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To be a ground breaking higher education institution, shaping and defining the emerging new multidisciplinary domain of information. Redefining the academia industry interaction through a process of continuous engagement of students and industry mentors in Open Community Projects To innovate in new institutional models To be a world class institution of higher learning preparing professionals who can build information systems and help solve information asymmetry.

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Shape and define the emerging new multidisciplinary domain of information through education and research Innovate and adopt new institutional models in education and research Engage all stakeholders Academia, Industry, Government, NGO and others in solving information friction problems

I-schools: I-School movement is essentially a leadership response in higher education to the demands of the Knowledge Economy and Information Society. In response to the demands of the information era and the digital age, many universities have begun to establish I-Schools. The hallmark of these I-Schools is the multi-disciplinary character in their curriculum, faculty and students. I-Schools have been initiated in the US, UK, Australia and other countries. The identity and the unique positioning of these I-Schools are derived from their heterogeneity of disciplines threaded together by their shared vision and outlook on information. John Leslie King, School of Information, University of Michigan observes that the ISchool movement is made up of novel academic programs that embrace new intellectual and professional challenges in a world awash in information. While noticing that I-Schools built on the intellectual and institutional legacies of their programs, move beyond traditional programs and straddle the academy s ancient engagement with information and the contemporary challenges of ubiquitous information affecting all aspects of society. He further observes that ISchools being emergent, find equilibrium in an essential tension among competing visions in a world of rapid technical and social change. While defining the I-School's identity as elusive, he foresees a bright future for these institutions. The iSchools project in the US is a community of I-Schools interested in the relationship between information, technology and people. Its members are distinguished by their engagement in understanding the role of information in human endeavors. The members of the iSchools project are:

School of Second Conference of the i-School Community. Penn State University. School of Information Sciences and Technology. & Library Studies George Institute of Technology College of Computing Syracuse University School of Information Studies University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign Information Science University of Texas Austin. 2005. State University of New Jersey.html . Los Angeles Graduate School of Education and Information Studies The Pennsylvania State University School of Information Sciences & Technology Drexel University College of Information Science & Technology University of Pittsburgh School of Information Sciences Florida State University College of Information Rutgers. Berkeley School of Information University of Michigan School of Information University of September 28-30. http://ist. Ann Arbor. University of Michigan.psu. Irvine University of North Carolina The Don Bren School of Information and Computer Sciences School of Information & Library Science University of California.umich.y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y University of California. 15-17 October The American Society for Information Science and Technology (ASSIST) Bulletin http://www. http://iconference.. School of Information Indiana University Information Science University of Toronto Faculty of Information Studies Indiana School of Library & Information Science University of Washington Information School University of Maryland College of Information Studies To know more about the I-School movement y y y First Conference of the I-School Infm.

y y y y M. 500.00 28-03-2011 4 Vivek Kumar Thakur Rs.00 17-03-2011 6 7 8 y y y y Prashanth Kumar Singh Shreyas S Katti Pragati Bhimaji Rs.00 28-02-2011 3 Rakhee Rs. develop. Parvathamma Subbaraya.00 09-03-2011 2 Nabhajit Ray Rs.Tech 2008-10 Batch Contributors Sl. Dr. K.000 in memory of her recently deceased mother² Mrs. Name Contribution Amount Contribution Date 1 Eniyan T Rs. University of Mysore.D) in Information Systems & Management Executive Education Programmes Corporate Training y About the Gold Medal y y An alumna of the Department of Library and Information Sciences.Chudamani and ISiMians for the nice gesture.00 Rs. 500. 500.00 02-03-2011 5 Chiranth S Rs. K. 50. No. Since the amount fell short of the requisite one lakh endowment.Tech 2007-09 Batch Contributors Sl.00 28-02-2011 2 Karjan Basumatary Rs. With a mission to capitalize knowledge.S. manage. ISiM offers the following programmes: y y y y y M. 500. implement. 500. No. 500.00 28-02-2011 . Our sincere thanks to Dr. 500. 500. Name Contribution Amount Contribution Date 1 Chiranjeevi S Rs.000 was mobilised from ISiM students and alumni.ISiM ± is a new age school for the knowledge Society. 50.Chudamani currently working as Deputy Librarian.Tech in Information Systems & Management Post Graduate Diploma in Information Management Doctoral Degree Programme (Ph. the additional sum of Rs.00 Rs. driven by technology. 500. Indian Institute of Science. and evaluate information systems in a wide range of environments in the global context.00 04-03-2011 17-03-2011 05-04-2011 M. 500.S. Bangalore donated Rs. it is committed to prepare the information professionals of tomorrow .to design.

