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4 5 6 6 Philippines PICO Team Saves Costs Piedras Negras Lean Leader Training Lean, Six Sigma at Philippines China HR Associates Honored

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By making a number of difficult decisions over the past year, Littelfuse is starting to recover from one of the worst global economic downturns in history. “All Littelfuse associates played a key role in paving the road to recovery,” said CEO Gordon Hunter. These strategic changes made Littelfuse a stronger, more responsive company poised for future growth. “In 2008, our markets were in free fall as the world economy was weakening daily,” he said in a recent quarterly business review. “Today, we are climbing out of this trough and are cautiously optimistic about the near term future. Your hard work these past months have helped us to move forward with our mission to return to sustainable profitability and to outperform our competitors as the global economy recovers.” Evidence of that hard work can be found in every Business Unit and at every facility. For example:
n Piedras Negras has stepped up to Lean Leader n Asia electronics business has rebounded,

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8 8 9 9 10 10 LF Among China’s Top Electronics Suppliers EBU Team Earns Supplier Excellence Award LF Ranks in Top 100 on InformationWeek 500 (Product of the Year) Category Winner EBU Contributes to FireWire Design Guide Up-LINK™ is “Product of the Year” Finalist

11 Strong Fourth Quarter Finish 11 2009 Annual Report Released

especially in Korea, where the Littelfuse EBU team secured a multi-million dollar win with Samsung for the new Silicon Protection Array (SPA) product offering.
n By re-engineering products for new applications,

Organizational Developments
12 Global Sales Teams Ramp Up

ABU’s Off Road, Truck and Bus (OTB) sales team has won major new business with a global leader in commercial trucking (see story, page 7).
n A core team of multi-lingual, multi-cultural associ-

ates is being assembled at the Philippines facility, consolidating global customer service at a single location with 24/7 accessibility (see story, page 2).
n To take advantage of new business growth, the

Training (see story, page 5).
n Since its acquisition, Littelfuse Startco has

EBU expanded its Asian, European and North American sales teams (see article, page 12).
n Leading these teams is newly appointed EBU Vice

grown significantly, moving to a larger production facility to meet increased demand for its custom power centers (see story, page 4).

President and General Manager Chen-Ming (Charley) Wang (see story, page 5).
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” he said. “The past two years have been more challenging than almost any other time in the company’s 83-year history.” said Ron. “But we pulled together. customers and shareholders over the long term. Electrical (POWR-GARD®) and Silicon Product Business Units to share customer service costs. associates who transferred to the Philippines from other facilities. Benchmarking data indicates that the new CSR is already proving to be successful. noting that the transition is more than 60% completed. Other regions will follow. When complete. page 3) and new Technical Center at the University of Illinois Research Park (see article. accessible 24 hours a day.A BRAND BUILT ON EXPERTISE IT ALL STARTS WITH YOU DIFFICULT DECISIONS RESULT IN POSITIVE GROWTH AND NEW OPPORTUNITIES continued from page 1 n Research and development efforts have been maintained. enabling Littelfuse to better respond to marketplace demands and pursue long-term growth strategies. Co-locating Customer Service alongside the Master Scheduling team at the Philippines facility also is expected to cut the amount of time needed to respond and react to customer requests. Simplification and Sustained Profitability initiatives that have greatly contributed to Littelfuse’s recovery. whose 10-plus years of prior work experience includes managing North American and European Customer Service for SunPower. That’s why we need to stay focused on achieving our mission and making further progress on our strategic initiatives. Electronics. n KEY TO ELEMENTS SUPPORTING LITTELFUSE STRATEGIC OBjECTIVES Stories reflecting the key elements that support Littelfuse’s strategic objectives are identified by the icons shown below: Design-wins – Develop products for customers’ specific applications Channel excellence – Train and support distributors and sales teams so they can better serve customers | SPRING 2010 2 Asia Strength – Build the Asia organization to meet customers’ needs in the region Lean Enterprise – Develop a companywide culture focused on improving processes and reducing waste. employees. enabling them to take on additional assignments that ultimately benefit the entire company. the concept of sharing functions such as customer service has emerged as a best practice among companies worldwide. Southeast Asia. we can all look forward to better times ahead. with CSRs in the Philippines fielding calls from customers in China. . “The Philippines has grown into one of our premier manufacturing sites. We worked through some tough decisions and implemented strategies that are good for our company. thanks to the new Chicago Test Lab based at the company’s corporate office (see article. technology and manpower. page 3) n Now in development are new strategic objec- tives reinforcing the Lean. Sharing services also frees up other associates’ time. “We are not yet where we want to be. 12 customer service locations will be consolidated into a global Customer Service Center at the Philippines facility. “We’ve received very good feedback from our customers. Hong Kong and Japan. Electronics and Automotive Business Units and leading Southeast Asia Inside Sales activities. The Littelfuse international CSR team is composed of foreign nationals with broad cultural experiences gained from living in other countries. individuals fluent in the same languages as customers and SAP professionals with solid problem-solving and communications skills. resulting in more cost-effective and flexible organizations capable of adding new business units or expanding to other geographic areas without impacting the rest of the organization. it will allow the Automotive. Pam is also responsible for supporting global order management for the Silicon.” According to Ron.” added Gordon. With your help.” n LITTELFUSE CONSOLIDATES CUSTOMER SERVICE LOCATIONS INTO ONE By the end of this year. “They have the processes in place to support a global team of customer service representatives (CSRs) capable of responding to virtually any order or request. Leading the transition over the past 18 months has been Global Inside Sales and Customer Service Director Ron Hess. increasing efficiency and customer responsiveness. Leading the team is newly appointed Customer Service Manager Pam Perez.

