Across: 1) The colour for danger. 3) Not many. 5) "When will I see-again". (Three Degrees) 6) Very tiny. ' 8) Seed from a tree. 10) Increase. 12) A star might be paid a very large one for his performance. 14) Your number of years. 15) Baby goat or child. 16) Place to see all sorts of animals.

1.·· .• ...



A, -.--- .. c

You know what they say about dreams ... that all your deep-down desires, anxieties, hopes 'n' fears come to life when you're in the land 0' Dod. Could be why I have this recurring dream about a giant tortoise with wings invading the Pink office and flying off with Jamie! But what about our fave superstars? Well, when we took a little peek Into some famous popsters' dreamsboy, did they turn out to be fascin.atingl •.. See why on pages 12/13! Ed.
-·.Y... a.p .'. '.... . ..plies.-to .. the .·..•. Rollers! . H is for happiness - and the Rollers have certainly spread a whole load 0' that around! :H ..a.pp.ines~ .·.the':fl.ost Important thing In life as far .as those loveable lads are concerned. It's a rare d. y a when any of the Rollers can't rllimage a laug~ .... ~b.OU., t.' themselves or Just -llfe In ~e~eral. H IS for hectic, too, and life ~as c~rtainlr been that for the five lads this past year or so. But they tell us they love . every minute! WOrd

One way of moving a boat. To change the colour of something. . These sunhats'll have you 3) "To have~" is to enjoy dying to set off on safari just oneself. as soon as that sun comes out! 4) Clever humour. They're sensible too, 'cos 7) The finish. they'll protect your head from 9) Employ. the strong sun - and they'll 10) Inquire. still look pretty when the sun 11) A shortened form of goes in. father. From a selection at most 12) Turkish hat. branches of Boots, they come 13.)Needs boosting in lots of prints and colours, and cost from85p to £1.25.
1) 2)


_. G is for guitars ... the instrument. that... the.Rollers all , play. Even drummer Derek has.,a strum every now and ..•.. again. To the boys their gu;itais are the most precious thmgs they own ... they look after 'ern like some folk would dote on a pet! I ~~s. also for great -... and ere's no denyin' that's one

- --_


,_ __ -- -- --, .




That dynamic group Sweet Sensation, (see lead singer, Marcel King, below) recently released their first album, called simply "Sweet Sensation" ... so if you love their sound, keep an eye open for it 'cos we reckon it's pretty good.! And if you're keen to see 'em in action watch your local paper and billboards for dates, 'cos tho' they're not doing a set tour, the lads are playing gigs all round the country right now.

Add a bit of a shine to your neckline with this .double stranded necklace! It's by Corocraft and costs 95p. You can get it from good department stores throughout the country. Looks good with summer dresses. too.



Elton John (seen below, in heavy disguise) is busy planning big things for all us pop fans next month. On June 21st he's hoping to put on a twelvehour concert at the Wembley Stadium. It promises to be a bit of a once-in-a-lifetime experience - which explains why the tickets cost £4 a head! For that you get Elton, the KOO Dee Band, The Eagles, Joe Walsh, hopefully Stevie Wonder (above). and more! The concert will begin at 12 noon and is scheduled to end around 11 p.m. We reckon it's gonna be one of the summer's big events!

Well, you've got to admit it's pretty flattering! This Jamie portrait is by Elaine Fox of Wokingham.


All prices quoted in this issue were correct at time of
going to press.


OD3 If:T Z3.!! {in ava l11 }lSY (01 3S0 (6 aN3 (/, .LIM (t NO.!! rs 3Aa (Z M.OM (T (Jo1 33.!! (833M. (9 OOA (S M3..!l (f: G3U (1


am (£T 3DY (ZT aav (OT ffiN


point of view you'd like to share with us? Wen - . just write in - and enclose a photo.

"I didn't believe what I'd read in the papers about fans being injured when they went to see their idols at concerts," Lorraine of Northern Ireland wrote in to us, "Until 1 went to one myself, that is ... "I was in the queue wai ting outside. when suddenly the door opened. Of course, there was a great rush ... and then we heard a scream. "A girl was lying on the ground and everyone was just trampling over her. The First Aid people had difficulty getting to her 'cos of the crush. "I think individual groups should make sure that there are adequate safety precautions at their concerts, so that accidents like this could be avoided." Have you got q special




The whole 01 London knew about Eden East 7, the trendy I department store, the most successfu I around. They also knew about the private rooftop garden on top of the great building. But nobody knew about the girl whose private world it was ...


No wonder BiU Oddie (the bearded lead singer) wrote the "Funky Gibbon" song ... Apparently he's absolutely knocked out by apes and often goes tGtbe zoo on his days off - so be's got first-hand experience as to how that funky gibbon dance should go, step-by-step!


Elton got a sbock when he walked into bis haD the Qth'elmorning ... his stuffed leopard's gnasbers were missing! Had a tooth-yanking dentist gone mad? No, one of his mates bad just painted 'em black.


Pilot have got a new craze pogo sticks! "We never travel by foot now" Dave Paton told us. "We go by pogo - it's mucb quicker and a right laugh. We don't half get some funny looks tho'."


Hands up all tbose folk who tbought we'd never see Sweet back in the charts again? were wrong, _ •., ........ 't- you? 'Cos Brian .'J"uU"'~l and company have bounced right back with "Fox that the Sweet lads ever any fears that their pop were over. always knew we could it again," Brian told us.


Glitter Band's Harvey admits that although he enjoys the fast life of the city he's a country lad at heart. "I've always been a bit of a one for long walks and farmyard animals," be told us. "I've got this little fantasy of me living in the country. Perhaps one day it 'wiD come true." We're keepin' our fi.ngers crossed, Harvey!



Next Week: Eve •..

out of Eden!


Taylor. 2 double and 3 Single pin-ups of David Essex, 3 singles by David Cassidy and pics of Sparks, Queen, Suzi Quatro, Pilot; B~ Blue, Alvin and Rod Stewart to swap for any Bay City Rollers records or pies. Wri te to: Tara Bebikan, 49 Penrose Rise, Walworth, London. "CRAZY" and/or any earlier Mud single to swop for "Summer" by Bobby G and a "Goodies" album. Write to: Lizzy, 10 East Crescent, Accrington, Lancashire. AllCE COOPER's "Killer" album and Pink Floyd's "More" album both to SWGp for David Essex's "Rock On" album. 11 you don't think that is a good swop I will add Elton John's album, "The First Kiss". Write to: . Caroline Hopkins, 39 Glen Road, West-cross, Swansea, Giamorgan, S. Wales.

We'11e waiting to hear from you, y'know so, c 'mon drop us a line! Write to: Pink Post, Fleetway House, Farringdon Street, London, EC4A 4AD. We'll pay you a quid if it's published - £2 for a Star letter.
fan of Paul McCartney and Wings, and in a few weeks she's holding a disco for us. She makes our lessons so much fUD by teaching us bits of Greek and Hebrew and showing us films. She also believes in equal rights for students and I know my gang will back berup in any protest or strike. She's even taking our class to see Jesus Cbrist, Superstar. Paper Lace Fan - Australia Les, Derek, Eric, Alan and Woody, I love you all - all five, Please carryon making me happy, For the rest of my life. JuJie - Norfolk

I go to a religious girls' school (poor me), and our deaconess retired last term. Just as we thought we might get out of scripture lessons, a new one took her place. But we're glad she came - she's fantastic! She wears five-inch platform shoes and the latest fashion clothes. She's an avid

Funny" and "Alexander Graham BeD" by the Sweet. Write to: Miss L. Usher, 89 Wiltshire Road. Salisbury.

