us When I read the article in Pink called "Do You Love at Pink Post, Fl~etway H01J,se,Farringdon 'Em Enough?" Ihad to write Street, London EC4A 4A 0 . , . right away'! and let you know about how
Why doesn't someone invent "Pop Star" wallpaper? As I am not allowed to have pictures of my idols on my wall "because it ruins the paper," I think it would be a very good idea. ~ So, come on, all you wallpaper manufacturers, you too can cash in on the world of pop. I'm sure it would sell, as many of my friends have the same problem. Scott Fan ~ Swansea

It only costs a jew pence to drop u~. a li'(le.-~

BkP,. .LetIeA


surrounded by all those d is h~1ie lias ! MAD FAN Dear Jamie, I'm writing to you through Pink Post to' confess my undying love jor you. Each Friday I dive for my Pink and thumb through it looking for your column which is one of the two things I look forward to every week. The other is the visit from the little men in white coats, from the big, blue van, who.. . BCR and Kenny Fan Lanarkshae

Sounds like a reaHy great uie«, SP. Just imagine bein' completely

much I love Gary Glitter and the Glitter Band. I've met the Band several times. They're great everything I expected. J was the second member of their fan club, and so I'm very proud of my membership card. I haven't met Gary yet _ but it's the main aim of m.y life, and I'm still trying! Hope you like this picture of me in my glitter suit! Angie _ Leeds W07P, that's some outfit, AnniE" Reckon 1I0U do lope' 'pm enough .. L ~



I've GOT frKJRl3 SPOTs Tf-IN\/ A1Y







KOJAKED! Boy. are we being overcome by that bald-headed, lollysucking Kojak! Imagine my surprise when I saw this notice posted in the window of my local record shop "Free lolly with every Telly Savalas single bought here". 'David Essex Fan - Scotland .PINK TREK What terrible Goings On, I was walking along the road looking for the Swap Shop, when It Ha.ppened to Me! I saw a great, hairy monster ahead, but no, it was Just Jamie. I asked him WheTe' It's At and he told me I'd find it round the corner, past the Pink Post box, 1 did a Bac k Track to the shop and inside was my friend, Dear Sally. But she didn't have what I wanted - a crisp, green bit of paper with a
._ 0~ ~ ~

strange symbol (£) on it, to swap fora letter I had written" It just wasn't Rrigid's Week! Can you help? Brigid _ Paisley

It's on its



. "~~





• dB

-3-------~~~--~ ~ t2!!J~:W ~" ~~ ~::.~j~,~

NEW LOOK NEWS Here is the greatest idea of the year. From now on, telly news readers will wear party hats and plastic flowers which will.squirt water. All pictures of politicians will have moustaches drawn on them. Seriously though, wouldn't it brighten up the gloomy headlines? David Essex Fan - Derby WHOOPS, SORRY! When I was on the bus, I overheard a conversation between two women. One of them glanced at a couple of young people sitting opposite her and said to the other lady. "Young people! I can't even tell if that scruffy one on the right is a boy or a girl." The lady next to her said, "Wen, Ican, because she's my daughter!" Ruth - Wellingborough

I love doing your quizzes, but I was a bit upset by one of the questions in the "Are you a Shy Baby?" quiz in issue 93.. It asked what you should do if, at your first dance, a spotty young fella 'asked you for a dance. One answer was that Vall should "Tell him to buzz or dance with him once and then disappear." What's wrong with spotty boys? You make it sound as if there is something terribly wrong with boys with spots. And in your mag you're always saying that it's personality that counts. So please, don't let people think there's anything wrong with people with spots. I've got some myself! Yvonne -- Weston·S~Mare



--liiC... '.:;~ · ~
- ....... __

'-- __






,~~~1" - ..... ... --_


How do us Pink peopie manage to stay so incredibIu slim and fit ? WeIl, 01' course we're nil natu:rnlluunbelievably oeautiju! - uut apart from that ...
VAli: I play basketball every . SALLY; I have got the most Saturday mornlng .. Me and the beautiful little skating dress with other girls (six foot, twentya short pleated skirt and a tight stoners. all of 'em) have made up top with sequins and red tights a team and we call ourselves the arid lovely white boots. Anyone Farringdon Ftopsies . "..The happen to know where there's Harlem Globetrotters have ice-rink ... ? nothing on us! BRIGIU: Sport? Sport? Ah yes. !JII)..Y: I have developed these Well I have been known to run very strong and flexible wrists by for the bus, but really my playing tiddley-wfuks whenever I strongest sport is archery. Now, can. I'm always saying, "Ol, who if I can just get Kim to act as a tancies a quick tlddley then?" I target ... I've tried bribing her get some very strange looks at with a bag of apples.but so far times ... no luck ... ANDREA: Well, naturally, I'm a KIM: Does aniseed ball bit of a gymnast, what with my crunching count? No? Wen,. how danNn,gan' all. I mean, that Olga about flicking nasty objects against Brigid's wall with an Doorbutt just wouldn't stand a chance with me on the Olympic elastic band. Last week I got Brvan Ferry bang on the nose bean. (Don't you mean beam?) with one of my halt-sucked No. bea.n ... sob-stnppers ... JAWE: I go out for a run every morning. It's not that r want to SCOTT: I keep slim by running away from my fans. Mind you, .~tayfit, it's just that every I've been getting a bit tubby morning my grannie yells, recently .. I've stopped running, "Who's been at me wine gums v'see .. It's more fun that again?" and I shoot off down the wav.. Heh. heh, , road ...