” said Chief it’s cost-effective.” said POWR-GARD® Engineering Director Mark Klinger. “With its close proximity to O’Hare International “Because the lab occupies floor Airport. A key feature is Littelfuse’s High Power Lab. design new circuit protection technologies and perform a variety of product development activities in-house. semiconductor and radio frequency characterization equipment and other systems. for example. we have begun the implementation of Lean practices to improve efficiency of our testing processes with the goal of having more lab time available for our external customers. Together. developing and testing new circuit protection technologies and applications. despite the challenging economy. reinforcing our Lean initiatives. Qualcomm and Wolfram Research. Engineers in the Silicon Business Unit will conduct application testing using voltage and current waveform generators. In-house capabilities include overcurrent and overvoltage testing. n FPO--New pic to come …that the generator at the new Technical Center’s High Power Lab weighs over 65. Caterpillar. John Deere. n TECHNICAL CENTER OPENS IN HIGH TECH RESEARCH PARK A major initiative underway for almost two years has finally come to fruition.” project. state-of-the-art facility strategically located in the Research Park at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC).000 amps. In March. engineering professors and students — a rich pool of talent that has already contributed to the research and development conducted by other high-tech companies residing in the park.” According to Ed. the company will continue to invest in Research and Development. it’s cost-effective. this new facility will enable us to accelerate new product development as well as test existing products so that they meet or exceed our customers’ performance and compliance requirements. “And because the lab occupies floor space — Ed Earl. Chief Information Officer that previously was vacant. they enable engineering associates from each Business Unit to evaluate fuses for customers’ applications. reinforcing our Information Officer Ed Earl. That’s why. which was recently relocated from the Des Plaines facility to corporate headquarters in Chicago. conduct product and application testing and inspect finished parts. More than 70 global technology leaders have facilities in the Research Park. the test center consists of a larger lab for general use and a smaller AC Power Cross System lab for higher voltage. Being based on the UIUC campus provides Littelfuse with access to university labs.DES PLAINES PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT LAB REOPENS AT CORPORATE HEADQUARTERS IN CHICAGO Technology expertise and new product development are the foundation of Littelfuse’s global leadership in circuit protection. who led the six-month Lean initiatives. “In addition. Electronics engineers. and engineering associates who previously worked at the Des Plaines facility. Automotive engineers at the lab will be involved in designing. where fuses can be tested under extremely large currents up to 35.500 square foot.000 lbs? INSIDE LITTELFUSE | 3 . including Yahoo. Illinois is the Product Development Lab. as well as material analysis and reliability testing. can be easily accessed by our customers as well as associates from other facilities. The opening of the Chicago Test Lab also supports the final closing of the Des Plaines facility — a major milestone in the company’s history. higher current testing. Littelfuse opened the doors to its new Technical Center — a 14. will generate low voltage time-current curves. as well as run a three-dimensional printer for part modeling. “With its enhanced capabilities. Complementing the capabilities of the Littelfuse Technology Center now being built in Champaign. The POWR-GARD® Electrical Business Unit plans to run similar tests.” Supporting those objectives are POWR-GARD engineering associates from the former Arcola facility. our headquarters’ Product Development Lab space that previously was vacant.