30 to swap for "Funny

ANY 3 records from the top

CASSIDY poster (36" x 29112") to swop lor poster of BCR;; (about the same size). Write to: Valerie Smith, 35 Rannoek Road, Dermiston, Edinburgh 4, Scotland. "CAN THE CAN" by Suzi Quatro and "There's a Ghost in My Rouse" by R. Dean

pin-ups of the Williams Twins. Write to: Mary Guinan, Church Stree, Ferbame, Co. Offaly, Ireland.

INFORMATION and pies of BCRs to swop for info and

To avoid mix-ups aLways be sure to write .first and just sena records .or posters 'on spec'.
cl'I'Tange your sioo». Never

Forgetjall about those dreary, unsophisticated girlies in your office (who am 1tryin' to kid?) because I'm here - your number one fan! Who could ask for more? (What d'you mean, someone without flat feet, big ears and spots!) Scott, I'd follow you to the ends of the earth. Donny Fan - Chalfont St. Peter. THE ROLLERS FOR ME My love for you is greater than Any words can say, All 1 want is to be your fan, Each and every day. I love to listen to the words, Of songs you've made your own, And because they're so gentle and kind They comfort me while alone. In vivid technicolour dreams, I meet you every night, Until you're taken away from me, When I'm woken up by the new day's light. You're imprinted on my mind -so That I think of you throughout the day, Every minute 1 just sit. there, Wasting another lesson away.

Jane's period could have been a problem.
Next week, Jane has two parties. Both of which she wants to go to. Next week she also has her period. . Tha t could spoil everything. But it won't. If her period causes her any discomfort, she'll simply do what she always does when period pains begin. She'll take Feminax. She doesn't know how Feminax works; all she knows is that she no longer suffers the way she did before she discovered Feminax. Thanks to Feminax, Jane is happy to accept both invitations. Thanks to Feminax, she'll enjoy both parties. If you'd like our free booklet en titIed "Your period and pain", write to Department W4, Nicholas Laboratories Limited, P.O. Box 17, 225 Bath Road, Slough, SL14AU ..

Two weeks ago, 1 found out just how crazy my friend is. We were walking home from school and the sun was glaring in our eyes, when she said, "I reckon the government should do sometbing about that glaring sun. It's a danger to motorists. " I laughed, but she looked at me like I was the crazy one! Then, five minutes later, she


Because periods don't have to hurt.
Keep medicines safely ~


~~ realised what she had said. By the way, my friend's name is Brigid!) MIGHTY MOUSE Can a felIa write in? The other day I spent a few pounds of hard-earned cash on a pair of trendy Gatsby shoes in shiny. black and white

Darlene -

New Zealand

WeU, that expLains everything, Darlene!

They do say that the first five years of your l~fe are very important. Y ~u le~rn lats of things, and if you're anythtng hk~ us, Y01f probably picked up some PTetty. stlly hab'l.ts too. Trouble is, ours are shU untr: us ...
VALLI: We shouldn't really say this about someone as dignified as our Editor - but it's true folks! she still sucks her thumb. Of course, she'll tell you she's just getting a splinter out or something', but we're not fooled ... JILLY: Is a fluff-puller. When she was lying in her cot she used to pull bits of fluff off her blankets and, if you stand too close when you're talking to her, you'll suddenly look down and see you've got a bald jumper. Ahem ... ANDREA: Well, her mum does say that she used to tap dance in the pram but we find this hard to believe - surely she would have fallen out? Maybe she did fall out and fell on her head. That would explain a lot of things . . . JAMIE: When we asked him about his habits he said not to be so personal but we do know that when he was three he had a pet velvet cushion called Comfy. He still likes soft, floppy things ... so looks like Sally could be in with a chance ... SALLY: Was only eight months when she solved her first problem. Her mum said, "Where have I put that nappy pin?" and she said "Baa-gagablah-ooooh!" which roughly translated means, "I'm sitting on it, dearie". And now ... BRIGID: Wrote her first book when she was four. Her best friend, Willie Cuthbertson, tore it to ribbons and mashed it in with his Peach Delight. But that didn't put her' off. Unfortunately ... KIM: Kim's mum wrote tQ. tell us: 'The reason she likes aniseed balls so much cos I used to stuff her gob fulL Of them - it was the only way I could keep her quiet ... ' Thank you for the tip, Kim's Mum, you're right - it works! SCOTT: His mum bought him a budgie when he was two and that's why, whenever h~ gets the chance, he'll stand in front of a mirror and say, "Who's a pretty boy then?" ...



TRUNK CALL? I've found it! There it was, carved on a tree in Hyde Park: "Brigid loves Jamie". Lesley - Midlands You must be joking:B

Just thought I'd tell you about the other week. Me and my mate were walking down the street dolled up in our highest platforms. We hadn't I gone very far when we heard a loud wolf whistle. Both of us, imagining a tall, fair, blue-eyed, beautiful fella Instead there was just a grubby-nosed kid! Two Disillusioned Pink Fans - Leicester

turned round.

leather - of generous size, it is true, but leaving plenty of room for expansion! As Mum had been in raptures over "The Great Gatsby" and admired the garb of her hero I thought she would approve. Not a bit of it - she roared with laughter, asking me who on earth I thought I was! I said surely some film star came to mind. "Good gracious ... Mickey Mouse!" was her flattering reply. Mike - Falmouth Never mind, Mike ... personally we're all great Mickey Mouse fans here! SHORT CUT In a very old book, I found this beauty hint: "If you want long, thick eyelashes, cut them short. In about a month they'll grow much longer than they were before." I suppose you could always wear false eyelashes while you're waiting! Lin - Wolverhampton Well, Lin, that's' one beauty tip our VaLLi definitely doesn't . recommend foUowmg!


While waiting at the airport for the arrival of my greataunt from Canada, we were wondering if she'd be able to recognise us, as we hadn't seen her for five years. Then my grandad disappeared and returned with a large piece of cardboard with "Grandad" written on it. And there he stood among all the direction signs! . Osmond and Kenny Fan Stockport







n Drea ms are nothing more than wishes, }} goes the soru; ... and they are iust that! They simply reflect what's going on in your every day life - your loves and hates, fears and worries. We chatted to some stars to find out what they dream about ... and what they mean. But first, here's our resident dream specialist (Sally) trying to work out some of our own dreams.

Jamie's c:treams are pretty predictable. Most nights he c:tr,ams "'e's all dresied up in all Arab outfit and surrounded by exotic lemales pampering him alld feeding him Turkish delight. . Our Resident Dream Specialist says: Till's is obViously", wishful ihfn~ing dream. Keep your fingers crossed next time you go to sleep, Jamie,and it might come truel Brigid has a pretty horrific dream that keeps coming back. Uln this dream I'm walking down Ithe High Street and there's no-one I!round," she told us. "As I walk past the launderette, this monster leaps out of the doorway. It's green and h~lry, with huge claws and teeth. It grpbs hold of my .rni, and I'm struggling to get tree. Then, just as I'm waking up, I realise the monster is Jamie. in disguisel" Our Resldellt Dream Specialist saya: This' Is a mistaken identity dream which often occurs when the dre.mer is obsessed with lI:omebody particularly tiresome. Anti the solution? Try to avoid seeing th,s monstrous type personl Sco,ff's mOlt memorable dream is a reall)1 "",.Ird ene, "l dreamt that I was slumped over my typewriter in the office. In the background cha.os struckl Brigid was desperately searching for some PJpers on her dellk, Valli was digging into a tube of mascara the size of a vacuum flask and calling out to Jamie to get a move on with the tea. "Then the earth began to shake and I woke up with a start. Our Resident Dream Specialist ~ays: Thill dream means nothing other th_n that the dreamer Is a lazy good-for-nothing who can't even ~tay awakel (Hear, hearl - Valli).