It might be a good _idea to.cut out this week's column and keep it. Then, when (or if) you want to get married one day you can take it out and read it. You'll find it incredibly useful. Or else you won't. The secret of a successful wedding is good planning. This should start before you are born, really. Try to arrange to have a rich dad 'cos he's the one who's supposed , to pay for the reception and stuff. Having done that, the rest is quite easy . WEDDING INVITATIONS Your mum will insist you invite thousands of aunts and uncles you've never seen, so make sure you send the invitations early to all the relatives who live more than two hundred miles away .. They mostly won't attend but they will send presents .. Post the invitations to . nearby relatives too late for them to be able to attend.

That way you'll end up with only those_guests you really want. But you'll get lots of presents. BEST MAN Don't let your guy choose his best mate as best man. Get someone who is • calm and never flustered. Your local milkman might do. His job is not tolose the ring and not to let your guy get so nervous while he's waiting in the church that he jumps through a stained glass window.lf you let him have his mate as best man they'll probably both get nervous and jump out of the window. CHURCH The important thing is to remember which church the ceremony is being held at. If you don't you may find yourself getting married to a complete stranger in the wrong church. You'll also need to arrange for ushers at the church.Their job is to guide your family to

C1 ...



Q C1 t>Q

left hand seats and his family to right hand seats. This is to prevent family feuds from starting. If you've got a gran like mine you can't risk getting her mixed up with the other family. She wouldn't

start a Ieud.she'd start a World War. After the ceremony you'll have to stand outside the church for an hour or so in the rain/wind/snow /sleet/bail, trying to look incredibly happy for a photographer who 'II probably discover later that he fogot to put any film in his camera. . RECEPTION This Is held in a hall, or hotel or at home. If you are incredibly poor you can bold it in a field, but this is not recommended as there may be cows about and you know what cows are like. At the reception everybody eats, drinks and talks. You must remain radiant and .. even thougb. by this time your shoes will be killing iyou. When you cut the cake, avoid slipping and slashing an a rtery ~s this can, be m~ssy and som~hmes fatal. It might even spoil the cake. After the cake-cutting, .' everybody will drink your health and pretty SOOn after that you can sneak away on your honeymoon. But don't forget to take your new husband with you.


A great 4-week pull-out, fold-up, and keep, booklet on boys-how to catch them, keep them, and chuck them-can be yours when you get MATES, starting with the issue on sale Friday, .2nd May.

but were




TOP PDP FEATURES! ()F FUN.! '---------'


Cood-lcokin' Iellas can be very deceiving. Not in a nasty kindaway ... but simply 'cos as long as they keep their mouths shut and stand there lookin' gorgeous most girls tend to think that butter wouldn't melt in their mouths. Seems they can't do a thing wrong, just 'CQS they look so perfect! And if they happen to be pop superstars like the Rollers that can make matters even worse! So do the Rollers reckon they live up to those angelic looks? "Not likely!" Eric laughed. "The last impression we . want to give our fans is that we're little Mr. Perfects to be put ana pedestal ... honest! We're only human, y'know, and we've got the same faults as anybody else!" And the other lads can vouch for that, too! "Cor ... you wanna see Woody in the morning. Like an angel - he looks 'n' acts more like bloomin' Dracula!" Alan kidded. "We can't even get him out of bed without using all kinds of strange tactics ... like slipping a bag of ice-blocks down the sheets . . . or shouting, 'Brigitte Bardot's come to see you, Wood!' " Both Alan and Derek reassured us that neither of them is heaven-sent either! "Alan's a real so-and-so when it comes to helpin' round the house. When we were both living at home he had this crafty habit of disappearing every time there was any washing-up to be done. So, guess who ended up doin' it ... !" But Alan's not the only one who has his irritatin' little habits .. In fact, he can think of hundreds of little things about "Derek's the kinda fella who can never be on time He'll leave you standing on a chilly street corner for hours and then turn up as if nothing's wrong. It's enough to drive anybody mad. I keep buying him watches but he . always manages to lose 'em!" The Longmuir household had a lot to put up with before both the lads made it to the top. "The Rollers have had so many different line-ups through the years; and they sometimes used to come and