” said PICO Production Manager Janus Pagharion. enabling us to move forward. only 15% of customers are ordering 1. government officials and guests attending the facility’s grand opening. planners. in September 2008. we are now in a position to take on more business. $125. the 67. especially those who were still using the 1. Saskatchewan. 4 . Led by Process Engineer Ernest Manuel and Maintenance Supervisor Dennis Arce. and an expanded electronics assembly area with upgraded testing equipment. General Manager. “We acquired Startco to complement our technology portfolio and expand our protection relay expertise. the PICO Team took actions to eliminate it.000 annually in scrap costs” making sure that — janus Pagharion.” n Using their expertise in Lean concepts. Littelfuse Startco.” said Dal Ferbert. they gave their full support. “But once we told them about our Lean initiatives. to the 150-plus customers. Recently however.000 annually in scrap costs.S. After adjusting “Thanks to the collective effort machines and modifying feeders to convey the of our engineers. through our existing electrical distribution channel and leverage the Littelfuse global sales force to grow this business internationally. they used their expertise in Lean concepts to set a series of corrective actions in motion to change the process and standardize use of the shorter leads. SAVING COSTS For more than 28 years. opened a new facility with expanded production capabilities. used Six Sigma to we expect to save more than validate the changes. “We are also looking at new markets and geographies for the future expansion of the custom products business.574 square meters) building features an enlarged production floor. Despite the economic downturn. the project will pay back in just three months. “Thanks to the collective effort of our engineers. “The main obstacle we faced was the need for more production capacity. Moving into the larger facility was crucial.” “We are now directing our efforts at expanding the protection relay product line into the U. PHILIPPINES PICO TEAM SHORTENS LEADS. Vice President and General Manager. ft. 100% of the leads used on PICO fuses were 1.5” leads.09” long. Six full assembly lines and hundreds of fixtures required modifications. The excess lead length was then being trimmed during the process and discarded as scrap. n | SPRING 2010 The new Startco manufacturing facility in Saskatoon. a research and development lab.000 in annual scrap costs.” said Dan Stanek. (20. Because the team was resourceful in keeping the cost of the modifications low..5” long. we expect to save more than $125. The team also had to consult with customers. Recognizing the waste. Littelfuse Startco has increased sales 20% over the previous year. This was not a simple change.” Located in Saskatoon. especially with Startco’s growing sales of custom power centers. planners. held its first round of Lean training and begun implementing Value Stream Mapping and Kaizen events.” said Dan. we have a new building that more than doubles our production capacity. shorter leads.A BRAND BUILT ON EXPERTISE IT ALL STARTS WITH YOU LITTELFUSE STARTCO EXPANDS TO MEET GROWING CUSTOMER DEMAND Much has happened since POWR-GARD® acquired Startco Engineering.500 sq. the Philippines PICO Team has saved more than $125. Ltd. the team technicians and associates. a leading supplier of protection relays and custom power distribution centers. PICO process yields and Production Manager product quality would not be impacted. “With this new building.5” leads while 85% order leads that are 1. Saskatchewan has double the production capacity. “Today.” said Ernest. Electrical Business Unit. technicians and associates. allowing us to better serve our customers. more office space for engineering.