Steve Harley of Cockney Rebel always seems to have a certain kind of dream when he's restless about trying to finish writing a song. "I get this weird sensation of flying in my dreams when I'm wound up about my song-writing," he told us. "I don't sprout wings or anything as dramatic as that, but I've often spread my arms out like the wings of a bird in my sleep. It's a pretty peculiar sensation and at the time I feel like I really am flying. I can actually see things from a bird's eye view ... its fantastic!"

Alvin Stardust told us that most of his shut-eye antics seem to require superhuman efforts, so he often wakes up feeling exhausted! "There's one that really used to get me," he said. "I'd be walking in the countryside when I'd suddenly see a huge mountain, and I'd get this funny feeling that I had to climb it. "Night after night I'd try to climb this enormous monster but never make it to the top. It was really quite scary! Then one day I dreamt about the mountain and this time I actually made it!"

Steve's dream is a pretty common one. It probably means in Steve's case that be is wrestling with a problem that won't sort itself out however hard he thinks about it, so he pushes it to the back of his mind. His dream shows that he is trying to fly above the problem so he can see it from a different angie, and it suggests that if he stops trying to solve . his musical problems by force they'll just work themselves out.

Alvin's dream is fairly common to folk who are trying to succeed in their job or who are worried about failing. The top of the mountain is obviously the goal their success. In Alvin's case, the mountain represented the lieight of his. popularity and climbing to the top of the charts. The final dream when the dreamer has actually climbed to the top of the mountain shows the dreamer has won ... in life and in the dream.




When we asked Noddy Holder if he could remember the most startling dream he'd ever had he immediately told us about a vivid one he had just before Slade went on tour in America, "I can see it all absolutely clearly," be told us. "I dreamt that I was back at school taking a very important exam. I was trying so hard to get all the right answers and hoping that I was going to get a Grade I pass. I felt very worried the whole time about failing."
It is easy to work out why Noddy had this kind of dream just before embarking on a massive tour of America - Slade's first. The challenge of going to America is enormous to any group ... and Noddy was simply worried that the band 'wouldn't go down well - that be would fail the exam of his career.

Bay City Roller, Derek Longmuir says that he usually has really great dreams in "vivid technicolour", "I often dream about the things I've been doing during the day, particularly if it's been something special," Derek told us. But one dream that often crops up is the "missing something" one. "I am usually running for a bus and it takes me ages to catch up with it. I get all puffed and hot 'n' bothered, but I always catch it in the end! Sometimes it's a traill- but I aJways manage to get on before it pulls off. It's really wierd." This dream is fairly easy to interpret when you know the history of the Rollers. Their struggle to the top was long 'n' hard and there were often days when the boys felt like giving up. Derek's' dream is simply his memory lookin' back on those days when he was constantly chasing success. Finally catching the bus rep-resents the success that he has gained at last.

Dave Paton of Pilot often dreams of his childhood. "They're really crazy dreams, y'know. I see myself sitting on the carpet playing with my toys. Sometimes I'm even in a pram looking up at the sky with a rattle in my hand," Dave told us. "They're always very happy dreams, and when I wake up I feel a sort of warm glow for hours afterwards! They're very nice dreams!' Dave had a very happy childhood and his dreams just reflect his nostalic feelings about the good old days when he was a toddler. He probably has this dream when he's feeling slightly insecure and in need of a spot of cosiness. - Looking up into the sky while he lies in his pram simply expresses his awareness of the mysterious future and what it holds for him. But clearly it doesn't scare him. ~13










Lolly for Sugar




Next Week: Sugar shoots into space!

TAURUS (April 21-Ma~ 20)

··········· m
:':'.::-."« ' I!

my mate Henry Hoggitt playing tricks on me to get my back up ... or just a mad fan desperately trying to get hold of a superstar? And as for concentrating on my work ... I was malting the tea with cold water and the coffee with old tea bags! I just had to know who this mystery caller was! There I was sitting at my desk, twiddling my thumbs, hand poised to pick up the receiver . . . I didn't even go out for lunch in case I missed him again. By 2.30 there was still no word. "I just can't understand who it could be," I said to

Brigid as she came in, fully blown out from a weightwatchers meal of double egg 'n' chips ... but as I spoke it suddenly clicked. A horrible smirk spread over her face ... and she began to snigger. "I couldn't resist it," she grinned ... knowing you'd stay in all lunchtime to try and catch him. Thought it might teach you to get in to work on time ... " But don't worry, I'll get my own back! See you next week!

~:I:"· . .



GEMINI (M,!y 21~une


C'ANCER (June 21~u,ly


LEO (July 22-Aug



Be cautious this week. It"you get involved in any casual deals you'll probably lose out. An old friend turns up unexpectedly.

A good phase is starting for you. Things should steadily improve for the rest of the year. Make the best of it.

There could be some opposition to your plans. Try to consider the other person's point of view. Don't rush a decision.

VIRGO (Aug 22-:-Sept 22)

LIBRA (Sept 23-0ct


This week could see the beginning of a new romance. Just relax and enjoy yourself. Jews from abroad.

Patch up an old quarrel and try not to bold grudges. See old friends and keep busy.

Try to spend wisely this week - you may need some extra cash in the coming weeks. A good time for travel.

SCORPIO (Sept 23-Nov 21)

SAGITTARIUS (Nov 22-Dec 20)

CAPRICORN (Dec 21~an 19)

AQUARIUS (Jan 20-Feb


PISCES (Feb 19-Mar


ARIES (Mar 21-April


Don't let your family interfere in an important plan - and ignore gossip. Make holiday plans now.

You've been very irresponsible lately, which isn't really like you. Try to take things a bit more seriously; it'll pay ofL

You could be feeling nostalgic. this week, about an old friendship that's breaking up. Try looking ahead more; there's lots in store.

There's plenty going on this week, so makethe most of opportunities that come your way. A happy surprise in store.

You feel a bit fed up but things will get brighter towards the end of the week. Spend time with friends.

An opportunity comes your way don't let it slip by. You win support from your family for future plans.


you back is another matter!

So if you keep ending up with little Tommy Snubnose swooning at your feet when its Clint Cuthbert you're crackers about, have a bash at our quiz to see just why you're attractin' the wrong kinda bloke ... !
You ve arranged a date with your dreamboat when a neighbour rings up and say she's desperate for a babysitter. What would

Fancying a certain kinda jeiu: is all very toeit ... but gettin' the right type to fancy



a) Tell her you'll babysit if you can bring your fella as vou know he wants to see you, but won't mind where! b) Refuse, apologising like mad and feel awful about it 'cos you know he would go up the wall if you agreed. c) Say you were terribly sorry but you can't possibly help her out?

you do?