They're tasty 'n' talented - nobody's denyin' that -. and to us they look like little angels. But can they really be as 900d as tneu look? Or do th~y have just a jew oj those little vices that the rest o] us are lumbered with ?_\V_e asked around and ,{ound. out! .
practise in our front room," Dad Longmuir told us. "Not that I minded, of course .. , but the neighbours played havoc. The noise, y'see - you used to be able to hear it right down the street! "We used to get folk bangin' on the doors telling us to turn it down. They thought the Rollers were anything but little angels, I can tell you!" Les is the Roller who can realty get Tam, the boys' buddy and manager, on tenter-hooks wondedn' what tricks he's going to get up to next. "Les is as nutty as a fruit cake ... and so unpredictable," Tam joked. "He had me in a right state at a gig recently. Twenty minutes before the lads were due to go on stage he disappeared! I nearly had a blue fit. I couldn't imagine do a thing wrong with those where he'd got to. big innocent bush-baby eyes "Then, with just five .... but even he slips up every minutes to £0, he turned up, half-way thru' knoekin' back a now and again. "I'll never forget the time Chinese take-away. He'd felt some smashin' fan sent us an hungry all of a sudden and enormous chocolate cake," nipped out for a nosh ... with Woody told us. "We were all not a thought 'bout us won derin' where he'd cleared really looking forward to tucking in, but decided to off to!" keep it till after a gig. Les's brother Ronnie, is "But when we went to dig somebody else who's pretty into it, it had disappeared sure that Les isn't half as and so had Eric! Yup, he'd angelic as he Looks! "You've gotta 'be joking," , decided just to have one little slice to try it out . .. . and he told us .."Of course, Les is a great bloke. I'm bound to ended up woIfiil' down the think that because he's my lot!" brother .... but he's got his Sounds like thekinda thing any of us might do in a faults all the same .. 'iHe's a great one for doing moment of weakness, doesn't it? ... Livin' proof that the things on the spur of the lads are just like anybody else moment ... but if something when it comes to human doesn't work out the way he wants he can get very weaknesses. Thank goodness. It makes impatient and blow his top!" Eric looks like he couldn't us feel much better!


Derek that get him going.

Dishy Peter Oliver's been busy since The New Seekers broke up. In fact, he's been practically half-way round the world doing his own thing - and very successfully, too. He's hot back from Australia right now ... and we mean hot. Be's got a smashin' tan from all the Aussie sun. Luckyfella.


Poor Vic Faulkner of Hello gets horribly teased by the rest of the lads for bein' too soft with his female friends. "But I can't help it," Vic told us. "I'm a born romantic. Anyway, the other boys may laugh, but we reckon most girls like a bit of romance, don't they?" Too right Vicl As far as we're concerned, you're doing fine!

Whenever he gets a spare minute David loves to go for a ride round the common. He's no ordinary rider tho' ... you can hear him comtn' a mile off. Y'see, some folks sing in the bath - but David sings when he's on borseback! Talk about the
the horse enjoys it!

travelling minstrel! Bet

We're always getting letters from readers asking us what they can do about their freckles. Well first you've got to face the fact that they're always going to be there. So, just be glad - and make the most of theml Make-up wise, use a light foundation, then just take a brown eye pencil and emphasise those freckles across your nose and cheek bones (like in our piccy). See hewpretty they look! Lots of people with pale skins have a bad time when the sun comes out - they tend to burn rather than tan. So, if you're a bit of a paleskin, the best thing you can do is just leave aU this sun-bathing lark te the natural brownies - and really play up that pale skin instead? Is your problem fuzzy, wavy bair? Have a perm. They're all tbe rage and it doesn't mean you've got to have your hair really short either. So, find yourself a good hairdresser and that wavy hair won't be a problem any morel You don't have to be an aspiring pianist to make the most of long, thin fingers. If you're lucky enough to have

Have you got freckles? Fuzzy hair? Gaps betJween your teeth? WeU, count yourself luck.y indeed. 'Cos these are all big beauty plusses - if you know how to make the most of 'em!
long fingers remember to keep your nails at a reasonable length - long talons will tend to make your -~ fingers look bony. Then make use of all the super jewellery that's about now, and wear as many rings as you can lay your hands on. You can get away with it! And make sure you keep 'em soft 'n' smooth, too, with regular doses of hand cream. Very few people have perfect teeth and too many of


'~~ us smile with closed lips hardly smile at all) in an effort to hide 'em. But if you're one of those people with gaps between your teeth then you've got a lot to smile about, 'cos nothing could be more attractive! So, justforget all about braces 'n' things to pull





'em together - you cancelling out a big plus. The same goes for teeth that overlap sligbtly - or that are a bit uneven. If you only knew it, it just adds to yourcharml See how lucky you are!