enclosures. “TPM is already helping me to do my work more efficiently. “These experiences make him uniquely suited to lead our Electronics Business Unit and strengthen our already talented EBU leadership team.” That is especially true at Piedras Negras. It is also motivating associates such as North American Logistics and Scheduling Manager Brett Staniszeski and POWR-GARD Production Manager Rodolfo Echeverria to look for Lean opportunities in the Midget production line processes. imaging products. phone camera modules and LEDs.S.” said Ryan. to whom Chen-Ming reports. “Associates who experience Value Stream Mapping or Kaizen events not only contribute to productivity improvements and waste reductions. Brett and Rodolfo used Value Stream Mapping (VSM) to pinpoint unnecessary activities and save hours of time. they can train fellow associates and lead Lean projects that will benefit the entire enterprise. n …that Littelfuse Startco electronic sensors were used to detect line violations in curling events at the 2010 Winter Olympics? INSIDE LITTELFUSE | 5 . judging from the success of the Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) workshop held there last December. Lean Leader Training is already underway at the Philippines facility and is spreading to other Littelfuse sites as well. one of the 14 associates participating in the event. he also gained substantial multinational experience working with customers in the U. my job is much less stressful.” said POWR-GARD HR Supervisor Nora Riojas. Lean is benefiting Piedras Negras’ front office as well. That should increase even more this year. Manufacturing Engineering Leader Ricardo Sanchez and Senior Project Engineer jesus Calderon – to undergo the intense program. cutting cycle time in half. n CHEN-MING WANG APPOINTED EBU VICE PRESIDENT AND GENERAL MANAGER Littelfuse recently appointed Chen-Ming (Charley) Wang as Vice President and General Manager of the Electronics Business Unit. where IT Manager Carlos Rojas demonstrated that replacing multiple copy machine passwords with one would save over 100 hours of time and made work easier for associates. “Chen-Ming brings a broad range of global electronics industry experience. where his primary responsibilities are to drive the EBU’s continued success and ongoing growth throughout the Asia region. “Once their education is complete. will soon begin serving as a full-time “HR Lean Leader. network products.” said Payroll Aide Silvia Veloz. Chen-Ming is based at the Taipei facility.” added Gordon. Another team led by Piedras Negras Site Accounting Manager Nancy Delgado used VSM to analyze and improve payroll processes. First among them is Piedras Negras. Human Resources Director Mike Yorke. Sharing the VSM with other operators brought additional suggestions. “We’re all starting to speak the same Lean language.” said Production Supervisor Victor Sonora. power supplies. At Lite-On. operational management know-how and in-depth knowledge of strategic planning and new business development. Most recently. he served as Vice President of the computer business group at Lite-On Technology.” There is another benefit as well. a leading global supplier of innovative communication and consumer electronic products. who completed Lean Leader Training last year. reinforcing its global presence while adding to the multinational depth of its management team. “I love the fact that we can use the same password for all copiers. Malaysia and the Chinese mainland. Ricardo and Jesus represent the next wave of Lean Leader Training. A native of Taiwan. Mexico. “they also experience a sense of empowerment to make the decisions necessary to doing their jobs.PIEDRAS NEGRAS KICKS OFF NEXT WAVE OF LEAN LEADER TRAINING The critical Lean Leader Training that began at Littelfuse’s corporate headquarters last year is now spreading outward to other locations. “Now that we’ve addressed these problems.” said Ryan Stafford. eliminating errors and freeing hours of associates’ time in the process.” said President and CEO Gordon Hunter.” said POWR-GARD® Midget Line Operator Juan Jose Trujillo. Executive Sponsor of the Littelfuse Lean Enterprise Initiative.” added Ryan. all integrated into a single action plan. “Bibiana.” reinforcing and guiding the company’s Lean efforts. “These examples show how associates are stepping forward with Lean ideas. including PC system boards.. which recently appointed its first group of associates – Productivity Systems Engineer Bibiana Valdez.

n | SPRING 2010 Ryan Stafford (left) congratulates Kathy Lv for being named a “Top Ten HR Manager” by the Wuxi. China government. Organized and presented every two years.05% mark on a sustained basis. provided training. These accomplishments factored into both associates being honored with the top HR Manager awards. In the process. strengthened key procedures and broadened communications channels. many of whom pitched in with possible solutions. “A customer complaint then propelled us to take our improvement efforts to a much higher level. the Philippines TR/TE team has cut soldering defects from 2.” said Production Manager Janus Pagharion. Mary Dong (above) won the same award from Suzhou officials. prompting them to set corrective actions in motion that year and the next. the project is not yet complete. problem solving. and those who win gain considerable exposure for their companies. the awards recognize HR professionals who demonstrate high levels of competence in communications.64%. which have a direct impact on other associates throughout the facility” — Ryan Stafford.000 annually. HR processes and other key areas. SIX SIGMA TO REDUCE SOLDERING DEFECTS By utilizing Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma techniques. “We organized focused ‘Tiger Teams’ and drew on structured problem-solving techniques to find corrective and preventive actions.45% to 0. creative thinking. the team is focused on making additional improvements with the goal of achieving zero defects. the event draws thousands of entrants. when the TR/TE team noticed that soldering defects during production were causing an increasing number of rejects.” After identifying all possible root causes. Supporting them were associates throughout the facility as well as customers. “These awards directly reflect the high quality of people being attracted to Littelfuse.A BRAND BUILT ON EXPERTISE IT ALL STARTS WITH YOU PHILIPPINES USES LEAN. What’s more. they have significantly improved quality as well as customer responsiveness while reducing waste and unnecessary costs. n 6 . In the true spirit of Lean. “We made all associates aware of the situation. It began in 2008. the team saw defects plummet to 0. improvement strategies. HR ASSOCIATES HONORED IN CHINA Two members of Littelfuse’s international Human Resources team are among the select group of HR professionals recently recognized for their achievements with high-profile awards from the Chinese government. After performing all of the corrective actions. enabling them to preserve business relationships with key customers.” said General Counsel and HR Vice President Ryan Stafford. we have made a concerted effort to hire the best talent for our organization. General Counsel and HR Vice President Since joining Littelfuse in 2007. especially in key leadership positions such as HR management.” “At Littelfuse. Asia HR Director Mary Dong was named a “Top Ten HR Manager” by the Suzhou government.” said Production Engineer Randy Servancia. the team used its expertise in Lean and Six Sigma to develop concrete solutions. corrected machine problems.17% by the end of 2009. “At Littelfuse. which have a direct impact on other associates throughout the company. verified production processes and used the Design of Experiments (DOE) approach to optimize soldering parameters. the reduction in scrap is expected to save more than $40. we have made a concerted effort to hire the best talent for our facilities. especially in key leadership positions such as HR management. While progress has been made. while Wuxi HR Manager Kathy Lv earned the same distinction from Wuxi officials. With so many HR professionals working throughout China’s industrial parks. One production line has already hit the 0. both Mary and Kathy have initiated numerous HR policies.