How do you wear your hair? a) Long '0' simple. b) A bit on the untidy side you can't really be bothered with it.


vou like to dress up in when you're going somewhere special - like on a date with him? a) Soft, feminine clothes that really suit you. b) Jeans 'n' jumper. jeans 'n' T-shirt. leans 'n'-anything that you feel comfy in! You don t like dressing up. e) In the latest, most expensive gear you can lay your hands on so as to im everybody. If you won a competition what sort would it most likely be? a) A writing/painting/ cookery / handicraft competition. b) The Ten Thousandth Customer to walk thru' Woolie's doors! That's your limit! c) A beauty contest or some sort of title representing young people in your area. grandad treated grandma with respect and courtesy and if vou think he's a bit on the soft side. you'd better harden up yourself. 'cos you are too! Mostly 8's B stands for Bossy Boots and that's what you'll get every time. If you don't like it. you'll really have to change your ways 'cos you're too

What kinda clothes do


NOW FIND OUT WHO FANCIES YOU. , .JUST ADD UP YOUR SCORE! Mostly A's A stand for Aaaaah, isn't be nice ... Real romantic type this one and if you like 'ern a bH old-fashioned and caring then you're doing all the right things to attract him. He treats you like your

For a lovely complexion



c) You're always changing

your styles to keep up with the latest look. What would you do if your boyfriend turned up unexpectedly and caught you in your school uniform? a) Act normal ~ he's seen you in it before anyway. - b) Feel daft 'cos he'd laugh his head off at the sight. c) Die a thousand deaths and trv and avoid him. He thinks vou're much older.


Which of these stars would you most like to date? a) Cliff Richard. b) Henry Cooper. c) Robert Redford. He takes you to the fair and dares you to go up on the Double Big Wheel with him. You feel reallv sick perched up there along with the dicky birds. What d vou do? a) Hold 'his hand tight 'cos he's as frightened as you, and you want to comfort him!




h) Take lots of deep breaths and not let on 'cos otherwise vou'd never hear the last of it. Scream your head off as that's what he'd expect.



It's a beautiful sunny afternoon and you're in the park. Where would we be most likely to find you? a) Dreaming romantic thoughts feeding the ducks. b) Larking about with a crowd of mates on the grass. c) Playing tennis with a boyfriend.


If VOU found some flowers on your doorstep what would be vour reaction? a) You'd keep them a secret and carefully press them afterwards so you could cherish them forever. b) You'd know they weren't for you so you'd give 'em to vour mum. Tell everyone about them and put them on the table for a II to admire. Wh,Odo you think should pay on a date? 'a) If neither of you is working you should go Dutch. . b) You don't mind paying if he's broke - but not as a general rule! c) He should. after all he asked you out! If ou and your fella y had a slight tiff in front of your parents and you realised halfway thru that you were in the wrong, would vou: a) stop the row before it got into' full swing 'cos you know that when he gets angry he's not above putting you down in public. b) Rush over and give him a kiss. sayin', "Sorry, darlingI'm always wrong!' c) Refuse to discuss the point 'cos vou don't want to look 'uncool front of everybody?




What's yOU{idea of a really good evening? a) Walking band in hand along a deserted beach with "him". b) Going out with your fella and a bunch of other mates, just anywhere and having a good laugh. . c) Going to a smart disco dressed to kill.


! You're also lacking in confidence - easy prey to big bully types who need you to follow 'em around and bolster up their own inflated egos. If you don't mind being treated like a doormat 'cos vou feel it's worth it to be attached to a real manly-type man. you've no problems. Mostly C's C stands for Casanova. It

could also stand for ehauvanist and cocky with it - he knows he looks good but then he works hard enough at it and expects you to keep up appearances with him. If you «<m't, he won't waste any time finding a replacement. don't kid vourself ... Not for you? Then you'd better stop putting so much importance on appearance yourself and

start people's feelings more - then they might consider yours! Some of Each You ~et 'em all - the shy types. nice-types and the maddog variety. Why? 'Cos you haven't decided yet who's for you, simply 'cos you haven't decided what type of person you are yourself! Nothing wrong in that - it's

dividualist - someon_e~ ror YOU and ~ think, Y01J:, might just be luCky and. Hild him. You won't have to ti:Y individualist. too! .
hard either 'cos YOUTe an

good fun too - you find <lilt more about life and pe()jJIe by not limiting yourself too you~. We sUspect th~h yoU're looking for someone.a bit different - an in-

Sometimes a brother and sister can be pretty close ... and it seems only natural when one of 'em takes a special interest in the otner one's life. But when a siste-r starts meddlin' and criticising he-r brather'e gi-rljriends, then uou. can bet it's gonna lead to trouble like in the cuse oj Alan and Sylvie ..



Normally, sis and I get on pretty well -one hundred per cent, in fact - but just recently she's been taking her big sister role iust a bit too far. I put up with it for a while, but then, sudde.,ly, I'd just had enough and I kinda blew up at her." The result is, that right now we're barely. speaking, It all started because ,of Viv - she's my new girlfriend. though she ve.ry nearly wasn't. For if Sylvie had her way our little romance would've died the death right from the start. V'see, tor some unknown reason, big sis took an instant dislike to Viv - and

made absolutely no bones about showing iI either. I'll never know why - 'cos Viv's never been anything but pleasant and friendly. Mind you, it's not really anything new. Sylvie's always been hyper-critic,al of every girl I ever went out with.



I'm having a spot of trouble with Melanie. I expect it'll pass over, though. Or else it won't. Melanie' my girl, remember. We've been going round together for months, and we had a pretty scene going. Until Eric came on the scene.

doctors' party. It was a Hospital Staff Only do so I didn't get invited along. The fact that I'm planning to become an eminent brain surgeon just as soon as I've saved up for the correspondence course made no difference. So Melanie spent the evening


m:;tt:;~t~~ ~~~~~~ ~n%hlle ~~~~s~.~e:~~o~ ~~cho~:'inoks but it sort of bum up until it two-seater sports car and I bet was Eric this and Eric that and there·was a full moon and no "You'll never guess what Eric cloud and a violinist hidden away did today". Sickening. in the boot. She insisted that it Eric is a medical student up at wasn't like that at all, but by the hospital-s- all white coat and then the little green jealousy stethoscope. He turns Melanie goblins were at work inside me. on, her being a nurse and all. Which is why I was outside the Well. I tried not to get jealous staff entrance of the hospital the Lb_ll_t_i_t _d_id_n_'t_w_or_k,..... _N_'o_t_a_ft_e_r_th_,e _e_ve_n_in_g_w_h_e~n_E_r_ic_ca_m_e __ n_e_x_t _