00 01-03-2011 .00 Rs.00 Rs.10. Name Contribution Amount Contribution Date 1 Dinesh Kumar P Rs. 1000. 500.00 28-02-2011 y y y y M.00 07-03-2011 2 Raghav V S Rs.Tech 2009-11 Batch Contributors Sl.500. 500.5. 500.00 01-03-2011 2 Hamid Narimani Kenari Rs.Tech 2010-12 Batch Contributors Sl.00 Rs. 500.00 01-03-2011 4 Manoj G Rs.00 01-03-2011 5 Sobhan Ghavamabadi Rs.00 28-02-2011 15-03-2011 01-03-2011 M. Name Contribution Amount Contribution Date 1 Bhagyalaxmi K S Rs.1. 500.00 Rs.00 28-02-2011 3 Jahnavi K J Rs. 500. 500. 500. No.500.00 16-03-2011 6 Vishal Prafulkumar Sheth Rs. 500.000.3 4 5 6 7 y y y y Nikesh N Pravin Srivastava Priyanka Reddy K Shobana B Chandrashekar Rs. No. STRUCTURE For M.500.Tech Sl.00 1.000. 2.00 40. No.00 60.00 40.00 1.00 .00 60.500. Application Fee Tuition Fee Total Amount (INR) Foriegn Nationals 500.45.500. 1. Particulars 1. No. 2.00 500.00 Foriegn Nationals 500.00 95.00 95. Particulars Application Fee Tuition Fee Total Amount (INR) 500.00 For PGDIM Sl.500.

BCL) . Hyderabad 20th May.Events in the Recent Past Special Lecture (16) : User Experience Design for Enterprise Software By Dr. USA 4th June. Explore and Evolve [T2E] One day workshop organised by ISiM in association with IBM and CSI 16th April 2011 Graduation Day at ISiM 11th April 2011 Special Lecture (14) on: Open Video Project : Research and Practice By Mr.. Jared Margolis (BA. Gary Marchionini. 2011.Jagadamba Krovvidi Principal Technology Architect. Infosys Technologies Ltd. NC 19 February. Mysore Special Lecture (13) : Talk on Copyrights By Mr. 2011 Java Workshop (Level 1) 19th. LLB. PhD School of Information and Library Science Chapel Hill. 2011 The Challenge . Todd Barlow Director of Usability and User Interface Design. 2011 Special Lecture (15): Relevance of Information Management in Industry By Ms. ISiM.Think. 20th. 26th and 27th April.

Advocate of the Paris Bar 27th of December.IBM India/South-Asia Thursday. ISiM. 2010. Saturday. Mysore Cloud Computing Workshop Organized by VMWare in association with Computer Society of India. Cloud Leader . 26 November. ISiM. Mysore. Vamsicharan Mudiam. ISiM. 28th of October. Mysore Friday. 2010.Solicitor of the Supreme Court of Hong Kong. Mysore Presentation on Cloud Computing by Mr. Mysore . Mysore Special Lecture (12) : Leadership. Ethics & Persuasive Communication By Dr. 2010 at ISiM. 13th of November. 2010. Bangalore Chapter and ISiM. Matthew Frank Barney Infosys.

Internship Details (M.Tech Class of 2010) Internship Details (M. C (Senior Manager .Tech Class of 2010) Arience Foundation: Shwethadri C.: Vijaya Kumar.Tech Class of 2011) Cogknit: Maitreyee Pal P. Ltd. : Shobana B (Technical Writer) Srikanth Talatam (Technical Writer) Nagamallikarjuna (Technical Writer) PLACEMENT DETAILS (M.Tech Class of 2009) K12 Techno Services Pvt.New Initiatives) . : Priyanka Reddy (Software Developer) Triumph India Software Services Pvt Ltd.Rama Krishna Phani Placement Details (M.K (Joomla Developer) Nazia Tabassum (Joomla Developer) Sagar (Joomla Developer) Globals Inc.

