The National Archives Case According to one of the books we've read, archives is a collective memory of a society.

Indeed, it serves as a proof of the past events, of the existence of a person, of the history itself. It imprisoned memories in its valuable paper documents to ensure that what had happened will be known by the next generation. It immortalized the values, traditions, mysteries, culture and people that can't be trusted to the words of mouth. Reliable. That is what archives is trying to establish in its long journey to the critical, judgemental world called the Computer World. Archives, as it tries to prove itself worthy to the lives of the human race, is not getting a lot of help from our fellow Filipinos involved in a case. The case involved was not a simple one for it proved to be a tragic event as it threatened the Archives' long efforts in establishing itself as a reflection of reliability to the public. The case involved the highest official of the National Archives, the director, Mr. Ricardo Manapat, some of his employees, and other high profiled people in the society. This was about the falsification of the Archives record to make a proof that Fernando Poe, Jr, who was a presidentiable at that time, was not a natural born citizen. In here, we made an analysis based on the statements of the witnesses and other resource persons on the first hearing of this case. First of all, we wanted to emphasize the point (as being noted also by the chairman of the hearing) that the purpose of the investigation was more on clearing the clouds of doubt brought by this case to the reliability of the archives and not to look into the criminal liability or responsibility of anyone. The National Archives, as the premier depository of important documents way back in the times of the Spanish period, has been an embodiment of our historical past and as we quote from Mr. Angara's statement, “..and therefore, it is important that nobody alters or falsifies or fools around with this record.” There are 3 resource persons that had played a great role in the plot devised by the director itself, Mr. Manapat. They were Mr. Talabis, Mr. Llamera and Ms. Tarin. In their statements, they were asked by Mr. Manapat to scan birth records, marriage contract, and a bigamy charge and manipulate the information in each of these documents to make it appear like Mr. Fernando Poe, Jr was not a Filipino. These documents were microfilmed to ensure that only the images of the documents would be seen and

statements that were very detailed that no one would think it was just fabricated by the 3 middle-class employees of the Archives. are being used as a medium in order to cheat and satisfy their greed for power. But as far as we know. and obtained many information that FPJ was undoubtedly a Filipino. One microfilm expert confirmed that it was undoubtedly new. It was then a nonsense fight to Mr. It didn't make sense to us the statement of the director regarding the hate of his employees to him. The truth is shouting in every corners of the National Archives. A sane person won't endanger his life and family by just a simple hatred. where Poe's family lived. Mr. Fornier in the building owned by the Arroyo's.not the falsified documents. He was very resourceful that he actually went to San Carlos. many evidences had proved that the microfilm presented was newly made. It . He admitted that his employees didn't like him that much and maybe that's the reason behind this “conspiracy”as he put it. Laogan's statement also proved to be very helpful in clearing all the doubts in the case. but by stating their sides that will put their director as the prime responsible for the falsification of documents. Manapat defended himself by stating that one Mr. Manapat. frightening life in the future. Fornier. that would mean a stressful. Manapat took alone the responsibility of looking for the microfilm? Why did he not ask his employees to help him locate the original document to make the search easier and faster if its really urgent? Every statement he made was his own downfall. But as we have read an analyzed the witnesses. Apart from this. people in high positions can manipulate things and turn things around. if the request was really urgent. Mr.that even our Archives. was seen having a meeting with Mr. which stored the most valuable records of our country. They lived a simple life. why would Mr. Manapat realized that this was a big issue and it was urgent. Fornier came to him to asked if the copied documents(documents that will prove that FPJ was an illegitimate child) he presented was from the National Archives. even those who didn't want troubles risk their lives and made it to the witness stand to give their statements regarding the case. he did the research himself about the documents and came up with this microfilmed version of the copied documents of Mr. we just want to share our disappointments to the government that we had. they didn't seem to want any involvement in this kind of issue. But as we can see. everything seems to be obvious. Taking this chance to state our stand ad opinion on this case. Because Mr. He was appointed by President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo as the director of the National Archives even if he hadn't have any experience working in a library.

would give the Filipinos an insight of how important our Archives is. but we must acknowledge that as long as there are people like the 3 witnesses. The reality is a trust impaired is hard to fix.was such a shame that those people who should serve as a good example became the people to be blamed for this cheat. and so they could develop in their minds and hearts a sincere concern to the Archives. . that they will be the guard to our treasures. we hope. Encountering this kind of case could really put doubts to our archives. we must try to keep our hopes and a bit of our trust to this institution as we help it rise from its deep fall. But this event . to the memories of our past.

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