"Did you notice the way her teeth slick out?" she'll whisper to me as soon as the poor girl's back is turned. Or "Why does she giggle all the time reckon she must be a bit soft in the head." Real nice Old Alan's reaUy mad with me sisterly thin,gs like that. this time - and r suppose, in Well. in the past I've a way, I can't really blame never paid too much him. I was a bit rude about his attention. In tact, I've latest girlfriend ... and she's tended to treat it as 8 bito. not that bad, really. a joke - I suppose, The trouble is, y'see, that because I was never really that keen on any of the girls I'm used to giving advice to my little brother. (Mind you, anyway. But when she just two started doing it with Viv it he's not that littlereally started to rub me up years younger than mel) And usually he listens to what I the wrong way. It just so happens that I 'say, But this time he didn't. like Viv 8 10'1. And I certainly wasn'l just gonna An interfering wha tsit , he stand back and lilten while called me, and told me to stop Sylvie went on about what poking my nose into what was bad legs she's got and how none of my affair. Well, like I said, I can see she never seems to have a his point - but, all the same, word to say for herself. I think he over-reacted a bit. So, in the end, I came righl out and told big sis to Besides, be's never been too upset before when I told him mind her own businesswhat I thought of his and, o. course, she didn't girlfriends. Seems like this like il. Not one bit. Anyway, it ended up with Viv girl is a bit special, though, honestly I can't see us having this big row. what he sees in her. In fact, Too bad, I say. I'm not gonna let her - or anyone she strikes me as being a bit of a waste of time. else - run my lifel out. Those goblins had reminded me that at one time duelling was a favourite way for men to settle their differences. A slap in the face with a glove and then whammo! - swords or pistols at dawn behind the cathedral. Just like the Three Musketeers. Eric looked a bit surprised when r challenged him to a duel. "Pardon?" he said, edging back into the hospital, "I should have slapped your face:' I said, "but I couldn't find a decent glove. Mine have got holes in them." "Oh.' he said. He would have closed the door then but luckily I had my foot in it. "Meet me behind the . Methodist Chapel at dawn," I told him. "The choice of weapons is yours. But whatever you choose bring two 'cos I don't own any weapons, except maybe the Methodist Chapel at dawn. Neither did I, come to that, 'cos I overslept. But I was there by nine. When I met Melanie that evening I casually asked about Eric. "Oh, him," she sniffed, "he's a bore. I wouldn't call him a liar exactly, but he does exaggerate. Today he was trying to tell us a tale about how he'd been challenged to a duel. Nobody believed him, of course." "The fool," I agreed cheerfully, "Who'd believe a story like that?" "Michael wouldn't," she said. "He's got a terrific sense of humour, though." "Michael?" I asked, weakly. "He's the new medica] student. A real nice guy." And she started on about Michael and hasn't stopped since. I wonder if he's a good shot with a pistol?

I suppose, in away, she's, no worse than any of the other silly little girls he's always going around with except that this time he seems to be serious. And that's really what made me say what I did. We all know love is blind, and since Alan certainly· didn't seem to have noticed what was wrong with her, I felt ·it was my sisterly duty to point it out to him. Well, I should have kept my opinions to myself! It's not often that I've seen old Alan go off the deep end,

but this time he really flipped. He just didn't seem to understand that what I was saying was for his own good. I suppose my trouble is really that I just don't think any girl's good enough for Alan. He's a pretty special kinda fella - and I don't say that just because he's my brother. He really is. And I don't want to see him ending up with some silly girl who's not worth bothering about. But, among all his other assets, our Alan has a pretty strong mind of his own - and I should have known I was wasting my time trying to tell him what I thought of his darling Viv. Besides, as he told me, I "Suppose I should have a bit more faith in his judgement. He knows the girl better than I do and I suppose I could be wrong. Let's hope so, anyway. But, whether I am or not, from now on I'm gonna keep my big mouth shut. After an little brother's.growing up and I reckon it's time for me to step back and let him get on with his own life ... At least, that's what he told me! And he could be right!

a catapult."


Well.he didn't show up behind






Next Week: The island of mystery!


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It's happened to us aU ... that . em barrassing moment we'll never forget. So, what .[;;:;;. :::::;._--.-..:::::::;;... .......
m~Jcesyou curl u.p


urith. horror even} time you think about it? We asked ·some of our readers and found out ...

GOOD OL ROD My fave fella is Rod Stewart. I ldar. tnu I think they think he's the best around. In anpeai to a different sort my eyes, rio-one could ever of fan," he to ld us. "We replace him r But sometimes I pIal! d.ifferent types of get worried about him! I . m.usic. Oil. I'm sure there mean, he's been around for : are plenty of peopLe who quite a while, and I just , likp us both, but we're not wondered .... does be ever rf'nllu in direct competi. feel threatened by the newer, tion Hollers and Kenny? Kate,. Brighton
younger groups, like the "AnuholV, r like them 1'I?,yse{f. and I wish them 0...11. the best."

When we read Kate's letter we decided we'd go 'n' ask Rod himself ... "Well. obviously, (J1'O ups lik,e the Rollers and Kenny very pop-

"It was my big m.outh that got me into the most embarrassing situalion that I'll . never forget .•. " Angela , Morecambe of .Ridley i (right) told us. from the shelf!' when I was "We were in the sports suddenly aware that , cha.nging room. alschool everyone else had' gone -there was a whole gang of us - and we were talk- . horri'bly quiet. "You've guessed it'ing about Miss Jessop,fhe Miss Jessop was standing games mistress, who, in the doorway,about two rumour had it. was getting inches away and had heard married in a! couple of . every Wordl It look me weeks' time. weeks to live that one "Of course, ,I was the downl" only one with my back to the door and I was just say.Another reader, Jan Peters in.g ina loud voice . of Aberdeen, had the kind of so.mething like, 'Good 'or horror holiday accident that the old girl - I reckon it's the rest of us must all secretly about she got down dread might happen.


___YOU HAVE EVER WANT 0 TO KNOW ABOUTBOYS.1 nside Mates Magazine this week are more fascinating facts about boys for you to pull-out and collect for you r special booklet. Read, right now what Mates has to say: *1 s Kissing Enough? 'Looks Don't Matter' says Bay City Eric Is It Really Love? a great new quiz for you to try I

but were scared to ask

* *



"a~O\l\" \ 09 \l~S.

C. ~\l\O.





"It was when I was in Rimini Iast summer," she told us. "Me and my friend were in the water, mucking about in the waves and trying to catch the attention of these two Iellas from OUI hotel. I was wearin' my extra-skimpy new bikini ... and I s'pose I should have known it wasn't built to stand up to the kinda treatment I was giving it! "Anyway, I remember I was just surfacing from this particularly big breaker I'd dived into, when I suddenly realised that one of my straps had burst and my bikini top was hanging down around my middle. "Immediately I dived under the water again - and I had to stay there with just my head above the water for a good ten minutes while my friend went ashore and managed to borrow a safety pin. "It was the longest ten minutes I've ever spent!"

But it's not just us girls who get into those face· reddening situations, y'know. One of our fella readers (below) told us this little tale. "I was on a tirst. date with this smashing girl I'd been dying to ask out for weeks," Pete from Surrey confided in us. "I'd taken her to a posh restaurant and we'd ordered some soup to start off with. We were just waiting for it

y f~g.~(_,
was her name) mentioned that she'd like a glass of water. "Being the perfect eecart, I immediately swung round in my seat, arm extended, to call the waiter ..• What I didn't realise, of course, was that he was standing right behind me - carrying two plates of soup ... ."The next minute I'd knocked one of them right out of his hand and allover the floor. Of course he just smiled (a bit painfully!) and assured me it didn't matter, but, boy, was my face red! "Luckily, Lois didn't hold it against me, though. In fact, she reckoned it even helped to break the ice!"

Dear Valli, I'm not sure whether this is a beauty problem or not, but now that the new length, dress-wise, is calf length I was wondering what kind of shoes I should wear. I am 5' 4" and I don't like wearing very high shoes. Also I have quite big calves and ankles. Please could you give me some advice? Deborah, Middx.


greasy by Wednesday. My .. mother says that I should wash it twice a week, but my friends say the more you wash it the greasier it will get. Is this true? My mother also says that it is just a stage I am going through due to my age. I am fourteen. Jacky, London Dear .Jacky, Your mum's rig/zt on both

"My most embarrassing moment was a real case of speaking without thinking," Anne from Norfolk told us. "I


was out shopping one Saturday. when I bumped into a group of my friends. With them was this girl I d never met before. "They were all saying something about this girl's hair and somehow, since I came in in the middle of the conversation, I completely got hold of the wrong end of the stick. I thought they were say" ing that she was just on her way to have her hair done. " 'What are you going to have done?' says I and before she could answer, I went on. 'If I were you I'd get them to do something completely different - a good cut'll get rid of all those straggly ends'.' "Even as I was saying it, I realised I'd put my big foot in it. but somehow I just couldn't stop myself. You see, she wasn't on her way to have her hair done at all - she'd just been to the hair" dresser's! Did I feel a fool!"