"My luck's changed," shiny headed TeUy Savalas grinned. "Y'see, Ior years I was typecast as a baddie! Every role I played was nasty, y'know, a real heavy sort ... And I'm not really like that honest. But all my fans were beginning t.o think I was a real mean character! Now at last with Kojak I can playa part a bit closer to the real me .. _That's right. tough·lOokin' on the outside but witba hearto'gold,"

Question: Is Steve Harley as big-beaded as rumours have it? Answer: No .... we don't think so. He's just a confident sort of bloke who likes to make his point clear, and then forget it. 'I'm just the ktnda fclla who gets taken the wrong way," he told us .... and we believe him!
If you're a genuine Slade fan, then you'll have already seen the lads in their film "Flame"(here they are On the way to the premiere). And you're probably frothing at the mouth tor loads more info .. Well, here's just the book for you:! It's"called "Slade in Flame" and ,it gives you the hili story of the fi.lm -as well as lots of tas.t.y black and white piceies to real'ly get those eyes a-poppin'. Written by John Pidgeon and published by Granada in lhe Panther series, il costs 50p. Ha.ppy reading, Slade fans!


RED AND YELLOW GLOVES ABBREVIATIONS: K, knit; P, purl; st(s), stitches; inc, increase; st.st., stocking stitch. MATERIALS; 1 ounce each fed and yellow DOUBLE knitting wool. I pajr each knitting needles sizes 10 and 11. SIZE: smaUl.medium; large. medium/

Get out those needles and start knitting you.rself some trendy mitts for s,pring!
. off loosely. Sew up thumb seam and tum thumb to right side. NEXT ROW: pick up and knit 4 s15 from the base of th.e thumb, k, (Q the end of the row, Work on these 38(42) 8tS. ior 8 rows, changing wool colour after every 4th row. 1ST FINGER NEXT ROW: k24(27) st, turn, cast on 1 st. NEXT ROW: Pll(1a) sts, tum. cast on 1 st Work on these 12(14) sts for 4 rows, cast off and sew up side seam. Turn to right side. 2ND FINGER: With right band needle pick ll;P and knit 2.sts from the base of the first finger . K!:i(5), sts, turn,cast on 1 st. PlanS} s15, turn, cast on 1 st, WOrk on these 14 sts for 4 rows. Complete as tst finger. . 3RD FINGER: Pick up and knit 2 sts from the base of the 2nd finger, l!:5(5), turn, cast on 1st. P13(13) sts, turn, cast on I st. Work on these 14 sts for 4 rows. Complete as Ist finger. 4TH FINGER: Pick up and. knit 2 sts from the base of fhe Srd finger, k4(5). Work on these 14 sts for 4 rows. Work in st.st, en the remaining 10(12) sts for 4 rows. Complete as 1st finger. Turn and. press I1ghtly.
LEFT HAND GOVE; With no. 11 needles and yellow wool, cast on 36(40} s15. Work ,...-~ ribbing as rigbt hand glove but reversing colours.

RIGHT HAND GLOVE Using size 11 needles, cast on 36 (40) sis. Work k2, p2 rib as follows. 4: rows red, 2 rows yellow. 14 r~w.s red, 4 rows yellow. Change to no. 10 needles and , red wool, st.st 4 rows. Continue stripes of 4 rows red, 4 rows yel· , low throughout work. T'ffUMB SHAPING 1st row: 1d8, inc. into next st.,kl, , inc. mtonext st., kI5. ; 2nd row; p. • Brd row: k. . 4th row: p. 5th row; k18 sts, inc. into next st., : kl, inc. into next st., k15. Continue in this way, increas, ing on every 4th row adding 2 sts, between each inc. (5,7,9.,11) until there are 46(52) s15. on the


Work 3 rows Without shaping.