this particular design had a clear plastic cover over the fuse element. “Unlike traditional MIDI fuses used in North America and Europe. sleekest heavy-duty trucks on the road are now equipped with high power MIDI fuses. making it easy to identify when blown. Previously using a competitor’s brand of fuse. the opportunity arose through Littelfuse sales rep Temco Northwest after meeting with Blue Sea Systems. Now that Musco’s needs have been met. Musco has now begun replacing the older-style holders with the new and improved technology. Company leaders.000 amps. With an increased interrupting rating of 5. Watch for the new product this summer when it appears in POWR-GARD’s new catalog. which supplies power distribution systems for heavy-duty trucks and off-road vehicles. it has the potential of resulting in additional new business growth in the commercial truck and marine markets. Terra Power Systems. it also meets the high power requirements of Blue Sea’s marine applications. According to the POWR-GARD OEM team. Musco began using POWR-GARD® Touch Safe Midget-Style fuseholders inside its lights’ control boxes in 2007. the solution is a great example of doing more with less. Terra needed a rugged.CLEAR COVER MIDI FUSES NOW PROTECTING HEAVY-DUTY TRUCKS The newest. Littelfuse Engineers Todd Phillips and Nathan Siegwald designed an IP20 Touch Safe Midget-Style holder with QC terminals. Working with Temco.” said Chad. EFFICIENCY PLUS NEW PRODUCT Iowa-based Musco Lighting is the industry leader in sports-lighting technology. To prevent unnecessary downtime.” said ABU North American Account Manager Chad Schnepf. Truck and Bus (OTB) market segment. providing solutions for small baseball fields and sports stadiums to professional arenas and racetracks. TEAMWORK RESULTS IN GREATER SAFETY. What’s more. “This is a very big milestone for us. they also wanted to be able to spot blown fuses quickly. corrosive road conditions and extreme temperatures common to heavy-duty trucks. n INSIDE LITTELFUSE | 7 . Littelfuse delivered a better performing fuseholder that fits in the same space. Littelfuse is also going to include the fuseholder in its general product offering. The problem: existing “Dead Front” Midget-Style fuseholders did not have the quick-connect terminals of Littelfuse Open Face L60030M Series Fuseholders. By making the holder IP20 Touch Safe and adding local LED indication to it. After working directly with Musco representatives. compact fuse that would provide high power protection under severe operating conditions. Littelfuse and Temco are now pursuing these and additional opportunities in both markets. it needed improvement. Terra Power Systems. one of the world’s leading suppliers of electrical products for the marine market. Blue Sea was exploring circuit protection alternatives for their new company. The clear-cover MIDI fuse was ideal for Terra’s heavy-duty truck application. the OTB team found a simple solution — a MIDI fuse initially designed for Asia automotive applications. According to Chad. n Littelfuse MIDI fuse are featured in a new catalog published by their customer. so Musco turned to Littelfuse for a solution. To meet global standards. recognized that while the open-face design did the job. Musco strives for safety improvements in all of its products. however. Because of the high vibration. thanks to a major new business win gained by the ABU’s Off-road.