Gotta beauty problem? Well, just drop me a line. I'Ll do rny best to help - 'cos, after all, that's what beauty is aLl about ... making the most of yourself.
is definitely not too often. Many people have to wash their hair that often. So .Just follow mum's eutsrice, for it seems this tim.e she really does know
best! MORE SPOTS Dear Valli, I'm one of the many who has spots on her face. Actually they aren't too bad but have you got any suggestions as to what kind of medicated creams, or other treatments, I could use? Spotty Reader, Hants, Dear S. R., Regular

Dear Dehorah, The new low wedge shoes that are so popular just now are the thing for you. They'll flatter yow' legs and keep uou. bang in fashion at the same time! AnkLe straps aTe also very much in the
news and they can reaHy help to slim. those ankles



down too.

Instead go for the daintiest shoes you can find. in light colouTs.
TOP TIP Dear Valli, If I wash my hair on Sunday night, it's lank and

Remember, if your lens are a bit on the heavy side, never wear big clumpy shoes ..

counts '

n,ften does tend to tuurrosxue the glands in 1IOll't' scalp which produce



hair too

ttrease. but twice a week

ashinq and cleansing is of course essential for all t11PeS of skin; but esoeciallu to+ problem skins. As far as creams go, Ctearasii and Valderma n.Te hnth pretty good, and (mother excellent cleanseT is pHisoHex 11 hi('t1 now comes in a


trial size for just

Send your beauty problems to: Valli, Pink Magazine, Fleetway House, Farringdon St., London, EC4A 4AD.

32p. Remember, thouqh, tnru: spots aren't going to disappear 01 erniqnt. It takes time and patience.

Sunny days are here again. and it's time you changed the way you look. After all, rosy cheeks and bright red lips are definitely winter stuff - and since that's long behind us, you really ought to tuck all those winter colours in the back of a drawer somewhere and take a look at what's new for summer. And, as you'll see, there's plenty to choose from! FACE FACTS It's unlikely that you've got a tan yet, but it's still time to start using a light seethrough foundation like Boots 17 Near Skin. If you've got some spare cash, try Dorothy Gray's Satura Tinted Foundation, 95p, which is especially good for dry skins, as it contains lot'S of moisturiser. Even if you tend to have spots or blemishes a seethrough foundation is still the thing to use, 'cos you can cover 'em up with a camouflage stick like Rimmel's Hide the Blemishes (which now comes in three shades). Boots 17 also do one (in three shades) called Hide A way Stick. So, just smooth your foundation first, then dab on the camouflage stick, blending it in.


Are you still wearing that same drab old winter face ... ? You are? Well, we reckon it's time you aid something about it ... here's how!


crayon, like Boots No.7, new Two Timers (it has a different colour either end) smudge a faint line underneath the lower lashes. Now add lashings of mascara - try Yardley's Sweepers in Navy. That's all you need! NIGHT·TIME EYES When night falls, make sure your eyes are full of summer magic. Start by applying a highlighter to your brow-bones. If you feel like a change from the usual white gloss, try Max Factor's ShadowOn Eye Shadow in Primrose, then for your lids use the Buff-On Eye Shadow in Golden Shimmer, smudging a little under the lower lashes. Other pretty pastels to look out for are Gala's Eye Gems in Silver Birch, Sweet Pea and Pussy Wil· low. Or for a pearly irridescent colour, try Boots No. 7's Shadow Mists, (you can choose from eleven different shades). Finally, for lovely long lashes, Mary Quant's Special Recipe Natural Lash Mascara. LlPSSmNERS Even in summer your lips need plenty of shine - they· just need a little less colour, that's all. Boots 17 Lip Gloss is a really shiny one. Or if you want a lipstick to go underneath, try Max Factor's Soft Pinks or Mary Quant's Lip Slickers. When it comes to picking a summer lip colour, make sure you go for a soft shade - especially if you have a tan. Not too pale, though you don't want insipidlooking lips! And, of course, don't forget you can use Vaseline as a lip gloss - it's a good money saver! So put on that summer face right now, and shine inside and out!


You can forget that full-of-cover make-up till next winter. No more harsh lines and deep colours - let your face shine naturelly1 .


BRUSH ON A BLUSH Just because it's summer doesn't mean that you should forget about a blusher, tho'. The colour to go for now are the soft, tawny ones. And, for a Now you can make the most of all the lovely see-through .change, why not put your . blusher in the hollows of make-up and light colours that'll glow in the sunshine beautify that tanl your cheeks (you can find them by sucking in your anyway 1 cheeks)? Then blend it in DAY-TIME EYES well for a sunny glow. So just use a little glossy During the daytime, eye If it's a shiny blusher you shadow on the make-up should be kept to white a minimum - especially in brow-bones, taking it right want, try Boots 17 Cheeky Sheen which comes in the summer. And since up to the eyebrows and Amber, Rosy or Tawny just below the crease line. there are so many lovely 17 White Eye Sheen. Or Yardley's Frost- . sunglasses around this . (Boots ed Rose or Peach Blush. year your eyes are going to Sheen will do the trick! ) They're both good. be hidden most of the time Then, using a pencil


Take five dishy young lads, get 'em together with their instruments and ask 'em to sing ... What have you got?


more facts about the band and the Lads themselves, so we . asked them along to the office - and here's what we. discovered!

We decided to get a

Trying to have a' serious chat with Kenny is like tryin' to squeeze blood out of a stone! Oh, they'll talk all right ... like mad. And we do mean mad! As nutty a a load offruit cakes they are . . . but they're lovely just the same! '(We're just com~lete loons," Andy said. r Stili, It's better to be light-hearted than moody and cheesed off all the time, isn't it? Too true. Not that Kenny have anything to be depressed about anyway. With "The Bump" and "Fancy Pants" both chartbusters ther 's a lot of good things in tore for 'em. The lads have been working every night for weeks now. " not that they mind the hard slog. They positively love it! "We've done so many gigs that I don't even get nervous now," Van said. "But I do feel a bit funny when I see myself on the telly. I keep thinkin', why did I do that? But it's too late to take it back!" Gigging most every night is enough to tempt some pretty nerve-racking dlsastel's, and sure enough there's one night that sticks in the lads' minds more than any other. "We were sitting round took them somewhere on at home," Rick revealed as the road. the others sat giggling, "Well, you can guess "when we got a sudden call what happened. By a that we were to do a gig in quarter after midnight the Exeter that night ... over ; gear still hadn't arrived 'two hundred miles away. and we were standing To cut a long story short, around like a lot of our van full of equipment Charlies. Very embarrasset out first but we oversingl



When the lads aren't working they all bundle down to the River Thames to their boat. They bought a six-berth boat between them a few months ago and try to get there as often as possible. "It's great," Van said. "Trouble is, Chris feels seasick just lookin' at it, so we have to treat him very delicately if we go for a . cruise and make sure he stays away from the Indian takeaway for days beforehand ... That spicy food is really fatal as far as he's concerned!" Other hobbies Kenny Indulge in include' football, horse riding (Rick has got his own horse called Beverley) and bowling. "Trouble is we never seem to be able to go out for a bit of fun without something crazy happenin§,," said Andy. 'Take last time we went bowling f'rinstance Rick only got his finger jammed m the hole in the ball'n' ended up practically bowling himself, finger first, down the alley. We were practically crying with laughter!" ABOUT FACE Bern' a member of Kenny sounds like fun to us ... but is there anything the lads would rather be? "No," was the unanimous answer ... But Rick had to admit that if Kenny had never happened he would have fancied himself as a pilot, and Chris has a mad wish to be "a waxworks model at Madame Tus-: saud's, so 1 could watch all those tourists go by!" Can't beat that for madness, can you!


meet with more disaster. The entire PA system (the amplification) had gone wrong. We nearly died, but luckily the audience were very understanding and didn't mind waitin' till we got things sorted out!"

we went on stage ... only to

"At last it did arrive and

· . . A tearful day for PaHy!