A xerox company: .Advance Analytics & Optimization) HCL: Prashant Kumar Singh Tata Consultancy Services: Venkata Lakshmi S emudhra: Shreyas S (Business Analyst) ACS .: Vivek Kumar Thakur (Knowledge Management Analyst) UNiSYS. Bangalore: Nabhajit Ray (Information Management Trainee) Capgemini. Bangalore: Praveen Ratna Deepak (Associate Information Engineer) HP India . Bangalore: Chiranth S Mahiti Infotech. Ltd.PHP Developer) Triumph India Pvt. K (Team Lead .Informatics (India) Pvt Ltd. Bangalore: Ramya Laxmi. Ltd.R & D: Eniyan T IBM: Vikas Sekhar (Consultant . Bangalore : Chethan M (Information Analyst) Rakhee Talreja (Information Analyst) Logica Pvt.

R. (Documentation Analyst) Pricol Technologies: Rahul S R (Software Engineer) Informatics (India) visited campus for recruitment drive: .Marutiprasad S.

they shortlisted 6 candidates for the final round the interview at the Informatics office in Bangalore. Informatics was looking for bright prospects to join their team for the roles of y y Information Management Trainee Export Manager The Information Management Trainees were required to be proficient with the tools and technology for content management. the silicon valley of India. which also happens to be the curriculum emphasis of ISiM. Informatics has come a long way in promoting e-information usage culture in the academic and corporate world. Meta Data harvesting.000 employees and clients spread over a .The recruitment team from of µInformatics (India) Limited¶ visited the campus on Wednesday. Headquartered at Bangalore. Top UNiSYS visited ISiM on 6th August 2009 UNiSYS is a worldwide enterprise with over 37. After the final round. With a group turnover of more than USD 11 million. The Company currently services more than a 1000 clients in India and internationally. The role and responsibility of the Export Manager would be that of to achieve sales/profitability target and develop market base for export clients. 26th of August 2009 for recruitment drive. Informatics was promoted about three decades back with a vision to pioneer the business of einformation in India with scholarly and research content being the prime focus. Search engines among other related skills. 10 sales offices spread across India and a team of distributors across the globe. The business focus of Informatics is on effective organizing and managing information. Also. Informatics has a team of over 100 well-qualified personnel. Chiranth and Nabhajit have been offered the positions of ³Information Management Trainees´. Pragathi and Vikas are shortlisted for the role of ³Export Executives´. At the end of three rounds.

Information Development. Financial Services. The students were mesmerized by both the speakers and the initial discussions went on for about an hour. Praveen accepted the offer and joined their Bangalore development center on 31st of August 2009. Personal Interview and HR interview. UNiSYS was the next speaker and he enlightened the audience about the bright prospects of pursuing a career in technical writing.100 countries. Hyderabad. they have a presence at New Delhi. He spoke about the demand. In India. Each of the stages was elimination round. Top Recruitment for Thomson Reuters Thomson Reuters is a global leader in providing essential information to the world's businesses and professionals in Law. Tax & Accounting. tenacious people ± people helping businesses and governments protect their assets and apply information technology to achieve new levels of competitiveness and success. . UNiSYS is located in India at Bangalore and Mumbai. Mumbai. challenges and responsibilities of a technical writer.The recruitment test had three stages ± the written round. All the rounds were designed to test the overall suitability of the candidate for the role of a technical writer. The recruitment team from Bangalore was looking for bright prospects to join their information development team. Thomson Reuters has operations in 93 countries around the globe. Manager Recruiting. A total of 14 students appeared for the test and only Praveen Ratna Deepak emerged successful at the end of the day. Chennai and Bangalore. Srikanta Dash. The event started off with Shishir Kumar. He spoke about the history. The 136-year history of Unisys is one of reliable. Unisys addressing the students regarding the operations of the company. the global presence and diverse operations of Unisys. technically excellent. He was offered a role of ³Associate Information Analyst´ in their company. Shishir also spoke to the students about the UNiSYS plans of expansion in India and that UNiSYS is looking to add 1000 more employees on their payrolls. Healthcare and Scientific Research. His presentation addressed many aspects of this exciting career path.The Unisys team was extremely happy with the student interactions and expressed their willingness to visit ISiM again for both internship and job placements. Media & News.