“Our products are perceived as being very cost-effective. “To get to this level of appreciation from one of our most demanding customers is outstanding. TEAM MEETS CHALLENGE TO EARN TOP SUPPLIER EXCELLENCE AWARD Last year. “The economic situation in 2009 created some great challenges for our industry. Mike Yorke and Dennis Atkinson. TTI Vice President of Global Product Operations.” “This award did not come easily. implementing procedures and embracing the Lean Enterprise principles needed for Littelfuse to become one of only seven suppliers who will be honored with TTI’s award in May.” said Melanie Pizzey. cost/performance ratio and localization of research and development operations. The annual competition is coordinated by China Electronic Market Magazine in conjunction with Cntronics.” Created in 1995. winning a 2009 China Market Electronics Component Manufacturer Award (CMECMA). Inc. “Thanks to all of you for taking on the challenge directly and committing to achieve the end result.A BRAND BUILT ON EXPERTISE IT ALL STARTS WITH YOU LITTELFUSE NAMED ONE OF CHINA’S LEADING ELECTRONICS SUPPLIERS Littelfuse has been selected as one of China’s leading electronics suppliers. As a result. Cathy Whittaker. Taiwan Sales Director and SEA and Asia EMS.” n Littelfuse associates are honored as they accept the 2009 China Market Electronics Component Manufacturer Award presented at the China Electronics Fair in Shanghai. That challenge spurred the team to action. Contributing additional information on Littelfuse was Albert Chen.” said Gordon. we have been firmly committed to our customers. Director of Fuse Product Business and EBU Marketing Communications. how well products met customers’ needs. We are well positioned to serve customers throughout the region. product and application testing and an array of value-added services. technical support. operational excellence and other performance factors. Over 1. Throughout that time..com and the China Electronics Fair’s organizing committee. a major customer and one of the world’s leading electronics distributors. I am confident that we will not only surpass our competition but be the ’Best in Class’ supplier to all of our partners. Representatives from Cntronics. CEO Gordon Hunter challenged a team of associates led by Corporate Distribution Manager Dawn Manhart to achieve what had been an unreachable goal – to earn the annual Supplier Excellence Award from TTI.” n | SPRING 2010 8 . TTI’s program uses quality measurements to assess each supplier for their on-time delivery. the awards are the result of an annual industry survey measuring the purchasing preferences of key decision makers at China’s leading electronics companies. providing them with design support. “Special recognition goes to Littelfuse for being a first time winner. our customers in China and worldwide place a high amount of trust in the Littelfuse brand of circuit protection technologies. “We’re very proud to be recognized with this award. adding. “Littelfuse has amassed over 80 years of circuit protection expertise. competitive advantages.” said Naoto Mizuta. customer service.” Asia Regional Marketing Communications Manager Fiona Lui agreed.com interviewed Naoto Mizuta to learn more about Littelfuse. but Littelfuse continued to maintain high levels of service and quality.” said Dawn. “A big thank you goes to team members Tanya Burl. quality control. With continued persistence and execution of Lean principals. analyzing data. Presented at the China Electronics Fair in Shanghai. good quality and high technology.700 survey respondents evaluated Littelfuse and other suppliers on such criteria as their brand strategy.

The PGR-5330 is the only product of its kind on the market.” explained Tony Locker. “Our goal is to design smart products that improve electrical safety and productivity for our customers.T. combined with its efforts to reduce complexity and make continuous improvements while significantly reducing overall I. a critical component in the grounding system. DeviceNet™ or Profibus® networks. Unique among corporate rankings. Hewlett-Packard. POWR-GARD® Protection Relay Products. It ensures safety and reliability of the power system by continuously monitoring the integrity of the neutral-grounding resistor. “The PGR-5330 provides the vital early warning that can signal a serious problem before it happens. Among those ranking among the top 100 with Littelfuse were such industry leaders as Ford Motor Company.EC&M AWARDS LITTELFUSE “PRODUCT OF THE YEAR” CATEGORY WINNER The Littelfuse PGR-5330 advanced groundfault and resistor-monitoring relay has won electrical Construction & maintenance (EC&M) magazine’s “Product of the Year” in its category. it enables the user to quickly locate a ground-fault problem while maintaining operation. POWR-GARD® Electrical Business Unit Marketing Manager. and by then. The annual list is sponsored by InformationWeek magazine. Chief Information Officer “We’re thrilled to be among the top 100. who credits the Global I. costs year over year.200 U. surpassing numerous firms that are larger and better known. “This award is an affirmation of our global team’s hard work and Littelfuse’s commitment to delivering technology solutions for the circuit protection industry.” n LITTELFUSE RANKED AMONG TOP 100 ON InformatIonWeek 500 LIST For the second year in a row. spending budgets.S. as major reasons for the significantly higher ranking. Littelfuse rose to number 81 on the 2009 list from its 156th ranking the previous year. the Global Information Technology Team’s innovative use of business practices has resulted in Littelfuse being named a 2009 InformationWeek 500 company.000 tests annually? INSIDE LITTELFUSE | 9 . one of the most prestigious IT publications worldwide. team’s support of Lean initiatives.” — Ed Earl. “The PGR-5330 is the critical component that provides notification when there is a problem with the resistor.T.” n …that the High Power Lab performs over 25.” said Maureen Janosch. “This award is an affirmation of our global team’s hard work and Littelfuse’s commitment to delivering technology solutions for the circuit protection industry. a resistor failure can go undetected until there is serious damage. firms annually apply for the prestigious ranking. Without it. FedEx and Google. the InformationWeek 500 spotlights the power of innovation rather than large I. The EC&M Product of the Year competition honors excellence in new product development in the electrical industry by recognizing inventive products that help electrical professionals do their jobs more efficiently and effectively. it’s too late. Coca-Cola. A full-scale. the PGR-5330 is a microprocessor-based relay that filters out system noise from modern electronics. Product Manager. The result of over 20 years experience in making resistor-monitoring components. More than 1. ground-fault relay with pulsing capability.T. It can connect to Ethernet.” said Chief Information Officer Ed Earl.