NEXT ROW: k31(35} 5tS., turn and cast on 2 sts, P14 (16) sts, turn and cast on 2 sts, Work on these I6(18} s15, for 6 rows, cast

THUMB SHAPING: 1ST ROW: k15 (17) sts, inc. into next st, k:I, inc. into next st, k18(20). 2ND ROW:p. SRDROW: k. 4TH ROW:·p. 5TH ROW: K15(7) sts, inc. into next st, kl, inc. into. next st., kI8(20). ' Continue shaping on every 4tb row as for right hand glove until 46(52) sts, on the needle. Work 3(1) rows. without shaping. NEXT ROW: k32(28) sts, turn, cast on 2 sts, P14(l6)sts, turn. cast OIl 2 sts, complete as for right hand glove workip.g fr·om ......'" to. ,

low and Red gloves but changing colour as follows:' 6 rows PINK (PR) 2 rows WHITE (WH) 4 rows PK) 2 rows wa 6 ro.WsPK Change to no, 10 needles and st.st, 16 rows PK (continuing thumb shaping). Continue stripes as follows: 2 rows WH .2 rows PK 6 rows WH 2 rows PK 6 rows WH 2 rowsPK cast .off in WH making 3 rows. WR in all. Sew up side seam and press lightly.

2 fOwsVVll

PINK AND WHITE GLOVES FolloW the instructions for Yel-



School uniform. ... either you don't care abo·ut it, or you feel like curlin' up with embarrassment every time you think bout it ... So do you think it aug ht to be abolished (as some schools have done) OT are you quite happy to (10 on uiearin' it? We asked

arourui ...

"I'm an anti-uniformisl! Well, maybenol quite as drastic as that, but I must admit I used to hate wearing mine. II made me feel such a charlie, 'specially if I was meeting somebodY I knew outa school on .my way home or something like that. I always used to think it was so silly, too, that we couldn't wear trousers when It was very cold. My legs used to freeze up like icicles in the winterl "1 s'pose I don't think it hurts to wear a uniform when you first go to secondary school, tho' ... it gives you a feelin' of identity. But when you get into the third, fourth and fifth years, it's a bit silly really, I think.

"Still, a lot of achools are changing their .rules now and le«ing the older students wear variations on their uniform ... like different styles of shirts or skirts - as long as they're in the school colours. And that can't be bad, can it?"

It's not just us lot who had suffer school uniforms, y'know. Most of the stars we spoke to had to go through the straw boater 'n' blazer bit, as well! David Essex had to go back to wearing school uniform fairly recently when he was making his first film, "That'll Be The Day" (see our piccy) and it brought back all kinds of school-day memories.

o R'S OU (OR IS I n
"I don't mind wearing my school uniform at all, tho' 1 suppose I'm lucky because mine's quite nice really .. 1 think some people make a . fuss just for the sake of it. After all, think how many different clothes you'd need for all the days in the week if you didn't have a uniform. There'd be nothing fresh to wear at weekends! "Besides, 1 find that gettin' into my school uniform gets me in the right frame of mind for school. As long as the rest of you looks alright a school uniform can look perfectly okay." Angela, 16.



, "I just can'lsee the point in wearl'ng school unUorm honestly Ii can'I ••• And I'm not j:ust being stroppy either! "So many of my mates hate wearin.g ii, 100 •.II makes them fee.1so awful. Imagine if you're meeting a fella after school ••• it's enough to put a,nybody off, if youa.sk me:1 "It kind. lakes your confidence away, knowing

you look like hundreds of olhergirls all from the same school. Like a lot of sheep. Yes. that's what school uniform does to you, 10 me anyway ••• it takes all your individuality. . "I, take my stuff off the minule Igelhome and Ifeel a ,different person. I.ike a human bein.g aga.in. , "I'd like to see the teachets' faces I,f they were lold tha.t they had to wear a uniform! I'm just k.eepin.g my fingers crossedlhal my school will be one of the ones to start slacking'onschoo.1 uniform rules. "I'm not saying everyo.ne should start wearing lill their besl togs 10 school -'but 'I'don't really think that would happen anyway, exc,apt , maybe lor the first couple oi wee.ks. We'd just wear what we feel comlortablein •. " Anna,14


"II's net the tin 'ifor m, I object to so much, juslthe way they complain about the leng.lhol my hair! I mean, honesUy, I can't see the point in It., .• My braln's going to work just as wen whatever the length Of my ha,ir,. isn't II? "Dh, and having to we a" those stupid caps ••• thars daft, too. I mean, whal girl's going to look at you with one 01 those perched on top of your head? Sure, they might look - but only for a good laughl "I think in a way uniform does serve a purpose .. 1ft keeps everybody'looking reiilsonably lidy •..• an.d, aft·e.r aU,. school's nol a fashion show, is it?" A.lex,17

"I always had to wear school uniform, and I'm glad! Oh, I know it seems a drag when you have to wear the same togs day in and day out, but it's all for a good cause, you know. "Y'see, 1 think wearing a uniform makes everybody

equal, so there can be no petty jealousies over who's got the prettiest and most expensive outfits. "When everybody's allowed to wear what they want, a lot of 'who looks the best' competition springs up, and that can make school life pretty nasty if you don't have lots of nice clothes. "Having school uniform saves a lot of time and energy wondering what you're going to wear every day, too. I mean it's bad enough finding a different outfit every time you go out somewhere special, let alone every day of the 'week, isn't it?" Sally