Patty's World
Mum had disappeared in Liverpool. gone to meet an old school chum of hers-and me and Ted, my step dad, had gone there to find her



But I just ran blindlv on out into the town hardly knowJng.what I was doing where I was going·....

. . NEXT WEEK,:Mum's strange



PWA'~ ,!'lrnN'PRETTy'1 WITH $'(/A1MEI?~ F'OW~yrASJN/"1V. FANTA.5'TI('_1 ROLlER$' aOiOtlR PO~TE,R/ {)O1l7 MI!'t'.~ A"Z O~ THEB(),i?'5' MORE t'HERRY RADE.~/~ VO(l.' T.RVOVR TN04T



'SAY #~(t.O TOHEt.t..O.'




.1.AUt:H~W1,cUIVW/TH ALl THEG'AtVt:./ IT'$ THE!?€" ~a~THE P/~~N:. ,,$POA'PE.A? PINI( HOlIK'



• SALt Y .S'O~T/IV'YOI.J OU;:l


didn't tell_you aboutbeing a woman.
You're well on the \yay to being a woman. Having periods really is the proof of that, But no one told you that periods can be painful. And when they are they make you miserable and irritable. It's then that you ntigju feel tha [ boys have the better dea I. But many women just won'! put up with it. They might not tell you, but they take something to help them over those

What they



They take 'Anadin'" Tablets, the all-round pain reliever. Its modern, balanced lormula is based on a combination of four laboratory-tested ingredients, all approved by doctors .. 'Anadin' relieves pain and so' relaxes tension and leaves you feeling bright and cheerful again. That's why the 'Anadi n' formula is especially suitable for period pei ns, Next time you go to the chemist's, get some 'Anadin' Tablets. You'll find, like so many women, that 'Anadin' can help one day of me month seem just like any other.

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Help often: ~omes. when you Least expect it. All you need is ~tttle btt of hope, and faith in yourself. Keep wnttng ...


Dear Sally. My friend and I are in love with two boys Eddie and Johnny. We've ~ent them notes, hinted we like them and even bought them gifts. Eventually sick of waiting for them to make their moves, we asked them out, and they turned us down - rudely. Since then. we've tried everything to catch their eye but nothing has worked. Please don't say to ignore them and wait, as we've tried that. Please help us. Two Chester Schoolgirls


Both Eddie a';'d Johnny know how you feel, so it's up to them now to approach you.
SATURDAY JOB Dear Sally, I need a Saturday job. I hardly ever go

Dear T.C.S., 1 feel that you've gone about your try to reassure your- mum pursuit in the wrong way, Dear D.P.F., You didn't that everything is okay. and when yotJ_do that it state your age, so it's Tell her she has produces wrong results. difficult to say what you nothing to worry about could do on Saturdays. But, never mind, rust: ~nd that it's very , look upon this as an Why don't you try putting tmportan.t that she and experience that you a notice up at your local your dad trust you. newsagent shop, sa.ying won't repeat. that you're ava.ilable on ~inish up by saying that It all, boils down to the tt makes things very fact that girls should not for babystttmg and odd jobs? Add embarrassing if she chase boys. It has your phone number then continues to follow you. nothing to do with I'd also suggest having equaLity or Women's Lib, wait JOT replies.' You a get-together jor your could also ask your but with tile difference in friends at your house so our natu1·es. Boys I.ike to newsagent if he might need your help in that your parents can do the asking, and they delivering papers on have the opportunity of have more respect for m'eeting them. girls who let them do the Sunday mornings. It sounds as ~f yOUT pu.rsuing. STILL UKES ME? mum is under Certainty to go on an Dear Sally I had a boyfriend considerable strain au-out campaign will called Paul and went out with financial.l.y q.nd this often . him Ior'just over a month. We make any boy flee in causes tenswn and the opposite direction. told one another that 'we were Althoughit's diJficul.t, it's aTguments. I understand in love. Everything was fine usuaLLy best to wait until how you feel ~ of course until he left me for another you want a nice a feUa expresses his girl from my school. wardrobe. But if you feetings towards you. A few days ago one of my can't get a part-time job, friends said she heard 'his new You say that waiting and doing nothing didn't you might consider girlfriend say that she didn't how to sew. help. Stiu, it certainly want to go out with him any was the better of the two You'll be amazed at more because he still liked a what you can create. strategies. You, can't girl he used to date. force anyone to like you All my friends know how I or to act in the way that FOLLOW ME ABOUT feel about Paul and they say Dear Sally, My parents think he keeps looking at me when you want. This should I'm a kid. I'm 14years old and we happen to pass each other happen naturally, everywhere I go they follow untnout any pushing. at school or at the local disco, For the time being, try me about. I went out on a date which is quite true. to accept your situation. Please Sally, can you tel] last week only to find out that

out because of not having many clothes. In fact I only have one dress! Above all my is taking things a bit too Mum keeps on to me and this far for your mum to causes us to argue. I always follow you on a date. On the other hand, I end up in tears. She just can't afford to buy me anything at understand your parents' anxiety about you. Most all. Sometimes I have to do parents experience this without school dinners and when their daughters bus rides. begin to go out with boys. Please try to help. I feel that you should Devoted Pink Fan

my mother had followed me Honestly this is very . embarrassing. They say that I'm their only child and want to protect me, but I'm fed up as this is going too far. Pink Fan, Shepperton Dear P.F., I agree that it

me how to find out if he still likes me? I want to be certain before I do anything I'U regret. Bay City Rollers Fan, Romford

Dear B.C.R.Y. I d,on't feel you shou/,d do anything but be natural and friendly. After an, it was Paul wh? ,brOke up with uou: so 'I.t s up to him to approach you first. A lthoug h your' friends are well-meaning, don't be too influenced by what YQu. hear through idle gossip. His actions are mOTe important than their words. Ii doesn't sound as though he's too sure of what he wants or the wau ~e f~els. Perhaps he's afratd of becomin.g too serious with anyone now - which is quite understandable. I don't think it's necessary to go steady or to confess your undying love for someone just to go out on Q, few dates. Until the time comes for marriage, you shoul.d feel free to meet and.go out with whoever you please so that you may form sound .judgments later on.


anya Kent, a young actress, had fallen under the power of "The Book Of The Hours", It had shown her a play that would make her bov-friend, John, famous - but, in exchange, was turning her into an old woman. Paula, Robbie and Jill are desperate Iy try ing to get th e ancient Tibetan book back to a place of safety - and save Tanya Kent ...






Next Week: The man called Palafox!

What's reaLLy very beautiful and stunning and all that but look» horrible in . photographs? Read

on ... '.