the IP20 touch-safe fuseholder minimizes exposure to live parts.A BRAND BUILT ON EXPERTISE IT ALL STARTS WITH YOU LITTELFUSE FEATURED IN fIreWIre DESIGN GUIDE A team of EBU and Silicon Product Business associates has been working behind the scenes. “Plants that utilize the Up-LINK™ technology have been able to locate open fuses faster and reduce downtime by an average of 70%. and develop the USB 3. Standards & and other mobile devices. “The Up-LINK™ technology connects to an existing system through a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) and offers a daisy-chain feature that requires only one I/O port for multiple fuseholders.” added Director of Advanced Products Steve Whitney. increasing overall plant safety and efficiency. we can help drive awareness of our brand and demand for our products. successfully getting Littelfuse circuit protection devices written into whitepapers. they are reinforcing branding efforts. “Through these types of activities. additional work is being “Our continued success is a direct done to implement result of the team’s networking with FireWire in automotive existing and potential customers in and security camera these and other standards groups network system applicaand keeping a watchful eye on our tions. Product Manager for POWR-GARD® fuse products. Plant managers need to look at these products to find the best solutions to operate their plants smarter. “said Maureen Janosch. According to Max.” n | SPRING 2010 10 . Standards & Marketing Consultant Max Bassler chairs that organization on behalf of Littelfuse. it provides recommendations for implementing FireWire (IEEE 1394) ports in applications ranging from consumer electronics (CD/DVD players. digital cameras) to more complex systems (personal computers. putting Littelfuse data in front of design engineers who can potentially turn into new customers. as represented by the ‘Product of the Year’ finalists. so they can monitor technology from remote locations and receive instant open-fuse notification. “Plant Engineering panel has a challenging task to select just a few finalists from many innovative and well-designed products. web-cams. The team’s most recent accomplishment is contributing to the 2010 FireWire Design Guide. n UP-LINK™ REMOTE INDICATION FUSEHOLDER NAMED “PRODUCT OF THE YEAR” FINALIST The Littelfuse Up-LINK™ remote indication fuseholder was recently named a “Product of the Year” finalist by Plant engineering Magazine. safer and more efficiently.” explained Mike Swaim.” said Business Development Manager Jim Colby. “The 2009 finalists again show the willingness of manufacturing leaders to find better solutions to meet plant floor needs.” standard for cell phones — Max Bassler. technical guides and authoritative reference pieces published by trade associations and professional groups serving the electronics industry worldwide. design guides and whitepapers for the next generation of USB.” he said. Published by the 1394 Trade Association. disease management and monitoring equipment. In the process. “We are very proud to be nominated. Max also represents Littelfuse on the USB Implementers Forum. POWR-GARD® Electrical Business Unit. an organization writing standards. Marketing Consultant “Our continued success is a direct result of the team’s networking with existing and potential customers in these and other standards groups and keeping a watchful eye on our competition. “We were also successful getting tough circuit protection recommendations written into a USB whitepaper for personal health care devices such as fitness." The Up-LINK™ communicating fuseholder provides plant managers and maintenance personnel with remote fuse status indication. Further." said Plant Engineering editor Bob Vavra. network hubs.0 OTG (On the Go) competition. industrial control systems and automotive electronic systems). printers. home networks.” "Innovation had an outstanding year. HDTVs.