"I'd forgotten just how awkward I used to feel in my school gear until I had to dress up for the film. Everybody on the set was laughing their heads off they" said I looked like Benny Hill mucking around! "When I was at school, tho', I remember I was always in trouble 'cos I used to do funny things with my tie - tying it like a kerchief, or round my books to carry 'em home!" Mmm .... we can just imagine David in shorts! ever that keen on vaulting Lynsey de Paul manages to over those horses and things forget her school uniform anyway! until she looks at her old "I s'pose, really, that it is a school photos. "WeIl, when I look at those good thing. It's cheaper, and pictures of myself at school, _it makes you all the same .~so you don't worry what you it's terrible! But, I must look like." admit, at the time it didn't seem so bad. I hated the hats Alvin Stardust went to tho' .. 1 used to spend hours in boarding school so school front of the mirror trying to uniform played a pretty big arrange mine to look stylish!" part in his youth. she told us. "I must admit I got used to "But the rest of it wasn't . it in the end,tho," he let on to bad. 1 s'pose, Except for the us. "I mean after a while I gym shorts. Not that I was just took it for granted. We . used to be able to dress up in our own gear out of school hours. "Some blokes used to make a right fuss about wearin' their school gear. . . they were always gettin' told off for not looking right, but Ijust used to conform. It made things much easier in the long "And, when you think about


anyway .... Then you can really go to town!"

it, it's only for a few years you have to put up with it


GARY GLIITER Annual 1975 to swop for Osmonds Annual 1973. Also Bowie's "Sorrow" or "Laughing Gnome" to swop for Osmonds' "Love Me For A Reason" or Donny's "Go Away, Little Girl", Write to: Elizabeth Thomas, 2.82Holton Road, Barry, Glamorgan, S,
Wales .. CF6 SHW. (S,a.e.\ Cassidy's "Puppy


§UV~l2§C()()V A~"'EAiE'"

NEXT WEEK . . . NEXT WEE.K ... 6tJN', M'S'I "(JUIt




OSMONDS pies and info and single to


swop for pies on David Essex and "Stardust" single. Write to: Angela Richards" South Rill. Nr, Somerton, Somerset.

JOIN'N~ PINK '4ANt.:.'

"OUlD.. JU~T

HUNDREDS of recent hit ; lyrics (Osmonds. Slade, Bowie ' etc.i to $WOP fm' anything on (bOOKS. posters. 'I'-shirts etc, J, Write to: Pat. 28 Romney Street. Snoopy 'Or Peanuts

,c£ATQ~£"N J()U~NAL/"'T.'

Ashton-u-Lyne, Lanes,

STATUS QUO'S single "Down, Down", Elton John's

to swop for early Simon's "You're So Vain", Stones' "Angie" or Bread's "The Guitar Man", Write to: Ann McDavitt, 44 Greenfield Road. Me Merrion, Co. , Dublin, Ireland.

•'Goodbye, Yellow Brick Road". Beatles' "Eleanor Rigby". Leo Sayer's "The Show Must Go On" or George Harrison's "My Sweet Lord"

AlYIN ~OI()V~ Pf)tTE~

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Love Me Love" to swop for pies of Bay City Rollers or badges with slogans, Write to:
Karen Jones, 5 Woodbank Avenue, Darwen, Lanes,

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OSMOND pres to swop for Rollers. Write ttl; Patricia Witton. 15 Mac-kenzie Drive,