The final round was held on 3rd of August at the headquarters of REDIFF at Mumbai. Top REDIFF visited ISiM on 24th July 2009 for placement Rediff. information.Thomson Reuters shortlisted 12 students during the first elimination round. entertainment and shopping India Ltd is headquartered in India at Mumbai with offices in New Delhi. personal interview. Mysore 4. Assignment and HR interview. Top Current Internship / Placements 1. Informatics 7.Ramya lakshmi. Bangalore. L & T . namely technical written round. Founded in 1996. HP Labs . Triumph India Software Solutions 5. Unisys 3. Perot System 9. Infosys (Nasdaq: REDF) is one of the premier worldwide online providers of news. The test had four rounds. Enventure 6. They offered job positions to few of the shortlisted students. The short listed students were then put through a telephonic interview. A total of 21 students appeared for the recruitment drive. Rediff. K for the final round. communication. Chamfer Technologies 8. Chennai and Hyderabad. The recruitment team shortlisted one candidate .

ISiM is tying up with major industries for placements. ISiM has established linkages with industry giants such as Infosys. Unisys. Google.ISiM graduates are most likely to find career opportunities as: y y y y y y y y y y y y y Chief Information Officers (CIOs) Information System Developers Content Managers Management Information Analysts Information Marketers Knowledge Portal Managers Knowledge Management leads Web / Online Content Analysts Data Analytics / Business Intelligence Specialists Data Warehousing Professionals MIS Officers Archivists Librarians across the Industry / Government / Educational Institutions. . Microsoft. Rediff and others for Internship/Placements.

Rama Krishna Phani Placement Details (M.Tech Class of 2011) Companies / Institutes where ISiM'ians from the class of 2011 have got internship Cogknit: Maitreyee Pal P.Tech Class of 2010) Triumph India Software Services Pvt Ltd. : Vikash Kumar (Graphics Designer) ISiM'ians from the class of 2010 have been placed in the following Companies Virtus Al-Essa Co WLL. Mumbai: Inelu Nagamallikarjuna (Software Engineer) Amazech Solutions: K Priyanka Reddy (Software Engineer Trainee) UNiSYS: Alka Gupta (Product Information Specialist) . Kuwait : Nikesh N (Information Specialist) Web-18.Internship Details (M.

: Priyanka Reddy (Software Developer) .K (Joomla Developer) Nazia Tabassum (Joomla Developer) Sagar (Joomla Developer) Companies considering ISiM¶ians for internship Globals Inc.Tech Class of 2010) Arience Foundation: Shwethadri C.Trainee) Internship Details (M.Trainee) Srikanth Talatam (Assistant System Engineer .IBM India Software Lab: Chiranjeevi. S (Associate Software Engineer) Tata Consultancy Services: Pavan Kumar (Assistant System Engineer .

Bangalore: Nabhajit Ray (Information Management Trainee) Capgemini. Bangalore: Chiranth S Mahiti Infotech.PHP Developer) Triumph India Pvt. Bangalore: Ramya Laxmi.Tech Class of 2009) Companies who visited ISiM for recruitment drive K12 Techno Services Pvt.: Vivek Kumar Thakur (Knowledge Management Analyst) . Ltd.New Initiatives) Informatics (India) Pvt Ltd. : Shobana B (Technical Writer) Srikanth Talatam (Technical Writer) Nagamallikarjuna (Technical Writer) PLACEMENT DETAILS (M. Ltd. Ltd. C (Senior Manager .Triumph India Software Services Pvt Ltd. Bangalore : Chethan M (Information Analyst) Rakhee Talreja (Information Analyst) Logica Pvt.: Vijaya Kumar. K (Team Lead .

R. Bangalore: Praveen Ratna Deepak (Associate Information Engineer) HP India .Advance Analytics & Optimization) HCL: Prashant Kumar Singh Tata Consultancy Services: Venkata Lakshmi S emudhra: Shreyas S (Business Analyst) ACS .UNiSYS.R & D: Eniyan T IBM: Vikas Sekhar (Consultant . (Documentation Analyst) Pricol Technologies: Rahul S R (Software Engineer) Informatics (India) visited campus for recruitment drive: .A xerox company: Marutiprasad S.

26t .The recruitment team from of µInformatics (India) Limited¶ visited the campus on Wednesday.

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