2/14/10 Dear Diary, He broke up with me. Max actually broke up with me. I really cant believ e it.

He said I just wasnt the same as I used to be. On valentines day too. I ca nnot believe this. I just want to die. But I know how to get him back. I just ha ve to lost a lot of weight, and look like those stupid girls he stares at every time that we are out together. So, my weight loss plan begins now. I hope that t his works. I need him back. Jenna sighed and shut her black leather-bound diary. Her boyfriend, Max had broken her heart. She had to get him back. So, she had completely changed he r look. Her normally wavy brown hair was dyed a bleach blond, and hung straight past her shoulders. Thanks to contacts, she had soft baby blue eyes, and her fre ckles were covered up with makeup. Eyes were rimmed with black eyeliner and a lo t of mascara. She looked like all of the other girls at her school. She hated the look, but she couldn t live without Max. She may have promis ed herself that she would never change for a guy, she had to do this. This was M ax, and he was more important than anything. Of course Jenna s mom was worried sic k about her little girl. She was only 15, and had never cared so much about one guy before. But Jenna was determined. She stood up and looked at herself in the mirror. She had to get ready f or school. Life around her would go on, so she had to just go with the flow. She pulled on her gray and maroon uniform kilt and a tight white blouse. Her gray t ights were new, so were her black moccasins. The bus would be here any minute th ough, no time for breakfast. So she grabbed her black leather jacket and flew do wn the stairs and out the door to her bus stop. The upside to going to Catholic High, was it was a small school, and you typically had a lot of friends. The bad part of that was that if you set one of them off, you became hated pretty quick. Jenna had seen that happen to many gir ls, and was careful about what she said around them. She didn t want to be any mor e of an outcast than she already was. Her bus, 54 came to a stop right outside her house thankfully. No walkin g a mile to get to her stop. As soon as she saw it she grabbed her faded black m essenger bag backpack and hurried onto the bus. She settled into her normal seat , seat 18. The good part about being on the first few stops was that you got fir st pick of the seats. It was about an hour ride to Catholic High, so she snuggled up in her ja cket, closed her eyes, and drifted off into a half sleep. She had finished all o f her homework, was caught up in all of her grades, and was just waiting to see the shocked faces of all her classmates when they saw her new look. The few kids that rode her bus obviously saw her, but didn t recognize her . That was good. She settled comfortably into her seat and took out her iTouch. N

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