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Greenwich Pumping Station

We need a work site to connect the local combined sewer overflow (CSO), known as the Greenwich Pumping Station, to the main tunnel of the proposed Thames Tunnel project. We are currently proposing to use the site of our existing Pumping Station off Greenwich High Road for this construction work and to accommodate the permanent structures required to operate the tunnel.
At present, the combined sewer overflows along the River Thames discharge untreated sewage directly into the river. This occurs because Londons mainly Victorian sewerage system, which was designed to transport both wastewater (sewage) and storm water (rainfall), is at or near capacity. Some CSOs discharge untreated sewage into the River Thames on average more than once a week and after only 2mm of rainfall. This situation is likely to become worse in the future, due to population growth and increased urbanisation. The discharge of untreated sewage into the River Thames is harmful to the environment. It reduces river water quality, harms the aquatic life, causes unsightly litter and increases the risks to health for users of the River Thames. Starting in west London and broadly following the path of the River Thames through the centre of the capital, the Thames Tunnel would transfer the flows from the most polluting CSOs to Beckton Sewage Treatment Works in the east of the city. The need for construction sites We need a significant number of sites in order to construct the Thames Tunnel project. Large shaft sites are required at certain points along the route to allow the construction of the main tunnel. Smaller CSO sites are also required near each of the most polluting CSOs to connect them to the main tunnel. We have carried out a detailed site selection process to identify suitable sites for the construction of the main tunnel and connection of the CSOs. For more information, see our project information paper Construction Sites. This has enabled us to identify our preferred sites along the route required for the construction and operation of the main tunnel and the connection of each of the CSOs.

Greenwich Pumping Station

Thames Tunnel

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Greenwich Pumping Station showing preferred and shortlisted sites

How we chose the preferred site We shortlisted two possible work sites, one within Greenwich Pumping Station and one on the River Thames foreshore, close to where the CSO discharges. We assessed the suitability of each site by taking into account engineering, planning, environment, property and community considerations. From this process we identified our preferred location as Greenwich Pumping Station (see map above).

Site 1 Foreshore, near Greenwich Foot Tunnel

Shortlisted sites:

This site is within the foreshore of the River Thames. It is immediately next to the Cutty Sark, the Greenwich World Heritage Site, Cutty Sark Gardens and Greenwich Pier. The site is also near a wellused section of the Thames Path and a busy tourist destination, with many boats using the local jetty. Locating a construction site in this area could have a detrimental effect on these activities and make construction and operational works more difficult. Access to the site for construction traffic would also be difficult.

Ordnance Survey Licence number 100019345. Crown Copyright 2009. All rights reserved.

Preferred site at Greenwich Pumping Station showing use during construction

Our preferred site:

Use of the preferred site during construction We would need to use this location site as a We have identified this site within the Greenwich construction site for approximately two years. It Pumping Station as our preferred site. It uses the would then be vacated as much as possible but a Thames Water site and locates the construction works smaller area kept secure for subsequent equipment further from local residences than the alternative installation. The plan above shows how we propose site identified at the foreshore. This site is also to use the site to connect the CSO to the tunnel. It preferable to the foreshore as it avoids the need for also shows the amount of space we think we would construction work close to a World Heritage Site, the need to carry out the construction works but as the Thames Path and Cutty Sark Gardens. Although the design of the Thames Tunnel develops further this Pumping Station is a Grade II Listed structure, using could change. We also may use other areas of the the rear part of the site as proposed greatly reduces Thames Water site for storage. the potential impact upon its setting. The use of Other measures may be necessary to reduce the the site for interception of the local CSO would also environmental effects of construction and we would be in keeping with its current use as an operating welcome your views on the issues we should consider wastewater site. when developing our proposals. We will be presenting our more detailed proposals in our second round of consultation before the submission of planning applications.
Greenwich Pumping Station

We propose that construction traffic would enter and leave the site from Norman Road.

Ordnance Survey Licence number 100019345. Crown Copyright 2009. All rights reserved.

Greenwich Pumping Station illustrative visualisation of completed project

Permanent use of the site We are likely to require some above-ground structures on this site after the construction work is finished. A ventilation building (approximately 8m high, 8m wide and 16m long) would be needed to provide ventilation and filtering of the air in the tunnel, along with a rectangular kiosk (approximately 1.5m high, 1m wide and 3.5m long) housing electrical and control equipment. We would leave the area around these structures as hard-standing to allow access for maintenance vehicles. Everything would be contained within the existing Thames Water site boundary. Above is an example of how the site could look after construction has finished. As part of our public consultation we would like to know your views on the permanent look and use of the site.

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