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Using Technology to Become Smarter About Sustainability

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Smarter Sustainable Cities

Our world is becoming smarter…

Our world is becoming

Our world is becoming

Virtually all things, processes and ways of working are becoming



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Enabling cities to become more environmentally, socially and economically sustainable by understanding urban systems’ patterns and trends

“We are quantifying the outcomes of smarter systems all around the world. And that's important, because measurable results like these give leaders everywhere the confidence to try something new.”
Sam Palmisano IBM Chairman Chatham House, London January 12, 2010


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With more than 2,000 Smarter City projects to date, IBM is helping cities all over the world become more sustainable

Smart metering in Malta helps citizens pay only for the energy they use Guang Dong Hospital in China is better blending Eastern and Western medicinal approaches and improving patient healthcare with EMR

Emergency Traffic incidents on response times the motorways in in Madrid have Queensland have been reduced by reduced by 27% 25% 60,000 homes in Lima connected to a fiber-optic In enabled network of public Taiwan, institutions to provide 99% of automated information to smarter schools, hospitals, and the trains electric grid run on time Data analytics helped cut crime 35% in NYC

Delft is developing enhanced flood prediction and protection systems for coastal areas and river deltas Alameda County had a 863% ROI with a social services investment


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To inform this work, IBM is driving discussion with global leaders


New York

June 2010 800 leaders October 2009 500 leaders June 2009 250 leaders

… plus 100+ local leader events … and 3,000+ city engagements
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Capturing and enabling understanding of data helps citizens and cities become smarter about sustainability

The Smarter Sustainable Dubuque Water Pilot Study

“Today, more than ever, municipalities and citizens need to understand their patterns of behavior and how to change them. Whether it is in water consumption, traffic patterns or energy use, they need new technologies to enable the change…”
Milind Naphade IBM Research May 2011


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Additional information

 IBM Smarter Cities: www.ibm.com/smartercities  Interactive IBM Smarter City: www.ibm.com/thesmartercity  Smarter Cities Challenge: http://smartercitieschallenge.org/  City Forward: http://cityforward.org  For project information, please contact Michelle Cullen at mlcullen@us.ibm.com.


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The Smarter City Challenge supports city sustainability efforts

The Smarter City Challenge is a grant program that:  Focuses on enabling cities around the world to address pressing urban concerns with smarter technologies.  Provides recipients with pro bono IBMer time and expertise and expects cities to match these resources to jointly develop solutions / recommendations.  Is the largest single philanthropic program at IBM, since its launch in 2010.

Examples of recipients include:  Tshwane-Pretoria, South Africa  Antofagasta, Chile

 Guadalajara, Mexico
 Rio de Janiero, Brazil  Chengdu, China  Chiang Mai, Thailand

 Delhi, India
 Jakarta, Indonesia  Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam


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City Forward brings citizens together to better understand their city

 City Forward (CF) is free, web-based platform that lets users: – Visualize and interact with city data and engage with other users – Tell a story by combining text and data visualizations to create an exploration – Discuss a wide range of topics in the CF Community – Learn about the latest ideas and future plans by reading the CF Blog.


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