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Case study: retail

About SEO Education & Consulting
Today, most marketing teams understand the importance of SEO, but lack communication about it and its importance across their organization. Key stakeholders to the success of SEO implementation can be anyone from Web design, editorial, product management, QA, public relations, graphic design, legal, finance, HR, marketing, sales, and IT. If all stakeholders are not educated in and on board with SEO, the strategy will not be implemented consistently across all of the company’s online channels. SEO education makes for stronger executive and team buy-in to ensure that SEO is a part of all online marketing efforts. At IMPAQT, we go beyond typical SEO consulting to ensure that clients are able to continue in their SEO success, even after our consulting and education is complete. We work with companies that would rather implement SEO on their own to modify their processes, so that SEO best practices become embedded in their day-to-day activities and long-term strategies. Our team educates a multitude of the clients’ departments and stakeholders on what SEO is, how it works, how they benefit from SEO, and how their work directly affects profitability through SEO implementation. By using this strategy, the client can see positive SEO results just by having these stakeholders perform their daily tasks.

SEO Education & Consulting in Action
A leading automotive information site wanted to differentiate itself in a space where there was little or no differentiation among its competition. The client saw an opportunity in SEO and sought IMPAQT’s guidance and support for these efforts.

What We Did
1. 2. We started by analyzing the client’s site, its competitors’ sites, and the automotive market at large for client and competitor strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities. We then made 10 key recommendations for improvement and helped them prioritize the implementation of these recommendations. We also educated them on the reasoning behind these changes, so they would be much more willing to make these a standard best practice in their department. We developed seven onsite SEO training sessions on the basics of SEO, the benefits of SEO, and how to implement SEO best practices. We presented these sessions to the client’s editorial, product management, QA, public relations, user experience and design, Web development, and mobile development teams. As part of their training, we also:


• Wrote a one-page SEO guide for each department • Wrote SEO business processes so that individual team members knew how to make • Sought and eventually received executive buy-in for SEO
SEO a part of their day-to-day work

Case study: retail

How It Worked
At the end of the training sessions, we surveyed the client’s training participants and received overwhelmingly positive reviews. The key stakeholders could now see the value in SEO and were more willing to assist in the SEO process. The client reported that their marketing team was receiving more SEO questions than they had before IMPAQT’s SEO education campaign. Due to this increased interest by key stakeholders, new pages were now being thoroughly vetted for SEO compliance before publication. In summary, because of IMPAQT’s ability to show the client the importance of SEO across multiple departments and different types of stakeholders, SEO had become a top priority in the client’s organization at all levels and across all functional areas.

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