, with crocheted

Pink jumper collar available from Mary Fair, Baker Street, London Wl; La BeBe Femme, Croydon; Mic Mac, Douglas, Isle of Man; Russell and Dorrel, Worcester, Long sleeved green


Dear Fans. You are probably reading this on a Saturday morning. You are sitting up in bed, tranny blasting, with a cup of eoid tea and a soggy biscuit beside you. Somewhere downstairs your yelling, "Who's going to come down the supermarket with me?" Wbeilal1 you want is to be left alone with your Pink. What's left of it. that is. After your :paper-boy's rnsuled it and drawn moustaches on all the models, and the dog bas left tooth and paw marks all over it . after getting it from the letter bQX well there's nota lot left me look "fun to be with" .. to look at really. Scott said he'd rather have So you've flicked through the fUll with Dracula any day. And I rest of the mag - which isn't hope he does. much cop anyway - and now The thing is, I've really got to you're getting to the good bit. have some new pictures done, The back page, Brigid's Week .• Just to show you how gorgeous Muttering "Ah, now I'm ' I really am. getting me ten pee's worth" you I've asked that David Bailey settle down to read. Iella if he'd bring his Brownie And there it Is, My picture, round to my place one day but AU teeth and wrinkles. And a he hasn't wtittEln back yet. few spots if you get your And Lord Snowdon Wrote to misereseepe out. say he had an urgent As I keep telling you, in real appointment. in the Caribbean life I am just about one of the with his wile .. Excuses, most beautiful girls you could So I suppose it'll bave to be hope to meet (it's okay, I've got tha"t short-sighted bloke from my knees crossed). down the corridor again and I'll It's just that when people come out looldng ghastly. take pictures of me I come out Again. looking like a candidate for The Broken Nose and Bent Teeth of the Year competition. It doesn't matter how much 1 tr~ to look 'elegant and dignified. I still look like a clumsy lunatic. KIm has the original of that photograph stuck behind her on the wall. Every time she feels a bit down she just turns round and immediately gets hysterics, Jamie says I look just like his granny with her ne'.y National Health teeth. He'll have to have National Health teeth by the time I've finished with him. Valli said the picture made

A G'.·... B··est F'n_ lend ... . 1'8 u.
What is it about me that makes me so fataHy attractive to boys? That's what I keep asking myself. And one day, when I'm a littIeold lady of thirty, I'm going to convince myself that it's true. I mean I went out with Kim the other day to look at some clothes. We often do that. We just stand outside people's shop windows steaming them up until we can't see what we were looking at any more. Then we write rude things on the windows and run away, Anyw·ay, Kim <IIId] were

walking along when this blond available at Village bloke comes towards us. Boutique, Wolverhampton; I nudged Klm and said, Check, Oxford; Casual "Looks like rain" which is our : Clothes, Cheltenham .. personal code for "He's a bit of i, • Turquoise sun-top (worn .all right isn't he, pally?", under cardi) available at "Yes." she said. which is our personal code for "yes", Kim Robert Brothers, Sheffield; always was a bright one. Julie, Walsall, Staffs; P & J Tnen this voice said, "WeH Fashions, Skegness; Fred hello there. Ginger! What are and Ginger, Enfield; l/()H doing tonight?" Gillean, Barnet. Matching looked around for a bit cardi available at Miss but I c:;ouldn't see any tasty Selfridge, London; Jennets, redheads anywhere ... • Edinburgh; Top Gear, Then it dawned. Quel horreur Workington. (or something)! That lovely Green jumper with collar .voung man had been t<llking to the original walking carrotand tie is available at Mary Kim. Fair, Baker Street, London; You could've knocked me Russell and Dorrel, down with an aniseed ball. Worcesterj Fortesques, I mean, when you suddenly Stratford-on-A von; .Eureka, find that your best friend is Tunbridge Wells; Garbage. attractive to boys, it takes a bit Petersfield .. of getting used to. JOHN CRAIG All jumpers In fact, I've already decided available at Just Looking, . .' that Kim and I can no longer be King's Road, and Brompton buddies. I can't possibly go around Road, London 8W7. with someone who is more attractive than I am (on a good day when site's got her make-up on right and the sun's behind herl. Good grief! Nobody'd ever look at me at all, So I've written Kim a. little note which explmns gently why we can no.1onger go windowshopping together, 'Den» Po .~t1J-.fa('e,' it saus,

jumper with white neckband



lo'W tricn Ibearin.g make· lip Nice tlw,t. But I'Ll gine p1'omi,se

'Thi.~ i:~it. The end. ! J think it's a pretty

.11011 !/OlI

('()Idd weH mean war .... And if she won't agree to my terms I'm just going to have tofind myself a. new friend. Someone who's fat and spotty and altogether rather repulsive so that everyone will look at me and not her. I wonder ifJilly would be interested'? -,.,

look pretty, we ca.n .~till be pals .. I.f not, this

on,e mQre chance. IfnelUtT to try to

P"b'i'~ed every MoMay by· ,PC Maqa.i~e. Lid•. FI.... lway House , ,far,lngdon .strO<)1. London. Ee4A 4AD. PINK mU"1 ",,'ba sold at more tttan lhe recommended selllnllprice shewn on.lha cover, selll'lg p,lce In EI'e su blecl to VAT. Sole Agent" Au.troHaand 130,(10" 80. GotCh lld_: SOUth A[,lca,O&nlreJ New, Agency Lid . .s"D.c"pti(m Iacnrues finland and C>'VeMas) .r" '101now avaUable: All rlll~t. reseNed and._rep'<><IuCllon without. perrnlsstcn ",,,jelly lorbi_dden. Printed by WW Web 011..". Mlddla"brough. CI~v.'and. Tel. ES10n ·Grange 4501. BOuM al Pavantry Binder •.,.'Broad Marcn. 0"."'11')1. NO'lhanl s. T"I. 052·72-'1911. 0 IPC ,[,bga.ine s 1975.

What every young girl should know about becoming a young woman.
Now you're makin g your own decisions. You're deciding who your friends are, what you want to do, and how to take care of yourself. You're learning too, about your body and your periods, and the modern, easy protection women like you are using. Lil-lets. Lit-lets tampons are smaller and surer than any pantie towel you can get. Simply because however small your towel is, it's still worn outside your body. You'll like the internal protection of Lil-lets sim ply because they hygienically solve all those problems that a towel can't. And as Lil-lets are made by the makers of Dr. Whites, you know you can confidently trust them completely

HI-lets are no larger than your lipstick. So they're small soft, with a uniq ue round end to help . you insert easily. Once in place, Lil-lets then gently and safely expand width ways only. Moulding to your shape perfectly, and keeping you more comfortably protected than any pantie towel you can get. You can actually see here how Lil-lets work. Try putting a Lit-lets Regular (usuallythe right choi ce for first -tirne users) into a small glass of water. See how it gently expands all round, to fit your body better, absorb more -and stay just the righ t length for perfect comfort. And perfect freedom. If you'd like any more information, plus a free sample pack of Lil-lets, sim ply send the pack top from your present sanitary protection to: Sister Marion, Department PIILLl2,Lilia-White (Sales) Ltd., Alum Rock Road, Birmingham B8 3DZ.
(We regret this offer applies to the Il.K. only-and per person please.) only one application

tampon gently expands width ways onl~ to fit your body perfectly

You can actually see here how the til-lets

Regular, Super and Super Plusfit your body a little better.
A Smith & Nephew Product.

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