pies and info on Bay City

, Kesgrewe. Ipswich,


t7~T WITtil ~Tti~~ •••

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There's always a way out oj a problem if you really look jor it. But if you need some heLp in finding it, drop me a line. OK?
I Oh, sure, listen to your th~re's no reason to have MAD OVER THEM raves when you have a thM ~xtra burden, too. Dear Sally, I'm absolutely moment, but don't let JYIUS1C ~hould be fun, and mad over the Bay City thoughts of them stop you tf you fmd 1.t suc h a heavy Rollers. I just can't stop chore, then you should .from living your own life thinking of them, especially not continue but find \ - which could be just as Woody. something that does give and exciting I'm going off my food and I ! stimulating you satisfaction. I as you choose it to be. can't concentrate on my Your parents don't school work. Also, I lie in bed MUSIC MISERY sound unreasonable, and for about an hour, still Dear Sally, I'm 14 and I'm I'm ~fyou give thinking of them. I always crying for no reason at themsure thatchance to' ha(f a This is beginning to worry I all. The littlest thing upsets understand your feelings me, as I'm afraid I'll make me 'because at night I'll now, they'll come . myself illover them. If there's remember everything that's through for you. Even anything you can do to help, happened that day and start though your dad has I'd be very grateful. I'm 14. crying. I do have the odd hopes for you as a One Lovesick B.C.R. Fan, argument with my mother, , musician, these are his Kent. but that's only natural. ambitions. not yours. Otherwise, I get on very well Dear O.L.B.C.R.F., As Be straig ht.forward in with my parents. I've said before to other your approach to your I'm sure all this is caused by mum and dad. Explain to lovesick fans, it's fine to . my having to play the clarinet, admire your hero or them iust exactly how because I hate it. I never you feel - that you'1'e heroes from. afar and practise and I bave to stay in realise that they're depressed and unhappy a once a week in the dinner entertainers, doing a job. great deal of the time, hour at school to play it and at Bui it does get a bit offthea playing the clarinet I orchestra after school. Then, I balance when you begin gives you no pleasure at have to miss lessons to pro.ject aU your all. In fact, it's only sometimes. emotions towards them. , adding to your overall I've told my mum that You build up an feeling now. Ask them if when I go to the next school in impossible image in your they'd mind if you August, I'm going to stop mind, no-one could live stopped for the time playing, but I just can't wait up to. being so you can sort till then. My dad has high I'm not saying to forget yourself out. hopes of me playing my Woody - you couldn't, Give your parents a clarinet in a famous orchestra anyway - but I am chance to understand you when I grow up. He's not old sa11ing to put your Love and you might. be fashioned or anything and I'm for him in its proper surprised at the outcome. sure if he knew how place before you really The pressure you feel depressed I was about it, he now may well vanish. do ·become sick. wouldn't mind, but I just Begin to think of him as don't know how to tell him. ANOTIl~R CHANCE? . having a l~fe apart from There are times when I Dear Sally, About a month you with friends. and wish I were dead, honestly. I ago I was still going out witli family. He's keeping know most of this depression Dave. A week later he left me busy, so why don't you do is because of my age, but I for someone else: During that the same? would really be a lot happier week Paul asked me out and I When you go to bed, if you would tell me how to go replied that I was still read a book, listen to the about telling my mum and with someone. radio until you get so dad about my feelings. sleepy, you can't keep Now, of course, I regret Very Dedicated Pink Fan, uour eyes open. When saying that. Please help me . .Leicester you wake up, jump out of How can I get Paul to ask me bed right away and get out again? Dear V.D.P.F .. I don't , going. Find things you I've heard rumours that he feet that your having to like to do - things that wants to go with a girl in my play the clarinet is the lDill keep your mind and form, so I was going to ask my complete cause of your emotions busy .. ~friend to ask him if he would i feel.ings now. Houreuer,

I still like to go out with me,

Do you think this is the right thing to do? Please help. Very Depressed Girl



Dear V.D.G., I'm never in favour of having friends deliver messages, nor do I like listening to rumours. Somehow, in the telling of things, the complete truth. never comes out. As Pout did make the first. move towards you, I think it's worth a tryon your part. Don't put him on the spot, but the next time you're chatting ius: mention that you're sorry uow couLdn't accept his offer of a date before but that now you're free, you can. Then leave it to him. If he's still interested, he'll certainly take the hint. If not, then let it be. Some boys just don't like to be turned down and are afraid of putting themselves in the position of being rei ected again. A Jew words of encouragement from you 'won't hurt anyone, but if you Leave it to your [rierui, there's always the possibility of some misu nderstandi ng.


On the trail of the ancient book ... that steals TIME!
here is no other book like The Book Of The Hours - that is what Jill found out! But Paula and RObbie had saved tier from becoming its victim, only to find that the Book had ch ose n another . . .





Next Week: The NEWPeter Kane!

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FOR SALE: One pint of Ieeble blood. Will accept cup of tea and a biscuit or nearest offer