Electrical Business Unit also finished strong. Littelfuse is now on the upswing. the company raised its first-quarter outlook. “Electronics and automotive demand is exceeding our forecast in all regions. “We delivered on all of our cost reduction initiatives and were able to ramp-up production to meet the sharp demand increases in the latter part of the year.” n LITTELFUSE RELEASES ANNUAL REPORT Despite an incredibly challenging year. Although year-end sales of $430. thanks to proactive decision-making and rapid response to changing market conditions. The Littelfuse 2009 Annual Report can be downloaded from the Littelfuse.1 million were 19% under 2008. Or go to the myLittlelfuse home page and look in the Shared Documents section.com web site under the Investors tab. giving us a delivery advantage over many competitors. that same growth propelled sales to increase 19% over last year’s fourth quarter and 11% over the third quarter.9 million — 10% higher than the previous quarter and a 21% increase over the fourth quarter of 2008.” said Gordon. projecting sales of $144 million — a 71% increase over the first quarter of 2009. Littelfuse finished 2009 remarkably strong. n … that the roof of the Des Plaines generator building had to be taken off in order to remove the generator for transfer to the new High Power Lab? INSIDE LITTELFUSE | 11 . In April. “To finish as we did after starting the year with the worst quarter in the company’s history is a great testament to the Littelfuse team.STRONG FOURTH QUARTER FINISH SETS STAGE FOR 2010 GROWTH “We had a remarkably strong finish to an incredibly challenging year.” said CEO Gordon Hunter about the company’s fourth quarter sales of $127. “Order rates and backlog for most products increased as we progressed through the first quarter. The leader was the ABU. and Startco is performing at the high end of expectations. For the EBU. The POWR-GARD®.S.” he added. due to strong growth in Asia and business rebounds in the U. and Europe. with increases of 12% over the fourth quarter of 2008 and 2% over the previous quarter due to record Startco sales. reporting respective increases of 32% and 11% over the fourth quarter of 2008 and third quarter of 2009.” The better-than-expected results were driven by strong sales in each Business Unit. We also gained several important design wins that will benefit us in 2010 and beyond.

Silicon Product Business. Andreas reports directly to Ian Highley. who has taken on additional sales responsibilities for Malaysia. “Deepak’s technical sales experience and understanding of global channels makes him a strong …that the High Power Lab’s test area contains over eight tons of copper buss-bar? inside littelfuse needs your input Inside Littelfuse is a newsletter written for and about associates worldwide. David is adept at designing products into customers’ applications. who now manages Silicon Product Business sales activities for South East Asia in addition to serving as Taiwan Sales Director and SEA and Asia EMS. Inc.” Regional Sales Manager. and Acting EBU and Silicon Product Business European Sales Director. reporting to North America years ahead. IL 60631 | SPRING 2010 12 .A BRAND BUILT ON EXPERTISE IT ALL STARTS WITH YOU GLOBAL SALES TEAMS RAMP UP “Electronics and automotive sales are exceeding our expectations in all regions due primarily to the strength of the global economic recovery. Peter joined Manager Chen-Ming (Charley) Wang. Hong Kong-China Country Sales Manager.” said Chief Executive Officer Gordon Hunter recently. Reporting to Albert is Global Contract Electronics Manufacturers Manager Shaun Tan. Leading the team is newly promoted Vice President of Global EBU Sales Deepak Nayar. Adding depth to the European team is newly appointed Central Europe Regional Sales Manager Andreas Frank. playing integral roles in the company’s Lean Enterprise the Middle East and Africa). which recently added depth and talent to its global sales teams. Deepak Littelfuse more than six years ago. in cooperation with Dan Gilman. who joined Littelfuse after gaining significant experience with such industry leaders as EBV Electronics. David succeeds former Hong Kong-China Sales Manager Albert Chen. EBU Vice President and General Manager EBU’s North American sales team has also added to its ranks. POWR-GARD® With these appointments. global channels makes him a strong leader for the electronics who was recently promoted to a new post as growth we expect in the years ahead.com or send it to: Littelfuse. Also new is David Zha. EBU and Silicon Product Business. please email it to InsideLittelfuse@littelfuse. an initiative he created and Corporate Strategy Development initiatives. If you have an idea or article that should be included in a future issue. On Semiconductor and Nu Horizon Electronics. responsible for electronics as well as silicon product growth. Ramped up and ready to respond to the increased demand is the Electronics Business Unit. and will manage the Hong Kong-China sales teams. Based in Munich. Terry is based in China and reports directly to Charley Wang. With more than 10 years of experience in China’s electronics components market. A seasoned pro with more than a decade of electronic components experience. to take advantage of new business opportunities New Asia team members include China Sales emerging in the global electronics market. most recently also will manage EBU’s new agreement to sell serving as Global Purchasing Director as well as POWR-GARD® products in Asia and EMEA (Europe.” said EBU Vice President and General OEM Sales Director Thane Parker. — Chen-Ming Wang. appointing Peter Kim as North Central leader for the electronics growth we expect in the Regional Sales Manager. Higgins Road Chicago. ATTN: Inside Littelfuse Suite 500 8755 W. he most recently served as Central China Marketing Manager at Arrow Electronics. Littelfuse is poised Global Sales Engineering Director. noting production ramp-ups across the company’s product lines. General Manager. n Distribution Manager Terry Xiao. Supporting Andreas is “Deepak’s technical sales experience and understanding of Daria (Grosser) Kriegs.

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