Stockists for fashion on pages

PLAZA clothes available at branches of Miss Selfridge and Irving Sellers. Wbat's red, and goes round and round? "Well." said this lady in a white dress, "what group are you?" "Well actually," I said.. "I'm not in any group. I do look a bit like Kiki Dee though, don t I?" "Blood group. blood group," she snapped, "What's your blood group?" "Oh, I don't know. Very rare r expect. Blue even. " "Well, we'll have to take a little test and see won't we?" The nurse disappeared down the corridor and I was left sitting on a trolley, wondering why I'd deci.ded to become a blood donor in tbe place. Actually, it was so that, if I had an accident, they could give me my own blood back. After all. you don't know where that other stuff's been. do you? And my mum told me to. "Your country needs your blood." she said, "and besides, they give"you a cup of tea and a biscuit afterwards ... " So I'm still sitting there wondering when the nurse comes back. :'Thumb," she says. Iextend my digit and before I can say something witty like, "Give us a lift to Ward 10?" she's plunged this needle into it and there'sa big drop of my precious red stuff on the end of it. r can't tell von what happened next because J fainted and when I came round I was lying on a white bed in a white room. Not a cup of tea or a biscuit in sight. The nurse walkedcin. "You can go home now, but take these with you". She There's lots of interesting smells around where 1 live. There's the waftlof sweet and sour from the Chinese takeaway down the road. The dcllcate atoma of burnt toast t as my fiat-mate makes . breakfast and then, of course, there's the cats .... But this smell wasn't like any of the usual ones. It was different. Light and refreshing it was, with a hint of summer flowers and new-mown hay. I snifredagain .. "Er. don't dothat, Here ha&'e my hankie," said my flat-mate. "No, no," I said. HI haven't got a cold. I'm just smelling the air - summer has come!" "Oh, do you mean that light refreshing aroma with a hint of summer flowers and newmown hay?" she said. I was astounded. "That's the onel" 'handed me a bottle of tablets. "Yeah, it's not bad is it?" "And take them three times a she continued, "Only cost me day after meals." 20p in Boolworths. Y'know "Eh?" 1 said. it's one of those things you "You have an iron deficienbung down the 100 to make it cy and we can't use your. blood until you've had a few smell nice . " ." There's no romance left in of these tablets - perfectly the world, is there? useless it is ... " "Oh, No tea and biscuits .·And .... then?" I feel maybe I Should have a "Nope. But if you pop along word about Valli. to the kitchen they might give I mean, she is our Editor you some spinach." and I never say very much That's all I need, muscles about her (not to her face, like Popeye. Heigh-he. anyway). So now I'm going to say a few words, just to set . Take a Deep Breath ... my conscience at rest. It's .I was leaning out of the been bothering me, y'see, bathroom window yesterday morning, watching one of my Sleepless nights and all that .. cats stalking a milk bottle and So. here we go ... "Hello there, Valli. H_ow shouting encouraging things are ya, gel?" ..... like, "Yer silly great mog!", Ah, that's better. when suddenly I smelt Much, much better. ." something. PACIFIC 7 All prices approximate. YeUow poplin available at John Barkers, Kensington, London D. H. Evans, London WI; Ilford; Grant Walden, Walton- , on-Thames: Joyce, Paignton; Browns of Chester and branches. (NB The design of the sleeves has been slightly changed. Instead of being puffed they are now straight with turn-back cuffs.) Cream and mint twosome available from John Lewis branches; Barkers; Aquarius, Oxted, Surrey and all branches of Bentalls, Safari-style suit available at Debenhams and branches; Dingles and branches; Dinkins and Jones, : London W1; Joyce, Paignton.




availableat most department


SUNARAMA tights available , at most large department stores.
I 1.01':.1. ...



striped suit, £5.50, from branches of Curtess; worn with floral and cream suits, £6.99, from Freeman Hardy Willis. two-piece made in 1('()llrt';;III1<i<:l fabric available from Lewis branches at , Leeds, Liverpool, Hanley, Manchester, Glasgow, .Leicester, Birmingham, BlackpooI, Bristol and St. .Helens, Please write to Pink Fashion, Fleetway House, Farringdon Street, London EC4A 4AD for more stockists. CITY SWINGERS stockists write to: 11 WelIs Mews,
......'''UIVII '

£6.99, from Doleis: worn

.0.:.<'" worn with yellow


SUSAN BARRIE stockists. write to: Ann Fry, 39 Margaret Street, London WI.

PubliShed every Mooday by IPC MagazInes Ltd .• FleelWay Hou se, Fa"ingaon Street london. E.C'A 4.0,0. PINK must net be SOld al more Ihanlhe recommended sallin$. prjce $MWn on lhe cover .• smng prlce In 101, sublacllo VAT. Sole Agenlo, Ausl.raila and New Zealand. Gordon '" aOI~11. LId.' $oulh Alrlca. Cent,s·. News Agency Lid. $ubse·rlpllon laOIIIIi es (Inland and eve, sea ") .. ar e .not new avaltabte, All right ...... ,,,,,d and· reproducUon wllhoulpe,mlssiern striClly lerbidclen. Prlnled by WW Web Ollsal. Mlddlesbrough. Cleveland. Tel!. E.•ton Grange 4501. ·E!ound 81 Davenlry elnde,s .. B'oad Ma.ch. D •• entry. NOrlh~""S. Tel. 002.72-4911. ,. IPC Magazines 1975. .

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